RSO Album Discography, Part 3:
Post-RSO Polydor Issues

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: January 22, 2007

In 1983, PolyGram was buying up labels like there was no tomorrow. RSO was one of their purchases. They started by essentially reissuing the most popular (and best selling) RSO albums under a new Polydor label as part of the PolyGram integrated numbering system. This was a world-wide numbering system that catalogued all of PolyGram's companies, so not all of the numbers were assigned to records, CDs, or even musical items! For that reason, the numbers are often discontinuous. Early LP versions of the following may still have the RSO logo on them, but these were essentially Polydor issues. The US CD counterpart issues did not mention RSO, although early European versions with the same numbers (ending in "-2" for CD), printed in Germany, did have the RSO logo.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with RSO, Atco, or Polydor Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and Follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2007 by Mike Callahan.



Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Polydor/RSO 24-3502 - Heavy Cream - Cream [1972] This was an early Polydor/RSO issue. Disc 1: Strange Brew/White Room/Badge/Spoonful/Rollin' & Tumblin'/I Feel Free/Born Under A Bad Sign/Passing The Time/As You Said/Deserted Cities Of The Heart; Disc 2: Cat's Squirrel/Crossroads/Sitting On Top Of The World/SWLABR/What A Bringdown/Tales Of Brave Ulysses/Take It Back/Politician/I'm So Glad/Sunshine Of Your Love/Those Were The Days

Polydor Issues/Reissues (PolyGram Integrated Numbering System):

811 639-1 - Strange Brew: The Very Best of Cream - Cream [1983] (6-83, #205 [LP]; 11-87, #20 [CD]) Released in Canada as RSO RXS 1-3100. CD issue when released on 811 639-2 four years after the vinyl version had two bonus tracks, indicated with an asterisk [*] below. Badge/Sunshine Of Your Love/Crossroads/White Room/Born Under A Bad Sign/SWLABR*//Strange Brew/Anyone For Tennis?/I Feel Free/Politician/Tales Of Brave Ulysees*/Spoonful

811 697-1 - 461 Ocean Boulevard - Eric Clapton [1983] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3023. Motherless Children/Better Make It Through Today/Willie And The Hand Jive/Get Ready/I Shot The Sheriff//I Can't Hold Out/Please Be With Me/Let It Grow/Steady Rollin' Man/Mainline Florida

811 767-1 - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Soundtrack) - John Williams & London Symphony Orchestra [1983] (6-83, #20) Released in Canada as RSO RXS 1-3101. Main Title (The Story Continues)/Into The Trap/Luke And Leia/Parade Of The Ewoks/Han Solo Returns (At The Court Of Jabba The Hutt)/Lapti Nek (Jabba's Palace Band)//The Forest Battle/Rebel Briefing/The Emperor/The Return Of The Jedi/Ewok Celebration And Finale

813 269-1 - Stayin' Alive (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1983] (7-83, #6) Released in Canada as RSO RXS 1-3102. The Woman In You - Bee Gees/I Love You Too Much - Bee Gees/Breakout - Bee Gees/Someone Belonging To Someone - Bee Gees/Life Goes On - Bee Gees/Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees//Far From Over - Frank Stallone/Look Out For Number One - Tommy Faragher/Finding Out The Hard Way - Cynthia Rhodes/Moody Girl - Frank Stallone/(We Dance) So Close To The Fire - Tommy Faragher/I'm Never Gonna Give You Up - Frank Stallone

813 642-2 - Living Eyes - Bee Gees [1984] CD issue of RSO RS 1-3098. Living Eyes/He's A Liar/Paradise/Don't Fall In Love With Me/Soldiers/I Still Love You/Wildflower/Nothing Could Be Good/Cryin' Every Day/Be Who You Are

Polydor Reissues (PolyGram Integrated Numbering System):

Star Blend Records 821 937-1 - Backtrackin' - Eric Clapton [1984] (2-LP set, UK) Licensed from Polydor Records, Ltd. Issued on CD in 1991 as RSO 821 937-2 in UK. Disc 1: I Shot The Sheriff [LP version]/Knockin' On Heaven's Door/Lay Down Sally [LP version]/Promises/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Wonderful Tonight [LP version]//Sunshine of Your Love [Cream] [LP version]/Tales Of Brave Ulysses [Cream]/Badge [Cream]/Little Wing [Derek & Dominos]/Layla [Derek & Dominos] [7:10 version] Disc 2: Cocaine/Strange Brew [Cream]/Spoonful [Cream] [studio LP version]/Let It Rain/Have You Ever Loved A Woman [Derek & Dominos]/Presence Of The Lord [Blind Faith]//Crossroads [Cream] (live)/Roll it Over [Derek & Dominos] (live)/Can't Find My Way Home [Clapton live from E.C. Was Here]/Blues Power [live from Just One Night]/Farther On Up The Road [live from Just One Night]

823 274-1 - Here at Last...Live - Bee Gees [1983] (2-LP set) Reissue of RSO RS 2- 3901. Record 1: (Side 1) I've Gotta Get A Message To You/Love So Right/Edge Of The Universe/Come On Over/Can't Keep A Good Man Down//(Side 4) Wind Of Change/Nights On Broadway/Jive Talkin'/Lonely Days; Record 2: (Side 2) New York Mining Disaster 1941/Run To Me-World/Holiday-I Can't See Nobody-I Started A Joke- Massachusetts/How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/To Love Somebody//(side 3) You Should Be Dancing/Boogie Child/Down The Road/Words

823 276-1 - Slowhand - Eric Clapton [1983] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3030. Cocaine/Wonderful Tonight/Lay Down Sally/Next Time You See Her/We're All The Way//The Core/May You Never/Mean Old Frisco/Peaches And Diesel

823 277-1 - Layla - Derek & Dominos [1984] (2-LP set) Reissue of RSO RS 2-3801. I Looked Away/Bell Bottom Blues/I Keep Growing/Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out//I Am Yours/Anyday/Key To The Highway//Tell The Truth/Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?/Have You Ever Loved A Woman?//Little Wing/It's Too Late/Layla/Thorn Tree In The Garden

823 636-1 - Disraeli Gears - Cream [1984] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3010. Issued on CD in 1986 as Polydor 823 636-2. Strange Brew/Sunshine Of Your Love/World Of Pain/Dance The Night Away/Blue Condition//Tales Of Brave Ulysses/SWLABR/We're Going Wrong/Outside Woman Blues/Take It Back/Mother's Lament

823 658-1 - Children of the World - Bee Gees [1984] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3003. You Should Be Dancing/You Stepped Into My Life/Love So Right/Lovers/Can't Keep A Good Man Down//Boogie Child/Love Me/Subway/The Way It Was/Children Of The World

823 659-1 - Bee Gees Gold, Volume One - Bee Gees [1984] Reissue of RSO RS 1- 3006. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Holiday/To Love Somebody/Massachusetts/Words/Lonely Days//Run To Me/I've Gotta Get A Message To You/My World/I Can't See Nobody/I Started A Joke/New York Mining Disaster 1941

823 660-1 - Goodbye - Cream [1984] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3016. Issued in 1987 on CD as Polydor 823 660-2, with "Anyone for Tennis" added to the end as a bonus track. I'm So Glad/Politician//Sitting On Top Of The World/Badge/Doing That Scrapyard Thing/What A Bringdown

825 093-1 - Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton [1984] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3008. Slunky/Bad Boy/Lonesome And A Long Way From Home/After Midnight/Easy Now/Blues Power//Bottle Of Red Wine/Lovin' You Lovin' Me/Told You For The Last Time/Don't Know Why/Let It Rain

825 094-1 - Blind Faith - Blind Faith [1984] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3016. Had To Cry Today/Can't Find My Way Home/Well All Right/Presence Of The Lord//Sea Of Joy/Do What You Like

825 095-1 - Grease - Original Soundtrack [1984] (2-LP set) Reissue of RSO RS 2-4002. Disc 1: Grease - Frankie Valli/Summer Nights - John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John & Cast/Hopelessly Devoted To You - Olivia Newton-John/You're The One That I Want - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John/Sandy - John Travolta//Beauty School Drop-Out - Frankie Avalon/Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee - Stockard Channing/Greased Lightnin' - John Travolta & Jeff Conaway/It's Raining On Prom Night - Cindy Bullens/Alone At The Drive-In Movie (Instrumental) - Ernie Watts/Blue Moon - Sha-Na-Na; Disc 2: Rock N' Roll Is Here To Stay - Sha-Na-Na/Those Magic Changes - Sha-Na-Na/Hound Dog - Sha-Na-Na/Born To Hand-Jive - Sha-Na-Na/Tears On My Pillow - Sha-Na-Na/Mooning - Louis St. Louis & Cindy Bullens//Freddy, My Love - Cindy Bullens/Rock N' Roll Party Queen - Louis St. Louis/There Are Worse Things I Could Do - Stockard Channing/Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise) - Olivia Newton-John/We Go Together - John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John & Cast/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Instrumental) - Louis St. Louis & Band/Grease (Reprise) - Frankie Valli

825 096-1 - Grease 2 - Original Soundtrack [1984] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3803. Back To School Again - Four Tops/Cool Rider - Michelle Pfeiffer/Score Tonight - T-Birds & Pink Ladies/Girl For All Seasons - Maureen Teefy (Spring), Lorna Luft (Summer), Alison Price (Fall), Micelle Pfeiffer (Winter)/Do It For Our Country - Peter Frechette/Who's That Guy? - Cast//Prowlin' - T- Birds/Reproduction - Tab Hunter & Cast/Charades - Maxwell Caulfield/(Love Will) Turn Back The Hands Of Time - Maxwell Caulfield & Michelle Pfeiffer/Rock-A-Hula-Luau (Summer Is Coming) - Cast/We'll Be Together - Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer, Adrian Zmed, Lorna Luft, Peter Frechette, Maureen Teefy & The Cast

825 220-1 - Bee Gees' 1st - Bee Gees [1984] Reissue of Atco SD 33-223. Turn of the Century/Holiday/Red Chair, Fade Away/One Minute Woman/In My Own Time/Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You/Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy of Arts//New York Mining Disaster 1941/Cucumber Castle/To Love Somebody/I Close My Eyes/I Can't See Nobody/Please Read Me/Close Another Door

825 382-1 - Time Pieces/The Best of Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton [1984] Reissue of RSO RX 1-3099. I Shot The Sheriff/After Midnight/Knockin' On Heaven's Door/Wonderful Tonight/Layla//Cocaine/Lay Down Sally/Willie And The Hand Jive/Promises/Swing Low Sweet Chariot

825 390-1 - Bee Gees Greatest - Bee Gees [1984] 2-LP set. Reissue of RSO RS 2- 4200, but with a single pocket cover instead of the original tri-fold gatefold cover. Issued in 1986 on CD as RSO 800 071-2, manufactured in Germany. Record 1: (Side 1) Jive Talkin'/Night Fever/Tragedy/You Should Be Dancing/Stayin' Alive//(Side 3) If I Can't Have You/You Stepped Into My Life/Love Me/More Than A Woman/Rest Your Love On Me ; Record 2: (Side 2) How Deep Is Your Love/Love So Right/Too Much Heaven/(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away/Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)//(Side 4) Nights On Broadway/Spirits (Having Flown)/Love You Inside Out/Wind Of Change/Children Of The World

825 391-1 - Just One Night - Eric Clapton [1984] 2-LP set. Reissue of RSO RS 2-4202. Tulsa Time/Early In The Morning/Lay Down Sally/Wonderful Tonight//If I Don't Be There By Morning/Worried Life Blues/All Our Past Times/After Midnight//Double Trouble/Setting Me Up/Blues Power//Rambling On My Mind/Cocaine/Further On Up The Road

825 451-1 - Odessa - Bee Gees [1985] (2-LP set) Reissue of Atco SD 2-702. Issued on 2-CD set in 1986 on Polydor 825 451-2. Disc 1: Odessa/You'll Never See My Face Again/Black Diamond//Marley Purt Drive/Edison/Melody Fair/Suddenly/Whisper Whisper; Disc 2: Lamplight/Sound of Love/Give Your Best/Seven Seas Symphony/With All Nations//I Laugh In Your Face/Never Say Never Again/First Of May/The British Opera

827 335-1 - Spirits Having Flown - Bee Gees [1985] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3041. Issued on CD as 827 335-2. Tragedy/Too Much Heaven/Love You Inside Out/Reaching Out/Spirits (Having Flown)//Search, Find/Stop (Think Again)/Living Together/I'm Satisfied/Until

827 576-1 - Fresh Cream - Cream [1985] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3009 with "I Feel Free" added. Issued on CD in 1986 as Polydor 827 576-2. I Feel Free (S)/N.S.U. (S)/Sleepy Time Time (S)/Dreaming (S)/Sweet Wine (S)/Spoonful (S)/Cat's Squirrel (S)/Four Until Late (S)/Rollin' And Tumblin' (S)/I'm So Glad (M)/Toad (S)/The Coffee Song (S)/Wrapping Paper (S)

827 578-1 - Wheels of Fire - Cream [1985] (2-LP set) Reissue of RSO RS 2-3802. Issued in 1986 as a 2-CD set on Polydor 827 578-2. Disc 1 (36:12): White Room/Sitting On Top Of The World/Passing The Time/As You Said/Pressed Rat And Warthog/Politician/Those Were The Days/Born Under A Bad Sign/Deserteed Cities Of The Heart; Disc 2 (44:20): Crossroads (live)/Spoonful (live)/Traintime (live)/Toad (live)

827 579-1 - Another Ticket - Eric Clapton [1985] Reissue of RSO RS 1-3095. Issued on CD in 1987 as Polydor 827 579-2. Something Special/Black Rose/Blow Wind Blow/Another Ticket/I Can't Stand It//Hold Me Lord/Floating Bridge/Catch Me If You Can/Rita Mae

831 594-1 - Best of Bee Gees - Bee Gees [1986] Issued in 1986 on CD as Polydor 831 594-2. This is similar to the vinyl version of this LP [Atco SD33-292] except "Tomorrow Tomorrow" [in mono] replaces "Spicks And Specks." Holiday (S)/I've Gotta Get A Message To You (S)/I Can't See Nobody (S)/Words (S, poor mix)/I Started A Joke (S)/Tomorrow Tomorrow (M)/First Of May (S)/World (S, actually, E until 2:38, when it becomes stereo)/Massachusetts (S)/To Love Somebody (S)/Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You (S)/New York Mining Disaster 1941 (S)

831 960-2 - Best of Bee Gees, Volume 2 - Bee Gees [1987] Reissue of RSO SO 875 on CD. For no apparent reason, the reissue has deleted "Wouldn't I Be Someone" from the original version of the album, so the original has 15 cuts and the CD 14. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/I.O.I.O./Don't Want To Live Within Myself/Melody Fair/My World/Let There Be Love/Saved By The Bell/Lonely Days/Morning Of My Life/Don't Forget To Remember/And The Sun Will Shine/Run To Me/Man For All Seasons/Alive

833 659-2 - Horizontal - Bee Gees [1987] Reissue of Atco SD 33-233 on CD. World/And The Sun Will Shine/Lemons Never Forget/Really And Sincerely/Birdy Told Me/With The Sun In My Eyes/Massachusetts/Harry Braff/Day Time Girl/The Earnest Of Being George/The Change Is Made/Horizontal

833 660-2 - Idea - Bee Gees [1987] Reissue of Atco SD 33-253 on CD with one added track. Let There Be Love/Kitty Can/In The Summer Of His Years/Indian Gin And Whisky Dry/Down To Earth/Such A Shame [from UK album; dropped from U.S. vinyl]/I've Gotta Get A Message To You [LP version]/Idea/When The Swallows Fly/I Have Decided To Join The Air Force/I Started A Joke/Kilbuurn Towers/Swan Song

833 783-2 - Cucumber Castle - Bee Gees [1987] Reissue of Atco SD 33-327 on CD. If Only I Had My Mind On Something Else/I.O.I.O./Then You Left Me/The Lord/I Was The Child/I Lay Down And Die//Sweetheart/Bury Me Down By The River/My Thing/The Chance Of Love/Turning Tide/Don't Forget To Remember

833 785-2 - 2 Years On - Bee Gees [1987] Reissue of Atco SD 33-353 on CD. 2 Years On/Portrait Of Louise/Man For All Seasons/Sincere Relation/Back Home/The 1st Mistake I Made/Lonely Days/Alone Again/Tell Me Why/Lay It On Me/Every Second, Every Minute/I'm Weeding

833 786-2 - Trafalgar - Bee Gees [1987] Reissue of Atco SD-7003 on CD. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Israel/The Greatest Man In The World/It's Just The Way/Remembering/Somebody Stop The Music/Trafalgar/I Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself/When Do I/Dearest/Lion In Winter/Walking Back To Waterloo

833 787-2 - To Whom It May Concern - Bee Gees [1972] Reissue of Atco SD-7012 on CD. We Lost The Road/Never Been Alone/Paper Mache, Cabbages And Kings/I Can Bring Love/I Held A Party/Please Don't Turn Out The Lights//Sea Of Smiling Faces/Bad Bad Dreams/You Know It's For You/Alive/Road To Alaska/Sweet Song Of Summer

833 788-2 - Life in a Tin Can - Bee Gees [1987] Reissue of RSO SO-870 on CD. Saw A New Morning/I Don't Wanna Be The One/South Dakota Morning/Living In Chicago/While I Play/My Life Has Been A Song/Come Home Johnny Birdie/Method To My Madness

833 790-2 - Main Course - Bee Gees [1987] Reissue of RSO SO 4807 on CD. Nights On Broadway/Jive Talkin'/Winds Of Change/Songbird/Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)/All This Making Love/Country Lanes/Come On Over/Edge Of The Universe/Baby As You Turn Away

833 791-2 - Here at Last Live - Bee Gees [1987] (2-CD set) Reissue of RSO RS 2- 3901 on CD. Disc 1: I've Gotta Get A Message To You/Love So Right/Edge Of The Universe/Come On Over/Can't Keep A Good Man Down/New York Mining Disaster 1941/Run To Me-World/Holiday-I Can't See Nobody-I Started A Joke- Massachusetts/How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/To Love Somebody; Disc 2: You Should Be Dancing/Boogie Child/Down The Road/Words/Wind Of Change/Nights On Broadway/Jive Talkin'/Lonely Days

835 261-1 - Crossroads - Eric Clapton [1988] 6-LP box set. Also issued as a 4-CD box set. Boom Boom - Yardbirds (M)/Honey In Your Hips - Yardbirds (M)/Baby What's Wrong - Yardbirds (M)/I Wish You Would - Yardbirds (M)/A Certain Girl - Yardbirds (M)/Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Yardbirds (M)/I Ain't Got You - Yardbirds (M)/For Your Love - Yardbirds (M)/Got To Hurry - Yardbirds (M)/Lonely Years - John Mayall & Eric Clapton (M)/Bernard Jenkins (M)/Hideaway - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (S)/All Your Love - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (S)/Ramblin' On My Mind - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (S)/Have You Ever Loved A Woman - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (S)/Wrapping Paper - Cream (S)/I Feel Free - Cream (S)/Spoonful - Cream (S)/Lawdy Mama - Cream (S)/Strange Brew - Cream (S)/Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream (S)/Tales Of Brave Ulysses - Cream (S)/Steppin' Out - Cream (S)/Anyone For Tennis - Cream (S)/White Room - Cream (S)/Crossroads - Cream (S)/Badge - Cream (S)/Presence Of The Lord - Blind Faith (S)/Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith (S)/Sleeping In The Ground - Blind Faith (S)/Comin' Home - Delaney & Bonnie and Friends (S)/Tell The Truth - Derek & Dominos (S)/Roll It Over - Derek & Dominos (S)/Layla - Derek & Dominos (S)/Mean Old World - Derek & Dominos (S)/Key To The Highway - Derek & Dominos (S)/Crossroads - Derek & Dominos (S)/Got To Get Better In A Little While - Derek & Dominos (S)/Evil - Derek & Dominos (S)/One More Chance - Derek & Dominos (S)/Mean Old Frisco - Derek & Dominos (S)/Snake Lake Blues - Derek & Dominos (S)/Blues Power - Eric Clapton (S)/After Midnight - Eric Clapton (S)/Let It Rain - Eric Clapton (S)/Let It Grow - Eric Clapton (S)/Ain't That Loving You - Eric Clapton (S)/Motherless Children - Eric Clapton (S)/I Shot The Sheriff - Eric Clapton (S)/Better Make It Through Today (S)/The Sky Is Crying (S)/I Found A Love (S)/(When Things Go Wrong) It Hurts Me Too - Eric Clapton (S)/Whatcha Gonna Do - Eric Clapton (S)/Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Eric Clapton (S)/Someone Like You - Eric Clapton (S)/Hello Old Friend - Eric Clapton (S)/Sign Language - Eric Clapton (S)/Further On Up The Road - Eric Clapton (S)/Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton (S)/Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton (S)/Cocaine - Eric Clapton (S)/Promises - Eric Clapton (S)/If I Don't Be There By Morning - Eric Clapton (S)/Double Trouble - Eric Clapton (S)/I Can't Stand It - Eric Clapton (S)/The Shape You're In - Eric Clapton (S)/Heaven Is One Step Away - Eric Clapton (S)/She's Waiting - Eric Clapton (S)/Too Bad - Eric Clapton (S)/Miss You - Eric Clapton (S)/Wanna Make Love To You - Eric Clapton (S)/After Midnight - Eric Clapton (S)

843 911-2 - Tales from the Brothers Gibb: A History in Song 1967-1990 - Bee Gees [1990] (4-CD set) All stereo. Although it doesn't say anything one way or the other, I suspect that some of these tracks are ADD. If you're a Bee Gees fan, you won't find all your favorite album cuts here, but it has their hits in better sound than I've ever heard them before. And at last, we have "Tomorrow Tomorrow," "Jumbo," and "Sinking Ships" in stereo, a decent stereo mix of "Words," "World" in stereo all the way through instead of just near the end, and at last "Wouldn't I Be Someone" on CD [they left it off the Bee Gees Greatest, Vol. 2 CD]. Disc 1 (76:36): New York Mining Disaster 1941/I Can't See Nobody/To Love Somebody/Holiday/Massachusetts/Barker of the UFO/World/Sir Geoffrey Saved The World/And The Sun Will Shine/Words/Sinking Ships/Jumbo/The Singer Sang His Song/I've Gotta Get A Message To You/I Started A Joke/First Of May/Melody Fair/Tomorrow Tomorrow (with countoff)/Sun In My Morning/Saved By The Bell/Don't Forget To Remember/If I Only Had My Mind On Something Else/I.O.I.O./Railroad/I'll Kiss Your Memory; Disc 2 (69:11): Lonely Days/Morning Of My Life/How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Country Woman/I Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself/My World/On Time/Run To Me/Alive/Saw A New Morning/Wouldn't I Be Someone/Elisa/King And Country/Mr. Natural/It Doesn't Matter Much To Me/Throw A Penny/Charade; Disc 3 (67:16): Jive Talkin'/Nights On Broadway/Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)/You Should Be Dancing (4:44 remix)/Love So Right/Boogie Child/Edge Of The Universe (live version)/How Deep Is Your Love/Stayin' Alive/Night Fever/More Than A Woman/If I Can't Have You/(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away/Too Much Heaven/Tragedy/Love You Inside Out; Disc 4 (61:15): He's A Liar/Another Lonely Night In New York/The Woman In You/Someone Belonging To Someone/Toys/ESP/You Win Again/Ordinary Lives/One/Juliet (live)/To Love Somebody (live)/Medley: New York Mining Disaster-Holiday-Too Much Heaven-Heartbreaker-Islands In The Stream-Run To Me-World (live)/Spicks And Specks (live)

312 523 752-2 - The Very Best of Cream - Cream [1995] Wrapping Paper (S)/I Feel Free (S)/N.S.U. (S)/Sweet Wine (S)/I'm So Glad (M)/Spoonful (S)/Strange Brew (S)/Sunshine Of Your Love (S)/Tales Of Brave Ulysses (S)/Swlabr (S)/We're Going Wrong (S)/White Room (S)/Sitting On Top Of The World (S)/Politician (S)/Those Were The Days (S)/Born Under A Bad Sign (S)/Deserted Cities Of The Heart (S)/Crossroads (S)/Anyone For Tennis (S)/Badge (S)

314 527 116-2 - The Cream of Clapton - Eric Clapton [1995] I Feel Free [Cream]/Sunshine Of Your Love [Cream]/White Room [Cream]/Crossroads [Cream]/Badge [Cream]/Presence Of The Lord [Blind Faith]/Blues Power/After Midnight/Let It Rain/Bell Bottom Blues [Derek & Dominoes]/Layla [Derek & Dominoes]/I Shot The Sheriff/Let It Grow/Knockin' On Heaven's Door/Hello Old Friend/Cocaine/Wonderful Tonight/Promises/I Can't Stand It

314 539 000-2 - Those Were the Days - Cream [1997] This one looks like they've made a box set out of the LP Disreili Gears, but they've just used the same drawing for the cover. Nice liner notes. Disc 1 (79:10, studio): Wrapping Paper (S)/I Feel Free (S)/N.S.U. (S)/Sleepy Time Time (S)/Dreaming (S)/Sweet Wine (S)/Spoonful (S)/Cat's Squirrel (S)/Four Until Late (S)/Rollin' And Tumblin' (S)/I'm So Glad (M)/Toad (S)/Lawdy Mama (alternate version) (S)/Strange Brew (S)/Sunshine Of Your Love (S, LP length)/World Of Pain (S)/Dance The Night Away (S)/Blue Condition (S)/Tales Of Brave Ulysses (S)/Swlabr (S)/We're Going Wrong (S)/Outside Woman Blues (S)/Take It Back (S)/Mother's Lament (S); Disc 2 (79:13, studio): White Room (S)/Sitting On Top Of The World (S)/Passing The Time (S, alternate version)/As You Said (S)/Pressed Rat And Warthog (S)/Politician (S)/Those Were The Days (S)/Born Under A Bad Sign (S)/Deserted Cities Of The Heart (S)/Anyone For Tennis (S)/Badge (S)/Doing That Scrapyard Thing (S)/What A Bringdown (S)/The Coffee Song (S)/Lawdy Mama (S)/You Make Me Feel (M, demo)/We're Going Wrong (M, demo)/Hey Now Princess (M, demo)/Swlabr (M, demo)/Weird Of Hermiston (M, demo)/The Clearout (M, demo)/Falstaff Beer Commercial (M); Disc 3 (74:17, Live, recorded March, 1968, San Francisco): N.S.U. (S)/Sleepy Time Time (S)/Rollin' And Tumblin' (S)/Crossroads (S)/Spoonful (S)/Tales Of Brave Ulysses (S)/Sunshine Of Your Love (S)/Sweet Wine (S); Disc 4 (73:08, Live): White Room (S, rec. 10-68, Oakland)/Politician (S, rec. 10-68, Oakland)/I'm So Glad (S, re. 10-68, LA)/Sitting On Top Of The World (S, rec. 10-68, LA)/Stepping Out (S, rec. 3-68, SF)/Train Time (S, rec. 3-68, SF)/Toad (S, rec. 3-68, SF)/Deserted Cities Of The Heart (S, rec. 10-68, Oakland)/Sunshine Of Your Love (M, rec. 5-68, LA CBS Studio for Glen Campbell Show)

314 589 400-2 - Their Greatest Hits: The Record - Bee Gees [2001] (2-CD set) Disc 1 (71:31): New York Mining Disaster 1941 (S)/To Love Somebody (S)/Holiday (S)/Massachusetts (S)/World (S)/Words (S)/I've Gotta Get A Message To You (S)/I Started A Joke (S)/First Of May (S)/Saved By The Bell (S)/Don't Forget To Remember (S)/Lonely Days (S)/How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (S)/Run To Me (S)/Jive Talkin' (S)/Nights On Broadway (S)/Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) (S)/Love So Right (S)/If I Can't Have You (S)/Love Me (S)/You Should Be Dancing (S); Disc 2 (78:54): Stayin' Alive (S)/How Deep Is Your Love (S)/Night Fever (S)/More Than A Woman (S)/Emotion (S)/Too Much Heaven (S)/Tragedy (S)/Love You Inside Out (S)/Guilty [Barry Gibb & Barbra Streisand] (S)/Heartbreaker (S)/Islands In The Stream (S)/You Win Again (S)/One (S)/Secret Love (S)/For Whom The Bell Tolls (S)/Alone (S)/Immortality (S)/This Is Where I Came In (S)/Spicks & Specks (M)

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