B.T. Puppy Album Discography
by Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: June 17, 2003

The B.T. Puppy label was an offshoot of Bright Tunes Productions, the Tokens' company. For history of the group and the label, there is a B.T. Puppy Home Page which is interesting to visit.

The B.T. Puppy label was black with silver printing. "B.T. Puppy Records" in red and white above the center hole at the perimeter of the label. Below the name was a drawing of a Cocker Spaniel dog's head in brown and white. Along the bottom perimeter of the label is "COPYRIGHT B.T. PUPPY RECORDS INC. 1963"

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

BTPS-1000 - I Hear Trumpets Blow - Tokens [1966] (5-66, #148) Available in monaural as BTP- 1000. I Hear Trumpets Blow (S)/He's In Town (E)/Don't Cry Sing Along With The Music (S)/Saloogy (S)/Every Breath I Take (S)/Barbara Ann (S)//Swing (S)/The Three Bells (The Jimmy Brown Song) (E)/Speedoo (S)/The Water Is Over My Head (E)/Wake Up Little Suzy (S)/Sylvie Sleepin' (S)

BTPS-1001 - The Happenings - Happenings [9/66] (10-66, #61) Available in monaural as BTP- 1001. See You In September/Tonight I Fell In Love/Girl On A Swing/If You Love Me, Really Love Me/What To Do/You're Coming On Strong Babe//Go Away Little Girl/The Same Old Story/Sealed With A Kiss/You're In A Bad Way/Girls On The Go/Tea Time

BTPS-1002 - Back to Back - Happenings & Tokens [1967] (7-67, #134) Available in monaural as BTP-1002. Side 1 (The Tokens): I Hear Trumpets Blow (S)/Sylvie Sleepin' (S)/Saloogy (S)/He's In Town (E)/Laugh (E)/Swing (S); Side 2 (The Happenings): I Got Rhythm (S)/Good Night My Love (S)/Impatient Girl (S)/Lillies By Monet (S)/He Thinks He's A Hero (E)/I Believe In Nothing (S)

BTPS-1003 - Psycle - Happenings [1967] Available in monaural as BTP-1003. I Got Rhythm (S)/Why Do Fools Fall In Love (S)/That Cold Feeling (S)/Down Down Down (S)/Growing Old (Lord I Must Be Growin' Old) (S)/I Believe In Nothing (S)//My Mammy (S)/When I Lock My Door (S)/I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (S)/When The Summer Is Through (S)/Every Year About This Time (S)/Bye Bye Blackbird (S)

BTPS-1004 - The Happenings Golden Hits - Happenings [1968] (8-68, #156) Issued in stereo only. I Got Rhythm (S)/Sealed With A Kiss (S)/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (S)/Go Away Little Girl (S)/Tea For Two (S)/Randy (S)//See You In September (S)/Girl On A Swing (S)/Goodnight My Love (S)/My Mammy (S)/Why Do Fools Fall In Love (S)/Music Music Music (S)

BTPS-1005 - Life Is Groovy - United States Double Quintet [1969]

BTPS-1006 - Tokens of Gold - Tokens [1969]

BTPS-1007 - Flying High with the Canaries - Canaries [1970]

BTPS-1008 - Around the World - Trade Winds [1970]

BTPS-1009 - Shore to Shore - Town Criers [1970]

BTPS-1010 - Mixed Soul - Satins 4 & Cinnamon Angels [1970] This was actually the Del Satins & the Chiffons) Dance To The Music (S)/(I'm Not Gonna Worry Cause) I Know He's Mine (S)/Can I Depend On You (S)/Cute Little Girl In Town (S)/Let's Be Sweethearts (S)/Calypso Girl (S)//I Can't Find The Girl On My Mind Now (M)/It's Raining Outside (M)/That's When I'll Stop Loving You (S)/If I Knew You (S)/Say There (S)/Brother Where Are You (S)

BTPS-1011 - My Secret Love - Chiffons [1970] Secret Love/You're The Love Of A Lifetime/Soul/I Don't Deserve A Boy Like You/Strange Strange Feeling//Now That You're My Baby/The First And Last/Remember Me Baby/It Hurts To Be Sixteen/Every Boy And Every Girl

BTPS-1012 - The Greatest Moments with the Tokens - Tokens [1970] On The Go/Happy Now/Nobody But You/Oh Cathy/Cherry/You're My Girl/He's In Town/Snow Queen/Little Girl-Little Girl/Carolina On My Mind/The Greatest Moments In A Girl's Life

BTPS-1013 - From Me to You - Lou Gossett

BTPS-1014 - December 5th - Tokens [1971]

BTPS-1015 - Extemporaneous - Brute Force [1971] Recorded live with a small studio audience. Overture: Hello/The WOrld Is Filled With So Much Bullshit/Fuh King/Docking/Sufferin' Surfin'/The SIrens Cry (The Gun Don't Work Anymore)/W.A.R./The Burp Theory/Five Minutes For Peace/Dwayne Of The Upper Regions/Hail The Hare (Hair)/The Hexagon/Topics/Nutty Fragrant, Something To See/Don't Paranoi It, Baby Enjoy It/Thank You: Hello

BTPS-1016 - Frank Paris...P.H.B. - Purple Haze Band

BTPS-1017 - Side by Side - Andrea Carroll and Beverly Warren

BTPS-1018 - Rain and Shine - Canterbury Music Festival

BTPS-1019 - Out to Lunch - Del Satins [1972] Sweets For My Sweet (S)/Relief (S)/I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow (S)/Ski Beat (S)/My Candy Vette (M)/Out To Lunch (S)//I Can't Find The Girl On My Mind Now (M)/Hang Around (S)/A Girl Named Arlene (S)/The Throw Away Song (S)/Today I'm In Love (S)

BTPS-1020 - [Unissued]

BTPS-1021 - [Unissued]

BTPS-1022 - The Sundae Train - Sundae Train [1972]

BTPS-1023 - Wishing You Well - Penny Sisters [1972]

BTPS-1024 - Amrod's Brand - Paul Amrod [1972]

BTPS-1025 - Billy Wyman's Free Country - Billy Wyman [1972]

BTPS-1026 - The Bow Street Runners - Bow Street Runners [1972]

BTPS-1027 - Intercourse - Tokens [1972]

BTPS-1028 - Very Best of the Tokens - Tokens [1972]

BTPS-1029 - New Voices Of 1972 - Various Artists [1972]


B.T. Puppy has released a number of compact discs in the 1990s. All the U.S. B.T. Puppy CDs are currently available for sale at the B.T. Puppy Home Page. For the most part, the Tokens group on the new B.T. Puppy releases include only two of the original members.

NEM CD 690 - The Best of the Happenings - Happenings [1994] Girls On The Go (S)/See You In September (S)/Go Away Little Girl (S)/Goodnight My Love (S)/I Got Rhythm (S)/You're In A Bad Way (S)/My Mammy (S)/Why Do Fools Fall In Love (S)/Music Music Music (S)/Randy (S)/Tea For Two (S)/Sealed With A Kiss (S)/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (S)/Girl On A Swing (S)/Crazy Rhythm (M)/Answer Me (My Love) (S)/Crazy Love (S)/Make Your Own Kind Of Music (S)/When The Summer Is Through (M)/Here There And Everywhere (M)/Liza (M)/Goodbye Mr. Sun (M)/Sweet Lenore (M)/Young Girls (S)/Follow The Bouncing Ball (M)

BTP0519 - Oldies Are Now - Tokens [1993] All of these are new recordings. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (S)/Oldies Are Now (S)/Tonight I Fell In Love (S)/I'm So Happy (S)/I'll Remember(In The Still Of The Night) (S)/Come Go With Me (S)/Rock & Roll Lullabye (S)/Oldies Reprise (S)/I Hear Trumpets Blow (S)/Doo Rapp (S)/Slow Dance (S)/Merry Merry (S)/Play Ball (S)/After The Beep (S)/Just A Thought (S)/30 Years Of Rock & Roll (S)

BTP0520 - Merry Merry - Tokens [1993] Maxi-single CD. Merry Merry (S)/Oldies Are Now (S)/30 Years Of Rock & Roll (S)/Wimoweh Reprise (S)

BTP0521 - Intercourse - Tokens [1995] Reissue of BTPS-1027. Many of these tracks are only a few seconds long. It's Amazing To Be Alive (M)/Droplet Of Water (E)/Bathroom Wall (M)/Animal (E, mono with balance shifts)/Greenfields (M)/ Wonder Things (M)/Commercial (M)/Gray Is Gray (E)/Waiting For Something (E)/I Could Be (M)/G54321 Lou (E)/I Want To Make Love To You (E)/In & Out (M)/Stereo (S)/You Loser You Fool (M)/Some People Sleep (E)

BTP0522 - The Monte Carlos - Monte Carlos [1994] Take A Walk (S)/30 Days (S)/Inside Track (S)/Searchin' Or Runnin' Away (S)/Johnny's Mama (S)/You Can't Catch Me (S)/My Neighborhood (S)/Keep Searchin' (S)/Drive Time (Livin' And Dyin') (S)/It's Only Make Believe (S)

BTP0525 - Esta Noche, El Leon Baila (Tonight, The Lion Dances) - Tokens [1996] Swing (Suenalo) (S)/The Speak Up Mambo (Cuentame) (S)/La Bamba (S)/Suave (S)/Coco Seco (Dry Coconuts) (S)/Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha (S)/Only In My Dreams (S)/After The Beep (S)/Despues Del Tono (S)/Lemon Merengue (S)/Rica-Cha (The Martian Cha Cha Cha) (S)/El Wimoweh (Tonight, The Lion Dances) (S)/ Green Plant (S)/When You Dance (S)/Suavito (S)/Creatures Of The Night (S)/Antes Del Baile (S)/Save The Last Dance For Me (S)

Thanks to the staff at B.T. Puppy Records, Dennis Dioguardi and Ayrton Mugnaini Jr.

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