Ava Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Peter Preuss, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 23, 2003

Ava was distributed by MGM, and lasted from 1962 to 1964. It specialized in soundtracks and jazz, with Elmer Bernstein being its major artist.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

A/AS-1 - Three Evenings with Fred Astaire - Fred Astaire [1962]

A/AS-2 - This Heart of Mine - Carol Lawrence [1962]

A/AS-3 - I'm Always Chasing Rainbows - Bill Cunningham [1962]

A/AS-4ST - Walk on the Wild Side (Soundtrack) - Elmer Bernstein [1962] Walk On The Wild Side/Somewhere In The Used To Be/Hallie's Jazz/Rejected/Doll House/Teresina//Night Theme/Walk On The Wild Side Jazz/Dove/Kitty/Oliver/Reminiscence/Finale

A/AS-5 - I Love Everybody - Dave Howard [1962]

A/AS-6 - The Jazz Soul of Dr. Kildare - Harry Betts & His Orchestra [1962]

A/AS-7 - We Speak the Same Language - James Shigeta [1962]

A/AS-8 - The Sound of Inspiration - Bill Brown Choir [1962] Hallelujah/Psalm 23/He Never Sleeps/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/Prayer/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Beau Soir/Hail, All Hail/Sermon On The Mount

A/AS-9 - Herb Steward Plays So Pretty - Herb Steward [1962] Indian Summer/Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans/Remember/With All My Love/Memphis In June/When Day Is Done/I'm Coming Virginia/Lovely Melody/Among My Souvenirs/So Pretty

A/AS-10 - !?!?!?!?!?!?! - Charlie Barnet [1962] Murder At Peyton Hall/Cherokee Raid/East Side-West Side/Tappin' At The Tappa/Great Gong Of Hong Kong/Skyliner/Coachella Blue/Leapin' At the Lincoln/Mood Indigo/Time's A-Wastin'

A/AS-11 - Movie and TV Themes Composed and Conducted By Elmer Bernstein - Elmer Bernstein [1962]

A/AS-12 - Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean - Muggsy Spanier & His Huge Dixieland Band [1962] Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean/Chicago/I'm Coming Virginia/Royal Garden Blues/The Lonesome Road//You Are My Sunshine/Too Marvelous For Words/Blues In The Night/Blue Skies/Midnight In Moscow [1963]

A/AS-13 - A Time for Singin' and a Time for Prayin' - The Voice of Gene Baker [1963]

A/AS-14 - Bossa Nova Goes to the Movies - Harry Betts [1963] Gypsy-You'll Never Get Away From Me/Irma La Douce-Our Language of Love/Jumbo-Most beautiful Girl In the World/Mutiny on th eBounty-Love Song/Tonight/Bye Bye Birdie-Lot Of Livin' To Do/Two For the Seesaw-Song/Carnival- Theme/Period of Adjustment-Love Theme/On the Street Where You Live

A/AS-15 - Igor Stravinsky's Duo Concertant & Divertimento for Violin and Piano - Eudice Shapiro & Brooks Smith [1963] Duo Concertant//Divertimento from "Le Baiser De La Fee" transcribed for violin and piano by Igor Stravinksy and Samuel Dushkin

A/AS-16 - Slow Glow - Annita Ray with Harry Betts [1963] I Don't Want to Walk Without You/Heart That Broke/Another Time, Another Place/Oh, You Crazy Moon/I'll Be Around/This Time the Dream's On Me/This Life We've Led/For All We Know/Sunday Kind of Love

A/AS-17 - The Special World of George Wood & Katie - George Wood & Katie [1963]

A/AS-18 - Lloyd Elliott and His Trombone - Lloyd Elliott [1963] Trombone, Trombone, Brombone/Trolley Song/Solitude/Anything Goes/I Loves You Porgy/Trombosis/Holiday For Trombones/Gone With the Wind/Continental/Trombolero/Steppin' Out With My Baby

A/AS-19 - The Victor Feldman All Stars Play the World's First Album of Soviet Jazz Themes - Victor Feldman All Stars [1963] Ritual/Blue Church Blues/Madrigal/Vic/Polyushko Polye/Gennadi

A/AS-20 - To Kill a Mockingbird (Soundtrack) - Elmer Bernstein [1963] Main Title/Roll In the Tire/Search For Boo/Jem's Discovery/Tree Treasure/Lynch Mob/Footsteps In the Dark/Children Attacked/Scout & Boo/Summer's End

A/AS-21 - David and Lisa (Soundtrack)/Jazz Impressions of "David and Lisa" - Mark Lawrence/Victor Feldman All Stars [1963] Main Title Theme From "David & Lisa"/Muriel/Clock Smash/Lisa's Waltz/David's Nightmare/Play With Me/Museum/Discovery/Finale/Theme From "David & Lisa"/Lisa's Waltz (Reprise)/more

A/AS-22 - Little Bird - Pete Jolly Trio & Friends [1963]

A/AS-23 - Now Playing! (Great Music from Great Motion Pictures) - Various Artists [1963] Artists: Carol Lawrence/Victor Feldman/Harry Betts/Elmer Bernstein/Pete Jolly/Dick Hazard

A/AS-24 - Blue Martini - John Neel [1963]

A/AS-25 - Presenting Charlie Cochran - Charlie Cochran [1963]

A/AS-26 - Remember These - Betty Comden [1963]

A/AS-27 - Baby, You Should Know It - Ben Tucker & His Quintet [1963]

A/AS-28 - Surf Party (Soundtrack??) - Various Artists [1963] Artists: Jim Gastineau/Surfaris

A/AS-29 - The Songs and Stories of Stevenson Phillips - Stevenson Phillips [1964]

A/AS-30 - Lord of the Flies (Soundtrack) & Other Film Themes - Various Artists [1963] Artists: Elmer Bernstein/Harry Betts/John Neel/Elliott Lawrence

A/AS-31 - The Caretakers (Soundtrack) - Elmer Bernstein [1963] Black Straight Jacket/Blues For A Four String Guitar/Take Care/Birdito/Party In The Ward//Main Title Theme From "The Caretakers"/The Cage/Electrotherapy/Day Hospital/Seclusion/Finale

A/AS-32 - Pieces at an Exhibition - Allyn Ferguson & His Orchestra [1964] Promenade/Gnome/Old Castle/Tuilleries/Oxcart/Ballet Of The Unhatched Chickens/Rich & Poor/Market Place/Catacombs/Old Witch/Great Gate Of Kiev

A/AS-33 - Better Than Anything - Irene Kral & Junior Nance Trio [1964] Touch of Your Lips/Meaning of the Blues/Rock Me To Sleep/No More/Passing By/It's a Wonderful World/This Is Always/Just Friends/Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out/Nobody Else

A/AS-34 - Nonet for Brass, etc. - William Kraft [1964]

A/AS-35 - Charlie Barnet - Charlie Barnet [1964]

A/AS-36 - Lonely - Tony Lee Scott [1964] It Couldn't Happen To A Nicer Guy/San Francisco/What Now My Love/One For My Baby/Goin' To Chicago Blues/Ten Cents A Dance/My Heart Stood Still/Goody Goody/Where's The Boy I Saved/In San Francisco/Something Cool/Wee Small Hours

A/AS-37 - Tony Hilder - Tony Hilder [1964]

A/AS-38 - Skiing Holiday - Various Artists [1964] Artists: Elmer Bernstein/John Neel/Ken Jensen/Allyn Ferguson/Dick Hazard

A/AS-39 - Sweet September - Pete Jolly Trio [1964] Sweet September/Kiss Me baby/Yours Is My Heart Alone/I Have Dreamed/No Other Love/Any Number Can Win-Theme/Soft Winds/Oleo/Can't We Be Friends/I'm Beginning To See The Light

A/AS-40 - Victor Feldman - Victor Feldman [1964]

A/AS-41 - Speros P. Karas - Speros P. Karas [1964]

A/AS-42 - George Wood and Katie - George Wood & Katie [1964]

A/AS-43 - The Sound of Inspiration - Bill Brown Choir [1964] Reissue of Ava A/AS-8. Hallelujah/Psalm 23/He Never Sleeps/Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child/He's Got the Whole World In His Hands/Swing Low/Prayer/Beau Soir/Hail, All Hail/Sermon On the Mount

A/AS-44 - 'Round Midnight - Charlie Cochran [1964] 'Round Midnight/I've Got Your Number/I Think I Fell/Just Friends/Spring Can Really Hang You Up/Late, Late Show/On Green Dolphin Street/Sunday/All the Things You Are/Masquerade Is Over

A/AS-45 - The Carpetbaggers (Soundtrack) - Elmer Bernstein [1964] Carpetbaggers Love Theme/Speak Of The Devil/Forbidden Room/Carpetbagger's Blues/Main Title/New Star/Producer Asks For a Divorce/Jonas Hits Bottom/Finale

A/AS-46 - Combat Album - Combat Album [1964]

A/AS-47 - Memory Lane - Gerald Wiggins [1964]

A/AS-48 - Do It Again - Kathy Barr [1964] Should I/Just Squeeze Me/Do It Again/My Sugar Is So Refined/How Come You Do Me Like You Do//How Little We Know/It All Depends On You/All Of You/You're Driving Me Crazy/Don'cha Go Way Mad

A/AS-49 - [unissued]

A/AS-50 - A House Is Not a Home (Soundtrack) - Shelley Winters/Robert Taylor [1964]

A/AS-51 - Hello, Jolly! - Pete Jolly with Lots of Friends [1964] A Hard Day's Night/Here's That Rainy Day/The Grass Is Greener/People/The Moment Of Truth//A Sleepin' Bee/Blues Two Ways/Hello Dolly/The First Of May/Sweet September

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