Riviera Album Discographies
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 24, 2010

The Riviera label was a short lived budget subsidiary of Modern/Crown that operated in 1959. The address is given as 9317 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, Calif., but the cheap packaging and bumps in the vinyl leave little doubt that it was a Bihari Brothers product.

The first label on this series was black with silver printing. "Riviera RECORDS" in silver above the center hole, "HIGH FIDELITY" in silver on the left side and "LONG PLAYING 33 1/3" in silver on the right. The second label was black with silver printing, "Riviera RECORDS" in white above the center hole with a three-color logo, "HIGH FIDELITY" in white on the left side and "LONG PLAYING 33 1/3" in white on the right. Stereo albums had "STEREO" in red around the bottom of the label.

Mono albums were issued in the R0001 series, while stereo issues used the STR001 series. The stereo issues had a generic jacket back that gave technical "data" on stereo, a new concept in 1959.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

R0001 - Romeo and Juliet - Studio Group [1959]


R0003/STR003 - Salute To the Big Bands - Studio Group [1959]

R0004/STR004 - World's Greatest Overtures - Studio Group [1959]

R0005/STR005 - I Love You Truly - Ink Spots [1959] I Love You Truly/Shine On Harvest Moon/When You Were Sweet Sixteen/You Tell Me Your Dream//Frankie And Johnny/When The Saints Go Marching In/East Side West Side/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie

R0006/STR006 - Cha Cha Chas and Merengues - Studio Group [1959]

R0007/STR007 - The Singing Swinging Banjo - Studio Group [1959]

R0008/STR008 - Fabulous Harmonica - Studio Group [1959]

R0009/STR009 - Hymns We Love - Studio Group [1959]

R0010/STR010 - Mambo In Havana - Studio Group [1959] Mambeat/Barapipi/Mambo Lindo/Oriental Mambo/Esy Petsy/Swinging With Humberto/Morales Minuet/Blue Danube Mambo/Isla Verde/Papa Luccioni/Long Hair Mambo/Mambish/Minute Waltz Mambo

R0011/STR011 - Fantasy Land - Studio Group [1959]

R0012/STR012 - In the Glenn Miller Mood - Studio Group [1959]

R0013/STR013 - Swinging On Broadway - Studio Group [1959]

R0014/STR014 - Polkas - Studio Group [1959]

R0015/STR015 - Honky Tonk Classics - Ragtime Sue [1959]

R0016/STR016 - Garden of Love - Studio Group [1959]

R0017/STR017 - Scheherazade - Studio Group [1959]

R0018/STR018 - The Best of Ballet - Studio Group [1959]

R0019/STR019 - Tangos of the Argentine - Raphael Valdez Orchestra [1959]

R0020/STR020 - Gay Nineties Review - Pierre Duval & His Orchestra [1959]

R0021/STR021 - Mid-Night In Mexico - Studio Group [1959]

R0022/STR022 - Campfire Songs - Studio Group [1959]

R0023/STR023 - Mambo Cha Cha Cha - Studio Group [1959]

R0024/STR024 - Swing Your Partner - Studio Group [1959]

R0025/STR025 - Opera Arias - Studio Group [1959]

R0026/STR026 - Strings Around the World - Studio Group [1959]

R0027/STR027 - Big Band Swings the Classics - Studio Group [1959] Anchors Away/New World/On Brave Old Army Team/Claire De Lune/Peanut Vendor/Evening Star/Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair/Battle Hymn Of The Republic

R0028/STR028 - Taboo - Studio Group [1959] Asiwanda/Elunde/You Couie/Sha Sha Calor/Fukiiya//Yarbon/Ah De Vous/Ben Je Engay/Dedication/Ayilongo

R0029/STR029 - Barber Shop Quartet Favorites - Studio Group [1959]

R0030/STR030 - The Swinging 30's - Studio Group [1959]

R0031/STR031 - Midnight In Paris - Pierre Duval & His Orchestra [1959] Cocktails Champs Elysies/Rue De La Pax/Left Bank Lovers/Lovers Only/Love On The Siene/Paris Paradise/L'Ame Des Accordions/Quando Vien La Sera/Souvenir Du Limoisien/Surprise Musette/Bal Des Verganges

R0032/STR032 - Swinging Stephen Foster - Studio Group [1959]

R0033/STR033 - The Soul of Spain - Studio Group [1959] Aye, Aye, Aye/Cielito Lindo/El Relicario/La Paloma/Clavelitos//Habenera/Gypsy Dance/Espana/Capprico Espanol

R0034/STR034 - Big Band Cha Cha Cha - Studio Group [1959]

R0035/STR035 - Holiday In Rio - Studio Group [1959]

R0036/STR036 - Pipe Organ Moods - Studio Group [1959]

R0037/STR037 - The Dorsey Touch - Studio Group [1959]

R0038/STR038 - Waltz Time In Vienna - Studio Group [1959]

R0039/STR039 - Dixieland - Dixieland Bear Cats [1959] When The Saints Go Marching In/My Wild Irish Rose/There Is A Tavern In The Town/others

R0040/STR040 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Studio Group [1959]

R0041/STR041 - Christmas Carols - Studio Group [1959]

R0042/STR042 - Merry Christmas - Studio Group [1959]

R0043/STR043 - Hawaiian Luau - Studio Group [1959]

R0044/STR044 - Organ In Hi-Fi - Johnnie Johnson [1959] La Paloma/La Cumparsita/Dengozo/Spanish Dance/Chipanecas/La Golandrina/El Relicario

R0045/STR045 - Cocktail Time - Studio Group [1959]

R0046/STR046 - Inkspots - Inkspots [1959]

R0047/STR047 - The Fabulous Paul Anka - Paul Anka and Others [1959] I Confess/Cherry Pie/My Desire/Tick Tock/Girl of My Dreams//Blau-Wile-Deveest Fontaine/Mary Lou/Don't Feel Sorry For Me/Oop Shoop/Please Love Me

R0048/STR048 - Flamenco - Studio Group [1959]

R0049/STR049 - Jazz Jazz Jazz - Studio Group [1959]

R0050/STR050 - Honky Tonk Piano - Studio Group [1959]

R0051/STR051 - Country and Western - Studio Group [1959]

R0052/STR052 - Blues In My Heart - Various Artists [1959] You Upset Me - B.B. King/Girl of My Dreams - Jesse Belvin/Dust My Blues - Elmore James/It's Midnight - Little Willie Littlefield/No Rolling Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon//Good Rocking Daddy - Etta James/No More Doggin' Roscoe Gordon/Blues After Hours - Pee Wee Crayton/Eddie My Love - Teen Queens/Blow Joe Blow - Joe Houston

R0053/STR053 - Square Dancing - Studio Group [1959]

R0054/STR054 - Music For Dreaming - Studio Group [1959]

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