Colossus Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, and Dave Edwards
Last update: June 25, 2007

The Shocking Blue Collossus Records was started in 1970 by Jerry Ross, a promoter and producer who had some success producing minor hits in the early 1960s, especially on his Heritage label. The Colossus Records office was located at 1855 Broadway, Suite 702, in New York City. Although it started independently, Ross soon sold the label to MGM. Ross had set up a distribution deal with MGM in 1968 to distribute his Heritage label. Even in 1968, the Heritage records all bore the statement, "Produced by Jerry Ross Productions, Inc. in association with Colossus Promotions, Inc." By 1970, Ross went independent and started the Colossus label, which hit big with several Dutch import hits such as "Venus" by Shocking Blue and "Ma Belle Amie" by the Tee Set. After those two albums, Ross sold the label to MGM. Starting with Colossus CS-1003 and CGS- 5001, the back cover of the albums all bore the statement, "Colossus Record Corporation, a division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., A presentation of Jerry Ross Productions, Inc., 1855 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10023."

The Shocking Blue, while only having one real hit here in the United States, had several hits and six albums in Europe. The Shocking Blue had been formed in 1967 by guitarist/sitarist Robby van Leeuwen, formerly of the Dutch band The Motions. He added Mariska Veres, the dark-haired woman singer with the husky voice, Klaasje van der Wal on bass, and drummer Cornelius van der Beek. They signed with the Pink Elephant label in Holland, and recorded "Venus" in 1969. The Shocking Blue album on Colossus acknowledges Pink Elephant.

The Tee Set (l to r):
Peter Tetteroo, Franklin Madjid, Joop Blom, Dill Bennink, and Hans van Eijck. Jerry Ross was running Heritage Records in 1969 when he went to Europe to check on how the latest Bill Deal record was doing. While in Zurich, Switzerland, he went to a club and heard the Tee Set, a Dutch group playing there. He heard another Dutch group, the Shocking Blue, when he visited Hamburg. A little later, he heard the George Baker Selection, another Dutch group, and decided to sign them all to a new label and distribute their records in the United States.

All three groups enjoyed immediate success in the United States, and their simultaneous success started people talking about a "Dutch Invasion," like the "British Invasion" of six years earlier. The Dutch Invasion was no match for the British Invasion, however, as after a few hits, the groups disappeared from the American scene, for the most part. The Shocking Blue hit with a huge splash, as their single "Venus" [Colossus 108] made it to #1. From there, it was straight down, as the followup "Mighty Joe" [Colossus 111] just missed the top-40 at #43, and the third single, "Long and Lonesome Road" [Colossus 116], only reached #75. The next try, "Never Marry a Railroad Man" [Colossus 123], only made #102. That was it for the group on Colossus. The Tee Set's "Ma Belle Amie" [Colossus 107] reached #5, but the followup, "If You Do Believe in Love" [Colossus 114], reached only as high as #81, which was their chart swan song here. The George Baker Selection hit #21 with "Little Green Bag" [Colossus 112], but like their labelmates, followups were difficult, as "Dear Ann" [Colossus 117] only climbed to #93. Unlike the others, however, the George Baker Selection had a subsequent hit five years later, with "Paloma Blanca" [Warner 8115, #26]. The George Baker Selection was Johannes Bouwens (George Baker), Jan Hop, Jacobus Anthonius Greuter, Jan Gerbrand, and George The.

The Mob After the Dutch boomlet, Jerry Ross decided to put out an orchestral album and a couple of singles by none other than himself. The album didn't chart, but "Let Me Love You One More Time (Un Pequito Mas)" [Colossus 119] scraped the bottom of the "Bubbling Under" charts at #123 for one week before everyone came to their senses. Albums by a German group known as Die Anderen, renamed Apocalypse (Kannibal Komix) and a twosome going by the name Danks likewise failed to chart. Albums by a Baltimore group that actually moved to Holland, called Maypole, and an album by Paul Sylvan also missed the charts. Even a Duprees "greatest hits" compilation and a various artists collection called Colossus Gold failed.

The only other chart success for the label was from a Chicago-based group called the Mob, a seven-piece "show band" that had been playing around the Windy City for years. In fact, the leaders of the group, Jimmy Holvay and Gary Biesbier, go all the way back to 1964 with the Chicago chart instrumental "Beatle Time" as the Livers on Constellation. The Mob was formed in the mid-1960s and was one of the early rock bands that featured brass in the lineup. They were still charting records in the mid-1970s, and were quite influencial on the Chicago scene. For Colossus, they charted "I Dig Everything About You" [Colossus 130, #83] and "Give It to Me" [Colossus 134, #71] in early 1971, the last chart hits for Colossus. Their album charted at #204. Holvay and Biesbier were accomplished songwriters, having penned most of the hits of fellow-Chicago band the Buckinghams. Other members of the Mob were Al Herrero (lead vocals), Tony Nedza, Bobby Ruffino, James Franz, and Michael Sistak.

The Colossus label (far left) was yellow with black print, with the red and gold Colossus logo at the top. Around the bottom of the label it said, "Jerry Ross Productions, Inc., 1855 Broadway, New York, New York 10023 Printed in U.S.A." This did not change during the life of the label, even after the sale to MGM. Promotional copies had the same label with a "PROMOTIONAL COPY NOT FOR SALE" overprint at the right of the label under "33 1/3 R.P.M."

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Colossus CS-1000 Series:

CS-1000 - The Shocking Blue - Shocking Blue [1970] (2-70, #31) Long And Lonesome Road (M)/Love Machine (S)/The Butterfly And I (S)/Venus (E)/California Here I Come (S)/Poor Boy (S)//Mighty Joe (E)/Boll Weevil (S)/Acka Ragh (S)/Love Buzz (S)/I'm A Woman (S)/Send Me A Postcard (E)

CS-1001 - Ma Belle Amie - Tee Set [1970] (5-70, #158) Gatefold cover. Ma Belle Amie (S)/What Can I Do (S)/Walk On By My Door (S)/I Don't Want To Know (S)/Charmaine (S)/Finally In Love Again (S)//If You Do Believe In Love (S)/Since I Lost Your Love (S)/Long Ago (S)/Here In My House (S)/Bring A Little Sunshine (S)/Magic Lantern (S)

CS-1002 - Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection [1970] (7-70, #107) Little Green Bag (E, 4:20 LP version with cold ending)/Winter Time (S)/Funny Girl (S)/The Prisoner (S)/Road Of Peace (S)/Fly (S)//Dear Ann (S)/Impressions (S)/I Wanna Love You (S)/Have Another Drink (S)/I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (S)/Goodbye (S)

CS-1003 - The Jerry Ross Symposium - Jerry Ross Symposium [1970] These are pop instrumental versions of the hits by the groups on Colossus (and others), by the owner of the label. Ma Belle Amie/Everything Is Beautiful/When Love Slips Away/For the Love of Him/Let Me Love You One More Time//Little Green Bag/But For Love/Montego Love Theme (Romeo & Juliet '70)/If You Don Believe In Love/Venus

CS-1004 - Kannibal Komix - Kannibal Komix (Apocalypse) [1970] German band also known as Die Anderen. Little Little/Neurotic Reaction/Sing A Song/Mind My Own Business/Little Queen/Man In The Moon//Love/White House/Sunday Morning/Choo Choo Train/Elenor/Cosy Rosy

CS-1005 - Danks - Danks [1970] Male-female duo featuring Raul Danks. Mountan Of Love/Matthew Mouse/A Thousand Crickets/I'm Lonely/Mister Sun/Stefani/Time To Be Free/Right In The SCenter/Nightingale/Sweet Lady For Lucy/We're In It Together

CS-1006 - The Mob - Mob [1971] (2-71, #204) Track sequence given on the back of the record jacket is in error. The sequence is correct on the label. Unlike the CD reissue, which is all mono, the original album has all tracks in stereo. I'd Like To See More Of You (S)/Once A Man Twice A Child (S)/Give It To Me (S)/Maybe I'll Find A Way (S)/Good Time Baby (S)//I Dig Everything About You (S)/For A Little While (S)/Love Has Got A Hold On Me (S)/Lost (S)/Back On The Road Again (S)

CS-1007 - Maypole - Maypole [1971] Baltimore-based band who eventually moved to Holland. Group included Dennis Tobell (aka Demian Bell, lead guitar/vocals), Paul Welsh (drums), Steve Mace (guitar, vocals), Kenny Ross (vocals), and John Nickel (bass). Glance At The Past/Show Me The Way/Henry Stared/Change Places/Under A Wave//Johnny/Come Back/You Were/In The Beginning/Dozy World

CS-1008 - Good Paul Sylvan - Paul Sylvan [1971] It's Good To Be Back Home/Ooh Baby Give 'Em All The Love They Need/I Ain't No Fool Jim/Love A Stranger/Anna No Can Do//Happy Eyes/Stop Making A Fool Of Me/Cynthia/Friday Sad Song/Ophelia

Colossus CGS-5000 Series:

CGS-5000 - The Italian Asphalt & Pavement Co. Presents Duprees Gold - Italian Asphalt & Pavement Co. [1970] Track sequence given on the back of the record jacket is in error. The sequence is correct on the label. Have You Heard (S)/My Special Angel (S)/The Sky's The Limit (S)/My Own True Love (S)/People (S)/Check Yourself (S)//You Belong To Me (S)/Two Different Worlds (S)/Goodnight My Love (S)/Ring Of Love (S)/My Love, My Love (S)/Why Don't You Believe Me (S)

CGS-5001 - Colossus Gold - Various Artists [1971] Venus - Shocking Blue (E)/Abergavenny - Shannon (E)/May I - Bill Deal & Rhondels (E)/And Suddenly - Cherry People (S)/Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection (S, 3:21 single edit)/Ain't Nothin' But A House Party - Show Stoppers (S)//Ma Belle Amie - Tee Set (S)/What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am? - Bill Deal & Rhondels (E)/Goodnight My Love - Duprees (S)/Mighty Joe - Shocking Blue (E)/Let Me Love You One More Time (Un Poquito Mas) - Jerry Ross Symposium (S)/You're Gonna Make It - Festivals (S)

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