Lion Album Discography
(Popular Series, 195?-1960)

By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: October 4, 2005

Lion was a subsidiary label of MGM. It started in the mid-1950s as a budget label issuing 10-inch LPs. It moved to 12-inch LPs in 1958, which lasted to 1960. In 1960, it became defunct, only to be re-established in the 1970s. The early incarnation of the Lion label also had a Classical Series, which is not covered here.

The 1950s Lion label issued a number of albums of back-catalog material, but for the most part, they were not reissues of earlier MGM albums, but first-time-on-LP compilations of earlier singles and unreleased tunes. Of particular note to collectors is the Ivory Joe Hunter collection I Need You So, which is a collection of his MGM singles from 1949-1953.

The Lion label was purple with silver print, with the Lion logo at the top of the label. Albums released in stereo are noted by the S/L prefix; all others were issued in mono only.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

10-inch LPs:

E70001 - Tops in Pops: Designed for Dancing - Tommy Tucker & His Orchestra

E70002 - Tops in Pops: Designed for Dancing - Rafael Font & His Orchestra

E70003 - Tops in Pops: Designed for Dancing - Maximillian Bergere & His Orchestra

E70004 - Tops in Pops: Designed for Dancing - Henry Jerome & His Orchestra

E70005 - Tops in Pops: Designed for Dancing - Eddie Oliver & His Orchestra

E70006 - Mambos Designed for Dancing - Ramon Argueso & His Orchestra

E70007 - Square Dances Designed for Dancing - Billy Barrett & His Oldtimers

E70008 - Tops in Pops: Designed for Dancing - Shep Fields & His Orchestra

E70009 - Tops in Pops: Designed for Dancing - Teddy Powell & His Orchestra

E70010 - Tops in Pops: Designed for Dancing - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra

E70011 - Designed for Dancing: Top Pops - Tommy Tucker & His Orchestra

E70012 - Designed for Dancing: All Time Favorites - Eddie Ashman & His Grossinger Orchestra

E70013 - Designed for Dancing: Polkas - Ted Tyle & His Orchestra

E70014 - Designed for Dancing: Top Pops - Jerry Wald & His Orchestra

E70015 - Let's Rhumba!: Designed for Dancing - Rene Touzet & His Orchestra

E70016 - Designed for Dancing: Top Pops - Henry Jerome & His Orchestra

E70017 - Designed for Dancing: Top Pops - Ernie Rudy & His Orchestra

E70018 - Designed for Dancing: Teen Age Party - George Russell & His Orchestra

E70019 - Business Man's Bounce: Designed for Dancing - Jerry Jerome & His Orchestra

E70020 - Latin American Moods - Dave "Tico" Robbins & His Orchestra

E70021 - Designed for Dancing: Top Pops, Volume 2 - Henry Jerome & His Orchestra

E70022 - Top Pops: Designed for Dancing, Volume 3 - Hal McIntyre & His Orchestra

E70023 to E70049 - [not used]

12-inch LPs:

L70050 - I Feel So Smoochie - Lena Horne [1958] I Feel So Smoochie/Man I Love/Foggy Day/He Makes Me Believe He's Mine/Take Love Easy/'Deed I Do/I've Got The World On A String/Sometimes I'm Happy/Love Of My Life/Pass Me By/Is It Always Like This/It's Mad Mad Mad

L70051 - Memories of Santa Lucia - Phil Brito [1958] Come Back To Sorrento/Vieni Su/Comme Bella A Stagione/Mama/Mattinara/Sempre/O Sole Mio/Memories Of Santa Lucia/Who Would Ever Dream/For One Kiss Of Love/My Mother's Rosary/Memories Of Sorrento

L70052 - Sarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan [1958] I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/What A Diff'rence A Day Made/Tenderly/My Kinda Love/You're Not The Kind/100 Years From Today/I Can't Get Started/I Can Make You Love Me/I've Got A Crush On You/I'll Wait And Pray/If You Could See Me Now/Don't Worry 'Bout Me

L70053 - Jimmy Durante in Person - Jimmy Durante [1958] Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home/What You Goin' To Do When The Rent Comes 'Round/A-Razz-a-ma-Tazz/I'm A Vulture For Horiculture/It's My Nose's Birthday/I'll Do The Strut-Away In My Cutaway/I'm The Guy Who Found The Lost Chord/Day I Read A Book/Fugitive From Esquire/Chidabee-Ch-Ch/State Of Arkansas/Dollar A Year Man

L70054 - Rockin' at the Hop - Sam "The Man" Taylor [1958] The Big Beat/Let's Ball/Fish RollOo Wee/Look Out/Sam's Blues//The Boss Is Home/Ride, Sammy, Ride/Real Gone/Do-a-Lu/Taylor Made/Road Runner

L70055 - Kathryn Grayson - Kathryn Grayson [1958] Always/All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings/Love Is Where You Find It/Yesterdays/You Are Love/Will You Remember/Jalousie/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/This Is My Lovely Day/They Didn't Believe Me/Waltz Serenade/What's Wrong With Me

L70056 - I Wish You Love - Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra [1958] For Sentimental Reasons/Sunday Kind Of Love/You Don't Know What Love Is/Lover Man/I Love You Much Too Much/I'll Remember April/Mad About Him, Sad About Him, How Can I Be Glad Without Him Blues/All Or Nothing At All/I'll Never Smile Again/You Always Hurt The One You Love/End Of A Love Affair/Baby, Won't You Please Come Home

L70057 - The Best of Billy Eckstine - Billy Eckstine [1958] Over The Rainbow/Blue Moon/I'll Be Faithful/Everything I Have Is Yours/Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me/Baby Won't You Say You Love Me/If You Could See Me Now/No One But You/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Wonder Why/Pandora

L70058 - Artie Shaw Plays Cole Porter and Irving Berlin - Artie Shaw [1958] What Is This Thing Called Love/In The Still Of The Night/Get Out Of Town/You Do Something To Me/Night And Day/My Heart Belongs To Daddy/I've Got You Under My Skin/Love For Sale/I've Got The Sun In The Morning/There's No Business Like Show Business

L70059 - Woody Herman and the Herd at Carnegie Hall - Woody Herman [1958] Red Top/Superman With A Horn/Bijou/Wild Root/Four Men On A Horse/Good Earth/Panacea/Blowin' Up A Storm/Everywhere/Heads Up/Your Father's Mustache

L70060 - The Music of Richard Rodgers - Ted Straeter & His Orchestra [1958] The Most Beautiful Girl In The World/No Other Love/My Romance/I Could Write A Book/Keep It Gay/My Funny Valentine/Very Special Day/Marriage Type Love/Wait Till You See Her/Have You Met Miss Jones?/I'm Your Girl/We Deserve Each Other

L70061 - Dreams of Paris - Johnny Desmond [1958] C'est Si Bon/Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup/April In Paris/Si Petite/Hands Across The Table/My Lost Love/I'll Be Yours/Pigalle/C'est La Ve/Comme Ci, Comme Ca/Beyond The Sea/Passing By

L70062 - Those Happy Banjos - Art Mooney & His Orchestra [1958] Those Happy Banjos/I'm Looking Over A 4-Leaf Clover/Toot, Toot, Tootsie! Goodbye/Somebody Stole My Rose Colored Glasses/Row, Row, Row/Heartbreaker/Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue/"O" (Oh)/Barefoot Days/Pal-ing Around With You/In The Twi-Twi-Twilight/Joshu-ah/Paddlin' Madelin' Home

L70063 - Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra [1958] Angela Mia/Ballerina/Moon Over Miami/Quien Sabe?/At Sundown/If I Were You/3 O'clock In The Morning/On Green Dolphin Street/Sunday Kind Of Love/Pots And Pans/Heartaches/Easy To Love

L70064 - Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra - Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra [1958] Air Mail Special/Cool Train/Jumpin' With G.H./Gates Steps Out/Don't Flee The Scene/Salty/Oh, Rock/Gabby's Gabbin'/Cryin'/Samson's Google/Helpless Kingfish/Alone

L70065 - That Honky Tonk Piano - Frank Petty Trio [1958] Coquette/Sugar/When I Lost You/Somebody Stole My Gal/Everybody Loves My Baby/Goofus/At Sundown/10 Little Fingers And 10 Little Toes/Under The Double Eagle March/Loch Lomond/Louise

L70066 - Great Strauss Waltzes - Harry Horlick & His Orchestra [1958] Wine, Women And Song/Vienna Life/Sweetheart Waltz/Blue Danube/Artist's Life/Emperor Waltz/Lagoon Waltz/Where The Citrons Bloom/1001 Nights/You And You/Vienna Bonbons/Kiss Waltz

L70067 - Swingin' Double Date - Dick Hyman Trio [1958] The Way You Look Tonight/Moon Was Yellow/Sleep/If I Had You/Look For The Silver Lining/Pleasure/Marv/Lookie, Lookie, Lookie/All Too Soon/Topsy/Early Autumn

L70068 - I Need You So - Ivory Joe Hunter [1958] Don't Make Me Cry/If You See My Baby/Rockin' Chair Boogie/I Need You So/I Almost Lost My Mind/Why Fool Yourself//I Can't Get You Off My Mind/Wrong Woman Blues/I Can't Resist You/You Thrill Me/I Had A Girl/I Thought I Had Loved (Unitl I Met You)

L70069 - Songs By Don Gibson - Don Gibson [1958] Sweet Dreams/I Must Forget You/Run, Boy/Road Of Life Alone/Ah-Ha/It Happens Everytime/I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time/I Ain't A- Studying You, Baby/I'm Gonna Fool Everybody/I Believed In You/What A Fool I Was To Fall/You're The Only One For Me

L70070 - Square Dances - Slim Bryant & His Wildcats [1958] Forward 6-Backward 6/Red River Valley/Cheat And Swing/Lady 'Round The Lady/Take A Peek/First 2 Ladies Cross Over

L70071 - Greatest French Songs - Irv Joseph [1958] No You/I Can't Forget/I Wish You Love/My Heart Says Thanks To You/My Heart Sings/Comme Ci, Comme Ca/In Times Gone By/On The Avenue/Touch/If You Love Me, Really Love Me/Danse Avec Moi/Heart And All/Mine For The Taking/To You, My Love/C'est Si Bon/If You Go/Song That Haunts My Heart/Petite Waltz/At Last!/Under Paris Skies/Domino/Pigalle/Gamin De Paris/Padam, Padam/Cab Song/Alouette/Gentille Alouette/Fere Jacques/Au Clair De La Lune/Charleston Parisien/Paris Canaille

L70072 - Greatest Italian Songs - Irv Joseph [1958] Gondola Va/Santa Lucia/Mattinata/Sorrento/Souvenir D'Italie/'O Marenariello/I Only Know I Love You/Anema E Core/Sweetheart Serenade/Summertime In Venice/Love Won't Wait Until Tomorrow/Zampano/I'd Be Lying/Stay After School/Ha! Ha! Ha!Do I Love You/Let's Live For Love/Serenade/Till Good Morning, Good Night/Spring In December/Believe In Me/O Sole Mio/Bacindoti/Echoes In The Night/Love Theme From La Strada/Ricordate Marcelino?/Marechiare/Panse/Sicilian Tarantella/Icicle Wing Ding

L70073 - Ostrich Walk - Preacher Rollo & Five Saints [1958] High Society/Darktown Strutters' Ball/Fidgety Feet/Panama/At the Jazz Band Ball/Tin Roof Blues/Tat Da-Da Strain/I've Found a New Baby/Struttin' With Some Barbecue/When The Saints Go Marching In

L70074 - "Tom & Jerry" Cartoon Favorites - Bret Morrison [1958] Johann Mouse/Charlie the Choo Choo Train/Old MacDonald's Barnyard Band/Robin Hood

L70075 - Mother Goose Parade - Betty Martin/Donald Dame [1958] Medley: Good Morning-Mary Sunshine-Jack & Jill-Simple Simon-3 Little Kittens-Mistress Mary-Humpty Dumpty-Little Tommy Tucker-Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush-Hickory Dickory Dock-Little Jack Horner-Little Miss Muffett-Rock-A-Bye Baby-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Medley: Mulberry Bush-Did You Ever See a Lassie-Looby Lou/Medley: Farmer in the Dell-Little Bo Peep-Hey Diddle Diddle-London Bridge Is Falling Down/Baa! Baa! Black Sheep

L70076 - "The Bear that Wasn't" and Other Children's Stories - Keenan Wynn [1958] The Bear That Wasn't/Drippy (The Runaway Raindrop)/Fantissimo

L70077 - Songs and Stories of Children from Many Lands - Greer Garson [1958]

L70078 - Johnny Appleseed/Rip Van Winkle - Lionel Barrymore/Kate Smith [1958]

L70079 - Christmas Is for Children - Various Artists [1958] Artists: Korn Kobblers/Art Mooney/Bret Morrison/Jimmy Durante/Rita faye/Lionel Barrymore/Leslie Uggams/Barry Gordon/Mary Mayo

L70080 - The Wonderful World of Fairy Tales - Robert Q. Lewis [1958] Pinocchio/Little Mermaid/Sleeping Beauty/Steadfast Tin Soldier/Thembelina/Pied Piper/Little Boy, Little Girl/Jack & the Beanstalk/Rapunzel/Ugly Duckling/Rumpelstiltskin/Beauty & the Beast/Wizard of Oz

L70081 - 40 All Time Christmas Favorites - Robert Maxwell & His Harp [1958]

L70082 - Beloved Christmas Hymns and Carols - Canterbury Choir [1958]

L70083 - An Old-Fashioned Christmas - Richard Ellsasser [1958]

L70084 - Tom Thumb (Soundtrack) - Muir Mateison [1958] After All These Years/Tom Thumb's Tune/Talented Shoes/Yawning Song

L70085 - 60 Children's All Time Favorite Songs: A Community Singalong - Robert Q. Lewis [1959] Medley: Sing a Song With Me-A-Hunting We Will Go-Alouette-Bobby Shaftoe-Dixie-Did You Ever See a Lassie?-Dooda Dooda-Hey Diddle Diddle/Medley: London Bridge-Hickory Dickory Dock- Alphabet Song-Old Gray Mare-Oh Were Has My Little Dong Gone-Ride a Cock Horse-Pussy Cat Pussycat-Mary Had a Little Lamb/Medley: Old MacDonald Had a Farm-Polly-Wolly-Doodle-Polly Put the Kettle On-Jack Horner-Baa! Baa! Black Sheep-I Love Little Pussy-Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be/Medley: Jack & Jill-Go In & Out the Window-Lazy Mry-Little Boy Blue-Looby-Loo-Jingle Bells-Down in the Valley-Oh Suzanna/Medley: Farmer in the Dell-Aunt Rhody-Sing a Song of Sixpence-Skip To My Lou- 10 Little Indians-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-A Tisket A Tasket-Mistree Mary Quite Contrary/Medley: Mulberry Bush-For He's a Jolly Good Fellow-Row Row Row Your Boat-Frere Jacques-Billy Boy-Little Bo Peep-Pop! Goes the Weasel/Medley: Yankee Doodle-3 Little Kittens-Rockabye Baby-Oats Peas Beans & Barley Grow-3 Blind Mice-She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain-Muffin Man-Ring Around a Rosy/Medley: My Lod Kentucky Home-Sailing Sailing-My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean-My Little Nut Tree-Old Folks at Home-Baby Bunting-Cradle Song-Sing a Song With Me

S/L70086 - Space Stories and Sounds - Bill Stern [1959]

L70087 - "Tom and Jerry" Storytime - Bret Morrison [1959] Fire Engine/Rocket Ship To the Moon/In the Wild West/Down On the Farm/Meet Santa Claus/Aladdin's Lamp

L70088 - Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan - Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan [1959]

L70089 - Million Dollar Vaudeville Show - Various Artists [1959] Artists: I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover - Art Mooney & His Orchestra/Abba-Dabba Honeymoon - Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter/Life Gets Tee-Jus, Don't It - Carson Robison/Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Gene Kelly & Kitty Garrett/The Day I Read A Book - Jimmy Durante/Holiday For Strings - David Rose & His Orchestra/Sabre Dance - Macklin Marrow/Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend - Marilyn Monroe/Lionel Barrymore/Leslie Caron & Mel Ferrer/Anyone With A Million Dollars - Danny Thomas/Oh, Rock - Lionel Hampton

L70090 - Naughty Marietta/Firefly - Paul Britten [1959]

S/L70091 - Selections from "The Music Man" - MGM Studio Orchestra [1959]

S/L70092 - Selections from "My Fair Lady" - MGM Studio Orchestra [1959]

S/L70093 - Selections from "South Pacific" - MGM Studio Orchestra [1959]

S/L70094 - Selections from "Oklahoma" - MGM Studio Orchestra [1959]

S/L70095 - Selections from "Porgy and Bess" - MGM Studio Orchestra [1959]

S/L70096 - Passage to Italy - Franco DaRoma [1959]

S/L70097 - Military Band in Hi-Fi - Providence City Military Band [1959]

S/L70098 - Nearer the Cross - Lew Reynolds & John Wilson Choir [1959]

S/L70099 - Bouquet from Paris - Jules Audy & His Musette Orchestra [1959]

S/L70100 - The Pipe Organ in Stereo - George Gould [1959]

L70101 - Arlene Francis Tells Bible Stories for Children - Arlene Francis [1959] Noah & the Great Flood/Abraham/Wife For Issac/Joseph & His Brothers/Moses/10 Commandments/Samson/Shadrach, Meshack & Abednego/Ruth & Noami/David & Goliath/24th & 100th Psalms

L70102 - Greer Garson Baby Sits with Stories & Songs - Greer Garson [1959]

L70103 - Western Playhouse - Bob Wilson [1959] Songs and Stroies of the Great Wild West Including Crockett, Hickok, Carson,Boone, Bowie, Masterson, Earp, etc.

L70104 - The Magic World of Circuses and Clowns - Robert Q. Lewis [1959] Entry Of The Gladiators/Circus Clowns/Circus Band/Under The Double Eagle/Circus Elephants/Bombasto/Lion Tamer March/King Cotton/Circus Kids/Washington Post March/Circus Acrobats/Our Director March/Traveling With The Circus/Capitan March/Circus Side Show/Manhattan Beach March

L70105 - Favorite Marches for Children - Children's Marching Chorus & Toyland Band [1959] Medley: On the Mall-Marines' Hymn-Betty Co-ed-Whistler's Song/Medley: Yankee Doodle March- Dixie-Jingle Bells March/Medley: Hail Columbia-America-Columbia the Gem of the Ocean/Medley: U.S. Air Force/Lassus Trombone-Stein Song-Pomp & Circumstance-Mr. Man/Medley: Caissons Go Rolling Along-Dixieland Style March-Stars & Stripes Forever/Medley: When Johnny Gomes Marching Home-I've Been Working on the Railroad-Pop! Goes the Weasel/Medley: Semper Fidelis-Thunderer- Invercargill/Medley: Camptown Races-Mulberry Bush March/Medley: America the Beautiful-Star Spangled Banner

L70106 - The Organ Album - Hank Sylvern [1959]

L70107 - A Kiddie Koncert - Korn Kobblers [1959]

L70108 - Celebrities - Various Artists [1959] I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder - Van Johnson/Baby, It's Cold Outside - Esther Williams/My Lucky Charm - Dan Dailey/Just One Of Those Things - Susan Haywood/Moonlight Bay - Gene Kelly/The Loveliest Night Of The Year - Ann Blyth/The Straw Hat Song - Desi Arnaz/How Am I To Know - Ava Gardner/It's A Great-A-Country-America - Danny Thomas/Am I In Love - Debbie Reynolds/Foggy Foggy Dew - Red Skelton/It's The Same Old Shillelagh - George Murphy

L70109 - The Magic Melodies of David Rose - David Rose & His Orchestra [1959]

L70110 - Warsaw Concerto - Sondra Bianca & Robert Ashley [1959] Warsaw Concerto/Swedish Rhapsody/From Dusk To Dawn/Concerto Rhapsody/Concerto For Lover/Symph Moderne/Carnegie Hall Concerto/Concerto Theme/Sunrise Concerto/Dream Of Olwen

L70111 - Jane Powell Sings with David Rose - Jane Powell & David Rose & His Orchestra [1959]

S/L70112 - Music from "Peter Gunn" - Aaron Bell & His Orchestra [1959]

S/L70113 - "Victory at Sea" in Jazz - Aaron Bell & His Orchestra [1959]

L70114 - America's Favorite Waltzes - Harry Horlick & His Orchestra [1959]

L70115 - Mighty Mouse Playhouse - Morrison [1959] Green Line/Date For Dinner/Watchdog/Sultan's Birthday Party/Smokey Joe/Angry Volcano

S/L70116 - Music from "77 Sunset Strip" - Aaron Bell & His Orchestra [1959]

L70117 - George Shearing Goes Hollywood - George Shearing Quintet [1959]

L70118 - Girls and More Girls - Various Artists [1959] Artists: Ava Gardner/Susan Haywood/Betty Hutton/Jane Russell/Kathryn Grayson/Jane Powell/Debbie Reynolds/Judy Garland/Ann Blyth/June Allyson/Lena Horne/Esther Williams

L70119 - Parade of the Bands - Various Artists [1959] Artists: Ray Anthony/Jimmy Dorsey/Larry Clinton/Lionel Hampton/Woody Herman/Art Mooney//Raymond Scott/Artie Shaw/Tex Beneke/Hugo Winterhalter/Shep Fields/Leroy Holmes

L70120 - Tommy Edwards - Tommy Edwards [1959] Love Is A Child/My Ship/We're Not Children Anymore/Linger In My Arms/Baby, Let Me Take You Dreaming/Wall Of Ice//My Sweetheart, My Best Friend, And I/The Things We Did Last Summer/You Walk By/Welcome To My Heart/If You Would Love Me Again/I Have That Kind Of Heart

L70121 - Fred Astaire - Fred Astaire [1959]

L70122 - Original Soundtrack Hits - Various Artists [1959]

S/L70123 - Selections from "Ben Hur" - Frankenland Symphony Orchestra [1959] Musical Score From the Motion Picture.

L70124 - A Christmas Carol - Lionel Barrymore [1959]

L70125 - Connie Francis [unissued]

L70126 - Connie Francis Sings Fun Songs for Children - Connie Francis [1959] Buster the Butterfly/Chester the Chimp/Dinah the Dinosaur/Elmer the Elephant/Gertrude the Goldfish/Harold the Hippo/Kitty the Knagaroo/Nancy the Nightingale/Oscar the Octopus/Pinky the Penguin/Reggie the Rooster/Sammy the Silkworm

L70127 - Dance Till Dawn - Jerry Jerome Orchestra/Teddy Powell Orchestra [1960] Medley: Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue, Linger Awhile, In a Little Spanish Town, I Love You plus 21 others.

L70128 - Darktown Strutter's Ball - Gene Sheldon & His Banjo [1960]

L70129 - Gypsy Caravan - Harry Horlick & His Orchestra [1960]

L70130 - Cuddle Up a Little Closer - Satin Strings [1960]

S/L70131 - Hymns of Salvation - Jane Pickens & Salvation Army Choir [1959]

L70132 - Hawaiian Sky - Hal Aloma/Lani McEntire & His Orchestra [1960]

L70133 - Cha Cha Chas - Leon Kelner & His Orchestra [1960] Cerezo Rosa/Hot Cha Cha Cha/Waterfall/Enganadora/Tenel/Patty Cake Cha cha Cha/Fountain Lounge Merengue/Bwana/Park Avenue Mambo/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

S/L70134 - A Salute to Ken Griffin - Bill Simon [1960]

L70135 - Memory Lane - Kate Smith [1960]

S/L70136 - Theme from "A Summer Place" and Other Great Movie Themes - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [1960] Theme From A Summer Place/Indiscreet/True Love/House Boat Love Song/Sayonara Theme/Wild Is The Wind/Too Much Too Soon/Hong Kong Affair/Proud Rebel Theme/Old Man And The Sea

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