Wyncote Label Album Discography
by Mike Callahan, Steve Klein, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 6, 2013

In 1964, Cameo-Parkway started Wyncote, a budget label subsidiary named for a Philadelphia suburb, to reissue their large back catalog. The product on Wyncote was very typical of budget label of the 1960s. Record jackets were inexpensively made and tended toward falling apart easily, there was no inner paper or plastic sleeves for the albums, and there were usually only nine or ten tracks on each album. Many times the artists names weren't even given. Far worse, though, was the substandard vinyl pressings which were noisy and had many bumps. The vinyl on some of the early Wyncote albums could only be described as pathetic, with blisters, peels and bumps abounding. After the first few issues, they settled down to a vinyl quality that was passable, but not much more.

Also typical of budget labels was the annoying habit of using deceptive names or record jackets to fool a casual record buyer into thinking they were buying a better-known product. Thus we got the Mexican Brass doing hits by the Tijuana Brass, an album with "Beatlemania!" across the front in big letters which actually had tunes by a group called the Liverpools, and an unnamed band (actually, the Chimps) doing Monkees songs. Probably the worst offense in this regard (and they must have thought they were being soooo clever) was the takeoff on the very popular album Bach's Greatest Hits, which had been out a couple of years earlier by the Swingle Singers. Wyncote SW-9088 was Bach's Biggest Hits by the Single Swingers! Sheesh!

Another budget-label trick Wyncote used extensively was using the same tracks over and over as filler. Preferably, these were public domain songs or tunes for which they had control of the publishing. Several albums in this discography differ only by a couple of tracks.

The first Wyncote albums were released in early 1964, and continued with more than 200 albums issued by the time Cameo-Parkway stopped in 1967. The first Wyncote label, used for most of 1964, was a copy of the early Parkway label, with the label name changed. Like the Parkway label, it was orange with black print, with the label name in a "jumble" of block letters at the top. On either side of the album title, like the Parkway label, was a logo with a lyre and crossed horns in front of a music book.

The second Wyncote label, introduced in November, 1964, and used for more than half the issues, was the same design as the first label, but the colors were changed to red with black print and there was a white rectangle around each letter in the label name. Sometime about 1966, the label was simplified to a red label with black print, using the same design but without the white blocks around the label name, and without the lyre/horn logos. Near the end of the label's existence in 1967, a third label was used, again red with black print, but using "wyncote" as four sides of a rectangle at the top of the label. Reissues of earlier albums may be found with the later style labels. The release dates given in the discography below are approximate near the changing of years. Since Cameo-Parkway products often put the mastering date very lightly in the trailoff wax, these mastering dates are provided when known.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Wyncote 9000 Series:

W/SW-9001 - Beatle Mania! in the U.S.A. - Liverpools [1964] Mastered 1/26/64 - they wasted no time. She Loves You/Be My Girl/I Want to Hold Your Hand/Hey Quiet Down There/Did You Ever Get My Letter//I Saw Her Standing There/Never Mind/Please Please Me/Chuck's Monster/Whenever I'm Feelin Low

W/SW-9002 - Romantic Spain - Wyncote Orchestra [Carlos Zapater Orchestra] [1964] Espana/The Maids Of Cadiz/Chiapanecas//Malaguena/La Guapa/A Media Luz

W/SW-9003 - Roman Holiday - Carlo Monti & Casa Roma Orchestra [1964] Summertime In Venice/Sorrento/Torero/O Sole Mio/Mattinata//La Strada/Funiculi Funicula/Vieni Sul Mar/Anema E Core/Serenade

W/SW-9004 - Concert for Organ - William Whitehead [1964] Toccata & Fugue In D Minor/Trumpet Voluntary/Clair De Lune//Prelude And Fugue In A Minor/Four Chorale Preludes From The Orgelbuchlein: Ich Rue Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ-Es Ist Das Heil Uns Kommen Heir-Christ Lag In Todesbanden...Alleluia!-Wer Nur Den Lieben Gott Lasst Walten

W/SW-9005 - Fascination - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1964] Fascination/La Strada/Summer Day/Peanut Vendor/Swedish Rhapsody//If You Love Me (Really Love Me)/Summertime In Venice/Habanera/A Media Luz/La Guapa

W/SW-9006 - Hawaiian Holiday - Kaiwaza [1964] Hawaiian Holiday/Beyond The Reef/Bird Of Paradise/Sea Breeze/Hibiscus Blossom//Song Of The Islands/Voodoo Moon/Wild/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Lilac And Spanish Moss

W/SW-9007 - Top Ten Hits by Original Artists - Various Artists [1964] Mastered 2/21/64; remastered 5/7/64. Dance The Mess Around - Chubby Checker (E)/Wild One - Bobby Rydell (E)/Ride - Dee Dee Sharp (E)/Do The New Continental - Dovells (E)/Don't Hang Up - Orlons (E)//Hully Gully Baby - Dovells (E)/Gravy - Dee Dee Sharp (E)/Wah-Watusi - Orlons (E)/Cha-Cha-Cha - Bobby Rydell (E)/Popeye - Chubby Checker (E)

W/SW-9008 - Oldies - Various Artists [1964] Butterfly - Charlie Gracie (E)/Open The Door Richard - Melvin Smith (E)/You're The Greatest - Billy Scott (E)/Back To School Again - Timmie Rodgers (E)/Rocka Conga - Applejacks (E)//Mexican Hat Rock - Applejacks (E)/Remember You're Mine - Ray Vernon (E)/Dinner With Drac - John Zacherle (E)/Fabulous - Charlie Gracie (E)/Nine More Miles - Georgie Young (E)

W/SW-9009 - Theme Music from "Tom Jones," "Charade," and the "Pink Panther" - Wyncote Orchestra [1964] Charade/Tom Jones//Pink Panther/Theme From The Young Ones

W/SW-9010 - Folk Favorites - Various Artists [1964] The Hammer Song (If I Had A Hammer) - Villagers/The Cotton Song (Cotton Fields) - Villagers/Loddy Lo - Villagers/Five Hundred Miles - Villagers/This Land Is Your Land - Villagers//Shenandoah - Three Young Men From Montana/I Know Where I'm Goin' - Raun MacKinnon/Bill Bailey - Three Young Men From Montana/Pretty Polly - Raun MacKinnon/College Life - Three Young Men From Montana

W/SW-9011 - Dragsville - Woofers [1964] Mastered 2/28/64. Drag City (S)/Hot Rod Races (S)/Mister Hot Rod (S)/Wailin' Wheels (S)/Ridin' The Rails (S)//Little Deuce Coupe (S)/Bench Racer (S)/Dragster On The Prowl (S)/Cool Bash (S)/Down By The Draggin' Strip (S)

W/SW-9012 - Golden Hits - Various Artists [1964] Mastered January 9, 1964; remastered June 6, 1964. We Got Love - Bobby Rydell (E)/Crossfire - Orlons (E)/Let's Limbo Some More - Chubby Checker (E)/Betty In Bermudas - Dovells (E)/Do The Bird - Dee Dee Sharp (E)//Slow Twistin' - Chubby Checker [with Dee Dee Sharp] (E)/Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love - Dee Dee Sharp (E)/Dingaling - Bobby Rydell (E)/Wildwood Days - Dovells (E)/Mother Please - Jo Ann Campbell (E)

W/SW-9013 - Java - Jim Collier [1964] Java/When Your Baby Is Gone/View From My Window/Miss Daisy De Lite/Happiness Is A Thing Called Fun//Honey In The Horn/Anymore/One Little Kiss/Chills/Get It Movin'

W/SW-9014 - The International Pop Orchestra visits The World's Fair - International Pop Orchestra [1964] Danny Boy/Colonel Bogey/Paris Moods/Song Of Italy/Medley//Hava Nagila/London, Paris I Athena/China Night/Caribbean Holiday/Home On The Range.

W/SW-9015 - Theme Music from "The Carpetbaggers" - Wyncote Orchestra & Chorus [1964] The Carpetbaggers Theme 1/The Carpetbaggers Theme 2/Bird Of Paradise/Call Me Irresponsible/We'll Meet Again/You're The Greatest/Call Me Irresponsible/We'll Meet Again/(others)

W/SW-9016 - Country Favorites - Various Artists [1964] Artists include George Jones, Claude Gray, Country Johnny Mathis, Jimmy & Johnny, Bill Mack, Margie Singleton, Cecil Bowman, Billy Western, Tony Douglas, and Leon Payne. Tracks: Don't Stop The Music/Leave Me Alone/Run Please Run/Keep Telling Me/Waiting For The River To Rise/I Want To Be Where You're Gonna Be/Lay Your Hoe Down/His And Hers/World In My Arms/Blue Side Of Lonesome

W/SW-9017 - Shangri-La - Jack Weigand [1964] Abridged reissue of Cameo C/SC-1012. Shangri-La/Way Beyond Today/Third Row Center/For Heaven's Sake/Street Scene//This Time I'm Sure/Stairway To The Stars/Yuppa Tuppa/One Little Kiss/Impossible Lovers

W/SW-9018 - Love Me with All Your Heart - Wyncote Singers [1964] Love Me With All Your Heart/Remember You're Mine/You're The Greatest/Groovy Baby/Will You Wait For Me//Let's Make Love Tonight/Impossible Lovers/Summer Day/Bird Of Paradise/View From My Window

W/SW-9019 - Songs from "Hello, Dolly!" and "Funny Girl" - Rudolph Statler Orchestra & Chorus [1964] Hello Dolly/Put On Your Sunday Clothes/Send Off//People/You Are Woman I Am Man/Yuppa Tuppa

W/SW-9020 - Soul of the East - Buddy Sarkissian & His Mecca Four with Fred Elias [1964] Abridged reissue of Cameo C-1023. Mecca Interlude/Tempo Of The Veils/Laurentien Dreams/Drumselero/Chifti Sands//Turkish Nightmare/Desert Moods/Caribbean Holiday/6-8 Delight/Moorish Echoes

W/SW-9021 - The International Pop Orchestra Plays For Lovers Only - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1964] Fascination/Tulips/If You Love Me/Do You Love Me/Serenade//Lost Moments/Lago D'Amore/All The Time/I Only Know I Love You/O Sole Mio

W/SW-9022 - German Favorites - Rhinelanders [1964] Bye Bye Baby Polka/Haus Hamer Platter/Too Fat Polka/Oh Suzanna/Im Krug zam Grunen Kranze/Studio Auf Einer Reis'/Mein Vater Ward Ein Wandersmann/Horcm was Kommt Von Draussen Rein/Under The Double Eagle/Hopfenzuper Polka/Schnitzelbank/Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen/Ach Du Lieber Augustin/Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Doggie Gone/Hohe Tannen

W/SW-9023 - Maynard Ferguson - Maynard Ferguson [1964] Compilation from Cameo C/CS-1046 and Cameo C/CS-1066. Bossa Nova De Funk/Danny Boy/New Hope//At The Sound Of The Trumpet/Country Boy/Maine Bone

W/SW-9024 - Let's Polka - John Koleski [1964] Krakowska Polka/Too Fat Polka/Ice Cubes & Beer/Finger Polka/Medley//Bye Bye Baby Polka/Haus Hamer Platter/Money Money Polka/Hopfenzuper Polka/Oh Suzannah

W/SW-9025 - Noro Morales Plays Latin Favorites - Noro Morales [1964] La Violetera/Tropical Breeze/Come Back To Sorrento/Adios Muchachos/White Orchids//El Choclo/La Cucaracha/Que Me Dajas/Capi's Mambo/La Paloma

W/SW-9026 - The Organ of the Philadelphia Academy of Music - William Whitehead [1964] Serenade/Love's Old Sweet Song/Traumerei/Greensleeves/Air On The G String//Deep River/Finlandia/Trumpet Voluntary/Beautiful Dreamer/Clair De Lune

W/SW-9027 - Dancin' Hits - Various Artists [1964] Dancin' Party - Chubby Checker/Hully Gully Baby - Dovells/South Street - Orlons/Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp/Stop Monkeying Around - Dovells//The Cha Cha Cha - Bobby Rydell/Wah-Watusi - Orlons/Bristol Stomp - Dovells/Baby, Do The Froog - Orlons/The Twist - Chubby Checker

W/SW-9028 - The Girl from Ipanema - Jimmy Davis & Norma Lee [1964] Jimmy Davis plays sax and Norma Lee sings. The Girl From Ipanema/Bossa Nova, It's The Thing/Way Beyond Today/Somewhere/One Note Samba//Jasmine/Five To Four/Astrud/Spanish Jazz/Blues For Bill

W/SW-9029 - All the Hits with the Stars - [1964] So Much In Love - Tymes/Wildwood Days - Bobby Rydell/The Fly - Chubby Checker/Wild - Dee Dee Sharp/Let's Twist Again - Chubby Checker/Don't Throw Your Love Away - Orlons/Butterfly Baby - Bobby Rydell/Stompin' Everywhere - Dovells/I'm Sorry Pillow - Lee Andrews/South Pacific Twist - Rocky Fellers

W/SW-9030 - It's Halftime, U.S.A. - International Collegiates [1964] Stars And Stripes Forever/The Thunderer/Washington Post March/El Capitan/Semper Fidelis//Yale Boola/Hands Across The Sea/The Victors/Manhattan Beach/Caissons/Marines Hymn

W/SW-9031 - Jazz Festival - Various Artists [1964] Bossa Nove De Funk - Maynard Ferguson/Rollin' - Rufus Jones/Sid's Mark - Clark Terry/Just About That Time - Rufus Jones//Tread Ye Lightly - Clark Terry/Sidney's Soliloquoy - Teddy Wilson/Danny Boy - Maynard Ferguson/Aluminum Baby - Rufus Jones

W/SW-9032 - Country Favorites - Jimmy Dean/Stoneman Family [1964] You Little Devil - Jimmy Dean/I'll Always Love You - Jimmy Dean/Release Me - Jimmy Dean/I'm Feeling For You - Jimmy Dean/Sugar-Coated Sweetheart - Jimmy Dean//Bill Bailey - Stoneman Family/Wine Bottom Blues - Stoneman Family/Daddy Stay Home - Stoneman Family/Little Tim - Stoneman Family/Bluegrass Breakdown - Stoneman Family

W/SW-9033 - Songs from "Golden Boy" & "Ben Franklin in Paris" - Wyncote Orchestra & Chorus [1964] Lorna's Here/Night Song//How Laughable It Is/Look For Small Pleasures

W/SW-9034 - Hawaiian Paradise - Hawaiian Islanders [1964] My Little Grass Shack/Island Song/Hawaiian War Chant/Hawaiian Serenade/Hibiscus Blossom//Sweet Lelani/Mood Hawaiian/Hawaiian Holiday/Lost Love/Stars Over Hawaii

W/SW-9035 - Everybody Loves Somebody - Cheltenham Singers [1964] Everybody Loves Somebody/Will You Wait For Me/Does He Really Love Me/For You/Let's Make Love Tonight//All I Want Is You/Bird Of Paradise/Summer Day/Danny Boy/View From My Window

W/SW-9036 - Java, Cotton Candy, Sugar Lips, and other Favorites - Jim Collier [1964] Cotton Candy/Sugar Lips/A Farewell/Chills/Little Quickie//Java/When Your Baby Is Gone/View From My Window/Whenever I'm Feeling Low/Go Tell My Baby

W/SW-9037 - A Hard Day's Night, and Others - Four Chipmunks [1964] Originally issued by the Four Chipmunks with the cover at left; later changed to the Wyncote Squirrels with the cover at right. A Hard Day's Night/All My Loving/Never Mind/And I Love Her/Did You Ever Get My Letter//She Loves You/I Should Have Known Better/Be My Girl/Hey, Quiet Down There/Whenever I'm Feeling Low

W/SW-9038 - Songs from "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," "The Night of the Iguana," & "Robin and the Seven Hoods" - Wyncote Orchestra [1964] The Unsinkable Molly Brown/Robin And The Seven Hoods/The Night Of The Iguana/My Fair Lady

W/SW-9039 - El Toreador - Tino Moreno Band [1964] El Gato Montes/Rafael Lorente/Manolette/El Entrado/Gallito//Espana Cani/Opera Flamenco/Vito/En Er Mondo/Gitanello

W/SW-9040 - The International Pop Orchestra Plays Love Themes from the Classics - International Pop Orchestra [1964] Gondola Song/Solvieg's Song/Liebestraum/May Breezes/Romance//La Puchose/Adante Cantable/June Barcarole/Nocturne In E Flat/Plasir D'Amour

W/SW-9041 - Excerpts from the Great Masterpieces - Wyncote Symphony Orchestra [1964] Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 3/1812 Overture//Hungarian Dance No. 5/Brahms Movement No. 1

W/SW-9042 - Excerpts from the Great Masterpieces, Vol. 2 - Wyncote Symphony Orchestra [1964] Ravel's Bolero/New World Symphony//Grand Canyon Suite/Peer Gynt Suite

W/SW-9043 - C'Mon and Swim - Lifeguards [1964] C'mon And Swim/Coney Island Swim/Swimmin' Teacher/Swimmin' Party/Swimmin' USA//Slow Swim/Simon Says Swim/The Swim/Licorice Swim/The Swim Begins

W/SW-9044 - My Fair Lady - Dave Stephens & Hollywood Studio Orchestra & Chorus [1964] My Fair Lady/Wouldn't It Be Loverly/Get Me To The Church On Time

W/SW-9045 - Excerpts from the Great Masterpieces, Vol. 3 - Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra [1964] Carmen/Madame Butterfly//Snow Maiden Suite/Polonaise (Eugen Omegin)

W/SW-9046 - Henry Mancini Favorites - Rudolph Statler Orchestra & Chorus [1964] Charade/Boys Have Feelings Too//Days Of Wine And Roses/Moon River

W/SW-9047 - Tribute to Jim Reeves - Joe Reagan [1964] Am I Losing You/Mexican Joe/Gypsy Guitar/When I Marry You/Bonnie Eloise//Blue Boy/Four Walls/Lorena/My Pretty Quadroon/Tennessee Heartache

W/SW-9048 - Little Honda Featuring GTO - Scramblers [1964] Except for the first track on each side, this is the same album as Wyncote W/SW-9011 by the Woofers. Little Honda (S)/Hot Rod Races (S)/Mister Hot Rod (S)/Wailin' Wheels (S)/Ridin' The Rails (S)//G.T.O. (S)/Bench Racer (S)/Dragster On The Prowl (S)/Cool Bash (S)/Down By The Draggin' Strip (S)

W/SW-9049 - Songs from Mary Poppins - Cheltenham Orchestra & Chorus [1964] Chim Chim, Cheree/Jolly Holiday//A Spoonful Of Sugar/Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

W/SW-9050 - Monster Mash - John Zacherle [1964] Dinner With Drac, Part 1 (E)/The Bat (E)/Gravy (With Some Cyanide) (E)/Ha-Ha-Ha [new words to the background music to Bobby Rydell's "The Cha-Cha-Cha"] (E)/Hurry Bury Baby (E)/Let's Twist Again (Mummy Time Is Here) (E)/Monster Mash (E)/Pistol Stomp (E)/Popeye (The Gravedigger) (E)/Weird Watusi (E)

W/SW-9051 - All Time Favorite Love Songs with Twin Pianos & Organ - Keller & Constanze [1964] Our Melody Of Love/Second Love/Love's Rhapsody/Dance Of Love/My Love Song//Love For two/Love Me Tonight/Love Scene/Serenade Of Love/Love's Dream

W/SW-9052 - Discotheque - Dovells [1964] Dance The Froog (E)/The Jitterbug (E)/Stop Monkeying Around (E)/Bristol Stomp (E)/Time For The Madison (E)//Swimmin' U.S.A, (E)/Stompin' Everywhere (E)/Hully Gully Baby (E)/Betty In Bermudas (E)/Do The New Continental (E)/

W/SW-9053 - Shindig With the Stars - Various Artists [1964] Mastered November 14-16, 1964; remastered January 6, 1965 and May 14, 1965. Groovy Tonight - Bobby Rydell (E)/Bon Doo Wah - Orlons (E)/Where Did I Go Wrong - Dee Dee Sharp (E)/Sloppy Joe - Jo Ann Campbell (E)/Twenty Miles - Chubby Checker (E)//Loddy Lo - Chubby Checker (E)/Be My Girl - Dovells (E)/Childhood Sweetheart - Bobby Rydell (E)/Somewhere - Tymes (E)/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Dee Dee Sharp (E)

W/SW-9054 - All the Hits with All the Stars, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [1964] Mastered 11/6/64. Whip It Up Baby - Bobby Freeman/Come Dance With Me - Tokens [not the more famous Tokens, this was a doo-wop group who recorded for Gary Records in New york]/Day To Day - Johnny Cymbal/Summer Night - Chimes/Popeye Waddle - Don Covay//Out In The Cold Again - Frankie Lymon/Come On - Mystics/She's A Hippy - Bobby Freeman/Ninety Nine Ways - Charlie Gracie/Groovy Baby - Billy Abbott & the Jewels

W/SW-9055 - Ringo - Deputies [1964] Ringo/Darling Nellie Gray/Bonanza/Hi Ho/Bill Bailey//Big Bad John/Shenandoah/Auld Lang Syne/College Life/The Drummer And A Cook

W/SW-9056 - Organ of the Philadelphia Academy of Music, Vol. 2 - William Whitehead [1964] Mastered 11/16/64. Suite Medievale//Choral In A Minor/Prelude On Brother James' Air

W/SW-9057 - The Burlesque Show - Various Artists [1964] Single abridged version LP previously released as Cameo 2002. Introduction/The Widow//Buck-Fifty/Husband And Wife

W/SW-9058 - Walt Disney Favorites - (Unnamed Orchestra) [1964] This was done by one of the nameless, faceless, generic orchestras used by Cameo-Parkway. Elsewhere (see W/SW- 9189) this orchestra is listed as both the Hollywood Studio Orchestra and the Cheltenham Orchestra and Chorus. When You Wish Upon A Star/You Can Fly//Zip-A-Dee Do Dah/Someday My Prince Will Come

W/SW-9059 - Stardust - International Pop Orchestra [1964] Stardust/Roses Of Tyrol/Autumn Leaves/Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Sidewalks Of New York//Never On Sunday/Romance/Hello Muddah Hello Fadduh/Peg O My Heart/Sentimental Tango

W/SW-9060 - 30 All Time German Favorites - Rhinelanders [1964] Kein Schoner Land In Dieser Zeit/O Alte Burscherlichleit/Es Geht Ein Rundesanf/Alle Vogel Sind Schon Da/Ach Wie Ist's Moglich Dann/Trink Mer Nock Ein Trepfchen/Keinen Tropfen Im Becher Mehr/Bier Her Bier Her/Die Lorelei/O Du Wunderschoner Deutscher Rhein/Das Lieben Bringt Gross' Feud/Gold Und Silber/Das Lieben Bringt Gross' Feud/Eine Seefahrt Die Ist Lustig/Muss I Den/Mudel Ruch Ruck Ruck/Schwarzbraun Ist Die Haselnuss/Weisst Du Wievielsternlien Stehen/Guter Mond Du Gehst So Stille/Gutenabend Gutenacht/Haushamer Platter/Reit Im Winkl/Mein Hut Der Hat Drei Ecken/Im Krug Zam Grunen Kranze/Studio Aufiener Reis'/Horem Was Kommt Von Draussen Rein/O Du Leiber Augustin/Lustig Ist Zigeunerleben/Wanderlust/Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen

W/SW-9061 - The Hit Sounds From England - Liverpools [1964] The House Of The Rising Sun/Be My Girl/Don't Throw Your Love Away/Hey, Quiet Down There/Did You Ever Get My Letter//I Like It/Never Mind/She's Not There/Cuck's Monster/Whenever I'm Feelin' Low

W/SW-9062 - Excerpts from The Great Masterpieces, Volume 4 - Wyncote Symphony Orchestra [1964] Swan Lake//Shéhérazade

W/SW-9063 - Cole Porter Favorites - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1964] Begin The Beguine/Wunderbar//So In Love/Climb Up The Mountain

W/SW-9064 - Excerpts from the Great Masterpieces, Volume 5 - Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra [1964] Nutcracker Suite/William Tell Overture/Bohemian Dance Suite

W/SW-9065 - Foreign Film Festival - San Remo Orchestra [1964] More/8 1/2//La Strada/Never On A Sunday/Theme From A Starlet

W/SW-9066 - Hank Williams Sung By George McCormack - George McCormack [1964] Actual artist is Curley Williams. Wedding Bells/My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/Lovesick Blues/Bury Me Beneath The Willow/Red River Valley//Crazy Heart/Careless Love/Little Rosewood Casket/Can I Sleep In Your Barn/Letter Edged In Black

W/SW-9067 - Gospel Favorites with... - Various Artists [1964] Lead Me To That Rock - Sunshine Boys/Angel Band - Carl Story/Satisfied - Sunshine Boys/Where We'll Never Die - Stanley Brothers/A Satisfied Mind - Oak Ridge Quartet//Closer Walk With Thee - Wally Fowler/Beautiful Isle - Old Hickory Singers/When They Ring Those Golden Bells - Sunshine Boys/My God Is Real - Kirby Buchanan/Farther Along - Oak Ridge Quartet

W/SW-9068 - Country Music Favorites for Children - [artist unknown] [1964]

W/SW-9069 - Country Spectacular, Live From the Stage in Nashville - Jim Glaser Singers [1964] Blue Tail Fly/Little Brown Church In The Vale/Casey Jones/Billy Boy/Patsy Ory-Ory-Aye//Frankie And Johnny/Foggy, Foggy Dew/Barbara Allen/Drill Ye Terriers/Wayfaring Stranger

W/SW-9070 - Shindig with the Stars, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [1964] You're The One - Johnny Rivers/A Hole In The Ground - Johnny Rivers/Coma Si Bella - Four Seasons/Real (This Is Real) - Four Seasons/Harry Let's Marry - Maxine Brown/All In My Mind - Maxine Brown/Ring A Rock - Neil Sedaka/Fly Don't Fly On Me - Neil Sedaka/Wedding Bells - Paragons/Eeni-Minie Mo - Classics

W/SW-9071 - Richard Rogers Favorites - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1964] You'll Never Walk Alone/Oklahoma/Bali Hai/Getting To Know You

W/SW-9072 - 30 Folk Favorites - Chatton Singers [1964] Greensleeves/On Top Of Old Smokey/Bluetail Fly/Polly Waddle Doodle/Skip To My Lou/Take This Hammer/Pick A Bale Of Cotton/John Henry/Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair/Barbara Allen/Two Brothers/Red River Valley/The Streets Of Laredo/Old Paint/Tom Dooley//Johnson Boys/There Is A Tavern In The Town/Little Brown Jug/Every Night When The sun Goes Down/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/Goodnight Ladies/Blow The Man Down/Captain Kidd/Spanish Ladies/What Should We Do With The Drunken Sailor/Tramp- Tramp-Tramp/When Johnny Comes Marching Home/John Brown's Body/Wimoweh

W/SW-9073 - Music from "My Fair Lady," "Mary Poppins," and "The Sound of Music" - Rudolph Statler Orchestra & Chorus [1964]

W/SW-9074 - America - Cheltenham Orchestra & Chorus [1964] America The Beautiful/America/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Star Spangled Banner/Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean//Yankee Doodle/Dixie/Marine Hymn/When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Caissons Go Rolling Along

W/SW-9075 - Songs Made Famous by Joan Baez - Maura & Maria [1965] I Never Will Marry/Fare Thee Well/Lady Mary/Silver Dagger/Rake and Ramblin' Boy/House of the Rising Sun/John Riley/Pretty Boy Floyd/Little Moses/Gospel Ship

W/SW-9076 - The Sound of Music - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians with the Cheltenham Chorus [1965] The Sound Of Music/My Favorite Things//Do Re Mi/Climb Every Mountain

W/SW-9077 - Fiddlin' Country Style - Various Artists [1965] Bluegrass Banjo - Stanley Brothers/Bayou Melody - Tommy Hill/Mountaineer's Special - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers/Dobro Dolly - Ken Clark/Bluegrass Fiddler - Benny Martin//Orange Blossom Fiddle - Chubby Wise/Steel Guitar Stomp - Herbie Remington/The Double Eagle - Wayne Raney/Boogie On Guitar - Eddie Eddings/Westphalia Waltz - Tommy Hill

W/SW-9078 - Sacred Country Music - Various Artists [1965] Artists include Carl Story, the Stanley Brothers, Hylo Brown, the Sunshine Boys, the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Frankie Miller, the Phipps Family, and Sam & Kirk McGee

W/SW-9079 - All the Hits with All the Stars, Vol. 3 - Various Artists [1965] Rocking Chair Blues - Ray Charles/It's Alright - Jimmy McCracklin/Old Time Shuffle - Lloyd Glenn/Everyday I Have The Blues - Lowell Fulson/In The Clay - Charles Brown//Low Society Blues - Lowell Fulson/Love Song - Jessie Belvin/Alone In The City - Ray Charles/Blues For The People - Jimmy McCracklin/Guitar Shuffle - Lowell Fulson

W/SW-9080 - Hullabaloo with the Stars - Various Artists [1965] Mastered January 26, 1965. Hey Bobba Needle - Chubby Checker (E)/Lover Boy - Dee Dee Sharp (E)/The Third House - Bobby Rydell (E)/View From My Window - Tymes (E)/No No No - Dovells (E)//Let's Make Love Tonight - Bobby Rydell (E)/Cheat - Dovells (E)/Everything's Gonna Be All Right - Chubby Checker (E)/You'll Never Be Mine - Dee Dee Sharp (E)/Rules Of Love - Orlons (E)

W/SW-9081 - An Evening with John Gary - John Gary [1965] How Can My Heart Forget You/Little People/How Many Times Must We Say Goodbye/The Bell Rings/Forget It//Don't Cry/I Thought I Had You/In My Own Quiet Way/Where Did You Go Last Night/How Many Teardrops Must I Shed

W/SW-9082 - All Hits with All Stars, Vol. 4 - Various Artists [1965] Bumming Around - Jimmy Dean/Streets Of Glory - Merv Griffin/Dressin' Up - Charlie Gracie/Sweet Darlin' - Jimmy Dean/Sierra Nevada - Clint Eastwood//Does He Really Love Me - Peggy King/A Million Boys - Billy Scott/Dormir - Denise Darcel/Everyone But You - Skyliners/The Town Of Never Worry - Billy Scott

W/SW-9083 - Organ Fascination - Dave Stephens [1965] Hmmm. No double entendre here, right? Fascination/Dance Of The Hours/Two Guitars/Song Of India/Reflections//Beyond The Horizon/El Choclo/Northern Lights/Barcarolle/In Old Madrid

W/SW-9084 - Rhapsody in Blue/Slaughter on Tenth Avenue - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1965] Rhapsody In Blue/Slaughter On 10th Avenue//When Lights Are Low/The Shrine Of St. Cecilia

W/SW-9085 - 30 Guitar Favorites - Evelyn Scott [1965] Guitar Blues/Little Brown Jug/Nine Hundred Miles/Sweet Rosy O'Grady/Hall Of The Mountain King/Toyland/I've Got The World On A String/Funky/Blues In My Heart/others

W/SW-9086 - Songs from "Goldfinger" and other James Bond Favorites - Cheltenham Orchestra & Chorus [1965] Goldfinger/The James Bond Theme//From Russia with Love/Theme for Guitar/Fran/Chuck's Monster/Riff/Funky

W/SW-9087 - Hawaii Tattoo and Other Hawaiian Favorites - Hawaiian Islanders [1965] Hawaii Tattoo/Wild/Hawaiian Prominade/Hawaii Paradise/Lost Love//Aloha/Maoris Farewell/White Sands And Coconuts/Dark Dawn/Beautiful Girls And Sunshine

W/SW-9088 - Bach's Biggest Hits - Single Swingers [1965] No, this is not the Swingle Singers: look again. Prelude For Organ Choral No. 1/Aria (From The Suite In D Major)/Cannon/Bourree (From English Suite No. 2)//Fugue In D Major (From The Well Tempered Clavier-1st)/Sinfonia (From The Partita No. 2)/Largo (From The Harpsichord Concerto In F Minor)

W/SW-9089 - Al Hirt/The Dawn Busters - Al Hirt/Dawn Busters [1965] Mama Terrebonne - Al Hirt/Gotta Go - Al Hirt/Fee-Fo-Lay - Al Hirt/Pitter Patter - Al Hirt/Back To Bourbon Street - Al Hirt//Sonata Allegro - Dawn Busters/Ballad For Al - Dawn Busters/One Blind Mouse - Dawn Busters/Scherzo - Dawn Busters/Waltz In Jazz - Dawn Busters

W/SW-9090 - Lerner & Loewe Favorites - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1965] Gigi/I Could Have Danced All Night//On The Street Where You Live/The Rain In Spain

W/SW-9091 - The Greatest Story Ever Told - Cheltenham Orchestra [1965] The Greatest Story Ever Told//The Lord's Prayer/Onward Christian Soldiers/God Of Our Fathers/Panis Angelicus

W/SW-9092 - Songs from "Baker Street" - Rudolph Statler Orchestra & Chorus [1965] Married Man/I'd Do It Again//What A Night This Is Going To Be/Jewelry

W/SW-9093 - Red Roses for a Blue Lady/Fancy Pants - Jim Collier [1965] Fancy Pants/Miss Daisy Delight/Yeah Yeah/Happiness Is A Thing Called Fun/Anymore//Red Roses For A Blue Lady/One Little Kiss/Night Life/Go Tell My Baby/Soft Touch

W/SW-9094 - 30 Dance Hits - Shotguns [1965] Let's Twine/Everybody Jerk/Swimmin' USA/Baby Do The Froog/Stop Monkeyin' Around/Let's Limbo Some More/South Street/Gravy/Mashed Potato Time/Bristol Stomp/Slow Twistin'/Hully Gully Baby/Wah Watusi/Let's Twist Again/Dancin' Party//Popeye (The Hitchhiker)/The Cha Cha March/Ride/Hava Nagela/The Bossa Nova/Fishin'/Do The Freddie/Do The Cha/Mexican Hat Dance/Time For The Madison/The Fly/Hot Roddin'/The Jitterbug/Fast Twistin'/Dance-A-Long

W/SW-9095 - All the Hits with All the Stars, Vol. 5 - Various Artists [1965] Love's That Way - Brook Benton/Dreams Of Dreams - Brook Benton/The Girl I Love - Brook Benton/Misery - Lloyd Price/Come To Me - Lloyd Price//Please Love Me - Betty Everett/Your Love Is Important To Me - Betty Everett/Come On And Love Me - Chuck Jackson/Mr. Pride - Chuck Jackson/Ooh Baby - Chuck Jackson

W/SW-9096 - 30 Piano Favorites - Steve Davey [1965] Solitude/In A Sentimental Mood/Blue Tango/If It's True/Sweet Lorraine/Merry Widow/Sari/Waltz Of The Flowers/Waltz In Five-Four Time/Sleeping Beauty Waltz/Serenade/Ich Libe Dich/Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Shining Stars/Romeo And Juliet//Elegie-Massenet/Chopsticks/Liebestraum/Song Of India/Dancing Doll/Every Night When The Sun Goes Down/Down, Down, Down/Shenandoah/Paper Of Pins/Careless Love/Lonely Hours/Romance/Sunset Waltz/Arm In Arm/Lover's Paradise

W/SW-9097 - Ten Shades of Bluegrass - Lonesome Travelers [1965] The Old Cane Press/Nervous Breakdown/Let The Wheeling Go/Stir The Pudding/Bluegrass Fiddler//Darling Nellie Gray/I Don't Love Nobody/Fire In The Hearth/Auld Lang Syne/Five String Frolic

W/SW-9098 - More Mancini Favorites - Rudolph Statler Orchestra & Chorus [1965] Dear Heart/Breakfast At Tiffany's/Remember You're Mine//Peter Gunn/A Shot In The Dark/Groovy Baby/Danny Boy

W/SW-9099 - Chim Chim Cheree - Cheltenham Orchestra & Chorus [1965] Dear Heart/Hush My Sweet/My Kind Of Town/Call Me Irresponsible

W/SW-9100 - Hullabaloo With The Stars, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [1965] Pretty Betty - Impressions with Jerry Butler/Don't Be Afraid - Bobby Rydell/The Magic Of Our Summer Love - Tymes/Willyam, Willyam - Dee Dee Sharp/Dance The Froog - Dovells//Twistin' U.S.A. - Chubby Checker/Mr. Fix-It Man - JoAnn Campbell/Listen - The Impressions with Jerry Butler/Ride - Orlons/Ain't That Silly - Don Covay

W/SW-9101 - Theme From Candy and Other Sweets - Wyncote Orchestra [1965] Candy/Theme From Moll Flanders/Kitten//Theme From Fanny Hill/Amber/Young Lovers

W/SW-9102 - George Gershwin Favorites - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1965] An American In Paris//Summertime/Rhapsody In Blue/The Man I Love

W/SW-9103 - Cast Your Fate to the Wind - Jimmy Wisner Orchestra [1965] This album clearly illustrates that when it came to deception, nothing was beneath them, even ripping off their own albums! The hit version of "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" by the Sounds Orchestral was originally on Parkway 7046 (see photo at right). For this knockoff, they used a cropped version of the same cover photo! Cast Your Fate To The Wind/El Senor Joe/Kimberly/New Jersey Waltz//Blues For Bernard/Windjammer/Epilogue

W/SW-9104 - Three O'Clock In The Morning/A Walk in the Black Forest - Jim Collier and his Orchestra [1965] Three O'Clock In The Morning/A Walk In The Black Forest/Such A Little Thing/You For Me/Sweet Dreams//Get It Movin'/A Farewell/Whenever I'm Feeling Love/A Little Quickie/Night Life

W/SW-9105 - Country Hits Made Famous by Roger Miller - Deputies [1965] Also issued with a cover without "Made Famous by Roger Miller" as shown at right. Engine Engine #9/King Of The Road/Dang Me/One Dyin' And A Burryin'/Chug A-Lug//Don't Be Nice To Me/Half A Page/I Feel Like A Star/Twice As Lonely/Fooled Again

W/SW-9106 - Sonny James and Jimmy Skinner/Jimmy Newman - Various Artists [1965] Jenny Lou - Sonny James/Passin' Through - Sonny James/Gold In The Morning Sun - Sonny James/Bimbo - Sonny James/I Wish This Night Would Never End - Sonny James//Darling - Jimmy Newman/You Didn't Have To Go - Jimmy Newman/If There Was No You - Jimmy Skinner/I'm A Regular Daddy - Jimmy Skinner/Lorena - Bill Clayton

W/SW-9107 - Nat King Cole & His Trio - King Cole Trio/George Kingston [1965] The stereo version claims to be electronically reprocessed. My Lips Remember Your Kisses - King Cole Trio/Got A Penny, Benny - King Cole Trio/F.S.T. (Fine, Sweet and Tasty) - King Cole Trio/Let's Pretend - King Cole Trio/The Town Of Never Worry - George Kingston//A Million BBoys - George Kingston/Walk On - George Kingston/You're The Greatest - George Kingston/Groovy Baby - George Kingston/Come On And Dance With Me - George Kingston

W/SW-9108 - 30 Organ Favorites - Dave Stephens [1965] A series of medleys. Little Star-La Paloma-Tzneo In D-La Golondrina-Espana Cani/Little Brown Jug-Ora Lee-The Big Rock Candy Mountain-Down, Down, Down-Frankie & Johnny/Musetta's Waltz (La Boheme)-Ah, So Pure-Habenera (Carmen)-Toreador (Carmen)-Shining Star (Tosca)//Beautiful Dreamer-Love's Old Sweet Song-Let The Rest Of The World Go By-O Mister Moon-Shine On Harvest Moon (A Perfect Day)/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child-O Freedom-Deep River-Lonesome Valley-Let Us Break Bread Together/Kiss Me Again-Meet Me In St. Louis-Toyland-In The Good Old Summertime-Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie

W/SW-9109 - 30 Hawaiian Favorites - Hawaiian Islanders [1965] Beautiful Lanihuli/Sweet Lei Maml/Awaiaulu/Imi Au Ia Oe/Puna Paia Aala/Island Song/Hawaiian Ukelele/Crystal Lagoon/Hawaiian Enchantment/Island Serenade/Paahana/Maunawili/Ka Moae/Koni Au Ika Wai/Moani Ke Ala//Wiliwili Wai/Nuuanu Waipuna/Mai Poina Oe Lau/Akahi Hoi/Ua Like No Like/Moani Ke Ala/Sunny Manoa/Oi Hoi Ha/Maui No Ka Oi/Honolulu Maids/Aloha Oe/Wai O Punalau/Ainahau/Maikai Waipio/Na Lei O Hawaii

W/SW-9110 - Tymes Biggest Hits - Tymes [1965] Mastered July 16, 1965. So Much In Love (E)/Somewhere (E)/Summer Day (E)/Will You Wait For Me (S)/Wonderful, Wonderful (E)//One Little Kiss (S)/I Thank You (S)/Anymore (S)/Sleep Tight My Darling (S)/View From My Window (E)

W/SW-9111 - Dance a Go-Go with the Stars - Various Artists [1965] Rosie - Chubby Checker/Country Club Hully Gully - Dovells/I'll Be True - Orlons/Wah Wahtusi - Dee Dee Sharp/One Little Kiss - Tymes//All I Want Is You - Bobby Rydell/South Street - Dee Dee Sharp/Do The Bug - Don Covay/He's Braggin' - Orlons

W/SW-9112 - Pete Fountain/The Sunsetters - Pete Fountain/Sunsetters [1965] Jazz Me Blues - Pete Fountain/Bugle Call Rag - Pete Fountain/South Rampart Street Parade - Pete Fountain/Sensation Rag - Pete Fountain//Yuppa Tuppa - Sunsetters/Miss Daisy Delite - Sunsetters/A Farewell - Sunsetters/Scherzo - Sunsetters/Sonata Allegro - Sunsetters/One Blind Mouse - Sunsetters

W/SW-9113 - All the Hits with All the Stars, Vol. 6 - Various Artists [1965] The Bell Rings - John Gary (E)/You Little Devil - Jimmy Dean (E)/Maureen - Frankie Laine (E)/Sidney's Soliloquy - Teddy Wilson (S)/Streets Of Glory - Merv Griffin (E)//Little People - John Gary (E)/Alone In The City - Ray Charles (E)/Just Tell Me When - Brook Benton (E)/Danny Boy - Maynard Ferguson (S)/I'll Always Love You - Jimmy Dean (E)

W/SW-9114 - Dovells Biggest Hits - Dovells [1965] Mastered August 11, 1965. Bristol Stomp (E)/Hully Gully Baby (E)/The Jitterbug (E)/Letters Of Love (E)/You Can't Run Away From Yourself (E)//You Can't Sit Down (E)/No No No (E)/Country Club Hully Gully (E)/Dragster On The Prowl (E)/Be My Girl (E)

W/SW-9115 - Christmas Carols - Winston Singers [1965] Deck The Halls/The First Noel/Jingle Bells/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Joy To The World/Hail To Christmas//Hark The Herald Angels Sing/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/O Come All Ye Faithful/Good King Wenceslaus/Christmas Tree/I Saw Three Ships/Christmas Hymn

W/SW-9116 - Silent Night - Dave Stephens at the Pipe Organ [1965] Joy To The World/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/Deck The Halls/Away In A Manger/Good King Wenceslaus/O Holy Night//O Come All Ye Faithfull/We Three Kings/What Child Is This/The First Noel/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Silent Night

W/SW-9117 - Christmas Favorites - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1965] O Come All Ye Faithful/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Joy To The World//Deck The Halls/The First Noel/Good King Wenceslaus/O Holy Night/We Three Kings Of Orient Are/Silent Night

W/SW-9118 - Christmas Hymns - George Gale Chorale [1965] Hark The Herald Angels Sing/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Away In A Manger/Silent Night/Deck The Halls/White Christmas/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/The First Noel/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Adeste Fideles/We Three Kings/O Holy Night/Joy To The World

W/SW-9119 - Organ and Chimes - Steve Davey [1965] O Holy Night/The First Noel/Jingle Bells/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/O Come All Ye Faithful//Adeste Fideles/Joy To The World/Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly/Silent Night/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/O Little Town Of Bethlehem

W/SW-9120 - Musical Jewels - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1965] A Media Luz/Lost Moments/Summer Day/Tell Me/Funiculi Funicula//My Heart Is Yours/Twilight/When Lights Are Low/Camptown Races/Peg O' My Heart

W/SW-9121 - Dance a Go-Go with the Stars, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [1966] So Much In Love - Tymes/Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love - Dee Dee Sharp/Birdland - Chubby Checker/Crossfire - Orlons/The Froog - Don Covay//She Wants T' Swim - Chubby Checker/Bristol Stomp - Dovells/You'll Never Be Mine - Dee Dee Sharp/Betty In Bermudas - Dovells/Don't Throw Your Love Away - Orlons

W/SW-9122 - 30 Trumpet Favorites - Jim Collier [1966] Fascination/You Tell Me Your Dream/Toyland/I Love You Truly/Moonbeams/Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie/In Old New York/My Gal Sal/Chiri Biri Bin/Dark Eyes/Ah, So Pure/Norcissis/Humoresque//Beautiful Dreamer/Gypsy Love Song/Vilia/La Paloma/Sweet And Low/You're A Grand Old Flag/In The Good Old Summertime/Take Me Out To The Ball Game/When You And I Were Young, Maggie/When The Saints Go Marching In/A Song Of India/Barcarolle/Habanera/Two Guitars/Melody In F

W/SW-9123 - Reminiscing - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1966] Ha Ha Ha.Sentimental Tango/Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh/Carry Me Back To Old Virginny/La Paloma//Lazy Haze/Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Sacred Elephant/My Old Kentucky Home/Camptown Races

W/SW-9124 - When Lights Are Low - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1966] Night Stand Still/My Heart Is Yours/Tell Me/Design For Autumn/Entre Nous/Romance/Plaisir D'Amour/Liebestraum/A Waltz For Alice/When Lights Are Low

W/SW-9125 - Discotheque with the Stars - Various Artists [1966] Mastered 11/4/65. Crossfire - Orlons/Cha Cha Cha - Bobby Rydell/Twist It Up - Chubby Checker/So Much In Love - Tymes/Hully Gully Baby - Dovells//The Froog - Don Covay/Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp/Bossa Nova - Chubby Checker/The Monkey - Dovells/South Street - Orlons

W/SW-9126 - 30 Hymn Favorites - George Gale Chorale [1966] O Sacred Head/Come With Us, O Blessed Jesus/Jesus, All My Gladness/Our God, To Whom We Turn/The Duteous Day Now Closeth/The Son Of God Goes Forth/Soldiers Of Christ, Arise/Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus/Lead On O King Eternal/Onward Christian Soldiers/O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee/O For A Closer Walk With Thee/Fairest Lord Jesus/Lead Kindly Light/Abide With Me//Lift Up, Ye Princess Of The Sky/Jesus, Food Of Angels/Hearth Of Jesus! Golden Chalice/Salve Regina Coelitum/Ye Sons And Daughters Of The Lord/Rock Of Ages/My Faith Looks Up To Thee/O Jesus Thou Art Standing/Jesus Lover Of My Soul/Beneath The Cross Of Jesus/A Mighty Fortress Is Our God/Call Jehovah Thy Salvation/My Faith Looks Up To Thee/Just As I Am/How Firm A Foundation

W/SW-9127 - 30 Country Favorites - Deputies [1966] Careless Love/Cindy/Colorado Trail/Jesse James/Frankie And Johnny/Get Along Little Dogies/Down In The Valley/Streets Of Laredo/I Ride An Old Paint/Home On The Range/Red River Valley/The Trail To Mexico/Everynight When The Sun Goes Down/Got No Use For Real Women/Buffalo Gal/Accidently On Purpose/Goodbye Kisses/Invitation To The Blues/More Habit Than Desire/(Others)

W/SW-9128 - On Broadway - Dave Stephens [1966] Get Me To The Church On Time/My Favorite Things/Lazy Haze/Sacred Elephant/Summer Day//America/Seventy Six Trombones/Lost Moments/Dream/All The Time

W/SW-9129 - Taste of Honey/Lonely Bull - Mexican Brass [Pedro Martinez Orchestra] [1966] Taste Of Honey/Lonely Bull/Softly My Love/Love You/Sands Of Acapulco//Ronde Mexicaine/Amour R'italie/Notre Amour Est Tout Neuf/Le Marchand De Bonheur/Manolette

W/SW-9130 - Country and Western Favorites - Deputies [1966] Keeping Up With The Joneses/A Heartache, For A Keepsake/Billy Bayou/Green Green Grass Of Home//Here Comes My Baby/Hey Little Star/Saginaw, Michigan/Take A Letter Miss Gray/Yakety Sax

W/SW-9131 - Hawaiian Enchantment - Hawaiian Islanders [1966] Hawaiian Holiday/Bird Of Paradise/Hibiscus Blossom/Lilac and Spanish Moss/Hawaiian Serenade/Mood Hawaiian/Stars Over Hawaii/Island Blossom/Island Mood/Aloha

W/SW-9132 - Sacred Music Country Style - Chatton Singers [1966] Light At The River/Life's Evening Sun/Angels Band/I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray/Didn't They Crucify My Lord//Listen To Your Radio/Old Country Preacher/God Put A Rainbow/You Go To Your Church/Satisfied Mind

W/SW-9133 - Shenandoah - The Randy Brothers [1966] Shenandoah/Billy Boy/Venezuela/Down By The Riverside/Black Is The Color//Molly Malone/Greensleeves/John Henry/Drunken Sailor/Streets Of Laredo

W/SW-9134 - Great Themes from James Bond - Cheltenham Orchestra [1966] Thunderball/Goldfinger/The Capture/Laser Shot/Sea Chase//The James Bond Theme/From Russia With Love/Midnight/Night Love/Sid's Mark

W/SW-9135 - Fascination, and other All Time Favorites - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1966]

W/SW-9136 - Whipped Cream, Zorba the Greek, Java - Mexican Brass [1966] Whipped Cream/Java/Zorba The Greek/El Gato Montes/Gitanello/Rafael Lorente/Gallito/Whenever I Am Feeling Low/Vito/En Er Mondo

W/SW-9137 - Michelle - Trumpet Men [1966] Michelle/3 O'Clock In The Morning/Night Life/One Little Kiss/Soft Touch//A View From My Window/Sugar Lips/Five To Four/Sid's Mark/Get It Movin'

W/SW-9138 - Roger Miller Songbook - Deputies [1966] Side 2 is actually "The 3 Young Men From Montana" from the their Cameo album C1025. England Swings/King Of The Road/Dang- Me/Chug-A-Lug/Engine Engine #9//Bill Bailey/Shenandoah/College Life/The Drummer And The Cook/Darling Nellie Gray

W/SW-9139 - The Ballad of the Green Berets, Hello Viet Nam, What Are We Fighting For, and Other Country Ballads - Deputies [1966] The Ballad Of The Green Berets/Hello Viet Nam/What Are We Fighting For/When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Big Bad John//Shenandoah/Lorena/Letter Edged In Black/College Life/The Drummer And The Cook

W/SW-9140 - 30 Banjo Favorites - [artist not listed] [1966] Bill Bailey/In The Evening By The Moonlight/Camptown Races/Gypsy Love Song/Can Can/Shortin' Bread/My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean/Silver Threads Among The Gold/When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again/When The Saints Go Marching In/I've Been Working On The Railroad/Clarinet Polka/School Days/In The Good Old Summertime/La Cucaracha//Blue Tail Fly/Bury Me Not In The Lone Prairie/Ring Ring De Banjo/Deep River/Goodnight Ladies/Clementine/In That Great Gettin' Up Morning/Greensleeves/Big Rock Candy Mountain/Auld Lang Syne/American Patrol/Dark Eyes/Tavern In The Town/Anvil Chorus/Going Home

W/SW-9141 - The Mexicani Marimba Band - Mexiciani Marimba Band [1966] For Animals Only/Elephants Soul/The Partridge In A Pear Tree/La Cucaracha/Boll Weevil//Three Blind Mice/Little Red Hen/España Can/Chiapanecas/The Maids Of Cadiz

W/SW-9142 - 30 Piano Favorites - Steve Davey [1966] Brahms Lullaby/La Palomi/Barcarolle/Dance Of The Hours/Ciribiribin/Polovetsian Dance/Londonderry Air/Mazurka/To A Wild Rose/Fantasie Impromptu/Funiculi Funicula/My Wild Irish Rose/School Days/Fascination/ After The Ball/In The Good Old Summertime//Pastorale/Die Fledermaus/Habanera/La Donna E Mobile/Dance Of The Candy Fairy/Waltz Of The Flowers/Clair De Lune/Musetta's Waltz/Sorrento/Buttercup/Beautiful Danube/Polka In Bb/Wine, Women And Song

W/SW-9143 - Hits a Go-Go with the Stars - Various Artists [1966] Dancin' Party - Chubby Checker/Gravy - Dee Dee Sharp/Never Pick A Pretty Boy - Dee Dee Sharp/The Froog - Don Covay/Popeye Waddle - Don Covay/Rules Of Love - Orlons/Everything Nice - Orlons/Don't Hang Up - Orlons/I Ain't Comin' Back - Orlons/Roscoe James McClain - Tymes

W/SW-9144 - Country and Western Bonanza - Deputies [1966] Bonanza/Big Bad John/Sixteen Tons/Red River Valley/Careless Love//Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/If I Had A Hammer/Cotton Fields/This Land Is Your Land/Bury Me Beneath The Willow

W/SW-9145 - Spanish Flea, What Now My Love - Mexican Brass [1966] Spanish Flea/What Now My Love/March Of The Trumpets/Mexican Brass Theme/Tequilla And The Bull//Espana Cani/La Entrado/Opera Flamenco/Toro/Vito

W/SW-9146 - Moments to Remember - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1966] A Blossom Fell/I'm Yours/Never Before/Lost Moments/Tulips/Summer Day/Habanera/La Guapa/A Media Luz

W/SW-9147 - Songs from "Mame" - Cheltenham Orchestra and Chorus [1966] Mame/We Need A Little Love/Open A New Window/Do-Da-Dee//It's Today/Swing On Top/My Best Girl/Dixie Hummingbird

W/SW-9148 - Movie Themes from "Dr. Zhivago," "The Slender Thread," "Judith," "The Spy Who Came in From the Cold," and others - Hollywood Studio Orchestra [1966] Doctor Zhivago/Judith/The Spy Who Came In From The Cold/The Slender Thread/Theme For Candy//Theme From The Young Ones/Impossible Lovers/Amber/Young Lovers/Theme From A Starlet

W/SW-9149 - All Star 4 - Various Artists [1966] Mastered 4/19/66. You're With It - Lou Christie (S)/Tommorrow Will Come - Lou Christie (S)/Close Your Eyes - Lou Christie (S)/Funny Thing - Lou Christie (S)//Hearts Are Trump - Len Barry [Dovells] (E)/Don't Come Back - Len Barry [Dovells] (E)/Wild One - Bobby Rydell (E)/Wildwood Days - Bobby Rydell (E)/Come Dance With Me - Tokens (E) [a doo-wop group who recorded for Gary Records in New York, not the more famous Tokens]

W/SW-9150 - Little Drummer Boy - Winston Singers [1966] Little Drummer Boy/Jingle Bells/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/O Christmas Tree/I Saw Three Ships//Christmas Hymn/Deck The Halls/Hail To Christmas/The First Noel/Hark The Herald Angels Sing

W/SW-9151 - Hail to Christmas - Peter Raymond Carolers [1966] Jingle Bells/Silent Night/Sleigh Ride/Hail to Christmas/Deck the Halls//Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer/Let It Snow/Frosty the Snowman/Christmas Tree/Joy to the World

W/SW-9152 - Organ and Chimes - William Whitmore [1966] O Little Town Of Bethlehem/It Came Upon The Midnight Clear/Good King Wenceslas/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/Twelve Days Of Christmas/Joy To The World/O Holy Night//We Three Kings/I Saw Three Ships/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/O Tannenbaum/Away In A Manger/Deck The Halls

W/SW-9153 - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Beavers [1966] Originally credited to "The Chipmunks," but forced to change due to copyright laws. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/Frosty The Snowman/Jingle Bells/Deck The Halls/O Tannenbaum/Good King Wenceslas/Twelve Days Of Christmas/Let It Snow/Sleigh Ride

W/SW-9154 - All Time Christmas Favorites - Rudolph Statler Orchestra [1966] White Christmas/Sleighride/Jingle Bells/Silent Night/Frosty The Snowman//Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/Deck The Halls/O Holy Night/O Come All Ye Faithful

W/SW-9155 - Day for Decision - Cheltenham Orchestra and Chorus [1966] Day For Decision/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Columbia The Gem Of The Ocean/When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Caissons Go Rolling Along//Marines Hymn/Dixie/Yankee Doodle/America The Beautiful/The Star Spangled Banner

W/SW-9156 - Trumpet Pickin' - Jim Collier [1967] Trumpet Pickin'/Skillet Lickin'/Anymore/Go Tell My Baby/Chills//Cotton Candy/Sugar Lips/A Farewell/Little Quickie/Whenever I'm Feeling Low

W/SW-9157 - Honky Tonk Piano Favorites - Beethoven Ben [1967] Jumpin' Piano/Danny Boy/Piano Roll Swing/Dance Of The Hours/Auld Lang Syne/Swingin' Down Yonder/When The Saints Go Marching In

W/SW-9158 - Moods of Mancini - Rudolph Statler Orchestra [1967] Baby Elephant Walk/Lovers In New York/Theme From Hatari/Arabesque

W/SW-9159 - Golden Country - Various Artists [1967] Sugar-Coated Sweetheart - Jimmy Dean/I'll Always Love You - Jimmy Dean/Don't Stop The Music - George Jones/Run Please Run - George Jones/Bluegrass Breakdown - Stoneman Family//Wine Bottom Blues - Stoneman Family/Keep Telling Me - Country Johnny Mathis/Big Bad John - Deputies/Lorena - Deputies/Sheriff Chase - Deputies

W/SW-9160 - Country and Western Shindig - Billy Ranger [1967] If It's The Last Thing I Ever Do/As Long As There's A Sunday/Don't Count On Tomorrow/Love Is No Excuse/Tarnished Angel/(others)

W/SW-9161 - Frankie Laine and His Guests - Various Artists [1967] Maureen - Frankie Laine/Melancholy Madeline - Frankie Laine/In My Own Quiet Way - John Gary/Sidney's Soliloquoy - Teddy Wilson/The Bell Ringer - John Gary//Streets Of Glory - Merv Griffin/I Thought I Had You - John Gary/Danny Boy - Maynard Ferguson/Don't Cry - John Gary/Forget It - John Gary

W/SW-9162 - Foreign Film Features - Carlo Sonti Orchestra [1967] Darling/Marriage Italian Style//Casanova 70/Lago D'Amore/Theme From A Starlet

W/SW-9163 - The Big Country - Dawnbusters [1967] Forever/Heartbreak Hotel/Two By Four/Lady Bird/Sugar Lips/Lonely Shadow/Busybody/Fuzzy Fingers/Fleetguard/Yakety Axe

W/SW-9164 - 30 Polka Favorites - John Koleski [1967] First Step Polka/Favorite Polka/Summertime Polka/Happy Hearts Polka/When We Dance/Swing Along Polka/Scottish Polka/Around, Around, Around/Hip Hop Polka/Everybody Come/California Polka/Why Won't You/Clarinet Polka/Polka On Parade/Wedding Cake Polka//Hold Me/Dance With Me/Two Lips, Two Hearts/Sunshine Polka/Helena Polka/Empty Glass Polka/Time Will Tell/Sit Down/Southern Polka/Military Polka/Arm In Arm/Sway/Under The Stars Polka/Twelve O'clock Polka/Last Dance Polka

W/SW-9165 - For Lovers Everywhere - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1967] Somewhere My Love/Paris Moods/Romance/Song Of Italy/The Shrine Of Acilia//Chinese Lullaby/When Lights Are Low/May Breezes/Gondola Song/London, Paris

W/SW-9166 - Country Ballads - Dusty Owens [1967] Home/Gotta See A Man About A Dream/Here Comes My Baby Back Again/Half A Mind/I Miss You Already//Would You Hold It Against Me/Big Harlan Taylor/I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby/The Nester/Keeping Up With The Joneses

W/SW-9167 - Swan Lake/1812 Overture/The Nutcracker - Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra [1967] Swan Lake//1812 Overture/Nutcracker Suite

W/SW-9168 - A Million and One - Martin Clark and the Cheltenham Singers [1967]

W/SW-9169 - Jazz Galore - Various Artists [1967] I Can Make You Love Me - Sarah Vaughan/You Go To My Head - Sarah Vaughan/Tracy's Tune - (unidentified artist)/Aluminum Baby - Rufus Jones/Five To Four - (unidentified artist)//I'm Scared - Sarah Vaughan/Broken Glass - (unidentified artist)/Sid's Mark - Clark Terry/Rollin' Along - Rufus Jones/Just About That Time - Rufus Jones

W/SW-9170 - Misty - J.J. Jones [1967] Misty/So Much In Love/Love Letters In The Sand/One Little Kiss/Louie, Louie//Imagination/Funky/All Of Me/Envy (In The Eyes)/Somewhere

W/SW-9171 - Andre Previn at the Piano - Andre Previn/William Whitmore [1967] Ain't Misbehavin' - Andre Previn/That's Where The South Begins - Andre Previn/I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling - Andre Previn/Honey Suckle Rose - Andre Previn//Malaguena - William Whitmore/Ay Ay Ay - William Whitmore/Habanera - William Whitmore/Espana - William Whitmore/El Relicurio - William Whitmore

W/SW-9172 - Hawaii, Alfie, and the Wrong Box - Hollywood Studio Orchestra [1967] Hawaii/Island Mood/Stars Over Hawaii/Alfie//The Impossible Lover/Theme From The Young Ones/The Wrong Box/Hackett Funeral And Fight

W/SW-9173 - New Original TV Themes: Green Hornet, Tarzan, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - [artist not shown] [1967] Green Hornet Theme/Britt Reid Revenge/Kato's Warning/The Black Beauty/Theme From Tarzan//Jungle Bongo/Cheetah Do/Theme From Man From U.N.C.L.E./The Thrush Tune/Illya's Walk

W/SW-9174 - Autumn Leaves - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1967] Autumn Leaves/Roses Of Tyrol/Side Walks Of New York/Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Romance/Sentimental Tango/O Sole Mio/My Heart Is Yours/Moments Lost

W/SW-9175 - Annie Get Your Gun/Mame - Wyncote Orchestra [1967] There's No Business Like Show Business/Swing On Top/Doin' What Comes Natur'lly/We Need A Little Love//Open A New Window/Do Da Dee/My Best Girl/Dixie Hummingbird

W/SW-9176 - Born Free - Cheltenham Orchestra [1967] Born Free/Grass Grows Free/Cast Your Fate To The Wind/The Lion Hunt/Jungle Jazz//Blues For Elsa/Kuianga Kill/Lioness Beat/Beyond The Trees/Five O'Clock High

W/SW-9177 - Introducing Mas Que Nada & Guantanamera - Brazilia '67 [1967] Mas Que Nada/Guantanamera/Blues A Nova/Villan Nova/Guitar Nova//Autumn Amber/Quiet Moments/Green Grass/Kill A Nova/Sweet And Quiet

W/SW-9178 - Flamenco Favorites - Mantila Dancers [1967] Flamenco Andaluz/Solea Canasterea/Sones Gitanos/Fiesta Trianera/Ecos Del Rocio//La Alhambra/Bolero Clasico/Noches Malaguenas/Recuerdos De Huelva/Guajira Flamenca

W/SW-9179 - The Ink Spots' Greatest Hits - Ink Spots [1967] Cuddle Up A Little Closer/East Side West Side/Honeymoon/Frankie And Johnny/My Wild Irish Rose//I Love You Truly/Wait Till The Sun Sines Nelly/Swanee River/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/Clementine

W/SW-9180 - The Sound of Country - Billy Ranger & Deputies [1967] Poncho Villa/How Well I Know/Eight Years/I'm From Missouri/The One That Got Away//The Love I Have For You/The Swiss Maid/Ever Blue/How's My Ex Treating You/A World I Can't Live In

W/SW-9181 - 30 Italian Favorites - (Artist not shown) [1967] Non Ti Scorda/Cielito Lindo/Ma Come Bali/Ciribiribin/Funiculi Funicula/Goodbye/Il Bacio/O Mari/O Sole Mio/Luna Nova/Sprenza Perdut/O Marenariello/Vieni Sul Mar/Santa Lucia/La Spagnola/La Donna/Cara Mia/La Paloma/Ritorna/Traveglio/Chitara/Tarantella/You're Breakin' My Heart/Tango Della/Ela Luna/Over The Waves/Neopolitan/La Golandrina/Italian Street/La Finale

W/SW-9182 - Winchester Cathedral - Old Vaudeville Combo [1967] Winchester Catchedral/Walk Right In/Washington Square/A Walk In Space/Roll Home//Broken Booze/Drop Me At #3/Back In 60 Seconds/Auld Lang Syne/Miss Daisey De Lite

W/SW-9183 - Madame Butterfly/Ravel's Bolero - Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra [1967]

W/SW-9184 - T.V. '67: "Dragnet," "I Spy," "T.H.E. Cat" - [unknown artist] [1967] Dragnet Theme/Friday's Theme/The Line Up/I Spy Theme/Hong Kong Charlie//Kelly's Theme/T.H.E. Cat Theme/Playhouse 90 Theme/Kimba The White Lion/Peacock Theme

W/SW-9185 - That's Life - International Pop Orchestra/110 Musicians [1967] That's Life/Let Me Be Loved/Till There Was You/Inn Of The Sixth Happiness/Champagne For Two//I. P. O. Theme/Romance #IV/My Blue Gown/Impossible Lovers

W/SW-9186 - Gallant Men - Cheltenham Orchestra & Chorus [1967] Day For Decision/Gallant Men/Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean/When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Caissons Go Rolling Along//Marine Hymn/Dixie/Yankee Doodle/America The Beautiful/Star Spangled Banner

W/SW-9187 - The Stars of Hitsville - Various Artists [1967] Mastered 1/9/67. Set Aside - Question Mark & Mysterians (E)/Don't Break This Heart Of Mine - Question Mark & Mysterians (S)/You're The One - Johnny Rivers (E)/A Hole In The Ground - Johnny Rivers (E)/Lovin Kind - Terry Knight & Pack (E)//What's On Your Mind - Terry Knight & Pack (E)/Heart's Are Trump - Len Barry [Dovells] (E)/Little White House - Len Barry [Dovells] (E)/Miss Daisy De Lite - Len Barry [Dovells] (E)/Bristol Stomp - Dovells (E)


W/SW-9189 - A Tribute to Walt Disney - Hollywood Studio Orchestra [1967] (Hollywood Studio Orchestra is credited on front cover, Cheltenham Orch.& Chorus is credited on back of cover and label). When You Wish Upon A Star/Zippity Do Dah/Someday My Prince Will Come/Funiculi Funicula

W/SW-9190 - Hampshire Hoot - Hampshire Lodge [1967] This was a custom pressing. Hampshire Lodge was a 1960s teen-age summer camp located in Jackson, New Hampshire. It was set up to cater to creative teens who were into humanities like literature or world cultures rather than sports. In the evenings, the kids would sit around the fire in the main living room and sing folk songs. This is an album of such songs. The back cover of the album is blank.

W/SW-9191 - Music To Watch Girls By - Brass Breed [1967] Music To Watch Girls By/Girls Galore/Broad Time/Do You Love Me/Get It Movin' ... Girls//Ha Ha Ha/Women Watchin'/Summer Day/Five To Four/Desiree Dawn


W/SW-9193 - Let's Fall in Love - International Pop Orchestra [1967] Let's Fall In Love/Forever And A Day/I'll Take Romance/One Little Acre//Unforgettable/May Breezes/Liebestraum/Love Forever

W/SW-9194 - Your Kind of Country - Dusty Owens & Dawnbreakers [1967] Billy Bayou/Saginaw Michigan/Yonder Comes A Sucker/Belles Of Southern Belle/Take A Letter Miss Gray//I'll Pick Up My Heart/When I've Learned/The Measure Of A Man/A Fallen Star/I May Never Get To Heaven

W/SW-9195 - Hit Songs from the Movie of the Year: Thoroughly Modern Millie - Hollywood Studio Orchestra [1967] The Tapioca/Thoroughly Modern Millie/Jimmy/The Jewish Wedding Song/Dixie Hummingbird/Swing On Top/Do-Da-Dee/Need A Little Love

W/SW-9196 - 30 Irish Favorites - [unknown artist] [1967]

W/SW-9197 - Hey! Let's Go Latin - [unknown artist] [1967] Hey Leroy Your Mama's Callin' You/Mercy Mercy Mercy/Blues For Bernard/Wind Jammer//El Senor Joe/New Jersey Waltz/Kimberly/Epilogue

W/SW-9198 - Folk Soul - [unknown artist] [1967] Riddle Song/He's Gone Away/I Know Where I'm Going/Every Night/Slow Blues//Worried Man/Barbara Allen/Johnny I Hardly Knew You/Careless Love/Fast Blues

W/SW-9199 - Monkey Business - Chimps [1967] I'm A Beliver/Last Train To Clarksville/Sunday's Kid/Papa's Blue Jeans/Sally Sally//Watch Out/Sit Tight Girl/Just A Little To Early/No Survivors/I Realize

W/SW-9200 - Brass Breed - Mod Mod Brass [1967] Wade In The Water/Sandpebbles/Sugar Town/March Of The Trumpets/Toro//Brass Theme/La Entrado/Opera Flamenco/Vito/Tequila & The Bull

W/SW-9201 - Country and Western Serenade - Billy Ranger & Deputies [1967] Adios Amigo/Second Hand Love/Funny Way Of Laughing/That's Old Fashioned/Old Rivers/Two Faces/The Come Back/Take Time/You Take The Tables/I Can Mend Your Broken Heart/Crazy Wild Desire/Valley Of Tears

W/SW-9202 - Casino Royale - Hollywood Studio Orchestra [1967] Casino Royale/James Bond Theme/The Death Tube/Champagne & Lights//White Tent Song/Black Patch/Baccarat/Turning Wheel

W/SW-9203 - Monkeys a-Go-Go - Chimps [1967] A Little Bit Me, Little Bit You/The Girl I Knew Somewhere/The Chimps Theme/5th Class Mail/Yes You May//Just Keep Dancin'/Your Uncle Gizzly/The Week We Fell In Love/Believe My Cry/When She Knocks At The Door


W/SW-9205 - The Country Misfits - Country Misfits [1967] Misfit/Ding A Ling/Angel From Above/So Long Joe/I'm To Blame//Truck Driving Man/Hello There Mister/Come Right Back/Cute Little Youdler/Would You Believe


W/SW-9207 - Broadway's Best - Cheltenham Orchestra and Chorus [1967] Illya Darling/Cabaret/Sherry/Bedroon Beat//Theme From Acropolis/Greecian Theme/Bye Bye Jeff/German Jig

W/SW-9208 - The Happening/You Can't Hurry Love/Stop in the Name of Love - Detroit Sound [1967] Stop! In The Name Of Love/You Can't Hurry Love/The Happening/Jumping At The Go Go/It's You Baby//Give Love Another Chance/We'll Never Be/Don't Tell Me Baby, Just Show Me/Tender Memories/Far From The Last

W/SW-9209 - Country And Western: The Greatest Of Dusty Owens - Dusty Owens [1967] Jack O'Diamond/Rovin' Gambler/Blood On The Saddle/Blackjack David/Patonia//Streets Of Laredo/Ace In The Hole/Red River Valley/Buffalo Gals

W/SW-9210 - Cinema Holiday - Rudolph Statler Orchestra [1967] Georgy Girl/Theme From Grand Prix/Edelweiss/Lioness Beat/Kuianga Kill/Theme For Guitar//Picadilly Theme/The Race Theme/Swiss Sounds/Funky/Grass Grows Free/Beyond The Tree

Thanks to Stephen Braitman, John Camarda, Ray Catucci, Carl Elsperman, Liz Harrison, Jim Hughes, Matt Knudson, Mitch McKeever, Mike McKenna, Randy Newman, Svein Martin Pedersen, David Price, William Ratcliffe, Matthew Rhodes, Gerry Ross, Douglas Sahadi, Geoff Seymour, Drew Techner, Ralph Tennant, Annie Van Auken, Thieu van de Vorst, and Susan from Xmasalways.

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