Kenwood Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: January 1, 2008

The Kenwood albums were reissues of the Apollo albums. Cover graphics were identical except for the Kenwood number and logo replacing the corresponding Apollo number and logo. The first Kenwood albums and singles appeared in 1964, and were reissues offered from Apollo Records. Later, in the 1970s, Kenwood albums were also reissued by Nashboro Records, using the purple Nashboro label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Kenwood KLP-470 Reissue Series:

KLP-474 - In The Upper Room - Mahalia Jackson [1964] In The Upper Room, Part 1/In The Upper Room, Part 2/He's My Light/If You Just Keep Still/I Walked Into The Garden/City Called Heaven //Nobody Knows/Run All The Way/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/God Spoke To Me/Come To Jesus/Walking To Jerusalem

KLP-479 - Just As I Am - Mahalia Jackson [1964] Just As I Am/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Last Mile On The Way/I Gave Up Everything To Follow Him/Bow On Your Knees/Silent Night//These Are They/It's Real/Even Me/He Is The One/Child Of The King/What Then

KLP-480 - Here This Sunday - Roberta Martin Singers [1964]

KLP-481 - Spiritual Moods - Various Artists [1964] Honey In The Rock - Southern Harmonaires (Larks)/Crucifixion - Southern Harmonaires (Larks)/I'm So Glad - Southern Harmonaires (Larks)/He's Coming Back For Me - Robert Anderson/Nothing Shall Destroy My Faith - Robert Anderson/Eyes Have Not Seen - Robert Anderson//How Far Am I From Canaan, Part 1 - Robert Ross/How Far Am I From Canaan, Part 2 - Robert Ross/I'll Tell It - Robert Ross/Don't You Want To Join That Number - Dixie Hummingbirds/Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Dixie Hummingbirds/Ezekiel Saw The Wheel - Dixie Hummingbirds

KLP-482 - No Matter How I Pray - Mahalia Jackson [1964] Vocal backing by the Larks. My Story/I Believe/No Matter How You Pray/I Wonder If I Will Ever Rest/Beautiful Tomorrow/What Could I Do //I'm On My Way To Canaan/I'm Getting Nearer My Home/Do You Know Him/Prayer Changes Things/Get Away Jordan/Consider Me

KLP-483 - Sing The Gospel - Daniels [1964]

KLP-486 - Mahalia - Mahalia Jackson [1964] Move On Up A Little Higher, Part 1/Move On Up a Little Higher, Part 2/Hands Of God/It Pays To Serve Jesus/Jesus Is With Me/How I Got Over //I'm Glad Salvation Is Free/Said He Would/Didn't It Rain/Walk With Me/Just Over The Hill, Part 1/Just Over The Hill, Part 2

KLP-487 - Prayer Meeting - Roberta Martin Singers [1964]

KLP-489 - Greatest Spiritual Singers - Various Artists [1964] Closer To Me - Mahalia Jackson/Come On In The Room - Roberta Martin Singers/Do You Know Jesus - Alex Bradford Singers/If Jesus Had To Pray - Robert Anderson/Lord Remember Me - Gospel All-Stars/He's Using Me - Roberta Martin Singers//I Can Put My Trust In Jesus - Mahalia Jackson/He's A Wonder - Alex Bradford Singers/Eyes Haven't Seen - Robert Anderson/It's Me Oh Lord - Gospel All-Stars/Since I Met Jesus - Roberta Martin Singers/Bless This House - Mahalia Jackson

KLP-498 - Solomon Burke - Solomon Burke [1964] White label with black print. No Man Walks Alone/Why Do Me That Way/You Are My One Love/Don't Cry/I'm All Alone/A Picture Of You//Walking In A Dream/For You And You Alone/I'm In Love/To Thee/I Need You Tonight/You Can Run But You Can't Hide

KLP-499 - Christmas with Mahalia Jackson - Mahalia Jackson [1964] Silent Night-Holy Night/Walking To Jerusalem/Go Tell It On the Mountain/I Can Put My Trust In Jesus/God Spoke to Me/His Eye is On the Sparrow //The Lord's Prayer/Come to Jesus/He's My Light/City Called Heaven/Bless This House

KLP-500 - Best of Mahalia Jackson - Mahalia Jackson [1964] Come To Jesus/City Called Heaven/Silent Night - Holy Night/Walking To Jerusalem/Go Tell It On The Mountain/God Spoke To Me/I Can Put My Trust In Jesus/Bless This House/The Lord's Prayer/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/He's My Light

KLP-501 - Gospel World - Mahalia Jackson [1964] Move On Up A Little Higher Parts 1 & 2/It Pays To Serve Jesus/How I Got Over/Jesus Is With Me/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/God Spoke To Me/Hands Of God/Walking To Jerusalem/Come To Jesus/Run All The Way/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen

KLP-502 - Sing Out - Mahalia Jackson [1964] Walk With Me/Do You Know Him/These Are They/Bless This House/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Just As I Am/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/He's My Light/I Believe/Didn't It Rain/My Story

KLP-503 - I Lift My Voice - Mahalia Jackson [196?] What Could I Do/Child Of The King/Do You Know Him/I Walked Into The Garden/Bow On Your Knees/If You Just Keep Still/Beautiful Tomorrow/Consider Me/What Then/It's Real/I Wonder If I Will Ever Rest/I'm On My Way To Canaan

KLP-504 - Mahalia Mahalia Mahalia - Mahalia Jackson [196?] I'm Getting Nearer/I Can Put My Trust In Jesus/Last Mile Of The Way/Do You Know Him/(others)

KLP-505 - World's Greatest Gospel Singer - Mahalia Jackson [19??] How I Got Over/Didn't It Rain/Come To Jesus/City Called Heaven/The Lord's Prayer/Bless This House/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/In The Upper Room Parts 1 & 2/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen

KLP-506 - Mahalia Jackson 1911-1972 - Mahalia Jackson [1972?] Move On Up A Little Higher/I'm On My Way To Canaan /In The Upper Room/How I Got Over/Others, Possibly Including: Didn't It Rain/Walking To Jerusalem/Get Away Jordan (These May All Be Live Recordings)

KLP-507 - Old Ship of Zion - Roberta Martin Singers [197?] The Old Ship/ Only A Look/The Old Account/He's My Light/What A Blessing In Jesus I've Found/What A Friend/Come In The Room/I'm Too Close/Since I Met Jesus/I'm Gonna Praise His Name /He's Using Me/I'll Do What You Want Me To Do/Come Into My Heart, Lord Jesus/I'm Saved

KLP-508 - God Answers Prayer - Mahalia Jackson [197?] I Gave Up Everything/ He's The One/Willing To Run/One Day/(others)

KLP-509 - In The Beginning - James Cleveland [197?] Actually, this is a compilation of material from two groups with whom Cleveland sang. The Gospel All Stars tracks were recorded for Apollo in 1953, while the Gospelaires material was recorded for Apollo in 1950. Gospel All Stars - That's Why I Love Him So/Gospel All Stars - Every Now And Then/Gospel All Stars - Until My Jesus Comes/Gospel All Stars - What Could I Do/Gospel All Stars - It's Me, Oh Lord/ Gospel All Stars - Lord Remember Me/Gospelaires - The Lifeboat/Gospelaires - Oh What A Time/Gospelaires - He's Pleading In Glory For Me/Gospelaires - Talk About A Child

Kenwood KLP-1000 Reissue Series:

KLP-1001 - Command Performance - Mahalia Jackson [1964] Move On Up A Little Higher/Go Tell It On The Mountain/In The Upper Room/I Believe/(others)

KLP-1002 - Command Performance Volume 2 - Mahalia Jackson [1964] Said He Would/He's My Light/Get Away Jordan/Just As I Am/Just Over The Hill/Walking To Jerusalem/Bless This House/I'm On My Way/Prayer Changes Things/These Are They/His Eyes Are On The Sparrow

Kenwood 20500 Series:

KLP-20510 - Greatest Hits - Mahalia Jackson

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