Cameo Label Album Discography, Part 1
Main Series

by Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 24, 2009

The first Cameo label was orange with black print, with the cameo logo at the top. The design was minimal; only the album title and song titles appeared on the label (below the center hole) in addition to the side at left of the center hole and "33 1/3 RPM" at the right. This label design was used for album #1000, then abandoned, only to be used again with album #1009 (see below). The early promotional label had the small logo design like the labels used for LPs 1000-1005, but was white with black print. On the left side of the label near the top it said, "PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY NOT FOR SALE."

The second Cameo label was black, and was used for LPs 1001-1005. The mono and stereo versions were slightly different. The mono version was the same design as the first label (above), with the small logo, but it was black with silver print. The album title and artist were under the logo and above the center hole, with song titles (and songwriters) listed below the center hole. At left of the center hole was the album number and the album side designation, and to the right was "33 1/3 rpm RIAA". At the bottom of the label was, "THE MUSIC YOU LOVE IN HI-FI SOUND" written on two straight lines. On the stereophonic versions of albums LP-1001-1005, the label was black with gold print, with a larger Cameo logo. To the left of the center hole it said "Stereophonic."

Starting with LP-1006, and continuing to C-1009, Cameo reverted to the orange label with black printing, using both the large logo and the small logo, even though the records were mono only. These labels had had the record number and side designation at left of the center hole, and "33 1/3 RPM" to the right. There was no slogan or information at the bottom of the label for the large logo variation used for LP-1006, but there were some variations on the label used for LP-1006. Some pressings have the label name misspelled as "COMEO" at the left of the center hole. LP-1006 is the last album that was numbered without the "C" prefix; early albums, including 1006, were usually designated "Cameo LP-1xxx". The labels on records in the C-1009 jackets are known to have either C-1008 or C-1009 numbers; the small logo orange label used for C-1009 has "CAMEO RECORDS, PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA" around the bottom of the label.

Starting in 1960, the label changed to red and black, and this label was used for all Cameo issues until 1967. Near the end of the label's existence, in 1967, the label changed briefly to the red and orange design discussed below. In 1965, the Cameo series changed numbering sequence from the 1000 series to the 2000 series (which had already been used once in 1962, so there are several albums with the same numbers!). The promotional versions of this label were white with black lettering.

Although there was a new label designed for Cameo, it only appears on some pressings of some of the items in the new 2000 series. All of the 2000 series is known to exist with the old label; the new label appears on 2007 and perhaps other numbers. Whether this is due to differences in pressing plant label stock (in which case all copies are first pressings), or due to the use of the new label for later pressings, is not known. The new album design was red with black print, with a thick orange circle broken at the top for the new Cameo-Parkway logo. This was only used for at most a few issues, before Cameo-Parkway entered into a distribution deal with MGM. At that time, the series changed to the 20,000 series, and the label changed to a pink label with a new logo on the top.

In 1966, Cameo-Parkway changed the logos on both their Cameo and Parkway labels to a "CP" logo. The new logo was the same for both Cameo and Parkway, but for Cameo, the "C" was emphasized with the word "CAMEO", while the "P" was emphasized for Parkway records, with "PARKWAY".

Cameo put out many of their albums in stereo, although this is not well known. The stereo releases are noted with an "SC-" prefix before the album number, and where known, the actual stereo content of each track is given [S=True Stereo; E=Rechanneled stereo; M=Mono]. Those albums known to have been released in mono only are marked with a "C-" prefix, and those for which it is not known whether there was a stereo release are marked with an asterisk ("*C-" prefix).

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Original album label was orange with black print, with the small Cameo logo.

LP-1000 - Dizzy Dan Plays for Your Party - Dizzy Dan [Bernie Leighton] [1957] Released in monaural only. Original pressings of this album had the first orange Cameo label. Issued on red vinyl. Front cover, drawn by jazz cover designer Burt Goldblatt, gives the album number as "CLP-1000" but back slicks list it as "LP-1000". There is no album number on the label. The artist on this album is not identified, but similarity to LP-1005 and matrix number in trailoff groove area of "BL-1000" indicate it is Bernie Leighton. It Had To Be You/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Melancholy Baby/Heart Of My Heart/If You Knew Susie/St. Louis Blues//The Best Things In Life Are Free/Birth Of The Blues/Nola/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/Margie/Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries

At this point, the label changes to black. Mono issues had silver print with the small logo, while stereo issues had the large logo with gold print.

LP-1001/LP-1001 Stereophonic - An Adventure in Hi-Fi Music - Dave Garroway [1958] This is the same Dave Garroway that was the original host of the Today Show on NBC. Carioca/Arrivederci Roma/Tulips/Havo Nogiloh/Danny Boy/Sacred Elephant//Poor People Of Paris/Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Home On The Range/Hi-Lili Hi-Lo/Chinese Lullaby/Sentimental Tango

LP-1002 - Banned in Boston - Denise Darcel [1958] Released in monaural only. Always True To You In My Fashion/Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered/Love For Sale/I'm In The Mood For Love/Boulevard Of Broken Dreams/Every Man Is A Stupid Man//What Is A Man?/In Our Den Of Iniquity/Dormir/Chattanooga Choo-Choo/My Man/Legalize My Name

LP-1003 - Operation Dixie - Infirmary Five [1958] Released in monaural only. When You And I Were Young, Maggie/Wabash Blues/World Is Waiting For the Sunrise/St. James Infirmary/At the Jazz Band Ball/Georgia Cake Walk/Bye Bye Blues/Sweet Sue/Dixieland Shuffle/Everybody Loves My Baby/Battle Hymn of the Republic/Yes Sir, That's My Baby/Jada/Muskrat Ramble

LP-1004/SLP-1004 - Alone Together - Dave Appell Quintet [1959] Alone Together/You're My Girl/For All We Know/Easy To Remember/Little Girl Blue/These Foolish Things//Street of Dreams/Hush-a-Bye/I've Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)/Two Dreamers/Very Thought of You/Darn That Dream

LP-1005/SLP-1005 - Dizzy Fingers - Bernie Leighton [1959] Dizzy Fingers/Doll Dance/12th Street Rag/Nola/Kitten On The Keys/Somebody Stole My Gal//Maple Leaf Rag/Dardanella/Darkdown Strutter's Ball/St. Louis Blues/Canadian Capers/Take Me Out To The Ball Game

At this point, the label changes to orange with black print.

LP-1006 - We Got Love - Bobby Rydell [1959] Mastered November 21, 1959. Released in monaural only. Original pressings of this album had the second orange Cameo label. We Got Love/Ain't That A Shame/You're The Greatest/Home In Your Arms/Teach Me Tonight/Like A Baby//Kissin' Time/Because Of You/Lovin' Doll/All I Want Is You/You Were Made For Me/That's My Desire/What'd I Say

At this point, the label numbering starts using "C" in front of the album number.

C-1007 - Bobby Sings Bobby Swings - Bobby Rydell [1960] Released in monaural only. Album cover is designed as two "front" sides, one with "Bobby Sings" and the other with "Bobby Swings". Saints Go Marching In/Chemistry/Volare/Hey Good Looking/Stop Fooling Around/I'd Do It Again//Toys/An Angel Is Missing/I Cried For You/Where Is My Love/The Great Pretender/Please Don't Be Mad

C-1008 - Bobby's Biggest Hits, Volume 1 - Bobby Rydell [unissued] Planned as C-1008, but released as C-1009. Many of the records inside the C-1009 jackets say C-1008.

C-1009 - Bobby's Biggest Hits, Volume 1 - Bobby Rydell [1961] Mastered November 12, 1960. Released in monaural only. Issued with a regular cover, that is, not a gatefold cover. Original issue has orange label. Kissin' Time/You'll Never Tame Me/We Got Love/I Dig Girls/Wild One/Little Bitty Girl//Swingin' School/Ding-A-Ling/Volare/I'd Do It Again/Sway/Groovy Tonight

C-1009 - Bobby's Biggest Hits, Volume 1 - Bobby Rydell [1961] (2-61; #12) Mastered November 12, 1960. Released in monaural only. Same as above, but issued with a gatefold cover. Original issue has orange label. Kissin' Time/You'll Never Tame Me/We Got Love/I Dig Girls/Wild One/Little Bitty Girl//Swingin' School/Ding-A-Ling/Volare/I'd Do It Again/Sway/Groovy Tonight

At this point, the label changes from orange to red and black. Reissues of many of the earlier albums exist with the red and black label.

C-1010/SC-1010 - Bobby Rydell Salutes the Great Ones - Bobby Rydell [1961] Mastered March 14, 1961. Mammy (S)/That Old Black Magic (S)/All Of You (S)/Frenesi (S)/April Showers (S)/Everything's Coming Up Roses (S)//There's A Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder (S)/This Could Be The Start Of Something Big (S)/So Rare (S)/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (S)/The Birth Of The Blues (S)/Nice Work If You Can Get It (S)

C-1011/SC-1011 - Rydell at the Copa - Bobby Rydell [1961] (10-61; #56) Recorded live at the Copacabana on July 4, 1961. Mastered September 6 & 14, 1961. A Lot Of Living To Do (S)/Sway-That Old Black Magic (S)/They Don't Write Them Like That Anymore (S)/Homesick That's All (S)//Old Man River (S)/Don't Be Afraid (S)/Mammy (S)/Bless Them All (S)

C-1012/SC-1012 - Stairway to the Stars - Jack Wiegand [1961] Tara's Theme/Stella By Starlight/Shangri-La/Satin Doll/For Heaven's Sake/Street Scene/Land of Dreams/I Let a Song Go Outa My Heart/Little Girl Blue/Pomptom Turnpike/Prisoner of Love

C-1013 - Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker - Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker [1961] (12-61; #7) Mastered November 11 & 20, 1961. Released in monaural only. Not a compilation of their individual hits, this is an album of duets. Swingin' Together/Your Hits And Mine [7:32 medley where they sing each other's hits]/Jingle Bell Rock/Teach Me To Twist//Side By Side/Jingle Bells Imitations/What Are You Doing New Year's Eve/My Baby Cares For Me/Voodoo (You Remind Me Of The Guy)/Walkin' My Baby Back Home

C-1014/SC-1014 - Meyer Davis Plays the Twist - Meyer Davis [1961] Stereo content unknown. The Twist/Mack The Knife/Let's Twist Again/Sway/I Could Have Danced All Night/I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby//Meyer Davis Twist/Bill Bailey/Twist Along/Darktown Strutters Ball/Rock Around The Clock

C-1015/SC-1015 - College Twist Party - Carroll Brothers [1962] Bo Diddley (S)/Slippin' And Slidin' (S)/You Can't Sit Down (S)/(My Girl) Josephine (S)/Honky Tonk (S)/Johnny B. Goode (S)//Reelin' And Rockin' (S)/Jim Dandy (S)/Last Night (S)/What'd I Say (S)/Frathouse Twist (S)/Rockin' Robin (S)

C-1016 - 12 Top Teen Dances 1961 1962 - Various Artists [1962] Released in monaural only. Bristol Stomp - Dovells/Do The New Continental - Dovels/Foot Stompin' - Dovells/Mexican Hat Rock - Apple Jacks/Rock-A-Conga - Apple Jacks/Zoom Zoom Stomp - Dreamlovers/Slow Dance - Dreamlovers/Twistin' U.S.A. - Chubby Checker/The Fly - Chubby Checker/Pony Time - Chubby Checker/Dance The Mess Around - Chubby Checker/The Slide - Lavenders

C-1017 - Listen Son... And Other Readings By Jack Pyle - Jack Pyle [1963] [Spoken Word] Mastered February 13, 1962. Released in monaural only. Listen Son/I Want You/A Woman's Question//Ad Finem/To My Unborn Son/Ballad Of The Lady In Hell/The Touch Of The Master's Hand/To A Child Who Inquires

C-1018 - It's Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp [1962] (6-62; #42) Released in monaural only. Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)/Slow Twistin'/Gee/Two Loves/One Hundred Pounds Of Clay/Eddie, My Love//Mashed Potato Time/(Dee Dee) Be My Girl/I Sold My Heart To The Junkman/Remember You're Mine/Hurry On Down/Splish Splash

C-1019 - All the Hits by Bobby Rydell - Bobby Rydell [1962] (9-62; #88) Released in monaural only. Hey Baby/The One Who Really Loves You/Baby It's You/Dream Baby/I Know/Soldier Boy//Twistin' The Night Away/What's Your Name/Break It To Me Gently/Don't Break The Heart That Loves You/I've Got Bonnie/I'll Never Dance Again

C-1020 - The Wah-Watusi - Orlons [1962] (9-62; #80) Mastered July 6, 1962. Released in monaural only. Dedicated To The One I Love/Tonight/Mashed Potato Time/The Plea/Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)/I'll Be True//The Wah-Watusi/He's Gone/Let Me In/Over The Mountain Across The Sea/I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde Ronde)/(Happy Birthday) Mr. Twenty- One

C-1021/SC-1021 - Meet Julie Wilson - Julie Wilson & Ellis Larkin Trio [1962] Fly Me To The Moon/Love Look Away/Second Time Around/That Old Feeling/I Wish You Love/You're The Greatest//The Party's Over/Somedays It's Monday/Easy Come, Easy Go/Misty/Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most/Cry Me A River

C-1022/SC-1022 - Songs of Faith - Dee Dee Sharp [1962] Peace In The Valley/He/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/I Believe/Vaya Con Dios/You'll Never Walk Alone//It's No Secret (What God Can Do)/We'll Walk Together/Heavenly Father/Up Hill/Climb Every Mountain/I'll Make You Mine

C-1023/SC-1023 - Soul of the East - Buddy Sarkissian & His Mecca Four with Fred Elias [1963] Mecca Interlude/Tempo of the Veils/Laurentien Dreams/Drumselero/Chifti Sands/Caravan/Turkish Nightmare/Desert Moods/Carribean Holiday/6-8 Delight/Moorish Echoes/Habeebe Village

C-1024/SC-1024 - All the Hits of 1962 - Jack Pleis Orchestra [1963] What Kind Of Fool Am I/You Don't Know Me/Theme From Dr. Kildare/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/I Can't Stop Loving You/Midnight in Moscow//Ramblin' Rose/Lolita Ya-Ya/Roses Are Red/Stranger On The Shore/Al Di La/The Stripper

C-1025/SC-1025 - Folk Song Favorites - Three Young Men from Montana [1963] The Hanging Tree/Yellow Bird/Shenandoah/Keep A Hoppin'/Sixteen Tons/Bill Bailey//The Drummer And A Cook/I Wash My Hands/A Paper Of Pins/Hi Ho/Tomorrow Mary/College Life

C-1026/SC-1026 - All the Hits by Jo Ann Campbell - Jo Ann Campbell [1962] I'm The Girl From Wolverton Mountain (E)/It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' (S)/Things (S)/Teenage Idol (S)/Sheila (S)/You Don't Know Me (S)//Devil Woman (S)/As Long As The Roise Is Red (S)/Ahab The Arab (S)/Little Miss-In-Between (S)/I Remember You (S)/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (S)

C-1027 - All the Hits by Dee Dee Sharp - Dee Dee Sharp [1962] Mastered August 8, 1962. Released in monaural only. Twist And Shout/Party Lights/Snap Your Fingers/Seven Day Weekend/Any Day Now/The Wah-Watusi//Loco-Motion/Village Of Love/You'll Lose A Good Thing/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/Don't Play That Song (You Lied)/Playboy

C-1028 - Bobby's Biggest Hits, Vol. 2 - Bobby Rydell [1962] (12-62; #61) Released in monaural only. The Cha-Cha-Cha/Gee It's Wonderful/Lose Her/The Door To Paradise/I Wanna Thank You/I've Got Bonnie//The Best Man Cried/I'll Never Dance Again/That Old Black Magic/Good Time Baby/Don't Be Afraid (To Fall In Love)/The Fish

C-1029/SC-1029 - Down to Earth - Chubby Checker & Dee Dee Sharp [1962] (11-62; #117) Down To Earth (S)/You Came A Long Way From St. Louis (S)/Play It Fair (S)/What A Combination (S)/I Really Don't Want To Know (S)/Let The Good Times Roll (S)//Do You Love Me (S)/Pledging My Love (S)/One More Time (S)/Loving You (S)/Make Love To Me (S)/Hello Baby Goodbye (S)

C-1030/SC-1030 - Sunny's Gallery of Folk Ballads - Sunny Schwartz [1963] With Eric Weissberg and Fred Hellerman. The Cukoo/Two Brothers/Baby Lie Easy/Every Night/Little Brown Dog/Where Does It Lead//Maid Of Constant Sorrow/The Water Is Wide/Dirty Old Town/Madame Jeanette/Flowers Of Peace/Fernario

C-1031/SC-1031 - Humorous Folk Songs by Greensleeves - Eddie Greensleeves [1963] What Betsy Was Like/The Big Jack Kennedy Mansion/Jolly Minnow/Franklin and Johnson/John Glenn, He//Jump Down, Spin Around/I Know Where I'm Going/Sophomore's Lament/Me, Eddie Greensleeves/Matt Dillon

C-1032/SC-1032 - All the Hits by Dee Dee Sharp, Vol. 2 - Dee Dee Sharp [1963] Stereo information not available. The Popeye Waddle/Comin' Home Baby/Don't Make Me Over/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/Limbo Rock/Wiggle Wobble//Ride/You Are My Sunshine/Tell Him/First Star/The Push And Kick/Don't Hang Up

C-1033 - All the Hits by the Orlons - Orlons [1963] Released in monaural only. Don't Hang Up/The Cha-Cha-Cha/Ride/He's A Rebel/Big Girls Don't Cry/Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/I'll Bring It Home To You/Release Me/(Dance With The) Guitar Man/Chains/Stubborn Kind Of Fellow/Pop Pop Pop-Pie

C-1034/SC-1034 - Broadway Hall of Fame - Dave Stephens Orchestra [1963] Get Me to the Church on Time/My Favorite Things/America/Doin' What Comes Naturally/Seventy-Six Trombones //Getting to Know You/There is Nothin' Like a Dame/The Sound of Music/Oklahoma!/Would't It Be Loverly/Gee, Officer Krumpke!

C-1035/SC-1035 - Enchantment from Hawaii - Hawaiian Islanders [1963] Sweet Leilani/Moon of Manakoora/Sweet Someone/Nani Waimea/Mapuana/Minoi Minoi/Sea breeze/Ebb Tide/Maururu a Vau/On the Beach At Waikiki/Makaha/Vahine Anamite


C-1037/SC-1037 - Songs That Will Live Forever - International Pop Orchestra [1963] Begin the Beguine/Autumn Leaves/Never on Sunday/Summertime/Laura/You'll Never Walk Alone/Stormy Weather/Stardust/Old Man River/Always/My Melancholy Baby/September Song

C-1038/SC-1038 - Organ Favorites Forever and Ever - William Whitehead [1963] Serenade/Deep River/Love's Old Sweet Song/Traumerei //Clair De Lune/Beautiful Dreamer/Finlindia/Air on the G-String

C-1039/SC-1039 - Musical Jewels - International Pop Orchestra [1963] Ritual Fire Dance/Strada/ Miserlou/Summer day/Exodus/Mer/America/Julie La Rousse/If You Love Me/Peanut Vendor/Lisbon Antigua/A Media Luz

C-1040/SC-1040 - All the Hits by Bobby Rydell, Vol. 2 - Bobby Rydell [1963] Mastered January 8, 1963. Bobby's Girl (S)/Tell Him (S)/Ruby Ann (S)/Up On The Roof (S)/I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter (S)/Remember Then (S)//Telstar (S)/Loop De Loop (S)/The Alley Cat Song (E)/See See Rider (S)/Everybody Loves A Lover (S)/Two Lovers (S)

C-1041/SC-1041 - South Street - Orlons [1963] (7-63; #123) Stereo content unknown. South Street/Walk Right In/We Got Love/Muskrat Ramble/Pokey Lou/Mister Sandman/Don't Let Go/Gather Round/Charlie Brown/Cement Mixer/Big Daddy/Between 18th And 19th On Chestnut Street

C-1042 - Beethoven Ben Plays Piano Party Favorites - Beethoven Ben [1963] Released in monaural only. Georgia On My Mind/It Had to Be You/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Melancholy Baby/Gang That Sang Heart of My Heart/If You Knew Susie/Best Things In Life/Birth of the Blues/Nola/Cuddle Up a Little Closer/Margie/Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries

C-1043/SC-1043 - Bye Bye Byrdie - Bobby Rydell [1963] Honestly Sincere/Kids/One Special Girl/A Lot Of Livin' To Do/Medley: Bye Bye Byrdie-We Love You Conrad//How Lovely To Love A Woman/One Last Kiss/The Telephone Hour/Put On A Happy Face/Rosie

C-1044 - Chet Huntley Presents the Best of Washington Humor - Various Artists [1963] Mastered February 7, 1963. Released in monaural only. Intro - Chet Huntley/Sargent Shriver/Chet Huntley/Brooks hays/Chet Huntley/Barry Goldwater/Chet Huntley/President Kennedy/Chet Huntley/Adlai E. Stevenson/Chet Huntley/Adlai E. Stevenson//Chet Huntley/Charles A. Halleck/Chet Huntley/Thruston B. Morton/Chet Huntley/Brooks Hays/Chet Huntley/Mortimer M. Caplin/Chet Huntley/Barry Goldwater/Chet Huntley/Donald Ray Matthews/Chet Huntley/Kenneth B. Keating

C-1045/SC-1045 - An Era Reborn - Helen O'Connell [1963] The Sweetest Sounds (S)/Till There Was You (S)/Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (S)/I Can't Stop Loving You (S)/Small World (S)/Moon River (S)//Make Someone Happy (S)/What Kind Of Fool Am I (S)/Witchcraft (S)/Where Is Love (S)/The Sound Of Music (S)/I Left My Heart In San Francisco (S)

C-1046/SC-1046 - The New Sounds of Maynard Ferguson - Maynard Ferguson [1963] Take The "A" Train (S)/Bossa Nova De Funk (S)/Gravy Waltz (S)/Cherokee (Indian Love Song) (S)/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (S)//One O'Clock Jump (S)/At the Sound Of The Trumpet (S)/Maine Bone (S)/Watermelon Man (S)/Danny Boy (S)

C-1047 - Camp Favorites - Campers [1963] Released in monaural only. Group features Phil Ochs, later a noted folk singer, banjo player Dick Weissman, a female singer, and a group of children. Welcome Song/We'll Build a Bungalow/Polly Wolly Doodle/Gee Mom/Patsy Ory Ory Aye/Cannibal King/Hambone/Friends Friends Friends/I've Got Sixpence/1000 Years Ago/Adam and Eve/Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane

C-1048/SC-1048 - All Time Hit Polkas - John Koleski's Orchestra [1963] Who Stole the Keeshka/Krakowska/Money Money/Finger Polka/Fire Polka/Domino Polka/Heel an Toe Polka/Rummy Polka/Ice Cube and Beer Polka/Hay! Krajewski! Hay! Hay!/She Likes Kielbasa/Pulaski Skyway

C-1049/SC-1049 - All Time Jewish Dance Hits - Bobby Silver & His Orchestra [1963]Yass/Heveau Sholom Aleichem/Mayim Mayim/Patch Tanz/Korov Plzurenu/Hoibt Zick/Theatre Bulgar/Gypsy Bulgar/Alte Volachel/Hava Nagila/Artza Aleenu Dayenu/Or Zorua/Gis Arein/Volachel/Naya Shere

C-1050/SC-1050 - Do the Bird - Dee Dee Sharp [1963] Let The Sunshine In/I Will Follow Him (Chariot)/Rockin' Robin/He's So Fine/You Ain't Nothin' But A Nothin'/Reet Petite//Do The Bird/Be Ever Wonderful/Our Day Will Come/Just To Hold My Hand/Why Don't You Ask Me/South Street

C-1051/SC-1051 - All Time Greek Dance Hits - Dimitri Spyros [1963] Tsamico/Kalamatianos/Soude Soude/Poltiko Sirto/Hasapiko/Yirise/Kapio Mystiko/Thase Paro Na Figame/Ta; Matia/London, Paris, I Athena/Mono M'Esena


C-1053/SC-1053 - All Time German Dance Hits - Rhinelanders [1963] Liechtensteiner/Too Fat Polka/Hopfenzuper Polka/Bye Bye Baby Polka/Haus Hamer Platter/Lili Marlene/Blue Skirt Waltz/Oh Suzanna/O Mein Papa/Under the Double Eagle/Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen/Ach Du Lieber Augustin/Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone/Schnitzelbank

C-1054 - Not Me - Orlons [1963] Released in monaural only. Not Me/Forever/Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)/Mama Didn't Lie/Something's Got A Hold On Me/For Your Love//Too Strong To Be Strung Along/Bad Boy/He's Braggin'/He's Sure The Boy I Love/My Best Friend/Darling

C-1055 - Wild [Wood] Days - Bobby Rydell [1963] Released in monaural only. Wildwood Days/Summertime Blues/Moon Over Miami/Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer/Kissin' Time/Steel Pier//Sea Cruise/Surfin' U.S.A./Old Cape Cod/Down By The River-side/Lovin' Doll/See You In September

C-1056/SC-1056 - Rawhide's Clint Eastwood: Cowboy Favorites - Clint Eastwood [1963] Bouquet Of Roses/Along The Santa Fe Trail/The Last Round Up/Sierra Nevada/Mexacali Rose/Searching For Somewhere//I'll Love You More/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Twilight On The Trail/San Antonio Rose/Don't Fence Me In/Are You Satisfied

C-1057/SC-1057 - The Bernie Lowe Orchestra, Vol. III: Encore - Bernie Lowe [1963] These are songs "in the style of" various big bands. The Good Life/Our Day Will Come/Walk Right In/Fly Me To The Moon/I Wanna Be Around/Call Me Irresponsible/Days Of Wine and Roses/Blue Velvet/Hello Muddah/Danke Schoen/That Sunday/More


C-1059/SC-1059 - Teddy Wilson 1964 - Teddy Wilson [1963] Everything I Have Is Yours/Paris Mist/How High The Moon/Strollin'/Sidney's Soliloquy/Big Town/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing/Basin Street Blues/Nica's Theme/As Time Goes By/Satin Doll/Song From Two For The Show

C-1060/SC-1060- My Favorite Songs - Merv Griffin [1963] Sally Don't You Grieve/Have I Told You Lately/Streets of Glory/Who Can Hear the Wind?/My Eyes May Be Dry/Old Piano Roll Blues/Marching to Pretoria/No Letter Today/Roger Young/Rambling Rose/I'm a 12 O'clock Fellow/I'm Sorry I Made You Cry

C-1061 - Biggest Hits - Orlons [1963] Released in monaural only. The Wah-Watusi/South Street/Not Me/Don't Hang Up/I'll Be True/Them Terrible Boots//He's A Rebel/Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/Something's Got A Hold On Me/I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde Ronde)/Dedicated To The One I Love/My Best Friend

C-1062 - Biggest Hits - Dee Dee Sharp [1963] Released in monaural only. Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love/Mashed Potato Time/Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)/Do The Bird/Ride/Slow Twistin'//The Loco-Motion/Our Day Will Come/Twist And Shout/Splish Splash/I Sold My Heart To The Junkman/You'll Lose A Good Thing

C-1063 - Golden Hits - Chubby Checker/Bobby Rydell [1963] Mastered June 13, 1963. Released in monaural only. Birdland - Chubby Checker/Limbo Rock - Chubby Checker/Let's Twist Again - Chubby Checker/The Twist - Chubby Checker/Slow Twistin' - Chubby Checker/Pony Time - Chubby Checker//Volare - Bobby Rydell/Kissin' Time - Bobby Rydell/The Cha-Cha-Cha - Bobby Rydell/Wild One - Bobby Rydell/Wildwood Days - Bobby Rydell/Sway - Bobby Rydell

C-1064/SC-1064 - More (Theme from Mondo Cane) - Clark Terry Sextet Featuring Ben Webster [1963] More/Hobo Flats/This Is All I Ask/Gravy Waltz/Sid's Mark//The Good Life/Antony And Cleopatra Theme/Meditation/The Lights Across The River/Blues Fr'ell

C-1065 - Greetings from Hofbrauhaus - Isarspatzen Ensemble [1963] Released in monaural only. Amsel Polka/Im Himmel Gibt's Kein Bier/Prosit Polka/Feuerwehrball/Ich Moecht Gern An Biersee/Biergarten Polka/Einzug Der Hofbrauhausschuetzen/Auf Geht's/Alte Stammgast/Niederbayische Hochzeit/Maibock Walzer/Madlenka Polka/Watschen Plattler

C-1066/SC-1066 - Come Blow Your Horn - Maynard Ferguson [1963] Groove/Country Boy/Blues For a 4-String Guitar/Whisper Not/We've Got a World That Swings/Chicago That Toddling Town/Naked City Theme/New Hope/Anthony and Cleopatra Theme

C-1067 - Golden Hits - Orlons/Dovells [1963] Released in monaural only. Not Me - Orlons/South Street - Orlons/The Wah-Watusi - Orlons/He's A Rebel - Orlons/Don't Hang Up - Orlons/He's Sure The Boy I Love - Orlons//You Can't Sit Down - Dovells/Bristol Stomp - Dovells/Hully Gully Baby - Dovells/Baby Workout - Dovells/If You Wanna Be Happy - Dovells/Trickle Trickle - Dovells

C-1068 - It's Dance Time - Various Artists [1963] Released in monaural only. Crossfire - Orlons/The Cha Cha Cha - Bobby Rydell/Twist It Up - Chubby Checker/So Much In Love - Tymes/Hully Gully Baby - Dovells/Ride - Dee Dee Sharp//Stop Monkeyin' Around - Dovells/The Popeye Waddle - Don Covay/The Bossa Nova - Chubby Checker/Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp/South Street - Orlons/Baby Do The Froog - Dovells

C-1069 - Spares and Strikes Forever - Don Carter with Chris Schenkel [1963] Released in monaural only. How to Bowl instruction.

C-1070/SC-1070 - Top Hits of 1963 - Bobby Rydell (1-64; #67) The LP comes with a bonus 45 [Cameo C-1070]: "Forget Him"/"A Message From Bobby". Ruby Baby (S)/So Much In Love (S)/Go Away Little Girl (S)/Our Day Will Come (S)/Can't Get Used To Losing You (S)/Blue On Blue (S)//Wonderful Wonderful (S)/My Coloring Book (E)/If I Had A Hammer (S)/Blue Velvet (S)/The Alley Cat Song (E)/I Will Follow Her (Chariot) (S)

C-1071/SC-1071 - Tread Ye Lightly - Clark Terry [1963] Georgia On My Mind/Free and Oozy/Misty/Sapphire Blue/Sweet Juke/Lillies Of the Field (Amen)/Tread Ye Lightly/Freedom Blues

*C-1072 - Your Instant Dance Party - Artie Singer Orchestra [1964] A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/Fly Me To The Moon/Whatever Will Be Will Be/Mexican Hat Dance/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Twist Medley: Let's Twist Again-Hucklebuck//Rock-A-Bye Your Baby To A Dixie Melody/Al Jolson Medley: Toot Toot Tootsie-California Here I Come-Swanee-When the Saints Go Marching In/Stardust/The Goody Goody Medley: Goody Goody-I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter-Darktown Strutters Ball/Universal Circus Dance: The Party's Over-Goodnight Sweetheart

C-1073 - Down Memory Lane - Orlons [1963] Released in monaural only. Let The Good Times Roll/Tonite Tonite/(I'll Remember) In The Still Of The Nite/Sea Cruise/Little Star/Lovers Never Say Goodbye//Come Go With Me/You Cheated/Deserie/Stranded In The Jungle/Diamonds And Pearls/A Casual Look

C-1074 - Down Memory Lane - Dee Dee Sharp [1963] Released in monaural only. Tossin' And Turnin'/To Be Loved/I'm In Love Again/Good Night My Love (Pleasant Dreams)/Calendar Boy/My Prayer//Nobody But You/Stay/For Your Precious Love/Don't You Know Yockomo/Daddy's Home/Feel So Good

C-1075 - You Be a Disc Jockey (UBADJ) - Various Artists [1964] Released in monaural only. This album is a "how to" instructional record on being a deejay. One side has a deejay that introduces edited versions of records, jingles, weather reports, time checks, made-up commercials, and interviews. The other side is exactly the same, only the deejay's voice is gone, and you insert yours where it tells you in the script. A script pamphlet is included with the record. Dee Dee Sharp does one short interview and Bobby Rydell does another. Abridged versions of songs on this LP are as follows: Loddy Lo - Chubby Checker/So Much In Love - Tymes/Wildwood Days - Bobby Rydell/You Can't Sit Down - Dovells/Wild! - Dee Dee Sharp/Crossfire - Orlons/Silhouettes - Rays/The Conqueror - Tootie & The Bouquets

C-1076/SC-1076 - Five on Eight - Rufus Jones [1964] I Long For Your Love/My Special Dream/Prize - Theme/Ebb Tide/Bird Brain/Just About That Time/Secret/Rollin'/Aluminum Baby

C-1077/SC-1077 - An Evening With Carol Lawrence - Carol Lawrence [1964] Stereo information not known. Out Of This World/Long About Now/You Fascinate Me So/Why Can't I/I Wonder What Became Of Me/Hallelujah//Love Me Or Leave Me/Quiet Room/Folk Medley: Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair - The Boy With The Blue Eyes/Ridin' High/Summer Rain/West Side Story Medley: Maria-Tonight-I Feel Pretty-Something's Coming

C-1078/SC-1078 - Jazz Goes Hollywood - Various Artists [1964] Blues For A Four String Guitar - Maynard Ferguson/I Long For Your Love - Rufus Jones/The Good Life - Clark Terry/Come Blow Your Horn - Maynard Ferguson/Theme From "The Prize" - Rufus Jones//(side 2 titles not known)


C-1080/SC-1080 - Forget Him - Bobby Rydell [1964] (3-64; #98) Voce De La Notte (Voice Of The Night) (E)/It's Time We Parted (E)/Darling Jenny (E)/Since We Fell In Love (E)/Too Much Too Soon (E)/Until I Met You (E)//Forget Him (E)/Make Me Forget (E)/Words Written On Water (E)/New Love (E)/Hey Everybody (E)/Wish You Were Here (E)

*C-1081 - Rome on the Range - Al Fisher and Lou Marks [1964] Hambones/Weigh Marie/Al An' Louie/No-Rento/Rome On The Range//(Side 2 not known)

C-1082/SC-1082 - Len Barry Sings With the Dovells - Len Barry & Dovells [1965] Mastered November 11, 1965. Hearts Are Trump - Len Barry (E)/Don't Come Back - Len Barry (E)/Havin' A Good Time - Dovells (E)/Lockin' Up My Heart - Dovells (E)/Save Me Baby - Dovells (E)/Miss Daisy DeLite - Dovells (E)//Little White House - Len Barry (E)/Jim Dandy - Len Barry (E)/Bristol Stomp - Dovells (E)/You Can't Sit Down - Dovells (E)/Betty In Bermudas - Dovells (E)/36-22-36 - Dovells (E)

Main Cameo Series Changes to C/SC-2000 Series:

C-2000/SC-2000 - Tossing and Turning - Ivy League [1965] Stereo information unavailable. Tossing And Turning/Almost Grown/That's Why I'm Crying/The Floral Dance/What More Do You Want/We're Havin' A Party//Funny How Love Can Be/Make Love/Don't Think Twice/Don't Worry Baby/My Old Dutch/Dance To The Loco-Motion

C-2001/SC-2001 - 18 Golden Hits - Bobby Rydell [1966] Mastered January 25, 1966. Wild One (E)/Kissin' Time (E)/Volare (E)/The Cha-Cha-Cha (E)/The Fish (E)/Wildwood Days (E)/I'll Never Dance Again (E)/Don't Break The Heart That Loves You (E)/The One Who Really Loves You (E)//Sway (E)/I've Got Bonnie (E)/The Door To Paradise (E)/Gee It's Wonderful (E)/Baby It's You (E)/Dream Baby (E)/Hey Baby (E)/Soldier Boy (E)/I Wanna Thank You (E)

C-2002/SC-2002 - 18 Golden Hits - Dee Dee Sharp [1965] Mastered January 8, 1966. Mashed Potato Time (E)/Ride (E)/Do The Bird (E)/Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) (E)/The Loco- Motion (E)/You Ain't Nothin' But A Nothin' (E)/Splish Splash (E)/Let The Sunshine In (E)/You'll Lose A Good Thing (E)//Slow Twistin' (E)/I Sold My Heart To The Junkman (E)/I Will Follow Him (Chariot) (E)/Rockin' Robin (E)/He's So Fine (E)/Twist And Shout (E)/Our Day Will Come (E)/Why Don't You Ask Me (E)/Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love (E)

C-2003/SC-2003 - Helen Curtis Sings Jackie Gleason Favorites - Helen Curtis [1966] Melancholy Serenade/Broken Hearted Melody/The Good Life/Hello Dolly/Heart And Soul/Frankie And Johnny//Bill Bailey/Dear Hearts And Gentle People/My Funny Valentine/Heartaches By The Number/Toot Toot Tootsie/Just In Time

At this point, logos on jacket covers change to new Cameo-Parkway design:

C-2004/SC-2004 - 96 Tears - ? And the Mysterians (11-66; #66) Mastered September 20, 1966. Originally scheduled to be issued as Parkway P/SP-7052, and that matrix number can be found scratched out in the trailoff area of the record. I Need Somebody (E)/Stormy Monday (S)/You're Telling Me Lies (S)/Ten O'Clock (S)/Set Aside (S)/Up Side [letters of the word "UP" are upside down](E)//"8" Teen (E)/Don't Tease Me (E)/Don't Break This Heart Of Mine (E)/Why Me (E)/Midnight Hour (E)/96 Tears (E)


C-2006/SC-2006 - Action - ? And the Mysterians [1967] Mastered June 15, 1967. Girl (You Captivate Me) (S, narrow separation)/Can't Get Enough Of You Baby (S)/Got To (S)/I'll Be Back (S)/Shout (S)//Hangin' On A String (S)/Smokes (S)/It's Not Easy (S)/Don't Hold It Against Me (M)/Just Like A Rose (M)/Do You Feel It (S)

C-2007/SC-2007 - Reflections - Terry Knight and the Pack [1967] Initially issued as Lucky Eleven LP 8001, but apparently switched to Cameo-Parkway almost immediately. Mastered February 23, 1967. Stereo information not available. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show/Love Love Love Love Love/Come With Me/Got To Find My Baby/This Precious Time/Anybody's Apple Tree//The Train/Dimestore Debutante/Dirty Lady/Love Goddess Of The Sunset Strip/Forever And A Day/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction


C-2009/SC-2009 - And Me...I'm Ed McMahan - Ed McMahan [1967] Claudia/My Funny Valentine/Wait Till You See Her/Somewhere My Love/Pretty Miss Alyce/The Most Beautiful Girl In The World//Georgy Girl/Try To Remember/Thank Heaven For Little Girls/Beautiful Girl/Loving Heart/They Call The Wind Maria

Main Series Changes to 20,000 Series (Distributed by MGM):

C-20,000/SC-20,000 - Beg Borrow and Steal - Ohio Express [1967] Beg Borrow And Steal (S, with train intro)/And It's True (S)/Had To Be Me (S)/Let Go (S)/Soul Struttin' (S)/Try It (S)//I Know We'll Be Together (S)/I Find I Think Of You (S)/Stop Take A Look Around (S)/Hard Times (S)/It's Too Groovy (S)

C-20,001/SC-20,001 - The Village Stompers - Village Stompers [1967]

Thanks to Tom Moulton, Dave Cox, John Grecco, Tim Neely, Doug Sahadi, Dennis Dioguardi, Ken Nelson, Randy Vest, John Tomasini, Alan Hinds, Larry House, Rich, Alan Guard, Hank Facer, Jason Koffman, Curt Clark, Groovin' Garrett, Dijalma, Dick Rosemont, Gregory D. Pawelski, and Bob the DJ.

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