Old Town Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: January 24, 2008

The Old Town record label was formed in 1953 by Hyman Weiss in New York City. He and his younger brother Sam had formed Parody Records in New York City in 1949, but it had quickly failed.

Hy Weiss Old Town was originally a rhythm and blues record company, and was run almost entirely by "The Weiss Guys," Hy and his brother Sam. Hy Weiss was born in Romania in February, 1923, but his family moved to New York City when he was a few years old. He got his experience in rhythm and blues records working as a salesman for many of the legendary R & B labels such as Exclusive, Modern, Jubilee and Apollo. By 1953, Sam Weiss was working for the Old Town Paper Company, a Brooklyn-based carbon-paper manufacturer (do folks nowadays even remember what carbon paper was? Or what "cc" on e-mail means?). When Sam's brother set up his label around that time, Hy used the Old Town name to save money by using the stationery of the paper company. The record label's offices moved quite a bit over the life of the label. Their address by summer 1954 was 165 E. 125th Street in New York, but by fall of the next year they were at 701 Seventh Avenue. By mid-1958, they had relocated to 1697 Broadway. In 1960, they moved to 767 Tenth Avenue.

The Five Crowns, mid-1950s (clockwise from lower left:)
Wilbur Paul, John Clark, Dock Green, James Clark, Nicky Clark. (Courtesy of Ace Records UK) The Old Town sound was strictly a New York sound, even though the records were distributed nationally. Essentially all of the artists on the label were from New York City and its suburbs. Partly because of this "hometown talent," Weiss was able to get a lot of exposure on the radio programs of Alan Freed on stations WINS and WABC. The label's hits were biggest in the Northeast: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Hy Weiss had an amazing ear for talent. While still a salesman, he recommended groups to the record labels he was working for, groups that became very successful. In 1953, he heard a group called the Five Crowns (who had recorded earlier for the Rainbow label) and signed them immediately, recording four sides that would be two of the first records put out on his new Old Town label. The group, of course, with a few personnel changes, went on to become the Drifters of the 1960s. He soon signed a number of groups that were to become New York vocal group legends, including the Solitaires, the Harptones, and the Valentines.

The Old Town output for 1953 was limited to the two Five Crowns records and a single by the Cherokee Band featuring vocalist Gloria Smith. For these three singles, Weiss used a series starting with 790 ("You Could Be My Love"/"Good Luck Darling" by the Five Crowns). Their followup, "Lullaby of the Bells"/"Later Later Baby" was issued as #792, and the Cherokee Band's "Low Down Man"/"My Heart Belongs to You" was #793. This were issued on 78 rpm.

Early 45s were yellow with an Old English logo By May of 1954, the Weiss brothers had decided to make the record label more than a part-time endeavor. They signed what would turn out to be their longest-lasting talent, a group called the Solitaires, and started a new catalog series with their first release, "Blue Valentine"/"I Wonder Why" [Old Town 1000]. The 1000 series would be the main series for singles throughout the 1950s and 1960s (there was also a short-lived 300 series in 1956/57). Other 1954 releases by the Solitaires were "If I Loved You"/"Chapel of St. Clair" [Old Town 1003], "Please Remember My Heart"/"South Of The Border" [Old Town 1006], and "Lonely"/"Chances I've Taken" [Old Town 1008]. Ursula Reed's "Ursula's Blues"/"Laffin'" was issued on Old Town 1001. In November, Old Town 1009 was the classic "Tonight Kathleen"/"Summer Love" by the Valentines, ending the year with six issues.

The next year, 1955, brought only five additional singles, four more by the Solitaires (including "The Wedding", issued on Old Town 1014 in September), and "The Masquerade Is Over"/"My Dearest Darling" by the Clefftones [Old Town 1011].

By 1956, Old Town signed a number of new artists, including Billy Bland, Ruth McFadden and the Supremes, the Royaltones (an R&B vocal group not to be confused with the Detroit-based instrumental band of the 1960s), vocal duet Robert & Johnny, blues legend Sonny Terry, Gwen Edwards & the Co- Eds, and blues vocalist/pianist Bob Gaddy. In 1957 Old Town added Dolores Coleman, the Keynotes, and the Fi-Tones. Success during this period was generally limited to the New York area, with hits like "Walking Along" by the Solitaires. Released in February, 1957, "Walking Along" was covered by the Diamonds a year later, who charted with it nationally. Even though the original did not make any chart nationally, it has been the more-played version on oldies stations for the past several decades, and is quite well known today.

It was early 1958 before Old Town placed any records on the national charts. "We Belong Together," the fifth Old Town single by Robert & Johnny [Old Town 1047] inched up to #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and placed #12 on the R&B side. Their followup single, "I Believe in You", managed only #93. Although the duo (Robert Carr and Johnny Mitchell, from the Bronx) issued eight additional singles (and a reissue of "We Belong Together" as Old Town 1086, which reached #104 in late 1961 as part of the dawn of oldies on radio), further success, as they say, eluded them.

Other new artists on Old Town in 1958 included the Tremaines, Preston Brown, the Inspirations, Riff Ruffin, the Rogues (who also recorded on the 300 series), Vinny Lee, and Arthur Prysock. Prysock had been recording since the early 1950s, and would become the main album artist for the label, with over a dozen Old Town albums to his credit over the years.

The Fiestas (Courtesy of Ace Records UK) But Hy Weiss saved the best for last in 1958. Near the end of the year, Weiss issued a blockbuster single, "So Fine" by the Fiestas [Old Town 1062], which took off slowly, but by the spring of 1959, was in the national R&B top-10, eventually reaching #3, and crossing over to #11 on the Hot 100. The uncharted flipside, "Last Night I Dreamed," was an outstanding group vocal that could easily have hit on it's own. In fact, Hy Weiss had said that during the last weeks of the record's popularity, it was for "Last Night I Dreamed" that people were buying the record. As much of a classic as "So Fine" is, "Last Night I Dreamed" can arguably make the mythical top five in all-time great non-charting flip sides. The Fiestas were from Newark, New Jersey, and were originally made up of Tommy Bullock (lead, later aka Tommy Andre), Eddie Morris (tenor), Sam Ingalls (baritone), and Preston Lane (bass). Unfortunately, it took the group eight more singles to reach the charts again, this time with "Broken Heart" [Old Town 1122], which reached #18 R&B and #81 pop in the summer of 1962, followed by "I Feel Good All Over" [Old Town 1127, #123].

1959 brought no more new artists, and no more chart records besides "So Fine." But Billy Bland, who had released three non-charting singles for Old Town in 1956-57, came back in early 1960 with "Let the Little Girl Dance" [Old Town 1076], which became Old Town's first pop top-10, reaching #7 (and #11 R&B). Arthur Prysock made #19 on the R&B charts a few months later with "The Very Thought of You" [Old Town 1079], after which Billy Bland came back with two singles that made it to the bottom reaches of the pop charts: "You Were Born to Be Loved"/"Pardon Me" [Old Town 1082, #94/#102] and "Harmony" [Old Town 1088, #91].

At the end of 1960, Old Town released a master that had been on two other record labels before: "There's a Moon Out Tonight" by the Capris [Old Town 1094], which became Old Town's all-time highest pop charter, reaching #3. The story of how the record ended up on Old Town is found on the Lost Nite page. Other chart hits in 1961 included the Capris' "Where I Fell in Love" [Old Town 1099, #74], Billy Bland's "My Heart's on Fire" [Old Town 1105, #90], Arthur Prysock's "One More Time" [Old Town 1106, #30 R&B], and the Capris' "Girl in My Dreams" [Old Town 1107, #92].

The Earls (Courtesy of Ace Records UK) Near the end of 1961, Old Town released another record that was slow to hit, "Dear One" by Larry Finnegan [Old Town 1113], which entered the charts in February, 1962, but eventually reached #11. Besides the aforementioned two Fiestas sides, that was it for the chart action for Old Town in 1962.

At the end of 1962, Old Town signed another group from the Bronx, a vocal quartet called the Earls, who had previously been known as the High Hatters when they recorded a couple of records for the Rome label in 1959. They were told at that session to find a new name, and picked "Earls" out of the dictionary. The group was basically a doo-wop group, and their first record for Old Town, "Remember Then" [Old Town 1130], was a perfect throwback and fit well with the oldies boomlet on the radio. It jumped on the national charts in December, 1962, eventually reaching #24 pop and #29 R&B. Their next two offerings, however, didn't get past the "bubbling under" section: "Never" [Old Town 1133, #119] and "Eyes" [Old Town 1141, #123]. The Earls were fronted by singer Larry Figueiredo, who went by the name Larry Chance. The Earls were also one of the only doo-wop groups to rate an album contemporaneously with their hits, rather than decades later.

By 1963, Old Town was releasing a lot of singles without a lot of chart success. By 1964, things were clearly winding down. Arthur Prysock registered two chart singles in 1964, two more in 1965, and one in 1966, but gone were the days of top-10 pop records. An interesting footnote was "Jerk It", the 1965 single by the Gypsies [Old Town 1180, #111, #33 R&B]. The Gypsies were an all-girl vocal group signed in 1964. They had earlier released a non-charting single and later released two others on Old Town. They were sisters Betty, Shirley, and Earnestine Pearce and Lestine Johnson. Four years later, Shirley and Earnestine were part of the Flirtations, who had a top-40 single with "Nothing But a Heartache" [Deram 85038].

Old Town stopped issuing records in 1966, only to pick up again in 1973, continuing where they left off, with Arthur Prysock releases. This lasted until 1978 or so, when the records stopped.

The album Your Old Favorites on the Old Town is a fine sampler of the Old Town label. This album was reissued in 1970 on the Cotillion label as Solid Gold Old Town, and is worth seeking out. The Earls' album, Remember Me Baby [Old Town LP-104], is also very collectable. If you find one, though, be aware that this album was bootleged in the 1970s and is an almost identical copy. The originals have "LP-104 A" and "LP-104 B" stamped in the run-out wax, while the bootlegs have "104 A" and "104 B" scratched into the run-out wax. It was also reissued on the Woodbury label, owned by Hy Weiss, in 1974 [Woodbury 104].

The Old Town label did do stereo recordings, although the original albums in the 100 series are believed to have been issued in mono only. All but one of the songs on LP-104 by the Earls have been reissued in stereo on the Ace (UK) compact disc reissue Remember Then: The Best of the Earls [Ace CDCHD 366], which was released in 1992. Likewise, many of the Fiestas later recordings appeared in stereo on the 1993 Ace CD The Oh So Fine Fiestas [Ace CDCHD 382]. A few other stereo tracks appear on the two CD set Old Town Doo Wop, Volumes 1 & 2 [Ace CDCHD 433 and CDCHD 470], issued in 1993. All of these CD reissues were the work of "Little Walter" DeVenne and Bob Hyde.

Old Town survived into the 1970s mainly by issuing the recordings of deep-voiced crooner Arthur Prysock. Arthur was the brother of Red Prysock, who had several rock and roll instrumental hits in the 1950s.

Hy Weiss, a music industry legend, died March 21, 2007.

The earliest singles on the Old Town label were yellow with black print, with the "Old Town" logo at the top. Very early singles, i.e., 1955 and earlier, had the logo in Old English font (see example above). This was changed to a more modern font on both the 78s and 45s. This yellow label is known to have been issued on singles until mid-1958.
In mid-1958, both the 78s and 45s changed label design to a blue label. The 78 label was plain with an Old English logo, reverting back to the early design, but in blue with silver print. The 45 label design featured a new logo, a light blue with black print, and with the outline of a city behind the words "Old Town Records". This changeover from the yellow label was made some time between Old Town 1050, which was issued on the yellow label, and Old Town 1057, which had the new blue label for both 78 and 45.

About 1962, Old Town switched label designs again (far left), this time to a black label with silver print, with a blue skyline at the top, and "Old Town" written in red on a full moon above the skyline. Hits as early as "Dear One" from late 1961 and as late as the Earls hits in 1963 are known on the light blue label, but also on the newer black label, suggesting old label stock was used until depleted or that, less likely, many singles were re-pressed after the initial pressings (less likely because they weren't really hits). The album label (near left) was blue with black print, like the blue 45 label, even after the changeover to the black label for the 45s.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

100 Series:

LP-101 - Your Old Favorites on the Old Town - Various Artists [1959] So Fine - Fiestas/Life Is But A Dream - Harptones/The Wedding - Solitaires/Wonder Of The World - Keytones/You're Mine - Robert & Johnny/Love You Baby All The Time - Co-Eds//We Belong Together - Robert & Johnny/Walkin' Along - Solitaires/Darling Listen To The Words Of This Song - Ruth McFadden/Tonight Kathleen - Valentines/Crazy Love - Royaltones/Chicken Hop - Billy Bland

LP-102 - I Worry About You - Arthur Prysock [1960] I Worry About You/My Everything/If Ever I Should Fall In Love/I Love You So/Don't Quit Me Now/Keep A Light In The Window For Me/Very Thought Of You/You Loved Me Yesterday/My Faith/You Never Know About Love/Greatest Gift/I Just Want To make Love To You

LP-103 - Bells Are Tolling - Fairfield Four [1962] What Are They Doing In Heaven/Memories (Of My Mother)/Every Knee/Don't Let Nobody/Wait On the Lord/I Saw the Number/In the Old Time Way/At the Gates of the City/My Work On Earth Will Soon be Done/I'll Be So Happy/Hide Me In Thy Bosom

LP-104 - Remember Me Baby - Earls [1963] Remember Me Baby/Eyes/Out In The Cold Again/Life Is But A Dream/Cry Cry Cry/Our Day Will Come//Remember Then/Never/Amor/Looking My Way/Don't Forget/Kissin'

2000 Series:

LP-2001 - In The Purple Grotto - Al "Jazzbo" Collins & Lou Stein's Orchestra [1961] Purple Grotto Blues/It Don't Mean A Thing/It's a Wonderful World/King Tut/My One and Only Love/When Your Lover Has Gone/Harrison the Owl/Christopher Columbus/Purple Mood

LP-2002 - Piano Ala Percussion - Stan Free [1961] Manteca/I Love You Much Too Much/Kwivers/Blue Lester/I Worry 'Bout You/7 Come 11/Time On My Hands/That Old Black Magic/Mood Indigo

LP-2003 - Plenty Of Horn - Ted Curson [1961] Caravan/Nosruc Waltz/The Things We Did Last Summer/Dem's Blues/Ahma (See Ya)/Flatted Fifth/Bali-Ha'i/Antibes/Mr. Teddy

LP-2004 - Arthur Prysock Sings Only For You - Arthur Prysock [1962] I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance/Time After Time/April in Paris/Unchained Melody/How Do You Speak To An Angel/Let Her Wonder//Only For You/Song From The Moulin Rouge/When I Fall In Love/Imagination/I'm Through With Love

LP-2005 - Coast To Coast - Arthur Prysock [1963] You'll Never Know/You Are To Beautiful/What's New/What Kind Of Fool Am I/They All Say I'm The Biggest Fool/Love Look Away/I'll Follow You/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Fly Me To The Moon/Blue Velvet/April Showers

LP-2006 - A Portrait Of Arthur Prysock - Arthur Prysock [1963] Also released in 1965 by the Capitol Record Club as ST-90604. Ebb Tide/Stella by Starlight/I'll Be Around/Because/There Will Never Be Another You/Am I Asking Too Much//Autumn Leaves/Jet/Are You Ready For A Laugh/I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone/Where Can I Go/My Wish

LP-2007 - Everlasting Songs for Everlasting Lovers - Arthur Prysock [1964] You've Changed/You Don't Know What Love/Without The One You Love/Where Or When/Stranger In Town/My Everlasting Love/Make Someone Love You/Let's Start All Over Again/Let There Be Love/I'm A Fool To Want You/For Your Love/Close Your Eyes

LP-2008 - Intimately Yours - Arthur Prysock [1964] Full Moon/More I See You/You Always Hurt the One You Love/Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing/It's Too Late/Willow Weep for Me/In the Still of the Night/Cottage for Sale/I've Got the Blues So Band/Without a Song/I'm Crossin' Over/Teardrops In the Rain

LP-2009 - A Double Header with Arthur Prysock - Arthur Prysock [1965] You're Nothing But A Girl/Who Can I Turn To/They Say You're Laughing/There Goes My Heart/Sun, The Sand And The Sea/Open Up Your Heart/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Let It Be Me/I Live My Love/Hard Day's Night/Goodnight My Love/All Or Nothing At All

LP-2010 - In A Mood - Arthur Prysock [1965]

OT-2011 - Mr. Prysock and Guest - Arthur Prysock [19??] Sunday (With The Count Basie Band)/You Can't Come In/Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart/Where Are You (With Basie Band)/Pianissimo/Old Man River//Come See This Old Fool/Do You Believe/Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me (With Basie Band)/Speak To Me/This Is My Love/Our Love Will Last

12-001 Series:

OT-73-12-001 - Arthur Prysock '74 - Arthur Prysock [1973] Cover is in 3-D which can be seen with the usual red and green glasses. In The Rain/Don't Misunderstand/And I Love Her So/Good Morning Blues/Thank Heaven For You//A Day In The Life of A Fool/A Man Sings The Blues/Good Morning Heartache/Color My World/My Sweet Lord

OT-74-12-002 - Love Makes It Right - Arthur Prysock [1974] Hurt So Bad/It's Too Soon To Know/Loves Makes It Right/Beneath My Woman/A Summer Love//Hey Girl/A Happy Kind of Sad/You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me/Free The People/Make Him Let You Go


OT-12-004 - All My Life - Arthur Prysock [1976] I Wantcha Baby/All My Life/I Love Makin' Love To You/Baby I'm the One//When Love Is New/One Broken Heart/All I Need Is You Tonight/This Is What You Mean to Me

OT-12-005 - Arthur Prysock Does It Again - Arthur Prysock [197?] You Can Do It/Between Hello And Goodbye/Shady Lady/Love Is What You Make It/Never Gonna Let You Go (Stuck Loving You)/You're The Best Of All Ladies/Since I Fell For You


Cotillion SD-9032 - Solid Gold Old Town Volume 1 - Various Artists [1970] Reissue of Old Town LP-101. So Fine - Fiestas (E)/Life Is But A Dream - Harptones (E)/The Wedding - Solitaires (E)/Wonder Of The World - Keytones (E)/You're Mine - Robert & Johnny (E)/Love You Baby All The Time - Co-Eds (E)//We Belong Together - Robert & Johnny (E)/Walkin' Along - Solitaires (E)/Darling Listen To The Words Of This Song - Ruth McFadden (E)/Tonight Kathleen - Valentines (E)/Crazy Love - Royaltones (E)/Chicken Hop - Billy Bland (E)

Murray Hill 000083 - The Old Town Doo-Wop Box: 40 Vocal Group Classics from the Legendary New York R&B Label - Various Artists [1985] (3-LP set) Life Is But A Dream - Harptones/You're Gonna Need My Help Someday - Harptones/I Got A Notion - Harptones/School Girl - Harptones/It All Depends On You - Harptones/You Know You're Doing Me Wrong - Harptones/On Sunday Afternoon - Harptones/Mambo Boogie - Harptones/Tonight Kathleen - Valentines/Summer Love - Valentines/You Could Be My Love - Five Crowns/Good Luck Darlin' - Five Crowns/Lullaby Of The Bells - Five Crowns/Later Later Baby - Five Crowns/Little Girl (I Love You Madly) - Clefftones/Gloria - Clefftones/The Masquerade Is Over - Clefftones/My Dearest Darling - Clefftones/Guess Who - Clefftones/Please Give Me One More Chance - Eugene Mumford & Serenaders/Love You Baby All The Time - Co-Eds/I Beg Your Forgiveness - Co-Eds/I'm In Love - Co-Eds/I Love An Angel - Co-Eds/Dream Of Love - Packards/Ding Dong - Packards/Crazy Love - Royaltones/Hong Kong Jelly Wong - Royaltones/My Faith - Fi Tones/My Heart - Fi Tones/Zip Boom - Supremes/Tonight - Supremes/ Think - Universals/A Fool In Love - Keytones/Seven Wonders Of The World - Keytones/Zu Zu - Bonnevilles/Starlight Tonight - Inspirations/Oh What A Feeling - Inspirations/Possibility - Crowns


Ace (UK) CDCHD 366 - Remember Then: The Best of the Earls - Earls [1992] Remember Then (S)/Life Is But A Dream (M, slight hiss)/Eyes (S)/Out In The Cold Again (S)/Looking For My Baby (M)/Remember Me Baby (S)/Never (S)/Lookin' My Way (S)/All Through Our Teens (M)/Don't Forget (S)/Cry Cry Cry (S)/Without You (M)/Amor (S)/Let's Waddle (S)/I Believe (S)/Oh What A Time (S)/Cross My Heart (M)/Kissing (S)/Old Man River (S)/Never [alternate take] (S)/Ask Anybody (S)/Our Day Will Come (S)/I Keep A Tellin' You (S)/Cry Cry Cry [alternate version] (S)/Remember Then [alternate version] (S)

Ace (UK) CHCHD 382 - The Oh So Fine Fiestas - Fiestas [1993] So Fine (M)/Last Night I Dreamed (M)/Things We Can't Forget (M)/Our Anniversary (M)/I'm Your Slave (M)/Come On And Love Me (M)/Good News (S)/That Was Me (S)/Dollar Bill (S)/It Don't Make Sense (S)/You Could Be My Girlfriend (S)/So Nice (S)/Look At That Girl (S)/Mr. Dillon Mr. Dillon (S)/The Hobo's Prayer ()/The Lawman (S)/Broken Heart (S)/The Railroad Song (S)/I Feel Good All Over (S)/The Gypsy Said (S)/The Party's Over (S)/Try It One More Time (S)/Foolish Dreamer (S)/Rock-A-By Baby Don't Cry No More (S)/All That's Good (S)/Anna (S)/Think Smart (S)/Love Is Good To Me (S, with studio talk and countoff)/I Gotta Have Your Lovin' (S)

Ace (UK) CDCHD 433 - Old Town Doo Wop, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1993] There's A Moon Out Tonight - Capris (M)/Zu Zu - Bonnevilles (M)/A Fool In Love - Keytones (M)/Walking Along - Solitaires (M)/On Sunday Afternoon - Harptones (M)/Never Let Me Go - Royaltones (M)/Have You Ever Loved Someone - Vocaleers (M)/Later Later Baby - Five Crowns (M)/Message Of Love - Laurels [Orbits] (M)/(My Success) It All Depends On You - Harptones (M)/Love You Baby All The Time - Co-Eds (M)/Last Night I Dreamed - Fiestas (M)/Two In Love (With One Heart) - Ruth McFadden & Royaltones (M)/Last Rose Of Summer - Symbols (M)/Remember Then - Earls (S, alternate take with countoff)/Magic Rose - Solitaires (M)/Tonight Kathleen - Valentines (M)/Seven Wonders Of The World - Keytones (M)/Hey Norman - Royaltones (M)/Lorraine - Bonnevilles (M)/Why Oh Why - Tru-Tones (M)/I Love An Angel - Co-Eds (M)/You Could Be My Love - Five Crowns (M)/Mambo Boogie - Harptones (M)/Crying My Heart Out - Symbols (M)/I Need Your Love So Bad - Vocaleers (M)/I Fell In Love - Esquires (S)

Ace (UK) CDCHD 470 - Old Town Doo Wop, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1993] So Fine - Fiestas (M)/My Dearest Darling - Clefftones (M)/What Did She Say - Solitaires (M)/The Day We Fell In Love - Ovations (M)/Where I Fell In Love - Capris (S)/Zip Boom - Supremes [male group] (M)/Little Girl (I Love You Madly) - Clefftones (M)/Life Is But A Dream - Harptones (M)/Ding Dong - Packards (M)/Lullabye Of The Bells - 5 Crowns (M)/My Broken Heart - Chimes (M)/Hong Kong Jelly Wong - Royaltones (M)/School Boy - Ruth McFadden & Harptones (M)/Love And Devotion - Vocaleers (S)/Why Does The World Go 'Round - Escorts (M)/The Angels Sang - Solitaires (M)/My Babe (She Don't Want Me No More) - Supremes (M)/The Masquerade Is Over - Clefftones (M)/Good Luck Darling - 5 Crowns ()/Mexico - Chimes (M)/Dream Of Love - Packards (M)/Gee What A Girl - Hummers (M)/There's Something Awful Nice About You - Escorts (M)/I Got A Notion - Harptones (M)/I Give You My Word - Royaltones (M)/Do You Know What I Mean - Hummers (M)/Our Anniversary - Fiestas (M)/My Lullabye - Ovations (M)

Collectables COL-CD-5058 - Remember Me Baby: Golden Classics - Earls [1992] Similar to the Ace- UK CD Remember Then [Ace CDCHD 366], undoubtedly from the same sources. Remember Then (S)/Life Is But A Dream (M)/Eyes (M)/I Believe (M)/Looking For My Baby (M)/Remember Me Baby (M)/Never (M)/Let's Waddle (S)/Promise Her Anything [Larry Chance] (S)/Look My Way (S)/Tonight Could Be The Night (S)/Out In The Cold Again (S)/Old Man River (S)/Ask Anybody (S)/Don't Forget (S)/Kissin' (S)/Cry Cry Cry (S)/Amor (S)/I Keep Tellin' You (S)/Oh What A Time (S)/Let Them Talk [Larry Chance] (S)/(Do The) Continental (S)

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