Jetstar Discography
By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 28, 2007

Dallas, Texas-based Jetstar Records was part of Abnak Music Enterprises, Inc., founded by successful Fort Worth insurance man John H. Abdnor, Sr. It turned out to be mainly a vehicle for soul singer Bobby Patterson, whose singles made up the bulk of the label's output. Of collectors' interest are the two early singles by the Five Americans, who eventually hit it big with the parent Abnak label, and the two singles by bluesman Arthur Adams, who was recording as Arthur K. Adams in those days.

The Jetstar masters were sold to Sundazed Music as part of the Abnak sale in the late 1990s. We know of no albums issued on Jetstar, but Sundazed Music has issued a 2-CD collection of Bobby Patterson's best.

The Jetstar label was red on top and white on the bottom, with "JETSTAR RECORDS" in grey on the red field. Around the bottom of the label it reads, "A PRODUCT OF ABNAK MUSIC ENTERPRISES, INC." Promotional copies were typically on colored vinyl, like their Abnak counterparts. Actually, as a whole there are a lot more Jetstar singles around on colored vinyl than black vinyl, due to many of them selling poorly commercially.

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Jetstar 101 - Arthur K. Adams - What's Goin' On In There/I Don't Care No More
Jetstar 102 - Arthur K. Adams - Wildwood Flower/It's A Wild Wild Wild Wild Wildwood Flower
Jetstar 102 - Arthur K. Adams - Wildwood Flower/Beatle Bustout
Jetstar 103 - Floyd Dakil Combo - Dance Girl Dance/Look What You Have Gone And Done
Jetstar 104 - Five Americans - It's You Girl/I'm Gonna Leave Ya


Jetstar 105 - Five Americans - I'm Feeling O.K./Slippin' and Slidin'


Jetstar 106 - Terry Hanes - It's Gonna Work Out Fine/Further Down The Line
Jetstar 107 - Bobby Patterson & the Mustangs - If I Didn't Have You/What's Your Problem, Baby?


Jetstar 108 - Bobby Patterson & the Mustangs - Long Ago/Till You Give In
Jetstar 109 - Bobby Patterson & the Mustangs - Let Them Talk/Soul Is Our Music


Jetstar 110 - Bobby Patterson & the Mustangs - I'm Leroy, I'll Take Her/Sock Some Lovin' At Me
Jetstar 111 - Bobby Patterson & the Mustangs - Broadway Ain't Funky No More/I Met My Match
Jetstar 112 - Bobby Patterson & the Mustangs - The Good Old Days/Don't Be So Mean
Jetstar 113 - Bobby Patterson & the Mustangs - Busy, Busy Bee/Sweet Taste Of Love


Jetstar 114 - Bobby Patterson - T.C.B. Or T.Y.A. [Take Care of Business or Turn Yourself Around] (4-69, #36)/What A Wonderful Night For Love
Jetstar 115 - Bobby Patterson - My Thing Is Your Thing/Keeping It In The Family
Jetstar 116 - Bobby Patterson - What A Wonderful Night For Love/My Baby's Coming Back To Me
Jetstar 117 - Bobby Patterson - Guess Who/My Baby's Coming Back To Me


Jetstar 118 - Bobby Patterson - The Knock Out Power Of Love/Trial Of Mary Maguire
Jetstar 119 - Bobby Patterson - If A Man Ever Loved A Woman/You Taught Me How To Live
Jetstar 120 - Mustangs - Turn Back The Hands Of Time/How Funky Can You Get
Jetstar 121 - Bobby Patterson - I'm In Love With You/Married Lady
Jetstar 122 - Alder Ray Mathis - I Want To Get Married/Take Me Baby


SC 11105 - Soul Is My Music: The Best of Bobby Patterson - Bobby Patterson [2006] (2- CD set) Disc 1: Then You'll Know/Rainin' In My Heart/I'm A Slave To You/Nobody But You/You Just Got To Understand/Till You Give In/If I Didn't Have You/What's Your Problem Baby/Long Ago/Let Them Talk/Soul Is Our Music/I'm Leroy I'll Take Her/Sock Some Lovin' At Me/Broadway Ain't Funky No More/I Met My Match/The Good Ol' Days/Don't Be So Mean/Sweet Taste Of Lovin'/Busy, Busy Bee/Trial Of Mary Maguire (first version); Disc 2: T.C.B. Or T.Y.A./What A Wonderful Night For Love/My Thing Is Your Thing (Come Get It)/Keeping It In The Family/My Baby's Coming Back To Me/Guess Who/Trial Of Mary Maguire/The Knock Out Power Of Love/If A Man Ever Loved A Woman (Baby I Love You)/You Taught Me How To Love/I'm In Love With You/Married Lady/If I Didn't Know Better/I Do/Mama's Got A New Bag Too/You Can Tell I'm In Love/Till You Give In/Busy, Busy Bee (alternate take)/How Funky Can You Get [Mustangs]/Turn Back The Hands Of Time [Mustangs]


CDKEND098 - Taking Care of Business - Bobby Patterson [1995] Till You Give In/You Just Got To Understand/What's Your Problem Baby/If I Didn't Have You/Long Ago/Soul Is Our Music/Let Them Talk/Sock Some Lovin' At Me/I'm Leroy, I'll Take Her/Broadway Ain't Funky No More/I met My Match/Don't Be So Mean/The Good Ol' Days/Busy, Busy Bee/Sweet Taste Of Love/T.C.B. or T.Y.A./What A Wonderful Night For Love/My Thing Is Your Thing/Keeping It In The Family/My Baby's Coming Back To Me/Guess Who/The Knock Out Power Of Love/The Trial Of Mary McGuire/If A Man Ever Loved A Woman (Baby I Love You)/You Taught Me How To Love/I'm In Love With You/Married lady/If I Didn't Know Better/Who Wants To Fall In Love

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