Together/American International Records/L&R Album Discography
By Peter Preuss, Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: July 15, 2011

Together records was a west coast label that started in 1969 as a joint venture between producers Gary Usher, Curt Boettcher and Keith Olsen. Some of the missing numbers were solo albums planned for Millenium members Curt Boettcher and Sandy Salisbury.

Together shared a catalog numbering sequence with American International Records and L&R Records, all of which were distributed by MGM after catalog number 1028. Early (pre-MGM) records on the Together label were interesting, and included Preflyte by the Byrds, an early Danny Cox album, and a various artists album featuring obscure performances by well-known Los Angeles performers.

By 1970, most of the issues were on the A.I.R. label. American International Records was the arm of American International Pictures, and featured soundtrack albums from AIP's grade B movies. The records themselves were manufactured by Forward Record Corporation and distributed by MGM. The early AIR label was black and red, which was later changed to a red and yellow design.

Somehow, mixed into the numbering sequence was Bobby Bloom's album on the L&R label. L&R was a New York based label.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

ST-T-1001 - Preflyte: Archive Series, Vol. I - Crosby-McGuinn-Hillman-Clark-Clarke [1969] Early recordings by the group that would eventually be known as the Byrds. You Showed Me/Here Without You/She Has A Way/The Reason Why/For Me Again/Boston//You Movin'/The Airport Song/You Won't Have To Cry/I Knew I'd Want You/Mr. Tambourine Man

STT 1002 - The Blue Marble - Sagittarius [1969] In My Room/From Me Unto Us/Will You Ever See Me/Gladys/I Sing My Song//The Blue Marble/Lend Me A Smile/I Still Can See Your Face/I See In You/Cloud Talk

STT 1003 - The Banjo Album - Doug Dillard [1969] Reissued on CD as Sierra Records SXCD 6008, which includes a bonus track ("Runaway Country"). Also reissued on CD as Rural Rhythm RHY 1028 with the track sequence scrambled, one song ("With Care From Someone") removed, and several bonus tracks randomly thrown in with no information whatsoever. Train 4500/Turkey Knob/Hard Times/Home Sweet Home/Foggy Mt. Breakdown/Jamboree//Clinch Mountain Back Step/Bully Of The Town/Bells Of St. Mary/Banjolina/With Care From Someone

ST-T-1011 - Birth Announcement - Danny Cox [1969] (2-LP set) Baby Blue [It's All Over Now Baby Blue]/When I Was A Cowboy/My Guitar Weeps [While My Guitar Gently Weeps]//French Girl/Suzanne/A Day In The Life//Dear Prudence/Little Maggie/Just Like A Woman//Hey Jude/Bessie Won't Weep No More

STT 1012 - The Hillmen: Archive Series, Vol. II - Hillmen [1970] These recordings were made in 1964. This was a bluegrass band called "The Blue Diamond Boys" which featured Vern and Rex Gosdin, Don Parmley and Chris Hillman. To play up the Byrds connection, the compilers called the group "The Hillmen". Confusingly enough, the label lists Chris Hillman as the artist and "The Hillmen" as the title. Reissued on CD on Sugar Hill SH-3719 with a rearranged track sequence and several bonus tracks. Fair And Tender Ladies/Winsborough Cotton Mill Blues/Wheel Hoss/Farethewell/Goin' Up/With These Chains//When The Ship Comes In/Roll On Muddy River/Blue Grass Chopper/Ranger's Command/Prisoner's Plea

ST-T-1014 - Early L.A.: Archive Series, Vol. IV - Various Artists [1969] The artists given on the back of this record jacket are not correct. Apparently, the songwriters were named in lieu of the artists on the jacket. To add to the confusion, no artists at all are named on the label itself. Most of these songs (minus the Byrds and Canned Heat tracks) were reissued on CD, included on Sixties Transition, Sierra Records SXCD 6027. Black Betty - Dino Valenti (S)/Life Is Like That - Dino Valenti (S)/Willie Gene - David Crosby (S)/Come Back Baby - David Crosby (S)/The Only Girl - Byrds (S)/You Movin' - Byrds (S)/Each Season Changes You - Dillards (S)/Don't You Cry - Dillards (S)//You Know I Love You - Canned Heat (S)/First Time Around - Canned Heat (S)

ST 1024 - Chicago Anthology: Archive Series, Vol. III - Various Artists [1971] Compilation of material featuring Charlie Musselwhite, Barry Goldberg and Harvey Mandel, mainly as session musicians. No other information available. Despite this being the third "Archive Series" release, it was issued after the fourth volume. Slow Down I'm Gonna Lose You/I Loved And Lost/Big Boss Man/Funk//Aunt Lilly/You Got Me Crying/Times I've Had/Hoochie Coochie Man

ST 1025 - Why Not Now - Alan Watts [1970] (2-LP set) The Beginning Of The Ending Of Thoughts//The Silence Of Sounds//You Two Can Be One//Why Not Now

Distributed by MGM:

ST-A-1028 - The Dunwich Horror (Soundtrack) - Les Baxter [1970]

ST-A-1029 - Bora Bora (Soundtrack) - Les Baxter [1970]

ST-T-1030 - A Tribute to a Great American Artist - ?

ST-A-1031 - Bloody Mama (Soundtrack) - Don Randi [1970] Bloody Mama - Bigfoot/M-M-Mona (Part 1)/Mama Marches On/Rembrandt/Robbery Rag/Ma Barker & The Boys/Interlude//Vacation For Fiddles/M-M-Mona (Part 2)/Mother's Fudge/Drowning/Poor Lloyd/Miami Bound/There's No One Like A Mother/Ma's Boys In Prison/Bloody Mama (Reprise) - Bigfoot

ST-A-1032 - The Savage Wild (Soundtrack) - Jaime Mendoza-Nava [1970]

ST-A-1033 - Cycle Savages (Soundtrack) - Jerry Styner [1970]

ST-A-1034 - A Bullet for Pretty Boy (Soundtrack) - Harley Hatcher [1970] It's Me I'm Running From -The Source/Ruby, Ruby -The Source/I'm Gonna Love You 'Til I Die - The Source/Ballad Of Charles Arthur Floyd - The Source/Got Nowhere To Go - The Source/Gone Tomorrow - The Source//Goodtime Charley - Harley Hatcher Happening/The Last Goodbye - Harley Hatcher Happening/I'm Runnin' - Harley Hatcher Happening/Warm And Wild - Harley Hatcher Happening/Loving You Again - Harley Hatcher Happening

LR-1035 - The Bobby Bloom Album - Bobby Bloom [1970] The label is L&R Records. Although the cover and label give the number as LR-1035, the normal series designation ST-LR-1035 is written in the dead wax area. Careful Not To Break The Spell/Heavy Makes You Happy/Try A Little Harder/Oh, I Wish I Knew/Fanta//Heidi/This Thing I've Gotten Into/A Little On The Heavy Side/Brighten Your Flame/Give 'Em A Hand/Montego Bay

ST-A-1036 - 3 in the Cellar (Soundtrack) - Don Randi [1971] Title Song By Hamilton Camp

ST-A-1037 - Angel Unchained (Soundtrack) - [1971] Following A Dream/In Your New World/Ride The Merry Go Round/Bemusement/Merrilee/Mandy, How's The World//Borasca/Merilee/Scrambler' s Theme/Chopper Charley & Motoguzzi Molly/By Force/Mandy, How's The World/Following A Dream/In Your New World

ST-A-1038 - Gas-s-s-s (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] Featuring Performances By Robert Corff, Gourmet's Delight, Johnny And The Tornados

ST-A-1039 - Wuthering Heights (Soundtrack) - Michel Legrand [1971] Featuring Songs By The Mike Curb Congregation

ST-A-1040 - Mr. Phibes (Soundtrack) - Paul Frees [1971] Soundtrack for the film The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Featuring Performances By Clockwork Wizzards

ST-A-1041 - Bunny O'Hare (Soundtrack) - Billy Strange [1971] The Ballad Of Bunny O'Hare (Right Or Wrong) - Mike Curb/Breakneck Breakdown/How Do You Say Goodnight/Put A Little Lead In Your Zeppelin/Run Away/Motorcycling Through The Mall/Love Theme For Bunny And Bill/Leave It All Behind - The Full Circle//Monday Man - The Mike Curb Congregation/Group Therapy/Bunny's Lullaby/Birds And Banks/Monday Man (Reprise)/Everybody's Going To Mexico/Right Or Wrong (The Ballad Of Bunny O'Hare) - The Mike Curb Congregation

ST-A-1042 - Kidnapped (Soundtrack) - Roy Budd [1972] Overture/Main Titles/David And Catriona/Mungo Campbell/Fugitives From The Redcoates/Alan Breck//Shipwreck/Cluny's Cave/Edinburgh Castle/The Highlands And The Lowlands/The Moor And Heathers/For All My Days - Mary Hopkin

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