Enterprise Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 20, 2005

The first Enterprise label was blue with a rainbow across the top with "ENTERPRISE" in black over the rainbow. This label was used on the Enterprise issues while Atlantic was distributing the label. White label promos were also issued. The second label was black with silver printing, "ENTERPRISE" in yellow above the center hole. This label was used on the 1000 series up through ENS-1024 and on the 5000 series through ENS-5002. On some records in this series, the same label was used for promo copies, the only change was to add the words "PROMOTION COPY". On some records in this series white label promos were issued. From ENS-1025 to the end of the series, from ENS-5003 till the end of the series and on the 7500 series a third label was used. This label was black with silver printing. Above the center hole is "ENTERPRISE" in white lettering, above the logo are vertical curved colored stripes with a red spot to the right of the curves.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

13-100 Series:

The 3 records in this series were released in both monaural and stereo, the stereo releases had a S added prior to the catalog number. The 13-100 series was distributed by Atlantic Records.

The albums by Maynard Ferguson and Father Herrera appear to have no involvement by Stax Records. They were probably Atlantic productions, that were released on the Enterprise Label prior to the split between Atlantic and Stax.

S 13-100 - Presenting Isaac Hayes - Isaac Hayes [1967] Precious Precious/When I Fall in Love/Medley: I Just Want To Make Love To You-Rock Me Baby//Medley: Going To Chicago Blues- Misty/You Don't Know Like I Know

S 13-101 - Ridin' High - Maynard Ferguson [1968] The Rise And Fall Of Seven/Light Green/Kundalini Woman/Sunny//Meet A Cheetah/Molecules/Wack-Wack/Satan Speaks/Alfie

S 13-102 - Jazz Goes To Church - Father Herrera & Trio ESP [1968] Jesus, Master, Shepherd Hear Me/Anger/Joy/Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation//So What/Contemplation/Sorrow/Jubilation/Through This Day You Hand Has Led Me/Joy

1000 series:

All commercial releases in this series were in stereo with the prefix ENS. There were white label promos issued in monaural on some if not all of the releases.

ENS-1001 - Hot Buttered Soul - Isaac Hayes [1969] Walk On By (S)/Hyperbolicsyllabicesquedalymistic (S)//One Woman (S)/By The Time I Get To Phoenix (S)/Rhythm (S)

ENS-1002 - Moloch - Moloch [1969] Helping Hand/Maverick Woman Blues/Outta Hand/Same Old Blues/Going Down/She Looks Like And Angel//Gone Too Lone/Dance Chaney Dance/Mona/People Keep Talking/I Can Think The Same Of You/Night At The Possum

ENS-1003 - Portrait - Sid Selvidge [1969] Ballad Of Otis B. Watson/Look What The Years Have Done To You/Going Through Another Change/Portrait/Cotton Eyed Joe/Wreck On The Highway//Children's Suite/Only The Children Know/Hush-A-Bye/Miss Eleana/Tying Days Together/Amelia Earhart

ENS-1004 - First Time From Memphis - January Tyme [1969] Rainy Day Feeling/The Music/Sleepy Time Baby/Ancient Babylon/Hold Me Up To The Light//Love Is Blind/Are You Laughing/Down To The River/I Could Never Love You/Take This Time/Love Surrounds Me

ENS-1005 - New King of the Blues Harmonica - Little Sonny [1970] Baby What You Want Me To Do/Eli's Pork Chop/Hey Little Girl/Hot Potato//Don't Ask Me No Questions/Tomorrow's Blues Today/Back Down Yonder/Sad Funk/The Creeper Returns

ENS-1006 - Many Grooves - Barbara Lewis [1970] Baby That's A No-No/Windmills Of Your Mind/Slip Away/How Can I Tell/Break Away//Just The Way You Are Today/Anyway/But You Know I Love You/You Made Me A Woman/The Stars/Do I Deserve It Baby

ENS-1007 - Rated X: Suggested For Mature Souls - Art Jerry Miller [1970] Suggested For Mature Souls/Take It All Off/Soul Waltz/Natalie's Island/Pineapple Wine/Finger-Lickin' Good//Grab A Handful/Save Me Some/Mod Strut/Moon Shot/Sunday Sermon/Inner Soul

ENS-1008 - Home Sweet Home - Terry Manning [1970] Savoy Truffle/Guess Things Happen That Way/Trashy Dog/Wild Wild Rocker//Choo Choo Train/I Ain't Got You/Sour Mash/I Wanna Be Your Man

ENS-1009 - Gritty, Groovy & Gettin' It - David Porter [1970] I Only Have Eyes For You/Guess Who/I'm A-Tellin' You/Just Be True//The Way You Do The Things You Do/Can't See You When I Want To, Parts 1 & 2/I Don't Know Why I Love You

ENS-1010 - The Isaac Hayes Movement - Isaac Hayes [1970] I Stand Accused/One Big Unhappy Family//Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself/Something

ENS-1011 - Dallas County - Dallas County [1971] The Toll/Mad Dog/Small Vacation/Roads/Reflections//If We Try/Love's Not Hard To Find/Blowing In The Wind/She Didn't Say Just Why/It Shall Pass

ENS-1012 - Into A Real Thing - David Porter [1971] Hang On Sloppy/Ooo-Wee Girl//Too Real To Live A Lie/Grocery Man/I Don't Wanna Cry/Thirty Days

ENS-1013 - Stormy - Billy Eckstine [1971] Just A Little Loving (Early In The Morning)/What The World Needs Now Is Love/Name Of My Sorrow/Stormy//My Cherie Amour/When You Look In The Mirror (You're Looking At The One I Love)/The Luckiest Man In The World/I Wanna Be Your Baby

ENS-1014 - ... To Be Continued - Isaac Hayes [1970] Monologue: Ike's Rap I/Our Day Will Come/The Look Of Love//Medley: Ike's Mood I/You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'/Runnin' Out Of Fools

ENS-1015 - Caboose - Caboose [1971] Great Balls Of Fire/You're Still My Only Lover/You're Buying All My Trouble/What Can I Call My Own/Black Hands White Cotton//Day After Day/After The Fair/Recipe/It's All For Me/A Winter Song/Oh Freedom

ENS-1016 - Stillrock Featuring Don Preston - Stillrock [1971] So Hard To Say Goodbye/The Reach Of My Memory/Mighty Time/Rolling In My Dreams/Hiway Fever//Waiting For The Door To Open/Wedding Parade/I Can Remember/Lost City Child/When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/She Was A Long Time Ago

ENS-1017 - Feel The Warm - Billy Eckstine [1971] Make It With You/Think About Things/Don't Leave Me/Mixed Up Girl/Third Child//Feel The Warm/Walk A Mile In My Shoes/Something More/We've Only Just Begun/Love The One You're With

ENS-1018 - Black And Blue - Little Sonny [1971] Hung Up/Sonny's Fever/You Got A Good Thing/A Woman Named Trouble/Honest I Do/Wade In The Water//Paying Through The Nose/Memphis B-K/Where Women Got Meat On Their Bones/I Found Love/They Want Money

ENS-1019 - Victim Of A Joke? - David Porter [1971] If I Give It Up I Want It Back/When You Have To Sneak You Have To Sneak/Help/I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over//Storm In The Summertime/Pretty Inside/Human/Airplane Ticket-Bus Ride-Can I Borrow Your Car?

ENS-1020 - Funky Sounds - Eric Mercury [1971] I Can Smell That Funky Music/Like It Should Be/Stop Looking Down/It's Time For Me To Love You//Don't Stop The Feeling/Wrap Me In A Map/Listen With Your Eyes/A Gift To You/Over In Arkansas

ENS-1021 - Patchouli - Ben Atkins [1971] I Love This Song/Cross My Mind/Shine On/Holding On To Friends/Smokestack Lightnin'-Brighter Side Of It All//Solid Ground/That Brings Me Down/A Long Way To Go/Would I Be Better Gone?/Good Times Are Coming

ENS-1022 - Dope On Dope & Dope Doops - Hevy Gunz [1971] Introduction/Dissent Squad/Pakistani Bliss/Dope On Dope/In Your Interest/Smokin' My Dope//Recess/Dope On Dope/All The News/Woom Zoom/Dope On Dope

ENS-1023 - O. B. McClinton Country - O. B. McClinton [1972] Deep In The Heart Of Me/Slip Away/The Feeling Is Right/And The Time Is Right Now/Okie From Muskogee/Yours Love//The Ballad Of A Stamp Licker/San Bernardino/Country Music That's My Thing/You Only Want Me For My Body/Bad Guys Don't Always Wear Black Hats

ENS-1024 - River City Street Band - River City Street Band [1972] Some Other Man/So Many Things/People/If You Can/Love Me Only/Happy Song/Modern Man//Searchin' Man/Nancy's April Song/Two Different People/Lamp Of Love/I Wanna Be A Star

ENS-1025 - At The Drive In - Freddie Robinson [1972] I Found My Soul Last Night/At The Drive-In/Wonder What It Is/Bluesology//It's The Real Thing Sweet Clara/Miss Black America/Creepin' Lightly

ENS-1026 - Sweat And Love - David Porter [1972] Didn't Know Love Was So Good/Somebody Owns A Piece Of My Rock/(Seems Like) The One You Can't Have All By Yourself//Funny Money/I Can't Live With My Conscience/This Song Has No Title/Long As You're The One Somebody In The World/Falling Out Falling In

ENS-1027 - Anna Divina - River City [1972] Statue Of Liberty/All The Sunshine/My Friends And The Band/Seems Like Yesterday/Sittin' Here On The Porch/Marlow's Catfish Song//If You Don't Quit Changing/Hawkin's Farm/Sunshine Won't You Help Me/Magic Country Music Box/Pimp Song (Come Whit Me)/Roll Another Joint-Fuzz

ENS-1028 - Mighty Joe Hicks - Joe Hicks [1973] The Team/Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/Train Of Thought/Rock Me Baby/Could It Be Love//Rusty Ol' Halo/All In/Water Water/Ruby Dean

ENS-1029 - Obie from Senatobie - O. B. McClinton [1973] I Want You In The Morning/Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You/She's That Kind/My Whole World Is Falling Down/Sometimes I Like To Be Alone/I Wish It Would Rain//Today I Started Loving You Again/Walking On New Grass/(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right/Obie From Senatobie/Six Pack Of Trouble/The Unluckiest Songwriter In Nashville

ENS-1030 - Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth - 24-Carat Black [1973] Synopsis One: In The Ghetto/God Save The World/Poverty's Paradise/Brown-Baggin'//Synopsis Two: Mother's Day/Mother's Day/Foodstamps/Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth/24-Carat Black

ENS-1031 - Talking To The People - Black Nasty [1973] Talking To The People/I Must Be In Love/Nasty Soul/Getting Funky Round Here/Black Nasty Boogie//We're Doin' Our Thing/I Have No Choice/It's Not The World/Rushin' Sea/Booger The Hooker

ENS-1032 - Hobos, Hero's & Street Corner - Don Nix [1973] She's A Friend Of Mine/The Train Don't Stop Here No More/Black Cat Moan/Rainy Night In Paris (Memphis Reject)/When I Lay My Burden Down//Sweet Sweet Surrender/We Gotta Move (Keep On Rolling)/Miss Eleana/I Need You/Look What The Years Have Done

ENS-1033 - Love Is Taking Over - Eric Mercury [1973] Love Is Taking Over/Today Is Tomorrow's Yesterday/Blessed Is He (Who Has Someone To Love Him)/If I Make It To The Top/The Bridge We Cross Over (Determines Where We're Bound)/You Got To Give A Damn/Don't Lose Faith In Me Lord/Make A Good Thing Happen/You Got To Live Right (Before You Can Love Right)/Sweet Sara/Black Woman/Take A Walk Down My Street

ENS-1034 - Reflections of the Way It Really Is - Louis Paul [1973] Leave The Door Where You Found It/Hey Mr. Moon/Knight In Armor/The Stars Belong To You/I Cross My Heart (I Love You)/My Dream//I Like Rock And Roll/Killed In Action/Misty Crystal/Merry-Go-Round/I'll Be Leaving When The Morning Comes/There's A Light There's A Moon The Sun Above

ENS-1035 - Off The Cuff - Freddie Robinson [1973] Off The Cuff/Georgia On My Mind/Could It Be I'm Falling In Love/Smoking/Medicine Man//River's Invitation/Changing Dreams/Try It One Time/You're On My Mind/You Never Ever Miss Away/I Remember

ENS-1036 - Hard Goin' Up - Little Sonny [1973] It's Hard Going Up (But Twice As Hard Coming Down)/My Woman Is Good To Me/You're Spreading Yourself A Little Too Thin/The Day You Left Me/You Can Be Replaced//Do It Right Now/You Made Me Strong/Sure Is Good/I Want You

ENS-1037 - Live At Randy's Rodeo - O.B. McClinton [1973] Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You/The Lord Knows I'm Drinking/Today I Started Loving You Again/Hollywood Star//All I Have To Offer You Is Me/Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone/I Can't Believe That You Stopped Loving Me/(I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again/Kiss An Angel Good Morning/Heartbreak Hotel/Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You

ENS-1038 - Legend Of Buford Pusser - Eddie Bond [1973] Son Of A Sawmill Man/Buford Pusser's Walkin' Tall/Law Enforcing Man/Time/The Prettiest Dress//200 Lbs. O' Swingin' Hound/Buford Pusser's Child/Buford Pusser Goes Bear Hunting With A Switch/Christmas In Heaven/Legend Of Buford Pusser

5000 Series:

ENS-5001 - Wess to Memphis - Frank Wess [1971] Under Hog/Ooh Child/Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours/Cubano Chant//Willow Weep For Me/Fool On The Hill/Catchy/Wessward Ho

ENS-2-5002 - Shaft (Soundtrack) - Isaac Hayes [1971] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Theme From Shaft/Bumpy's Lament/Walk From Regio's/Ellie's Love Theme/Shaft's Cab Ride//Café Regio's/Early Sunday Morning/Be Yourself/A Friend's Place ; Disc 2: Soulsville/No Name Bar/Bumpy's Blues/Shaft Strikes Again//Do Your Thing/The End Theme

ENS-2-5003 - Black Moses - Isaac Hayes [1971] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Never Can Say Goodbye (S)/(They Long To Be) Close To You (S)/Nothing Takes The Place Of You (S)/Man's Temptation (S)//Part Time Love (S)/Medley: Ike's Rap IV-A Brand New Me (S)/Going In Circles (S) ; Disc 2: Never Gonna Give You Up (S)/Medley: Ike's Rap II-Help Me Love (S)/Need To Belong To Someone (S)/Good Love 6-6999 (S)//Medley: Ike's Rap III-Your Love Is So Doggone Good (S)/For The Good Times (S)/I'll Never Fall In Love Again (S)

ENS-5004 - Senior Soul - Billy Eckstine [1972] I'll Always Have Faith In You/A Man Who Sings/A Song For You/Thank You For The Moment/Pleas Send Me Someone To Love//Today Was Tomorrow Yesterday/Don't Lose Faith In Me Lord/I Believe In Music/Living Like A Gypsy/Something Is Wrong With My Baby

ENS-2-5005 - Live At Lake Tahoe - Isaac Hayes [1973] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Theme From Shaft/The Come On/Light My Fire/Ike's Rap V/Never Can Say Goodbye/Windows Of The World//The Look Of Love/Ellie's Love Theme/Use Me/Do Your Thing/Theme From The Men ; Disc 2: It's Too Late/Rock Me Baby/Stormy Monday Blues/Type Thang/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face//Ike's Rap VI/Ain't No Sunshine/Feelin' Alright

ENS-5006 - Flute Of The Loom - Frank Wess [1973] Get On Board (The Train Is Coming)/Red Roses/Trezia/Arundelle/When I Fall In Love//Wade In The Water/You Are Everything/Flowers/I Know What's On Your Mind/(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

ENS-5007 - Joy - Isaac Hayes [1973] Joy I Love You That's All//A Man Will Be A Man/The Feeling Keeps On Coming/I'm Gonna Make It (Without You)

7500 Series:

ENS-7501 - The Master - Chico Hamilton [1973] One Day Five Months Ago/Feels Good/Fancy//Stu/Gengis/Conquistadores ‘74/Stacy/I Can Here The Grass Grow

ENS-7502 - Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers - Larry Raspberry [1974] Road Blues/Mellow Down/Fool In Cheap Clothing/Dixie Diner/Boomtown Blues//Tonite/Baby Get Out Of Bed (Once Is Enough For Me)/Jive Ass Rock ‘N Roll Warning

ENS-7503 - If She Walked Into My Life - Billy Eckstine [1974] The Taste Of My Tears/Remembering/I Am Yours/Maybe This Time/Sophisticated Lady//If She Walked Into My Life/The Very Thought Of You/Loving Arms/All In Love Is Fair/Mister You've Gone And Got The Blues

ENS-7504 - Tough Guys - Isaac Hayes [1974] Title Theme/Randolph And Dearborn/The Red Rooster/Joe Bell//Hung Up On My Baby/Kidnapped/Run Fay Run/Buns O'Plenty/The End Theme

ENS-7505 - Long As You Love Me (I'll Be Alright) - Bettye Crutcher [1974] Long As You Love Me/When We're Together/Passion/A Little Bit More Won't Hurt/Sunday Morning's Gonna Find Us In Love//Sugar Daddy/Call Me When All Else Fails/Up For A Let Down/So Lonely Without You/Sleepy People

ENS-7506 - If You Loved Her That Way - O.B. McClinton [1974] If You Loved Her That Way/Clean Your Own Tables/Goodbye/I Still Go To Memphis In My Mind/It Gets Lonesome/Slippin' Away//Something Better/Hallelujah/Lean On Me/Dixie (She Was Mama To Me)/Mr. Miller's Granddaughter

ENS-2-7507 - Truck Turner (Soundtrack) - Isaac Hayes [1974] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Main Title "Truck Turner"/House Of Beauty/Blue's Crib/Driving In The Sun//Breakthrough/Now We're One/The Duke/Dorinda's Party; Disc 2: Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile/We Need Each Other Girl/A House Full Of Girls/Hospital Shootout//You're In My Arms Again/Give It To Me/Drinking/The Insurance Company/End Theme

ENS-7508 - The Way I'm Needing You - Cliff Cochran

ENS-7509 - [Unreleased]

ENS-7510 - Best Of Isaac Hayes - Isaac Hayes [1973] Walk On By (S)/Ellie's Love Theme (S)/I Stand Accused (S)/Do Your Thing (S)//Theme From Shaft (S)/Never Can Say Goodbye (S)/Joy, Part 1 (S)/By The Time I Get To Phoenix (S)

EM-0359 - Enterprise Special from the Stax Organization - Isaac Hayes [1972] White label promo issue of open end radio interview with Isaac Hayes. Isaac Hayes discusses "Black Moses" album/Part Time Love/Isaac Hayes discusses his stage appearance/A Brand New Me/Isaac Hayes discusses how he got the Black Moses nickname and his rapping/(They Long To Be) Close to You//Isaac Hayes discusses his piano playing/You're Love is So Doggone Good/Isaac Hayes discusses his musical influences/Good Love 6-6999


SD-1599 - In The Beginning - Isaac Hayes [1972] Reissue of Enterprise SD 13-101 Original label is red and green with a white stripe side to side. Precious Precious/When I Fall In Love/Medley: I Just Want To Make Love To You-Rock Me Baby//Medley: Going To Chicago Blues-Misty/You Don't Know Like I Know

Thanks to Lynn and Louis Paul.

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