Evolution Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: April 14, 2011

The Evolution label was a subsidiary of Stereo Dimension Records, which in turn was a label run by Longines Symphonette Society, based in New York. The Longines Symphonette Society was owned by Longines, a Swiss watch company. Longines also sponsored the Longines Symphonette Orchestra, also based in New York.

The Longines Symphonette Society started issuing records in the 1960s, usually multi-disc box sets of old radio shows, as part of a subscription service much like Reader's Digest was doing. In the late 1960s, they bought the Capitol Record Club, and ran that until 1975. They started the Evolution label in 1969 to put some of their records in stores rather than be strictly mail order. Some of the early Evolution offerings were reissues of the Longines Symphonette Society radio shows. Many of their non-radio albums were leases from non-US labels like Quality of Canada or Fontana in Europe.

Evolution's biggest hitmakers were Lighthouse, a rock group from Toronto, Canada, whose "One Fine Morning" [Evolution 1048] reached #24 on the pop charts in 1971. The single was a complex edit of the longer track found on their LP. The next year, "Sunny Days" [Evolution 1069] reached #34, but three other chart singles didn't even reach the top-50. Lighthouse switched to the Polydor label in late 1973.

Evolution also charted (just barely) with Larry Santos' "Now That I Have Found You" [Evolution 1029] in early 1971, reaching #114. Santos, a singer-songwriter who had penned "Candy Girl" for the Four Seasons back in 1963, put out two albums on Evolution before moving to Casablanca in 1976, where he was somewhat more successful.

Michael Quatro, brother of the more famous Suzi Quatro, also had a couple of albums for Evolution, and scraped the bottom of the charts with "Circus" [Evolution 1062], which reached #108 in the summer of 1972.

Originally, the 2000 series was to be the main pop series, while the 3000 series was to be a jazz series. This did not last long, as after only three issues on the 3000 series, Evolution ran out of jazz material and began issuing old radio shows on the 3000 series. In early 1971, Evolution discontinued the 2000 series (which had reached 2022), and continued the pop releases in the 3000 series, the pop releases jumping from 2022 to 3006 and continuing from there. The 3000 series lasted until 1974. In 1975, the parent Longines company pulled the plug on the Longines Symphonette Society, the Capitol Record Club, and the Evolution label.

Both the 45s (far left) and the albums (near left) for Evolution had the same label throughout the 1969-1974 period. It was a creme or light brown color with a horizontal rainbow bar with "a stereo dimension recording" just under the Evolution skyline logo. The Stereo Dimension "Sd" logo was in a blue oval near the bottom of the label. Promotional copies used the same label with a promotional overprint.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Evolution 2000 (Pop) Series:

2001 - Great Moments in Radio, Volume 1 - Documentary [1969] Narrators: Frank Knight, Jack Benny. Day Time Radio Programs And Commercials Introduction To "Soap Operas": Lorenzo Jones/The Romance Of Helen Trent/Just Plain Bill/Mary Noble, Backstage Wife/"Ma" Perkins (The Last Broadcast)/Mary Margaret McBride With Mr. And Mrs. Alben Barkley; Commercials: Interwoven Socks/Chesterfield Smoke Dreams/Barbasol/Pepsi-Cola/Rinso/Lava/Crisco/The Longines-Wittnauer Watch Company//The Great Radio Comedians: Fred Allen And "Allen's Ally", With Senator Claghorn And Mrs. Nusbaum; Radio Adventure And Mystery Drama The Lone Ranger/The Shadow; The Classic Radio News Broadcast: The Von Hindenburg Crashes In Flames

2002 - Just A Man - Larry Santos [1969] Comin' Up In The World/Woman Child/You Got Me Where You Want Me/If I Should Fall/Can I Come Back//Baby What Song (Do You Want To Hear?)/Tomorrow Without Love/Subway Man/Paper Chase/Just A Man (Born Of A Woman Like You)



2005 - Jungle Odyssey - Mike Simpson [1969] Jungle and animal sound effects with exotic music.

2006 - ...And Now We Come to Distances - Gloria Loring [1969] Leaving, On A Jet Plane/Natural To Be Gone/Holly Would/I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself/Everybody's Talking//Wichita Lineman/Words/The Windmills Of Your Mind/Darkness, Darkness/Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

2007 - The Affection Collection - Affection Collection [1969] Girl/I Don't Mind/Watch Her Walk/That's My Song/I'll Be There/Come On Home//I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time/Hey, Little Man!/The Collector/Don't Live In The Past/Light In The Window/Time Rests Heavy On My Hands

2008 - What's a Man Supposed to Do - Roy Glover [1970] I Feel Fine/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Baby, I Could Be So Good At Loving You/The Feeling's Mu-Tu-Oo-Al/What's A Man Supposed To Do//Love, That's In My Heart/Somewhere/A Time For Us/Gonna Break It On Down/Back To My Ole Home Town

2009 - Great Moments in Radio, Volume 2 - Documentary [1970] Narrated by Jack Benny. The Great Radio Comedians: Bing Crosby and The Philco Radio Show/Baron Munchausen/Lum 'n' Abner; Radio Adventures And Drama: Terry and The Pirates/Sergeant Preston/Gangbusters; On-The-Spot Coverage Of Sports: The Dempsey-Tunney Fight/Max Schmeling Defeats Joe Louis/Max Baer, Gene Tunney, Jack Dempsey Comment as Louis Defeats Schmeling/Jesse Owens - 1936 Olympics/Babe Ruth's Final Message/Lou Gehrig Says Goodbye//The Classic Radio News Casts: Station KDKA - First Election Returns/President Coolidge Introduces Charles A. Lindbergh to Congress/Bill Sunday/FDR Inauguration; Prelude To World Conflict: King George V Funeral/King Edward VIII Abdication/King George VI Coronation/Chamberlain in Munich/Hitler Declares War On Poland/Chamberlain Declares War On Germany/Winston Churchill "Give Us The Tools"; Radio Reports World War II: Pearl Harbor To Corregidor/FDR "Day Of Infamy" Declaration of War/Radio Operator Reports On Corregidor/Eisenhower Announces "D" Day/Churchill on VE Day/Truman - "A" Bomb Attack On Hiroshima/MacArthur At Signing Of The Peace Treaty

2010 - Six Days on the Road - Street Noise [1970] Run Or Die/Six Days On The Road/I'm Gonna Leave You/Foggy Waterfall/That Ol Kentucky Sun//Why Can't I See The Light/If Jesus Was Alive Today/Clancy, He's A Real Good Cop/I (Who Have Nothing)/Someone To Love You

2011 - Instrumental Love Machine: Soulful - Night Strings featuring Homer Dennison [1970] God Bless The Child/Black Sand And White Stars/Aquarius/The Road To The Blues/On Days Like These/A Time For Us/Oh Happy Day/Sagittarius/Honey/Blue Stoned Eyes

2012 - Life Is a Song - Gainsborough Gallery [1970] House On Soul Hill/I Need Someone (The Painter)/Thank You, Girl/Light In The Window/Dreams In A Box Car/Turn Around And Love Me//Life Is A Song/Hello L.A.-Bye Bye Birmingham/It's Growing/If She Don't Turn Your Head/I Think I'll Catch A Bus (And Go Back Home)/Get Ready

2013 - Electric Hair: Switched-On Hits from America's First Tribal Love Rock Musical - Electric Hair [1970] Be In (Hare Krishna)/Frank Mills/Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)/Walking In Space/Hair//Aquarius/Easy To Be Hard/Good Morning Starshine/Three-Five-Zero- Zero/Donna

2014 - Nice Things - Mark & Sumley [1970] Mark Dutil and Ray Sumley. Nice Things/Take Me To Tomorrow/Sincere Replies/Westward Bound/Take Your Time About It/Lay, Lady, Lay//I Was Just About To Ask The Same Of You/Your Reason Why/Affair On Eight Avenue/Just One Step From Yesterday/She Gonna Fly

2015 - Mornin' Sun - Larry Santos [1970] Mornin' Sun/Bridge Over Troubled Water/Both Sides Now/What You Gonna Do/Dreamseekers//Now That I Have Found You/Get Together/Wandering Man/Sweet Caroline/I Keep It Hid

2016 - Sing a Song for the Mountain - Gloria Loring [1970] And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind/Honey Wind Blows/Try A Little Kindness/The Dolphins/Sing A Song For The Mountain//The Dove/Wherefore And Why/Song To A Seagull/New World In The Morning/Abraham, Martin And John

2017 - Beast - Beast [1970] Inlook/Communication/The Man Outside/Migration/Whistle//I Am/Don't You Think It's Time?/Move Mountain (You Got It)/It's So Hard/Legal Machines

2018 - Weighin' Heavy - Steel River [1970] Dream Is Country/Walk By The River/What Have I To Lose?/Losing Friends/What It Feels Like (To Sing A Song)//Ten Pound Note/When You're Down, Out, In (She's A Friend)/Seems They're Out To Get You/Song With A Chorus (For Mary)/If You Let Her Know

2019 - That's-A-Nice - Enzo Stuarti [1970] If Ever You're Lonely/Mala Femmena/Love Is Stronger Far Than We/Here, There And Everywhere/That's-A-Nice/That Wonderful Girl Of Mine/If She Walked Into My Life/Keep Smiling/How Small We Are/Have You Ever Been In Love In Rome?

2020 - Helen O' - Helen O'Connell [1970] Just One Smile/Don't Leave Me/My Way/He'll Be Comin' By/Watch What Happens/Tangerine/Goin' Out of My Head/Crazy Annie/Didn't We/Sunshine

2021 - Game - Game [1970] Entrance/What's Goin' Through My Head/Discovering You/Fat Mama/Make Some Music//Stop, Look And Listen/Disturbance-We Turn To You/Sermon/Girl Next Door/Exit

2022 - Another Day Passes By - Richard Sarstedt [1970] Go Back In Time/Rain/Another Day/Open A Tin/Charlie/Elizabeth Bay//Time,Love, Hope, Life/I Am No Longer/Fast Women And Slow Horses/Found My Love Today/Jack And Jill

Pop series continues at #3006, below.

Evolution 3000 (Jazz) series:

3001 - Evolution! - Gene Bertoncini [1969] Elenore/Gia's Theme/Little Green Apples/You Are A Story/The Heather On The Hill/Chuva//One, Two, Three/I Say A Little Prayer/Mrs. Robinson/Soon It's Gonna Rain/Here, There And Everywhere/Hey Jude

3002 - Night Love - Homer Dennison & The "Night Strings" [1969] The Impossible Dream/Inagua/The Music Box Serenade/The Endless Tide/Swiss Holiday/September In Maine//This Guy's In Love With You/Love Is Blue/The Minor Bossa Nova/With A Little Help From My Friends/The Winds Of April/Piano Tiger

3003 - Shades of Brass - Bobby Byrne [1969] Gold foil cover. Respect/Help Yourself/The Pendulum Swings Both Ways/Delilah/The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)/Hurry Love//A Shade Of Brass/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Who Is Gonna Love Me/Barbarella/Windy

3004 - Man on the Moon: Flight of the Apollo 11 - Documentary [1969] Narrator: Roy Neal. A Man On The Moon: The Flight Of Apollo 11 (Side I)//A Man On The Moon: The Flight Of Apollo 11 (Side II)

3005 - The Years to Remember: Those Great Moments in Radio - Documentary [1970] (2-LP set) Reissue of Evolution 2001 and 2009 as a 2-record set. Disc 1: Day Time Radio Programs And Commercials - Introduction To "Soap Operas": Lorenzo Jones-The Romance Of Helen Trent-Just Plain Bill-Mary Noble, Backstage Wife- "Ma" Perkins (The Last Broadcast)-Mary Margaret McBride With Mr. And Mrs. Alben Barkley; Commercials: Interwoven Socks-Chesterfield "Smoke Dreams"-Barbasol-Pepsi-Cola-Rinso- Lava-Crisco-The Longines-Wittnauer Watch Company//The Great Radio Comedians: Fred Allen And "Allen's Alley", With Senator Claghorn, Titus Moody, And Mrs. Nusbaum; Radio Adventure And Mystery Drama: The Lone Ranger/The Shadow; The Classic Radio News Broadcast: The Von Hindenburg Crashes In Flames/The March Toward World War II; Disc 2: The King George V Funeral/King Edward VIII Abdication/King George VI Coronation/The Munich Conference/Prime Minister Chamberlain Reports To The World/Hitler Declares War On Poland/Chamberlain Announces War With Germany/FDR "America Hates War"/Winston Churchill: "Give Us The Tools"; Radio's On-The-Spot Coverage Of Sports: The Jack Dempsey-Gene Tunney Fight/Schmeling Defeats Joe Louis/Max Baer, Gene Tunney, Jack Dempsey Comment As Louis Defeats Schmeling In The Re-Match/Jesse Owens In 1936 Olympics/Ted Husing Reports/1937 Davis Cup Tennis Match; Budge Vs. Kramm/Whirlaway Wins The Kentucky Derby With Clem McCarthy//Radio Reports World War II: Pearl Harbor To Corregidor/Pearl Harbor Bulletin/Eyewitness Report Manila Bombing/FDR "Day Of Infamy"/The Last Broadcast From Corregidor/"D" Day To Final Victory/Dwight D. Eisenhower Announces "D" Day Landing/FDR Prays On "D" Day/"Live" Report From Landing Ship/Iwo Jima Invaded; Eyewitness Account/President Truman's Congressional Tribute/Winston Churchill On VE Day/President Truman Announces Hiroshima "A" Bomb Attack/General MacArthur At Signing Of Peace Treaty With Japan; Radio's Great Moments Of Pathos: Babe Ruth's Final Message/Lou Gehrig Says "Goodbye" At Yankee Stadium

Pop series continues from #2022, above.

3006 - A Better Road - Steel River [1971] Do You Know Where You're Going?/Take It Slowly/What You Are/They've Been Waiting/Southbound Train//Don't Tell Me/No One Will Hear You/Take You Away/Joyful Judy/Love Can't Be Made Of Gold-Let's Think Ahead

3007 - One Fine Morning - Lighthouse [1971] (7-71; #80) Love Of A Woman/Little Kind Words/Old Man/Sing, Sing, Sing/1849//One Fine Morning (long LP version)/Hats Off (To The Stranger)/Show Me The Way/Step Out On The Sea/Sweet Lullabye

3008 - Long Hot Summer - Game [1971] The Rock And Roll Medley (We're On The Road This Weekend-Rock And Roll Me Baby)/Man In Black/Sunshine 79/Two Songs For The Senorita//I'll Be Back Someday/Laying Back/Animal Friends/Feeling Good/Changes/The Same Mountain

3009 - ...The Beginning - Nanette Natal [1971] Laughing Off The Rain/People Coming Together/Annie's Magical Brew/500 Pieces Fully Interlocking/Iron Butterfly//Ten Plus Five Year Old Blues/A Happy Man/Picking Up The Pieces/Finding The Sunshine/The Beginning

3010 - Thoughts of Movin' On - Lighthouse [1971] (1-72; #157) Take It Slow (Out In The Country)/What Gives You The Right/You And Me/Fly My Airplane/I'd Be So Happy//I Just Wanna Be Your Friend/I'm Gonna Try To Make It/Rockin' Chair/Walk Me Down/Insane

3011 - Paintings - Mike Quatro Jam Band [1972] Paintings/Time Spent In Dreams/Circus (What I Am)/Each Day I Want You More//Life/Rachmaninoff's Prelude/Detroit City Blues/Court Of The Crimson King

3012 - Bill Staines - Bill Staines [1972] On The Road Again/Bethlehem Pa./January Snow/Has Anyone Seen Alice/Gypsy's Song/Music Box/Rye Whiskey Joe/I Just Can't Sleep Without You/I Must Be Going Home/Mexico Way/Kentucky Moonshiner

3013 - The Golden Age of Comedy, Volume One - Various Artists [1972] (2-LP set) Reissued on Murray Hill 900009. Eddie Cantor (With Bert Gordon) "The Mad Russian"/Fibber McGee And Molly (Jim And Marian Jordan)/Bud Abbot & Lou Costello/Fred Allen-Jack Benny "Feud"/Jackie Gleason/Sid Caesar-Imogene Coca/George Burns & Gracie Allen/Groucho Marx/Ernie Kovacs/Milton Berle/Red Skelton/Oscar Levant (With Fred Allen)/Baron Munchausen/Bob & Ray/Fred Allen (With Tallulah Bankhead)/George Jessel/Ed Wynn/Jack Benny/Smith & Dale/Laurel & Hardy

3014 - Lighthouse Live! - Lighthouse [1972] (7-72; #178) (2-LP set) Disc 1: I Just Wanna Be Your Friend/Old Man/Rockin' Chair//Sweet Lullabye/Eight Miles High; Disc 2: 1849/You And Me//Take It Slow/One Fine Morning/Insane

3015 - Enlightenment - Dorothea Joyce [1972] Enlightenment/Love's Lines, Angles And Rhymes/You're A Gift To Me/Soul Vibration/Living Step By Step/Core (Feel The Soul Of Humanity)/There's A Thin Thread Running Through Us/Energy/Reborn

3016 - Sunny Days - Lighthouse [1972] (1-73; #190) Silver Bird/Sunny Days/You Girl/Beneath My Woman/Merlin//Broken Guitar Blues/Letter Home/You Give To Me/Lonely Places


3018 - Harbus - [Neil] Harbus [1973] Gonna' Make It This Time/While The Daylight Shines/Memphis To Nashville/Hudson Harbor/Country Song//Songs For Singing/Bushes And Brambles/Arizona/Open The Door/Brother Daniel

3019 - Butterfly Days - [Bob] McBride [1973] Butterfly Days/My Beautiful Lady/Pretty City Lady/Strange Things/Straight Ahead//Back In My Time/Moonlight Lady/Far Away/Treasure Song/Happiness

3020 - Bloontz - Bloontz [1973] The Joke's On You/Jason Blue/You Ain't Your Body/Arena/Long Way Down/Prodigal/Sunshine's Masquerade/Ramon/Light Up The World

3021 - Look Deeply Into The Mirror - Michael Quatro Jam Band [1973] We'll Be Together/Prelude In A Flat Crazy (Classical Variations)/Natural Way/Tomorrow//Gypsy Caravan (Ode To Blumpy) (Part 1)/Won't You Come Away/Gypsy Caravan (Part 2)/Lullaby (Sleep Well Sweet Children)

3022 - Steve Feldman - Steve Feldman [1973] A Child Is Born/Someway To Stop Lovin' You/Jenny, You're A Lady/You Are The Sunshine Of My Life/My Half Of The Bed//Are You Ready To Believe/Crystal Dawn/I Need Music/Waitin' For The Day To Come/Let Me Be Forever

3023 - Stu Nunnery - Stu Nunnery [1973] The Isle Of Debris/And That's Fine With Me/Sally From Syracuse/Madelaine//Lady It's Time To Go/Your Rise/Diminished Love/The Lady In Waiting/Roads

3024 - Waterloo - Waterloo [1974] Uncle Tom/Ask Me/Joe Barrow/Winter Rose/Strangers From The Sky//Come And Have A Good Time/In The Heat Of The Afternoon/I've Been Thinking/Wandering/Sunny Old Days/People Of The World

Evolution 4000 (Radio) series:

4001 - War of the Worlds - Orson Welles [1970] (2-LP set) The famous 1938 radio broadcast in its entirety, where Orson Welles' reading of the H.G. Wells story frightened many listeners who didn't catch the disclaimer at the beginning. Disc 1: War Of The Worlds (Side A)//War Of The Worlds (Side B); Disc 2: War Of The Worlds (Side C)//War Of The Worlds (Side D)

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