M.A.M. Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: May 30, 2012

M.A.M. Records, an abbreviation for Management Agency & Music, Ltd., was founded by Gordon Mills along with Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck. It was distributed by London Records in the United States and Decca in the U.K. It was launched in 1970 and finally sold to Chrysalis Records in the 1980s.

The most successful artist for the label was Gilbert O'Sullivan, who had a string of international hits for the imprint between 1970 and 1975. Also notable is the 1972 album Rockpile by Dave Edmunds, featuring his hit single "I Hear You Knocking" [MAM 3601], which made #4 in the US and #1 in the UK after its release in late 1970.

Outside the US, singer-songwriter Lynsey DePaul was quite popular for the label, but she never managed to create a presence in the US. Her album remained unissued here.

M.A.M. used the same label design throughout its life. It was blue with silver print, with the label name at the top in red and white letters.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

MAM 1 Main Series:

MAM 1 - Jeff Sturges & Universe - Jeff Sturges & Universe [1971] Junior Saw It Happen/Sin's A Good Man's Brother/Never In My Life/Clown//Rice Pudding/Mississippi Queen/Acid West/Keep On Burnin'

MAM 2 - Himself - Gilbert O'Sullivan [8/71] Intro/January Git/Bye-Bye/Permissive Twit/Matrimony/Independent Air/Nothing Rhymed//Too Much Attention/Susan Van Heusen/If I Don't Get You (Back Again)/Thunder And Lightning/Houdini Said/Doing The Best I Can/We Will/Outro

MAM 3 - Rockpile - Dave Edmunds [1/72] (3-72, #212) Down, Down, Down/I Hear You Knocking/Hell Of A Pain/It Ain't Easy/The Promised Land//Dance, Dance, Dance/(I Am A) Lover Not A Fighter/Egg Or The Hen/Sweet Little Rock And Roller/Outlaw Blues

MAM 4 - Himself - Gilbert O'Sullivan [7/72] (8-72, #9) Reissue of MAM 2 after "Alone Again (Naturally)" became a hit. This reissue has a new cover, and some track changes: "Alone Again (Naturally)" replaces "Susan Van Heusen", while "Doing The Best I Can" was dropped altogether. Intro/January Git/Bye-Bye/Permissive Twit/Matrimony/Independent Air/Nothing Rhymed//Too Much Attention/Alone Again (Naturally)/If I Don't Get You (Back Again)/Thunder And Lightning/Houdini Said/We Will/Outro

MAM 5 - Back To Front - Gilbert O'Sullivan [12/72] (1-73, #48) Intro/I Hope You'll Stay/In My Hole/Clair/That's Love/Can I Go With You/But I'm Not/Outro//I'm In Love With You/Who Was It/Who Could Be Nicer (Mum, The Kettle's Boiling)/Out Of The Question/The Golden Rule/I'm Leaving/Outro

MAM 6 - Big Jim Sullivan Plays Gilbert O'Sullivan - Big Jim Sullivan [1973] Also issued on discrete quad reel-to-reel tape as MAM J 16 (shown at right). Out Of The Question/Alone Again (Naturally)/Independent Air/I'm Leaving/Too Much Attention//Doing The Best I Can/Clair/Save It/Permissive Twit/We Will

MAM 7 - I'm A Writer, Not A Fighter - Gilbert O'Sullivan [9/73] (10-73, #101) I'm A Writer, Not A Fighter/A Friend Of Mine/They've Only Themselves To Blame/Who Knows, Perhaps Maybe/Where Peaceful Waters Flow//Ooh Baby/I Have Never Loved You As Much As I Love You Today/Not In A Million Years/If You Love Me Like You Love Me/Get Down

MAM 8 - Surprise - Lynsey DePaul [Unissued] Not issued in the US, this 1973 album was called Surprise in the UK and Sugar Me in Australia. Mama Do/Ivory Tower/Doctor Doctor/Crossword Puzzle/Water//Sleeping Blue Nights/The Way It Goes/Rockerdile/Sugar Me/Just Visiting

MAM 9 - Just Me N' You - J.R. Bailey [1974] Bailey was a former member of the Halos and the Cadillacs. After Hours/Heaven On Earth/Just Me N You/She Called Me/Cute As A Button//Love Love Love/I'll Always Be Your Lover/All Strung Out Over You/Not Too Long Ago/Everything I Want I See In You

MAM 10 - A Stranger In My Own Back Yard - Gilbert O'Sullivan [10/74] Number 4/A Woman's Place/No More/It's So Easy To Be Sad/My Father/The Marriage Machine/If You Ever/The Thing Is//Just Like Me/Victor E/I Wonder Would You Mind/15 Times/Nothing To Do About Much/Can't Get You To Love Me/Always Somebody

Epic/M.A.M. (Columbia 30000 Consolidated Series):

JE 35023 - What A Night - Tom Jones [1977] What A Night/We Don't Live Here/No One Gave Me Love/Day To Day Affair/If This Is Love//I Wrote This Song/That's Where I Belong/Easy To Love/The Heart/Ramblin' Man

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