UK Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: June 14, 2012

The UK ("United King") record label was founded in 1972 by Jonathan King in England. It issued records from 1972 to about 1976. A US-based counterpart was established that was distributed by London Records. Jonathan King used the label for reissue purposes from time to time over the years since the label went inactive.

The UK label in the United States (far left) was light blue with silver print, as was the UK label in the UK for the most part. Later UK labels used in the United Kingdom (near left) were light blue with indigo print. Both had the label name at the bottom and the logo of the main British Isle with a crown in the lower right quadrant.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

UKS 53100 Series:

UKS 53101 - Bubble Rock Is Here to Stay - Jonathan King [1972] Released in the UK as UK Records UKA1. Satisfaction/Rain And Tears/It's My Party/Reflections/Mr. Tambourine Man/The Night Has A Thousand Eyes//Have I The Right/The Wanderer/Rock Around The Clock/It's Over/Sweets For My Sweet/Twist And Shout

UKS 53102 - Simon Turner - Simon Turner [Unissued] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1003. Wild Thing/17/She's A Lady/Look At Me, Girl/Since I Don't Have You/Love Around//The Prettiest Star/Do You Know What I Mean/Sign On The Dotted Line/Sit Down I Think I Love You/Shoeshine Boy/A Long Time Ago

UKS 53103 - Tina Harvey - Tina Harvey [1973] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1002. Under My Thumb/Stay With Me/Baby Let Me Follow You Down/Working My Way Back To You/Only Love Can Break Your Heart/Nowhere To Run//Like A Rolling Stone/Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow?/Long Way Round/Lili Marlene/Baby, You Been On My Mind/Lifetime Of Loneliness

UKS 53104 - Pandora's Box - Jonathan King [1973] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1004. I Am A Tired All American Boy (Epitath To A War)/Be Gay/Mary, My Love/Colloquial Sex (Lawrence's Song)/A Little Bit Left Of Right//Black Girl Buttons/S*P*Rsh*T/Jesus, Can't You Leave Me? (Tony's Song)/It's A Tall Order For A Short Guy/A Modest Proposal (Swift's Song)

UKS 53105 - 10cc - 10cc [1973] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1005. Johnny, Don't Do It!/Sand In My Face/Donna/The Dean And I/Headline Hustler//Speed Kills/Rubber Bullets/The Hospital Song/Ships Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They?)/Fresh Air For My Mama

UKS 53106 - The Rocky Horrow Show - The Rocky Horrow Show Original London Cast [Unissued] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1006. Science Fiction-Double Feature (The Usherette)/Damn It, Janet (Brad & Janet)/Over At The Frankenstein Place (Brad, Janet, Riff-Raff & Company)/Sweet Transvestite (Frank, Brad & Company)/Time Warp (Riff-Raff, Magenta, Columbia & Narrator)/Sword Of Damocles (Rocky & Company)//Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul) (Eddie & Company)/Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch Me (Janet & Rocky)/Once In A While (Brad)/Rose Tint My World (Company)/I'm Going Home (Frank & Company)/Superheroes (Brad, Janet & Narrator)/Science Fiction-Double Feature (Reprise) (The Usherette & Company)

UKS 53107 - Sheet Music - 10cc [1974] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1007. The Wall Street Shuffle/The Worst Band In The World/Hotel/Old Wild Men/Clockwork Creep//Silly Love/Somewhere In Hollywood/Baron Samedi/The Sacro-Iliac/Oh Effendi

UKS 53108 - Brendon - Brendon [Unissued] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1009. Make Me A Dollar, Make Me A Dime/Life In England/Find Me/Rockin' & Rollin' Little Lady/Only A Dream/Carnaby Rose/Away USA/Jo/Mandy Black/Something In The Sky/War And Peace

UKS 53109 - The First Class - First Class [1974] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1008. Beach Baby/Won't Somebody Help Me/What Became Of Me/Surfer Queen/The First Day Of Your Life//Long Time Gone/Dreams Are Ten A Penny/Bobby Dazzler/The Disco Kid/I Was Always A Joker

UKS 53110 - 100cc (The Greatest Hits) - 10cc [1975] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1012 with about half different content (UK cover at right). Old Wild Men/The Wall Street Shuffle/Somewhere In Hollywood/Rubber Bullets/Waterfall//The Worst Band In The World/Donna/The Dean And I/Fresh Air For My Mama/Silly Love

UKS 53111 - A Rose in a Fisted Glove - Jonathan King [Unissued] Issued in the UK as UK Records UKAL 1010. A Free Man In Paris/I Can't Stand The Rain/Here's Lookin' At You Kid (C'mon Kid)/Come Monday/Let's Not Get Dirty/A Brand New Morning//The Way You Look Tonight/Lover's Prayer/The True Story Of Molly Malone/Fallin' In Love/Mental Diseases/A Very, Very Melancholy Man

UKL 56000 Series:

UKL 56000 - The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast - Roger Glover & Guests Featuring David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Ronnie Dio, Eddie Hardin & Ray Fenwick [1975] Issued in the UK in 1974 on Purple Records TPSA 7514. Dawn/Get Ready/Saffron Dormouse And Lizzy Bee/Harlequin Hare/Old Blind Mole/Magician Moth/No Solution/Behind The Smile/Fly Away/Aranea/Sitting In A Dream//Waiting/Six Maximus Mouse/Dreams Of Sir Bedivere/Together Again/Watch Out For The Bat/The Feast/Love Is All/Homeward

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