Coed Album Discography
By David Edwards, Mike Callahan and Patrice Eyries
Last update: July 9, 2003

Coed was formed in 1958 by Marvin Cane and George Paxton. Coed was located in the Brill Building at 1619 Broadway in New York City. Bandleader and arranger George Paxton was President of Coed and producer for the label.

Rivieras There were four major artists on the Coed label: Adam Wade, the Crests, the Duprees, and the Rivieras. The Rivieras were the first success, charting with "Count Every Star" in late summer, 1958 [Coed 503]. The group, a New Jersey-based quartet specializing in smooth R&B vocals, also charted with "Moonlight Serenade," a remake of the old Glenn Miller tune [Coed 508, 2/59], and "Since I Made You Cry," their last top-100 side [Coed 522, 1/60]. Group members were Homer Dunn, Charles Allan, Ronald Cook, and Andrew Jones. This group has nothing to do with the rock and roll group of the same name who hit with "California Sun" a few years later.

Crests The Crests were the most successful of Coed's artists, and even though the Rivieras had national success before they did, the Crests were actually the first group to have a record on Coed ["Pretty Little Angel"/"I Thank the Moon", Coed 501, issued June, 1958]. The group was formed in Brooklyn in 1955 and by the time they signed with Coed, had already had a New York hit with "Sweetest One" [Joyce 103] in 1957. At that time, the group consisted of Johnny Mastrangelo [Johnny Mastro or Maestro], Harold Torres, Talmadge Gough, J.T. Carter, and Patricia Van Dross. Van Dross, a 15-year-old girl at the time, was not allowed to sign with Coed due to her age, so the Crests became a quartet. Van Dross was the older sister of future soul star Luther Vandross. The Crests hit it big with "16 Candles" [Coed 506], which reached #2 nationally and has been a perennial "oldie" heard on the radio ever since. They followed it with eight more top 100 hits by the end of 1960. These included "Six Nights a Week" [Coed 509], "Flower of Love" [Coed 511], "The Angels Listened In" [Coed 515], "A Year Ago Tonight" [Coed 521], "Step By Step" [Coed 525], "Trouble In Paradise (Calling All Angels)" [Coed 531], "Journey of Love" [Coed 535], and "Isn't It Amazing" [Coed 537]. Maestro left the group at the end of 1960 and had three additional hits as a solo artist: "Model Girl" [Coed 545], "What A Surprise" [Coed 549], and "Mr. Happiness" [Coed 552]. Maestro eventually formed a rock ensemble called the Brooklyn Bridge, who had several more hits in the late 1960s.

Adam Wade Adam Wade started gaining popularity about the time that the Crests were fading from the charts in 1960. He had a smooth "easy listening" voice that put ten records on the charts for Coed in a mere two years (1960-1961). His biggest hits were "The Writing On The Wall" [Coed 550], which reached #5, "Take Good Care Of Her" [Coed 546], which reached #7, and "As If I Didn't Know" [Coed 553], which reached #10. George Paxton, owner of the label, was very much a fan of old pop music, and Wade fit this mold well. His appeal was much more to the parents than to the teenagers. Interestingly, the Pittsburgh native found plenty to do when his singing popularity faded. He was an actor and television show personality well into the 1980s.

Duprees The Duprees were the last stars for the label, a Jersey City quintet that specialized in smooth remakes of 1940s and 1950s pop tunes (George Paxton's influence again, perhaps?). They placed seven hits on the national charts for Coed starting in summer, 1962. Their biggest hits were "You Belong To Me" [Coed 569], a remake of a Jo Stafford hit from ten years earlier, "My Own True Love" [Coed 571], a reworking of "Tara's Theme" from the 1939 movie "Gone with the Wind", and two songs made popular in the 1950s by Joni James, "Why Don't You Believe Me" [Coed 584] and "Have You Heard" [Coed 585]. Group members were Joey Vann [Joseph Canzano], Mike Amone, Tom Bialoglow, John Salvato, and Joe Santollo. After Coed shut down, they moved to Columbia briefly and charted with "Around the Corner" [Columbia 43336] in 1965. In the late 1960s, the group recorded under the name "The Italian Asphalt and Paving Co." and had a minor hit with "Check Yourself" [Colossus 110].

Much of the Coed material was recorded in stereo, but didn't appear in that mode until 1990, when Little Walter DeVenne and Bob Hyde produced greatest hits packages for the Crests and Duprees for the Rhino label, and Little Walter's later Rivieras package for Relic. Since that time, the material has been reissued several times. Most notable among these are the reissues on Ace (UK), and several of the Coed LPs reissued on CD for the Sundazed label a couple of years ago, which recreated how the original albums might have sounded in stereo.

By the 1970s, the Coed masters were under the control of the Post label. Long known as a label that put out albums in rechanneled stereo almost exclusively, the label issued albums by three of the Coed labels' star groups, the Crests, the Rivieras, and the Duprees. It wasn't until CDs hit the market, and the rechanneled masters began to be rejected by potential licensees wanting to reissue the material, that the owners dug out the original session tapes so that high quality reissues could be made. The albums listed here were early efforts, and sounded fairly dismal.

The first Coed album label was yellow with black print, with "COED" at the top of the label, which was used for the first album, LPC-901. Advanced pressings of that album are known to have labels with the same design, but using red with black print. A second label, used for LPC/LPCS-902, was black with silver print. Later pressings used the third label, described below.

The third Coed label, used for most of the albums, was red with black print. The "COED" logo was in black letters at the top of the label, flanked by two white wavy lines. Below the Coed name it said, "HIGH FIDELITY LONG PLAY". At the far left and right of the center hole was a white "C" logo in a black box. Around the bottom of the label it said, "COED RECORDS, INC. 1619 BROADWAY, NEW YORK". The stereo label of this design was the same as the mono, except it said "STEREO" in thin letters beneath the logo and above the album title.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

LPC-901 - The Crests Sing All Biggies - Crests [2/60] Issued in mono only. Label is yellow with black printing. Earth Angel/Good Golly Miss Molly/My Special Angel/Six Nights A Week/Butterfly/16 Candles//The Angels Listened In/A Rose And A Baby Ruth/I Remember (In The Still Of The Night)/Party Doll/Silhouettes/Tweedlee Dee

LPCS-902 - And Then Came Adam - Adam Wade [1960] Stereo information unavailable. Label is black with silver printing. Tenderly/Tell Her For Me/Just In Time/First Love/Witchcraft/So In Love//Fascination/Ruby/A Moment Of Madness/I Had The Craziest Dream/I'm Wise/Around The World

LPCS-903 - Adam And Evening - Adam Wade [1961] Label is red with black and white printing. Sleepy Time Gal (E)/We Kiss In A Shadow (S)/Polka Dots And Moonbeams (E)/Gloria's Theme (S)/Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry (S)/Canadian Sunset (S)//My Reverie (S)/I Have Dreamed (S)/I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night (S)/For You (S)/Dreamy (S)/The Party's Over (S)

LPC-904 - 16 Greatest Hits - Crests [12/60] Label is red with black and white printing. Issued in mono only. The cover of LPC- 904 was printed to allow the cover graphics to be shifted vertically to expose the word "STEREO" and LPCS-904 on the top of the front cover. A stereo cover has been found, but no stereo record has ever been found. Tom Moulton, who in 1961 was in the record business, remembers going to the Coed office to ask about the stereo issue. He was told that the label decided against releasing the LP in stereo, because "that stuff [stereo] doesn't sell." 16 Candles/A Year Ago Tonight/Six Nights A Week/Angels Listened In/Gee (But I'd Give The World)/Step By Step/I Think The Moon/Pretty Little Angel//Journey Of Love/Trouble In Paradise/Earth Angel/Flower Of Love/Always You/If My Heart Could Write A Letter/Molly Mae/Isn't It Amazing

LPC-905 - You Belong To Me - Duprees [1962] Issued in mono only. Label is red with black and white printing. You Belong To Me/Ginny/Why Don't You Believe Me/September In The Rain/Take Me As I Am/The Things I Love//My Own True Love/As Time Goes By/Let's Make Love Again/These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)/My Dearest One/I Wish I Could Believe You

LPC-906 - Have You Heard - Duprees [1963] Issued in mono only. Label is red with black and white printing. (It's No) Sin/I'd Rather Be Here In Your Arms/Exodus/Yours/I Gotta Tell Her Now/It Isn't Fair//Have You Heard/Love Eyes/Gone With The Wind/So Little Time/The Sand And The Sea/Where Are You


POST-1000 - The Duprees Sing - Duprees [late 1960s?] You Belong To Me (E)/Why Don't You Believe Me (E)/Take Me As I Am (E)/Where Are You (E)/(It's No) Sin (E)/It Isn't Fair (E)/These Foolish Things (E)/Have You Heard (E)//My Own True Love (E)/Ginny (E)/Exodus (E)/I Wish I Could Believe You (E)/The Sand And The Sea (E)/Love Eyes (E)/I Gotta Tell Her Now (E)/Gone With The Wind (E)

POST-2000 - The Rivieras Sing - Rivieras [late 1960s?] Moonlight Cocktails (E)/Eleventh Hour Melody (E)/Count Every Star (E)/Easy To Remember (E)/Midnight Rider (E)/Moonlight Serenade (E)//Our Love (E)/Stay In My Heart (E)/Blessing Of Love (E)/True Love Is Hard To Find (E)/Neither Rain Nor Snow (E)/Serenade In Blue (E)

POST-3000 - The Crests Sing - Crests [late 1960s?] 16 Candles (E)/A Year Ago Tonight (E)/Six Nights A Week (E)/The Angels Listened In (E)/Gee (E)/Step By Step (E)/I Thank The Moon (E)/Pretty Little Angel (E)//Journey Of Love (E)/Trouble In Paradise (E)/Earth Angel (E)/Flower Of Love (E)/Always You (E)/If My Heart Could Write A Letter (E)/Molly Mae (E)/Isn't It Amazing (E)

POST-11000 - The Duprees Sing, Volume II - Duprees [early 1970s?] Have You Heard (E)/September In The Rain (E)/As Time Goes By (E)/The Sand And The Sea (E)/Let's Make Love Again (E)/So Little Time (E)//Exodus (E)/The Things I Love (E)/My Dearest One (E)/Love Eyes (E)/I'd Rather Be Here (E)/Yours (E)


Colossus CGS 5000 - The Italian Asphalt & Pavement Co. Presents Duprees Gold - Duprees [1970] These are new recordings. Have You Heard/My Special Angel/The Sky's The Limit/My Own True Love/People/Check Yourself//You Belong To Me/Two Different Worlds/Goodnight My Love/Ring Of Love/My Love, My Love/Why Don't You Believe Me

Epic BN 26019 - Adam Wade's Greatest Hits - Adam Wade [1962] After his Coed recording days, Adam Wade moved to Epic, and a greatest hits album was issued of his Coed material. Some of these are remixed. The Writing On The Wall (S)/Tell Her For Me (S)/Ruby (S)/As If I Didn't Know (S)/I Can't Help It (S)/Speaking Of Her (S)//Take Good Care Of Her (S)/The Prisoner's Song (S)/Linda (S)/I Had The Craziest Dream (S)/Tonight I Won't Be There (S)/Sleepy Time Gal (S)


Murray Hill/Rhino R2 70948 - The Best of the Crests Featuring Johnny Maestro - Crests [1990] 16 Candles (M)/What A Surprise (S)/Trouble In Paradise (M)/Gee (But I'd Give The World) (S)/Pretty Little Angel (M)/Flower Of Love (M)/Model Girl (S)/The Angels Listened In (S)/Six Nights A Week (M)/Isn't It Amazing (S)/I Thank The Moon (M)/A Year Ago Tonight (S)/Journey Of Love (S)/Step By Step (S)/It Must Be Love (S)/Young Love (S)/Mr. Happiness (S)/I Remember (In The Still Of The Night) (S)

Rhino R2 71004 - The Best of the Duprees - Duprees [1990] You Belong To Me (S)/Ginny (S)/(It's No) Sin (S)/Why Don't You Believe Me (S)/I Wish I Could Believe You (S)/I'm Yours (M)/Have You Heard (M)/My Own True Love (S)/Take Me As I Am (S)/I'd Rather Be Here In Your Arms (S)/The Things I Love (S)/Let's Make Love Again (S)/Exodus (S)/Gone With The Wind (M)/September In The Rain (S)/So Many Have Told Me (S)/These Foolish Things (S)/Sunset To Sunrise (S)

Ace (UK) CDCHD 322 - The Best of The Rest of Johnny Maestro & The Crests - Crests [1991] Crests: Learning 'Bout Love (S)/Molly Mae (M)/I Do (M)/Paper Crown (S, with studio talk and false start)/Earth Angel (S)/Let Me Be The One (M)/Beside You (M)/Always You (S)/Six Nights A Week [alternate take] (M, with studio talk)/My Special Angel (M)/Step By Step [alternate take] (S, with session talk)/Isn't It Amazing (M)/Strange Love (M)/A Rose And A Baby Ruth (S)/If My Heart Could Write A Letter (M)/Silhouettes (M)/The Angels Listened In [alternate take] (S)/ You Took The Joy Out Of Spring (S). Johnny Masters [Maestro]: Say It Isn't So (S). Johnny Maestro: I.O.U. (M)/Keep Away From Carol (M)/The Way You Look Tonight (M)/Test Of Love (S)/Let True Love Begin (S)/Out In The Cold Again (S)/Besame Baby (S)/We've Got To Tell Them (S)/Dream Maker (S)/The Warning Voice (M)

Relic CD 7025 - Moonlight Cocktails - Rivieras [1992] Moonlight Serenade (M)/Easy To Remember (S)/El Dorado (S)/Moonlight Cocktails (S)/My Silent Love (S)/Since I Made You Cry (S)/Count Every Star (M)/Stay In My Heart (S)/Serenade In Blue (S)/Our Love (S)/Blessing Of Love (S)/Great Big Eyes (S)/Neither Rain Nor Snow (M)/True Love Is Hard To Find (M)/11th Hour Melody (S)/My Friend (S)/Midnight Flyer (S)/Refrigerator (S)

Collectables COL-CD-5455 - Adam Wade's Greatest Hits - Adam Wade [1993] Reissue of Epic BN 26019. The Writing On The Wall (S)/Tell Her For Me (S)/Ruby (S)/As If I Didn't Know (S)/I Can't Help It (S)/Speaking Of Her (S)/Take Good Care Of Her (S)/The Prisoner's Song (S)/Linda (S)/I Had The Craziest Dream (S)/Tonight I Won't Be There (S)/Sleepy Time Gal (S)

Ace (UK) CDCHD 617 - Their Complete Coed Masters - Duprees [1995] You Belong To Me (S)/Unbelievable (S)/I Gotta Tell Her Now (M)/Ginny (S)/I Wish I Could Believe You (S)/Please Let Her Know (M)/Have You Heard (M)/September In The Rain (S)/These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) (S)/So Little Time (M)/Exodus (S)/Where Are You (S)/I'm Yours (M)/Try To Remember [Joey Vann] (M)/My Own True Love (S)/So Many Have Told Me (S)/It Isn't Fair (M)/The Sand And The Sea (M)/My Dearest One (S)/As Time Goes By (M)/Sunset To Sunrise (S)/Take Me As I Am (S)/Why Don't You Believe Me (S)/Gone With The Wind (M)/Wishing Ring (M, slightly noisy)/The Things I Love (S)/It's No Sin (S)/Yours (S)/Love Eyes (M)/I'd Rather Be Here In Your Arms (S)/Let's Make Love Again (S)

Sundazed SC-6072 - You Belong To Me - Duprees [1996] You Belong To Me (S)/Ginny (S)/Why Don't You Believe Me (S)/September In The Rain (S)/Take Me As I Am (S)/The Things I Love (S)/My Own True Love (S)/As Time Goes By (M)/Let's Make Love Again (S)/These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) (S)/My Dearest One (S)/I Wish I Could Believe You (S)/Sunrise To Sunset (S)/So Many Have Told Me (S)/Unbelievable (S)

Sundazed SC-6075 - The Crests Sing All Biggies - Crests [1996] Earth Angel (S)/Good Golly Miss Molly (M)/My Special Angel (M)/Six Nights A Week (M)/Butterfly (S)/16 Candles (M)/The Angels Listened In (S)/A Rose And A Baby Ruth (S)/I Remember (In The Still Of The Night) (S)/Party Doll (S)/Silhouettes (M, slight hiss)/Tweedlee Dee (S)/Beside You (M)/Strange Love (M)/Let Me Be The One (M)/Young Love (S)

Thanks to Little Walter DeVenne, Bob Hyde, Tom Moulton, Brian DiGiuseppe, and Dennis Dioguardi.

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