Chancellor Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 2, 2005

Chancellor records was established in Philadelphia in 1957 by Bob Marcucci and Peter DeAngelis. They were originally housed in a hotel, which had a restaurant called the Chancellor Room, from whence they got their name. The record company benefitted from the exposure they were able to get on the locally-based but nationally broadcast American Bandstand. Almost from the start, Chancellor was distributed by ABC- Paramount.

Fabian Bob Marcucci was one of the great promoters in rock and roll. He could take good looking, ethnic type teenagers of questionable singing talent and promote them into rock and roll stars. The 1980 movie "Idolmaker" was loosely based on Bob Marcucci. The story of how he found Fabian has become a legend. According to Fabian, who was 14 at the time, " I lived next door to a friend of Bob's. My father had had a heart attack, and there was an ambulance in front of our house. Bob was passing by and thought that his friend might be in trouble. He rushed up, and discovered that his friend was OK. He saw me, and asked if I'd ever thought about making records. I said that I hadn't, but he kept persisting. Several months later, I signed with him."

Frankie Avalon Frankie Avalon was another of Chancellor's stars, actually signed even before Fabian. Although he fit the "teen idol" image, he had been an accomplished musician for years, playing trumpet for a Philadelphia combo named Rocco and the Saints (led by a schoolteacher). He had recorded starting in 1952 (for RCA) and made many television appearances by the time he decided he wanted to be a singer and signed with Marcucci, figuring if James Darren could be a singing star, why not try it himself? Both Frankie Avalon and Fabian put a long series of hits on the charts from 1958 to 1962, which pretty much kept the label afloat.

The Panics By 1962, however, Fabian had stopped singing to concentrate on making movies. Frankie Avalon had also stopped having hits and was making a series of "beach" movies in Hollywood. With their two major stars gone, Chancellor faded. They tried to make dance records, following in the footsteps of another Philadelphia label, Cameo-Parkway, but were not successful. For all the reputation for finding handsome teen idol-type singers, by the time 1962 rolled around, Marcucci was putting together groups like the Panics who had little of the national appeal of a Frankie Avalon or Fabian. A cover shot of the Panics shows sisters Cindy and Misty (with frightening makeup and expressions) dancing in front of an oldish looking saxophone player (Tony Ferri). [Sonny Richards (drums), Dick Sharp (guitar) and Peter Mastrangelo (keyboards) rounded out the group.] In this case, "The Idolmaker" failed.

The hit "Party Lights" by Claudine Clark was pretty much the last gasp for Chancellor Records.

Except for perhaps the earliest recordings, the Chancellor material was recorded in stereo. They issued several stereo 45s in 1959-60. Many of the label's hits, however, never made it to LP, and there have been consistent rumors over the years that some tapes were misplaced. The recent CD issues on Taragon are listed here as an indication of stereo availability on the label. The Chancellor record numbers below are given with the mono number (e.g., CHL-5011) first, followed by the stereo number (e.g., CHLS- 5011).

The earliest Chancellor label was pink with black printing, "CHANCELLOR" in block letters above the center hole, curved on the perimeter of the label. Deejay versions of this label were white with black print, and this design was used for the deejay labels considerably after the design changed to the black label. The second label is black with silver printing, above the center hole is "Chancellor" in red, above which is a crest in red, blue and yellow, with a white banner underneath reading "Que Je Surmonte" (French for "That I May Overcome," which was the motto of the Chancellor of Shieldhill in County Lanark, Scotland...quite an obscure reference, to be sure).

Later, in the 1970s, Bob Marcucci was involved with Romar Records (the label name no doubt derived from RObert MARcucci), distributed by MGM. Romar's label looked suspiciously like Chancellor's, even down to using the same logo with the crest used with the black Chancellor label, and even the "Que Je Surmont" motto. Romar reissued some of the Chancellor material. Today, Marcucci is still involved in the entertainment field, heading up Chancellor Entertainment.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page, and we have no association with Chancellor Records. Chancellor Records is not currently active. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our "Frequently Asked Questions" page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1999, 2003 by Mike Callahan.



Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Chancellor CHL/CHLS-5000 Series. Original issues of the first three albums had the pink label.

CHL-5001 - Frankie Avalon - Frankie Avalon [2/58] Issued in monaural only. Oooh! Look-A There Ain't She Pretty/Short Fat Fannie/Young Love/Young And Beautiful/Diana/At The Hop/Honey//I'm Walkin'/Litty Bitty Pretty One/Dede Dinah/The Stroll/My Mom/You're My Girl

CHL-5002/CHLS-5002 - The Young Frankie Avalon - Frankie Avalon [1959] Stereo information not available. Pretty Eyed Baby/Too Young To Love/Fever/I Can't Begin To Tell You/Trumpet Instrumental (Bella del Mondo)/Hallelujah I love Her So//Undecided/The One I Love/Teach Me Tonight/Shy Guy/Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall/Hold Me

CHL-5003/CHLS-5003 - Hold That Tiger! - Fabian [1959] (5-59, #3) Surprisingly, the hit "Tiger" is NOT on this LP! Tiger Rag (S)/Hold Me (In Your Arms) (S)/Ooh What You Do (S)/I Don't Know Why (S)/Please Don't Stop (S)/Lovesick (S)/Gonna Get You (S)//Love Me Love My Tiger (S)/Don't You Think It's Time? (S)/Just One More Time (S)/Cuddle Up A Little Closer (S)/Steady Date (M)/Turn Me Loose (S)

At this point, label changes from the pink design to the black design with the crest. Later issues of all three of the albums above have the black label.

CHLX-5004/CHLXS-5004 - Swingin' On A Rainbow - Frankie Avalon [1959] (12-59, #9) Cover is gatefold type with 4 pages of Frankie Avalon pictures and a tear out poster of Frankie Avalon. Swingin' On A Rainbow (S)/Secret Love (S)/She's Funny That Way (S)/Sandy (S)/Trouble With Me Is You (S)/Talk Talk Talk (S)//You're Just Too Much (S)/What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You) (S)/Try a Little Tenderness (S)/Birds Of A Feather (S)/Step In The Right Direction (S)/Them There Eyes (S)

CHLX-5005/CHLXS-5005 - The Fabulous Fabian - Fabian [11/59] (12-59, #3) Cover is gatefold type with 4 pages of Fabian pictures and a tear out poster of Fabian. Remember Me (S)/Ain't Misbehavin' (S)/Gotta Tell Somebody (S)/Everything Is Just Right (S)/Gimme A Little Kiss (S)/Learnin' (S)//Gotta Make You Mine (S)/I'm Sincere (S)/You'll Never Tame Me (S)/Any Ole Time (S)/Give (S)/You Excite Me (S)

CHV-5006/CHVS-5006 - Hymns Of Heaven And Earth - Vatican Choirs [1960] Stereo information not available. Pange Lingua/Tantum Ergo/Mira Tuo Popolo/Panis Angelicus/Ave Maria/Oremus Pro Pontifice/Crux Fidelis/Tu Es Petrus/Inno A San Pietro/Statuit

CHL-5007/CHLS-5007 - Guitar To Remember - Bill Faith [1960] Stereo information not available. Holiday For Strings/Affair To Remember/Girl Next Door/With All My Heart/Mimi/Evening Rain/Trolley Song/Untouchable/Secret Love/Getting To Know You/Jeepers Creepers/Drizzle

CHL-5008/CHLS-5008 - Great Pickin' - Al Caiola and Don Arnone [1960] Stereo information not available. Caravan/Cosmopolitan/Foggy Day/Like The Moon Above You/Lover Come Back To Me/On the Alamo/Birds Of A Feather/Tree In The Park/Blue You/Chinese Guitar/Stompin' At The Savoy

CHL-5009 - The Hitmakers - Frankie Avalon/Fabian [1960] Issued in monaural only. Why - Frankie Avalon/Bobby Socks To Stockings - Frankie Avalon/I'll Wait For You - Frankie Avalon/Just Ask Your Heart - Frankie Avalon/A Boy Without A Girl - Frankie Avalon/Venus - Frankie Avalon//Tiger - Fabian/Turn Me Loose - Fabian/Mighty Cold (To A Warm Warm Heart) - Fabian/This Friendly World - Fabian/I'm A Man - Fabian/Hound Dog Man - Fabian

CHL-5010/CHLS-5010 - Introducing Linda Lawson - Linda Lawson [1960] Are You With Me/Where Flamingos Fly/But Beautiful/Me and My Shadow/You Don't Know What Love Is/Easy to Love/Meaning of the Blues/Mood Indigo/Like Young/Hi-Lili Hi-Lo/Make the Man Love Me/Up Pops Love

CHL-5011/CHLS-5011 - Summer Scene - Frankie Avalon [1960] Inside sleeve has song titles and "Win a Date with Frankie Avalon" contest. Summer Scene (S)/Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? (S)/If I Had You (S)/Swingin' Down The Lane (S)/On The Sunny Side of the Street (S)/It's Only A Paper Moon (S)/June Night (S)//For Me And My Gal (S)/If You Were The Only Girl In The World (S)/For Sentimental Reasons (S)/Over The Rainbow (S)/Love Letters In The Sand (S)/The Things We Did Last Summer (S)

CHL-5012/CHLS-5012 - Good Old Summertime - Fabian [1960] Inside sleeve has song titles and "Win a Date with Fabian" contest. Medley: In the Good Old Summertime-You Are My Sunshine-By The Beautiful Sea (S)/Five Foot Two (S)/Memories Are Made Of This (S)/Red Sails In The Sunset (S)/My Blue Heaven (S)/You Call Everybody Darlin' (S)//I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me (S)/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (S)/Put Your Arms Around Me Honey (S)/Ain't She Sweet (S)/If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) (S)/I Can't Give You Anything But Love (S)


CHJ-5014/CHJS-5014 - Apperception - Jimmy Wisner [1960] Stereo information not available, but probably true stereo. This album was reissued on CD outside the US (probably Europe) on 30 October 2001 on the Blue Moon label. Some tracks may have been remastered from the mono source rather than the stereo. Northcountry Distributors apparently distributed the CD in the US from the import market. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/Love Look Away/My Old Flame/Laura/I'll Remember April/Apperception/Baby Shoes/Timeless/Wind/Stella By Starlight

CHL-5015/CHLS-5015 - Tonight At 8:30 - Carol Lawrence [1960] Sleepin' Bee/Lazy Afternoon/It Never Was You/This is All Very New to Me/8 others

CHL-5016/CHLS 5016 - College Confidential (Soundtrack) - Dean Elliot [1960] Stereo information not available. The Mexican version of the LP (shown at right), issued on Gamma/Chancellor GL-151-003 in 1963, shows a photo of Mamie Van Doren and is considerably more provacative than the US cover. Main Title/Faux Pas/Make The Scene/Breakup/Blues Train/Mad Dad/Lazy Lady/So Be It (Blues)//Wild Ride/Gotta Be Hot Or Cold/Decision/Prelude & Lovers Quarrel/Let's Go/Raid/So Be It (Jazz)/End Title

CHL-5017/CHLS-5017 - Wild! Wildwood! Recorded Live - Various Artists [1960] First cover is in the "exposé" theme made popular by Confidential Magazine in the 1950s, and is in keeping with theme of CHLS 5016, above. Stereo information not available. Boston Hop - Playboys/Hi Yo Silver - Playboys/One For My Baby - Playboys/Young George - George Young Group/Flyin' Home - George Young Group/What'd I Say - Cousins/Oh Marie - Cousins/When Your Lover Has Gone - Nite-Trons/When the Saints Go Marchin' In - Cousins and Nite-Trons

CHL-5017/CHLS-5017 - Wild! Wild! Twist: Recorded Live - Various Artists [1962] Reissue of Wild! Wildwood! with a new cover to take advantage of the "twist" dance craze. Stereo information not available. Boston Hop - Playboys/Hi Yo Silver - Playboys/One For My Baby - Playboys/Young George - George Young Group/Flyin' Home - George Young Group/What'd I Say - Cousins/Oh Marie - Cousins/When Your Lover Has Gone - Nite-Trons/When the Saints Go Marchin' In - Cousins and Nite-Trons

CHL-5018 - A Whole Lotta Frankie - Frankie Avalon [1961] (10-61, #59) Issued in monaural only. Why/Venus/Bobby Sox to Stockings/Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops/I'll Wait For You/Don't Let Love Pass Me By/All Of Everything/Where Are You/Togetherness/Dede Dinah/Just Ask Your Heart/Perfect Love/Talk Talk Talk/Two Fools/Call Me Anytime/Ginger Bread/Tuxedo Junction

CHL-5019 - Rockin' Hot - Fabian [1961] Issued in monaural only. Tongue Tied/Nobody/Somebody Else/Singin' The Blues/Little Meanie Jeanie/King Of Love//Hey Little Girl/Kansas City/A Special Kind Of Love/Written In The Book/My Babe/Tomorrow

CHLX-5020 - Art Of Singing - Carlo Menotti [1961] (2-LP set) Issued in monaural only. Preparatory Exercises/Phrase Fragment/Arpeggio and Rhythm/Minor and Augmented Phrases. With comments from Frankie Avalon, Lucille Ball, Pat Boone, Red Buttons, Bobby Darin, Dion, Maurice Evans, Fabian, Connie Francis, Julius LaRosa, Hal March, Peter Palmer, Carmel Quinn, Dick Rogers, and Dick Roman.

CHL-5021 - The Veryest - George Young Revue [1961] Issued in monaural only. Secret Love/Basin Street/Theme For Jacqueline/Birth Of The Blues/Maleguena/Chantilly Lace//Bill Bailey/Mr. Wonderful/And The Angels Sing/Teach Me Tonight/I'll Walk Alone/Heavy Juice

CHL-5022/CHLS-5022 - And Now About Mr. Avalon - Frankie Avalon [1961] The Music Stopped (S)/Our Love Is Here To Stay (S)/Lotta Livin' To Do (S)/I Wish You Love (S)/Sail A Crooked Ship (S)/It Started All Over Again (S)//The Lonely Bit (S)/The End Of A Love Affair (S)/Can't You Just See Yourself (S)/What Is This Thing Called Love (S)/Opposites Attract (S)/Standing On The Corner (S)

CHL-5023/CHLS 5023 - Dixieland With A Twist - Carpetbaggers [1962] Stereo information not available. Ja-Da/Sweet Georgia Brown/Southern Style/Carpetbagger's Twist/Preacher/All Heart No Soul/Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/Some Of These Days/I'm a Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas/How Come You Do Me Like You Do/Rock A Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody/Alexander's Ragtime Band Pep Twist

CHL-5024/CHLS-5024 - Fabian's 16 Fabulous Hits - Fabian [1962] Stereo information not available. Hong Kong/I'm A Man/Come On And Get Me/Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/Kissin' And Twistin'/Stop Thief/Love That I'm Giving You/Tiger/Just Keep On Going/About This Thing Called Love/Got The Feeling/Strollin' In The Springtime/String Along/Hypnotized/Long Before/Turn Me Loose

CHL-5025/CHLS-5025 - Italiano - Frankie Avalon [1962] Stereo information not available. Italiano/Non Ti Scordar Di Me/Anema E Core/Non Dimenticar/Don't Ever Leave Me/Just Say I Love Her/Zingarella/You're Breaking My Heart/Solo Tu/Tornerai/You're My Rose/Capuccina

CHL-5026/CHLS-5026 - Panicsville - Panics [1962] Stereo information not available. Bony Moronie/New Orleans Twist/Please Mr. Postman/French Twist/Money/Panicsville//Ram-Bunk-Shush/Swingin' Shepherd Twist/Lucille/Mystery Train/Twistin' Good/Peter Gunn Twist

CHL-5027/CHLS-5027 - You Are Mine - Frankie Avalon [1962] Stereo information not available. You Are Mine/I'll Buy That Dream/I'll See You In My Dreams/I Care For You/I'll Never Stop Loving You/Yes I'm In Love//The More I See You/Honestly I Care/Sunday Monday or Always/If I Had You/If You Were The Only Girl In The World/With You With Me

CHL-5028/CHLS-5028 - Dance On The Wild Side - Various Artists [1962] Stereo information not available. Fat Backs And Greens - Playboys/Duck Walk - Playboys/Hey Mrs. Jones - Playboys/Flamingo - Cousins/Twistin' Marie - George Young Group/Night Train Twist - Playboys//Take A Chance On Love - Playboys/Booty Green - Playboys/Clappin' - Playboys/St. Louis Blues Twist - Cousins/Goody Goody - Cousins/Birdland Hully-Gully Twist - George Young Group

CHL-5029 - Party Lights - Claudine Clark [1962] Issued in monaural only. Party Lights/Foxy/Havin' A Party/Happy Birthday Baby/Disappointed/Dancin' Party//Freddy Blue Eyes/Your Love/My Turn To Laugh/What Kind Of Party/Somebody Else Is In My Place/Party Time


CHL-5031/CHLS-5031 - Christmas Album - Frankie Avalon [1962] Stereo content not available. A Merry Christmas/Blue Christmas/Christmas Magic (The Meaning of Christmas)/White Christmas/You're All I Want For Christmas/Christmas Holiday//Christmas And You/Dear Gesu Bambino/The Christmas Song/Christmas Medley: The First Noel-O Little Town Of Bethlehem-Silent Night/I'll Be Home For Christmas/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

CHL-5032/CHLS-5032 - Frankie Avalon Sings Cleopatra - Frankie Avalon [1963] Welcome Home/Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way/True, True Love/Who Else But You/If You Don't Think I'm Leaving/Dance the Bossa Nova/Heartbeats/Gotta Get a Girl/Married/Summer of '61/After You're Gone/Sleeping Beauty/Miracle

69800 Series:

CHL-69801 - Young And In Love - Frankie Avalon [1960] Issued in monaural only. Special cover with red felt-like covering, die cut front to frame a picture of Frankie Avalon on the inner sleeve. Young And In Love/Honestly I Care/Younger Than Springtime/Yes I'm In Love/I'll Never Stop Loving You/While We're Young//You Were Meant For Me/I'll Buy That Dream/With All My Heart/I Care For You/You Make Me Feel So Young/I'll See You In My Dreams

CHL-69802 - Young and Wonderful - Fabian [1960] Issued in monaural only. Special cover with blue felt-like covering, die cut front to frame a picture of Fabian on the inner sleeve. Young And Wonderful/All Of Me/Think Of Me/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/Take Me/It Had To Be You//Deed I Do/Suzie/I Wonder If They Know/All I Do Is Dream Of You/I've Got Nobody/Exactly Like You

Sea Horse Records CHS-7000 Series:

The following series was issued as "Sea Horse Records, a Division of Chancellor Records."

CSH-7001 - Schnappsie - Marla Ray[1960] (Narration) Issued in monaural only. Schnappsie Goes Ice Skating/Schnappsie The Race Driver/Schnappsie Goes to the Dog Show/Schnappsie and the Little Orphan

CSH-7002 - Bat Masterson - Eddie Bracken [1960] Issued in monaural only. This record features six stories and six songs. Stories are marked with an asterisk (*). Bat Masterson Theme/*The Day Judge Freeman Was Killed/Six Gold Buttons On His Fancy Vest/*The Duel In the Bella Union/Bat Masterson Tap-a-Roo/*The Lynch Party//The Old Chisholm Trail/*The Hound Dog Gun Duel/Whoo-Pi-Ti-Yi-Yo/*The Palace Café/Little Bat Masterson/*The Stage to Killer's Creek

CSH-7003 - World's Greatest Fairy Tales - Marla Ray [1961] (Narration) Issued in monaural only.


United Artists UAS-6382 - Frankie Avalon's 15 Greatest Hits - Frankie Avalon [1964] Stereo information not available. Venus/Why/Bobby Sox To Stockings/Dede Dinah/Ginger Bread/With All My Heart/Too Young To Love/Don't Let Love Pass Me By/Don't Make Fun Of Me/Where Are You/Who Else But You/A Perfect Love/You Are Mine/I'll Wait For You/Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops

Sunset SUS-5244 - Frankie Avalon - Frankie Avalon [1969] Stereo information not available. More/Days of Wine and Roses/A Perfect Love/Where Are You/Venus//I'll Take Sweden/Moon River/Every Girl Should Get Married/Again/Why

ABC ABCX-805 - Frankie Avalon 16 Greatest Hits - Frankie Avalon [1973] Venus (S)/Just Ask Your Heart (S)/A Boy Without A Girl (E)/I'll Wait For You (E)/Dede Dinah (E)/Ginger Bread (E)/Why (S)//You Are Mine (E)/A Perfect Love (S)/Togetherness (S)/Where Are You (E)/Swingin' On A Rainbow (S)/The Puppet Song (E)/Two Fools (S)/Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops (S)

ABC ABCX-806 - Fabian 16 Greatest Hits - Fabian [1973] Issued in monaural only. Tiger/I'm A Man/String Along/Turn Me Loose/About This Thing Called Love/This Friendly World/Come On And Get Me/Hound Dog Man//Got The Feeling/Steady Date/I'm Gonna Get You/Long Before/Mighty Cold/Stop Thief!/Hypnotized/Kissin' And Twistin'

Romar 2RMS-2003 - The Rockin' and Rollin' 50's and 60's - Various Artists (2-LP set) [1973] Why - Frankie Avalon (S)/Tear Drops - Lee Andrews & Hearts (E)/Turn Me Loose - Fabian (S)/It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards (S)/Party Lights - Claudine Clark (M)//Tiger - Fabian (M)/With All My Heart - Jodie Sands (M)/Bobby Sox To Stockings - Frankie Avalon (M)/I'm A Man - Fabian (M)/Lightnin' Strikes - Lou Christie (M)//La Bamba - Richie Valens (E)/De De Dinah - Frankie Avalon (M)/Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson (E)/There's A Moon Out Tonight - Capris (E)/Party Doll - Buddy Knox (E)//Venus - Frankie Avalon (M)/Rhapsody In The Rain - Lou Christie (M, edited "falling star" version)/Hound-Dog Man - Fabian (M)/Teen Angel - Mark Dinning (S)/Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymon & Teenagers (E)

TRIP TOP-16-21 - 16 Greatest Hits of Frankie Avalon - Frankie Avalon [1977] Reissue of ABC ABCX-805. Venus (S)/Just Ask Your Heart (S)/A Boy Without A Girl (E)/I'll Wait For You (E)/Dede Dinah (E)/Ginger Bread (E)/Why (S)//You Are Mine (E)/A Perfect Love (S)/Togetherness (S)/Where Are You (E)/Swingin' On A Rainbow (S)/The Puppet Song (E)/Two Fools (S)/Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops (S)


Taragon TARCD-1018 - The Chancellor Records Story, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1997] I Love My Girl - Cozy Morley (M)/With All My Heart - Jodie Sands (M)/Ginger Bread - Frankie Avalon (M, with countoff)/Turn Me Loose - Fabian (S)/Venus - Frankie Avalon (S, with studio talk and countoff)/I Cried - Joe Damiano (M)/Come On And Get Me - Fabian (S)/Just Ask Your Heart - Frankie Avalon (S)/Hound Dog Man - Fabian (S)/On My Honor - Hearts (M)/Sleeping Beauty - Frankie Avalon (S)/There Is A Boy - Maureen Gray (S)/The Masquerade Is Over - Five Satins (S)/I Wanna Thank Your Folks - Johnny Burnette (S)/Ashes - Screamin' Jay Hawkins (M)/The Telephone Game - Claudine Clark (M)/How About That - Dean Randolph (S)/Walk Me Home (From The Party) - Claudine Clark (M)

Taragon TARCD-1019 - The Chancellor Records Story, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1997] Dede Dinah - Frankie Avalon (M)/The Happy Mandolin - Peter DeAngelis (M)/Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) - Jodie Sands (M)/I'm Happy - Four Dates (M)/I'm A Man - Fabian (M)/Bobby Sox To Stockings - Frankie Avalon (S)/A Boy Without A Girl - Frankie Avalon (S)/Tiger - Fabian (S)/Why - Frankie Avalon (S)/Mr. Twist - Fabulous Four (S)/Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - Frankie Avalon (S)/I Don't Want To Cry (In Front Of You) - Maureen Gray (S)/Party Lights - Claudine Clark (M)/Lonely Heart - Five Satins (S)/Tag Along - Johnny Burnette (S)/Walkin' Through A Cemetery - Claudine Clark (M)/Cleopatra - Frankie Avalon (S)/Blue Summer - Royalettes (S)

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