Ric-Tic Album Discography
By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: July 30, 2012

Ric-Tic was a subsidiary of Golden World which operated from mid-1964 to 1968. Ric-Tic, along with Golden World and Wingate, were purchased by Motown in 1968 mainly to obtain the contracts of Edwin Starr and J.J. Barnes, who were Ric-Tic artists.

Ric-Tic artists in addition to Starr and Barnes included Gino Washington, Freddie Gorman, the San Remo Golden Strings, Rose Battiste, Laura Lee, the Fantastic Four, Al Kent, The Flaming Embers, Andre Williams, Willie "G", the Detroit Emeralds, Little Ann, Joyce Webb, Barbara DeCosta, and Terry Warren. Many of these artists went on to successful careers with other labels after Ric-Tic was purchased.

Ric-Tic only issued one album, an instrumental album by a group of studio musicians calling themselves "The San Remo Golden Strings." The idea behind pulling the group together was to merge r&b music with classical sounds. The classical part was contributed by several members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, while the r&b musicians were members of Motown's house group, the Funk Brothers. The album was recorded at Golden World Studios in Detroit and was arranged and conducted by Gil Askey. The album was reissued on Gordy after Motown took over (although the rechanneled track was deleted in favor of "Festival Time" and the playing order of the tracks changed).

The Ric-Tic album label (far left) was red with black printing, "Ric-Tic Records" above the center hole. Early singles were yellow with black print (near left).
A variation of the yellow label (far left) had red print. Singles labels also were issued on a red label with black print (near left), with the same design.
Later singles had the blue swirl label (far left). Promotional labels (near left) had a white label with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Ric-Tic LP/SLP-900 Series:

LP/SLP-901 - Hungry for Love - San Remo Golden Strings [1966] Hungry For Love (S)/Downtown (S)/Joy Road (S)/A Child's Prayer (S)/Some Things You Never Get Used To (E)/Blueberry Hill (S)//I'm Satisfied (S)/People (S)/Old Man River (S)/Lonely One (S)/Everybody Loves A Lover (S)


Gordy GLP-923/GLPS-923 - Hungry for Love - San Remo Golden Strings [8/67] Reissue of Ric-Tic SLP-901 in a different track order, minus "Some Things You Never Get Used To." Hungry For Love (S)/Downtown (S)/Festival Time (S)/A Child's Prayer (S)/Lonely One (S)/Blueberry Hill (S)//I'm Satisfied (S)/People (S)/Ol' Man River (S)/Joy Road (S)/Everybody Loves A Lover (S)

Gordy GLPS-931 - Soul Master - Edwin Starr [9/68] Released in monaural as GLP-931DJ with a white promotional label. Agent Double O Soul (E)/I Am The Man For You Baby (S)/(SOS) Stop Her On Sight (S)/Oh How Happy (S)/Way Over There (S)/My Weakness Is You (S)//Headline News (S)/Soul Master (S)/I Want My Baby Back (S)/Love Is My Destination (S)/I Am Your Man (S)/Time Is Passin' By (S)

Tamla/Motown STML 11232 (UK) - Ric-Tic Relics - Various Artists [1969] Agent Double- O-Soul - Edwin Starr/I Ain't Gonna Do It - J.J. Barnes/To Win Your Heart - Laura Lee/Hungry For Love - San Remo Golden Strings/Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.) - Edwin Starr/G'wan (Go On) - Mark III Trio/Say It - J.J. Barnes/Back Street - Edwin Starr//Real Humdinger - J.J. Barnes/You've Gotta Pay The Price - Al Kent/Harlem - Edwin Starr/Day Tripper - J.J. Barnes/Festival Time - San Remo Golden Strings/Please Let Me In - J.J. Barnes/Ooh Pretty Lady - Al Kent

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