Herald/Ember/Muse Album Discographies
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 5, 1997

Herald and Ember were formed by Al Silver in New York City in 1952. Herald and Ember specialized in vocal group records. Al Silver had a very good ear for group sounds and recorded the Nutmegs, Five Satins, Turbans and Mello Kings (Listed as Mellokings on their album but Mello Kings or Mello-Kings on some of the compilation albums). These groups were four of the most admired vocal groups on record.

Herald/Ember also had hits with Faye Adams with "Shake a Hand", the Silhouettes with "Get a Job", and Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs with "Stay". Muse was a subsidiary label that issued only one album to the best of our knowledge.

The first Herald label was multi-color spokes radiating out to the edge of the label. Printing was black, above the center hole was a yellow trumpet with a yellow banner hanging from it, on the banner was HERALD in black print. Second label was black with silver print, trumpet above label in silver with black banner below it, "Herald" in silver on banner.

The earliest Ember label was red with black print with lower case "ember" above the center hole of the record. Second label was white with black print, with eight circles around the perimeter of the label in various colors. The EMBER logo above the center hole is made up of burning wooden logs. The third label was black with silver print. EMBER to the left of the center hole with red flames coming from the word.

The Muse label was a low-budget operation all the way, from the looks of the album. The cover art looks like a paste-up rather than a photo someone took time with, and the vinyl itself is full of bumps.

We no of no stereo issues for any of these labels, although the Relic label subsequently issued many of the Herald-Ember songs in stereo.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

0100 Series

HLP-0100 - Three Swinging Bells - Aaron Bell [11/55] Lover Come Back To Me/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Stella By Starlight/Coolocity/There Will Never Be Another You/Somebody Loves Me/Old Man River/Devil's Creep/Man I Love/Softly As In A Morning Sunrise/Purple Mood/Cholly's Folly

HLP-0101 - A Man And His Horns - Anthony Ortega [1956] Happy Days/Handful Of Stars/Memories of Spring/They All Laughed/Titoro/We'll Be Together Again/Birdwatcher/Strolling Through The Casbah/Man And His Horns

HLP-0102 - Sounds Impossible - Douglas Duke Blue Moon/Tenderly/Everything I Have Is Yours/Nina Never Knew/If Love Is Good To Me/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Idle Gossip/Try A Little Tenderness/Moonglow/Old Devil Moon/I Can't Get Started With You

HLP-0103 - It Might As Well Be Swing - Sol Yaged [1956] Yacht Club Swing/Easy Living/Love Me Or Leave Me/I'll Never Be The Same/It Might As Well Be Swing/Auf Wiedersehen My Dear/Lulu's Back In Town/After You've Gone

HLP-0104 - All By Himself - Reg Wilson [1956] Birds In Flight/You're All I Need/You Only You/Now That Autumn's Here/When I'm In Your Arms/Serenade To A Sleep Walker/Oh (That Gal)/My Love For You

HLP-0105 - Have Swing Will Travel - Mickey Sheen Drums and Swing Travelers [5/56] Napoleon In Paris/ Sonny In Italy / 6 other titles

HLP-0106 - Marty and Teddy Napoleon - Napoleon Brothers

HLP-0107 - Music From The Hall Of Springs - Larry Caton Medley: One Kiss-Stars In My Eyes-My Wonderful One/ plus 15 other titles

HLP-0108 - In The Hush Of The Evening - Larry Caton


HLP-0110 - Herald The Beat - Various Artists [12/57] Original label was multicolor spokes with black print. Tonite Tonite - Mello Kings/I'll Be True - Faye Adams/When I Meet My Girl - Tommy Ridgley/Sassafras - Mello Kings/Paradise Princess - Al Savage/I Love You Madly - Charlie & Ray/Ship Of Love - Nutmegs//Shake A Hand - Faye Adams/Chapel On The Hill - Mello Kings/When You Dance - Turbans/Hurt's Me To My Heart - Faye Adams/I Had A Notion - Al Savage/Dearest One - Charlie & Ray/Story Untold - Nutmegs

HLP-0111 - Beloved Hymns - Larry Caton [1/58]

1000 Series

HLP-1012 - Lightnin' And The Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins [1960] Original label was black with silver print. Nothin' But The Blues/Don't Think Cause You're Pretty/Lightnin's Boogie/Life I Used To Live/Sick Feelin' Blues/Evil Hearted Woman//Blues For My Cookie/Sittin' Down Thinkin'/My Baby's Gone/Lonesome In Your Home/Lightnin's Special/My Little Kewpie Doll

HLP-1013 - Tonight, Tonight - Mellokings [1960] Original label yellow with black print. Tonight Tonight/I Promise/Our Love Is Beautiful/Sassafras/Once On A Windy Day/The Only Girl//Kid Stuff/Chapel On The Hill/Chip Chip/Valarie/Starbright/Baby Tell Me

HLP-1014 - Stay - Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs [1961] Original label was yellow with black print. Stay/Nearness Of You/I Remember/Running Around/We're Lovers/But Not For Me/So Fine//Always/The Winds/Little Mamma/Do You Believe/Come Along/I Love You Baby/I Got A Woman

HLP-1015 - Pot Of Golden Goodies - Various Artists [1962] Original label is yellow with black printing. (I'll Remember) In The Still Of The Night - Five Satins/Get A Job - Silhouettes/Story Untold - Nutmegs/No One Knows - Dion & Belmonts/Chapel Of Dreams - Dubs/Mio Amore - Flamingos/Florence - Paragons/Speedo - Cadillacs//Don't Pity Me - Dion & Belmonts/Do You Want To Dance - Bobby Freeman/The Wind - Jesters/Every Night - Channels/Itchy-Twitchy Feeling - Bobby Hendricks/Tonight Tonight - Mello-Kings/When You Dance - Turbans

3400 Series

LP-3401 - Sexcessfully Yours - Various Artists (Eddie Davis, Eddie Cantor, Milton Berle, Jimmy Durante, Al Jolson, Jackie Gleason, and Martha Raye)


ELP-100 - The Five Satins Sing - Five Satins [1/58] Original cover was red with a picture of the group. Original label was red with black print. "Burning Logs" label was also used with the first cover. I'll Remember (In The Still Of The Night)/Our Anniversary/Wish I Had My Baby/Wonderful Girl/Sugar/I'll Get Along/Again//To The Aisle/Pretty Baby/Our Love Is Forever/Oh Happy Day/Jones Girl/Weeping Willow/Moonlight And I

ELP-100 - The Five Satins Sing - Five Satins [1959] The second cover was black and gold without a picture of the group on the cover. Original label with this cover was the "Burning Logs" label, later it was pressed with the black label. I'll Remember (In The Still Of The Night)/Our Anniversary/Wish I Had My Baby/Wonderful Girl/Sugar/I'll Get Along/Again//To The Aisle/Pretty Baby/Our Love Is Forever/Oh Happy Day/Jones Girl/Weeping Willow/Moonlight And I

ELP-200 - Walkin' With Mr. Lee - Lee Allen [1958] Original label was red with black print. It was later pressed with both the "Burning Logs" label and the black label. Walkin' With Mr. Lee/Chuggin'/Short Circuit/Teen Dream/Ivy League/Bee Hive/Hot Rod Special//Boppin' At The Hop/Promenade/Tic Toc/Strollin' With Mr. Lee/Jim Jam/Lee's Blues/Big Horn Special

ELP-300 - Miss You - Thip Taylor [1958] Original label was red with black print. Miss You/Deep Purple/Since You've Gone/Laura/Very Thought Of You/My Heart And I/Dancing In The Dark//Stella By Starlight/But Not For Me/Infatuation/Diane/My Ideal/If It Hadn't Been For You/I Only Have Eyes For You

ELP-400 - Sweet Beat - Tony Crombie Orchestra [7/58] Sweet Sue/Sweet And Lovely/Sweet And Gentle/How Sweet You Are/(others)

ELP-401 - The Five Satins Encore Volume 2 - Five Satins [1961] Original label was "Burning Logs", it was later pressed with the black label. I'll Be Seeing You/A Night To Remember/Candlelight/I Got Time/A Million To One/Senorita Lolita//The Time/Shadows/Toni My Love/Love With No Love In Return/I've Lost/You Must Be An Angel

ELP-500 - Carload O' Hits - Various Artists [Unissued?] The March 1963 Schwann catalog lists Ember 500 as Carload O' Hits. This is the same record as Muse 500, which has the same number, 14 Herald and Ember songs on it, and a big blue block on the front cover where the logo was changed. Muse was a subsidiary of Herald. Whether this album ever came out on Ember is unknown. The Muse album does not have ELP-500 scratched in the run-out grooves; therefore the Muse album is not from the same master as the Ember LP if it was indeed released on Ember. (See track lineup under Muse 500, below.)

Ember Personalities Series:

ELP-800 - At The Waldorf - James Komack [1960] Label is black with silver print. EMBER to the left of the center hole with red flames coming from the word. Prize Fight Announcer/The Beat Generation/The Man With The Golden Arm?//House On 64th Street/Mavlick/Lady Chatterly's Lover

ELP-801 - The Humorous World of Justin Wilson - Justin Wilson [1961] The Front End/Hotel/Dynamite/Cajun Baseball Game/Declaration Of Independence/Drunk Driver/Auto Transport Driver//Indecent Exposure/A Father Teaches A Son To Hunt/Sweater Girl/Adventures Of A Furniture Man/Barroom/Duck Hunt/The Behind End


LP M-500 - Carload O' Hits - Various Artists [11/59] Label is black with silver print M-500 is scratched into the trail off wax of the record. The Joker - Billy Myles/Walkin' With Mr. Lee - Lee Allen/Get A Job - Silhouettes/In The Still Of The Night - Five Satins/To The Aisle - Five Satins/Tonight Tonight - Mellokings/Story Untold - Nutmegs//Shake A Hand - Faye Adams/Ship Of Love - Nutmegs/Tic Toc - Lee Allen/Wonderful Girl - Five Satins/When You Dance - Turbans/I Love You Madly - Charlie & Ray/I'll Be True - Faye Adams


SSR-7007 - Stay with Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs - Maurice Williams [1965] Reissue of Herald HLP-1014. All tracks mono. Stay/Nearness Of You/I Remember/Running Around/We're Lovers/But Not For Me/So Fine//Always/The Winds/Little Mamma/Do You Believe/Come Along/I Love You Baby/I Got A Woman

101 - Best of the Five Satins - Five Satins Jerry Blavat talks over several of the songs here, but it's just as well, since this is one of the worst sounding albums we've ever heard. Most of the cuts, if not all, are from other vinyl. In the Still Of The Night (E)/Our Anniversary (E)/I'll Be Seeing You (E)/O! Happy Day (E)/When Your Love Comes Along (E)/The Masquerade Is Over (E)//To The Aisle (E)/Wishing Ring (E)/Wonderful Girl (E)/Shadows (E)/When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano (E)/The Jones Girl (E)

Relic Records released Herald/Ember material on a series of records in the 1980s which used the yellow Herald label.

5009 - The Turbans Greatest Hits - Turbans [1980s] When You Dance/Let Me Show You Around My Heart/Wadda-Do/I'm Nobodys/B.I.N.G.O./I'll Watch Over You//It Was A Nite Like This/All Of My Love/Bye And Bye/Valley Of Tears/Sister Sookey/Congratulations


The following CDs are included to illustrate the stereo availability of the Herald-Ember material.

CD 7001 - In The Still of The Night Featuring Fred Parris - Five Satins [1990] In The Still Of The Nite (M)/Wonderful Girl (M)/When Your Love Comes Along (M)/To The Aisle (M)/A Million To One (M)/A Nite To Remember (S)/The Jones Girl (M)/Shadows (S)/Love With No Love In Return (M)/The Time (M)/Pretty Baby (M)/Candlelight (S)/When The Swallows Come Back (M)/A Nite Like This (M)/Skippity Doo (M)/You Must Be An Angel (M)/Toni My Love (S)/I'll Be Seeing You (M)

CD 7004 - Stay: the Best of Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs - Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs [1990] All tracks mono. Stay/Do You Believe/We're Lovers/I Remember/Always/The Winds/I Love You Baby/Do I/Come Along/Someday/Dearest Baby/High Blood Pressure/Running Around/Little Mama/But Not For Me/Please/The Nearness Of You/Come And Get It/It's Alright/So Fine/I Got A Woman/Here I Stand

CD 7008 - Tonite-Tonite - Mello Kings [1990] Tonite Tonite (M)/Chip Chip (S)/Valerie (M)/Do Baby Do (M)/Running To You (S)/Penny (S)/Sassafras (M)/Chapel On The Hill (M)/I Promise (S)/I Played The Part Of A Fool (M)/Kid Stuff (M)/Our Love Is Beautiful (S)/Thrill Me (M)/Once On A Windy Day (M)/Dear Mr. Jock (S)/Till There Were None (S)/The Only Girl (M)/Workout (M)/She's Really Cool (M)/Starbright (M)/Baby Tell Me (M)/Love At First Sight (M)

CD 7056 - Lost Treasures - Five Satins [1993] Please Be Mine Tonight (M)/The Voice (M)/Our Anniversary (M)/All Mine (M, acappella)/Our Love Is Forever (M)/Wish I Had My Baby (M, alternate version)/Weeping Willow (M)/Silver Waters (M)/That's Love (M)/She's Gone (With The Wind) (M)/Rose Mary (M)/I've Lost (M)/Senorita Lolita (M)/To The Aisle (M, alternate take)/Paradise On Earth (M, a cappella)/Oh Happy Day (M)/Playmates (S)/Church Bells Played The Blues (M)/The Voice (M, acappella)/When Your Love Comes Along (M)/Wish I Had My Baby (M)/All Mine (M)/I Got Time (S)/The Jones Girl (M, alternate take)/In The Still Of The Nite (M, alternate take)

CD 7059 - The Golden Era of Doo Wops: Herald Records - Various Artists [1994] Story Untold - Nutmegs (M)/Darling - Debonaires (M)/Tell Me Why - Sunbeams (M)/Gonna Love You Everyday - Heralds (M)/Tonite Tonite - Mello Kings (M, alternate take)/Ginny - Smart Tones (M)/Farewell To Arms - Turbans (M)/Vip-A-Dip - Mint Jeleps (M)/Next Spring - Desires (S)/I Wanna Holler - Little Butchie Saunders & Buddies (M)/Lay Your Head On My Shoulder - Five Willows (M)/Do I Upset You - Cashmeres (M)/Diary Of Our Love - Premiers (M)/Stay - Maurice Williams & Zodiacs (M)/Remember The Night - Loungers (M)/Come Back Baby - Sunbeams (M)/Eternal Love - Heralds (M)/So Help Me - Five Willows (M)/Whispering Sorrows - Nutmegs (M)/Bells Of Love - Mint Juleps (M)/Sister Sookey - Turbans (M)/Bob-O-Link - Smart Tones (M)/Bobby You - Desires (S)/Teenage Bells - Loungers (M)/Betty My Own - Dynamics (M)/Lindy Lou - Little Butchie Saunders & Buddies (M)/Love At First Sight - Mello Kings (M)/Gee Oh Gee - Premiers (M)

CD 7060 - The Golden Era of Doo Wops: Ember Records - Various Artists [1994] Get A Job - Silhouettes (M)/Dear Diary - Smoothtones (M)/Running After You - Boptones (M)/Fountain Of Love - Starlarks (M)/Love With No Love In Return - Five Satins (M, alternate take with studio talk)/Mary Ann - Barries (M)/I Am Lonely - Silhouettes (M)/Pocahontas - Camelots (M)/Hold Me Close - Marktones (M)/Give Me Back My Ring - Fabulons (S)/To The Aisle - Five Satins (M)/Send Me A Picture Baby - Starlarks (M)/Paradise Hill - Embers (M)/Bing Bong - Silhouettes (M)/Why Don't You Write Me - Barries (M)/Devil's Angel - Colonairs (M)/Be My Pussy Cat - Boptones (M)/Talk It Over - Marktones (M)/Miss Thing - Silhouettes (M)/Will You Dream - Skarlettones (M)/Please Call Me Little Boy - Roger & Travelers (M)/Our Anniversary - Five Satins (M, alternate take with studio talk)/True True Love - Corvairs (S)/Smoke From Your Cigarette - Fabulons (S)/Betty Jean - Boptones (M)

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