M.C. Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 7, 2012

Ad from Billboard Magazine, 3/18/78, for MC singles The MC ("Motown Country") label was owned by Mike Curb and Berry Gordy, and distributed by Motown. It was a follow-on label to Melodyland/Hitsville (which Mike Curb headed), but when Curb bought half the label, they changed the name from Hitsville to MC. It only lasted short time, from September,1977, when they released their first single, to August, 1978, when they released their last. MC had a few country singles on the charts, but the album side never seemed to really get off the ground.

Their first success was Wendel Adkins' "Julieanne (Where Are You Tonight?) [MC 5002], which hit the charts in October, 1977, reaching #95. Jerry Naylor's single, "If You Don't Want to Love Her" [MC 5004] did considerably better, charting in February, 1978, and reaching #37. About the same time, MC offered a country version of a Stevie Wonder song, and Marty Mitchell took "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" [MC 5005] to #34. Finally, Jerry Naylor returned in May, 1978, with a two-sided charter, the old Buddy Holly tune "Rave On" coupled with "Lady Would You Like To Dance" [MC 5010] which reached #80.

Besides the artists who had albums for the label, artists with non-charting singles included Marty Cooper (formerly the artist sometimes known as El Clod), Ernie Payne, E.D. Wofford, Kay Austin, and Arthur Blanch.

Most of the albums seem to have been unissued commercially, as they are all but nonexistent today. But there was artwork done for most of the albums and at least promos pressed for all. We have actually found physical albums for all of the numbers, but most of these have white labels and clipped corners. They look like promos but don't say so, and we are assuming they are promos because the Doug Momary album, which is obviously a promo, has the same label. In any case, most MC albums in this discography are very hard to come by today. We are sure that 501, 511, and 515 were commercially released (and they are the only ones with color on the covers), but for the others, they may not have been issued except as promos (and we call them promos in the discography below).

The commercial MC label is creme colored with a light burlap pattern, with brown printing (far left), with "MC RECORDS" on two lines above the center hole. Most of the albums we have found have a white label with black print (near left). These may be promos but they are not marked as such.
Commercial singles are creme color with brown print (far left). Singles were issued in the UK with the typical 45 insert. UK promos (near left) had a promo overprint on the insert. Both have the light burlap pattern.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

M.C. MC6-500 Series:

MC6-501S1 - The Country Side of Pat Boone - Pat Boone [8/77] Whatever Happened To The Good Old Honky Tonk/Texas Woman/A Natural Feelin' For You/Cowboys And Daddies/We've Been Malled//Ain't Going Down In The Ground Before My Time/I'd Do It With You (Duet with Shirley Boone)/Love Light Comes A Shinin'/Throw It Away/Colorado Country Morning

MC6-502S1 - Love Away Her Memory - Jerry Naylor [Commercially unissued, promos made] Love Away Her Memory Tonight/The Last Time You Loved Me/Hello Nobody's Home/Crutches/She's Not Yours Anymore//Let Her Cry Me Back Again/There's Nothing Between Us But Love/I'll Carry You/The Right Woman Left Me/Is This All There Is To A Honky Tonk?

MC6-503S1 - Once Again - Jerry Naylor [Commercially unissued but promos made] He'll Have To Go/You're The One/Once Again/I Was Praying On Her Body/What s A Nice Girl Like You Doing In A Honky Tonk Like This?//I Hate To Drink Alone/Born To Fool Around/The Bad Part Of Me/Your Place Or Mine/I Lived It Up

MC6-504S1 - Porter Sings Porter - Porter Jordan [Commercially unissued, promos made] What We Do Two By Two/Broken Bones/Bluegrass Lightnin'/Same Old Me Same Old I Love You/Long Time Gone//Live For Now/Mississippi Moonwalker/Bad Georgia Road/Junkyard Serenade/Sunshine Highway

MC6-505S1 - Country Days and Country Nights - Pat Boone [Commercially unissued, promos made] Young Girl/Yester- Me, Yester-You, Yesterday/It's Gone/Won't Be Home/Country Days and Country Nights//Don't Want to Fall Away From You/Daddy Called Her Baby/I Can't Divide My Love/I Want to Live My Life Forever Loving You/Wings of a Dove

MC6-506S1 - This Is Dorsey Burnette - Dorsey Burnette [Commercially unissued, promos made] I Love Being Loved By You/Ain't No Heartbreak/I Dreamed I Saw/She's Feelin' Low/Woman//He Told Me Jesus Was My Friend/Don't Go City Girl On Me/Lyin' In Her Arms Again/Doggone The Dogs/Molly, I Ain't Gettin' Any Younger

MC6-507S1 - Presenting Bob & Penny - Bob & Penny [Commercially unissued, promos made] Save a Penny Super Store/Oh Lonesome Me/How High The Moon/Chains/Do You Wanna Dance//Honey Pie/Never Gonna Go Back There Again/Fairytale Of Nashville/Guitar Pickin' Man/Classic Country

MC6-508S1 - Kenny Seratt - Kenny Seratt [Commercially unissued, promos made] So Close I Can Taste It/I Threw Away the Rose/I've Been There, Too/She Made Me Love You More/If I Could Have It Any Other Way//Daddy, They're Playing a Song About You/Julieanne (Where Are You Tonight?)/Where Do I Put Her Memory/She's the Trip I've Been On (Since You've Been Gone)/Losing You Got the Best of Me

MC6-509S1 - New Old-Fashioned Love - Ronnie Dove [Commercially unissued, promos made] Singin' A Happy Song/The Morning After The Night Before/New Old-Fashioned Love/Right Or Wrong/Angel In Your Eyes (Brings Out The Devil In Me)//Things/Songs We Sang As Children/Someone Loves You Honey/Why Daddy/Tragedy

MC6-510S1 - Livin' in the Country - Ronnie Dove [Commercially unissued, promos made] You're The Reason I'm Living/You Win Again/With Pen In Hand/Crying Time/Pictures On Paper//Your Sweet Love (Rained All Over Me)/Here We Go Again/Please Come To Nashville/Long Enough To Say Good-Bye/Guns

MC6-511S1 - You Are the Sunshine of My Life - Marty Mitchell [11/77] You Are the Sunshine Of My Life/Make It With You/You Light Up My Life/Virginia/My Eyes Adored You//Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday/Devil Woman/All Alone In Austin/You Wind Up Being Blue/How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

MC6-512S1 - Wendel Adkins - Wendel Adkins [Commercially unissued, promos made] Reissue of Hitsville 406. I Will/Show Me The Way/Willie Didn't Win/Flying Too High//Texas Moon/Laid Back Country Picker/The Morning After The Night Before/I Don't Like Leaving You/Desperate Cowboy

MC6-513S1 - Tucker and Schoonmaker - Rick Tucker & Lloyd Schoonmaker [Commercially unissued, promos made] My Better Half - Rick Tucker/If You're Leavin' - Rick Tucker/Alone Late At Night - Rick Tucker/Plans That We Made - Rick Tucker//Sweetwater - Lloyd Schoonmaker/He's A Beggar - Lloyd Schoonmaker/Little Sister - Lloyd Schoonmaker/Aunt Nancy - Lloyd Schoonmaker/She Give Me Love - Lloyd Schoonmaker

MC6-514S1 - A Little Love - Susie Allanson [Commercially unissued, promos made] That's All I Want From You/I've Been Waitin' On You/Memories Are Like Wine/Baby Like You/Stay With Me Baby//A Natural Feelin' For You/I Knew You When/The Bed That I Made/Love Me One More Time/Without You

MC6-515S1 - Please Take Me Back - Larry Groce [11/77] Entertainment Nightly/Tuckertown Fair/Billy Don Rice/If Ever I Loved You/Old Fashioned Girl//Big White House In Indiana/Master And Slave/The Curse/Just Like Huckleberry Finn/Sweet Sweet Love/Please Take Me Back

MC6-516S1 - Doug Momary - Doug Momary [Commercially unissued, promos made] Artwork was evidently never finished for this album. It was issued as a promo in a white cover, with "Doug Momary" stamped on the cover. Spend Your Life/Give It Up/You Are My Song/Come Fill Me/You Don't Have To Face It All Alone//Super Girl/Love Is A Growing Thing/How I Need This Night/Get Ready For A Change/Fragile

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