Carlton Album Discography, Part 1:
LP/STLP 100 Popular Music Series

By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: May 27, 2011

Stereo issues, at least early ones, often had elaborate, attention-getting designations of stereo on the front cover. The first Jack Scott album [STLP12/107] appeared with "STEREO" in fuzzy stamped letters down the left side of the cover. Later, the letters also appeared as regular print. There was also a variation on the album cover where the "STEREO" appeared across the top of the album. Album STLP12/115 had stamped silver foil lettering for the stereo designation. Albums from about 125 to 136 had a huge "PROVOCATIVE STEREO" banner.

The LPs issued in mono and stereo have the "STLP-" prefix in the list below. Those that are known to have been issued in mono only have an "LP-" prefix. Individual songs in true stereo are indicated by "S", mono by "M" and electronic rechanneling by "E."

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Carlton Records, which is currently inactive. We have no idea where the master tapes are. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1997, 2001, 2003, 2007 by Mike Callahan.



Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Carlton LP/STLP 100 Popular Music Series:

STLP 12/100 - Yesterday's Hits, Today's Classics, Tomorrow's Hi-Fi - George Liberace [1958] Hora Staccato/Roses Of Picardy/Wunderbar/My Hero/Blue Danube/Will You Remember//When The Lilac Blooms Again/Silver Threads Among The Gold/Italian Street Song/I'll Follow My Secret Heart/Serenade/Indian Love Call from "Rose Marie"

LP 12/101 - Serenade for Sex Kittens - Dante [1958] I'll Always Be In Love With You/Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree/But Beautiful/That's My Weakness Now/I Fall In Love With You Every Day/Suddenly It's Spring/When They Ask About You/River/Bahama Buggy Ride/Going My Way/My One and Only Love/Please Don't Talk About Me

LP 12/102 - Confessions of Love: Passions in Prose by Mary Lee Fair - Mary Lee Fair [1958] Mary Lee Fair was a Detroit disc jockey who hosted the show Lovingly Yours, Laura. Here she reads "unabashed odes" accompanied by Ms. LaVilla Tullos on harp and Dave Zauder on trumpet. First Kiss/Candlelight/Soliloquy/Our Love/Rain//Lost/Prayer Of Love/Ecstasy/Summer Day/Remembering

STLP 12/103 - Marvelous Margulis: All-Time Great Trumpet Hits... - Charlie Margulis [1958] Theme From "El Salon Mexico"/Tenderly/Oh! My Pa-Pa/Gigi/Ain't Misbehavin'/And The Angels Sing//Malagueña/I Can't Get Started/West End Blues/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/You Made Me Love You/Beyond The Sea

LP 12/104 - The Fastest Guitar in the World - Lloyd Ellis [1958] Crazy Rhythm/Patsy/Stuffy/Savoy/Man I Love/Hot Rod/Gully Jumper/Nite Cap/Topsy/When It's Sleepy Time Down South

STLP 12/105 - The Cheerleaders Sing Dixieland Jazz - Cheerleaders [1958] King Porter Stomp/Monday Date/Undecided/Savoy Blue/Copenhagen/Yancey Special/New Orleans Post Parade/Nocturne/For the Blues/Sweet Lips/Woodchopper's Ball/Cornet Chop Suey/Wrappin' It Up

LP 12/106 - Atlantis in Hi-Fi (Soundtrack) - Bavarian State Symphony Orchestra [1958] Coral Empire/Temple Of Poseidon/Traffic Of A Sunken City/Sunset On The Ocean Floor/Night Below The Reef/Conference Of The Sea Gods/Rapture Of The Deep/War At 90 Fathoms/Exiles Of Atlantis

STLP 12/107 - Jack Scott - Jack Scott [1958] Save My Soul (S)/With Your Love (S)/Leroy (E)/No One Will Ever Know (S)/Geraldine (S)/I Can't Help It (S)//Indiana Waltz (S)/Midgie (S)/My True Love (E)/The Way I Walk (S)/I'm Dreaming Of You (S)/Goodbye Baby (S)

STLP 12/108 - Chic to Chic - Nino Nanni [1958] Thank Heaven For Little Girls/Remind Me/Woman In Love/It's All Right With Me/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/I Wish I Were In Love Again/It's Love/Most Beautiful Girl In the World/Things I Want/I Like the Likes of You/Bewitched

STLP 12/109 - The Oud - Aram Arakelian Ensemble [1958] Oriental Mood/Arabic Waltz/Izmir/Memories/Halay/Reverle/Gay Sultan/King's Entrance/Fountain Scene/Arabic Dance/Oriental Rhythm/Grecian Fantasy

LP 12/110 - [unissued?]

STLP 12/111 - Porgy and Bess Stereorchestrations - Monty Kelly [1959] Opening And Summertime/A Woman Is A Sometime Thing/My Man's Gone/I Got Plenty Of Nothin'/Bess, You Is My Woman Now/I Can't Sit Down//Medley: I Ain't Got No Shame-It Ain't Necessarily So/I Want To Stay Here/There's A Boat That's Leavin' Soon For New York/Bess, Oh Where's My Bess/I'm On My Way

STLP 12/112 - Memories Aux Bruxelles - Alexander Laszlo [1959] March Of The World's Fair/Music From The Belgian Congo/Carillon Music Of The Dutch Pavilion/Music From The Japanese Pavilion/March From The German Pavilion/Memories From Italy//Band Of The "Garde Civique"/Carillon Music Of The Vatican Pavilion/Electronic Music From The Netherlands Pavilion (Varese)/Marche Grande/Music From The French Restaurant/Music In The Cafe Blue Danube

LP 12/113 - Free Blown Jazz - Tony Scott & Jimmy Knepper [1959] There Will Never Be Another You/Portrait Of Ravi/Body And Soul/I Can't Get Started/Gone With The Wind/The Explorer/If I'm Lucky/TheChant

STLP 12/114 - Sweet Singing Swing - Bill Gannon 3 [1959] Band name given as "The Bill Gannon Trio" except on the front cover. What Is This Thing Called Love/What's New/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/I Dream Of You/No Moon At All/Mood Indigo//South Rampart Street Parade/Stars Fell On Alabama/Them There Eyes/I Should Care/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To-Easy/Lonesome Road

STLP 12/115 - Name Band: 1959 - Bob Florence [1959] Jacket only lists ten songs, with "Baby Come Here" and "Give A Listen" omitted. The label has all twelve songs listed. I'll Remember April/Pastel Blue/Little Girl/Baby Come Here/I Wanna Hear Swing Songs/Easy Does It//Everything I Got Belongs To You/Give A Listen/Under Paris Skies/Undecided/End Of A Love Affair/Southern Fried

STLP 12/116 - The Couriers of Jazz - Tubby Hayes & Ronnie Scott [1959] Mirage/After Tea/Stop the World, I Want to Get Off/In Salah/Star Eyes/The monk/My Funny Valentine/Day In, Day Out

LP 12/117 - [unissued?]

STLP 12/118 - Anita Bryant - Anita Bryant [1959] Till There Was You (S, alternate version)/Just In Time (S)/Hello Young Lovers (S)/Mr. Wonderful (S)/Small World (S)/Love Look Away (S)//Promise Me A Rose (A Slight Detail) (S)/Blessings Of Love (S)/Wouldn't It Be Loverly (S)/Anyone Would Love You (S, poor separation, strange mix)/Do- Re-Mi (S)/The Party's Over (S)

STLP 12/119 - Lift Every Voice and Sing - Marie Knight with Orchestra and Choir [1960] Rock-A-My Soul/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/Little David Play On Your Harp/Leaning On The Lord/He Knows How Much We Can Bear/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Were You There In That Great Gettin' Up Morning/Amen Chorus

STLP 12/120 - Lonely for You - Gary Stites [1960] Hurry Down (S)/Lonely For You (S)/I Tried (S)/Shine That Ring (S)/Shake A Hand (S)/Chicken Shack (S)//Gloria Lee (S)/Don't Wanna Say Goodbye (S)/Lawdy Miss Clawdy (S)/Starry Eyed (E)/Little Linda (S)/Hey Hey (S)

LP 12/121 - One Dozen Goldies: A Teen Dream Collection of 12 Smash Hits By the Original Artists - Various Artists [1960] My True Love - Jack Scott/Philadelphia USA - Nu Tornadoes/Goodbye Baby - Jack Scott/The Little Space Girl - Jesse Lee Turner/Lonely For You - Gary Stites/Till There Was You - Anita Bryant//The Way I Walk - Jack Scott/Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Gary Stites/Six Boys And Seven Girls - Anita Bryant/That Crazy Feeling - Kenny Rogers/Leroy - Jack Scott/Starry Eyed - Gary Stites

STLP 12/122 - What Am I Living For! - Jack Scott [1960] Stereo information unavailable; this may not have been actually released in stereo. What Am I Living For/Go Wild Little Sadie/Baby Marie/Bella/I Never Felt Like This/There Comes A Time//You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar/Baby She's Gone/Two Timin' Woman/I Need Your Love/Hank Williams Medley (I Can't Help It-No One Will Ever Know-Indiana Waltz)

STLP 12/123 - Summer Set - Monty Kelly & His Orchestra [1960] Summer Set (S)/Summer Love (S)/I've Got The Sun In The Morning (S)/Tango Bongo (S)/Breezing Along With The Breeze (S)/Too Darn Hot (S)//Let's Fly Away (S)/Willingly (Melodie Perdue) (S)/Sun Kissed (S)/The Blue Cha Cha (S)/Amalia (S)/Ondoline (S)

STLP 12/124 - Get Ready to Applaud! - Tunesmen [1960] Lullaby Of Broadway/Gonna Get A Girl/Back In Your Own Backyard/I'm Afraid To Love You/While We're Young/Love Me Or Leave Me Alone//I'm Sitting On Top Of The World/Everyone Is Saying Hello Again/Mississippi Mud/Never The Less/Up The Lazy River/It's A Lonesome Old Town

STLP 12/125 - Hear This New Vibe Sound in Your Home Tonight! The Greatest Stereo Vibraphone in Recorded History - Gene Estes [1960] Carlton Virtuoso Series. Lady Be Good/Give Me The Simple Life/Califa/Gettin' Sentimental/Imitation Silver/It's Monday Every Day/Deed I Do/Fascinating Rhythm/Stompin' At The Savoy/Crazy Rhythm/Angel/Wind Up

STLP 12/126 - Themes from ... - Lew Douglas & His Orchestra [1960] The Angel Wore Red (S)/Hennessey (S)/The Unforgiven (S)/Circus of Horrors (S)/The Apartment (S)/Sons and Lovers (S)//Loretta (S)/Never on Sunday (S)/From the Terrace (S)/The Untouchables (S)/Because They're Young (S)/Adventures in Paradise (S)

STLP 12/127 - Hear Anita Bryant in Your Home Tonight! - Anita Bryant [1961] Carlton Celebrity Series. Paper Roses (S)/I Can't Do It By Myself (S)/One Of The Lucky Ones (S)/Be Good Be Careful Be Mine (E)/An Angel Cried (S)/He's Not Good Enough For You (S)//Wonderland By Night (S)/Pictures (S)/Mixed Emotions (S)/A Texan And A Girl From Mexico (S)/Dance On (E)/Six Boys And Seven Girls (S)

STLP 12/128 - Hear a New Harmonica Sound in Your Home Tonight! The Greatest Stereo Harmonica in Recorded History - George Fields [1961] Carlton Virtuoso Series. That's My Home/Congratulations/It's Monday Every Day/Isn't This a Night For Love/Always You/Angel/My Baby Said Yes/I Miss You So/Undecided/East of the Rockies/Just Because

STLP 12/129 - Hear Paul Evans in Your Home Tonight! - Paul Evans [1961] Carlton Celebrity Series. Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat (E)/Happy Go Lucky Me (S)/Blind Boy (S)/Why (S)/Long Live Love (S)/Worshipping An Idol (E)//The Brigade Of Broken Hearts (S)/Twins (S)/Fire In My Soul (S)/Fish In The Ocean (S)/King Of Broken Hearts (S)/Hushabye Little Guitar (S)

STLP 12/130 - Hear Him in Your Home Tonight! Paul Evans Sings Folk Songs of Many Lands - Paul Evans [1961] Passing Through (S)/Wee Cooper O'Fife (S)/Buckeye Jim (S)/Kevin Barry (S)/Tzena Tzena (S)/Los Cuatros Generales (S)/Mister Hangman (S)/British Grenadiers (S)//Wayfarin' Stranger (S)/Wearing Of The Green (S)/Colorado Trail (S)/Samuel Hall (S)/Golden Vanity (S)/Pig And The Inebriate (S)/The Bomb (S)/Crucified My Lord (S)/Poor Boy (S)

STLP 12/131 - Hear New Stereo Frontiers in Your Home Tonight! 5+1: Five Men Plus a Girl - Teddy Phillips Combo & Colleen Lovett [1961] Tea Time/Paradise/Sentimental Journey/Penthouse Serenade/Grateful/I'll String Along With You/September In The Rain/Come Swing With Me/We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/I Married An Angel/Whispering/In The Still Of the Night

STLP 12/132 - In My Little Corner of the World - Anita Bryant [1961] In My Little Corner Of The World (S)/Moon Over Miami (S)/I Love Paris (S)/(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (S)/Autumn In New York (S)/Bali Ha'i (S)//Granada (S)/Danny Boy (S)/Hawaiian Wedding Song (S)/Foggy Day In London Town (S)/Canadian Sunset (S)/Arriverderci Roma (S)

LP 12/133 - [unissued?]

STLP 12/134 - Merv Griffin's Dance Party - Merv Griffin [1961] The Charanga (S)/When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along (S)/Charleston (S)/Don't Get Around Much Anymore (S)/Banned In Boston (E)/Heart Of My Heart (S)//You Came A Long Way From St. Louis (S)/My Little Grass Shack (S)/Chattanooga Choo Choo (S)/Tumbling Tumbleweeds (S)/I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts (S)/Them There Eyes (S)

STLP 12/135 - New Sound of College Jazz - Chuck Speas & American Jazz Septet [1961] Jada/Janjekian Jump/Lullaby Of Birdland/That's A Plenty//Sparky's Tune/Honeysuckle Rose/Would Chuck/Strictly Dixieland/Avalon

STLP 12/136 - The Pipes of Trinity College - Pipes of Trinity College [1961] Honey, Honey/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/George Jones At Trinity/Rusty Pipes/Cockels and Mussels/'Neath the Elms/Bible Stories/Slide Trombone/Three Bells/Good News/Quiet Girl/Joshua/Livin' the Life of Ease/Old Songs

STLP 12/137 - Flapper Fads - Lizzi Doyle & Her Stereo Stompers [1961] Row, Row/True Blue Lou/Bill Bailey/Hard Hearted Hannah/Ma/Cheatin' On Me/Baby, Won't You Please Come Home/Isn't This a Cockeyed World/Frankie and Johnny/You Didn't Have the Heart to Tell Me/Angry/Louisville Lou

STLP 12/138 - Torrid Trumpet! - Charlie Margulis [1962] Reissue of Carlton STLP 12/103. Theme From "El Salon Mexico"/Tenderly/Oh! My Pa-Pa/Gigi/Ain't Misbehavin'/And The Angels Sing//Malagueña/I Can't Get Started/West End Blues/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/You Made Me Love You/Beyond The Sea

STLP 12/139 - Swinging Band - Bob Florence [1962] Reissue of Carlton STLP 12/115. I'll Remember April/Pastel Blue/Little Girl/Baby Come Here/I Wanna Hear Swing Songs/Easy Does It//Everything I Got Belongs To You/Give A Listen/Under Paris Skies/Undecided/End Of A Love Affair/Southern Fried

STLP 12/140 - String Splurge! - George Liberace [1962] Reissue of Carlton STLP 12/100. Hora Staccato/Roses Of Picardy/Wunderbar/My Hero/Blue Danube/Will You Remember//When The Lilac Blooms Again/Silver Threads Among The Gold/Italian Street Song/I'll Follow My Secret Heart/Serenade/Indian Love Call from "Rose Marie"

STLP 12/141 - The Collegiate Sound - Various Collegiate Singing Groups [1962] Ride In the Chariot - Harvard Dunster Dunces/I'll Get Up - Harvard Dunster Dunces/Tobacco Is a Dirty Weed - Harvard Dunster Dunces/Cool Mover - Harvard Dunster Dunces/Two Brothers - Vassar G-Stringers/Run Boy Run - Vassar G-Stringers/Soon I Will Be Done - Trinity Pipes/Ajax - Pembroke PDQ's/I Hear Music - Amherst Zumbyea/George Jones - Amherst Zumbyea/Nearness of You - Yale Spizzwinks/Officer Krupke - Yale Spizzwinks/I Come For To Sing - Wellesley Widows/Poor and Lonesome Wanderer - Wellesley Widows/Barn Song - Dartmouth Injunaires/Impressions - Dartmouth Injunaires/Go Way From My Window - Mount Holyoke V-8's

STLP 12/142 - More Collegiate Sound - Various Collegiate Singing Groups [1962] Black Is the Color - Harvard Dunster Dunces/Tonga Land - Harvard Dunster Dunces/Hector the Garbage Collector - Harvard Dunster Dunces/That Jordan River - Vassar G-Stringers/Back to Back - Vassar G- Stringers/Tant - Vassar G-Stringers/Little Darlin' - Trinity Pipes/Hello Hello - Pembroke PDQ's/I'm Always Chasing Rainbows - Pembroke PDQ's/Joshua - Amherst Zumbyes/Taking a Chance On Love - Amherst Zumbyes/Real Love of Her Life - Yale Spizzwinks/There Is a Ship - Yale Spizzwinks/Moonlight In Vermont - Wellesley Widows/No Moon At All - Wellesley Widows/Musical Study - Dartmouth Injunaires/I Had a Dream - Dartmouth Injunaires/Mood Indigo - Dartmouth Injunaires/Hawaiian War Chant - Mount Holyoke V-8's

STLP 12/143 - The Theme from Ben Casey - Valjean [1962] (7-62, #113) Ben Casey (S)/Naked City (S)/Bonanza (S)/Perry Como Show (Dream Along With Me) (S)/Peter Gunn (S)/The Bell Telephone Hour (S)//Dr. Kildare (S)/Checkmate (S)/G.E. Theater (S)/Gunsmoke (S)/Alcoa Premiere (S)/Wagon Train (Wagons Ho!) (S)

STLP 12/144 - The Chantels on Tour - Chantels & Others [1962] Look In My Eyes - Chantels (S)/Summertime - Chantels (S)/Glad To Be Back - Chantels (S)/Still - Chantels (S)/I Lost My Baby - Chris Montez (M)/My Chick Is Fine - Gus Backus (M)//Well I Told You - Chantels (S)/You'll Never Know - Chantels (S)/Here It Comes Again - Chantels (S)/Vut Vut - Imperials (M)/They Say - Chris Montez (M)/You Can't Go It Alone - Gus Backus (M)

STLP 12/145 - Fireside Songs - Various Artists [1963] Danny Boy/Tarrier's Song/John Henry/Old Shep/Midnight Special/others

STLP 12/146 - Mashin' The "Classicks" - Valjean [1963] Mr. Mozart's Mash [Sonata In C]/Bird Mash [Spring Song]/Mashanova [Melody In F]/Little Mash Muffett [Surprise Symphony]/Hungarian Mash #5 [Hungarian Dance #5]/Minute Mash [Minute Waltz]//Mashville USA [Hungarian Rhapsody]/Mash Militaire [Marche Militaire]/Two For The Mash [Wedding March]/Mashacre In G [Minuet In G]/Mashmellow Pudding [Turkish March]/Mashing Along [1812 Overture]

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