Prodigal Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 2, 2012

Prodigal was founded and owned by Barney Ales. It was active from 1974 to 1978. Motown purchased the Detroit based record company from Ales in mid-1976 and used the label essentially as a continuation of the Rare Earth label with Ales running it.

The first Prodigal label (far left) was yellow with red printing, "Prodigal" above the center hole with a silhouette of a bull on each side. This label originated with the independent company. When Motown bought the company they continued to use this label for some issues. The second Prodigal label (near left) was black with silver print. "PRODIGAL" in black on a curved white oval. Behind the logo was a stylized 5 color rainbow.
Black-label promotional issues, including Canadian issues (far left) used the same black label with a deejay overprint. First Prodigal singles labels (near left) were yellow with red print, like the album labels.
Promotional issues for the yellow Prodigal singles label (far left) were white with black print, with the same graphics. After Motown bought the label, the singles label changed to black (near left), similar to the black album labels.
Some of the promotional issues for the black label (far left) used the same black label with a deejay overprint. A white label promotional label (near left) with the same design was also used.
Singles promotional labels similar to the black label, but with a simpler design (far left) were also used. Finally, promotional issues with no graphics (near left) were also used.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Prodigal PLP 10000 Main Series:

PLP-10007 - Ronnie McNeir - Ronnie McNeir [1975] For Your Love/Since I Don't Have Your Love/Now She's Gone/I'm Your Lover/Baby Come Back Home//Saggaitarian Affair/You Are Everything/Spirit Of Love/Nothin' But A Heartache/Wendy Is Gone/Give Me A Sign

PLP-10008 - With a Little Help from My Friends - Shirley Alston & Others [1975] I Only Have Eyes For You [with Flamingos] (S)/Save The Last Dance For Me [with Drifters] (S)/Our Day Will Come [with Romantics] (S)/1,000 Miles Away-Daddy's Home [with Shep & Limelites] (S)/In The Still Of The Night [with 5 Satins] (S)//Where Or When [with Belmonts] (S)/Sincerely [with Danny & Juniors] (S)/Silhouettes [with Herman's Hermits] (S)/I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing-Chapel Of Love [with Lala Brooks] (S)/I Do Love You (S)/I'd Rather Not Be Loving You (S)

PLP-10009 - Second Generation - Gaylord & Holiday [1975] (2-76, #180) Eh! Cumpari/The Little Shoemaker/Sempre Tu/Dio Como Ti Amo/From The Vine Came The Grape//To The Door Of The Sun (Alle Porta Del Sole)/Dormi, Dormi, Dormi/Theme From The Godfather (Speak Softly Love)/Tell Me You're Mine/Italian Wedding Song/I Will Never Pass This Way Again

Note: At this point, logo on jacket changes, label changes, and catalog prefix changes (and pricing suffix is added), but numerical sequence continues.

P6-10010S1 - Dancers, Romacers, Dreamers & Schemers - Michael Quatro [6/76] Children Of Tomorrow/Stripper/One By One/Rollerbach/Circus//Ancient Ones/Pure Chopin/Adagio/Touch of Class

P6-10011S1 - Kathe Green - Kathe Green [8/76] Beautiful Changes/Help Me Sing My Song/Color World/First Thing In The Morning/Love City//Solo Ride/Alone Again And Free/What Kind Of Man Are You/And So You Go

P6-10012S1 - Fantacy Hill - Fantacy Hill [8/76] Minna Ha Ha/What Cha Gonna Do If I Give It To You/Sweet Sweet Surrender/Twenty-Five Miles/Joy To Be With//You're Welcome Stop On By/Stay With Me/Never In My Life/I Wish It Would Rain/I Can't Quit Your Love

P6-10013S1 - Diggin' It - Dunn & Rubini [9/76] Diggin' It/Imaginary Girl/Love Is Blind/Two/Words Could Never Say//I'm Blue/Back From The Fire/Just Keep Laughin'/You Gotta Give It To Me/Turn On The Radio/You Got To Give It To Me (Reprise)

P6-10014S1 - Tattoo - Tattoo [9/76] What Did He Do/Give It To Ya' Easy/Send A Ship/I Still Want You/Absolutely Love//It's Cold Outside/Yer Stale/Lonely Saturday Night/This Is Your City/The Highway Calls My Name

P6-10015S1 - Charlene - Charlene Duncan [11/76] It Ain't Easy Comin' Down/I've Never Been To Me (with spoken bridge)/Rings/Somewhere In My Life/I Want To Come Back As A Song//Hey Mama/I Love Every Little Thing About You/It's Really Nice To Be In Love Again/Shake A Hand/On My Way To You

P6-10016S1 - Gettin' Ready - Michael Quatro [1/77] Hollywood (Hallucination)/It's Only A Love Song/Trouble In Paradise/Last Man Alive//Get You Ready For Love/Detroit City Blues/I'm Winning/Rockin' All Night Long/Wild One

P6-10017S1 - Delaney and Friends: Class Reunion - Delaney Bramlett [2/77] Locked Up In Alabama/Everyday's A Holiday/I Wish It Would Rain/It's A Touchy Situation/You Can't Measure My Love//I Think I Got It/Invitation To A Heartbreak/For Old Time's Sake/Who You Gonna Blame It On/You Were The Light

P6-10018S1 - Songs of Love - Charlene [5/77] Repackage of P6-10015, with "Freddie" replacing "Shake a Hand" and the songs re-sequenced. Also, there is no spoken bridge in the song "I've Never Been To Me." It Ain't Easy Comin' Down/I've Never Been To Me/Rings/Somewhere In My Life/Hey Mama//Freddie/I Love Every Little Thing About You/It's Really Nice To Be in Love Again/I Want To Come Back As A Song/On My Way To You

P6-10019S1 - Rarearth - Rare Earth [7/77] (10-77, #187) Love Has Lifted Me/Is Your Teacher Cool?/Foot Loose And Fancy Free/When I Write//Share My Love/Tin Can People/I Really Love You/Crazy Love Ah Dunno

P6-10020S1 - I Sing My Songs for You - Phillip Jarrell [9/77] 'Til I Found You/Wings Of Time/Woodstock Woman/Too Many Saturday Nights/I'm Dyin'//I Can Shine/Torn Between Two Lovers/Manhattan Lady/Pretty Lady/Only You

P6-10021S1 - [Unissued]

P7-10022R1 - First Step - Fantacy Hill [1/78] Aphrodite/Lucy Lucy/There's A Light/So Far So Good/Red-Headed Woman//Any Way You Wanna//Sanity Baby/Lonely Bluebird/Your Mama/Stay With Me

P7-10023R1 - Born Again - Phil Cordell [Unissued] Issued in the UK as Prodigal PDL 2006. Doin' The Best I Can/Beautiful Baby/One Man Show/Cheatin' In The Dark/Needles And Pins//Bavarian Nights/Back In Your Arms Again/Return Ticket/God Bless You/Born Again

P7-10024R1 - Feelin' Fresh - Fresh [1/78] Just How Does It Feel/Whatever Happened To Rock And Roll/Feelin' Fresh/Hey Kid//Everybody's Got Something To Say/Don't Let Down/Preparation/Let Yourself Go

P7-10025R1 - Band Together - Rare Earth [4/78] (6-78, #156) Warm Ride/You/Love Is What You Get (If Love Is What You Give Me)/Love Do Me Right/Dreamer//Maybe The Magic/Love Music/Rock 'N' Roll Man/Mota Molata

P7-10026R1 - Round One - Friendly Enemies [4/78] Soul In Distress/Too Hot To Handle/Dark Eyes/The Words (I Love You)//Steal Your Love/Love At First Sight/Baby It's Me/Driftin'/Young Boy

P7-10027R1 - Grand Slam - Rare Earth [9/78] My Eyes Only/Save Me Save Me/When A Man Loves A Woman/I Heard It Through The Grapevine//You Got My Love/I Wish It Would Rain/I Can Feel My Love Risin' (From Future Shock And Beyond)/Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.)/Mighty Good Love

P7-10028R1 - Omniverse - Fresh [10/78] Hold On I'm Coming/Love Me Or Leave Me/You Never Cared/Bony Moronie/Hard Dock In Hanover/When The Winter Comes//Who'll Be The Master/Space/It's Alright/Alright By Me

P7-10029R1 - Meatloaf Featuring Stoney and Meatloaf - Stoney & Meatloaf [10/78] Jimmy Bell (S)/She Waits By The Window (S)/Stone Heart (S)/Who Is The Leader Of The People (S)//Kiss Me Again (S)/Sunshine (Where's Heaven) (S)/Jessica White (S)/Lady Be Mine (S)/Everything Under The Sun (S)

P7-10030R1 - Stylus - Stylus [10/78] Discover Your Life/Bushwalkin'/Look At Me/Sweetness/Work Out Fine//Funky Music/Got To Be/Kissin'/Natural Feeling/Hangin'

P7-10031R1 - Part of It All - Stylus [Unissued]

P7-10032R1 - Fresh - Fresh [Unissued]

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