Jamie Album Discography
by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: April 5, 2014

Jamie Records, best known for the long series of Duane Eddy hits during the late '50s and early '60s, was founded in Philadelphia in 1956. It's sister label, Guyden, had been in operation since 1954. In the 1960s, they also branched out with the Arctic, Phil-L.A. of Soul, and Dionn labels. They recorded in stereo early, with Duane Eddy material from 1958 appearing in true stereo. Unfortunately, most of the hits weren't mixed for stereo, and they showed up on albums in rechanneled stereo. It took the Bear Family Duane Eddy CDs and an amazing 2-CD set mixed by Little Walter DeVenne, The Jamie/Guyden Story [Bear Family BCD 15874-BH, rel. 1995, Germany] for many of the early songs to appear in stereo. An excellent history of the label is found in the booklet for the latter CD, and on the Jamie/Guyden website, which also has a discography of the singles released by Jamie and all the subsidiaries.

The first Jamie label (far left) was yellow with black print. It was used for the first pressing of album 3000. The second Jamie label (near left), used as early as 1959, was yellow and white. This label was used from 1959 to 1966, and appeared on most Jamie albums.

Promotional issues of the second label (far left) were white with black print, using the same design. The third Jamie label (naer left), used starting in 1967, was orange with a brown top. Reissues of earlier albums pressed in 1967 or later also are known to have this label.

Both mono and stereo catalog numbers are listed, mono first. Where we are unsure a stereo version was issued, we have placed an asterisk (*) after the mono number.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page, and we have no association with Jamie Records. Jamie Records is still active. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our "Frequently Asked Questions" page and follow the instructions found there. Should you be interested in the CD reissues or in contacting Jamie/Guyden, their website is www.jamguy.com. This story and discography are copyright 1997, 2003, 2011 by Mike Callahan.



Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

JLP 3000/JLP 3000 STEREO - Have Twangy Guitar, Will Travel - Duane Eddy [1958] (1-59; #6) Lonesome Road (S)/I Almost Lost My Mind (S)/Rebel-'Rouser (E)/Three-30-Blues (S)/Cannon Ball (E)/ The Lonely One (E)//Detour (S)/Stalkin' (E)/Ram Rod (E)/Anytime (S)/Moovin' 'N Groovin' (E)/ Loving You (S)

LP 70-3000/LP 70-3000 STEREO - Have Twangy Guitar, Will Travel - Duane Eddy [1959] Reissue cover. Lonesome Road (S)/I Almost Lost My Mind (S)/Rebel-'Rouser (E)/Three-30-Blues (S)/Cannon Ball (E)/ The Lonely One (E)//Detour (S)/Stalkin' (E)/Ram Rod (E)/Anytime (S)/Moovin' 'N Groovin' (E)/ Loving You (S)

JLP 70-3001/JLP 70-3001 ST - Trompette Bouchee - Jack Melrose [1959] But Not For Me/My Funny Valentine/Ca C'est L'Amour/Twilight Time/You Took My Love/Vous Avez Un Beau/Come Prima/Fascination/Volare/Buona Sera/Sarah/April Love

JLP 70-3002* - Magic Sounds of Pierre Cavalli - Pierre Cavalli [1959] When/Un Petit Trouvaille/Twlight Time/You Are My Destiny/Toi Le Venin (You're Poison)/Don't Let Go//The Bandit/Little Serenade/Come Prima/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/J'ai Mis Notre Amour Au Monde/Hava Naglia

JLP 70-3003* - Dreamers - Francois Vermeille [1959] My Reverie/J'ai Reve de Vous/Dream/Menestrel de Mes Reves/Rever/Darn That Dream/I See You In My Dreams//Dream Boat/Dream Memories/If You Dream/Viper's Dream/A Weaver of Dreams/Dream of You/Don't Break a Dream

JLP 70-3004/JLP 70-3004 ST - Too Tough - Bobby Tucker Trio [1959] Makin' Whoopee/Cee Cee/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Don't Explain/Let's Do It/Alone Together/Sweetie/Once In A While/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/My Darling/Good Morning Heartache/My Heart Stood Still

JLP 70-3005/JLP 70-3005 ST - 33 Minutes and 20 Seconds of Connie Conway - Connie Conway [1959] Beyond the Blue Horizon/I Cried For You/Don't Blame Me/That Wonderful Thing/Slow Boat To China/She's Funny That Way/Call It Stormy Monday/Fools Rush In/Funny/That Love Of/Don't Take Your Love From Me/I've Heard That Song Before

JLP 70-3006/JLP 70-3006 ST - Especially for You - Duane Eddy [1959] (8-59; #24) Peter Gunn (S)/Only Child (S)/Lover (S)/Fuzz (S)/Yep (E)/Along The Navajo Trail (S)//Just Because (S)/ Quiniela (S)/Trouble In Mind (S)/Tuxedo Junction (S)/Hard Times (S)/Along Came Linda (S)

JLP 70-3007/JLP 70-3007 ST - Chow, Chow, Bambina - Jacky Noguez & His Orchestra [1959] The stereo version is rechanneled using reverb with a slight echo. Ciao Ciao Bambina (E)/One Romance (E)/Yes Yes Yes (E)/Donna (E)/La Casquette (E)/Why Why Why (E)//The Saga Of The Calypso (E)/Conce (E)/Ce Serait Dommage (E)/If You Go To Rio (E)/Little Serenade (E)/Baby Lover (E)

JLP 70-3008/JLP 70-3008 ST - Swingin' Brass - Eric Morgan & His Orchestra [1959] Paxcal (The Champ)/Moving Around/To You My Love/Darling/Jamie's Bounce/Love Me Baby/Silks and Satins/Big Wheel/Blue Bonnet/My Heart Sings/10 O'Clock/Bravo/Slim Jim

JLP 70-3009/JLP 70-3009 ST - The "Twangs" the "Thang" - Duane Eddy [1959] (1-60; #18) My Blue Heaven (S)/Tiger Love And Turnip Greens (S)/The Last Minute Of Innocence (S)/Route #1 (S)/You Are My Sunshine (S)/St. Louis Blues (S)//Night Train To Memphis (S)/The Battle (S)/Trambone (S)/Blueberry Hill (S)/Rebel Walk (S)/Easy (S)

JLP 70-3010* - Paris in the Swing - Jo Moutet Orchestra [1960] Personality/Carina/Serenade/Second Rhapsody/Yes Yes Yes/Ce Serait Dommage//The Huckster/Mystery Of Magic/The Wall/Come Softly To Me/Scoubidou/Ciao Ciao Bambina

JLP 70-3011/JLP 70-3011 ST - Duane Eddy Plays Songs of Our Heritage - Duane Eddy [1960] Cripple Creek (S)/Riddle Song (S)/John Henry (S)/Streets Of Laredo (S)/Prisoner Song (S)//In The Pines (S)/Ole Joe Clark (S)/Wayfarin' Stranger (S)/On Top Of Old Smoky (S)/Mule Train (S)/Scarlet Ribbons (S)

JLP 70-3012/JLP 70-3012 ST - Chow Chow Bambina - Jacky Noguez & His Orchestra [1960] Same title and a cropped photo from Jamie 3007, but except for the title song this is a different album altogether. Boo Hoo/Glory of Love/You Were Only Fooling/Chow Chow Bambina/Red Sails In The Sunset/Ramona//June Night/Have You Ever Been Lonely/I Double Dare You/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Isle Of Capri/In A Little Spanish Town

JLP 70-3013/JLP 70-3013 ST - Dance Along with Jacky Noguez - Jacky Noguez & His Orchestra [1960] Spaghetti Rag/Let There Be Love/Especially For You/There Goes That Song Again/Sweet Eloise/Indiana/That's My Weakness Now/Willingly/One Rose/Be Anything/Marshmallow World/Dreamer's Holiday

JLP 70-3014/JLP 70-3014 ST - $1,000,000 Worth of Twang - Duane Eddy [1960] (12-60; #11) Rebel-'Rouser (E)/Cannon Ball (E)/The Quiet Three (E)/Bonnie Came Back (E)/Because They're Young (E)/Theme For Moon Children (E)//Moovin' 'N Groovin' (E)/The Lonely One (E)/Forty Miles Of Bad Road (E)/Some Kinda Earthquake (E)/First Love, First Tears (E)/Kommotion (E)

JLP 70-3015 - [not issued]

JLP 70-3016/JLP 70-3016 ST - Time Out For Tears - Savannah Churchill [1960] Time Out For Tears (S)/Be Anything (But Be Mine) (S)/Foolishly Yours (S)/I Promise It Won't Happen Again (S)/It's Too Late (S)/I Almost Lost My Mind (S)//Summertime (S)/It's Too Soon To Know (S)/She's Only Got Herself To Blame (S)/I Know I'm Good For You (S)/A Little Place In Your Heart (S)/I Want To Be Loved (S)

JLP 70-3017/JLP 70-3017 ST - Sounds of Success - Various Artists [1961] Rebel-'Rouser - Duane Eddy/Linda Lu - Ray Sharpe/Ciao Ciao Bambino - Jacky Noguez/Things I Didn't Say - Jordan Brothers/Tres Chic - Geoff Gilmore/One Million Years - Heartbeats/Need You - Donnie Owens//Caribbean - Mitchell Torok/Unchained Melody - Blackwells/Ring-A-Rockin' - Neil Sedaka/Time Out For Tears - Savannah Churchill/Have Love Will Travel - Sharps/Dry Your Eyes - Inspirations/Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin

JLP 70-3018/JLP 70-3018 ST - Sound Off - Titus Turner [1961] Sound Off (Duckworth Chant) (S)/I Want A Little Girl (S)/Never Never Nothin' (S)/Blue Moon (S)/I'll Always Be In Love With You (S)/I Bet You Shut Your Big Mouth (S)//Day In Day Out (S)/Glory Of Love (S)/Hey Doll Baby (S)/Knock Me A Kiss (S)/Left Right Out Of Your Heart (S)/Sweet Georgia Brown (S)

JLP 70-3019/JLP 70-3019 ST - Girls! Girls! Girls! - Duane Eddy [1961] (7-61; #93) Brenda [medley of "I Want To Be Wanted"/"That's All You Gotta Do"/"I'm Sorry"] (S)/Sioux City Sue (S)/Tammy (S)/Big 'Liza (S)/Mary Ann (S)/Annette (S)//Tuesday (S)/Sweet Cindy (S)/Patricia (S)/Mona Lisa (S)/Connie (S)/Carol (S)

JLP 70-3020/JLP 70-3020 ST - This Is Dance Music - Charles Gresh Orchestra [1962] Mummers Medley: Alabama Jubilee-Dixie-Oh Dem Golden Slippers (S)/The Wonderment Of You (S)/The lady Is A Tramp (S)/You Make Me Feel So Young (S)/Sentimental Journey (S)/Hindustan (S)//Irma La Douce Medley: Irma La Douce-There Is Only One Paris For That (S)/The Second Time Around (S)/I Should Learn (S)/Opposites Attract (S)/I Won't Dance (S)/Married I Can Always Get (S)

JLP 70-3021/JLP 70-3021 ST - $1,000,000 Worth of Twang, Vol. II - Duane Eddy [1962] The Battle (S)/Cripple Creek (S)/Theme From Dixie (S)/John Henry (S)/Drivin' Home (S)/Prisoner's Song (S)//Up And Down (E)/Bobbie (S)/"Pepe" (S)/Lost Friend (S)/Trambone (S)/Gidget Goes Hawaiian (S)

JLP 70-3022/JLP 70-3022 ST - Twistin' with Duane Eddy - Duane Eddy [1962] [These tunes are the usual Duane Eddy cuts, but renamed as twist songs to make them sound current.] Rebel Rouser Twist [Rebel-'Rouser] (E)/Cannonball Twist [Cannon Ball] (E)/Ramrod Twist [Ram Rod] (E)/Movin' And Groovin' Twist [Movin' 'N Groovin'] (E)/Twisting Peter Gunn [Peter Gunn] (S)/ The Fuzzy Twist [Fuzz] (S)//Hard Times Twist [Hard Times] (S)/Sunshine Twist [You Are My Sunshine] (S)/Twisting Drivin' Home [Drivin' Home] (S)/Twisting Up And Down [Up And Down] (E)/ Liza Jane Twist [Liza Jane] (S)/The Battle Twist [The Battle] (S)

JLP 70-3023/JLP 70-3023 ST - You'll Lose a Good Thing - Barbara Lynn [1962] Second Fiddle Girl (E)/Give Me A Break (E)/Dina And Petrina (E)/Lonely Heartaches (E)/You Don't Sleep At Night (E)/I'm Sorry I Met You (E)//You'll Lose A Good Thing (E)/Heartbreaking Years (E)/Teen Age Blues (E)/What I Need Is Love (E)/You Don't Have To Go (E)/Letter To Mommy And Daddy (E)

JLP 70-3024/JLP 70-3024 ST - Surfin' with Duane Eddy - Duane Eddy [1963] Peter Gunn (S)/Kommotion (S)/Hard Times (S)/Moovin' 'N Groovin' (E)/Yep! (E)/Ramrod (E)//Up And Down (E)/Stalkin' (E)/I Almost Lost My Mind (E)/Some Kinda' Earthquake (S)/Cannonball (E)/ Rebel-'Rouser (E)

JLP 70-3025/JLP 70-3025 ST - Duane Eddy in Person - Duane Eddy [1963] (same as 3024, except all cuts are studio cuts with applause overdubs) Peter Gunn (S)/Kommotion (S)/Hard Times (S)/Moovin' 'N Groovin' (E)/Yep! (E)/Ramrod (E)//Up And Down (E)/Stalkin' (E)/I Almost Lost My Mind (E)/Some Kinda' Earthquake (S)/Cannonball (E)/ Rebel-'Rouser (E)

JLPM-3026/JLPS-3026 - Duane Eddy's 16 Greatest Hits - Duane Eddy [1964] Rebel-'Rouser (E)/Cannonball (E)/Some Kinda' Earthquake (E)/Yep (E)/Detour (E)/Shazam (E)/Moovin' 'N Groovin' (E)/Peter Gunn Theme (E)//Because They're Young (E)/Forty Miles Of Bad Road (E)/Kommotion (E)/Ramrod (E)/The Lonely One (E)/Bonnie Came Back (E)/Dixie (E)/Pepe (E)

JLPM-3027/JLPS-3027 - The Pied Piper - Crispian St. Peters [1966] The Pied Piper (E)/But She's Untrue (E)/Goodbye To You (E)/Willingly (E)/At This Moment (E)/That's The Way I Feel (E)// You Were On My Mind (E)/Your Love Has Gone (E)/Jilly Honey (E)/So Long (E)/My Little Brown Eyes (E)/It's A Funny Feeling (E)

JLPM-3028/JLPS-3028 - Our Wedding Album or the Great Society Affair - Kenny Solms & Gail Parent [1966] (9-66; #40) Cast includes Kenny Solms, Gail Parent, Fannie Flagg, Robert M. Klein, and JoAnn Worley. The Tape Recording/The Proposal/The News/The Daughter's Hand/The In-Laws/The Guest List/The Wedding Gown//The Stag Party/The Birds And The Bees/The Parents Of The Bride/The Sister And The Movie Star/The Great Society Affair/The End

JLPM-3029/JLPS-3029 - It's Just a Matter of Time - Kit Kats [1967] Let's Get Lost On A Country Road (E)/Breezy (E)/Cotton Fields (E)/Liza-Jane (E)/These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (E)/The Nut Rocker (E)//Funny How Love Can Be (E)/That's The Way (E)/Sea Of Love (E)/Won't Find Better Than Me (E)/You Got To Know (E)/Cold Walls (E)

At this point, label design changes from yellow and white to orange and brown, and albums are issued in compatable stereo ("can also be played on mono equipment") only.

JLPS-3030 - Flash Wilson Arrives - Flash Wilson [1967] Stereo information not available. Innocent Man/Cherry Hill Estates/Mr. Charlie (If You Please)/We Won The Election (In Swahaila, Ga.)/My Cousin Cephas/The Dice Game/The Intellectual Comedian (Gorillas)// The Paratrooper/Slim And Shorty/The Beautiful Blonde/The Old Man/13th Floor/Living Color/ Political Speech/The Honeymoon

JLPS-3031 - Old 'N Golden - Various Artists [1967] Boogaloo Down Broadway - Fantastic Johnny "C" (S)/Sweet Dreams - Tommy McLain (E)/You'll Lose A Good Thing - Barbara Lynn (E)/Oh How It Hurts - Barbara Mason (S)/The Mule - James Boys (E)/ Yes I'm Ready - Barbara Mason (S)/Storm Warning - Volcanoes (E)/Talk To Me - Sunny & The Sunglows (E)/The Pied Piper - Crispian St. Peters (E)//The Horse - Cliff Nobles & Co. (S)/Dry Your Eyes - Brenda & Tabulations (E)/Ain't Nothing But A House Party [original version] - Showstoppers (E)/I'm Leaving It Up To You - Dale And Grace (E)/Horse Fever - Cliff Nobles & Co. (S)/Don't Make The Good Girls Go Bad - Della Humphrey (S)/Hitch It To The Horse - Fantastic Johnny "C" (S)/A Woman Will Do Wrong - Helene Smith (E)/Rebel-'Rouser - Duane Eddy (E)/Let's Get Lost On A Country Road - Kit Kats (E)

JLPS-3032 - The Kit Kats Do Their Thing Live - Kit Kats [1967] We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/Words Of Love/Little Queenie/Those Were The Days/Bumble Boogie//Distance/One Of Those Songs/Candy Man/Great Balls Of Fire/Draft Dodger Rag

JLPS-3033 - Casatschok (Life Is a Dance) - Alexandrow Karazov [1967] Life Is A Dance-Casatschok/The Cossack Song-Cossack Schok/Love From Moscow-Love From Moskwa/Wodka Chok/Casatschok In Grey/Natasha/Jacobuska/House Of Love-Shok En Casa/Balalaika/Ivan/lexandra/Careless Casatschok

J-LPS-3034 - To Understand Is to Love - New Hope [1970] [Kit Kats; some are new recordings of songs they did before.] Issued in stereo only. Won't Find Better Than Me (S)/Won't Find Better Than Me Medley (S)/You're So Good To Me (S)/Distance (S)/Let's Get Lost On A Country Road (S)/Breezy (S)/You've Got To Know (S)//Look Away (S)/Find Someone (S)/They Call It Love (S)/The Money Game (S)/Rain (S)/Gregorian (S)
J-LPS-3035 - Images - John Wesley Shipp [1981] You Needed Me/Images/On The Inside/There Never Was A Time/Love Will Never Be The Same Without You/Ship On The Ocean/If I Give My Love To You/Learning To Live With A Heartache/I'm Picking Up The Pieces Of My Life/Can't Face Tomorrow


Award Records LMP-711 - Welcome Back, Linda Lu - Ray Sharpe [1964] It's Too Cold/Bottoms Up!/Baby Face/Together We Will Always Be/Good Night, Irene/No Money Down//Baby, Baby, Baby/Cuttin' In/Haunted House/Cold, Cold Heart/Big Boy Pete/Welcome Back, Linda Lou

Virtue LPV-102067 - The Very Best of the Kit Kats - Kit Kats [1967] Money/You're No Angel/Sweet Little Rock And Roller/From Here On In/Hey Hey Hey/Lucille//Good Lovin'/Hoo Che Coo Che Coo/Our Farewell/Quiet Village/Stranded In The Jungle/The End

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