Forum/Forum Circle Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 8, 2010

The Forum label was an early-to-mid 1960s budget reissue label, usually marketed in grocery store racks and similar non-record store outlets. Although we believe that Forum was always either a division of Roulette or not far out of their control, there are several different attributions on the various Forum labels, and there seem to be three distinct phases through which the label went.

The 16000 series seems to be the earliest of the issues, probably dating about 1960. The stereo label was black with gold print, the forum logo above the center hole. The attribution curving around the top of the label said, "Forum Records/A Division of Roulette Records, Inc." The Forum logo on the front cover also incorporates "A Division of Roulette Records, Inc." into the logo. There was apparently an attempt to compile new albums for budget release in the 16000 series, as indicated by the Playmates release [SF-16001] and Jimmie Rodgers' Just for You album [SF-16004], which included some songs in stereo not available before its issue. The 16000 series apparently didn't last long.

The 9000 series was next, probably 1961-63, and was largely a vehicle for straight budget-price reissues of the Roulette and Tico albums previously available. Almost all the 9000 series items were reissues, with very little in the way of studio work required to compile new albums. In fact, the stampers used for these issues were the same ones used for the original Roulette, Tico, or Forum 16000 series albums, as they had the original master numbers scratched into the trailoff grooves. The 9000 series label was maroon for mono and dark red for stereo (stereo jazz issues used a royal blue label with silver print), and some stated, "Forum Records/A Division of Jaymo Products Inc." around the top of the label. All mention of Roulette was removed, including on the cover logos. We assume Jaymo Products was owned by Roulette.

In the third phase, in 1964, the label name was changed to Forum Circle, although the change in the logo was minor and it was obviously the same label. On the Forum Circle records, the notation of the jacket and label states, "Mfg. by Connoisseur Record Corp., 160 Passaic Avenue, Kearny, New Jersey." The label colors changed to yellow for stereo and light blue for mono.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

16000 Series:

F/SF-16001 - The Playmates Visit West of the Indies - Playmates [1960]

F/SF-16002 -

F/SF-16003 -

F/SF-16004 - Just for You - Jimmie Rodgers [1960] (T.L.C.) Tender Love And Care (S)/Soldier Boy (S)/Go Down Moses (S)/The Night You Became Seventeen (S)/Standin' In The Need Of Prayer (S)/Shennandoah (S)//Joshua Fit The Battle O' Jericho (S)/Wonderful You (S)/Liza (E)/Ring-A-Ling-A-Lario (S)/Water Boy (E)/Just A Wearyin' For You (S)

9000 Series:

F/SF-9001 - A Demonstration of Dynamic Stereo - Various Artists Reissue of Roulette SR-100.

F/SF-9002 - Barrelhouse - Moe Wechsler Reissue of Roulette R-25002.

F/SF-9003 - At the Embers - Dorothy Donegan Reissue of Roulette R-25010.

F/SF-9004 - Polka - Ted Tyle & His Polka Champions Reissue of Roulette R-25011.

F/SF-9005 - Songs My Mother Loved - Milton Berle Reissue of Roulette R-25018.

F/SF-9006 - Pajama Party - Various Artists Reissue of Roulette R-25021. Little White Lies - Frankie Lymon & Teenagers (E)/I Want To Know - Heartbeats (E)/See You Next Year - Cleftones (E)/Move Over - Jimmy Wright Orchestra (E)/Crazy For You - Heartbeats (E)/Woo Woo Train - Valentines (E)//Since We Fell In Love - Cleftones (E)/Out In The Cold Again - Frankie Lymon & Teenagers (E)/String Around My Heart - Cleftones (E)/Don't Say Goodnight - Valentines (E)/2:20 AM - Jimmy Wright Orchestra (E)/A Thousand Miles Away - Heartbeats (E)

F/SF-9007 - Accordion in Hi-Fi - Jo Ann Castle Reissue of Roulette R-25022.

F/SF-9008 - Musical Themes of Hollywood, U.S.A. - Jack Shaindlin & Symphony of the Air Reissue of Roulette R-25023.

F/SF-9009 - Let's Dance with Tony Pastor - Tony Pastor Reissue of Roulette SR-25024.

F/SF-9010 - Oriental Delight - Hank Mardigan Sextet Reissue of Roulette SR-25032.

F/SF-9011 - Dixieland at Carnegie Hall - Various Artists Reissue of Roulette SR-25038.

F/SF-9012 - At Play with the Playmates - Playmates Reissue of Roulette R-25043. Jo-Ann/Your Love/Darling It's Wonderful/Substitute For Love/Magic Shoes/When The Record Goes Around//Beep Beep/The Day I Died/Give Me Another Chance/Lovable/Intimate/Don't Go Home

F/SF-9013 - At Harvest Moon Ball - Noro Morales & Orchestra Reissue of Roulette SR-25045.

F/SF-9014 - Steve Allen at the Roundtable - Steve Allen Reissue of Roulette SR-25053.

F/SF-9015 - Hello Nice People - Henry Jerome & Orchestra Reissue of Roulette SR-25056.

F/SF-9016 - Woody Herman Sextet at the Roundtable - Woody Herman Reissue of Roulette SR- 25067.

F/SF-9017 - Turk Murphy at the Roundtable - Turk Murphy Reissue of Roulette SR-25076.

F/SF-9018 - It Seems Like Only Yesterday - Hal McIntyre Reissue of Roulette SR-25079.

F/SF-9019 - Dixieland at the Roundtable - Salt City Six Reissue of Roulette SR-25080.

F/SF-9020 - On the Sunny Side - Julius LaRosa Reissue of Roulette SR-25083.

F/SF-9021 - Broadway Show Stoppers - Playmates Reissue of Roulette SR-25084.

F/SF-9022 - Go Ahead and Rock - Buddy & Ella Johnson Reissue of Roulette SR-25085.

F/SF-9023 - The Happy Organ of Bob Wyatt - Bob Wyatt Reissue of Roulette SR-25087.

F/SF-9024 - Pearl Bailey Sings Porgy & Bess - Pearl Bailey Reissue of Roulette SR-25063.

F/SF-9025 - At Home with Jimmie Rodgers - Jimmie Rodgers Reissue of Roulette SR-25128.

F/SF-9026 - Italy Revisited - DiMara Sisters Reissue of Roulette SR-25028.

F/SF-9027 - Once More with Feeling - Billy Eckstine Reissue of Roulette SR-25104.

F/SF-9028 - Curtain Going Up - Dukes of Dixieland Reissue of Roulette SR-25029.

F/SF-9029 - Sing Along with Emmett Kelly - Emmett Kelly Reissue of Roulette SR-25130.

F/SF-9030 - Jeri Southern Meets Johnny Smith - Jeri Southern & Johnny Smith Reissue of Roulette SR-52016.

F/SF-9031 - Jazz Mission to Moscow - Mitchell-Ruff Duo Reissue of Roulette SR-52034.

F/SF-9032 - Kansas City Suite - Count Basie & Orchestra Reissue of Roulette SR-52056.

F/SF-9033 - That Kind of Woman - Joe Williams Reissue of Roulette SR-52039.

F/SF-9034 - Dreamy - Sarah Vaughan Reissue of Roulette SR-52046.

F/SF-9035 - Jazz for Dancing - Maynard Ferguson Reissue of Roulette SR-52038.

F/SF-9036 - Honeymoon in Acapulco - Ismael Diaz Reissue of Tico LP-1044.

F/SF-9037 - Senor Tito Rodriguez - Tito Rodriguez Reissue of Tico LP-1051.

F/SF-9038 - Mi Amigo, Machito - Machito & Orchestra Reissue of Tico LP-1053.

F/SF-9039 - Leroy Anderson in Latin America - Marco Rizo Reissue of Tico LP-1061.

F/SF-9040 - Irving Berlin in Latin America - Pete Terrace Reissue of Tico LP-1062.

F/SF-9041 - Cole Porter in Latin America - Pete Terrace Reissue of Tico LP-1063.

F/SF-9042 - That Latin Touch - Marco Rizo Reissue of Tico LP-1046.

F/SF-9043 - Asia Minor - Machito & Orchestra Reissue of Tico LP-1033.

F/SF-9044 - Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue/An American in Paris - Gershwin Orchestra

F/SF-9045 - West Side Story - West Side Story Orchestra

F/SF-9046 - Rimsky-Korsakov: Shaherazade - Orchestra

F/SF-9047 - An Evening at Radio City Music Hall - Various Artists

F/SF-9048 - The Roaring 20's - Bonnie Alden

F/SF-9049 - Just for You - Jimmie Rodgers Reissue of Forum SF-16004. (T.L.C.) Tender Love And Care (S)/Soldier Boy (S)/Go Down Moses (S)/The Night You Became Seventeen (S)/Standin' In The Need Of Prayer (S)/Shennandoah (S)//Joshua Fit The Battle O' Jericho (S)/Wonderful You (S)/Liza (E)/Ring-A-Ling-A- Lario (S)/Water Boy (E)/Just A Wearyin' For You (S)

F/SF-9050 - Let's Dance - Johnny Long & His Orchestra

F/SF-9051 - Cha Cha Cha Carnival - Various Artists

F/SF-9052 - Hawaii - William Kealoha & His Orchestra

F/SF-9053 - Memories of Hal Kemp - Henry Jerome & Orchestra Reissue of Roulette R-25007.

F/SF-9054 - Show Girl (Original Cast) - Carol Channing Reissue of Roulette SR-80001.

F/SF-9055 - Italia con Pier Angeli - Pier Angeli Reissue of Roulette SR-25051.

F/SF-9056 - Lullabies of Birdland - Various Artists [1963] Little Pony - Count Basie/Ain't No Use - Joe Williams (vocal)/Lullaby Of Birdland - Woody Herman/Perdido - Sarah Vaughan (vocal)/My Dear Little Sweetheart - Johnny Smith/Bongo Bop - Charlie Parker//Where's Teddy? - Maynard Ferguson/Tickle Toes - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross/I Apologize - Billy Eckstine/Dizzy Atmosphere - Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker/Flying Home - Art Tatum/Scrapple From The Apple - Charlie Parker with Miles Davis & JJ Johnson

F/SF-9057 - 12 Million Sellers - Various Artists [1963] Hey Let's Twist - Joey Dee & Starliters (S)/Jo-Ann - Playmates (E)/Goody Goody - Frankie Lymon (E)/Mary Lou - Ronnie Hawkins (E)/Priscilla - Eddie Cooley (E)/Barbara Ann - Regents (E)//Oh Oh I'm Falling In Love Again - Jimmie Rodgers (E)/First Anniversary - Cathy Carr (E)/Hula Love - Buddy Knox (E)/Heart And Soul - Cleftones (S)/Crazy For You - Heartbeats (E)/Woo- Hoo - Rock-A-Teens (E)

F/SF-9060 - Basie One More Time: Music from the Pen of Quincy Jones - Count Basie & His Orchestra [1963] Reissue of Roulette R-52024. For Lena and Lennie/Rat Race/Quince/Meet B B/The Big Walk//A Square at the Roundtable/I Needs to Be Bee'd With/Jessica's Day/The Midnite Sun Never Sets/Muttnik

F/SF-9063 - Not Now, I'll Tell You When - Count Basie & His Orchestra [1963]

SF-9071 - Coffee, Cigarettes, and Memories - Jeri Southern [1963] Reissue of Roulette R-25039.

Label Name Changes to Forum Circle:

FC/FCS-9080 - Themes from Hollywood's Greatest Motion Pictures - Symphony of the Air (Jack Shaindlin, Conductor) [1964]

FC/FCS-9083 - The Big Sound of Red Prysock - Red Prysock [1964] Another You/Flamingo/Castle Rock//Locomotion/Jive Five/Monkey Business/Second Time Around

FC/FCS-9085 - Sarah Vaughan/Joe Williams/Billy Ecstine - Sarah Vaughan/Joe Williams/Billy Ecstine [1964]

FC/FCS-9090 - Latin Festival - Noro Morales & His Orchestra [1964] Shine On Harvest Moon/Mucho Dinero/Come To The Mardi Gras/La Cumparsita/Spring Beautiful Spring/Vilia//My Hero/Ven/Morena/No Agite/A Los Muchashos/Mr. Ghost Goes To Town

FC/FCS-9093 - Sarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan [1964] Hands Across The Table/I'll Be Seeing You/Star Eyes/You've Changed/Trees//Why Was I Born/My Ideal/Stormy Weather/Moon Over Miami/Dreamy

FC/FCS-9094 - Dixieland at Carnegie Hall - Jimmie McPartland & Wild Bill Davison [1964] Musicians include: Jimmy McPartland, Zutty Singleton, Mosey Mole, Pee Wee Russel, Dick Cary, Vic Dickenson, Al Hall, George Wettling, Elmer Mousy Alexander, Bud Freeman, Joe Barufaldi, Cozy Cole, Tony Parenti, Ricky Nelson, Tyree Glenn, Gene Schroeder, Buzzy Drootin, Bob Wilbur, Phil Failla, Tommy Potter, and Sammy Price. Royal Garden Blues/Basin Street Blues/Clarinet Challenge - Tin Roof Blues/High Society/When The Saints Go Marching In/Trombone Cavalcade: Rosetta/The Sidewalks Of New York/Riverboat Shuffle/Drums Vs Vibes/That's A Plenty

FC/FCS-9099 - Joey Dee and the Starliters - Joey Dee & Starliters [1964] Peppermint Twist/Rolly Poly/I Wanna/Starlight Special/Cyclone//Joey's Blues/Walkin' In The Rain/Wing Ding/Let's Have A Party/Crazy Love

FC/FCS-9100 -

FC/FCS-9101 -

FC/FCS-9102 - At the Hop With... - Various Artists [1964] Never Let Go - Chantels (E)/At The Prom - Flamingos (E)/River Path - Little Anthony & Imperials (E)/Rockin' MacDonald - Isley Bros. (E)/The Drag - Isley Bros. (E)//Chapel Of Dreams - Dubs (E)/I Wanna Know - Isley Bros. (E)/I'll Shed A Tear At Your Wedding - Flamingos (E)/Song In My Heart - Dubs (E)/I'm Still In Love With You - Little Anthony & Imperials (E)

FC/FCS-9103 - 12 Million Sellers, Vol. II - Various Artists [1964] Muttnik - Count Basie (S)/Peppermint Twist - Joey Dee & Starliters (S, not the hit version)/Joshua Fit The Battle O' Jericho - Jimmie Rodgers (S)/Get Me To The Church On Time - Playmates (S)/I'm Confessin' - Chantels (E)/Tears On My Pillow - Little Anthony & Imperials (E)//Down By The Riverside - Bill Haley & Comets (S)/A Sunday Kind Of Love - Regents (S)/I'll Never Smile Again - Little Anthony & Imperials (E)/Wait A Minute - Jo Ann Campbell (E)/At The Prom - Flamingos (E)/My Love - Isley Bros. (E)

FC/FCS-9104 - The Chantels Sing Their Favorites - Chantels [1964]

FC/FCS-9108 - Casey Anderson Sings Folk Songs - Casey Anderson & His Guitar [1965] With Art Ryerson (guitar and banjo) and Sandy Block (bass), Phil Krauss & Bunny Shawker (drums). The Gallows Pole/The Roving Gambler/Smooth As The Sea/Ox-Driving Song/Poor Boy//The Midnight Special/Draper Prison/Sylvie/Muleskinner Blues/Santy Anno

FC/FCS-9109 - Sarah Vaughan Sings - Sarah Vaughan [1966]

7G-100 Series:

7G-106 - Johnny Bud and His Polka Dots - Johnny Bud & Polka Dots [19??] Yellow/orange label, black or green print. Play A Polka/Sax Polka/Piano Polka/Polip Oberek/Don't Cry Irene Polka/Blue Valse//Finger Polka/Harriet Polka/Starlight Polka/Jersey City Oberek/Mardi Gras Polka/Pacific Oberek

Thanks to Lars Larsen, Larry Koch, Val Gauen, Nathan Laney, Bob Usher, Irene Channell, Juha Jaakola, Dave Rzurick, Vincent Massard, Cathy Buehler, James Bookstaver, Tom Berger, Dave Deggeller, Jerry Gibbons, and Matthew Zagar.

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