Mach Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 18, 2012

Mach Records was a short-lived label apparently set up by Hi Records as a vehicle for the recordings of producers Kenny Smith and Bill Taylor Sparks. Smith and Sparks were in a group in the early 1960s called the Sherwoods on the Exeter label, the same Texas label that originally recorded the Bobby Fuller Four. After the group disbanded, Smith and Sparks got into recording and production, and decided to start their own label in El Paso, Texas. They called it "Sueme," after the popular mid-1960s putdown, "So, if you don't like it, sue me." They recorded many local bands and put out one various artists compilation called I Love You Gorgo.

Sparks eventually went into the military service and went to Vietnam, after which he came back to El Paso for a time. But Sparks soon moved to Memphis, where his uncle owned a record distributorship called Hot Line Records. Hot Line, of course, had put out Al Green's first hit, "Back Up Train" [Hot Line 15,000] in 1967, and had a working relationship with Hi Records in Memphis.

Smith soon followed. The two began recording bands in a number of studios, but ended up recording at Royal Studios, which was an eight-track studio owned by Hi Records. It was there they recorded Leviathan, a psychedelic/progressive rock group from Memphis, with members formerly of the Changin' Tymes and others. Hi Records signed Smith and Sparks to a deal to put out the Leviathan material, but apparently Hi was less impressed with the other bands, and the label proved short-lived..

Leviathan also put out at least one single, "Why Must I Be Like You"/"I'll Get Lost Out There" [Mach 12104], released in November, 1974.

More recently, Smith and Sparks put out a compilation by another of their artists, Lou Pride, called Lou Pride: The Memphis/El Paso Sessions 1970-1973 [Severn CD 0022].

The Mach album label (far left) is pale blue with black lettering with "MACH" written in orange italic letters (with speed lines) on the top half of the label. The following text is also written in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label : "DISTRIBUTED BY LONDON RECORDS, INC.". The commercial 45 label (near left) is blue with lighter color blue "MACH" written over and over as a background. The orange logo is at the top.

Promotional copies (far left) were issued with a label similar to the commercial 45 label, but with a white background instead of the blue used for the commercial label. The light blue repeating "MACH" is still in the background. Promotional copies were also issued on the standard London orange promotional label (near left).

As far as we know there was only one album issued on this label. The album label (far left) and the commercial 45 label (center) were similar, but the promotional 45s used the standard London promo label blanks.

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Mach AMA 12500 Series:

AMA 12501 - Leviathan - Leviathan [1974] Issued on CD as Akarma 110. Arabesque/Angela/Endless Dream//Seagull/Angel Of Death/Always Need You/Quicksilver Clay

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