Unicorn Album Discography
By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts & Tim Neely
Last update: May 4, 2014

Unicorn Records was a subsidiary of MCA Records. It started in 1980, but by 1983 they were bankrupt. The Black Flag album was pulled after MCA management determined it to be "Anti-Parent." The group reissued it on SST Records.

Unicorn used the same basic design for their labels, but issued them in a variety of colors. (9500, 9501 and 9503 used the black label; 9502 used a blue label.
Unicorn 9505 used a beige label and 9510 used an aqua label. Not pictured are 9504, which used a custom label with a soccer ball on one side, and 9507, which had a green label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Unicorn UNIC-9500 Series (Distributed by MCA):

UNIC 9500 - J.D. Drews - J.D. Drews [Jürgen Drews] [1980] Black label. Don't Want Nobody/Pass It On/Love You No More/Miss You/Gonna Get You//I Feel/Here I Am Again/Next/Steal Away

UNIC 9501 - The Riper The Finer - Joe Chemay Band [1981] Black label. Bad Enough/Proud/Once In A Life/A Fine Line//You Saw Me Coming/Love Is A Crazy Feeling/Holy Thunder/One Needs Another/Never Gonna Let You Go

UNIC 9502 - Damaged - Black Flag [1981] Blue label. Rise Above/Spray Paint The Wall/Six Pack/What I See/T.V. Party/Thirsty And Miserable/Police Story/Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie//Depression/Room 13/Damaged I/No More/Padded Cell/Life Of Pain/Damaged II

UNIC 9503 - Who's Foolin' Who? - Frankie Bleu [1982] Black label. Baby Don't Stop/Who's Foolin' Who?/Just For You (Suzanne's Song)/Where Would I Be Now?/Get Away//I'm Waiting For Your Love/Take Your Time (Vanessa's Song)/You Never Ever Call Me Baby/Baby We're Alive

UNIC 9504 - Balls Up - Wet Picnic [1982] Label is a custom label (white with black print) with side 1 divided into two parts by a diagonal line with info about both sides; side 2 is a picture of a soccer ball. Cocktailed Sky/She Don't Care/Are You In Touch//Tension/He Believes

UNIC 9505 - To The Night - Gary Harrison [1982] Beige label. Arms Of Saturday Night/To The Night/Everything That I've Got/Let It Rain/Forever In A Dream//When Does The Sun Stop Rising/Someone I Used To Love/He's A Boy/You Can't Believe Everything You Feel


UNIC 9507 - Can't You Take It Standing Up? - Nicole Graham [1982] Green label. Sparks And Dreams/Critiques/You Used To Be So Pure//Can't You Take It Standing Up?/Blind Men Go Flying



UNIC 9510 - Tidal Wave - Various Artists [1983] Aqua label. Going Home/Take A Letter Maria - Bobby Culture & Nicodemus/Vibes In Me - Louie Rankin/The Dreadlocks Man - Bobby Culture & Brimstone & Fire/Tidal Wave - Bobby Culture/Big Big Bust - Louie Rankin & Bobby Culture//Well Confident - Louie Rankin/Queen Of The Minstrel - Brimstone & Fire/PART 109 - Nicodemus/Nice It Up - Brimstone & Fire & Louie Rankin/Valley Of Decision - Brimstone & Fire & Louie Rankin

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