Zebra Album Discography
By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts & Tim Neely
Last update: April 27, 2014

Zebra Records was founded by Ricky Schultz, formerly Jazz Vice President for Warner Bros. and then MCA Records. Zebra was distributed by MCA.

In 1983, a year before this label started issuing records, there was a Zebra Records in France. That label was a subsidiary of Cherry Red Records of the UK, and had no known relationship to the US Zebra Records.

The Zebra label was white with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Zebra ZR 5000 Series:

ZR 5001 - Fanfare - Kittyhawk [1984] Fanfare for the Common Man/Pavane/Melting the Heart of a Winter Spirit/Trutina Amor/Bad Oscar/Blue Rider/Apollo/Mariner

ZR 5002 - Just Having Fun - Cabo Frio [1984] Prism/Just Having Fun/Find It (Hold That Note)/Only Time//Fast Lane/San Juan Sunrise/Find A Way/Rachel

ZR 5003 - Everybody's Painting Pictures - Wayne Johnson Trio [1984] Morning Star/Everybody's Painting Pictures/Villagers/Vitis//Sweet Asylum- Communion/Memory/Glis/Marathon/Reunion

ZR 5004 - Silent Witness - Skywalk [1984] Silent Witness/Little Bit Of L.A./First Snow//Enough Damage For One Day/Best Of Both Worlds/Naima

ZR 5005 - No Standing - Indra Lesmana [1984] No Standing/Sleeping Beauty/Samba For E.T.//First/Tis Time To Part

ZR 5006 - Music for Plants, People and Washing Machines - Randy Bernsen [1985] Conehead Bop/Olde Hats/My Funny Valentine/I Shot The Sheriff/Steppin'//Sir Yellow Bird/Sundance (Abra Dancer)/Windsong

Zebra/MCA ZEB Series (MCA 5100 Consolidated Series):

ZEB 5680 - Silent Witness - Skywalk [1986] Reissue of ZR 5004.

ZEB 5684 - Celebrate! - Perri [1986] Jaco Two/Maybe Tomorrow/Alone/Celebrate//You Take Me To Heaven/Airstream Two/Say (You'll Be Mine)/He Never Sleeps

ZEB 5685 - Right On The Money - Cabo Frio [1986] Time For A Change/Spring Thing/Kiero/She's The One/Right On The Money//Sophistication/Tranquility/Majesty/Working Out

ZEB 5709 - For Earth And Heaven - Indra Lesmana [1986] Stephanie/L.A./Corrobores/Song For //For Earth And Heaven/Morro Rock/First Glance/Dancin' Shoe/The Christmas Song

ZEB 5710 - Just Having Fun - Cabo Frio [1986] Reissue of ZR 5002. Prism/Just Having Fun/Find It (Hold That Note)/Only Time//Fast Lane/San Juan Sunrise/Find A Way/Rachel

ZEB 5711 - No Standing - Indra Lesmana [1986] Reissue of ZR 5005. No Standing/Sleeping Beauty/Samba For E.T.//First/Tis Time To Part

ZEB 5715 - The Bohemians - Skywalk [1986] Crossing/Larry/Grandstand/Jesse James//Bohemians/From The Shadows/Torchbearer

ZEB 5756 - Music For Planets, People And Washing Machines - Randy Bernsen [1986] Reissue of ZR 5006.

ZEB 5857 - Mo' Wasabi - Randy Bernsen [1986] Expo/E-Phalt Major 7/Mo' Wasabi/Swing Thing//Stomp/What Once Was/California/Flow

ZEB 5967 - Initial Thrill - Kenia [1986] Brincadera/Initial Thrill/Doce Doce/Sim Ou Nao//Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight/Sina/Cruisin'/Captivated/Missing You

ZEB 5990 - Cabo Frio - Cabo Frio [1987] Banana Jam/I'll Get Back to You/Cahal/Tiger Lily//Caribbean Sojourn/Love Talk/Beaver (Theme from the New "Leave It to Beaver" Show)/Who's Yer Lil' Fren

Zebra/MCA ZEA 6100 Series:

ZEA 6153 - Acousticity - David Grisman [1985] Acousticity/Dancin'/Brazilian Breeze/Blue Sky Bop//Dawgalypso (The Island Song)/Tango For Django/Ricochet/Newmonia/Pamela

Zebra/MCA ZEB 42000 Series:

ZEB 42017 - The Flight - Perri [1988] I'm The One/Upside Down/No Place To Go/Fall In Love/The Flight//I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love/Secret Weapon/Travels Two/The Caves Of Altamira/Eternal Life

ZEB 42108 - Svingin' With Svend - David Grisman [1987] Svingin' With Svend/Nadia/Lap-Nils' Polska/It Don't Mean A Thing//Swing Mineur/Jitterbug Waltz/The Spirit-Feel/Nuages

Zebra/MCA 42120 - That Special Part of Me - Onaje Allan Gumbs [1989] Didn't I Blow Your Mind/All My Love/Morning Glow/Batuki/That Special Part Of Me/First Time We Met/The Dancer/Quiet Passion & Shadowlight

ZEB 42132 - Paradise Citizens - Randy Bernsen [1988] Carmen/When Twilight Speaks/Open Invitation/Be Still And Know//In A Sentimental (Island) Mood/Z/Glass Turkey/Continuum/Paradise Citizens

ZEB 42149 - Distant Horizon-Rio/New York - Kenia [1988] Creepin'/A Voz Du Brazil/Distant Horizon/Shangri-La//There Is a Place/Acucena/Hit or Miss/Tears of Joy

ZEB 42204 - Paradiso (Pa' Ra De' So) - Skywalk [1988] Paradiso/View From The Bridge/King Of Kansas//Nepenthe/Country Mouse (Goes To The City)/Backstretch/Apparitions

ZEB 42228 - Spirit Of The Dancer - Wayne Johnson Trio [1988] 30 Minutes From Masada/Walk In The Country/Spirit Of The Dancer/Gentle Giants//Episode/My Song/Mr. Soaky/Dance For A One Legged Lady

Zebra/MCA 42248 - Mondo Mando - David Grisman [1988] Cedar Hill/Dawg Funk/Japan (Op. 23)/Fanny Hill/Anouman/Caliente/Albuquerque Turkey/Mondo Mando

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