RPM Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: March 26, 2002

The RPM label is black with silver printing. "RPM RECORDS" above the center hole with a silver spiral line around the "R".

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LRP-3001 - Rock and Roll Dance Party - Various Artists [1956] This album exists on yellow wax. Reissued as Crown 5001. This record has "MMLP 1210" in the vinyl trailoff area, indicating that it originally was intended to be Modern 1210, but was switched to RPM before release. The released album Modern 1210 is by Hadda Brooks. Dance With Me Henry - Etta James/Ko Ko Mo - Marvin and Johnny/Don't Be Angry - Cadets/Eddie My Love - Teen Queens/Don't Feel Sorry For Me - Jimmy Beasley/Cherry Pie - Marvin and Johnny//I Got a Gal - Joe Turner/Church Bells May Ring - Cadets/All Nite Long - Joe Houston/A Casual Look - Little Clydie/How Soon - Jacks/Heartbreak Hotel - Cadets

LRP-3002 - Dinner Time - Three Tops [1957] Reissued as Crown 5017.

LRP-3003 - Very Truly Yours - Don Ralke Orchestra [1957] Reissued as Crown 5018.

LRP-3004 - Bongo Session - Buddy Collette and Don Ralke [1957] Reissued as Crown 5019. Bembe Negro/Pasion Caliente/Ritmo Marteo/Afro-Mambo Alegre/Belleza Y Diablo/Calypso Cubano/Sesion Grande/Noche En Havana/Afro-Bop/Mgombo

LRP-3005 - Swingin' the Blues - B.B. King [1957] Reissued as Crown 5020. Please Love Me/You Upset Me Baby/Every Day I Have the Blues/Bad Luck/3 O'clock Blues/Blind Love//Woke Up This Morning/You Know I Love You/Sweet Little Angel/Ten Long Years/Did You Ever Love a Woman/Crying Won't Help You

LRP-3006 - Jumpin' with the Jacks - Jacks [3/57] Reissued as Crown 5021. Why Don't You Write Me/Oo Wee Baby/Let's Make Up/Dream a Little Longer/This Empty Heart/So Wrong//Wiggle Waggie Woo/You Belong To Me/Sugar Baby/Why Did I Fall In Love/Do You Wanna' Rock/My Clumsy Heart

LRP-3007 - Eddie My Love - Teen Queens [1957] Reissued as Crown 5022. Eddie My Love/Red Top/All My Love Belongs to You/Billy Boy/Zig Zag/Until the Day I Die//Love Sweet Love/Just Goofed/Rock Everybody/Baby Mine/So All Alone/Teen Age Idol

LRP-3008 - Organ Fantasy In Hi-Fi - Betty Staples [1957] Reissued as Crown CLP- 5023.

LRP-3009 - "88" a la Carte - Willard McDaniel [1957] Reissued as Crown 5024. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall/Lover Man/Gypsy/I'll Never Smile Again/Sugar Blues/All or Nothing at All//Along the Navajo Trail/Under Paris Skies/A Sunday Kind of Love/I'll Remember April/I Love You For Sentimental Reasons

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