Universal City Records [UNI] Album Discography
By Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: April 24, 2007

The Music Corporation of America (MCA) dates back to the 1920s, but it wasn't until 1962 that they got into the record business with the purchase of the US Decca label, which also controlled Coral and Brunswick. This gave them two pop labels and an R&B label. In 1966, they started a new label for rock and psychedelic music, mostly, and called it Universal City Records because MCA was headquartered in Universal City, California (although Universal City Records was located in Hollywood). Even though the company was formally named Universal City Records, the logo was just the abbreviated name UNI, and so the label was usually called UNI Records. By 1972, MCA wanted to establish a major label under their own name, and combined the artists from Decca/Coral, Kapp (another purchased label), and UNI into the new MCA label.

Uni recorded more than rock and psychedelic music, adding some jazz, soul, country, and even comedy records. There were several hugely successful artists on UNI, including Neil Diamond, Elton John, and Bill Cosby. Diamond built on his success on the small Bang label to became a superstar on UNI. Elton John's first five albums were released on the UNI label, and he continued with MCA (as did Neil Diamond) when the labels consolidated under the MCA umbrella in 1972. Hugh Masekela and Barry White's Love Unlimited were two more successful artists. The first Olivia Newton-John album was released on UNI and is quite collectable today. Most of these artists credit Russ Regan for helping them in their careers.

Russ Regan Russ Regan is a music industry legend. He started in the 1950s as an artist, producer, and writer (he wrote "Cinnamon Cinder" and was responsible for the Chipmunk knockoff "The Happy Reindeer" by Dancer, Prancer, and Nervous). He then went into record promotion, and wound up a highly successful promo man for Motown. In 1967, MCA hired him to head their UNI promotion department, but he quickly rose to the position of General Manager of the label. He is generally acknowledged to be the man behind the success of UNI, and was well liked by both management and the artists themselves.

The UNI label released quite a few albums that could be considered psychedelic and had success with a "garage group" Regan discovered called the Strawberry Alarm Clock. (At least, when I saw them in early 1968, that's how their stage act struck me.) Other psychedelic groups on the label have much more collector interest today, because they didn't sell at all when they were released, including the Druids of Stonehedge, Alexander's Timeless Bloozband, and American Blues. The latter group included two of the three future members of ZZ Top a mere year or so before that trio formed. The Foundations, a "small United Nations" made up of seven members from various countries, were an R&B/pop/reggae conglomeration headquartered in England. They had considerable success on the label with "Baby, Now That I've Found You" and "Build Me Up Buttercup," and parlayed those into three albums. Regan even signed reggae artist Desmond Dekker, who had a top-10 hit with the song "The Israelites," one of the first reggae songs to make the top 10 in the US. Other artists on the label included Big Black, David Steinberg, Hugh Masekela, the Lollipop Shoppe, the Fun & Games, Fever Tree, Rabbit McKay, the Hook, Sandra Alexandra, the Giant Crab, the Yellow Payges, Betty Everett, Smoke, the Cascades, surf guitarist Jan Davis, ex-First Edition member Mike Settle, Garland Green, Flaming Youth, John Fred and His Playboy Band, Ray Peterson, ex-Buffalo Springfield drummer Dewey Martin, ex- Five Americans singer Michael Rabon, Brian Hyland, Mudd, Nigel Olsson, and others.

Many of the albums were released with gatefold covers, often employing a one-piece, thin cardboard foldover cover known as a "UNIPAK" cover.

In 1972, about the time MCA was consolidating labels, Russ Regan moved on to become President of 20th Century Records, taking Barry White with him, where he had further success. By 1980, Regan had moved to PolyGram, where he was involved in movie soundtracks such as Flashdance, A Chorus Line, The Karate Kid, and others.

During 1988-89, MCA briefly resurrected the UNI label, but after that time MCA shut it down again and reabsorbed the artists into the parent MCA label.

The Uni label also distributed the Revue and Shamley labels.

Initially, the albums were released in mono on the 3000 series and in stereo on the 73000 series. There was no prefix to the record numbers, and the mono and stereo counterparts differed only in the number 7 added to the front of the mono number. Starting in 1971, certain albums by Elton John and Neil Diamond with a higher price code used a "9" instead of a "7" as the first digit of the catalog number.

The UNI label had only one label design from 1967-1972 during its first incarnation, and one design during the 1988-89 revival. The original label (at far left) was yellow with a swirl design, with the following printed around the bottom edge of the label: "UNIVERSAL CITY RECORDS, A Division of MCA Inc., 8255 SUNSET BLVD., HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90046 U.S.A." The 1988-89 label (near left), used for both albums and 12" singles, was blue with the UNI logo at the top in black.
The UNI label sometimes included additional logos on the label, usually at left of the center hole. At far left is a label bearing Hugh Masekela's Chisa Productions logo. At near right, the by-then-inactive Abnak label, run by John Abnor, was putting out records as "Abnak Music Productions, Inc.," whose logo showed up on the Uni label for Choctaw, an offshoot of Abnak's group the Five Americans.
UNI used several custom labels. At far left is the label for Neil Diamond's album Stones, while at near left is the label for Vigrass & Osborne's album Queues. Note on the right side of the Vigrass & Osborne label is the logo for Jeff Wayne Music. Both of these labels, which of course did not use the standard label blanks, had the following around the bottom edge of the label: "MCA RECORDS, INC., 100 UNIVERSAL CITY PLAZA, UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIF. 91608".

Album tracks are listed in the discography below in the order they appear on the record. A double slash (//) indicates change of side.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Uni 3000/73000 Series:

3001/73001 - Thoroughly Modern Millie - Hippy Dippys with the Melody Boys [1967] Thoroughly Modern Millie/Baby Face/Stumbling/Rose Of Washington Square/Poor Butterfly/Japanese Sandman/Jimmy/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/Do It Again/Tapioca/Jewish Wedding Song/Looking At The World Thru Rose Colored Glasses

3002/73002 - That Acapulco Gold - Rainy Daze [1967] Produced by Frank Slay. Absurd Bird/Baby I Need Your Loving/Weatherman/Out Of A Calico Dream/Shake-Knock On Wood-Respect//Discount City/That Acapulco Gold/Try A Little Harder/For What It's Worth/In My Mind Lives A Forest/Snow And Ice And Burning Sand

3003/73003 - New Time Element - Emil Richards [1967] Percussionist Emil Radocchia. Georgy Girl/Girl Talk/Call Me/Here/Theme From The Sand Pebbles/Happy Together//Sunny/Hot Fudge Sundae/Jimmy/Havah Nagilah/Take Five/Blues For Hari

3004/73004 - Creation - Druids of Stonehenge [1967] Six Feet Down/Earthless/I Put A Spell On You/Speed/Bring It On Home (Can't Get By Alone)//Painted Woman/Pale Dream/Signed D.C./Forgot To Be Begot/Garden Where Nothing Grows/It's All Over Now Baby Blue

3005/73005 - Privilege (Soundtrack) - Mike Leander Orchestra [1967] Privilege - Paul Jones/Stephen - Mike Leander Orchestra/Vanessa - Mike Leander Orchestra/Free Me - Paul Jones/It's Overotherness Time - Mike Leander Orchestra/Free Me (Reprise) - Paul Jones//I've Been A Bad, Bad Boy - Paul Jones/Onward Christian Soldiers - George Bean & The Runner Beans/I'm Alright Jackboot - Mike Leander Orchestra/Alvin - Mike Leander Orchestra/Jerusalem - George Bean & The Runner Beans/Birmingham, Oh Birmingham - Mike Leander Orchestra

3006/73006 - Country '67 - Johnny Booth [1967] Country singer who later performed and recorded as Tony Booth. Wishful Thinking/I'm On Your Side/Burning Bridges/It's Such A Pretty World Today/Apartment No 9/I Think I Can//When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/My Lonely Came Early Today/Lover's Question/There Goes My Everything/Walk Through This World With Me/Heart We Did All That We Could

73007 - The Emancipation of Hugh Masekela - Hugh Masekela [1967] Chisa/Felicidade/Do Me So La So So/SQO/Why Are You Blowing My Mind?//What Is Wrong With Groovin'?/Child Of The Earth/She Doesn't Write/Ha Lese Le Di Khanna

3008/73008 - New Sound Element: "Stones" - Emil Richards [1967] Twelve tracks, one each for the birthstone of the month. Garnet (January)/Amethyst (February)/Bloodstone (March)/Diamond (April)/Emerald (May)/Moonstone (June)//Sardonyx (August)/Sapphire (September)/Opal (October)/Topaz (November)/Turquoise (December)

3009/73009 - The Pleasure Fair - Pleasure Fair [1967] Group include Robb Royer, later of the group Bread. Stay Around For The Good Times/Turn Away/Come To The Sunshine/Nursery Rhyme/Remember Who I Am/Barefoot In The Park//Morning Glory Days/Fade In Fade Out/East-West/The Things We Said Today/Talk/Put It Out Of My Mind

3010/73010 - Hugh Masekela's Latest - Hugh Masekela [1967] (8-67, #151) Baby, Baby, Baby/Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)/Lily The Fox/Groove Me/Thula/Mago/Arrastao/Reza (Laia Ladaia)/I Just Wasn't Made For These Times/Here, There And Everywhere/Mazeze

3011/73011 - Discover Yourself Through Astrology - Roger Christian [1967] The story of your sign in words and music. Music arranged and composed by Richard Russell. Narrated and written by Roger Christian. Each song of human characteristics is followed by its relative astrology sign, which is in parentheses. On the back cover of this record is a list of famous people followed by their zodiac signs. Introduction (by Roger Christian)/Aggressive (Aries)/Loyal (Taurus)/Adaptable (Gemini)/Sesnitive (Cancer)/Impulsive (Leo)/Devoted (Virgo)/Idealistic (Libra)/Dynamic (Scorpio)/Adventuresome (Sagittarius)/Ambititious (Capicorn)/Versatile (Aquarius)/Romantic (Pisces)

3012/73012 - Message to our Ancestors - Big Black [1967] Side one is one long track, divided into three movements. 1st Movement: Problem-2nd Movement: Cause-3rd Movement: Cure//Speak To Me/The Snake Charmer/Bits And Pieces

3013/73013 - The Incredible Shrinking God - David Steinberg [1968] Moses/Job/Cain & Abel/Solomon/Lot/Old Man Story/Onan & Jonah/Jezebel/Esther & Joshua/Noah

3014/73014 - Incense and Peppermints - Strawberry Alarm Clock [1967] (11-67, #11) The World's On Fire/Birds In My Tree/Lose To Live/Strawberries Mean Love//Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow/Paxton's Back Street Carnival/Hummin' Happy/Pass Time With The Sac (Instrumental)/Incense And Peppermints/Unwind With The Clock

3015/73015 - Hugh Masekela Is Alive and Well at the Whisky - Hugh Masekela [1967] (1-68, #90) MRA (Christopher Columbus)/Little Miss Sweetness/A Whiter Shade Of Pale/Up-Up And Away/Son Of Ice Bag/Senor Coraza/Coincidence/Ha Lese Le Di Khanna

3016/73016 - Baby, Now That I've Found You - Foundations [1968] Baby, Now That I've Found You (E)/I Can Take or Leave Your Loving (S)/Just A Little While Longer (S)/Come On Back To Me (S)/Love Is A Five Letter Word (S)/Call Me (S)//Show Me (S)/Jerking The Dog (S)/I'm A Whole New Thing (S)/I've Seen The Writing On The Wall (S)/Mr. Personality Man (S)

From approximately this point, mono was discontinued and all future releases were released in "stereo suitable for mono" only.

73017 - Pay It No Mind - George Wilson Orchestra [1968] Soft Summer Breeze/Strangers In the Night/Alley Cat/Catch a Falling Star/Pay It No Mind/Meditation/Play a Simple Melody/Stranger On the Shore/Green, Green Grass of Home/That's Life

73018 - Elements of Now! - Big Black [1968] Low Gravy/Lady Mack/La de Da/Come On & Get It/Burundi Pose

73019 - Just Colour - Lollipop Shoppe [1968] You Must Be a Witch/Underground Railroad/Baby, Don't Go/Who'll Read the Will/It's Only a Reflection/Don't Look Back/Don't Close the Door/It Ain't How Long/It's Makin' It/I'm Gonna Be There/You Don't Give Me No More

73020 - Africa '68 - Various Artists [1968] A collection of Afro-pop and traditional African sounds compiled by Hugh Masekela. Musicians are probably Masekela, Bruce Langhorn, and John Cartwright. Vocalists probably include Momsie Gwangwa, Ernest Moholmi, Paul Makgoba, Philemon Hou, Jonas Gwangwa, Caiphus Semenya, and Letta Mbulu. Uyaz' Gabisa/Noyama/Pretoria/Joala/Aredza//Kedumetse/Umoya/Thokozile/Bopedi/Za Labalaba

73021 - For Sale - Alexander's Timeless Bloozband [1968] Love So Strong/Horn Song/Plastic Is Organic/Swannanoa Tunnel/Rosie//Front Man/Tight Rope Walker/Life/Darlin'/Help Me/Firefly

73022 - Dancin' Through the Streets - Johannesburg Street Band [1968] Thimlela/What's The Matter Zulu?/Gwigwi/Special Branch/Pata Pata//No Passport/Letter To Prospect Township/Isangoma/Foyi-Foyi/Ntyilo-Ntyilo

73023 - The Hook Will Grab You - The Hook [1968] Homes/Lookin' For You/You Know I Do/Turn Your Head/Son Of Fantasy//Dr. B And His Friends/Plug Your Head In/Everything's Groovy/Garbage Man/Dimples

73024 - Fever Tree - Fever Tree [1968] (5-68, #156) Imitation Situation (Toccato And Fugue)/Where Do You Go?/San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native)/Nienty-Nine And One Half/Man Who Paints The Pictures/Filigree And Shadow//The Sun Also Rises/Day Tripper-We Can Work It Out/Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing/Unlock My Door/Come With Me (Rainsong)

73025 - Wake Up It's Tomorrow - Strawberry Alarm Clock [1968] Nightmare of Percussion/Soft Skies/Tomorrow/They Saw the Fat One/Curse of the Witches/Sit With the Guru/Do Back/Pretty Song/Sitting On a Star/Black Butter, Past/Black Butter, Present/Black Butter, Future

73026 - Bug Cloth - Rabbit MacKay & Somis Rhythm Boyze [1968] Big Sur/Candy/Lana Minus Life/John's Lament/Hard Time Woman//Mexico Town/Baby Jennifer/When Angel Comes/West Grogan Dormitory Blues/You Can Always Come

73027 - Mars Bonfire - Mars Bonfire [1968] Ride With Me, Baby/Born to Be Wild/Sad Eyes/Lady Moon Walker/Tenderness/How Much Older Will We Grow/So Alive With Love/Christina's Arms/Little Girl Lost/Time to Fly/Night Time's for You

73028 - The Promise of a Future - Hugh Masekela [1968] (6-68, #17) Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Madonna/No Face, No Name And No Number/Almost Seedless/Stop//Grazing In The Grass/Vuca (Wake Up)/Bajabula Bonke (The Healing Song)/There Are Seeds To Sow


73030 - Velvet Gloves and Spit - Neil Diamond [1968] First issue, did not contain the Uni version of "Shilo." Gatefold cover had the bottom of Neil's face on the back of the jacket, so it opened to a 1x2 foot poster. Surprisingly, this album did not chart, which made its reissue in 1970 make sense, after Diamond had become much more popular. Two-Bit Manchild/A Modern Day Version Of Love/Honey-Drippin' Times/The Pot Smoker's Song/Brooklyn Roads//Sunday Sun/Holiday Inn Blues/Practically Newborn/Knackelflerg/Merry-Go-Round

73030 - Velvet Gloves and Spit - Neil Diamond [1970] Reissue with the Uni version of "Shilo" added; released when the Bang version of "Shilo" became a hit. Reissued in 1980 as MCA 37056. Two-Bit Manchild/A Modern Day Version Of Love/Honey-Drippin' Times/The Pot Smoker's Song/Brooklyn Roads//Shilo (Uni version)/Sunday Sun/Holiday Inn Blues/Practically Newborn/Knackelflerg/Merry-Go- Round

73031 - Orange Colored Sky - Orange Colored Sky [1968] The Sun And I/The Shadow Of Summer/Knowing How I Love You/Just Like Humpty Dumpty/I'm Taking Her To Dinner//Sometimes (I Wish I Didn't Love You)/Everyday I Love You More/L.A. (Los Angeles)/Girl Of My Dream/Don't Do As I Do (Do As I Say)/Orange Colored Sky

73032 - The Tiger and the Lamb - East Side Kids [1968] Is My Love Strong/I Remember the Good Times/Move Like Love/Pigeon of L.A./Taking the Time/I See I Am//Heavy Love/The Ballad of the Gentle People/Can't feel Love/Ask the Box/Dancing In the Street

73033 - Lion Walk - Big Black [1968] Lion Walk/Tell Me/Do Your Conscience Bother/Love, Sweet Like Sugar Cane/Come On Down

73034 - The Unwritten Works of Geoffrey, Etc - Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit & Greenhill [1968] Actual artists were David Bullock (guitar, bass, vocals), Scott Fraser (guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals), Eddie Lively (guitar, vocals), and Phil White (bass, keyboards, vocals), with John Carrick (guitar and vocals), and T-Bone Burnett producing. The Viper (That John Rance Had To Tell)/Day Of Childhood/Upon Walking From The Map/Live Till I Die/Street In Paris/As Pure As The Freshly Driven Snow//Tribute To Sundance/House Of Collection/Just Me And Her/On Lusty Gentlemen/Ready To Move

73035 - The World in a Sea Shell - Strawberry Alarm Clock [1968] Sea Shell/Blues For a Young Girl Gone/An Angry Young Man/A Million Smiles Away/Home Sweet Home/Lady Of the Lake//Barefoot In Baltimore/Wooden Woman/Heated Love/Love Me again/Eulogy/Shallow Impressioins

73036 - With a Little Help from My Friends - Larry Carlton [1968] With a Little Help From My Friends/MacArthur Park/Don't You Care?/When Sunny Gets Blue/Honey/Monday, Monday/Eleanor Rigby/Odd Couple/By the Time I Get To Phoenix/People Get Ready

73037 - A Giant Crab Comes Forth - Giant Crab [1968] A Giant Crab Comes Forth/It Started With A Little Kiss/Directions/Watch Your Step/Intensify My Soul/Enjoy It/Hot Line Conversation/I Enjoy Being The Boy//Lydia Purple/Groovy Towne/Thru The Fields/The Chance You Take/Believe It Or Not/The Answer Is No/Hi Ho Silver Lining/Why Am I So Proud?

73038 - Hooked - The Hook [1968] Go/You're Lookin' Fine/There's Magic In The Air/Son Of Fantasy II//Hook Can Cook/Love Theme In E Major/A Beautiful Tomorrow/You Need People/All Around The World/You Don't Have To Stay

73039 - Warm & Wild - Sandra Alexandra [1968] By the Time I Get to Phoenix/Hurt So Bad/I Say a Little Prayer/Hold On/Ooh, Baby/One, Two, Three/Wedding Bell Blues/I've Been Loving You Too Long/Got To Get You Off/Just a Little Lovin'/She'll Break Your Heart

73040 - Another Time, Another Place - Fever Tree [1968] (12-68, #83) Gatefold cover. Liner notes include an amusing statement that was probably true of a lot of recordings of the time: "All arrangements by fever tree (thrown together in a panic)." Man Who Paints The Pictures, Part II/What Time Did You Say It Is In Salt Lake City?/Don't Come Crying To Me Girl/Fever/Grand Candy Young Sweet//Jokes Are For Sad People/I've Never Seen Evergreen/Peace Of Mind/Death Is The Dancer

73041 - Masekela - Hugh Masekela [1969] (3-69, #195) A Mace And Grenades/Boeremusiek/Gold/Sobukwe/Blues For Huey/Gafsa//Fuzz/Head Peepin'/Otis/Riot/If There's Anybody Out There/Extra Added Attraction

73042 - Elephant Candy - Fun & Games [1968] Sadie/The Grooviest Girl In The World/Close To Carmel/Topanga Canyon Road/Tuesday, Tuesday/Gotta Say Goodbye//Don't Worry Baby/Elephant Candy/Something I Wrote/The Way She Smiles/It Must Have Been The Wind

73043 - Build Me Up Buttercup - Foundations [1969] (3-69, #92) Love Is All Right (S)/People Are Funny (S)/Harlem Shuffle (S)/Comin' Home Baby (S)/Tomorrow (S)/Am I Groovin' You (S)//Build Me Up Buttercup (E)/New Direction (E)/Back On My Feet Again (E)/I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving (E)/Any Old Time (E)/I'm A Whole New Thing (E)

73044 - The American Blues Do Their Thing - American Blues [1969] Dusty Hill and Frank Beard of this group later became two-thirds of ZZ Top. You Were So Close To Me/Wonder Man/Just Plain Jane/Shady/Comin' Back Home//Captain Fire/Chocolate Ego/Nightmare Of A Wise Man/Dreams/Softly To The Sun

73045 - Volume 1 - Yellow Payges [1969] The Two of Us/Little Woman/Friends/Boogie Woogie Baby/Crowd Pleaser//Moonfire/Devil Woman/Never Put Away My Love For You/I'm A Man/Here Tis

73046 - Ooh Ooh the Dragon & Other Monsters - Marvin Holmes with the Uptights [1969] I've Never Found A Girl/Grab This Thing/Ride Your Mule/Grazing/There Was A Time/Who's Making Love/Don't Be Afraid/It Takes A Lot/Lonely Too Long/Horse/Scratch

73047 - Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show - Neil Diamond [1969] (5-69, #82) First issue, issued in the spring of 1969, had a purple cover with a travelling show wagon, and did not have the hit "Sweet Caroline." Gatefold Cover. Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show/Dig In/River Runs, Newgrown Plums/Juliet/Long Gone/And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind//Glory Road/Deep In The Morning/If I Never Knew Your Name/Memphis Streets/You're So Sweet Horseflies Keep Hangin' Round Your Face/Hurtin' You Don't Come Easy

73047 - Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show - Neil Diamond [1969] Second version, issued in the early summer, 1969, when "Sweet Caroline" was becoming a hit single. The record jacket was same as above, but added a white sticker on the front advertising that the album now included "Sweet Caroline" as a bonus track. Some albums of the second version did not have the white sticker. Gatefold cover. Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show/Dig In/River Runs, Newgrown Plums/Juliet/Long Gone/And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind//Glory Road/Deep In The Morning/If I Never Knew Your Name/Memphis Streets/You're So Sweet Horseflies Keep Hangin' Round Your Face/Hurtin' You Don't Come Easy/Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)

73047 - Sweet Caroline/Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show - Neil Diamond [1969] Third version, issued in late summer, 1969, used the record from the second version, above, but with a completely new cover and title. The label still had the old title of Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show, however. Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2011 and in 1980 as MCA 37057. Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show/Dig In/River Runs, Newgrown Plums/Juliet/Long Gone/And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind//Glory Road/Deep In The Morning/If I Never Knew Your Name/Memphis Streets/You're So Sweet Horseflies Keep Hangin' Round Your Face/Hurtin' You Don't Come Easy/Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)

73048 - There'll Come A Time - Betty Everett [1969] You're Falling In Love/Better Tomorrow Than Today/Maybe/1900 Yesterday/Sugar/I Need a Change//I Can't Say No To You/Hold On/There'll Come a Time/Take Me/Is There a Chance For Me/The Same Old Me

73049 - Pinkiny Canandy - Pinkiny Canandy [1969] Hello, Hello/Christopher Centipede/Barbara/Jenny Brown/Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Someday//Sadie Godiva/Mr. Kelley's Roof/Mutual Indemnity Insurance Company/Boop-Boop-A-Doop I Love You/Goodbye, Goodbye

73050 - Fields - The Fields [1969] Elysian Fields/Bide My Time/Take You Home/Jump On You/Sun Would Set//Love Is The Word

73051 - The Best of Masekela - Hugh Masekela [1969] Grazing In The Grass/Ha Lese Le Di Khanna/Coincidence/Felicidade/Chisa//Son Of Ice Bag/If There's Anybody Out There/Riot/Up-Up And Away/Bajabula Bonke

73052 - Smoke - Smoke featuring Brother John Orvis [1969] M.C. Boogie//Choose It/Red Haired Man/Pepper Tree/Carry On Your Idea

73053 - Jungle Grass - Aquarians [1969] Bâyu-Bâyu/Adela/The Aquarians/What Do You Mean, What Do I Mean?/Excuses, Excuses//Batakum/The Head/Saja/Jungle Grass/Mucho Soul

73054 - Good Morning Starshine - Strawberry Alarm Clock [1969] Me And The Township/Off Ramp Road Tramp/Small Package/Hog Child/Miss Attraction//Good Morning Starshine/Miss Attraction/Write Your Name In Gold/(You Put Me On) Standby/Dear Joy/Changes

73055 - Crimson & Clover - Topanga Canyon Orchestra [1969] Crimson & Clover/This Magic Moment/You Showed Me/Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show/Goodnight My Love/Abraham, Martin & John/Traces/No Not Much/Touch Me/I Heard It

73056 - Follow Me (Soundtrack) - Stu Phillips [1969] Artists include Dino Desi & Billy. Prologue-Thru Spray Colored Glasses/Portugal-Qual eo Caminho da Praia/Guincho/Nazarae/Cascais/Morocco-Camel Farm/Ceylon- Goyapana/Interlude-Like the Wind & the Sea/India-Ranee Express/Mahahbalipuram/Hong Kong-Big Wave Bay/Hawaii-Incinerator/Just Lookin' For Someone/Reprise

73057 - Cool It...Helios - Giant Crab [1969] Invasion/Cool It/Hello Yesterday/Trust Somebody/Don't Make Me Leave You/What Became Of Yesterday's Hero/Welcome/Help Yourself/It's Getting Harder/Who Can Teach A Songbird/Everything Comes/Cleo/Don't Jump To Conclusions/Popcorn Double Feature/Walking In Different Circles/I Don't Want To Live This Way

73058 - Digging the Foundations - Foundations [1969] Gatefold cover. In The Bad, Bad Old Days/Waiting On The Shores Of Nowhere/My Little Chickadee/Take Away The Emptiness Too/Till Night Brought Day/I Can Feel It//It's That Same Old Feeling/A Penny, Sir/A Walk Through The Trees/Let The Heartaches Begin/Soloman Grundy

73059 - Israelites - Desmond Dekker And The Aces [1969] (9-69, #153) Israelites/It Is Not Easy/Intensified/Tip Of My Finger/Too Much To Soon//It Mek/Nincompoop/Problems/For Once In My Life/Rude Boy Train

73060 - The Lost Man (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Main Title/Sweet Soul Sister/Slum Creeper/Rap, Run It/He Says He Loves Me/Main Squeeze/Try, Try/Need To Be Needed/Up Against The Wall/He'll Wash You/End Title

73061 - Now - Charity [1969] All My Life/Summer/I Still Love You/Hanging On To You/Scorpio//Never Change Your Mind/Please Stay/Roll With It/Freedom's Coming!

73062 - Whirlpool - Mirettes [1969] Trio made up of Robbie Montgomery, Vanetta Fields, and Jessie Smith, formerly Ike Turner's "Ikettes." Sister Watch Yourself/Somethin's Wrong/Whirlpool/So Lonely/At Last (I Found A Love)//Heart Full Of Gladness/Ain't You Tryin' To Cross Over/If Everybody'd Help Somebody/Stand By Your Man/I Miss You Baby

73063 - The Intimate Side of Sandra Alexandra - Sandra Alexandra [1969] Love Is Blue/I Turned You On/In The Ghetto/Aquarius/Yesterday, When I Was Young//More Today Than Yesterday/It's Your Thing/Why I Sing The Blues/Everyday With You Boy/Brown Arms in Houston

73064 - Passing Through - Rabbit Mackay & Somis Rhythm Boyze [1969] Stranger Here/She/Tendency To Be Free/There Ought To Be A Law/Amelia Earhart's Last Flight/John Brown//Springtime/Salinas Rose/Jetty Post Command/Gay Was The Time/By All Of Man

73065 - Smoke at George's Coffee Shop - Smoke [1969] The Room/San Luis Obispo County Jailhouse Blues/Greased Lightnin'//George/Brown Bread/Iron House/George

73066 - Bill Cosby [aka "Bill Cosby On Sports"] - Bill Cosby [1969] (10-69, #70) Recorded live at the Whiskey A-Go-Go. Football/Bill Cosby Goes To A Football Game/Baseball//Track And Field: High Jump/Track And Field: Mile Relay/Basketball

73067 - Creation - Fever Tree [1969] (2-70, #97) Woman, Woman (Woman)/Love Makes The Surprise/Catcher In The Rye/Wild Woman Ways/Fever Blue (Song For A Bunch Of Tired Black And White Musicians After A Gig In An East Texas Honky)//Run Past My Window/Imitation Situation (Complete And Unabridged)/Time Is Now/The God Game

73068 - Love Is - Lovelace Watkins [1969] Je Vous Aime Beaucoup/Before I Leave You/Gone Away/You'll Never Walk Alone/You'll Never Be True/A Man Without A Dream//Never My Love/Try To Remember/Be There/Fool On The Hill/Our Ages Or Our Hearts

73069 - Maybe the Rain Will Fall - Cascades [1969] Times Have Changed/Floatin' Down River/April, May, June & July/Big City Country Boy/Naggin' Cries/Maybe the Rain Will Fall//Say What You Gotta Say/Highest Regard/But For Love/Hazel Autumn Coca Brown/Green Mountain Girl/Indian River

73070 - Flamenco Funk - Jan Davis [1969] Walk Don't Run (Flamenco)/Aquarius/Muddy River/Flamenco Therapy/The Bullfight Song (La Virgen De La Macarens)//International Love Process/Flamenco Funk/In The Year 2525/Flamenco Soul/Funky Concerto

73071 - Touching You Touching Me - Neil Diamond [1969] (12-69, #30) Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2006 and in 1980 as MCA 37058. Everybody's Talkin'/Mr. Bojangles/Smokey Lady/Holly Holy//Both Sides Now/And The Singer Sings His Song/Ain't No Way/New York Boy/Until It's Time For You To Go

73072 - Desperado - Mike Millius [1969] Sweet Sunday/Datenite U.S.A./If Jesus Was Alive Today/Poor Boy Michael Strange/Forty Days Of Rain//Lookout For Lucy//Doesn't Someone Have A Plan/I Just Wanna Be With You/Taterbug Mandolin Man/Algiers Motel/Nobody Cares

73073 - Jealous Kind of Fella - Garland Green [1970] Jealous Kind of Fella/Girl I Love You/Mr. Misery/All She Did (Was Wave Goodbye at Me)/I Can't Believe You Quit Me//Don't Think That I'm a Violent Guy/Ain't That Good Enough/Forty Days & Nights/Love Now, Play Later/You Played on a Player/Angel Baby

73074 - Best of Strawberry Alarm Clock - Strawberry Alarm Clock [1970] Incense & Peppermints/Tomorrow/Sit With The Guru/Angry Young Man/Barefoot In Baltimore/Pretty Song From "Psych-Out"//Birds In My Tree/Sea Shell/Miss Attraction/Good Morning Sunshine/Desiree/Starting Out The Day

73075 - Ark 2 - Flaming Youth [1970] Group includes Phil Collins. Guide Me, Orion/Earthglow/Weightless (Instrumental)/The Planets (Mars-Bringer Of War-Venus-Bringer Of Peace-Mercury-The Winged Messenger-Jupiter-Bringer Of Jollity-Saturn-Bringer Of Old Age-Uranus-The Magician-Neptune-The Mystic)//Changes/Pulsar/Space Child/In The Light Of Love/From Now On (Immortal Invisible)

73076 - A Legend in His Own Mind - [Charles] Lamont [1970] Two Thousand Years Ago/Love So Strong/Cycle End/Before It's Over (Ballad)/History/Lefty//Ninety Miles Away/Scream/Mind Decay/Hog Blues/Uphill Chili

73077 - Love My Soul - John Fred & His Playboy Band [1970] The Big Show/He Was My Friend/Where Will You Be?/Three Deep In A Feeling/Sweet Soul Music-Can't Be So Bad/Back In The U.S.S.R.//Where's Everybody Going/Open Doors/Candy's Candy Kisses/Love My Soul/Leo Our Hero/Sadie Trout

73078 - Missing You/Greatest Hits - Ray Peterson [1969] This is a series of re- recordings of his hits for Dunes and RCA, along with a couple of new songs. Corinna, Corinna/Ya Ya/Hey Little One/Hooked on a Feeling/Tell Laura I Love Her/Love the Understanding Way/Goodnight My Love/Wonder of You/Me Myself and I/Funny How Time Slips Away-I Can't Help It I'm Still In Love With You/Missing You

73079 - Back to Dreaming Again - Pat Shannon [1970] She Makes Me Warm/Moody/102 Times A Day/Back To Dreamin' Again/Melody//It's So Easy/It's Been A Long Time Coming/Don't Take Your Love/Come Back/Feelings

73080 - Badfoot Brown & the Bunions Bradford Funeral & Marching Band - Badfoot Brown & the Bunions Bradford Funeral & Marching Band [1970] Instrumental jazz-funk album with Bill Cosby on keyboards. Each side of the record has one long track. Side one is a tribute to Martin Luther King. Martin's Funeral//Hybish Shybish

73081 - With Love from the Lovelites - Lovelites [1970] Oh My Love/This Love Is Real/You've Hurt Me Now/How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad/I'm In Love/Gotta Let You Go/Who You Gonna Hurt Now/Certain Kind Of Lover/I Love You (Yes I Do)/I Don't Want To Cry/I've Got Love/Shy Boy

73082 - Live Madison Square Garden Center - Bill Cosby [1970] (9-70, #165) Bill's Marriage/His First Baby/Bill Takes His Daughters To The Zoo/Ennis And His Two Sisters/The Story Of The Chicken/Animal Stories/A Handball Game At The "Y"/Bill Visits Ray Charles

73083 - Dick Glasser Presents Artistry in Sound - Dick Glasser [1970] Bridge Over Troubled Water/Jean/Sugar Sugar/Hey Jude/Words//Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Walk Don't Run/I Will/Come Back/Moody

73084 - Gold - Neil Diamond [1970] (8-70, #10) A live album recorded at Doug Weston's Troubadour in Hollywood during his 1969-70 tour. Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2007 and in 1980 as MCA 37209. Lordy/Both Sides Now/Solitary Man/Holly Holy/Cherry Cherry//Kentucky Woman/Sweet Caroline/Thank The Lord For The Nighttime/And The Singer Sings His Song/Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show

73085 - Percussion for Lovers - Percussion Unlimited [1970] Love Grows/This Guy's In Love With You/Love Is Blue/What the World Needs Now/All You Need Is Love/The Look of Love/others



73088 - Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball - Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball [1970] Dewey Martin was the drummer for Buffalo Springfield. Indian Child/Right Now Train/Silent Song Thru The Land/Maybe Baby/Recital Palmer//Yesterday/The Devil And Me/I Do Believe/Race Me On Down/Change

73089 - Mud on Mudd - Mud [1970] Medicated Goo-The Lights Gonna Shine/The Bells/Let's Hurt Together/I Thank You//Coloured Rain/Satisfied Mind/Why Don't We Do It In The Road/I'll Sell My Heart To A Clown/Let's Think Awhile/If We Try

73090 - Elton John - Elton John [1970] (10-70, #4) Gatefold cover. Reissued in 1971as UNI 93090. Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2012 and in 1979 as MCA 37067. Your Song/I Need You To Turn To/Take Me To The Pilot/No Shoestrings On Louise/First Episode At Hienton//Sixty Years On/Border Song/The Greatest Discovery/The Cage/The King Must Die

73091 - Angels Die Hard (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1970] Indian Child - Dewey West & The Medicine Ball/Changes - East-West Pipeline/Kern County Line - East-West Pipeline/You Could Be - East-West Pipeline/Nancy's Theme - East-West Pipeline/Man Who Kills Ants - East-West Pipeline/Questions - East-West Pipeline//Death Is The Dancer - Fever Tree/I Want To Take You Higher - Sylvanus/Something's Wrong - East-West Pipeline/Night Of The Lions - Marc Eric/Taking A Bath - East- West Pipeline/Angels Die Hard - East West-Pipeline/Tendency To Be Free - Rabbit MacKay

73092 - Tap Root Manuscript - Neil Diamond [1970] (11-70, #13) Gatefold cover. Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2013 and in 1980 as MCA 37196. Capitol Record Club edition issued as UNI ST-93501. Cracklin' Rosie/Free Life/Coldwater Morning/Done Too Soon/He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother//Childsong/I Am The Lion/Madrigal/Soolaimon/Missa/African Suite/Childsong (Reprise)

73093 - Ferris Wheel - Ferris Wheel [1970] R&B group featuring vocalist Linda Lewis. Keeper Of The Keys/Ivory Tower/Child Of The City/Song For Alice/Movie Queen/The Tightrope Walker (And His Daughter)//I Know You Well/Where Lily's Gone/Little Indians/Sunday Times/The Ugly Ducking/Diamonds Rely On

73094 - Magic Sand - Magic Sand [1970] Listen to What's Not Being/Thinking Out Loud/I Take What I Want/Down on My Knees/Good Lord Willing/You Better Be Ready/Get Ready to Fly/It's Your Thing/Baby, What You Want Me to Do/Mr. C/Magic Sand

73095 - Open Up and Live! - Society of Seven [1970] Get Together/United We Stand/Vehicle/Yesterday I Heard the Rain/Hey Jude/Shangri-La/Everything Is Beautiful/One Day of Your Life/I (Who Have Nothing)/Ride Captain Ride/Best of Both Worlds

73096 - Tumbleweed Connection - Elton John [1971] (1-71, #5) Gatefold cover. Reissued in 1971 as UNI 93096. Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2014, in 1977 as MCA 3001, and in 1979 as MCA 37199. 1971-73 issues included a large booklet with lyrics, etc. Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun/Come Down In Time/Country Comfort/Son Of Your Father/My Father's Gun//Where To Now St. Peter?/Love Song/Amoreena/Talking Old Soldiers/Burn Down The Mission

73097 - Brian Hyland - Brian Hyland [1971] (1-71, #171) Produced by Del Shannon. Maria-Somewhere (S)/Lonely Teardrops (S)/On The East Side (S)/Lorrayne (S)/Mail Order Gun (S)/The Thrill Is Gone (S)//Gypsy Woman (M)/I'm Without You (S)/Slow Down (S)/Drivin' Me Crazy (S)/You And Me (S)

73098 - Jeremiah - Jeremiah [1971] Somewhere Someone/Hey Now Baby/Patience/Sweet Rebecca/Hey Baby Don't You Cry//I Saw Your Picture In The Paper/The Lady Lives With Me/David Blue/Roll It Over/Lady Ellen/So Many Ways

73099 - Up Through the Spiral - Poe [1971] There Is A River-Your Prayers Have Been Answered Little Boy-What Do You Want To Do-I Want To Heal The Sick/You've Got To Try/A Debt To Pay/Up Up Through The Spiral//Tune In/Sons Of Belial/A New Day Is Dawning-The Garden/Automatic Writing/Fallin' Off/Sweet Morning

73100 - When I Was a Kid - Bill Cosby [1971] (3-71, #72) Recorded live at the Westbury Music Fair. Reissued in 1973 as MCA 169. Also issued by Capitol Record Club as Uni ST-93760. My Hernia/Buck Jones/Snakes And Alligators/My Boy Scout Troop//My Brother Russell/My Father/Dogs/Frogs

73101 - Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs - Bill Cosby [1971] Introduction - Downers And Uppers/Questions and Answers/Dope Pusher/Bill Talks About Hard Drugs/I Found A Way Out/Order In The Classroom/People Make Mistakes/I Know I Can Handle It/Bill Talks About Pushers/Captain Junkie/Bill and the Kids Sing - Closing

UNI/Abnak 73102 - Michael Rabon & Choctaw - Michael Rabon & Choctaw [1971] Gatefold cover. This album is more-or-less the last Five Americans album. Michael Rabon was formerly the vocalist for the Five Americans. Also in this group was Five Americans' drummer Jim Wright; engineering was by Robin Hood Brians, who also did the Five Americans' albums, the jacket's cover design was by Five Americans' bassist Jim Grant, and production was under the Abnak umbrella (the Five Americans' label). Heaven Knows/Sad Jamboree/Musical Apparation/Country Music/Mary Miles//California, Hollywood/Texas Sparrow/Down Past The Road/I Need You/Coming Home

73103 - Songs - Orville Stoeber [1971] The King, The Queen And The Joker/Open His Head/Where's Jack Was/Oh Sweet Music/Lonely Sparrow/Joey's Party/No More Masterpieces/Like An Ocean/Seventh Avenue/Annabelle Lee/Cincinnati

73104 - Barry Allen - Barry Allen [1971] Produced by Randy Bachman of Guess Who. See The World/A Wednesday In Your Garden/I Need Someone (The Painter)/Darlin' Be Home Soon/Never Comin' Home/If You Look Away//Coming To Life/Lifetime/Take The Long Way Home/Prophesy/Goin' Home

93105 - 11-17-70 - Elton John with Dee Murray & Nigel Olsson [1971] (5-71, #11) Live album, recorded November 17, 1970 during a radio program on WPLJ-FM in New York City. Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2015 and in 1979 as MCA 619. Take Me To The Pilot/Honky Tonk Women/Sixty Years On/Can I Put You On//Bad Side Of The Moon/Burn Down The Mission (Including: My Baby Left Me-Get Back)

93106 - Stones - Neil Diamond [1971] (11-71, #11) Original issue had a foldover cover with string tie in back like an office memo folder. Custom label. Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2008 and in 1980 as MCA 37195. I Am... I Said/The Last Thing On My Mind/Husbands And Wives/Chelsea Morning/Crunchy Granola Suite//Stones/If You Go Away/Suzanne/I Think It's Gonna Rain Today/I Am... I Said (Reprise)


73108 - Upside, Downside - Tom Northcott [1971] Spaceship Races/We Will Find Love/Old Kentucky Home/Suzanne/Blackberry Way/Crazy Jane/I Think It's Going to Rain Today/Better Way/These Are Not My People/It's True/Iron Piens

73109 - Peace for Our Time - Warm Dust [1971] Group included keyboardist/vocalist Paul Carrack, later of Squeeze and Mike+The Mechanics. Blood Of My Fathers/Winds Of Change/Justify, Things Your Hands Have Done//Rejection (Instrumental)/Very Small Child/Song For A Star/Wrote A Letter/Peace Of Mind

73110 - Mud - Mudd [1971] Carry That Weight/Better Days Are Coming/She/Cruel Ruler/Nobody's Fault//Who Owns The Park/Pictures/I'll Go Crazy/Smacking Cowboy

73111 - Black Mass - Lucifer [1971] Solomon Ring/The Ride Of Aida (Voodoo)/Incubus/Black Mass/The Evil Eye//Exorcism/The Philosopher's Stone/Voices Of The Dead (The Medium)/Witch Trial/Esp

73112 - For Adults Only - Bill Cosby [1971] (12-71, #181) Reissued in 1974 as MCA 553. Las Vegas-Mirror Over My Bed/Why Beat On Your Wife/Bill Cosby Fights Back/Be Good To Your Wives//Masculinity At Its Finest/The Cost Of An Egg/Bill's Two Daughters/Wallie, Wallie

73113 - Nigel Olsson's Drum Orchestra and Chorus - Nigel Olsson [1971] Sunshine Looks Like Rain/I'm Coming Home/Nature's Way/Hummingbird [with Kathi McDonald]/Some Sweet Day//I Can't Go Home Again [with Kathi McDonald]/And I Know In My Heart/We've Got A Long Way To Go/Weirdhouse/China

73114 - If You're Diggin' What You're Doin' Keep on Doin' What You're Diggin' - Big Black and His Congregation [1971] Diggin' What You're Doin'/Long Hair/Children's Philosophy/Vanity/234 Northwest Twelfth/Gwagwa/Who Ever Thought/You and Me

73115 - Rockin' Foo - Rockin' Foo [1971] You Are The Music/Can Of Worms/El Camino Real/Julie/All We Need Is Time//Leave Her Alone/On Larrabee/Golden Scissors/Country Tune/Rusty Old Timer

73116 - Whole Earth Rhythm - Saddhu Brand [1971] Reissue of the 1970 album on Anna Chakraborty's Musical Sewing Machine Records 101 (shown at right). Sitar folk/psych, with chanting in English and Hindu. Whole Earth Rhythm/Dhun/Babu Shoda/Ha Ha Modi/People Brittle/I Give You Johnnee The Truth/Dabi Das' Song

73117 - If Not for You - Olivia Newton-John [1971] (11-71, #158) Me and Bobby McGee/If/Banks of Ohio/In a Station/Love Song/Help Me Make It Through the Night//If Not For You/Where Are You Going To My Love?/Lullaby/If I Could Read Your Mind/If I Gotta Leave/No Regrets



93120 - Madman Across the Water - Elton John [1971] (11-71, #8) Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2016, in 1977 as MCA 3003, and in 1979 as MCA 37200. 1971-73 issues included a large booklet with lyrics, etc., glued inside the gatefold cover. Tiny Dancer/Levon/Razor Face/Madman Across The Water//Indian Sunset/Holiday Inn/Rotten Peaches/All The Nasties/Goodbye

73121 - Boondoggle & Balderdash - Boondoggle & Balderdash [1971] Boondoggle and Balderdash were John Herron (keyboards, vocals) and Robert McLerran (guitar, vocals). When Will It All Be Over/Any Road/Songs I'm Singin'/(others)

73122 - The White Duck - White Duck [1971] Billy Goat/World (Keep On Turnin')/No/Lonely/Black-Eyed Susan//Really/Don't Mix With Politics/Anna Belle/No Time/I Never Wanna Go

73123 - Mike Settle - Mike Settle [1971] Formerly a member of the First Edition. Gatefold cover. Singin' Lonely Songs/But You Know I Love You/Back The Way You Came/Loretta/Nobody Knows//Take It Easy With The Cryin'/Sometimes Love Is Better When It's Gone/Saturdays Only/The Night Of Your Life/We Gotta Try And Make It

73124 - Thomas & Richard Frost - Thomas & Richard Frost [1972] Desert Island/Waving Me Goodbye/St. Petersburgh/Fighting My Way/Don't Lose Your Way//Old Heartbreak/Don't Cross My Heart/The Way I Feel For You/Close The Door Behind You/Got To Find The Light

73125 - J. Henry Burnett, The B-52 Band & The Fabulous Skylarks - J. Henry Burnett & The B-52 Band & The Fabulous Skylarks [1972] We Have All Got A Past/You Bring Me Back Again/Now I Don't Mind No Light Sermon/Wouldn't You Think I'd Know By Now/You Been Away For So Long//Sliding By/Hod Rod Banjo/Mama, Please Don't You Lie/Clarification Blues/Money Changer

73126 - Loudwater House - Tony Hazzard [1972] Blue Movie Man/Daffodils/Woman In The West/Sarah's Birthday/Abbot Of The Vale/Mum And Dad/Redwoods Back Home//Loudwater Zoo/Another Day Will Come/Lie Down/Promised Land/Don't Need To Anymore Now/Loudwater House

73127 - Patti Dahlstrom - Patti Dahlstrom [1972] Wait Like A Lady/And I Never Did/Get Along Handsome/Comfortable/This Ain't An Ordinary Love Song//(Side 2 titles not available)

73128 - I Want to Be with You - David Brown & Jeremiah [1972] Don't Let It Get You Down/Will It Always Be That Way/Someone Waits for You/I Want to Be With You/Carolina Sun/Some Sweet Day/Highway Moon/You've Got to Make It on Your Own/I Know la Di/Dizzy Miss Lizzy

73129 - Queues - Vigrass & Osborne [1971] Tri-fold cover, with one-sheet insert with song lyrics. Custom label. Produced by Jeff Wayne, later of ELO, who also wrote the music and played synthesizer on the record. Contains the original version of the later Justin Hayward hit "Forever Autumn." Men Of Learning/Don't You Worry/Ballerina/Mississippi Lullabye/Virginia//Sail Away/Forever Autumn/An Invitation/Remember/The End


73131 - From a Girl's Point of View...We Give to You: Love Unlimited - Love Unlimited [1972] (4-72, #151) Reissued in 1973 as MCA 161. I Should Have Known/Another Chance/Are You Sure/Fragile, Handle With Care/Is It Really True Boy-Is It Really Me/I'll Be Yours Forever More/If This World Were Mine/Together/Walkin' In The Rain With The One I Love

73132 - Geronimo Black - Geronimo Black [1972] Geronimo Black included Tjay Contrelli from Arthur Lee's group Love, Jimmy Carl Black from Frank Zappa's Mothers, and Bunk Gardener, Andy Cahan, Tom Leavey, and Dennis Walley. Low Riding Man/Siesta/Other Man/L.A. County Jail '59 C/S/Let Us Live//Bullwhip/Quakers Earthquake/Gone/An American National Anthem


73134 - Big Black and the Blues - Big Black [1972] Shu-Be-Du/I Care/Mm-Baby/Blues, Blues, Blues/Blues Of Love//People Are Talkin'/I Sat And Moan/I Don't Know Why But I Love You/Coal Black Eyes/Long Black Sally

93135 - Honky Château - Elton John [1972] (6-72, #1) Gatefold cover. Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2017 and in 1979 as MCA 37064. Honky Cat/Mellow/I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself/Susie (Dramas)/Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)//Salvation/Slave/Amy/Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters/Hercules

93136 - Moods - Neil Diamond [1972] (7-72, #5) Reissued in 1973 as MCA 2005 and in 1980 as MCA 37194. Song Sung Blue/Porcupine Pie/High Rolling Man/Canta Libre/Captain Sunshine//Play Me/Gitchy Goomy/Walk On Water/Theme/Prelude In E Major/Morningside

73137 - Andy Kim - Andy Kim [1973] Prologue/Who Has The Answers?/Shady Hollow Dreamer/The Fancies Of A Child/Michael/Oh, What A Day!//Love The Poor Boy/Sunshine/All In The Name Of Steinem/So Good To Have You Here/A Love Song (Just For Strings)

73138 - Ballad of Shirley Goodness and Mercy - Balderdash [1972] Shirley Goodness And Mercy/Picture Tube Blues/Coming Home To Say Goodbye/Meanwhile, Back At The ranch/Whiskey Flat/Crow Pie/Back To The Wilderness/Sing It Like A Farmer/Plowboy/Hurricane Bess/Epilogue

73139 - Inside the Mind of Bill Cosby - Bill Cosby [1972] (9-72, #191) Reissued in 1974 as MCA 554. The Invention Of Basketball/Survival/Ennis' Toilet/Bill's Marriage/Bedroom Slippers//Froofie The Dog/The Lower Tract/Sulphur Fumes/Football/Slow Class

73140 - In Season - White Duck [1972] Country band featuring John Hiatt. Carry Love/Firewater/You Caught Me Laughin'/Thank You/Sail Away//Bull Island Boogie/Honey, You'll Be Alright (Do What Ya Gotta Do)/Lazy Days/A Girl Who/Again/Looney Tune

73141 - Tret Fure - Tret Fure [1972] Tret was a member of Little Feat. San Francisco Song/My Love/Patrick's Sky/Joseph/Holy Roll Toledo/What's Gonna Happen When the Rainy Season.../Down Along the River/Third Time Around/Catalina/Laughing Holidays

73142 - Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign - Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign [1972] Reach For It/Get It On/Get On Off Me/If I Close My Eyes/Tryin' To Be Me/What It Is/What's Happening Over There/Why Do You Stay Here/All Fed Up/I Love You So Much

UNI 1 Series (Blue Label):

UNI 1 -

UNI 2 - Running Thangs - Busy Bee [1988]

UNI 3 - Follow the Leader - Eric B. & Rakim [1988] Follow The Leader/Microphone Fiend/Lyrics Of Fury/Eric B. Never Scared/Just A Beat//Put Your Hands Together/To The Listeners/No Competition/The R/Musical Massacre/Beats For The Listeners

UNI 4 - Young Gifted and Black - Don Baron [1988] Young, Gifted and Black/Funky Reggae/DJ Imitators/Spanish Fly/Mike Chanter/Let's Dance/Fast Talk Man/Western Style/The Girl's Irie/Action

UNI 5 - Pop Art - Transvision Vamp [1988] Trash City/I Want Your Love/Sister Moon/Psychosonic Cindy/Revolution Baby//Tell That Girl To Shut Up/Wild Star/Hanging Out With Halo Jones/Andy Warhol's Dead/Sex Kick

UNI 6 -

UNI 7 - Copperhead Road - Steve Earle [1988] Copperhead Road/Snake Oil/Back To The Wall/The Devil's Right Hand/Johnny Come Lately//Even When I'm Blue/You Belong To Me/Waiting On You/Once You Love/Nothing But A Child

Uni 600 Series (Blue Label):

601 - The Burning World - Swans [1989] The River That Runs With Love Won't Run Dry/Let It Come Down/Can't Find My Way Home/Mona Lisa, Mother Earth/(She's A) Universal Emptiness//Saved/I Remember Who You Are/Jane Mary, Cry One Tear/See No More/God Damn The Sun

602 - Blind Faith - Walk on Fire [1989]

603 - Blast - Holly Johnson [1989] Former member of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Atomic City/Heaven's Here/Americanos/Deep In Love/S.U.C.C.E.S.S.//Love Train/Got It Made/Love Will Come/Perfume/Feel Good

604 -

605 - Velveteen - Transvision Vamp [1989] Baby I Don't Care/The Only One/Landslide Of Love/Falling For A Goldmine/Down On You/Song To The Stars//Kiss Their Sons/Born To Be Sold/Pay The Ghosts/Bad Valentine/Velveteen

606 - Deaf Gods of Babylon - Lord Tracy [1989] Former singer for Pantera. Out With the Boys/East Coast Rose/She's a Bitch/Barney's Wank-Whatchadoin'/Chosen Ones/In Your Eyes/Rats Motel/Foolish Love/She Man Blues/King of the Nightmare Cowboys/3H.C./Submission/Pirahna/Ivory Lover

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