London (UK) Album Discography, Part 7:
London American 8000 Series (1962-1984)

By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: July 4, 2012

The 8000 series was a consolidated series that included both pop and jazz, and combined the mono and stereo series. The mono and stereo issues had the same number, but a different prefix differentiated them. The series ran from 1962 to 1984.

As with other series, from 1962-1980 a letter code imbedded into the catalog prefix designated the source label. And with other series, London was not always consistent with these codes. In general, the codes were: A=Cadence, Ava; B=Starday/Hollywood, Deluxe; C=Sue; D=Dot; E=Hickory; F=Vee Jay/Horizon/In, RCA (also used U); H=Challenge; K=Atlantic/Atco (although in the late 1970s these had no letter), Stax, Sire; M=Mirwood (also, Bang and King for one issue); N=Era, LHI; O=Ovation, Artists of America; P=Imperial, Laurie, Dollie; Q=Bunky; R=Kapp; S=Sun; T=Valiant, WB, Mainstream; X=BigTop; Y=Everest, Big Sound; Z=Command, Bang, Roulette, Bomp. U was used as a miscellaneous designation for a large number of smaller labels (e.g., Monument, Dimension, Specialty, White Whale, and London US and subsidiaries. Several labels (DelFi, Fabor, Fania, King, Philles, Jubilee, A&M, Capitol) used no letter.

Like the preceeding 2000/6000 series, the mono label was purple with gold print and the stereo label was blue with silver print. Atlantic-sourced issues had a large "ATLANTIC" above the center hole in addition to the London label name.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

London American 8000 (mono & stereo) Series:

HAD 8001 - Chapel by the Sea - Billy Vaughn [1962] Same as Dot DLP-3424/25424. Chapel by the Sea/Petite Fleur/Theme From Exodus/Can't Help Falling in Love/Moon River/Don't Break the Heart That Loves You/Midnight in Moscow/Twist/Tuff/Theme From Route 66/Bonanza/Wonderland By Night

HAR 8002 - Golden Country Hits - Warner Mack [1962] Same as Kapp KL 1255/KS 3255. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?/A Satisfied Mind/You're Not Easy To Forget/My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/Don't Worry/Bonaparte's Retreat/Room Full Of Roses/The Wild Side Of Life/Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On/Take These Chains From My Head/Fireball Mail

HAB 8003 - Nashville Saturday Night - Various Artists [1962] Same as Starday SLP-128. Sunny Tennessee - Cowboy Copas/Cope's Wildflower - Cowboy Copas/Seasons of My Heart - George Jones/One Is a Lonely Number - Red Sovine/Strictly Nuthin' - Frankie Miller/Stringbean & His Banjo - Lonzo & Oscar/Get Along Mulie - Lonzo & Oscar/Jody's Chimes - Cousin Jody/Little Talk With Jesus - Oak Ridge Quartet/Fox Chase - Wayne Raney/Love Has Made You Beautiful - Merle Kilgore/Eyes of Love Margie Singleton/Family Reunion Carl Story

HAB 8004 - Carter Family Memorial Album - Bill Clifton and His Dixie Mountain Boys [1962] Same as Starday SLP 146. March Winds/I'll Be All Smiles Tonight/Cannonball Blues/Give Me Your Love/Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy To Me/Are You Lonesome Tonight//My Clinch Mountain Home/Stern Old Bachelor/Little Joe/Green Fields of Virginia/Old Cottage Home/No Hiding Place Down Here

HAA 8005 - Andy Williams Best - Andy Williams [1962] Same as Cadence CLP 3054/25054. The Bilbao Song (S)/Lonely Street (S, no vocal overdub)/(In The Summer Time) You Don't Want My Love (S)/The Village Of St. Bernadette (S)/Canadian Sunset (E)/How Wonderful To Know (S)//The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au) (S)/Do You Mind (S)/Are You Sincere (E)/I Like Your Kind of Love (with Peggy Powers) (E)/Don't Go To Strangers (S)/Butterfly (E)

HAZ 8006 - Great Themes from Hit Films - Enoch Light [1962] Same as Command RS 835 SD. Tonight/Moon River/Never on Sunday/Love Theme From El Cid/Theme From Exodus/La Dolce Vita/Theme From King of Kings/Light in the Piazza/Satan Never Sleeps/Theme From The Hustler/Tender Is the Night/Love Theme From 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

HAK 8007 - Oh Yeah - Charles Mingus [1962] Same as Atlantic 1377. Hog Callin' Blues/Devil Woman/Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am/Ecclesiastics/Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb on Me/Eat That Chicken/Passions of a Man

HAK 8008 - Jazz with a Twist - Slide Hampton [1962] Same as Atlantic 1379. Jazz Twist/Mack the Knife/Gorgeous George/Strollin'/Barbarians/Work Song/Slide Slid/Day in Day Out/Red Top

HAP 8009 - Drummin' Up a Storm - Sandy Nelson [1962] Same as Imperial LP 9189. Castle Rock/Sandy/I'm In Love Again/All Night Long/C-Jam Blues/Here We Go Again//All Around The World With Drums/Tub-Thumpin'/Drummin' Up A Storm

HAU 8010 - Grandpa Jones Makes the Rafters Ring - Grandpa Jones [1962] Same as Monument M 4006. Make The Rafters Ring/Raining Here This Morning/I've Just Been Gone Too Long/My Darlin's Not My Darlin' Anymore/East Bound Freight Train/Count You Blessings/Banjo Sam/Groundhog/All Night Long/I Guess You Don't Remember Now/Going 'Cross The Sea/Mighty Long Way To Travel

HAK 8011 - Do the Pop-Eye with the Mar-Keys - Mar-Keys [1962] Same as Atlantic 8062. Pop-Eye Stroll/Wimp- Burger/Straight From the Can/Cause I Love You/Squint-Eye/Pop-Eye Rider//Gonna Work Out Fine/Sit Still/Too Pooped To Pop-Eye/Sweet-P Crawl/Muscles A-Comin' Home/Sailor Man Waltz

HAK 8012 - Don't Play that Song - Ben E. King [1962] Same as Atco 33 142. Don't Play That Song (You Lied)/Ecstasy/On the Horizon/Show Me the Way/Here Comes the Night/First Taste of Love//Stand By Me/Yes/Young Boy Blues/The Hermit of Misty Mountain/I Promise Love/Brace Yourself

HAP 8013 - Slim Whitman Sings, Volume 4 - Slim Whitman [1962] Same as Imperial LP-9194. Love Letters In The Sand/Anytime/Tammy Wayward Wind/Send Me The Pillow/Valley Of Tears/I'm Walking Behind You/You You You/Just Out Of Reach/There's A Gold Mine In The Sky/I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know/We Live In Two Different Worlds

HAD 8014 - Yellow Bird - Lawrence Welk [1962] Same as Dot DLP 3389/25089. Yellow Bird/Don't Worry/Goodnight, Irene/Runaway/Mockin' Bird Hill/Marianne//My Love For You/Heartbreak Hotel/Harbor Lights/Love Those Eyes/Loch Lomond/Juanita

HAU 8015 - Bimbo - Jim Reeves [1962] Same as RCA LPM 1410. Bimbo/Gypsy Heart/Mexican Joe/I Could Cry/Butterfly Love/It's Hard to Love Just One/Echo Bonita//Then I'll Stop Loving You/Penny Candy/I'll Follow You/The Wilder Your Heart Beats/Where Does a Broken Heart Go/Tahiti/Give Me One More Kiss

HAK 8016 - Lonely Woman - Modern Jazz Quartet [1963] Same as Atlantic 1381. Lonely Woman/Animal Dance/New Your 19/Belkis//Why Are You Blue/Fugato/Lamb, Leopard (If I Were Eve)/Trieste

HAK 8017 - Coltrane Plays the Blues - John Coltrane [1963] Same as Atlantic 1382. Blues to Elvin/Blues to Bechet/Blues to You/Mr. Day/Mr. Si Si/Mr. Knight

HAK 8018 - Solomon Burke's Greatest - Solomon Burke [1963] Same as Atlantic 8067. Down in the Valley/Just Out of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)/How Many Times/Baby (I Wanna Be Loved)/Gotta Travel On/Looking For My Baby//I'm Hanging Up My Heart for You/Cry to Me/I Almost Lost My Mind/A Tear Fell/Be Bop Grandma/Keep the Magic Working

HAA 8019 - It Keeps Right on A-Hurtin' - Johnny Tillotson [1962] Same as Cadence CLP 3058/25058. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'/Lonely Street/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Funny How Time Slips Away (3:07)/I Fall To Pieces/What'll I Do//I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You/Take Good Care Of Her/Four Walls/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On/Fool #1/Hello Walls

HAB 8020 - The Bluegrass Sound of Bill Clifton - Bill Clifton [1962] Same as Starday SLP-159. I'm Rollin' On/Lonely Heart Blues/Bed On The Floor/Corey/Springhill Disaster/Pal Of Yesterday//You Don't Think About Me (When I'm Gone)/Cedar Grove/Gathering Flowers (From The Hillside)/Are You Alone/The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee/All The Good Times Are Passed And Gone

HAK 8021 - Mel Torme at the Red Hill - Mel Torme [1963] Same as Atlantic 8066. Shakin' the Blues Away/I'm Beginning to See the Light/In Other Words/Medley: A Foggy Day, a Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square/Love For Sale/It's Delovely//Mountain Greenery/Neverless/Early Autumn/Anything Goes/(Ah, the Apple Trees) When the World Was Young/Love is Just Around the Corner

HAB 8022 - The Original Ray Charles - Ray Charles [1962] Same as Hollywood HLP- 504. These recordings were made by the Swing Time label and leased to Hollywood Records (a Starday subsidiary); they were made prior to Charles joining Atlantic Records. Ain't That Fine/Honey, Honey/Ray Charles Blues/Don't Put All Your Dreams In One Basket/St. Pete Florida Blues/You Always Miss the Water (When the Well Goes Dry) //Jack, She's on the Ball/Can Anyone Ask For More/Let's Have a Ball/If I Give You My Love/Sitting on Top of the World/I've Had My Fun

HAK 8023 - The Ray Charles Story Volume 1 - Ray Charles [1963] Same as Atlantic 8063. The Sun's Gonna Shine Again/Losing Hand/Mess Around/It Should've Been Me/Don't You Know/Come Back Baby/I've Got a Woman/A Fool For You/This Little Girl of Mine/Mary Ann/Hallelujah I Love Her So/Lonely Avenue/Doodlin'/Sweet Sixteen Bars/Ain't That Love

HAK 8024 - The Ray Charles Story Volume 2 - Ray Charles [1963] Same as Atlantic 8064. Rockhouse/Swanee River Rock (Talkin' 'Bout That River/Talkin' 'Bout You/What Kind of Man Are You/Yes Indeed/My Bonnie/Tell All the World About You/The Right Time//What'd I Say/Just For a Thrill/Come Rain or Come Shine/Drown in My Own Tears/Let the Good Times Roll/I'm Movin' On

HAR 8025 - Golden Country Hits, Volume 2 - Warner Mack [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1279/KS 3279. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/Have You Ever Been Lonely? (Have You Ever Been Blue)/My Love For You/Walk On By/Someday/Crazy Arms/Chime Bells/Four Walls/I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/I Fall To Pieces/In The Pines/San Antonio Rose

HAK 8026 - Songs for Soulful Lovers - Ben E. King [1963] Same as Atco 33 137. My Heart Cries For You/He Will Break Your Heart/Dream Lover/Will You Love Me Tomorrow/My Foolish Heart/Fever//Moon River/What a Difference a Day Made/Because of You/At Last/On the Street Where You Live/It's All In the Game

HAK 8027 - Hear Ye! - Red Mitchell/Harold Land Quintet [1963] Same as Atlantic 1376. Triplin' Awhile/Rosie's Spirit/Hear Ye/Somara/Catacomb/Pari Passu

HAB 8028 - Nashville Steel Guitar - Various Artists [1963] Same as Starday SLP 138. Star Gazing - Pete Drake/Pushin' Pedals - Jimmie Day/For Pete's Sake - Pete Drake/Big News - Don Helms/Station Break - Herbie Remington/Wired For Sound - Dick Stubbs/Steel Guitar Wobble - Al Petty//Ting A Ling - Little Roy Wiggins/Liberty Drive - Jimmy Day/Southern Sunday - Pete Drake/Wiggin' Wiggle - Little Roy Wiggins/Theme Time - Don Helms/Steel After Hours - Pete Drake/Steel Guitar Special - Al Petty

HAP 8029 - Compelling Percussion - Sandy Nelson [1963] Same as Imperial LP 9204. Civilization/And Then There Were Drums/Alexes/Chicka Boom/Jump Time [retitle of "Bouncy"]/Drums (For Drummers Only)/Drums (For Strippers Only)

HAK 8030 - Things and Other Things - Bobby Darin [1963] Same as Atco 33 146. Things/I'll Be There/Lost Love/Look For My True Love/Beachcomber/Now We're One//You're Mine/Oo- Ee- Train/Jailer Bring Me Water/Nature Boy/Theme From Come September/Sorrow Tomorrow

HAD 8031 - Pat Boone's Golden Hits - Pat Boone [1962] Same as Dot DLP 3455/25455. Speedy Gonzales (S)/Johnny Will (S)/Words (S)/The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango (S)/With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair (S)/Dear John (S)//(Welcome) New Lovers (S)/For a Penny (S)/Big Cold Wind (S)/'Twixt Twelve and Twenty (S)/Alabam (S)/Walking the Floor Over You (S)

HAD 8032 - A Swingin' Safari - Billy Vaughn [1963] Same as Dot DLP 3458/25458. A Swingin' Safari/It's No Sin/Born to be With You/Alone/Glow Worm March/In the Chapel In the Moonlight/Sunday in Madrid/Love Letters in the Sand/Blue Flame/Fool Such As I/Throw Another Log on the Fire/When the Saints Go Marching In

HAK 8033 - Coast Along with the Coasters - Coasters [1963] Same as Atco 33 135. (Ain't That) Just Like Me/Keep on Rollin'/Wait a Minute/Stewball/The Snake and the Bookworm/What About Us//Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)/Wake Me, Shake Me/Run Red Run/My Babe/Bad Blood/Girls Girls Girls

HAU 8034 - Foot Stompin' Hits - Flares [1963] Same as Press PR 73001/PRS 83001. Foot Stompin'/The Stroll/Doing The Watusi/Fish And Twist/The Pony/Jump And Bump//The Twist/Truck And Trailer/Huckle-Buck/Doing The Hully Gully/Shake Shimmy And Stroll/Sock Hop

HAK 8035 - The Genius After Hours - Ray Charles [1963] Same as Atlantic 1369. The Genius After Hours/Ain't Misbehavin'/Ray/Dawn/Joy Ride/Hornful Soul/Man I Love/Charlesville/Music, Music, Music

HAU 8036 - LLLLLoco-Motion - Little Eva [1963] Same as Dimension DLP 6000. The Loco-Motion/Some Kind-A Wonderful/I Have A Love/Down Home/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/Run To Her/Keep Your Hands Off My Baby//Uptown/Where Do I Go/Up On The Roof/Sharing You/He Is The Boy/Will You Love Me Tomorrow

HAR 8037 - Monty Sunshine and his Band - Monty Sunshine [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1303/KS 3303. Love is Like a Violin/Petite Fleur/Third Man Theme/Waterloo Bridge/Organ Grinder's Swing/Hushabye/South of the Border/Gonna Build a Mountain/Monty's Blues/Spain/Love Letters/In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree

HAA 8038 - Pianist Extraordinary - Don Shirley [1963] Same as Cadence CLP 3048/CLP 25048. How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)/I Understand/My Ship/Time After Time/Love Walked In/It's The Talk Of The Town/Lady Be Good/I Cried For You/Russian Folk Song/Mack The Knife/Trust In Me/In Other Words

HAP 8039 - Just Domino - Fats Domino [1963] Same as Imperial LP 9208. Teen Age Love/Stop The Clock/Hum Diddy Doo/Those Eyes/I Want To Go Home/Dance With Mr. Domino//Nothing New (Same Old Thing)/Birds And Bees/Wishing Ring/La La/No No/Goin' Home

HAD 8040 - No One Will Ever Know - Jimmie Rodgers [1963] Same as Dot DLP 3453/25453. Wolverton Mountain/Born to Lose/Slow Poke/Al Di La/Lemon Tree/I Can't Stop Loving You/No One Will Ever Know/Because It Keeps Right on A-Hurtin'/Man Who Shot Liberty Valance/I'm Gonna Be the Winner/I Love You a Thousand Ways

HAR 8041 - Jose Jimenez Talks to Teenagers - Jose Jimenez [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1304. The Cheerleader/The Vocational Guidance Counselor/The Etiquette Expert/The Baseball Star/Teenage Problems/The History Lesson/Christopher Columbus/The Marriage Counselor/Another History Lesson/George Washington/My Alma Mater

HAR 8042 - What Now My Love? - Jane Morgan [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1296/KS 3296. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry/Black Coffee/The End Of A Love Affair/I'm A Fool To Want You/What Now My Love/Goodbye/It Never Entered My Mind/Love Look Away/Here's That Rainy Day/Waiting For Charley To Come Home

HAK 8043 - Right Now - Herbie Mann [1963] Same as Atlantic 1384. Right Now/Desafinado/Challil/Jumpin' With Symphony Sid/Borquinho/Cool Heat/Free For All/Carnival/Meditation

HAP 8044 - Catholic Hymns - St. Charles Choir [1963] Same as Imperial LP-9200/LP- 12200. Salutaris Hostia/Hail Holy Joseph Hail/Ecce Panis Angelorum/Veni Sancto Spiritus/Salve Mater Misericordiae/Panis Angelicus/Full Of Glory Full Of Wonders/Jesus Thou Art Coming/Jesu Rex Admirabilis/O Maria Virgo Pia/Soul Of My Savior/Victimae Paschali/Ave Maria/Daily Daily Sing To Mary

HAK 8045 - Soul Meeting - Ray Charles and Milt Jackson [1963] Same as Atlantic 1360. Hallelujah I Love Her So/Blue Genius/Soul Meeting/X-Ray Blues/Love on My Mind

HAK 8046 - The Comedy Suite - Modern Jazz Quartet [1963] Same as Atlantic 1390. Spanish Steps/Columbine/Pulcinella/Pierrot/Cantatrice/Harlequin/Piazza/Navona

HAK 8047 - Finesse + Feeling = Jazz - Stephane Grappelli [1963] Same as Atlantic 1391. Django/Nuages/Alabamy Bound/You Better Go Now/Daphine/Tien/Minor Swing/Makin' Whoopee/How About You/Soft Winds

HAA 8048 - The First Family - Vaughn Meader [1963] Same as Cadence CLP 3060/25060. The Experiment (E)/After Dinner Conversations (E)/The Malayan Ambassador (E)/Relatively Speaking (E)/Astronauts (E)/Motorcade (E)/The Party (E)/The Tour (E)//But Vote!! (E)/Economy Lunch (E)/The Decision (E)/White House Visitor (E)/Press Conference (E)/The Dress (E)/Saturday Night Sunday Morning (E)/Auld Lang Syne (E)/Bedtime (E)

HAD 8049 - Young Love - Sonny James [1963] Same as Dot DLP-3462/25462. Shiloh/Just One More Lie/Jenny Lou/Lady Be Kind/Gotta Travel On/A Mile And A Quarter/Wanderin'/Rollin' Stone/Sugar Cane Song/My Heart And The Pine/I Gave My Love A Cherry/Young Love

HAD 8050 - Dorsey Burnette Sings - Dorsey Burnette [1963] Same as Dot DLP- 3456/25456. Don't Let Go/Dying Ember/Rainin' (In My Heart)/A Full House/Sad Boy/He Gave Me My Hands//Feminine Touch/The Biggest Lover In Town/No One But Him/The Creator/Cry For Your Love/The Rains Came Down

HAP 8051 - Teenage House Party - Sandy Nelson [1963] Same as Imperial LP 9215/12215. House Party Rock /Hearts Of Stone /Let The Four Winds Blow /Tweedlee Dee /Let The Good Times Roll /Feel So Good //Day Train /Night Train /Limbo Rock /Junior Jive /Dumplins /Teen Age Party

HAR 8052 - Country Style - Roger Williams [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1305/KS 3305. Ramblin' Rose/Cold, Cold Heart/Listen To The Mocking Bird/San Antonio Rose/Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie/On Top Of Old Smoky/When It's Springtime In The Rockies/Oh! Dem Golden Slippers/Mexicali Rose/Room Full Of Roses/Red River Valley/Water Boy

HAD 8053 - I Love You Truly - Pat and Shirley Boone [1963] Same as Dot DLP- 3475/25475. I Love You Truly/The Hawaiian Wedding Song/Love Is Here To Stay/True Love/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/Every Step Of The Way/Blues Stay Away From Me/Blue Hawaii/Beside Me/Moon June Spoon/How About You/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/You'll Never Be Lonely

HAD 8054 - Matilda - String-A-Longs [1963] Same as Dot DLP-3463/25463. My Blue Heaven (S)/Brass Buttons (S)/Are You Lonesome Tonight (S)/Torquay (S)/Summertime (S)/Panic Button (E)//Matilda (S)/Nearly Sunrise (S)/Walk Don't Run (E)/Harbor Lights (S)/Perfidia (E)/Bulldog (S)

HAR 8055 - The President Strikes Back - Marc London [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1322. The Cabinet Meeting - Cuber/The "President" Strikes Back/The Theatrical Agent/The Press Conference/Face To Face/International Competition/The Taxi Ride/Fan Mail/The Tv Commercial/The U.N. Meeting/A Typical Day At The White House/Big Men

HAD 8056 - 1962's Greatest Hits - Billy Vaughn [1963] Same as Dot DLP-3497/25497. Telstar/I Can't Stop Loving You/The Lonely Bull/Dear Lonely Hearts/Go Away Little Girl/Roses Are Red//Stranger On The Shore/Ramblin' Rose/The Stripper/Born To Lose/Release Me/Moon River

HAR 8057 - Fly Me to the Moon and The Bossa Nova Pops - Joe Harnell & His Orchestra [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1318/KS 3318. Fly Me To The Moon - Bossa Nova/Senza Fine/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Early Autumn/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To/My One And Only Love/Cry Me A River/One Note Samba/What Kind Of Fool Am I?/Loads Of Love/Midnight Sun/Eso Beso

HAD 8058 - Beer Barrel Polka - Mills Brothers [1963] Same as Dot DLP-3465/25465. Beer Barrel Polka/Sincerely/Idaho/May You Always/Sugartime/Tonight You Belong To Me/I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time/Everybody Loves My Baby/Once In A While/Imagination/Teach Me Tonight/Mr. Sandman

HAP 8059 - Heart Songs and Love Songs - Slim Whitman [1963] Same as Imperial LP- 9209/12209. Blues Stay Away From Me/My Heart Is Broken In Three/Restless Heart/I Hate To See You Cry/You Have My Heart/Crying For The Moon/I Must Have Been Blind/Riding The Range For Jesus/Stairway To Heaven/Why/Song Of The Wild/At The Close Of A Long Day

HA 8060 - Rumors - Johnny Crawford [1963] Same as Del-Fi 1224. Devil Or Angel/Rumors/Lonesome Town/How High the Moon/Living In The Past/Since I Don't Have You//No One Really Loves A Clown/Janie Please Believe Me/Cry On My Shoulder/I Don't Need You/Petite Chanson

HAP 8061 - We Sing the Blues - Various Artists [1963] Same as Minit LP-0003. I Like It Like That, Part 1 - Chris Kenner/It's Raining - Irma Thomas/The Power Of Love - Willie Harper/Let's Live - Aaron Neville/A Certain Girl - Ernie K-Doe/Fortune Teller - Benny Spellman//It Will Stand - Showmen/Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) - Benny Spellman/Green Door - Eskew Reeder/Over You - Aaron Neville/Ooh Pooh Pah Doo, Part 1 - Jessie Hill/Mother-In-Law - Ernie K-Doe

HAB 8062 - Prisoners' Songs - Various Artists [1963] Same as Starday SLP-207. Roane County Prisoner - Hylo Brown/Cocaine Blues - Hylo Brown/Prisoner's Song - Hylo Brown/Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash/In The Jailhouse Now - Cowboy Copas/Tupelo County Jail - James O'Gwynn/Prisoner's Diary - Leon Payne/I Got Stripes - Tommy Hill/I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail - Dave Dudley/Life To Live - George Morgan/At Dawn I Die - Johnny Bond/Prison Grey - Frankie Miller/I Heard My Mother Weeping - Carl Story/Columbus Stockade Blues - Bashful Brother Oswald/Old Birmingham Jail - Edwards Brothers/Death Row - Gately & Morrison

HAB 8063 - Bluegrass Banjo Ballads - Kentucky Travelers [1963] Same as Starday SLP- 189. Wishing/Beyond a Doubt/Old Kentucky Hills/you're Mine In My Dreams/My Empty Arms/That Old Moon/Living My Life In Vain/Kissin' & Huggin'/Till I Met You/Dreaming/When You're Out of My Arms/Will There Be a Rainbow/Moon Saw Me Crying/I Want to Get Right With My Lord

HAR 8064 - More Do-Re-Mi - Marty Gold Children's Chorus [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1311/KS 3311. Mister Sandman/I'm Popeye The Sailor Man/Over The Rainbow/Whistle While You Work/Hush, Little Baby/You Are My Sunshine/I've Got Sixpence/The Little White Duck/Getting To Know You/There's A Long, Long Trail, She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain/Dondi/I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover

HAK 8065 - Comin' Home Baby - Mel Torme [1963] Same as Atlantic 8069. Comin' Home Baby/Dat Dere/The Lady's In Love With You/Hi-Fly/Puttin' on the Ritz/Walkin'//Moanin'/Sing You Sinners/Whisper Not/On Green Dolphin Street/Sidney's Soliloquy/Right Now

HAP 8066 - It's Up to You - Rick Nelson [1963] Same as Imperial LP-9223. It's Up To You/Shirley Lee/Break My Chain/Baby Won't You Please Come Home/I'd Climb The Highest Mountain/Again//I Need You/Tryin' To Get To You/Boppin' The Blues/Half Breed/If You Can't Rock Me/Stars Fell On Alabama

HAP 8067 - Heightsmen in Concert - Heightsmen [1963] Same as Imperial LP- 9221/12221. Sleep My Little One Sleep/That Gypsy Rover/Green Stamps/Welcome Home Sally/Civil War Song/Take My Hand//Oh Miss Mary/The Olive Grove/Tonga/The Violins Play Along/Blow The Candles Out/Pick A Bale Of Cotton

HAP 8068 - Meet the Majors - Majors [1963] Same as Imperial LP-9222/12222. A Wonderful Dream (E)/Ooh Wee Baby (S)/Time Will Tell (E)/Tra La La (S)/Twist And Shout (S)/A Little Bit Now (A Little Bit Later) (S)//She's A Troublemaker (S)/Don't You Lose Your Cool (S)/I Wonder Who's Dancing With Her Now (S)/What In The World (S)/Come On Come On (S)/Anything You Can Do (S)

HAR 8069 - Love Makes the World Go Round - Jane Morgan [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1250/KS 3250. Theme from Carnival/Fly Me to the Moon/He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely/Where's the Boy/Little Lost Sheep/Bridal P)ath/My Love is a Wanderer/Temptation/Homesick for New England/More Than I Should/Incurably Romantic/Count Every Star

HAR 8070 - Our Day Will Come - Ruby and the Romantics [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1323/KS 3323. Our Day Will Come/Stranger On The Shore/Lonely People Do Foolish Things/The End Of The World/By The Way/My Prayer/I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)/Heartaches/Moonlight And Music/(I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over/Day Dreaming/I'm Sorry

HAX 8071 - Hats Off to Del Shannon - Del Shannon [1963] Big Top material. The Swiss Maid/Cry Myself to Sleep/Ginny in the Mirror/You Never Talked About Me/Don't Gild the Lily, Lily/I Won't Be There//Hats Off to Larry/The Answer to Everything/Hey! Little Girl/I'm Gonna Move On/I Don't Care Any More/So Long Baby

HA 8072 - From a Jack to a King - Ned Miller [1963] Same as Fabor FLP 1001. From A Jack To A King/Long Shadow/The Cry Of The Wild Goose/The Man Behind The Gun/Billy Carino/Stagecoach//Mona Lisa/One Among The Many/Just Before Dawn/Sunday Morning Tears/You Belong To My Heart/Lights In The Street

HAD 8073 - Days of Wine and Roses - Pat Boone [1963] Same as Dot DLP 3504/25504. Days of Wine and Roses/Mona Lisa/Love is a Many Splendored Thing/Song From Moulin Rouge/Laura/Sweet Leiani/Moon River/Ruby/Three Coins in the Fountain/Be My Love/Fanny/The Exodus Song

HAK 8074 - See See Rider - Laverne Baker [1963] Same as Atlantic 8071. See See Rider/You Better Stop/He's a Real Gone Guy/Story of My Love/You Said/I'm Leavin' You//Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes/Trying/Half of Your Love/A Little Bird Told Me So/Endless Love/All the Time

HAD 8075 - Great Folk Hits - Debbie Reynolds [1963] Same as Dot DLP 3492/25492. Hey Jimmy, Joe, John, Jim, Jack!/The Apple/The Wind And The Stream/Music Box/Whistle/If I Had A Ribbon Bow/The Frozen Logger/I Had a Mule/Joey/Love Tastes Like Strawberries/Johnny Sunday/Willow, Will He?/Tammy

HAB 8076 - Soldier, Sing Me a Song - Bill Clifton and his Dixie Mountain Boys [1963] Same as Starday SLP-213. There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere/White Cross Marks The Grave/Spanish Flandang/Jimmy Will Be Slain/Drink Your Glasses Dry/The Battle Of Quebec/This Old Cold War//The Sinking Of The "Maine"/I Want To Go Home/Sailor On The Deep Blue Sea/Faded Coat Of Blue/Uniforms In Gray/Tim/Marine's Hymn

HAB 8077 - Country Music Hall of Fame Volume 1 - Various Artists [1963] Starday material. Freight Train Blues - Jimmy Dean/Cabin on the Hill - Hylo Brown/Under the Double Eagle - Arthur Smith/Let's Say Goodbye - Jimmie Skinner/Good Times Gonna Roll Again - Moon Mulligan/Strawberry Roan - Lew Childre/She Can't Read My Writing - Red Sovine/Nine Pound Hammer - Blue Sky Boys/Rod Brasfield and Cowboy Copas On Stage//Folson Prison Blues - Johnny Cash/There Goes My Love - Buck Owens/I Found My Girl in the U.S.A. - Justin Tubb/eddy Arnold Favourties - Little Roy Wiggins/Sally's Bangs - Willis Brother/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? - Lulu Belle and Scotty/John Henry - Crook Brothers/Such a Fool - Roy Drusky/The Great Speckled Bird - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers

HAB 8078 - Country Music Hall of Fame Volume 2 - Various Artists [1963] Starday material. Alabam - Johnny Bond and Cowboy Copas/You Belong to Me - Sue Thompson/Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs/Old Fishin' Pole - Smiley Burnette/Chewin' Chewin' Gum - Smiley Burnette/What Do You Know About Heartaches? - James O'Gwynn and His Cry Babies/Texas Star - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers/Columbus Stockade Blues - Bashful Brother Oswald/I'll Be Satisfied - Bashful Brother Oswald//All fot he Love of a Girl - Johnny Horton/Steel Guitar Rag - Leon McAuliffe/Sinking of the Titantic - Stoneman Family/Poppin' Johnny - Frankie Miller/Louise - Fiddlin' Arthur Smith/Poor Little John - Roger Miller/The Good Old Bible - George Jones/Roll on Buddy - Sam and Kirk McGee/Three Little Pigs - Archie Campbell

HAU 8079 - Let's Dance and Have Some Kinda Fun - Chris Montez [1963] Same as Monogram LP 100. Let's Dance/I Ran/You're The One/(Let's Do) The Limbo/Rock'n Blues/Chiquitita Mia//Some Kinda Fun/Say You'll Marry Me/All You Had To Do (Was Tell Me)/I Feel Like Dancing/No No No/Tell Me (It's Not Over)

HAU 8080 - The Untouchable Sound - Bill Black Combo [1963] Same as Hi HL 12009/32009. Joey's Song/Castle Rock/Red Top/Tippin' Inn/Skokiaan/Woodchopper's Ball//So What/Night Train/Your Cheatin' Heart/Ain't That A Shame/Little Brown Jug/I Can't Stop Loving You

HAD 8081 - Boss - Rumblers [1963] Same as Dot DLP 3509/25509. All Night Long/Wild Weekend/Wiggle Wobble/Boss/Night Train/Boss Drums//Harlem Nocturne/Rumble/Boss Blues/Walkin' With the Boss/Lost Weekend/Sorry (For the Way I Treated You)

HA 8082 - Surf Drums - Lively Ones [1963] Same as Del-Fi 1231. 40 Miles of Bad Road/Surfer Boogie/Wild Weekend/Stoked/Surf Drums/Rumble/Shootin' the Pier/Hillbillie Surf/Mr. Moto/Rik-A-Tic/Bustin' Surfboards/Tuff Surf

HAK 8083 - Swingin' Machine - Mose Allison [1963] Same as Atlantic 1398. Do It/This World/Promenade/If You're Goin' To the City/Saritha/I Ain't Got Nothing So Rare

HAP 8084 - Walkin' to New Orleans - Fats Domino [1963] Same as Imperial LP 9227. How Can I Be Happy/One Of These Days/So Glad/Oh Wee/Sailor Boy/Lazy Woman//Walking To New Orleans/My Love For Her/What's Wrong/Little Mama/I Guess I'll Be On My Way/Goin' Back Home

HAK 8085 - Jazz is Universal - Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band [1963] Same as Atlantic 1401. Box 703/Washington, D.C./Styx/Gloria/Bravos/Charon's Ferry/Volutes/Last Train From Overbrook

HAU 8086 - Group of Goldies - Various Artists [1963] Same as Group W-33001, except "Easy" by the Altecs replaces "Twistin' Matilda" by Jimmy Soul. Bobby's Girl - Marcie Blane/Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers/Foot Stomping - Flares/I Understand - G-Clefts/Easy - Altecs/Asia Minor - Kokomo//White Silver Sands - Bill Black Combo/Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye - Kathy Linden/Shout Shout - Ernie Maresca/Tuff - Ace Cannon/Magic Moon - Rays/A String of Trumpets - Trumpeteers

HAD 8087 - Pipeline - Chantay's [1963] Same as Dot DLP 3516/25516. Pipeline (S)/The Lonesome Road (S)/Tragic Wind (S)/Runaway (S)/Blunderbus (S)/Banzai (S)//Sleep Walk (S)/Night Theme (S)/Wayward Nile (S)/El Conquistador (S)/Riders in the Sky (S)/Last Night (S)


HAB 8089 - The Stoneman Family - Stoneman Family [1963] That Pal of Mine/Springtime in the Mountains/The Girls from Galax/The Sinking of the Titantic/Going Home/Nobody's Darling But Mine/In the Sweet Bye and Bye//Talking Fiddle Blues /Guilty/The Wreck of Number Nine/The Heroes of Bataan/White Lightnin' No. 2/Out of School/Somebody's Waiting for Me

HAA 8090 - Under Paris Skies - Andy Williams [1963] Same as Cadence CLP 3047. April In Paris/Under Paris Skies/Let It Be Me/Mademoiselle De Paris/Mam'selle/Domino/I Love Paris/Comme Ci Comma Ca/La Valse Des Lilas/I Wish You Love/Boom/Au Revoir Paris

HAX 8091 - Little Town Flirt - Del Shannon [1963] Same as Big Top 12 1208. Two Kinds Of Teardrops/Dream Baby/Happiness/Hey Little Girl/She Thinks I Still Care/Runaway//Runaround Sue/Hats Off To Larry/Kelly/Hey Baby/Go Away Little Girl/Little Town Flirt

HAD 8092 - The End of the World - Mills Brothers [1963] Same as Dot DLP-3508/25508. The End Of The World/You Are My Sunshine/He'll Have To Go/My Mary/Cold, Cold Heart/Singin' The Blues/El Paso/Dark Moon/Any Time/Are You Lonesome Tonight/I Can't Stop Loving You/Bouquet Of Roses

HAP 8093 - I'm a Lonesome Wanderer - Charles Bell [1963] Same as Imperial LP- 9226/12226. Ride Away/Roundup In Glory/Since You've Gone/My Love Is Growing Stale/In A Hundred Years Or More/Backward Turn Backward/You've Got Warm Lips/Tell Me/Cryin' For The Moon/What Kind Of God/(I'm A) Lonely Wanderer

HAB 8094 - Bluegrass Goes to College - Hylo Brown & The Timberliners [1963] Same as Starday SLP 204. Lula Walls/Cocaine Blues/Knoxville Girl/Little Blossom/Barbara Allen/Where Shall I Be/Handsome Molly/Take This Hammer/Sourwood Mountain/Roane County Prisoner/Bring A Little Water Sylvie/Don't That Road Look Rough & Rocky

HAK 8095 - Another Dimension - Charles Bell [1963] Same as Atlantic 1400. Theme/Bass Line/Django/Oleo/Satan Said/Portrait of Aunt Mary/My Favorite Things

HAU 8096 - Done Rovin' - Johnny Horton [1963] Same as Briar International 104. Done Rovin'/It's a Long Rocky Road/Smokey Joe's Barbecue/I'm a Mean, Mean, Mean Son of a Gun/Devilish Love Light/Coal Smoke, Valve Oil and Steam//Words/Shadows on the Bayou/On the Banks of the Beautiful Nile/In My Home in Shelby County/Barefoot Boy Blues/Old Gobbler

HAK 8097 - Don't Turn Me from Your Door: John Lee Hooker Sings His Blues - John Lee Hooker [1963] Same as Atco 33 151. Stuttering Blues/Wobbling Baby/You Lost a Good Man/Love My Baby/Misbelieving Baby/Drifting Blues//Don't Turn Me From Your Door/My Baby Don't Love Me/I Ain't Got Nobody/Real Real Gone/Guitar Lovin' Man/Talk About Your Baby

HAB 8098 - Live It Up! - Johnny Bond & His Friends [1963] Same as Starday SLP 187. Special guests: Cowboy Copas, Archie Campbell, Justin Tubb, Cathy Copas, and "Little" Roy Wiggins. Oklahoma Hills/Ten Little Bottles/I'm A-Rollin'/Family Man/They Got Me/Alabam/Thinkin' Tonight/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Down Yonder/You Are My Sunshine/Of Horseradish And Cactus/Mountain Dew/Corina/Eleven More Months & Ten More Days/San Antonio Rose/Flapjack.

HAP 8099 - A World of Blues - Various Artists [1963] Same as Imperial LP-9210. Cold Cold Feeling - T-Bone Walker/I Get So Weary - T-Bone Walker/Travelin' Blues - T-Bone Walker/The Sun Went Down - T-Bone Walker/Drifting Blues - Charles Brown/Black Night - Charles Brown//Trouble In Mind - Amos Milburn/Baby Baby - Amos Milburn/Tired Broke And Busted - Floyd Dixon/Call Operator #210 - Floyd Dixon/Rockin' And Rollin' - Lil' Son Jackson/Tend To Your Business - James Wayne

HAD 8100 - Gravy Waltz - Steve Allen [1963] Same as Dot DLP 3515/25515. Gravy Waltz/Love For Sale/Rinky Dink/Theme From Lawrence of Arabia/Your Theme/Rebel Rouser/Preacherman/Cast Your Fate to the Wind/Yakety Sax/The Rose and the Butterfly/Whistle Bait/Boss Guitar

HA 8101 - The Jumpin' Hank Ballard - Hank Ballard [1963] Same as King 793. I'm Learning/Dream World/It's Twistin' Time/What's Your Name/I Want To Thank You/Good Twistin' Tonight//Get Ready/Your Lovin'/After School/She's The One/Autumn Breeze/Excuse Me I Think I Got a Heartache)

HAK 8102 - It's You or No One - Bobby Darin [1963] Same as Atco 33 124. It's You or No One/I Hadn't Anyone Till You/Not Mine/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/I've Never Been In Love Before/All or Nothing At All//Only One Little Item/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/How About Me/I'll Be Around/All I Do Is Cry/I Guess I'm Good For Nothing But the Blues

HAK 8103 - Soul of the Ballad - Hank Crawford [1963] Same as Atlantic 1405. Blueberry Hill/In San Francisco/Stormy Weather/Sweet Slumber/If I Didn't Care/Stardust/Any Time/Whispering Grass/Time Out For Tears/I'm Gettin' Sentimental/There Goes My Heart/Have A Good Time

HAB 8104 - Bashful Brother Oswald - Bashful Brother Oswald [1963] Same as Starday SLP 192. Southern Moon/Weary, Weary Blues/Island March/Mountain Dew/Rabbit In the Log/Late Last Night/Sunday In the Mountains/I Like Mountain Music/Columbus Stockade Blues/Beneath the Willow/Why Not Confess/Black Smoke/Oswald's Dobro Chimes/Lonesome Valley

HAR 8105 - At the Hootenanny - Various Artists [1963] Same as Kapp KL 1330/KS 3330. Hang On The Bell Nellie - Chad Mitchell Trio/Willie, Oh Willie - Betty And Duke/I Never Will Marry - Jo March/Muleskinner Blues - David Hill/Native Minstrel Song - Marais And Miranda/Baby, Where You Been So Long - The Samplers/The Queen Bee - Marais And Miranda/Green Grow The Lilacs - Terry Gilkyson And The South Coasters/Rum By Gum - Chad Mitchell Trio/Pull Off Your Old Coat - The Samplers/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Jo March/Daddy Roll 'Em - David Hill

HAU 8106 - Yakety Sax! - Boots Randolph [1963] Same as Monument LP 8002/18002. Yakety Sax/Walk Right In/If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time)/Cotton Fields/Charlie Brown/Cacklin' Sax//Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/I Can't Stop Loving You/Lonely Street/It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'/I Fall To Pieces/I Really Don't Want To Know

HA 8107 - Surf Rider - Lively Ones [1963] Same as Del-Fi 1226. Surf Beat/Let's Go Trippin'/Misirlou/Guitar Man/Caterpillar Crawl/Walking The Board/Paradise Cove/Goofy Foot/Surf Rider/Happy Gremmie/Hotdoggen/Surfer's Lament

HAU 8108 - In Dreams - Roy Orbison [1963] Same as Monument LP 8003/18003. In Dreams/Lonely Wine/Shahdaroba/No One Will Ever Know/Sunset/House Without Windows//Dream/Blue Bayou/(They Call You) Gigolette/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Beautiful Dreamer/My Prayer

HAD 8109 - Pat Boone Sings Guess Who - Pat Boone [1963] Same as Dot DLP 3501/25501. Love Me/Teddy Bear/Hound Dog/All Shook Up/One Night/Wear My Ring Around Your Neck/Love Me Tender/Don't Be Cruel/Blue Suede Shoes/My Baby Left Me/Heartbreak Hotel/It's Now or Never

HAD 8110 - Wipe Out - Surfaris [1963] Same as Dot DLP 3535/25535. Wipe Out/Wiggle Wobble/Torquay/You Can't Sit Down/Green Onions/Tequila/Wild Weekend/Teen Beat/Yep/Memphis/Surfer Joe/Walk Don't Run

HAR 8111 - The Many Voices of Miriam Makeba - Miriam Makeba [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1274/KS 3274. Kilimanjaro/Zenizenabo/Ntjilo Ntjilo/Umqokozo/Ngola Kurila/Thanayi/Liwa Wechi/Nagula/Carnival/Night Must Fall/Love Tastes Like Strawberries/Can't Cross Over

HAY 8112 - Gloria Lynne at the Las Vegas Thunderbird - Gloria Lynne [1964] Same as Everest 5208/1208.

HAU 8113 - Bill Black's Greatest Hits - Bill Black [1964] Same as Hi 12012/32012. Do It- Rat Now (S)/Josephine (S)/Rollin' (S)/Hearts Of Stone (S)/Yogi (S)/White Silver Sands (S)//Blue Tango (S)/Willie (S)/Ole Buttermilk Sky (S)/Royal Blue (S)/Don't Be Cruel (S)/Smokie, Part 2 (S, rerecording)

HAR 8114 - For You - Roger Williams [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1336/KS 3336. Janie Is Her Name/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Liza/Walking Alone/Look Again/Danke Schoen/Theme From The Eleventh Hour/All Over The World/My Coloring Book/On The Trail/Summer Magic/Theme From Mutiny On The Bounty

HAR 8115 - At the Hootenanny, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1343/KS 3343. Rich Gal, Poor Gal - The Travellers/The Whistling Gypsy - Chad Mitchell Trio/Old Maid Song - Jo March/Cotton-Eyed Joe - Jo March/Betty And Dupree - Betty And The Duke/Ungu Wena Wena (To The Bride's Father) - Marais And Miranda/On My Way And I Won't Come Back - The Samplers/Raise A Ruckus - Alan Lomax/Kevin Berry - The Lincolns/Meal Hamigdal - Hillel And The Sons Of Galilee/The Lights Of Town - Terry Gilkyson And The South Coasters/Two Brothers - David Hill/This Train - Alan Lomax

HAD 8116 - Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers [1964] Same as Dot DLP-3525/25525. Some of these are rerecordings of his Roulette hits. Woman From Liberia (S)/The Banana Boat Song (S)/Marianne (S)/Puff (The Magic Dragon) (S)/Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy (S)/Walk Right In (S)//Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (S)/Honeycomb (S)/Wimoweh (S)/If I Had a Hammer (S)/God Bless the Child (S)/ Jamaica Farewell (S)

HAB 8117 - Fire on the Strings - Various Artists [1964] Same as Starday SLP 221. Artists: Flatt & Scruggs, Stanley Brothers, Hylo Brown, Crook Brothers, Bill Clifton's Dixie Mountain Boys, Allen Shelton, Jim & Jesse, the Stoneman Family, Stringbean, and others. Songs: Top Hat Ramble/Sunrise/Spanish Flandang/Rubber Doll Rag/Foggy Mountain Breakdown/Girl From Galax/Pluckin' the Bird/Talking Banjo/Tennessee Fling Ding/Oswald's Dobro Chimes/Strings To Go/Black Mountain Rag/Bending the Strings/Kentucky Special

HAB 8118 - Bluegrass Spectacular - Various Artists [1964] Same as Starday SLP 232. Down In The Shinnery - Benny Martin/Picture From Life's Other Side - Carl Story/Trouble Around My Door - Red Allen/2 Little Boys - Country Gentlemen/It's Rain - Stoneman Family/Changing The Worlds - Jim & Jesse McReynolds/There'll Be Moonshining - Stringbean/Get Down On Your Knees - Red Ellis/Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms - Flatt & Scruggs/When The Wagon Was New - Sam & Kirk McGee/Hole In The Wall - Hylo Brown/Rabbit In The Log - Bashful Brother Oswald/Gonna Have A Good Time - Alex Campbell & Olabelle/Bringing In The Georgia Mail - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers/Banjo In The Bluegrass - Stanley Brothers/You Don't Think About Me - Bill Clifton

HAU 8119 - Yodeling Hits - Grandpa Jones [1964] Same as Monument LP 8001/18001. T for Texas/Tritzem Yodel/My Carolina Sunshine Girl/Away Out On The Mountain/Hobo Bill/Dear Old Sunny South//Waiting For A Train/Lullaby Yodel/Peach Pickin Time In Georgia/My Little Lady/Brakeman s Blues/You And My Old Guitar

HA 8120 - He's a Rebel - Crystals [1964] Same as Philles PHLP 4001. He's A Rebel/Uptown/Another Country-Another Town/Frankenstein Twist/Oh Yeah Maybe Baby/He's Sure The Boy I Love//There's No Other (Like My Baby)/On Broadway/What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen/No One Ever Tells You/He Hit Me/I Love You Eddie

HA 8121 - Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah - Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans [1964] Same as Philles PHLP 4002. Zip-A-De-Doo-Dah/Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart/Let The Good Times Roll/My Heart Beat A Little Bit Faster/Jimmy Baby/Baby (I Love You)//The White Cliffs of Dover/This Land Is Your Land/Dear (Here Comes My Baby)/I Shook The World/Everything's Gonna Be All Right/Dr. Kaplan's Office

HAD 8122 - Number One Hits - Billy Vaughn [1964] Same as Dot DLP-3540/25540. Too Young/I'm Sorry/You Belong to Me/You Call Everybody Darling/Here in My Heart/Be My Love//Rag Mop/That Lucky Old Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Ballerina/Mr. Sandman/Nature Boy

HAD 8123 - Lawrence Welk Plays the Hit Parade - Lawrence Welk [1964] Same as Dot DLP-3528/25528. Scarlett O'Hara/Can't Get Used to Losing You/Puff (The Magic Dragon)/The Good Life/Sukiyaki/Pipeline/Breakwater/I Love You Because/The Tip of My Fingers/Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer/18 Yellow Roses/Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

HAB 8124 - The Original Talking Blues Man - Robert Lunn with the Jug & Washboard Band [1964] Same as Starday SLP 228. Original Talking Blues/Tooth Pickin' Time In False Teeth Valley/Jessie Jug Polka/Lonsome For Mother/Sippin' Cider/It Goes Like This/Sweet Violets/Mama Don't Allow No Music/Yodeling Guitar/Courtin' In The Rain/French Harp Drag/Grandfather's Clock/Fiddlin' Trombone/Meet Me By the Ice House/Susannah Was A Funny Old Man

HAB 8125 - George Jones Sings His Greatest Hits - George Jones [1964] Same as Starday SLP 150. Why Baby Why/Seasons Of My Heart/Yearning/Hold Everything/Still Hurtin'/It's O.K./Boat Of Life//You Gotta Be My Baby/Ragged But Right/What Am I Worth/Taggin' Along/Let Him Know/Play It Cool/Your Heart

HA 8126 - Come On and Join Little Willie John at a Recording Session - Little Willie John [1964] Same as King 802. Until Again My Love/The Masquerade Is Over/Doll Face/Big Blue Diamonds/Don't Play With Love/Mister Glenn//Bill Bailey/Half A Love/Without A Friend/My Baby's In Love With Another Guy/Heaven All Around Me/I Wish I Could Cry

HAU 8127 - Discover Tupper Saussy - Tupper Saussy [1964] Same as Monument 8004/18004. Yellow Summer/On Reading The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom/Melissa/Londonderry Air/Vana Petite/Siciliano//Venice/Loop De Loo/Contrary Waltz/Lawdy Me/Too Very Soon

HAY 8128 - The Many Sides of Troy Shondell - Troy Shondell [1964] Same as Everest LPBR 5206 mono, BRST 1206. This Time/I've Got a Woman/Gone/Na Ne No/The Glider/Girl After Girl/Just Because/Tears From an Angel/Island in the Sky/Some People Never Learn/I Don't Know/No Fool Like an Old Fool/Thinkin'

HA 8129 - Memories are Made of Hits, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1964] Rip It Up - Little Richard/Rebel Rouser - Duane Eddy/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Jerry Lee Lewis/What'd I Say - Ray Charles/Dream Lover - Bobby Darin/Save the Last Dance for Me - Drifters//Rocking Goose - Johnny and the Hurricanes/Only the Lonely - Roy Orbison/Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins/By True Love - Jack Scott/Charlie Brown - Coasters/Tequilla - Champs

HA 8130 - Memories are Made of Hits, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1964] Lucille - Little Richard/Do You Want to Dance? - Bobby Freeman/Queen of the Hop - Bobby Darin/What Am I Living For? - Chuck Willis/Hushabye Little Guitar - Paul Evans/Runaway - Del Shannon//Forty Miles of Bad Road - Duane Eddy/Tonight - Velvets/Run, Boy Run - Sanford Clare/Yakety Sax - Boots Randolph/Pretty Suzy Sunshine - Larry Finnegan/Riders in the Sky - Ramrods

HA 8131 - Memories are Made of Hits, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1964] Alley Oop - Hollywood Argyles/Dance With Me - Drifters/John Henry - Jerry Lee Lewis/Limbo Rock - Champs/Mack the Knife - Bobby Darin/Poor Boy - Royaltones//Peter Gunn - Duane Eddy/Spanish Harlem - Ben E. King/Percolator Twist - Billy Joe and the Checkmates/Oh, You Beautiful Doll - Donnie Brooks/Little Latin Lupe Lu - Righteous Brothers/Wheels - String-A-Longs

HA 8132 - Teenage Love Songs - Trini Lopez [1964] Same as King 863. Love Me Tonight/Chain Of Love/Then You Know (You've Been In Love)/I'm Just A Poor Little Schemer/Jeanie Marie/One Heart One Life One Love//You Broke The Only Heart That Ever Loved You/The Club For Broken Hearts/The Club For Broken Hearts/Nobody Listens To Our Teenage Problems/My Runaway Heart/I'm Grateful/It Hurts To Be In Love

HAR 8133 - At the Hootenanny, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1344/KS 3344. Lonesome Traveler/Johnnie/All The Pretty Little Horses/The Man That Waters The Workers Beer/Kari Waits For Me/Turtle Dove/Oh, Lord! I Done Done/Reuben/Three Ravens/In The Pines/Cindy, Oh Cindy/Old Blue/In The Wilderness/The Fox

HAR 8134 - The Wonderful Music of David Rose - David Rose & His Orchestra [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1345/KS 3345. Around The World/Thanks For The Memory/Sunrise Serenade/Love In Bloom/Tales Of The Vienna Woods (Johann Strauss)/The Peanut Vendor/Red Sails In The Sunset/Sweet Leilani/Fascination/Stormy Weather/Intermezzo/Deep Purple

HAK 8135 - Interaction - Art Farmer and Jim Hall [1964] Same as Atlantic 1412. Days of Wine and Roses/By Myself/My Little Suede Shoes/Embraceable You/Loads of Love/Sometime Ago

HAB 8136 - Americana: Rare Ballads and Tall Tales - Leon Payne [1964] Same as Starday SLP 236. Joe Lopez/Hole In The Wall/Cory Belle/6 Foot 6/Injun Joe/Don't Make It 54/Log Train/Lincoln County War/Michael Mulvaney/Gypsy Girl/Hugh Glass/Wilderness Road

HAD 8137 - Oh, Happy Day - Four Lads [1964] Same as Dot DLP 3533/25533. Sweet Mama Tree Top Tall/Trying/Oh Baby Mine/That's what I Like/Tell Me Why/Jimmie Brown/Chanson D'amour/Goodnight Irene/Graduation Day/Tom Dooley/Laugh! Clown! Laugh!

HA 8138 - Memories are Made of Hits, Volume 4 - Various Artists [1964] Tutti Frutti - Little Richard/Just Keep It Up - Dee Clark/Yakety Yak - Coasters/I'm Hurtin' - Roy Orbison/Here Comes Summer - Jerry Keller/Happy Organ - Dave "Baby" Cortez//To Know Him is to Love Him - Teddy Bears/Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis/Red River Rock - Johnny and the Hurricanes/Splish Splash - Bobby Darin/Ballad of a Teenage Queen - Johnny Cash/Cannon Ball - Duane Eddy

HAR 8139 - Songs for Single Girls - Rose Marie [1964] Same as Kapp KRL 4500/KRS 5500. Together Wherever We Go/Days Of Wine And Roses/Danny Boy/What Kind Of Fool Am I?/Call Me Irresponsible/It's Just A Dream/The Sweetest Sound/My Coloring Book/Mr. Wonderful/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/The Man That Got Away/Yellow Pages

HA 8140 - The Raindrops - Raindrops [1964] Same as Jubilee JGS-5023. What A Guy (E)/Hanky Panky (S)/I Won't Cry (S)/It's So Wonderful (E)/Da Doo Ron Ron (S)/When The Boy's Happy (S)//The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget (S)/Isn't That Love (S)/Every Little Beat (S)/Even Though You Can't Dance (S)/That Boy's Messin' Up My Mind (S)/Not Too Young To Get Married (S)

HA 8141 - A Christmas Gift To You - Various Artists [1963] Same as Philles PHLP-4005. White Christmas -Darlene Love/Frosty The Snowman - Ronettes/The Bells Of St. Mary - Bob B. Soxx & Blue Jeans/ Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - Crystals/Sleigh Ride - Ronettes/(It's A) Marshmallow World - Darlene Love//I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Ronettes/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Crystals/Winter Wonderland - Darlene Love/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers - Crystals/Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene Love/Here Comes Santa Claus - Bob B. Soxx & Blue Jeans/Silent Night - Phil Spector and Artists

HAU 8142 - The Golden Hits of Dave "Baby" Cortez - Dave " Baby" Cortez [1964] The Happy Organ/Hurricane/Catnip/Hey, Hey, Hey/Piano Shuffle/It's a Sin to Tell a Lie//The Whistling Organ/Fiesta/Calypso Love Song/Deep in the Heart of Texas/Red Sails in the Sunset/Summertime

HAB 8143 - More Bluegrass! - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers [1964] Same as Starday SLP 222. Coal Dust Blues/Georgia Mail/All By Myself/Road Hod Red/Lost Girl/What Makes A Man Wander/Death Came Creeping/Too Hot To Handle/Hobo Blues/Precious Jewel/Hello Mr. Banjo/Old Reuben/Y'All Come/Our Old Homestead

HAD 8144 - Mr. Showmanship - Liberace [1964] Same as Dot DLP 3547/25547. Three O'Clock In The Morning/Chopsticks/12th Street Rag/Alley Cat/St.Louis Blues/Birth Of The Blues/Chopin Medley El Cumbanchero/Cumana/Theme From Outer Space/Beer Barrel Plka/After The Ball

HAB 8145 - Country and Western Golden Hit Parade Volume 1 - Various Artists [1964] Same as record 1 of Starday SLP 8-245.

HAB 8146 - Country and Western Golden Hit Parade Volume 2 - Various Artists [1964] Same as record 2 of Starday SLP 8-245.

HAD 8147 - Wonderful! Wonderful! - Lawrence Welk [1964] Same as Dot DLP 3552/25552. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/Deep Purple/Washington Square/Wives and Lovers/That Sunday, That Summer/Maria Elena//Blue Velvet/Sugar Shack/Fools Rush In/Night Life/Fiesta/Wonderful Wonderful

HA 8148 - Memories are Made of Hits Volume 5 - Various Artists [1964] Reveille Rock - Johnny and the Hurricanes/Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard/Bony Moronie - Larry Williams/What a Guy - Raindrops/High School Confidential - Jerry Lee Lewis/Along Came Jones - Coasters//Sweets for My Sweet - Drifters/Pretend - Carl Mann/Shazam! - Duane Eddy/Hats Off to Larry - Del Shannon/You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby - Bobby Darin/Running Scared - Roy Orbison


HAD 8150 - Sugar Shack - Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs [1964] Same as Dot DLP 3545/25545. Sugar Shack/Let's Talk/Linda Lu/Lonesome Tears/Let the Good Times Roll/Red Cadillac and a Black Mustache//Won't Be Long/Little Baby/I Wonder Why/Suzie Q/Pretend/Almost Eighteen

HAR 8151 - The Solid Gold Steinway - Roger Williams [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1354/KS 3354. Dominique/Maria Elena/Toccata/Teakwood Nocturne/Felicia/Theme From "The Cardinal"/Roger Williams' Special Salute To The Pop Pianists And Composers Of Our Time: Nola, Kitten On The Keys, Dancing Tambourines, Doll Dance, Sunrise Serenade, Elegie/The Very Thought Of You, Chopin E Flat Nocturne, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto, Chopin Polonaise, Misirilou/Canadian Sunset, Like Young, Alley Cat, Fly Me To The Moon, Rimsky-Korsakoff's Flight Of The Bumblebee

HAU 8152 - Down at Papa Joe's - Dixie Belles [1964] Same as Sound Stage 7 SS 5000. (Down At) Papa Joe's (E)/Bo Weevil (S)/Telling Lies (E)/Why Don't You Set Me Free (S)/Good Night Irene (S)/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (S)//Bourbon Street Parade (S)/Forever Forever (S)/Swanee River (Where They Rock All Night) (S)/Rock Rock Rock (E)/I Told You So (S)/Southtown U.S.A. (M)

HAD 8153 - The Touch of Your Lips - Pat Boone [1964] Same as Dot DLP-3546/25546. The Touch of Your Lips/Warm All Over/Long Ago and Far Away/Just One More Chance/Here's To My Lady/I Concentrate On You//Close/My Romance/I Love You Too Much Too Much/In The Heat Of The Day/Alone Together/Mam'selle

HAD 8154 - Great Folk Songs - Lennon Sisters [1964] Same as Dominique, Dot DLP 3557/25557. If I Had My Way/Bonsoir Dame/If I Had a Hammer/They Took My Love Away/Medley: Good News (Chariot's A 'Comin')-Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Chimney Smoke/Dominique/Where Have All the Flowers Gone/Calypso Medley: The Banana Boat Song-Island in the Sun-Jamaica Farewell/Denver/The Preacher and the Bear

HAD 8155 - Town and Country - Jimmie Rodgers [1964] Same as The World I Used to Know, Dot DLP-3556/25556. Water Boy/Come Along Julie/Town and Country/Mighty Big Ways/Mama Was a Cotton Picker/Hootenanny Saturday Night//Someplace Green/Another Country/The World I Used to Know/New Land/The Ballad of Jed Clampett/Two Ten Six Eighteen

HAB 8156 - Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1964] Same as record 1 of Starday 256.

HAB 8157 - Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 4 - Various Artists [1964] Same as record 2 of Starday 256.

HAR 8158 - Black Moonlight and Sunshine - Monty Sunshine [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1356/KS 3356. Black Moonlight/Just One More Chance/That's My Desire/Charmaine/Sunshine in Trinidad/Once in a While/Theme from "Black Orpheus" Carnaval/The Day the Rains Came/Stay as Sweet as You Are/Once ina While/Sweet Leiani/Goodnight My Love

HA 8159 - Voices of Victory - Service by Pastor and Choir, Victory Baptist Church, Louisiana [1964]

HA 8160 - More of Trini Lopez - Trini Lopez [1964] Same as King 877. Yes You Do/Don't Treat Me That Way/Since I Don't Have You/The Search Goes On/It Seems/Won't You Be My (Queen For A Day) //Rock On/Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die/Here Comes Sally/Nobody Loves Me/Sweet Thing/Don't Go

HAK 8161 - The Sheriff - Modern Jazz Quartet [1964] Same as Atlantic 1414. In a Crowd/Bachianas Brasileiras/Mean To Me/Natural Affection/Donnie's Theme/Carnival

HAK 8162 - Jazz at Preservation Hall, Volume 1 - Eureka Brass Band [1964] Same as Atlantic 1408. Just a Little While/Bye and Bye/Whoopin' Blues/Down In Honky Tonk Town/Take Your Burden To the Lord/Joe Avery's Blues/Panama

HAK 8163 - Jazz at Preservation Hall, Volume 2 - Jim Robinson and Billie and DeDe Pierce [1964] Same as Atlantic 1409.

HAK 8164 - Jazz at Preservation Hall, Volume 3 - Paul Barbarin and Punch Miller [1964] Same as Atlantic 1410.

HAK 8165 - Jazz at Preservation Hall, Volume 4 - George Lewis [1964] Same as Atlantic 1411. Salutation/Salty Dog/Winin' Boy Blues/Pork Chops/Down By the Riverside/Linger Awhile/In the Sweet By & By/Burgundy Street Blues/Indian Sagua/Careless Love/Listen To the Mockingbird/St. Louis Blues

HAD 8166 - A Tribute to the All-Time Greats - Lawrence Welk [1964] Same as Dot DLP- 3544/25544. Ballerina/Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day/Nature Boy/Sonny Boy/September Song/Be My Love/Prisoner Of Love/Love Letters In The Sand/That's My Desire/No Other Love/When It's Sleepy Time Down South/I'll Never Smile Again

HAR 8167 - Wives and Lovers - Jack Jones [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1352/KS 3352. Wives And Lovers/Toys In The Attic/Song About Love/I'm Moody/Angel Eyes/Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)/Charade/I Wish You Love/Nina Never Knew/Summertime Promises/I See Your Face Before Me/Come Rain Or Come Shine

HAK 8168 - Deep Purple - Nino Tempo and April Stevens [1964] Same as Atco 33 156. Deep Purple/Paradise/Baby Weemus/True Love/It's Pretty Funny/Tears of Sorrow//Sweet and Lovely/One Dozen Roses/(We'll Always Be) Together/Indian Love Call/Shine on Harvest Moon/I've Been Carrying a Torch For You So Long That I Burned a Great Big Hole in My Heart

HAD 8169 - Boogie Woogie Hits - Billy Vaughn [1964] Same as Greatest Boogie- Woogie, Dot DLP-3558/25558. Guitar Boogie/Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/Honky Tonk Train/Humoresque Boogie/In a Little Spanish Town/Swanee River Boogie/Down the Road/Beat Me Daddy/Summit Ridge Drive/Boogie Woogie Maxixe/Rhumboogie/Sabre Dance Boogie

HAK 8170 - Jack Wilson Quartet - Jack Wilson Quartet [1964] Same as Atlantic 1406. Jackleg/Blues We Us/Harbor Freeway/De Critifeux/Nirvana and Dana

HA 8171 - Memories are Made of Hits, Volume 6 - Various Artists [1964] Movin' n' Groovin' - Duane Eddy/Things - Bobby Darin/Oh Lonesome Me - Johnny Cash/Fly Me to the Moon - Joe Harnell/When My Little Girl is Smiling - Drifters/Amor - Ben E. King//Down Yonder - Johnny and the Hurricanes/Let the Good Times Roll - Ray Charles/What'd I Say - Jerry Lee Lewis/The Snake - Maximillian/Today's Teardrops - Roy Orbison/Baby Face - Little Richard

HAB 8172 - Grand Ole Opry Spectacular, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1964] Same as record 1 of Starday SLP 9-242.

HAB 8173 - Grand Ole Opry Spectacular, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1964] Same as record 2 of Starday SLP 9-242.

HAK 8174 - Apollo Saturday Night - Various Artists [1964] Same as Atco 33 159. I Found A Love - Falcons/Alabama Bound - Falcons/Pain In My Heart - Otis Redding/These Arms Of Mine - Otis Redding/Misty - Doris Troy/Say Yeah - Doris Troy/Rockin' Chair - Rufus Thomas//Walking the Dog - Rufus Thomas/T'ain't Nothin' To Me - Coasters/Speedo's Back in Town - Coasters/Groovin' Ben E. King/Don't Play that Song - Ben E. King/Stand by Me - Ben E. King/Finale: What'd I Say - All

HAU 8175 - The Huntsmen - Huntsmen [1964] Jesse James/Sinner Man/Dark as a Dungeon/Apple Juice/Railroad Bill//500 Miles/Fenario/Cyderville Jail/Ox Driver/This Little Light of Mine/

HAD 8176 - My Most Requested - Liberace [1964] Same as Dot DLP-3563/25563. Malaguena/Moonlight Sun/Star Dust/Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1/Canadian Sunset/All the Things You Are/Indian Love Call/Liszt Hungarian Fantasy/Warsaw Concerto/Smoke

HA 8177 - Pure Dynamite! - James Brown [1964] Same as King 883. Most tracks were recorded "live" at the Royal Theater, Baltimore, but "Oh Baby Don't You Weep" and "Like A Baby" are studio tracks with crowd noise overdubs. Issued in mono only. Introduction and Theme (0:14)/Shout And Shimmy (version 2)(3:49)/These Foolish Things (version 1)(2:52) /Theme (0:08)/Signed Sealed And Delivered (version 2)(2:55)/Talk (0:05)/Like A Baby (version 2)(2:37)/ I'll Never Let You Go (version 2), Part 1 (1:51)//I'll Never Let You Go (version 2), Part 2 (0:19)/ Please Please Please (version 3A)(3:55)/Oh Baby Don't You Weep (version 1) [Parts 1 & 2](5:58)/Please Please Please (reprise)(version 3B)(0:50)/Good Good Lovin' (version 2)(2:35)

HAR 8178 - Midnight Hoot - Various Artists [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1357/KS 3357. Lonesome Traveler/Love Tastes Like Strawberries/The Reverend Mr. Black/The Wayfarer/Hattie Belle/Winkin', Blinkin' And Nod/Umookozo/Laredo/I'm A Woman/The Bachelor/I Know Where I'm Goin'/This Land Is Your Land

HAD 8179 - Gems - Mills Brothers [1964] Same as Dot DLP-3565/25565. It Hurts Me More/Don't Blame Me/Dream a Little Dream/If I Could Be With You/My Silent Love/Sweethearts on Parade/Thinking Of You/I Still Get a Thrill/There's Danger in Your Eyes/Far Away Places/You're Driving Me Crazy/We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye

HAB 8180 - Stars of the Grand Ole Opry - Cowboy Copas [1964] Same as Starday SLP 247. Don't Let Me Cross Over/In The Jailhouse Now/Does He Mean That Much/Black Cloud/Under The Influence Of Love/Little Bitty Tear/Tennessee Flat Top Box/After Loving You/Walk On By/Break Away Heart/Nobody's Fool But Yours/Devil Woman

HA 8181 - The All New Hawkshaw Hawkins - Hawkshaw Hawkins [1964] Same as King 808. Lonesome 7- 7203/Silver Threads And Golden Needles/Let Them Talk/Caught In The Middle Of Two Hearts/I'm Beginning To Forget/This Particular Baby/Bad News Travels Fast/Girl Without A Name/Teardrops On Your Letter/Everything Has Changed/Loved Died Tonight/Waiting In The Shadows

HAK 8182 - Green Onions - Booker T. and the M.G.'s [1964] Same as Stax 701. Green Onions/Rinky-Dink/I Got A Woman/Mo' Onions/Twist And Shout/Behave Yourself//Stranger On The Shore/Lonely Avenue/One Who Really Loves You/I Can't Sit Down/A Woman A Lover A Friend/Comin' Home Baby

HAK 8183 - Walking the Dog - Rufus Thomas [1964] Same as Stax 704. The Dog/Mashed Potatoes/Ooh-Poo-Pah-Doo/You Said/Boom Boom/It's Aw'Rite//Walking The Dog/Ya Ya/Land Of 1,000 Dances/Can Your Monkey Do The Dog/Cause I Love You/I Want To Be Loved

HA 8184 - James Brown at the Apollo - James Brown [1964] Same as King 826. All tracks recorded live at the Apollo Theater, New York City, on October 24, 1962. Introduction and Theme (S, 2:04)/I'll Go Crazy (version 2)(S, 1:42)/Try Me (version 2)(S, 2:11)/Theme (S, 0:10)/Think (version 2)(S, 1:42)/Theme (S, 0:11)/I Don't Mind (version 2)(S, 2:25)/Theme (S, 0:10)/Song Titles Interlude (S, 0:43)/Lost Someone (version 2), Part 1 (S, 4:01)//Lost Someone (version 2), Part 2 (S, 5:54)/Medley (S, 6:25): Please Please Please (version 2A)[0:28] - You've Got The Power (version 2)[0:10] - I Found Someone (I Know It's True)(version 2)[0:37] - Why Do You Do Me (version 2)[0:24] - (You Made Me Love You) I Want You So Bad (version 2)[0:23] - I Love You Yes I Do (version 2)[1:30] - Interlude [0:10] - Why Does Everything Happen To Me (Strange Things Happen)(version 2) [1:17] - Bewildered (version 2)[0:26] - Please Please Please (reprise) (version 2B)[0:54]/Night Train (version 2)(S, 2:45)

HAB 8185 - Country Music U.S.A. - Various Artists [1964] Same as Starday SLP 263. Recorded live. Comedy - Minnie Pearl/Columbus Stockade Blues - Minnie Pearl/Chime Bells - Flood/Gotta Travel On - Cates Sisters/Boil Them Cabbage Down - Cates Sisters/Wings of a Dove - Plainsmen/Amazing Grace - Plainsmen/Pipeliner Blues - Moon Mullican/Down By the River Side - Moon Mullican/Presentation of Johnny Cash Award To Hap Peebles/Have Gun - Speedy Western/He Taught Me How to Yodel - Pierson/San Antonio Rose - Bob Wills & Tommy Duncan/Gonna Come Get You - George Jones

HA 8186 - Baja Marimba Band - Baja Marimba Band [1964] Same as A&M 104. Comin' In The Back Door /Up Cherry Street/Maria Elena/Pedro's Porch, Part II/Baja Nights/Charade/Moonglow & Picnic Theme/Acapulco 1922/Maria's First Rose/Samba De Orpheu/December's Child/Back To Cuernavaca

HAU 8187 - Bill Black's Combo Plays Chuck Berry - Bill Black Combo [1964] Same as Hi HL 12017/32017. School Days (S)/Sweet Little Sixteen (S)/Roll Over Beethoven (S)/Maybellene (S)/Carol (S)/Little Queenie (S)//Brown Eyed Handsome Man (S)/Nadine (S)/Thirty Days (S)/Johnny B. Goode (S)/Reelin' And Rockin' (S)/Memphis Tennessee (S)

HAU 8188 - Frantic Guitars - Hugh Dixon [1964] Night Train/Ball and Chain/Lost Guitar/Wild Mouse/Honky Tonk/Road Rat//Shock A Lot/Big Guitar/Yakety Clap/Wild Weekend/Big Blast/Dead End

HA 8189 - Memories are Made of Hits, Volume 7 - Various Artists [1964] She's Got It - Little Richard/Some Kind-a Earthquake - Duane Eddy/Searchin' - Coasters/Dream Baby - Roy Orbison/Forgive Me - Babs Tino/Son-of-a-Gun - Sanford Clark//Lovin' Up a Storm - Jerry Lee Lewis/There Goes My Baby - Drifters/I Like It Like That - Chris Kenner/I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash/Somebody to Love - Bobby Darin/Ja-Da - Johnny and the Hurricanes

HAR 8190 - Hello, Dolly! - Louis Armstrong [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1364/KS 3364. Hello, Dolly!/It's Been A Long, Long Time/A Lot Of Livin' To Do/A Kiss To Build A Dream On/Someday/Hey, Look Me Over/I Still Get Jealous/Moon River/Be My Life's Companion/Blueberry Hill/You Are Woman, I Am Man/Jeepers Creepers

HAR 8191 - She Loves Me - Jack Jones [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1337/KS 3337. She Loves Me/Real Live Girl/Our Language Of Love/Close Your Eyes/When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love/I Believe In You/The Lamp Is Low/On The Other Side Of The Tracks/Wouldn't It Be Loverly/My Mood Is You/Hit The Road To Dreamland/I Get Along Without You Very Well

HAR 8192 - Musical Souvenir of New York City - Dave Terry Orchestra [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1400/KS 3400. Old New York: Daisey Bell, The Band Played On, Sidewalks Of New York/Downtown New York: Freilach, Tarantella, Santa Lucia/Chinatown: Chinatown My Chinatown/Greenwich Village: Lonesome Traveler/Broadway: Lullaby Of Broadway/St. Patrick's: Wearing Of The Green, Bugle And Drums, Irish Washer Woman/Coney Island: Over The Waves, Hootchy-Kootchy, Goodbye My Coney Island Baby/Spanish Harlem: El Cumbanchero/Hansom Cab Through Central Park: Three O'clock In The Morning/New York Beer Festival: Beer Barrel Polka, Tales From The Vienna Woods (J.Strauss)/Subway: Take The "A" Train

HAB 8193 - Code of the Mountains - Bill Clifton and His Dixie Mountain Boys [1964] Same as Starday SLP 271. Going Back To Dixie/Lazy Courtship/Dream Of The Miner's Child/Lonely Little Cabin/Groundhog Hunt/Roll The Cotton Down/Lonesome Field/Engine 23/Moonshiner/Saturday Night/Jim Hatfield's Son/Lonesome For You/Take Me Back/Mother Still Prays For You

HAB 8194 - Country Music Cannonball - Various Artists [1964] Same as Starday SLP 276. Y'All Come - Jackie Phelps/Gospel Guitar - Jackie Phelps/Wabash Cannonball - Jackie Phelps/Longest Train - Benny Martin/Mr. Piano Man - Benny Martin/Still On The Hill - Howdy Forrester/Family Man - Gene Martin & June Stearns/We've Got Things In Common - Gene Martin & June Stearns/Courtin' In The Rain - Bashful Brother Oswald/Dobro Chimes - Bashful Brother Oswald/Rabbit In The Log - Bashful Brother Oswald/Just Another Song - June Stearns/Smokey Mountain Train - Smokey Mountain Boys/Coon Hound - Riddle

HAR 8195 - Academy Award Winners - Roger Williams [1964] Same as Kapp KL 1406/KS 3406. Moon River/Never On Sunday/The Last Time I Saw Paris/Call Me Irresponsible/Gigi/Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah/Days Of Wine And Roses/It Might As Well Be Spring/Que Sera, Sera, Buttons And Bows/Secret Love/You'll Never Know

HA 8196 - Ritchie Valens Greatest Hits - Ritchie Valens [1965] Same as Del-Fi DFLP 1225. Donna/We Belong Together/From Beyond/Stay Beside Me/Bluebirds Over The Mountain/In A Turkish Town//Malaguena/La Bamba/Come On Let's Go/Rockin' All Night/Cry Cry Cry

HA 8197 - His Greatest Hits - Johnny Crawford [1964] Same as Del-Fi DFLP-1229. Proud (S)/Rumors (S)/Your Nose is Gonna Grow (S)/Cindy's Birthday (S)/Debbie (S)/Patti Ann (S)//Mr. Blue (S)/Sittin' And A Watchin' (S)/Moon River (E)/We Belong Together (E)/Donna (E)/Daydreams (E)

HAB 8198 - The Country Music Festival - Various Artists [1964] Same as Starday SLP- 274. Three Sheets - Johnny Bond/Nobody's Business - Clyde Moody/Lee Highway Swing - Chubby Wise/Comedy - Archie Campbell/Little Rosa - Red Sovine/Orange Blossom Special - Benny Martin/Rosebuds & You - Benny Martin/Function At The Junction - Jackie Phelps/Everlovin' Dixieland - Willis Brothers/Impersonations - Willis Brothers/Girl In The Blue Velvet Band - Hylo Brown/Three Sides - Benny Martin & June Stearns/Southern Moon - Bashful Brother Oswald/Dark Hollow - Jimmie Skinner/Comedy - Lonnie "Pap" Wilson/Guitar Boogie - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith

HAB 8199 - The Big "D" Jamboree - Various Artists [1964] Same as Starday SLP 264. Recorded live at Ed McLemore's Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Mexican Joe - Mitchell Torok/Caribean - Mitchell Torok/Johnson's Old Grey Mule - Jim & Louise/Trapped - Leon Payne/King For A Day - Benny Barnes/What Do You Know About Heartaches - James O'Gwynn/What Am I Worth - George Jones//Blackland Farmer - Frankie Miller/Impersonations - Frankie Miller/Seasons of My Heart - Tony Douglas/Twin Fiddle Polka - Tommy Hill/A Place For Girls Like You - Sonny Burns/I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore - Charlie Walker/One Life - Country Johnny Mathis

HAU 8200 - Suspicion - Terry Stafford [1964] Same as Crusader 1001. Suspicion/Margarita/Playing with Fire/An Invitation to a Kiss/Slowly but Surely/For You My Love//She Wishes I Were You/Pocketful of Rainbows/Everything I Need/I'll Touch a Star/Everybody Has Somebody/Kiss Me Quick

HAU 8201 - The Prince and the Pauper (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1964] Same as London AM 28001/AMS 98001. Garbage Court Round/In a Storybook/I've Been a-Begging/Why Don't We Switch?/Do This, Do That/The Prince is Mad/Oh, Pity the Man//With a Sword in My Buckle/Everybody Needs Somebody to Love/The Tree and the Sun/King Fo-Foo the First/Coronation Song/Finale

HAR 8202 - Bewitched - Jack Jones [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1365/KS 3365. Love With The Proper Stranger/The Mood I'm In/Bewitched/Right As The Rain/Luck Be A Lady/Far Away/It Only Takes A Moment/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/I'm Old Fashioned/Don't Rain On My Parade/From Russia With Love/Rosalie

HA 8203 - Unbeatable 14 Hits - James Brown [1965] Actually the same as King 919 which was titled "Unbeatable Sixteen Hits". There Must Be A Reason (2:26)/(You Made Me Love You) I Want You So Bad (version 1)(2:41)/Why Do You Do Me (version 1)(2:57)/Got To Cry (2:32)/Strange Things Happen (Why Does Everything Happen To Me)(version 1)(2:09)/Fine Old Foxy Self (2:08)/Messing With The Blues (2:09)/Try Me (version 1)(2:28)//It Was You (2:40)/I've Got To Change (2:25)/Can't Be The Same (2:08)/It Hurts To Tell You (2:50)/I Won't Plead No More (2:27)/You're Mine You're Mine (2:31)/Gonna Try (2:43)/Don't Let It Happen To Me (2:43)

HAR 8204 - They're Playing Our Song - Ruby and the Romanics [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1393/KS 3393. Love Me Tender/Save The Last Dance For Me/Spanish Harlem/A Teenager In Love/Sleep Walk/Dream Lover/The Great Pretender/Since I Don't Have You/I Walk The Line/Peggy Sue/I'm A Fool To Care/Sugar Time/That'll Be The Day/It Was I/Our Day Will Come/Young Wings Can Fly

HAB 8205 - Fingers on Fire - Various Artists [1965] Same as Starday SLP-283. Fire On The Mountain - Curly Fox/Pickin' The Blues - Cowboy Copas/Round Town Gals - Allen Shelton/Backwoods Blues - Country Gentlemen/Deacon's Dobro Boogie - Brumfield/Listen To The Mockingbird - Jerry Rivers/Lost John - Crook Brothers/Fingers On Fire - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith/Houndog Blues - Shot Jackson/Hard Luck - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers/Bluegrass Mandolin - Allen & Wakefield/K.C. Stomp - Fiddlin' Arthur Smith/Lonesome Banjo - Scotty Stoneman/Orange Blossom - Benny Martin/Saturday Night - Bill Clifton/Guitar Cannonball - Jackie Phelps

HAB 8206 - The Country Music Memorial - Various Artists [1965] Same as Starday SLP 291. Poor Man's Roses - Patsy Cline/Blues Stay Away From Me - Delmore Brothers/Old MacDonald's Farm - Lew Childre/Shanghai Rooster - Lew Childre/Big Silver Tears - Texas Ruby/Pinball Machine - Lonnie Irving/I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven - Cowboy Copas/Beyond The Sunset - Cowboy Copas/Ridin' The Sunshine Special - Johnny Horton/Rich Man, Poor Boy - Sullivan/The Legend Of A.P. Carter - Phipps Family/Sunny Side Of The Mountain - Hawkins/On Stage - Cowboy Copas

HAU 8207 - Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison [1964] Monument material. Oh, Pretty Woman/Yo Te Amo Maria/It's Over/Indian Wedding/Borne on the Wind/Mean Woman Blues//Candy Man/Falling/Mama/The Crowd/Distant Drums/Dream Baby

HAB 8208 - The Duke of Paducah at the Fair - Duke of Paducah [1965] Same as Starday SLP 288. Barker's Spiel - Duke Of Paducah/Medicine Show - Duke Of Paducah/No Money - George Jones/Young Widow Brown - Wayne Raney/Courtin' In the Rain - Bashful Brother Oswald/Side Shows - Moon Mullican/Good Times Gonna Roll - Moon Mullican/Banjo Pickin' Girl - Stringbean/Boil Them Cabbage Down - Cates Sisters/Cowpoke - Dick Flood

HAR 8209 - Where Love Has Gone - Jack Jones [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1396/KS 3396. Where Love Has Gone/Willow Weep For Me/It Never Entered My Mind/Here's That Rainy Day/Lush Life/To Love And Be Loved/People/Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye/What's New?/The Lorelei/Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry/By Myself

HAB 8210 - The Stoneman Family at the Capitol - Stoneman Family [1965] Same as Starday SLP 275. 100 Years Ago/On The Banks Of The Wabash/Wild Bill Hickok/When The Roses Bloom Again/Life's Railway/I Want To Wander/Snow Deer/When The Snowflakes Fall/Turn Me Loose/Family Life/Little Suzie/Orange Blossom Breakdown

HAR 8211 - Songs from Mary Poppins and Other Favourites - Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1419/KS 3419. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius/Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song)/Feed The Birds/When You Wish Upon A Star/I Ain't Down Yet/Let's Go Fly Kite/A Spoonful Of Sugar/Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)/Chim Chim Cher-Ee/How Can Anyone Keep From Singin'/I'm Flying/Stay Awake

HA 8212 - Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica - Ronettes [1964] Same as Philles PHLPST-4006. Walkin' In The Rain (S)/Do I Love You (S)/So Young (S)/[The Best Part Of] Breakin' Up (S)/I Wonder (S)/What'd I Say (S)//Be My Baby (S)/You Baby (S)/Baby I Love You (S)/How Does It Feel? (S)/When I Saw You (S)/Chapel Of Love (S)

HA 8213 - Memories are Made of Hits, Volume 8 - Various Artists [1965] The Girl Can't Help It - Little Richard/Heart and Soul - Jan and Dean/Up on the Roof - Drifters/Katy Too - Johnny Cash/Let's Dance - Chris Montez/Green Onions - Booker T. and the M.G.'s//Because They're Young/Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin/From a Jack to a King - Ned Miller/Stand by Me - Ben E. King/Sweet Little Sixteen - Jerry Lee Lewis/Beatnik Fly - Johnny and the Hurricanes

HAR 8214 - Mother Maybelle: Queen of the Auto-Harp - Maybelle Carter [1965] Same as Kapp KS 1413/KL 3413. The Bells Of St. Mary's/Wildwood Flower/Lover's Farewell/Gold Watch And Chain/Kitty Waltz/All I Have Left Of You/Liberty Dance/Lover's Return/My Native Home/Sun's Gonna Shine In My Back Door Someday/Sweeter Than The Flowers/He's Solid Gone

HAB 8215 - The Greatest Fiddlers of Our Time - Various Artists [1965] Same as Starday SLP 294. Opry Fiddler's Blues - Chubby Wise/Cotton Eyed Joe - Shot Jackson/Cherokee Swing - Tommy Hill's Nashville String Band/Jole Blon - Tommy Hill's Western Swing Band/Jesse Polka - Jerry Rivers/Boil Them Cabbage Down - Cates Sisters/Mockingbird Reel - Curly Fox/Me & My Fiddle - Benny Martin/Orange Blossom Breakdown - Scotty Stoneman/Oklahoma Fiddler - Fiddlin' Arthur Smith/Still On The Hill - Howdy Forrester/Ragtime Annie - Crook Brothers/Dixieliner's Ramble - Fiddlin' Arthur Smith/Steppin' In The Straw - Mace/Uncle Pen - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers

HAB 8216 - The Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 5 - Various Artists [1965] Same as record 1 of Starday SLP 295. San Antonio Rose - Bob Wills & Tommy Duncan/Sunny Tennessee - Cowboy Copas/Water Baby Boogie - Leon McAuliff & Cimarron Boys/I Love You Because - Leon Payne/There Goes My Love - Buck Owens/Dad Gave My Dog Away - T. Texas Tyler/Farewell Blues - Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs/Country Comedy - Minnie Pearl//Long Time To Forget - George Jones/Grandad's Yodelling Song - Montana Slim/Dark Hollow - Jimmie Skinner/Gosh I Miss You All The Time - Rose Maddox/Let The Tears Begin - Johnny Bond/Down By The Riverside - Moon Mullican/Steel Guitar Rag - Jerry Byrd/What Is An American? - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith

HAB 8217 - The Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 6 - Various Artists [1965] Same as Starday record 2 of Starday SLP 295. Slow Poke - Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart/Little South Of Memphis - Frankie Miller/Big Wheels Rollin' - Johnny Horton/Star Gazing - Pete Drake/Gonna Buy Me A Juke Box - Willis Brothers/Have I Waited Too Long - Faron Young/Waltzing With Sin - Red Sovine/Remember (I'm Close To The Phone) - Rose Lee & Joe Maphis//Poor Man's Roses (And A Rich Man's Gold) - Patsy Cline/What This World Needs - Jimmy Dean/Georgia Rag - Webb Pierce/Red Hot Henriette Brown - Sue Thompson/In The Pines - Blue Sky Boys/Paper Face - Hank Locklin/Hot Rod Guitar - Joe Memphis/Don't Try To Be What You Ain't - Wayne Raney

HAU 8218 - The Buddy Holly Song Book - Tommy Allsup [1965] Same as Reprise 6182. That'll Be the Day/Think It Over/Take Your Time/Fool's Paradise/True Love Ways/Everyday//Peggy Sue/It's So Easy/Heartbeat/Oh Boy/Rave On/Maybe Baby

HAA 8219 - The Carpetbaggers (Soundtrack) - Elmer Bernstein [1965] Same as AVA A 45. Carpetbaggers Love Theme/Speak Of The Devil/Forbidden Room/Carpetbagger's Blues/Main Title/New Star/Producer Asks For a Divorce/Jonas Hits Bottom/Finale

HAS 8220 - The Original Sun Sound - Johnny Cash [1965] Same as Sun SLP 1275. Always Alone/Country Boy/Goodnight Irene/Wide Open Road/Thanks A Lot/Big River//Belshazzar/Born To Lose/New Mexico/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Two Timin' Woman/Story Of A Broken Heart

HAR 8221 - Memories of America - Billy Edd Wheeler [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1425/KS 3425. Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back/Anne/The Bachelor/Blistered/Hot Dog Heart/The Reverend Mr. Black/Jackson/Sister Sara/Coal Tattoo/After Taxes/Winter Sky/Desert Pete

HAR 8222 - Songs of Love - Jack Jones [1965] Same as Dear Heart, Kapp KL 1415/KS 3415. Dear Heart/You're Sensational/Love Is Here To Stay/Ill Get By (As Long As I Have You)/You'd Better Love Me/All The Things You Are/Emily/Thank Heaven For Little Girls/I'm Glad There Is You/When She Makes Music/Something's Is Gotta Give/You're My Girl

HAA 8223 - Trombone, Trombone, Trombone - Lloyd Elliot [1965] Same as Ava A/AS 18. The Trolley Song/Solitude/Anything Goes/I Loves You Porgy/Trombosis//Holiday for Trombones/Gone With the Wind/The Continental/Trombolero/Steppin' Out With My Baby

HAB 8224 - Country Music Who's Who - Various Artists [1965] Single record from Starday double record set SLP 304. Give Me Forty Acres - Willis Brothers/I Should Start Running - Dottie West/Happy Child - Jimmy Dean/A Satisfied Mind - Pete Drake/Ace in the Hole - Dean Manuel and the Blue Boys/This Old Road - Jimmie Skinner/Medicine Show - Duke of Paducah//Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash/When the Lights Go Dim - Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart/Poor Little John - Roger Miller/Hot Rod Guitar - Joe Maphis/Uh Uh No - George Jones/The House Down the Block - Buck Owens/Mom and Dad's Affair

HAA 8225 - Three Evenings with Fred Astaire - Fred Astaire [1965] Same as Ava A/AS 1.

HA 8226 - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - Righteous Brothers [1965] Same as Philles PHLPST-4007. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Ko Ko Mo/Ol' Man River/Look At Me/What'd I Say/The Angels Listened In/Sick And Tired/Summertime/Over and Over/Soul City/There's A Woman

HAB 8227 - The Bluegrass Hall of Fame Volume 2 - Various Artists [1965] Same as Starday SLP 296. I Wouldn't Change You - Jim Eanes/Border Ride - Jim and Jesse/Tiny Doll - Hylo Brown/Kentucky Moon - Jimmie Skinner/Blue Eyed Darlin' - Jimmy Martin and Bob Osborne/Handsome Molly - New River Boys/I Heard My Mother Weeping - Carl Story/Seasons of My Heart - Hylo Brown//Going Back to Dixie - Bill Clifton and His Dixie Mountain Boys/Too Hot to Handle - Lonesome Pine Fiddlers/If I Lose - Stanley Brothers/A Letter to Tom - Country Gentlemen/Fiddle in the Bluegrass - Benny Martin/Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes - Red Allen/Farewell Blues - Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs/Little Suzie - Bluegrass Champs

HAB 8228 - Songs That Made Him Famous - Johnny Bond [1965] Same as Starday SLP 227. Cimarron/Barrel House Bessie/I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/One Fool To Another/Divorce Me C.O.D./True Love/Tennessee, Kentucky & Alabam/Rainbow At Midnight/Don't Mention Her Name/Glad Rags/How To Succeed With Girls/Jim, Johnny & Jonas

HAR 8229 - You'll Love Jamaica - Keith (Lazarus) and Ken (Lyn) [1965] Same as Kapp Phonodisc Records Canada FCS 4213. Tear Up/Walk Like A Dragon/Joy Ride/I Don't Love You Anymore/Rough & Though/You're The One I Love//The Hop/Say Bye Bye/I Won't Let You Go/Carry Go Bring Come/Dumplings/Beautiful Garden

HAR 8230 - The Rhythm and the Fire - Joe Harnell [1965] Same as KL 1416/KS 4416. Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)/The Girl From Ipanema/Main Theme From Exodus/Bluesette/That Look You Wear/Little Lost Love/A Taste Of Honey/St. Thomas/When Sunny Gets Blue/Theme From "Black Orpheus"/Sweet September/The Orinoco

HA 8231 - Please, Please, Please - James Brown [1965] Same as King 909. Please Please Please (version 1)(2:41)/Chonnie-On-Chon (2:10)/Hold My Baby's Hand (2:10)/I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On (2:29)/Just Won't Do Right (I Stay In The Chapel Every Night)(version 1)(2:31)/Baby Cries Over The Ocean (2:20)/I Don't Know (2:43)/Tell Me What I Did Wrong (2:18)//Try Me (version 1) (2:28)/That Dood It (2:26)/Begging Begging (2:50)/I Walked Alone (2:39)/No No No No (2:12)/That's When I Lost My Heart (2:46)/Let's Make It (2:22)/Love Or A Game (2:14)

HAU 8232 - The Soul Stirrers Featuring Sam Cooke - Soul Stirrers [1965] Same as Specialty SP 2106. Wonderful/Be With Me Jesus/The Love Of God/Come And Go To That Land/By And By, Part 2/He'll Welcome Me//Touch The Hem Of His Garment/It Won't Be Very Long/Sinner Run To Jesus/Let Me Go Home/Feel Like My Time Ain't Long/I'm So Glad

HAR 8233 - Hit Maker! - Burt Bacharach [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1428/KS 3428. Don't Make Me Over/Walk On By/Don't Go Breaking My Heart/Blue On Blue/The Last One To Be Loved/(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me/24 Hours From Tulsa/Trains And Boats And Planes/Wives And Lovers/Saturday Sunshine/A House Is Not A Home/Anyone Who Had A Heart

HAN 8234 - The Birds and the Bees - Jewel Akens [1965] Same as Era ES 110. Georgie Porgie (S)/Love Potion No. 9 (S)/Sukiyaki (S)/The Birds And The Bees (S)/Michael (S)/So This Is Love (S)//Around The Corner (S)/Dear Heart (S)/Tic Tac Toe (S)/King Of The Road (S)/It's The Only Way To Fly (S)/The Vegetable Love Song (S)

HAB 8235 - Give Me Forty Acres! - Willis Brothers [1965] Same as Starday SLP 323. Truck Stop Cutie/One Thousand Acres/Wheels A-Turnin'/I Just Broke Up With My Baby/When I Come Driving Through/Too Early To Get Up//Give Me Forty Acres (To Turn This Rig Around)/Love Avenue/Blazing Smoke Stack/Strange Old Town/Truck Driving Sam/Gonna Buy Me A Jukebox

HAR 8236 - My Kind of Town - Jack Jones [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1433/KS 3433. My Kind Of Town/Somewhere Along The Way/More/The Race Is On/I Can't Believe I'm Losing You/Travellin' On/The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else/Yes, I Can!/I'm All Smiles/I Must Know/Time After Time/King Of The Road

HAR 8237 - The Boss Guitars Play the Winners - Boss Guitars [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1427/KS 3427. A Hard Day's Night/Needles and Pins/And I Love Her/You Really Got Me/Where Did Our Love Go?/Glad All Over//The House of the Rising Son/I Feel Fine/Come See About Me/Our Day Will Come/Baby Love

HAR 8238 - The Greenwood County Singers - Greenwood County Singers [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1422/KS 3422. Group includes VanDyke Parks. Seven Daffodils/When The Sun Don't Shine/Old Home Place/Fog Horn/Crown City Breakdown/Save The Bones For Henry Jones (Cause He Don't Eat Meat)/Blow Ye Winds/Anne/Little Boy Blue/Easter Rebellion/Cake Walking Babies From Home/Minena Mocha/Trombone Cholly

HAC 8239 - The Sue Story - Various Artists [1965] Same as Sue LP 1021. I Can't Stand It - Soul Sisters/Mockingbird - Inez Foxx/That's How Heartaches Are Made - Baby Washington/I've Got A Woman - Jimmy McGriff/I Know - Barbara George/It's Gonna Work Out Fine - Ike & Tina Turner//Stick Shift - Duals/She Put The Hurt On Me - Prince La La/A Fool In Love - Ike & Tina Turner/Itchy Twitchy Feeling - Bobby Hendricks/Don't Start Me Talking - Johnny Darrow/Vengeance - Matadors

HAM 8240 - James Brown Tours the U.S.A. - James Brown [1965] Same as King 804. Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. (2:49)/Choo-Choo Loco-Motion (instrumental, 2:54)/Three Hearts In A Tangle (3:00)/Doin' The Limbo (instrumental, 2:28)/I Don't Care (2:50)/Joggin' Along (instrumental, 2:24)//I've Got Money (2:30)/Sticky (instrumental, 2:40)/Like A Baby (2:50)/Every Beat Of My Heart (version 1)(instrumental, 3:30)/In The Wee Wee Hours (Of The Nite) (2:48)/Cross Firing (instrumental, 2:18)

HAC 8241 - Inez and Charlie Foxx - Inez and Charlie Foxx [1965] Same as Sue STLP 1037. My Momma Told Me/I Fancy You/Hurt By Love/Don't Do It No More/La De Da I Love You/Ask Me//Down By The Seashore/Mulberry Bush/I Wanna See My Baby/If I Need Anyone (Let It Be You)/Jaybirds/Mockingbird

HAC 8242 - Jimmy McGriff at the Apollo - Jimmy McGriff [1965] Same as Sue STLP 1017. There'll Never Be Another You/We Four/A Thing For Jug//Red Sails In The Sunset Lonely Avenue/Frame For The Blues

HAB 8243 - Country Guitar Hall of Fame - Various Artists [1965] Same as Starday SLP 326. Artists include: Joe Maphis, Jackie Phelps, Hank Garland,Grady Martin, Thumbs Carlisle, Cowboy Copas, Johnny Bond, Billy Bird, Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith, and Tommy Hill

HAB 8244 - There's Gold in Them Thar Hills - Merle Kilgore [1965] Same as Starday SLP 251. Baby Rocked Her Dolly/13 Mile/Just Before The Battle/It Ain't Much/Getting Old/Johnny Reb/Campin' In Canaan Land/Old Smokey/Turn Your Radio On/Pinball Machine/Go On Bruce/Seasons Of My Heart/Death Of Abraham Lincoln/Picture At St. Helene

HA 8245 - Just Once In My Life - Righteous Brothers [1965] Same as PHLP-4008. Just Once In My Life/Big Boy Pete/Unchained Melody/You Are My Sunshine/The Great Pretender/Sticks And Stones/See That Girl/Oo-Poo-Pah-Doo/You'll Never Walk Alone/Guess Who?/The Blues

HAR 8246 - The Jack Jones Christmas Album - Jack Jones [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1399/KS 3399. Sleigh Ride/White Christmas/The Village Of St. Bernadette/My Favorite Things/I'll Be Home For Christmas/Angels We Have Heard On High-Silent Night-Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful)/Do You Hear What I Hear/Lullaby For Christmas Eve/The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)/Mistletoe And Holly (Oh, By Gosh, By Golly)/The Christmas Waltz/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear-The First Noel

HAC 8247 - Blues for Mister Jimmy - Jimmy McGriff [1965] Same as Sue STLP 1039. Turn Blue/Sho' Nuff/Party's Over/Dog (You Dog)/Discotheque U.S.A./Cash Box/Bump De Bump/Blues For Mr. Jimmy/Blues For Joe

HAC 8248 - The Greatest Hits of Ike and Tina Turner - Ike and Tina Turner [1965] Same as Sue STLP 1038. It's Gonna Work Out Fine/You Should'a Treated Me Right/Don't Play Me Cheap/Mind In A Whirl/I Idolize You/Letter From Tina//A Fool In Love/Poor Fool/Tra La La La La/I'm Jealous/Mojo Queen/Good Good Lovin'

HAB 8249 - Deck of Cards - Various Artists [1965] Same as Starday SLP-299. The Hem of His Garment - Cowboy Copas/Precious Memories - The Sunshine Boys/Where Will I Shelter My Sheep? - Acorn Sisters/Acts of God - Jimmie Skinner/Almost Home - Masters Family/Gospel Medley - Shot Jackson and Buddy Emmons/Deck of Cards - T. Texas Tyler//Radio Station S-A-V-E-D - Blue Sky Boys/Who at My Door is Standing? - Clyde Moody/I'll Have a New Life - Wayne Raney/Gospel Guitar - Jackie Phelps/The Good Old Bible - George Jones/Sunday School - Lulu Belle and Scotty/Trouble in the Amen Corner - Archie Campbell

HAB 8250 - The Tall 12 - Various Artists [1965] Same as Starday SLP-337. Poor Little John - Roger Miller/Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash/Down On The Corner Of Love - Buck Owens/10 Little Bottles - Johnny Bond/A Place For Girls - Faron Young/Tender Years - Bobby Bare/Gotta Talk To Your Heart - George Jones/The Waltz You Saved For Me - Jim Reeves' Blueboys/Fancy Pants - Floyd Cramer/Give Me 40 Acres - Willis Brothers/Bimbo - Sonny James/What The World Needs - Jimmy Dean

HAS 8251 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Jerry Lee Lewis [1965] Sun Material. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Turn Around/Mean Woman Blues/You Win Again/Lovin' Up a Storm/Big Blon' Baby/It Hurt Me So//Little Queenie/John Henry/Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes/Sweet Little Sixteen/Lewis Boogie/I Know What It Means/Carry Me Back to Old Virginia

HAU 8252 - There is Only One Roy Orbison - Roy Orbison [1965] Same as MGM 4308. Ride Away/You Fool/Two Of A Kind/This Is Your Song/I'm In A Blue, Blue Mood/If You Can't Say Something Nice//Claudette/Afraid To Sleep/Sugar And Honey/Summer Love/Big As I Can Dream/Wondering

HAS 8253 - Lonesome Me - Johnny Cash [1966] Sun material. Oh Lonesome Me/Katy Too/Straight A's in Love/I Love You Because/My Treasure/Down the Street to 301//Blue Train/Mean Eyed Cat/Give My Love to Rose/Sugartime/Come In, Stranger/Port of Lonely Hearts

HAR 8254 - There's Love & There's Love & There's Love - Jack Jones [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1435. The Night Is Young (And You're So Beautiful)/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/Young At Heart/And I Love Her/A Lovely Way To Spend And Evening/You Do Something To Me/Embraceable You/You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)/While We're Young/There's Love & There's Love & There's Love/Tenderly/True Love

HAR 8255 - Summer Wind - Roger Williams [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1434/KS 3434. Summer Wind/Red Roses For A Blue Lady/Three O'clock In The Morning/Forget Domani/Cara Mia/A Walk In The Black Forest/Cumana/Crying In The Chapel/You'll Never Walk Alone/Yellow Bird/The Sweetheart Tree/Theme From "Exodus"

HAR 8256 - You Don't Have to Be Jewish - Bob Booker & George Foster [1966] Same as Kapp KRL 4503. A Call From Long Island/Home From The Office/The Reading Of The Will/The Diamond/Quickies: The Astronaut-The School-The Confession/The Jury/The Presidents/The Cocktail Party/Final Discussion/More Quickies: Cry For Help-Panic-Two Husbands/The Convicts/The Housewarming/The Luncheon/Still More Quickies: The Storm-The Newspaper Reporter-The Home Remedy/Conversation In The Hotel Lobby/The Agony And The Ecstacy/My Son, The Captain/Secret Agent, James Bondstein/Enough Already With The Quickies: Dinner-The Elevator-Classified Ad, Israeli Style/Goldstein

HAU 8257 - Think Young - Tutti Camarata [1965] Same as Coliseum D 41001. It's Not Unusual/For Your Love/I'll Never Find Another You/Ticket to Ride/All Day and All of the Night/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction//Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows/Little Things/Goin' Out of My Head/Cast Your Fate to the Wind/Tired of Waiting for You/Ferry Cross the Mersey/What's New Pussycat?

HAB 8258 - Saturday Night at the Old Barn Dance - Various Artists [1966] Starday material. Dolph's Breakdown/Nashville Guitar Picker - Bob and Bobbie Thomas/The Little Folks - Dolph Hewitt/Moonlight in Switzerland - Johnson Sisters/I'm Lonesome in the Saddle - Donald "Red" Blanchard/Till the End of the World - Bob Atcher/I Don't Hurt Anymore - Mary Jane Johnson/My Daddy was a Rabbit - Arkie "The Arkansas Woodchopper"/Blue Moon of Kentucky - Bob and Bobbie Thomas/Someone Hurt You - Dolph Hewitt/Loving You Hurts Me So - Johnson Sisters/Too Many People - Donald "Red" Blanchard/Call Me Anytime - Mary Jane Johnson/Crazy Isaac - Arkie "The Arkansas Woodchopper"/How Long Has It Been - Sage Riders/Dolph's Breakdown - Original Barn Dance Cast

HAB 8259 - George Jones - George Jones [1966] Same as Starday SLP 335. Color Of The Blues/You're Back Again/Cajun Call/Gonna Come Get You/You Never Taught/Long Time To Forget//Uh Uh No/Don't Do This To Me/Eskimo Pie/Texas Playboy Polka/Good Old Bible/That's The Way I Feel

HAC 8260 - That's How Heartaches are Made - Baby Washington [1966] Same as Sue LP 1014. The Ballad Of Bobby Dawn/Leave Me Alone/There He Is/Doodlin'/You And The Night And The Music/That's How Heartaches Are Made//Standing On The Pier/I've Got A Feeling/Careless Hands/Hush Heart/Go On/A Handful Of Memories

HAR 8261 - The Little Drummer Boy - Harry Simeone Chorale [1965] Same as Kapp KL 1450/KS 3450. The Little Drummer Boy/Hallelujah (Handel)/'Twas The Night Before Christmas/What Child Is This?/Carol Of The Bells/O Bambino (One Cold And Blessed Winter)/The First Christmas Carol/Mary's Little Boy Chile/Christmas Is A Birthday/Christmas Tree/Sing Of A Merry Christmas

HAM 8262 - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown [1966] Same as King 938. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (version 1), Part 1 (E, 1:55)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (version 1), Part 2 (E, instrumental, 2:12)/Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. (S, 2:49)/Cross Firing (S, instrumental, 2:18)/Love Don't Love Nobody (E, 2:02)/Just Won't Do Right (I Stay In The Chapel Every Night)(version 2)(S, 2:40)//And I Do Just What I Want (E, 2:23)/This Old Heart (S, 2:08)/Baby You're Right (E, 3:05)/Have Mercy Baby (S, 2:14)/You Don't Have To Go (S, 2:42)/Doin' The Limbo (S, instrumental, 2:28)

HAB 8263 - Country Music Festival, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1966] Same as Starday SLP 327. Stay All Night - Entire Cast/Give Me 40 Acres (To Turn This Rig Around) - Willis Brothers/When The Lights Grow Dim Downtown - Redd Stewart/18 Wheels A-Rollin' - Betty Amos/Ten Little Bottles - Johnny Bond/Big Ball In Nashville - Stringbean/I Don't Believe - Howdy Kempf//Leavin' But I Won't Be Long - Homesteaders/This Old Road - Jimmie Skinner/Back Up And Push - Benny Martin/Gonna Buy Me A Juke Box - Willis Brothers/Comedy - Duke Of Paducah/Stronger Than Dirt - Glen Barber/Eddy Arnold Medley - Little Roy Wiggins/Exactly Like Him - Adrian Roland/Stay All Night - Willis Brothers & Entire Cast

HAB 8264 - Montana Slim - Wilf Carter [1966] Same as Starday SLP 300. Two Little Girls In Blue/Put My Little Shoes Away/Daddy And Home/One Golden Curl/Hey Hey Mr. D.J./Grandad's Yodelling Song/Lonesome For My Baby Tonight/Shoo Shoo Shoo She Lah Lah/Two Little Stars/The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me

HAS 8265 - The Blues Came Down From Memphis - Various Artists [1965] The Boogie Disease - Dr. Ross/Cotton Crop Blues - James Cotton/Baker Shop Boogie - Willie Nix/Bear Cat - Rufus "Hound Dog" Thomas/Take A Little Chance - Jimmy DeBerry/Juke Box Boogie - Dr. Ross/I Feel So Worried - Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson Combo //If You Love Me - Little Milton/Time Has Made A Change - Jimmy DeBerry/Come Back Baby - Dr. Ross/So Long - Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson Combo/Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle) - Rufus Thomas Jr./Seems Like A Million Years - Willie Nix/Chicago Breakdown - Dr. Ross

HAR 8266 - Autumn Leaves-1965 - Roger Williams [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1452/KS 3452. Autumn Leaves, 1965/Chim Chim Cher-Ee/Mona Lisa/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/The Whiffenpoof Song/Memories Are Made Of This/Our Love/Lollipops And Roses/Tico-Tico/Oh What It Seemed To Be/Someone To Watch Over Me/Papa, Won't You Dance With Me?

HAR 8267 - Two Different Worlds - Lenny Welch [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1457/KS 3457. Two Different Worlds/Run To My Lovin' Arms/Not You/Time After Time/My Fool Of A Heart/I Need You So/Darling Take Me Back/I Was There/Where Are You/Cornet Blue/I'm Dreaming Again/There Goes That Song Again

HAT 8268 - Where Does Love Go? - Charles Boyer [1966] Same as Valiant VLM 5001. All The Things You Are/Autumn Leaves/Gigi/Hello Young Lovers/I Believe/La Vie En Rose/Once Upon A Time/Softly, As I Leave You/Venice Blue/What Now My Love/When The World Was Young/Where Does Love Go

HAB 8269 - Stars of the Steel Guitar - Various Artists [1966] Same as Starday SLP 350. Abilene - Pete Drake/High Boots - Walter Haynes/Columbus Stockade - Leon Mcauliffe & Cimarron Boys/Hilo Steel Guitar - Jerry Byrd/Pedal Jumpin' - Pete Drake/Raucher's Stomp - Jimmy Day/Honolulu Nights - "Little" Roy Wiggins//Penguin Strut - Pete Drake/Gear Shiftin' - Walter Haynes/Fort Worth Drag - Shot Jackson/I'll Leave The Front Door Open - Ralph Mooney with Johnny & Jonie Mosby/Sunday In Dixie - Buddy Emmons/Road Stop - Jimmy Day/Twistin' The Steel - Cecil Campbell

HAU 8270 - Once in a Blue Moon - Johnny Janis [1966] Same as Monument SLP- 18036. If I Had You/I Had Myself A True Love/Isn t It A Pity/Be Good To Her/Young Ideas/I m A Fool To Want You//My Melancholy Baby/If You Want To Love/Why Try To Change Now/Boulevard Of Memories/Once In A Blue Moon/Crying For The Carlonines

HAR 8271 - Bandstand Spectacular - Marborough Concert Band [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1455/KS 3455.

HAB 8272 - Famous Hot Rodders I Have Known - Johnny Bond [1966] Same as Starday SLP 354. Great Figure Eight Race/Fastback/Hot Rod Lincoln/Wreck Of The Old 97/Around And Around The Figure Eight/Fireball//X- 15/Hot Rod Surfin' Hootle Beatnannie/Ben Dewberry's Final Run/Side Car Cycle/Johnny's Camptown Races/Junior Johnson

HAR 8273 - Wizard of the Strings - Roy Smeck & His Magic Yuke [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1453/KS 3453. Tiger Rag/Bye Bye Blackbird/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/Lady Be Good/Magic Ukulele Waltz/The Charleston/Some Of These Days/The Sheik Of Araby/Drifting And Dreaming/Limehouse Blues/My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii/Rockin' The Uke

HAF 8274 - The Funky 12 String Guitar - Transients featuring Billy Strange [1966] Same as Horizon ST 1633. Don't Think Twice It's Alright/Strange And Funky/Allentown Jail/Tom Cat/If I Were Free/Twelve Strange//Daddy Roll 'Em/Sing Hallelujah/Green Green/Stranger In Your Town/Two-Ten Six-Eighteen/Sangaree

HAF 8275 - Sing Out Big - Troubadour Singers [1966] Same as Horizon WP-1614/SWP- 1614. Cottonfields/Lemon Tree/Tom Dooley/When The Saints Go Marching In/Where Have All The Flowers Gone/Greenback Dollar/Hey, Mr. Banjo/Matilda/Michael/He's Got the World In His Hands/On Top Of Old Smokey/The Lion Sleeps Tonight

HAF 8276 - The Best of Hoyt Axton - Hoyt Axton [1966] Same as VeeJay LP 1118. Greenback Dollar (S)/Thunder N' Lightnin' (E)/This Little Light (E)/Trombone Charlie (S)/Ox Driver's Song (S)/Gambler's Blues (S)//Sing In The Sunshine (S)/Five Hundred Miles (S)/Grizzley Bear (S)/Hoochie Koochie Man (S, different recording from that on the Thunder N' Lightnin' album)/They've Been On Their Jobs Too Long (S)/Voodoo Blues (S)

HAB 8277 - Sweethearts Still - Lulu Belle and Scotty [1966] Same as Starday SLP 351.

HA 8278 - Back To Back - Righteous Brothers [1965] Same as Philles PHLP-4009. Ebb Tide/God Bless The Child/Hot Tamales/Hallelujah I Love Her So/She's Mine All Mine/Hung On You/For Sentimental Reasons/White Cliffs Of Dover/Losing You/Without A Doubt/Late Late Night

HAU 8279 - The Orbison Way - Roy Orbison [1966] Same as MGM 4322. Crawling Back/It Ain't No Big Thing [with the Candy Men]/Time Changed Everything [with the Candy Men]/This Is My Land/The Loner/Maybe [with the Candy Men]//Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart/Go Away [with the Candy Men]/A New Star/Never [with the Candy Men]/It Wasn't Very Long Ago/Why Hurt The One Who Loves You

HAU 8280 - Boots Randolph Plays More Yakety Sax! - Boots Randolph [1966] Same as Monument SLP-18037. Yakety Songs/Ya'll Come/Waterloo/Gotta Travel On/I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/I'm Walking The Floor (Over You)/The Race Is On/Soul Songs/You Don't Know Me/Last Date/A Fool Such As I/There Goes My Baby/Funny How Time Slips Away/He'll Have To Go

HAR 8281 - I'll Remember You - Roger Williams [1966] Same as KL 1470/KS 3470. Theme From "Zorba The Greek"/Dulcinea/A Taste Of Honey/Yesterday/A Lover's Concerto/Lara's Theme From "Dr. Zhivago"/The Sound Of Music/Ebb Tide/The Laura Lou/More/This Is My Prayer/I'll Remember You

HAR 8282 - Greatest Hits - Ruby and the Romantics [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1458/KS 3458. Our Day Will Come/Hey There Lonely Boy/Baby Come Home/Our Everlasting Love/Does He Really Care For Me/Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore/Young Wings Can Fly/My Summer Love/How Deep Is The Ocean/When You're Young And In Love/Nobody But My Baby/We'll Meet Again

HAB 8283 - Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 7 - Various Artists [1966] Starday material. Gotta Talk to Your Heart - George Jones/A Place for Girls Like You - Faron Young/Stop the World and Let Me Off - Patsy Cline/Look on the Good Side - Jimmy Dean/Flat Top Pickin' - Cowboy Copas/Tender Years - Bobby Bare/It Don't Show on Me - Buck Owens/Auctioneer - Leroy Van Dyke//Room Across the Hall - Roy Drusky/I Ain't Never - Roger Miller/Where Do I Go From Here - Dave Dudley/Give Me Forty Acres - Willis Brothers/Bimbo - Sonny James/Ace in the Hole - Dean Manuel and the Blue Boys/Tying the Leaves - Kenny Roberts/Comedy - Minnie Pearl

HAB 8284 - Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 8 - Various Artists [1966] Starday material. I Love You So Much It Hurts - Floyd Tillman/I Fall to Pieces - dottie West/I'm Not Mixed Up Amymore - Charlie Walker/You're Married, but I Love You Still - Don Reno and Red Smiley/Just Another Fool Along the Way - Melba Montgomery/Maiden's Prayer - Bob Wills and Tonny Duncan/Dear Okie - Johnny and Jonie Mosby/The Morning After - Johnny Bond//I'll Still Write Your Name in the Sand - Mac Wiseman/Paper Face - Hank Lockin/Mother's White Rose - Charlie Monroe/Little White Washed Chimney - Hawkshow Hawkins/Indiana - Floyd Cramer/Livin' the Right Life - Molly O'Day/Back in the Saddle Again - Gene Autry/Doing My Time - Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs

HAF 8285 - The Twelve String Story: Guitar Solos - Various Artists [1966] Same as Horizon 1635. A Closer Walk - Dick Rosmini/Take This Hammer - Tommy Tedesco/Alabama Bound - Frank Hamilton/Six By Twelve - Joe Maphis/Honey Miss Me When I'm Gone - Mason Williams/Midnight Train - Jim Helms//Cottonfields - Howard Roberts/Ramblin' On - James McGuinn/Bull Durem - Glen Campbell/Wildwood Flower - Billy Strange/Twelfth Night - Fred Gerlack/Loco Twelve String - Jim Helms

HAR 8286 - For the "In" Crowd - Jack Jones [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1465/KS 3465. What The World Needs Now Is Love/Yesterday/You've Got Your Troubles/1-2-3/Wildflower/Love Bug/The "In" Crowd/Baby I'm Yours/Just Yesterday/The Weekend/I Want To Meet Her/Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

HAB 8287 - Country Music Festival, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1966] Same as Starday SLP 362. Cindy Lou - Joe "Red" Hayes/Pinball Anonymous - Willis Brothers/Sad Tale Of Woe - George Riddle/Little Liza Jane - Joe "Red" Hayes/Little Black Book - Joe & Rose Lee Maphis/Double Neck Boogie - Joe Maphis/The Morning After - Johnny Bond//Boil Them Cabbages Down - Joe "Red" Hayes/Women Do Funny Things To Me - Larry Kingston/Bully Of The Town - Smokey Rogers/Yodel Medley - Kenny Roberts/Franklin County Moonshine - Betty Amos with Judy & Jean/Giddy Up Go - Red Sovine/Y'all Come - Entire Cast

HAB 8288 - Giddy-Up-Go - Red Sovine [1966] Same as Starday SLP 363. I'm Just Lucky I Guess/I'll Step Aside/Girl On The Billboard/I Couldn't Stand The Thought Of Losing You/More From Habit Than Desire/Last Foxhole//I'm The Man/I Think I Can Sleep Tonight/Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun/What's He Doin' In My World/Kiss And The Keys/Giddy Up Go

HAF 8289 - Other Songs for Other People - Other Singers [1966] Same as Horizon SWP 1622. Daddy Roll 'Em/Freeway Song/The Rock Island Line/Abilene/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Peace Corps Marching Song//Greenland Whale Fisheries/Ballad Of Norman Rockwell/Special Midnight Special/Hey Boys Can't You Line 'Em/The Rising Of The Moon/Hard Times

HAR 8290 - Rags to Riches - Lenny Welch [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1481/KS 3481.Rags To Riches/Please Help Me, I'm Falling/I Love You So Much It Hurts/What Now My Love/What Will I Tell My Heart?/You Can't Be A King (With A Frown On Your Head)/You're Gonna Hear From Me/Just One Smile/Time/A Cottage For Sale/I Want You To Worry (About Me)/People, Places And Things

HAF 8291 - The Swinging 12 String - Glen Campbell & Leon Russell [1966] Same as In LP 1002. Hooten' Part 1/Coottonfields/Stringin' Up A Twelve/Gospel Harp/East Virginia Blues//Greenback Dollar/If I Had A Hammer/Cherry Beat/Greenfields/Fair And Tender Ladies/Hooten' Part 2

HAC 8292 - Only Those in Love - Baby Washington [1966] Same as Sue LP 1042. I Can't Wait/There He Is/Who's Going To Take Care Of Me/Clock/It'll Never Be Over/Careless Hands/Move On/Your Fool/Hey Lonely/Go On/Run My Heart

HAR 8293 - The Hugh X. Lewis album - Hugh X. Lewis [1966] Same as Kapp KL 1462/KS 3462. Out Where The Ocean Meets The Sky/I'd Better Call The Law On Me/I Wish I Didn't Love You So/Talk Me Out Of It/Looking Into The Future (For The Past)/Fourteen Karat Fool/What I Need Most/Roses Are Red/This Makes Us Even/Talking To A Bottle/Too Late/Tomorrow's Just Another Day To Cry

HAH 8294 - The Fabulous Knickerbockers - Knickerbockers [1966] Same as Challenge CHS 622. Lies (S)/I Can Do It Better (S)/Can't You See I'm Tryin' (S)/Please Don't Fight It (S)/Just One Girl (S)//I Believe In Her (S)/Wishful Thinking (S)/You'll Never Walk Alone (S)/Your Kind Of Lovin' (S)/Harlem Nocturne (S)

HAB 8295 - The Wild Side of Life - Willis Brothers [1966] Same as Starday SLP 369. Wild Side Of Life/Color Of The Blues/Good Girl Bad/Ragged But Right/Room Across The Hall/Pretty Diamonds//Invitation To The Blues/Nobody's Business/Three Sheets In The Wind/When The Lights Go Dim Downtown/Don't Let My Glass Run Dry/Waltzing With Sin

HAB 8296 - The Man Who Comes Around - Johnny Bond [1966] Same as Starday SLP 368. The Man Who Comes Around/Silent Walls/Thinking Tonight/Tennessee, Kentucky And Alabam/I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/The Morning After/Fool's Paradise/Divorce Me COD/Glad Rags/Your Old Love Letters/Louisiana Swing/A Letter From Home

HAU 8297 - The Classic Roy Orbison - Roy Orbison [1966] Same as MGM 4379. Again/Pantomime/Twinkle Toes/Losing You/City Life/Wait//Growing Up/Where Is Tomorrow/(No) I'll Never Get Over You/Going Back To Gloria/Just Another Name For Rock And Roll/Never Love Again

HA 8298 - River Deep - Mountain High - Ike And Tina Turner [1966] Same as the unreleased in the US Philles PHLP-4011. River Deep-Mountain High/I Idolize You (new version)/A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Every Day)/A Fool In Love (new version)/Make Em Wait/Hold On Baby//Save The Last Dance For Me/Oh Baby! (Things Ain't What They Used To Be)/Every Day I Have To Cry/Such A Fool For You/It's Gonna Work Out Fine (new version)/You're So Fine

HA8299/HA 8300 - How to Become an American Citizen - William T. Crago [1966] Two record set.

HAR 8301 - Academy Award Winners, Volume 2 - Roger Williams [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1483/KS 3483. The Shadow Of Your Smile/The Way You Look Tonight/Sweet Leilani/Mona Lisa/High Noon/Over The Rainbow/All The Way/Lullaby Of Broadway/Thanks For The Memory/Chim Chim Cheree/The Sweetheart Tree/Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing

HAR 8302 - The Critters - Critters [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1485/KS 3485. Younger Girl/It Just Won't Be That Way/Gone For A While/Children And Flowers/Everything But Time/Come Back On A Rainy Day/Mr. Dieingly Sad/I Wear A Silly Grin/Best Love You'll Ever Have/Forever Or No More/He'll Make You Cry/Blow My Mind

HAR 8303 - Just Before Dawn - Hugh X. Lewis [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1494/KS 3494. Just Before Dawn/I'm Losing You (I Can Tell)/Time/I Hate Myself/Missing You/If This House Could Talk/Wish Me A Rainbow/Am I Losing You/It's A Mean Old World/You Belong To My Heart/You're Not Here To Scold Me/Have You Looked Into Your Heart

HAR 8304 - Feeling Good - Jack Jones [1967] Same as The Impossible Dream, Kapp KL 1486/KS 3486. The Impossible Dream (The Quest)/The Shadow Of Your Smile/I Will Wait For You/Then Was Then And Now Is Now/All Or Nothing At All/Feeling Good/Alfie/Strangers In The Night/What Now My Love/This Is All I Ask/My Best Girl/You Better Go Now

HAT 8305 - And Then Along Comes the Association - Association [1967] Same as Valiant 5002/25002. Enter The Young/Your Own Love/Don't Blame It On Me/Blistered/I'll Be Your Man/Along Comes Mary//Cherish/Standing Still/Message Of Our Love/Round Again/Remember/Changes

HAT 8306 - Cast Your Fate to the Wind - Shelby Flint [1967] Same as Valiant 5003/25003. Green Leaves of Summer/Moonlight/The Lily/Yesterday/Softly, As I Leave You/Cast Your Fate To the Wind//I've Grown Accustomed To His Face/Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/I Will Love You/Bluebird/Our Town/Angel On My Shoulder

HAZ 8307 - The Feel of Neil Diamond - Neil Diamond [1967] Same as Bang BLP/BLPS 214. Solitary Man (version 1, i.e., the hit 45 version)(E)/Red Rubber Ball (S)/La Bamba (S)/Do It (E)/Hanky Panky (S, with studio talk)/Monday Monday (S)//New Orleans (S)/Someday Baby (E)/Oh No No [I Got The Feelin'] (S)/I'll Come Running (E)/Love To Love (S)/Cherry Cherry (S)

HAR 8308 - Tear Down the Walls - Greenwood County Singers [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1487/KS 3487. This Door Swings Both Ways/Eternal Love, Eternal Spring/The Eagle And Me/Silver Threads And Golden Needles/Time Is Tomorrow/Tear Down The Walls/Please Don't Sell My Daddy No More Wine/Limehouse Blues/The Green Leaves Of Summer/The Friends I Used To Know/Shiloh/Don't Go In The Lion's Cage Tonight

HAR 8309 - Born Free - Roger Williams [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1501/KS 3501. Born Free/The More I See You/Strangers In The Night/Cherish/Edelweiss/Sunny/Dark Eyes/Guantanamera/Jimmie's Train/Hawaii, Pearl Of The Sea/Summer Samba/Theme From "The Bible"

HAU 8310 - Jungle Adventure - Don Randi Trio, Curtis Amy's Combo and the Exotic Strings [1967] Same as Coliseum DS 51002. Tropical Safari/Ceremonial Rain Dance/Sleepy Lagoon/Similau/Passion Flower/Baby Elephant Walk//Tarzan's March/Sunrise, sunset/Sacred Idol/In the Still of the Night/Jungle Adventure

HAU 8311 - The Sir Douglas Quintet - Sir Douglas Quintet [1967] Same as Tribe 37001/47001. She's about a Mover/Beginning of the End/The Tracker/You're Out Walking the Streets Tonight.It Was in the Pines/In the Jailhouse Now//Quarter to Three/It's a Man Down There/The Rains Came/Please Just Say So/We'll Take Out Last Walk Tonight/Walking the Streets

HAR 8312 - Jack Jones Sings - Jack Jones [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1500/KS 3500. A Day In The Life Of A Fool/Autumn Leaves/Somewhere There's Someone/Watch What Happens/People Will Say We're In Love/Love After Midnight/Somewhere, My Love/The Shining Sea/The Face I Love/Street Of Dreams/The Snows Of Yesteryear/I Don't Care Much

HAT 8313 - Renaissance - Association [1967] Same as Valiant 5004. I'm The One/Memories Of You/All Is Mine/Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies/Angeline/Songs In The Wind//I May Think/Looking Glass/Come To Me/No Fair At All/You Hear Me Call Your Name/Another Time, Another Place

HAU 8314 - All Strung Out - Nino Tempo and April Stevens [1967] Same as White Whale WW-113/WWS-7113. You'll Be Needing Me Baby (S)/Help You to See (S)/All Strung Out (S)/Follow Me (S)/Little Child (S)/Alone Alone (S)//Sunny (S)/Out Of Nowhere (S)/Wings of Love (E)/I Can't Go On Living (Without You Baby) (S)/Bye Bye Blues (S)/The Habit Of Lovin' You (S)

HAB 8315 - The Tall 12 Volume 2 - Various Artists [1967] Same as Starday SLP 391. Alabam - Minnie Pearl and Red Sovine/Six Days of the Road - Dave Dudley/Gold in the Morning Sun - Sonny James/Better Times a'Coming - Del Reeves/I Fall to Pieces - Dottie West/I Gotta Talk to Your Heart - George Jones//I Think I Can Sleep Tonight - Red Sovine/Happy You, Lonely Me - Melba Montgomery/Sweethearts in Heaven - Buck Owen/Playboy - Roger Miller/The One You Slip Around With - Jan Howard/The Room Across the Hall - Roy Drusky

HAB 8316 - The Branded Stock - Johnny Bond [1967] Same as Starday SLP 388. Ragged But Right /Lovers Of Lookout Mountain/Hurt Fool Hurt/Taxicab Man/Hell's Angels/If You Can't Bite//They Got Me/Invitation To The Blues/Ballad Of Buggle Bill/Way Of Life/Deep Lonesome/Giddy Up Hobo

HAU 8317 - The Wheel of Hurt - Margaret Whiting [1967] Same as London LL 3497/PS 497. The Wheel of Hurt/You Don't Have to Say You Love Me/The World Inside Your Arms/Winchester Cathedral/Sometimes There's Love/Where Do I Stand?//It Hurts to Say Goodbye/Time After Time/Show Me a Man/You Won't Be Sorry, Baby/Nothing Lasts Forever/But Why

HAU 8318 - Roy Orbison Sings Don Gibson - Roy Orbison [1967] Same as MGM 4424. (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time/(Yes) I'm Hurting/The Same Street/Far Far Away/Big Hearted Me/Sweet Dreams//Oh Such A Stranger/Blue, Blue Day/What About Me/Give Myself a Party/Too Soon to Know/Lonesome Number One

HAU 8319 - The Hit Sound of Willie Mitchell - Willie Mitchell [1967] Same as same Hi HL 12034/32034. Mercy/Treat Her Right/When A Man Loves A Woman/Land Of 1000 Dances/So Rare/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White//Searching For My Love/Barefootin'/Winchester Cathedral/Shotgun/Misty/Sticks & Stones

HAE 8320 - Pop Goes the Country - Swingin' Gentry Singers [1967] Same as Hictory LP 137. Your Cheatin' Heart/Tennessee Waltz/Bonaparte's Retreat/Mama Don't Cry At My Wedding/Jambalaya/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Jealous Heart/Gonna Find Me A Bluebird/I Can't Stop Loving You/Half As Much/Cold Cold Heart/Hey Good Looking

HAE 8321 - Viva Bob Moore - Bob Moore [1967] Same as Hickory LP 131. Parade Of The Matadors/Poor Jenny/Skokiaan/Hell's Angels/Run Baby/Acapulco/Amigo No. 1/Oh Lonesome Me/Only The Lonely/Tennessee Waltz/I Can't Stop Loving You/Spanish Eyes

HAB 8322 - The Man With a Million Friends - T. Texas Tyler [1967] Same as Starday SLP 379. Texas Boogie Woogie/Crawdad Rown/Invitations/My Talk About Leaving/Dear Souvenirs/Just Like Dad//Injun Joe/Morning Glory/By The Way/It's A Long Road Back Home/Sunset Years Of Life/Little Piece Of Ground

HAS 8323 - Breathless - Jerry Lee Lewis [1967] Sun Material. Breathless/I've Been Twistin'/Good Golly Miss Molly/Livin' Lovin' Wreck/It Won't Happen with Me/Teen Age Letter/Save the Last Dance for Me//Ramblin' Rose/When I Get Paid/How's My Ex Treating You/Seasons of My Heart/I Can't Trust Me/Love Made a Fool Out of Me/End of the Road

HAR 8324 - I'm a Girl - Shani Wallis [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1472. When I Fall In Love/I'm A Girl/What A Man/When Johnny Comes Marching Home (A Prayer For Johnny)/If You Go/Bless 'Em All/Dry Your Tears/It Can't Be Wrong/Young And Foolish/This Is My Prayer/I Get Along Without You Very Well/Typically English

HAU 8325 - Mountain Ramblings - Bill Clifton and His Dixie Mountain Boys [1967] Across the Shining River/Forsaken Love/Give Me Roses While I Live/Just a Smile/Louise Collins/Mother, Where is Your Daughter Tonight/In the Land Where We'll Never Grow Old//Prisoner's Dream/Sales Tax on the Woman/San Juan Hill/Sweet Fern/When I'm with You/Where the Willow Gently Sways

HAR 8326 - Lady - Jack Jones [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1511/KS 3511. Lady/A Beautiful Friendship/Free Again/If You Never Come To Me/Nice 'N Easy/Brother, Where Are You/Once Upon A Time/If You Go Away/Theme From "The Sand Pebbles"/Girl Talk/Afraid To Love/It's Easy To Remember

HAM 8327 - Something Old, Something New - Olympics [1967] Same as Mirwood 7003. Features re-recordings of the earlier material originally on Demon, Arvee and Tri-Disc in the US. Western Movies/Hully Gully/Big Boy Pete/Shimmy Like Kate/Dance By The Light Of The Moon/The Bounce//Mine Exclusively/Baby Do The Philly Dog/The Duck/Secret Agents/We Go Together Pretty Baby/I'll Do A Little Bit More

HAB 8328 - The Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 9 - Various Artists [1967] Same as record 1 of Starday SLP 9-390. Ace Of Hearts - Buddy Starcher/There He Goes - Patsy Cline/Bringing Mary Home - Frankie Miller/What Is An American - Minnie Pearl/It's Been So Long - David Houston/Ragged But Right - Wilf "Montana Slim" Carter/Wabash Cannonball - Patsy Montana/Travellin' Snowman - Orval Prophet//Don't Do This To Me - George Jones/I'm The Man - Red Sovine/House Down The Block - Buck Owens/Just Like Dad - T. Texas Tyler/Happy You Lonely Me - Melba Montgomery/Midnite In Heaven - Cowboy Copas/Just Out Of Reach - Carl Belew/Frankie's Man Johnny - Johnny Sea

HAB 8329 - The Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 10 - Various Artists [1967] Same as record 2 of Starday SLP 9-390. Six Days On The Road - Dave Dudley/Fireball - Johnny Bond/I'd Be Lying - Dottie West/Playboy - Roger Miller/Gold In The Morning Sun - Sonny James/Better Times A- coming - Del Reeves/Life Of Hank Williams - Hawkshaw Hawkins/Anytime - Kenny Roberts/One You Slip Around With - Jan Howard/Nobody's Business - Willis Brothers/Done Rovin' - Johnny Horton/Three Little Pigs - Archie Campbell/Try To Live Some - Lulu Belle And Scotty/Cowboy's Prayer - Gene Autry/Fiddlin' On The Guitar - Joe Maphis/Alabam - Minnie Pearl & Red Sovine

HAU 8330 - Happy Together - Turtles [1967] Same as White Whale WW-114/WWS- 7114. Makin' My Mind Up (S)/Guide For The Married Man (S)/Think I'll Run Away (S)/The Walking Song (S)/Me About You (S)/Happy Together (S)//She'd Rather Be With Me (S)/Too Young To Be One (S)/Person Without A Care (S)/Like The Seasons (S)/Rugs Of Woods And Flowers (S)

HAR 8331 - Roger! - Roger Williams [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1512/KS 3512.

HAU 8332 - Maggie Isn't Margarent Anymore - Margaret Whiting [1967] Same as London LL 3510.

HAH 8333 - Gene Vincent - Gene Vincent [1967] Hurtin' for You Baby/I'm a Lonesome Fugitive/Born to Be a Rolling Stone/Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/Poor Man's Prison/Worlds and Music//Bird Doggin'/I've Got My Eyes on You/Love is a Bird/Ain't That Too Much/Lonely Street/Am I That Easy to Forget?

HAU 8334 - The Best of Joe Tex - Joe Tex [1967] Same as Parrot 61002/71002.

HAB 8335 - Goin' to Town - Willis Brothers [1967] Same as Starday SLP 387. Don't Let Me Do It/One Man's Sugar/Ruby Ann/Soft Shoulders/Bringing Mary Home/Ain't It Funny//Pay Pay Pay/Behind The Footlights/She's My Anti-Biotic/Show Her Lots Of Gold/Diamonds For Ruby/Going To Town

HAM 8336 - The Duck - Jackie Lee [1967] Same as Mirwood 7000. The Duck/Hully Gully/The Shotgun And The Duck/Do The Temptation Walk/The Neighbourhood/Land Of a Thousand Dances//The Duck, Part II/Dancin' In The Street/The Bounce/Do You Love Me/Everybody Jerk/Harlem Shuffle

HAD 8337 - Barefoot in the Park (Soundtrack) - Neal Hefti [1967] Same as Dot DLP 25803. Barefoot In The Park/Main Title/Two O'Clock Capers/The Barefoot Stumbler/Corie Grows Up/Six Flights Up//Barefoot In The Park/Mom Arrives For Dinner/Blues For Paul/New Home Up-A- Stairs/Journey To The Four Winds/A Nut On The Roof/End Title

HAR 8338 - Look to Love - Shani Wallis [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1527/KS 3527. This Dream/Let Your Love Come Through/I'm Just Wild About Harry/Think Sometimes About Me/I'm Old Fashioned/The Look Of Love/How Are Things In Glocca Morra/More Than You Know/Raining In My Heart/If Love Should Come Your Way/That's A Lie/What Will Become Of Me

HAB 8339 - Candy Kisses - George Morgan [1967] Same as Starday SLP 400. Look At The Lonely Have Some Of Mine/You're The Only Good Thing/Almost/Please Don't Let Me Love You/Room Full Of Roses/Shiny Red Automobile/I Couldn't See/Sad Bird/Goin' Home To Mama/I'm In Love Again/Candy Kisses

HAB 8340 - The George Jones Songbook - George Jones [1967] Same as Starday SLP 401. Color Of The Blues/Tall Tall Trees/Accidentally On Purpose/Maiden's Prayer/Gonna Come Get You/Don't Do This To Me//That's The Way I Feel/One Is A Lonely Number/You Gotta Be My Baby/Frozen Heart/Frankie And Johnny/Window Up Above

HAH 8341 - A Love Affair - Golden Leaves [1967] Same as Challenge CHS 624. Release Me/Wishful Thinking/Send Me the Pillow You Dream On/In the Misty Moonlight/What's He Doing in My World/Just Out of Reach//Am I That Easy to Forget/There Goes My Everything/Pretty Brown Eyes/Lonely Street/There She Goes/Lonely Again

HAT 8342 - Insight Out - Association [1967] Same as Warner Brothers 1696. Wasn't It A Bit Like Now (Parallel '23)/On A Quiet Night/We Love Us/When Love Comes To Me/Windy/Reputation//Never My Love/Happiness Is/Sometime/Wantin' Ain't Gettin'/Requiem For The Masses

HAB 8343 - I Didn't Jump the Fence - Red Sovine [1967] Same as Starday SLP 405. I Didn't Jump The Fence/Big Joe...And Phantom 309/Rosebuds And You/Alabam [with Minnie Pearl]/Like All The Other Times/Old Shep//Walk Through This World With Me/Hitch Hiking Girl/Behind The Footlights/Nobody's Business [with Minnie Pearl]/Room Across The Hall/The Gear Jammer And The Hobo [with Johnny Bond]

HAR 8344 - Our Song - Jack Jones [1968] Same as Kapp KS 3531. Our Song/Michelle/After Today/Don't Give Your Love Away/More And More/When I Look In Your Eyes/Now I Know/Oh How Much I Love You (Do Cone Ti Amo!)/As Time Goes By/The True Picture/'Cause I Got So Much Lovin' In Me, Along The Way

HAR 8345 - Mr. Mel - Mel Tillis [1968] Same as Kapp KS 3535. Goodbye Wheeling/All The Time/Poison Love/At The Sight Of You/Ramblin' Boy/Honky Tonkin'/Survival Of The Fittest/Shine, Shine, Shine/Not Once But A Hundred Times/Night Train To Memphis/Down Came The World/Tom Dooley

HAZ 8346 - Blowin' Your Mind - Van Morrison [1967] Same as Bang 218. The mix of the mono version is substantially different from the stereo version; the stereo version is thinner sounding with the instruments mixed back; it also seems to be missing a vocal overdub at the end where the fadeout mix is very different. In fact, the entire mono album is a different mix, with much more prominent bass. Brown Eyed Girl (S)/He Ain't Give You None (S)/T.B. Sheets (S)//Spanish Rose (S)/Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (S)/ Ro Ro Rosey (S)/Who Drove The Red Sports Car (S)/Midnight Special (S)

HAU 8347 - Count Basie Captures the Happiest Millionaire - Count Basie [1967] Same as Coliseum 41003. Detroit/Strengthen the Dwelling/I'll Always Be Irish/Valentine Candy/Bye-Yum-Pum- Pum//Watch Your Footwook/What's Wrong With That/Let's Have a Drink on It/Are We Dancing/Fortuosity

HAR 8348 - Songs from Doctor Doolittle/Songs Children Love to Sing - Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus [1967] Same as Kapp KL 1540/KS 3540. Doctor Dolittle/Fabulous Places/Like Animals/Beautiful Things/Talk to the Animals/My Friend the Doctor/When I First Came to This Land/My Kind of Person/A Little Button/The Riddle Song/What Lies Over the Hill

HA 8349 - Get That Feeling - Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight [1968] Same as Capitol ST 2856. How Would You Feel/Simon Says/Get That Feeling//Hush Now/Welcome Home/Gotta Have A New Dress/No Business/Strange Things

HAE 8350 - Good Time Party - Bob Moore [1968] Same as Hickory LP 140. Good Time Party (S)/Elephant Rock (S)/You Sit Around All Day (On Your Afternoon Off) (S)/Small Town Girl (S)/Step It Up (S)/You've Got The Power (S)//The Fastest Guitar Alive (S)/River (S)/Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (S)/A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) (S)/Pistolero (S)

HAP 8351 - The Return of the Red Baron - Royal Guardsmen [1968] Same as Laurie 2039. Return Of The Red Baron/Gimme Some Lovin'/I'm A Man/So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star/Airplane Song/Any Wednesday/Shoot Down/I'm Not Gonna Stay/Om/Searchin' For The Good Times/I Need You Girl/Leaving Me

HAP 8352 - Little Bit O'Soul - Music Explosion [1968] Same as Laurie 2040. Let Yourself Go (S)/Everybody (S)/Light Of Love (S)/What Did I Do To Deserve Such A Fate (S)/Good Time Feeling (S)/One Potato Two (S)//Little Bit O' Soul (S)/Can't Stop Now (S)/Patch Of Dawn (S)/Sha La La La (S)/Love Love Love Love Love (S)/96 Tears (S)

HAB 8353 - Country Hits by Candlelight - George Morgan [1968] Same as Starday SLP 410. Misty Blue/All The Time/You Are The One/Window Up Above/One For You One For Me/One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)//This Cold War With You/Someday/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/True Love Is The Greatest Thing/By The Way/Midnight In Heaven

HAB 8354 - Country Music Hall of Fame Volume 1 - Various Artists [1968] Same as record 1 of Starday SLP 409. Lovin' Land - George Riddle/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today - Roger Miller/Columbus Stockade (Instr.) - Boots Randolph & Jimmy Richardson/Sad Bird - George Morgan/Dancing - Onie Wheeler/Giddyup Go - Red Sovine/Jole Blon - Moon Mullican/Hell's Angels - Johnny Bond//Waitin' - Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart/Sunset Years Of Life - T. Texas Tyler/Salty Dog - Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs/Medley: Candy Kisses-Prison Without Walls-Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart - Roy Wiggins/Ruby Ann - Willis Brothers/Your Picture (Keeps Smiling Back To Me) - Melba Montgomery/So Lonesome And Blue - Del Reeves/Bummin' Around - Jimmy Dean

HAB 8355 - Country Music Hall of Fame Volume 2 - Various Artists [1968] Same as record 2 of Starday SLP 409. Country Guitar - Phil Baugh/Giddyup Go Answer - Minnie Pearl/Right After The Dance - Buck Owens/I Wish This Night Would Never End - Sonny James/That's The Way I Feel - George Jones/Archie's Little Black Book - Archie Campbell/Turn Me Loose - Stonemans/If I Lost - Carter Stanley//Alabam - Cowboy Copas/My Heart Keeps Getting In The Way - Justin Tubb/No Time Will I Ever - Dottie West/Last Day In The Mines - Dave Dudley/Just Out Of Reach - Patsy Cline/So Young So Unknowing - David Houston/Blue - Kenny Roberts/My Abilene - Pete Drake

HAQ 8356 - Get on Up and Get Away - Esquires [1968] Same as Bunky BS 300. And Get Away/Listen to Me/How Was I To Know/Groovin'/Everybody's Laughing/How Could It Be//Get on Up/My Sweet Baby/No Doubt About It/Woman/When I'm Ready/Things Won't Be the Same

HLU 8357 - Cry Softly, Lonely One - Roy Orbison [1968] Same as MGM 4514. She/Communication Breakdown/Cry Softly Lonely One/A Girl Like Mine/It Takes One (To Know One)/Just Let Me Make Believe//Here Comes The Rain, Baby/That's A No-No/Memories/Time To Cry/Only Alive

HAU 8358 - The Fastest Guitar Alive - Roy Orbison [1968] Same as MGM 4475. Whirlwind (S)/Medicine Man (S)/River (S)/The Fastest Guitar Alive (S)/Rollin' On (S)//Pistolero (S)/Good Time Party (S)/Heading South (S)/Best Friend (S)/There Won't Be Many Coming Home (S)

HAZ 8359 - The Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels [1968] Same as Roulette 25358.

HAR 8360 - The New Born Free - Hesitations [1968] Same as Kapp KS 3548. Born Free/Overworked And Underpaid/Love Is Everywhere/We Only Have One Life/Let's Groove/I've Gotta Find Her/I Wish It Could Be Me/Push A Little Bit Harder/Don't Go/I Believe In Love/Without Your Love/We Can Do It

HAE 8361 - Famous Opry Favorites - Roy Acuff [1968] Same as Hickory LPS 139. I'm Movin' On/Tomorrow Never Comes/Candy Kisses/I Love You Because/Filipino Baby/I'll Go On//Foggy River/Oh, Lonesome Me/Send Me the Pillow You Dream On/Satisfied Mind/Don't Let Me Cross/Uncle Pen

HAR 8362 - Man of La Mancha (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1968] Same as Kapp KRS 5505. Overture/Man Of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote)/It's All The Same/Dulcinea/I'm Only Thinking Of Him/I Really Like Him/What Do You Want Of Me?/The Barber's Song (Golden Helmet)/To Each His Dulcinea (To Every Man His Dream)/The Impossible Dream (The Quest)/Little Bird, Little Bird/The Dubbing/The Abduction/Aldonza/A Little Gossip/Dulcinea (Reprise), The Impossible Dream (Reprise), Man Of La Mancha (Reprise), The Psalm, Finale (The Impossible Dream)

HAE 8363 - Come Swing With Us - Swingin' Gentry Singers [1968] Same as Hickory LPS 142. Fireball Mail/Maurie/I Love You Because/Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain/Singing The Blues/Fancy Pants//Oh Lonesome Me/Call Her Your Sweetheart/Foggy River/Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings/You Made It That Way/I Wonder When We'll Ever Know

HAB 8364 - Traveling Shoes - Guy Mitchell [1968] Same as Starday SLP 412. Includes a couple of newly recorded versions of his 1950s hits for the Columbia label. Traveling Shoes/My Abilene/Before You Take Your Love From Me/Why baby Why/Good Morning Heartache/Irene Goodbye//Alabam/Every Night Is A Lifetime/Singing The Blues/Bubbles/Good-By Road, Hello Home/My Truly, Truly Fair

HAU 8365 - Soul Serenade - Willie Mitchell [1968] Same as Hi SHL 32039. Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On/Soul Finger/Cleo's Mood/Slippin' And Sliddin'/Soul Serenade/Willie's Mood//Sunny/Pearl Time/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag/Respect/Have You Ever Had The Blues/Toddlin'

HAP 8366 - Country Boy's Dream - Carl Perkins [1968] Same as Dollie LP 4001. Country Boy's Dream/If I Could Come Back/Sweet Misery/Stateside/Detroit City/Unmitigated Gall//Shine, Shine, Shine/Dream on Little Dreamer/You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country/The Star of the Show/Home/Poor Boy Blues

HAU 8367 - Bill Black's Beat Goes On - Bill Black [1968] Same as Hi SHL 32041. Funky Broadway/Ode To Billy Joe/Let The Good Times Roll/The Stripper/Soul Man/The Beat Goes On//A Whiter Shade of Pale/River Of Darkness/Never My Love/Wipe It Out/Gotta Travel On/The Letter

HAU 8368 - Willie Mitchell Live - Willie Mitchell [1968] Same as Hi SHL 32042. 20-75/My Girl/Mustang Sally/Mercy Mercy/Smokie/Late Date//Tequila/Bum Daddy/Boot-Leg/Honky Tonk/I'll Be In Trouble/Pin Head

HA 8369 - Strange Things - Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight [1968] Get that Feeling/Strange Things/Odd Ball/Love Love/Simon Says/Gloomy Monday/Welcome Home

HAU 8370 - So Fine - Ike and Tina Turner [1968] Same as Pompeii SD 6000. Too Hot To Hold/Bet Cha Can't Kiss Me (Just One Time)/Ain't Nobody's Business/It Sho Ain't Me/A Fool In Love//So Fine/I Better Get Ta Steppin'/Shake A Tail Feather/We Need An Understanding/You're So Fine

HA 8371 - Wide World Hits - String-a-Longs [1968] Same as Atco 33 241.

HAU 8372 - Solid Soul - Willie Mitchell [1969] Same as Hi SHL-32045. Prayer Meetin'/Grazing In the Grass/Windy/Sunrise Serenade/The Horse/Groovin'//San-Ho-Zay/Up- Hard/Monkey Jump/Strawberry Solo/Hideaway/Willie-Wam

SHU 8373 - Turn on Your love Light - Bill Black's Combo [1969] Same as Hi SHL-32044. Turn On Your Love Light/Simon Says/Bright Lights Big City/Red Light/Big Boss Man//In the Midnight Hour/Feel So Bad/Shoo- Bee-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day/Phily Dog/Soul Serenade/The Horse



SHU 8376 - The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands - Turtles [1969] Same as White Whale WWS 7118. Battle Of The Bands (S)/The Last Thing I Remember (S)/Elenore (S)/Too Much Heartsick Feeling (S)/Oh, Daddy! (S)/Buzzsaw (S)//Surfer Dan (S)/I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (S)/You Showed Me (S)/Food (S)/Chicken Little Was Right (S)/Earth Anthem (All) (S)

SHT 8377 - Big Brother and the Holding Company - Big Brother and the Holding Company [1968] Same as Mainstream S 6099. Bye, Bye Baby/Easy Rider/Intruder/Light Is Faster Than Sound/Call On Me //Women Is Losers/Blindman/Down On Me/Caterpillar/All Is Loneliness

SHT 8378 - Journey to the Center of the Mind - Amboy Dukes [1968] Same as Mainstream 6112. Mississippi Murderer/Surrender to Your Kings/Flight of the Byrd/Scottish Tea/Dr. Slingshot//Journey to the Center of the Mind/Ivory Castles/Why Is a Carrot More Orange Than an Orange/Missionary Mary/Death Is Life/Saint Philips Friend/I'll Prove I'm Right/Conclusion

SF 8379 - Visions of Eight (Soundtrack) - Henry Mancini [1968] Same as RCA ABL 1 0231. Ludmilla's Theme/Pretty Girls/Spaced Out/Warm Up/Soft Flight/The Race/Salute to the Olympians/Olympic Village/Ludmilla's Theme/Hurdles and Girdles/Theme for the Losers/Salute to the Olympians Finale

HAB 8380 - Modern Country Hits of Today, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1968] Same as record 1 of Starday SLP 418. There Goes My Everything - Red Sovine (S)/Ring Of Fire - Willis Brothers (S)/Cowboy Boots - Dave Dudley (E)/I Don't Wanna Play House - Lisa Favors (S)/The Other Woman - Red Sovine (S)/Misty Blue - George Morgan (S)/Bear With Me A Little Longer - Red Sovine (S)//You Mean The World To Me - George Morgan (S)/My Abiline - Guy Mitchell (S)/Bringing Mary Home - Red Sovine (S)/He'll Have To Go - Red Sovine (S)/If You Can't Bite, Don't Growl - Johnny Bond (S)/I'm The Man - Red Sovine (S)/Where Could I Go But To Her - Red Sovine (S)

HAB 8381 - Modern Country Hits of Today, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1968] Same as record 2 of Starday SLP 418. Turn The World Around - George Morgan (S)/Girl On The Billboard - Red Sovine (S)/Accidentally On Purpose - Red Sovine (S)/Ruby Ann - Willis Brothers (S)/I Couldn't See - George Morgan (S)/Women Do Funny Things - Larry Kingston (S)/Alabam - Guy Mitchell (S)//Laura - Red Sovine (S)/All The Time - George Morgan (S)/Almost Persuaded - Betty Amos (S)/Six Days On The Road - Dave Dudley (E)/Yakety Axe - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith (S)/Window Up Above - George Morgan (S)/What's He Doing In My World - Red Sovine (S)

SHD 8382 - Those Were the Days - Exotic Guitars [1969] Same as Ranwood R 8040. Autumn Leaves/Bells That Ring For No One/I Walk Alone/Love Is Blue/A Man And A Woman/Only You/A Taste Of Honey/The Sound Of Music/Those Were The Days/Twilight Time

SH 8383 - Acid - Ray Barretto [1969] Same as Fania SLP 346. El Nuevo Baretto/Mercy, Mercy, Baby/Acid/A Deeper Shade of Soul//The Soul Drummers/Sola Te Dejare/Teacher of Love/Espiritu Libre

SH 8384 - Introducing George Guzman - George Guzman [1969] Same as Fania LP 348. Marilu/Chant Of The Isles/Banana Freak Out/Lazy Boogaloo//George's Jala Jala/Camaron/Cacumen/French Boogaloo/Hierba Buena (Good Grass)


SH 8386 - Riot! - Joe Bataan [1969] Same as Fania SLP 354. It's a Good Feeling/For Your Love/Muneca/Pa' Monte//What Good is a Castle/Daddy's Coming Home/Mambo De Bataan/My Cloud/Ordinary Guy

SHK 8387 - Phyllis Newman's World of Music - Phyllis Newman [1969] Same as Sire 4101. Gentle On My Mind/Thiose Were The Days/When I'm 64/Until It's Time For You To Go/Frank Mills/Hold Me Tight/Your Mother Should Know/Both Sides Now/Misty Blue/others

SHU 8388 - On Top - Willie Mitchell [1969] Same as Hi SHL-32048. Take Five/Poppin'/Canadian Sunset/Ain't Too Proud To Beg/Louie, Louie/Big Power House//30-60-90/Who's Making Love/I Say A Little Prayer/Come See About Me/I Wish It Would Rain/Sunshine Of Your Love

SHU 8389 - Soulin' the Blues - Bill Black's Combo [1969] Same as Hi SHL 32047. Hoochie Coochie/Everyday I Have The Blues/Dust My Broom/Blue Shadows/Prowlin'/No Time//The Birds And The Bees/Things I Used To Do/Spoonful/Imperial Tempo/Mrs. Nelly B/Last Train

SHP 8390 - Dion - Dion [1969] Same as Laurie SLP 2047. Abraham Martin And John (S)/Purple Haze (S)/Tomorrow Is A Long Time-Everybody's Talkin' (S)/Sonny Boy (S)/The Dolphins (S)//He Looks A Lot Like Me (S)/Sun Fun Song (S)/Both Sides Now (S)/Sisters Of Mercy (S)/Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (S)

SHU 8391 - Hey Jude - Bing Crosby [1969] Same as Amos AAS 7001. Hey Jude/Little Green Apples/Livin' on Lovin'/Just for Tonight/Both Sides Now//Lonely Street/The Straight Life/It's All in the Game/More and More/Those Were the Days

SHT 8392 - Migration - Amboy Dukes [1969] Same as Mainstream S 611. Migration/Prodigal Man/For His Namesake//I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent/Good Natured Emma/Inside the Outside/Shades of Green and Grey/Curb Your Elephant/Loaded for Bear

HAB 8393 - Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 13 - Various Artists [1969] Same as record 1 of Starday SLP 430. Smokey Blue Eyes - Glen Campbell/Wishful Thinking - Wynn Stewart/I Should Start Running - Dottie West/Night Life - Willie Nelson/Ode To Big Joe - Willis Brothers/Woman Gone Bad - Snooky Lanson/Day After Never - Eddie McDuff/Yakety Axe - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith//Alabam - Guy Mitchell/Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Lester Flatt & Earl Scuggs/I Ain't Never - Roger Miller/Living - George Morgan/Release Me - Dolly Parton/Family Bible - Claude Gray/Stop The World (And Let Me Off)/Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

HAB 8394 - Country Music Hall of Fame, Volume 14 - Various Artists [1969] Same as record 2 of Starday SLP 430. Setting My Tears To Music - Archie Campbell/I'm Gonna Raise Cain (While I'm Able) - Johnny Bond/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again - Jan Howard/Sinking Of The Titanic - Pop Stoneman/Cowboy Boots - Dave Dudley/Ridin' The Sunshine Special - Johnny Horton/Story Of Bonnie & Clyde - Jimmie Skinner/Nothing Can Stop My Love - George Jones//Loser Makin' Good - Red Sovine/Y'all Come - Pete Drake/Orange Blossom Special - Stonemans/I've Loved You Forever It Seems - Webb Pierce/Hard Hearted - Jim & Jesse/Midnight In Heaven - Cowboy Copas/It Doesn't Show On Me - Buck Owens/Try To Live Some (While You're Here) - Minnie Pearl

HAK 8395 - Friends and Angels - Martha Velez [1969] Same as Sire 97008. I'm Gonna Leave You/Swamp Man/A Fool for You/In My Girlish Days/Very Good Fandango-Tell Mama//Feel So Bad/Drive Me Daddy/It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry/Come Here Sweet Man/Let the Good Times Roll

SH 8396 - Come On React! - The Fireballs [1969] Same as Atco 33 275. Hurry, Hurry /Codine /Come On, React! /Light In The Window /It's Easy For Me /Woman Help Me /Mr. Reeves /Good Lovin's So Hard To Find /Get Out My Life Woman /Lonely Too Long /Little Bitty Bucket /Louie, Go Home

SHB 8397 - Sounds of Goodbye - George Morgan [1969] Same as Starday SLP 435. The Sounds Of Goodbye/Live And Let Live And Be Happy/I'll Sail My Ship Alone/Sweeter Than The Flowers/Frisco Line/Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere//Country's Gone/Scattered Roses/Ballad Of The Grand Ole Opry/Signed Sealed And Delievered/Three Hearts In A Tangle/Beyond The Sunset

SHN 8398 - Trouble is a Lonesome Town - Lee Hazelwood [1969] Same as LHI S 12006. Long Black Train/Ugly Brown/Son of a Gun/We All Make the Flowers Grow/Run Boy Run//Six Feet of Chain/The Railroad/Look at That Woman/Peculiar Guy/Trouble is a Lonesome Town



SHK 8401 - Bluesvibes - Aum [1969] Same as Sire SES 97007. Tobacco Road/Mississippi Mud/Bay Bridge Blues/Chilli Woman/A Little Help from You/Movin' Man/You Can't Hide

SHK 8402 - Path of the Wave - Peter Kelley [1969] Same as Sire SES 97009. Apricot Brandy/High Flyin' Mama/Christine I/All I Needed Was Time/Childhood's Hour//The Man is Dead/ChristineII/In My Own and Secret Way/Path of the Wave



SHK 8405 - Southern Comfort - Walter "Shakey" Horton/Martin Stone/Jessie Lewis/Jerome Arnold [1969] Same as Sire SES 97011. Easy (No. 2) (Instrumental)/If It Ain't Me Babe/Sugar Mama/Need My Baby/Somethin' Else/Walking By Myself//Train Time (Instrumental)/Found A New Love/Same Old Blues/Paying Double/Netti-Netti (Instrumental Raga)

HAU 8406 - The Big "O" - Roy Orbison with The Art Movement [1969] Recorded in England. Break My Mind/Help Me Rhonda/Only You/Down the Line/Money/When I Stop Dreaming//Loving Touch/Land of 1,000 Dances/She Won't Hang Her Love Out (On the Line)/Casting My Spell on You/Penny Arcade

HAU 8407 - Ace of Sax - Ace Cannon [1969] Same as Hi HL-12051/SHL-32051. Down By The Riverside/I've Been Loving You Too Long/Amen/Bad Moon Rising/Alley Cat//Who's Making Love/You Showed Me/Proud Mary/Groovin'/You Gave Me A Mountain/Soul For Sale

HAU 8408 - Soul Bag - Willie Mitchell [1969] Same as Hi HL-12050/SHL-32050. Apollo X/One Mint Julep/I'm A Midnight Mover/Cherry Tree/Young People/Blue Blue Light//Everyday People/Knock On Wood/Grand Slam/Honey Pot/Hawaii Five-O/Set Free







SH 8415 - Let's Work Together - Wilbert Harrison [1970] Same as Sue SSLP 8801. Louie, Louie/Let's Work Together/Kansas City [new recording]/Peepin' and Hidin'/Tropical Shakedown//Blue Monday/Forgive Me/Soul Rattler/What Am I/Stagger Lee/Stand By Me



SHU 8418 - Chilliwack - Chilliwack [1971] Same as A&M 3509. Always/Antiphony/Changing Reels/Claps-Chants/Eat/Lonesome Mary/Night-Morning/Ride- Out/Ridin'/Rosie/Shine/Sleep Music/Traveling Music/Whistle-Flute Pads

SHZ 8419 - Chequered - Chubby Checker [1971] How Does It Feel/Stoned in the Bathroom/No Need to Get So Heavy/Let's Go Down/My Mind//Goodbye Victoria/Love Tunnel/Slow Twistin'/He Died/If the Sun Stopped Shining

SHU 8420 - Vanishing Point (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] Same as Amos ASS 8002. Super Bowl Theme - J.B. Pickers/The Girl Done Got It Together - Bobby Doyle/Where Do We Go from Here? - Jimmy Walker/Welcome to Nevada - Jerry Reed/Dear Jesus God - Segarini and Bishop/Runaway Country - Doug Dillard Expedition/You Got to Believe - Delaney/Love Theme - Jimmy Bowen/So Tired - Eva/Freedom of Expression - J.B. Pickers/Mississippi Queen - Mountain/Sing Out for Jesus - Big Mama Thorton/Over Me - Segarini and Bishop/Nobody Knows - Kim and Dave

SHU 8421 - On My Side - Cowsills [1971] On My Side/Once There Was a Time/If You Can't Have It, Knock It/Contact Me/Can You Love Me/Mystery of Life//Heather Says/There is a Child/Dover Mine/Cheatin' on Me/Down on the Farm/Good Ole Rock and Roll Song


SHU 8423 - Buckwheat - Buckwheat [1971] Same as London PS 595. Carmel Mountain Road/What's Right For You/I Got To Boogie/Eleanor Rigby//Mockingbird/Long Lonely Road/Standing In Line/Walk Me Out In The Morning Dew/Goin' Up, Comin' Down

SHU 8424 - Al Green Gets Next to You - Al Green [1971] Same as Hi SHL 32062. I Can't Get Next To You (S)/Are You Lonely For Me Baby (S)/God Is Standing By (S)/Tired Of Being Alone (S)/I'm A Ram (S)//Driving Wheel (S)/Light My Fire (S)/You Say It (S)/Right Now Right Now (S)/All Because (S)

SHU 8425 - River Town Blues - Big Lucky, Big Amos, Don Hines [1971] Same as Hi SHL 32063. Issued in rechanneled stereo. Please Don't Leave/Going To Vietnam/Goofer Dust/Stop Arguing/I've Been Hurt/Miss Betty Green//Stormy Monday Blues/You Better Mind/I'm Gone/Dog Man/You're Too Young/Please Accept My Love

SHO 8426 - Get Off in Chicago - Harvey Mandel [1972] Same as Ovation OV 14-15. Jellyroll/High-Test Fish Line/Local Days/Check Me Out/Highway Blues/I'm a Lonely Man/Sweet Lynda/Springfield Station Theme/Race Track Daddy

SHO 8427 - Rich Mountain Tower - Rich Mountain Tower [1972] Same as Ovation OV 14-12. Uncle Bob White/Circle Sky Moon Mix/Thank You, Maggie/If You Don't Look Back/Our Passage Home//He Ain't Got No Color, Boys/Song of the Sea/The Same Thing Applies to Me That Applies to You/One Last Farewell/Marie

SHE 8428 - Run Baby Run - Newbeats [1972] Same as Hickory LPS 128. Run Baby Run/Oh Pretty Woman/Hang On Sloopy/Help/Little Child/It's Really Goodbye//Oh Girls Girls/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/This Old Heart/Come See About Me/Mean Woolie Willie/Lookin' For Love

SHU 8429 - Movin' On - Buckwheat [1972] Same as London PS 609. Movin' On Part 1/Simple Song Of Freedom/Does Anybody Care/Good Book/I'm Goin' Home//A Song For Billy/The Gunfighter/Indian Song/Crazy Songs And Looney Tunes/Movin' On - Part 2

SHU 8430 - Let's Stay Together - Al Green [1972] Same as Hi SHL 32070. Let's Stay Together/La La For You/So You're Leaving/What Is This Feeling/Old Time Lovin'//I've Never Found A Girl/How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Judy/It Ain't No Fun To Me

SHU 8431 - Miracles - Yma Sumac [1972] Same as London XPS 608. Remember/Medicine Man/Let Me Hear You/Tree Of Life/Flame Tree//Zebra/Azure Hands/Look Around/Magenta Mountain/El Condor Pasa

SHO 8432 - After All This Time - Bonnie Koloc [1972] Same as Ovation OVQD 14-21. Don't Leave Me/After All This Time/New York City Blues/Devil's Nine Questions/Another New Morn//Rainy Day lady/Jazz Man/Victoria's Morning/Got to Get What You Can/One Sure Thing

SHU 8433 - Rio Grande Mud - ZZ Top [1972] Same as London SPS 612. Francene/Just Got Paid/Mushmouth Shoutin'/Ko Ko Blue/Chevrolet//Apologies To Pearly/Bar-B-Q/Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell/Whiskey N' Mama/Down Brownie

SHU 8434 - Straight from the Heart - Ann Peebles [1972] Same as Hi SHL-32065. Slipped, Tripped And Fell In Love/Trouble, Heartaches And Sadness/What You Laid On Me/How Strong Is A Woman/Somebody's On Your Case//I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home Tonight/I've Been There Before/I Pity The Fool/99 Pounds/I Take What I Want

SHU 8435 - Roy Orbison Sings - Roy Orbison [1972] Same as MGM SE-4835. God Love You/Beaujolais/If Only For Awhile/Rings Of Gold/Help Me/Plain Jane Country (Come To Town)//Harlem Woman/Cheyenne/Changes/It Takes All Kinds Of People/Remember The Good

SHU 8436 - Wishbone - Jackie Mitto [1972] Same as Summus SUS 50 002. Satisfaction/Groovy Spirit/Love Life/Wishbone/Grand Funk/La-La Girls and Cha-Cha Boys/Dry Wine/Love of Life/Soul Bird/Steeple in the Snow/Mother Funk/Right Track

SHU 8437 - LLLLLoco-Motion - Little Eva [1972] Same as Dimension DLP 6000 without Keep Your Hands Off My Baby. The Loco-Motion/Some Kind-A Wonderful/I Have A Love/Down Home/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/Run To Her//Uptown/Where Do I Go/Up On The Roof/Sharing You/He Is The Boy/Will You Love Me Tomorrow

SHU 8438 - Everyone Lives to Sing - Orphan [1972] Same as London XPS 614. Everyone Lives To Sing/Leave Now (Let Me Go)/Lonely Day/Sad Eyes/Down To The River/It's So Hard/Easy Now//Daylight Darkness/Look At Her/Someone Better Listen/Fisherman/Take A Look Around/I'm Alone/You Know The Way


SHO 8440 - Hold on to Me - Bonnie Koloc [1972] Same as Ovation OVQD 14-26. Sailing Ship/Burgundy Wine/The Love in Winter Plaineth for the Spring/Hold On to Me/Sweet Mama//We are Ships/Angel from Montgomery/Jamaica/Diamond Lil/Every Day II


SH 8442 - Ernie Smith - Ernie Smith [1972]

SHU 8443 - I'm Still in Love with You - Al Green [1972] Same as Hi SHLX-32074. I'm Still In Love With You/I'm Glad You're Mine/Love And Happiness/What A Wonderful Thing Love Is/Simply Beautiful//Oh, Pretty Woman/For The Good Times/Look What You Done For Me/One Of These Good Old Days

SHU 8444 - Charade - Buckwheat [1972] Same as London XPS 621. Hey Little Girl/Children/I Got To Boogie/Old L.A./Take Me Away/Tell Me Babe//Funky Way (To Treat Somebody)/Katy's Corner/She Was Good To Me/I'd Better Get To Steppin'/I Just Can't Turn My Habit Into Love

SHU 8445 - Memphis - Roy Orbison [1972] Same as MGM SE-4867. Memphis, Tennessee/Why A Woman Cries/Run, Baby, Run (Back Into My Arms)/Take Care Of Your Woman/I'm The Man On Susie's Mind/I Can't Stop Loving You//Run The Engines Up High/It Ain't No Big Thing/I Fought The Law/The Three Bells/Danny Boy




SHB 8449 - A Million to One - Manhattans [1972] Same as Deluxe DLP 12004. A Million to One/It's the Only Way/Back Up/You On My Mind/Fever/Do You Ever//Strange Old World/One Life to Live/Blackbird/Cry If You Wanna Cry/Teenage Liberation/I Can't Stand for You to Leave Me

SHS 8450 - New Grass Revival - New Grass Revival [1973] Same as Starday SLP 482. Great Balls Of Fire/Ginseng Sullivan/Body And Soul/Whisper My Name/Lonesome Fiddle Blues//Pennies In My Pocket/Cold Sailor/With Care From Someone/I Wish I Said I Love You One More Time /Prince Of Peace

SH 8451 - O Boso - Manu Dibango [1972] Same as Canadian London DL 3005. Soul Makossa/New Bell (Hard Pulsation)/Nights in Zeralda/Hibiscus//Dangwa (Three Points)/Wild Man in the City/O Boso/Ngosso

SHU 8452 - Rock and Reflection - Orphan [1973] Same as London XPS 630. It's A Good Day/Wild Mountain Ride/When All Helpers Fail/Sing A Sad Song/Hide Away/Given All The Good Times//Places I've Been/Smilin' River/Lovin' You/Morning Rhyme/Waitin' On Tomorrow/Sit Down Rock And Roll Man

SHU 8453 - Pillow Talk - Sylvia [1973] Same as Vibration VI 126. Pillow Talk/Give It Up In Vain/Sunday/Don't Leave Me Starving /My Thing//Don't I/Had Any Lately/Not On The Outside/Cowards Way Out

HAU 8454 - Blues Obscurities Volume One: Dark Muddy Bottom - Various Artists [1974] Same as Blues Obscurities BOE 1. Lonesome Lover Blues - Joe Richards/Born For Bad Lick - Roscoe Chenier/Kokomo Me Baby - Danny Boy/My Baby Is Gone - TV Slim/Wanta Know How You Feel - Leo Morris/Drifting Cloud - Drifting Charles/Boogie - Little Milton//Wild Wild Women - Danny Boy/I Don't Need You - Leo Morris/Every Man Needs A Woman - TV Slim/Dark Muddy Bottom - Lightning Leon/I'm A Real Man - TV Slim/Dreaming, Dreaming - Joe Richards/Boogie Woogie Woogie Baby - Little Milton

HAU 8455 - Blues Obscurities Volume Two: Lonesome Harmonica - Various Artists [1974] Same as Blues Obscurities BOE 2. The Thing To Do - Eddie Burns/Whole Lotta Woman - Mojo Bufford/Lonesome Harmonica - Ace Holder/I'm Tore Up - Harmonica Fats/Encourage Me Baby - Ace Holder/That's No Big Deal - Harmonica Joe/My Baby Left Me - Buster Brown// Homeless Boy Blues - Ace Holder/Willow Brook Blues - Kid Thomas/I'm In Love With You - Ace Holder/Crying Won't Make Me Stay - Sammy Blann/Leave My Woman Alone - Ace Holder/Messin' With The Kid - Mojo Bufford/Hard Working Man - Buster Brown

HAU 8456 - Blues Obscurities Volume: Three: Stretchin' Out - Various Artists [1974] Same as Blues Obscurities BOE 3. Gonna Take Time - Gus Jenkins/Stretchin' Out - Don & Dewey/The Hurt Is On - Kid Thomas/Let's Talk It Over - Blues Slim/Going Back Home - Sonny Harper/- Storm Clouds - C.C. Griffin//I Keep On Trying - K.C. Watson/You Told Me - Gus Jenkins/Soul Motion - Don & Dewey/Hard Life - Guitar Shorty/I Do Believe - C.C. Griffin/Lonely Stranger - Sonny Harper

SHU 8457 - Call Me - Al Green [1973] Same as Hi XSHL 32077. Call Me (Come Back Home)/Have You Been Making Out O.K./Stand Up/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Your Love Is Like The Morning Sun//Here I Am (Come And Take Me)/Funny How Time Slips Away/You Ought To Be With Me/Jesus Is Waiting


SHU 8459 - Tres Hombres - ZZ Top [1973] Same as London XPS 631. Waiting For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago/Beer Drinker And Hell Raisers/Master Of Spares/Hot, Blue And Righteous//Move Me Down The Line/Precious And Grace/La Grange/Sheik/Have You Heard?

SHZ 8460 - Coasters on Broadway - Coasters [1973] Same as King KS 1146. D.W. Washburn (S)/On Broadway (S)/Mohair Sam (S)/The In Crowd (S)/Down At Poppa Joe's (S)/Love Potion Number 9 (S)//Mustang Sally (S)/Cool Jerk (S)/Down Home Girl (S)/Soul Pad (S)/Everybody's Woman (S)/Talkin' 'Bout A Woman (S)

SH 8461 - Gemini - Erroll Garner [1973] Same as London XPS 617. How High The Moon/It Could Happen To You/Gemini/When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry//Tea For Two/Something/Eldorado/These Foolish Things


SH 8463 - From Rags to Classics - Eubie Blake [1973] SameCharleston Rag (1971)/Charleston Rag (1921)/Capricious Harlem/Rustles Of Spring/You're Lucky To Me/You Do Something To Me//Rain Drops/Pork And Beans/Valse Marion/Classical Rag/Scarf Dance/Butterfly/Junk Man Rag

SHU 8464 - Livin' for You - Al Green [1973] Same as Hi SHL 32082. Livin' For You/Home Again/Free At Last/Let's Get Married/So Good To Be Here//Sweet Sixteen/Unchained Melody/My God Is Real/Beware



SHU 8467 - Come Live With Me - Ray Charles [1974] Same as Crossover CR 9000. Till There Was You/If You Go Away/It Takes So Little Time/Come Live With Me/Somebody/Problems, Problems/Where Was He/Louise/Everybody Sing

SHU 8468 - I Can't Stand the Rain - Ann Peebles [1974] Same as Hi SHL-32079. I Can't Stand The Rain/Do I Need You/Until You Came Into My Life/(You Keep Me) Hangin' On/Run, Run, Run//If We Can't Trust Each Other/A Love Vibration/You Got To Feed The Fire/I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/One Way Street

SHU 8469 - Back for a Taste of Your Love - Syl Johnson [1974] Same as Hi SHL-32081. Back For A Taste Of Your Love/I'm Yours/I Let A Good Girl Go/Anyway The Wind Blows/You Don't Know Me//Feelin' Frisky/We Did It/Wind, Blow Her Back My Way/I Hate I Walked Away/The Love You Left Behind

SHU 8470 - Hot Tracks - Buckwheat [1974] Same as London XPS 635. I Can Hear You/Take Extra Care/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Sweet Marie//Put Out The Light/Doin' It My Own Way/Time To Leave (A Little Country Tune)/Take It Easy

SHU 8471 - The Best of the Moments - Moments [1974] Same as Stang ST 1019. Where Can I Find Her/The Best Thing for Me/This Old House/Don't Let It Get You Down/Mama I Miss You//What's Your Name/Sexy Mama/I'm Willing/Can't Help Being in the Mood/Everybody Walking Together

SHM 8472 - Paul Davis - Paul Davis [1974] Same as Bang BLPS 226. What Would We Do Without Music/Love Don't Come Easy/Boogie Woogie Man/Let Me Be The One/Simple Man/One Night Lovers//Broken Hearted And Free/Keep Our Love Alive/Dream Of A Dreamer/Johnny Poverty/Gotta Find My Way Back/Come On Honey





SHU 8477 - Diamond in the Rough - Syl Johnson [1974] Same as Hi SHL-32085. Let Yourself Go/Don't Do It/I Want To Take You Home (To See Mama)/Could I Be Falling In Love/Stuck In Chicago//Diamond In The Rough/Keeping Down Confusion/Please, Don't Give Up On Me/Music To My Ears/I Hear The Love Chimes

SHU 8478 - That Music City Feeling - Ace Cannon [1974] Same as Hi SHL 32086. Last Date/Born To Lose/Mathilda/Behind Closed Doors/Tuff//There Goes My Everything/Stand By Your Man/Me And Jesus/Here Comes My Baby/Tennessee Saturday Night

SHU 8479 - Explores Your Mind - Al Green [1974] Same as Hi SHL 32087. Sha-La- La/Take Me To The River/God Blessed Our Love/The City/One Nite Stand//I'm Hooked On You/Stay With Me Forever/Hangin' On/School Days

SHU 8480 - Barry Miles and Silverlight - Barry Miles and Silverlight [1974] Same as London PS 651. Buck Rogers/The Cat/Loved You So Long/Gypsy Dance/The Top Belle//Big Mack/Time And Space/Los Viajeros (The Travellers)/Sweet Love And Devotion/Silver Lightning

SHU 8481 - Greatest Hits - Al Green [1975] Same as Hi SHL 32089. Tired Of Being Alone (S)/Call Me (Come Back Home) (S)/I'm Still In Love With You (S)/Here I Am (Come and Take Me) (S)/How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (S)//Let's Stay Together (S)/I Can't Get Next To You (S)/You Ought To Be With Me (S)/Look What You Done For Me (S)/Let's Get Married (S)

SHU 8482 - Fandango! - ZZ Top [1975] Same as London PS 656. Thunderbird/Jailhouse Rock/Backdoor Medley: Backdoor Love Affair/Mellow Down Easy/Backdoor Love Affair No. 2/Long Distance Boogie//Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings/Blue Jean Blues/Balinese/Mexican Blackbird/Heard It On The X/Tush

SHU 8483 - Out in Front - Olympic Runners [1975] Same as London PS 658. 100 Yard Dash/Exit City/Drag It Over Here/Go No Further/Out To Lunch/(There's A) Freeze On Funk//Dump The Bump/Panic Button/Get This Thing Down/Coucou N' Flying Fish/ Till The Sun Comes Up


SHU 8485 - Renaissance - Ray Charles [1975] Same as Crossover CR 9005. Living for the City/Then We'll Be Home/My God and I/We're Gonna Make It/For Mama "La Mamma"/Sunshine/It Ain't Easy Being Green/Sail Away

SHU 8486 - The Very Best of Ace Cannon - Ace Cannon [1975] Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/Georgia on My Mind/My Prayer/Making Believe/Tennessee Waltz/Always on My Mind/You Always Hurt the One You Love/Tuff/Paper Roses/Feelings

SHE 8487 - The Very Best of Don Gibson - Don Gibson [1975] Same as Hickory H3G- 4502. Oh Lonesome Me/(I'd Be A) Legend In My Time/Touch The Morning/Just One Time/Country Green/Blue Blue Day//I Can't Stop Loving You/Give Myself A Party/Sweet Dreams/Woman (Sensuous Woman)/Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings/Lonesome No.1

SHU 8488 - Al Green is Love - Al Green [1975] Same as Hi SHL-32092. L-O-V-E (Love)/Rhymes/The Love Sermon/There Is Love/Could I Be The One//Love Ritual/I Didn't Know/Oh Me, Oh My (Dreams In My Arms)/I Gotta Be More (Take Me Higher)/I Wish You Were Here

SHU 8489 - A Southern Memoir - Bing Crosby [1975] Only released in the UK. On the Alamo/Alabamy Bound/Where the Morning Glories Grow/Stars Fell on Alabama/Carolina in the Morning/Swanee/Way Down Yonder in New Orleans/Georgia on My Mond/Cryin' for the Carolines/She is the Sunshine of Virginia/Sleepy-Time Down South/Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay

SHU 8490 - Tellin' It - Ann Peebles [1975] Same as Hi SHL 32091. Come To Mama/I Don't Lend My Man/I Needed Somebody/Stand By Woman/It Was Jealousy//Doctor Love Power/You Can't Hold A Man/Beware/Put Yourself In My Place/Love Played A Game

SHU 8491 - With a Little Help from - Shirley Alston [1975] Same as Prodigal 10008. I Only Have Eyes for You/Save the Last Dance For Me/Our Day Will Come/1,000 Miles Away-Daddy's Home/In the Still of the Night//Where or When/Sincerely/Silhouettes/I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing/Chapel of Love/I Do Love You/I'd Rather Not Be Loving You

HAU 8492 - Chubby Checker's Greatest Hits - Chubby Checker [1976] The Twist/Pony Time/Limbo Rock/The Class/The Fly/At the Discotheque/Do the Freddie/Birdland//Slow Twistin'/Let's Limbo Some More/The Huckle-Buck/Popeye (The Hitch-Hiker)/Dancin' Party/Let's Twist Again/Loddy Do/Twist and Shout

SHU 8493 - Full of Fire - Al Green [1976] Same as Hi SHL-32097. Glory, Glory/That's The Way It Is/Always/There's No Way/I'd Fly Away//Full of Fire/Together Again/Soon As I Get Home/Let It Shine

SHU 8494 - Total Explosion - Syl Johnson [1976] Same as Hi SHL-32096. I Only Have Love/Bustin' Up Or Bustin' Out/Star Bright Star Lite/Watch What You Do To Me/Steppin' Out//Take Me To The River/It Ain't Easy/'Bout To Make Me Leave Home/That's Just My Luck

SHO 8495 - Cara Mia - Paul Delicato [1976] Same as Artists of America AOA 5002. Cara Mia/It's the Same Old Song/Happy Together/What Becomes of the Brokenhearted/I Can't Make It All Alone//Lean On Me/I Couldn't Live Without Your Love/(You Keep Me) Hangin' On/Medley: Baby Face, you Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby/Spirit of American

SHU 8496 - Infernal Blues Machine - Infernal Blues Machine [1976] Same as London PS 666. Adios Amigo/Needing You/When You Move You Lose/Ju Ju/Never Turn Your Back On A Friend//When Love Calls Your Name/Write Me A Letter/Ain't That Love/I Can Make It But It Would Be Easier With Love

SHU 8497 - Radio Radials - Greezy Wheels [1976] Same as London PS 667. Sideman's Party/Country Music And Friends/Heartburn (I'm A Menace)/Clean But Unshaven/Dirty Old Man//Feel Like A Devil/Right Now Rag (Instrumental)/Can't Get Her Off My Chest/Ninety-Nine And A Half/Billy The Kid Next Door


SHU 8499 - Bingo Viejo - Bing Crosby [1977] Maria Bonita/Green Eyes/Amapola/Basame Mucho/Cuando Calienta El Sol//Eres Tu/La Borrachita/Frenesi/Spanish Eyes/The Breeze and I

HAU 8500 - Philadelphia Freedom, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1976] Butterfly - Charlie Gracie/Silhouettes - Rays/Dinner with Drac - John Zacherle/Fabulous - Charlie Gracie/Bristol Stomp - Dovells/Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp/Wah-Watusi - Orlons/Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) - Dee Dee Sharp//Don't Hang - Orlons/Popeye Waddle - don Covay/Do the Bird - Dee Dee Sharp/South Street - Orlons/So Much in Love - Tymes/Butterfly Baby - Bobby Rydell/Rock Me in the Cradle of Love - Dee Dee Sharp/Wonderful, Wonderful - Tymes

HAU 8501 - Philadelphia Freedom, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1976] You Can't Sit Down - Dovells/Not Me - Orlons/Twist It Up - Chubby Checker/Betty in Bermudas - Dovells/Crossfire - Orlons/It's Time We Parted - Bobby Rydell/Wild - Dee Dee Sharp/You'll Never Walk Alone - Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells//Do the 81 - Candy and the Kisses/Here She Comes - Tymes/Hey You Boo- Ga-Loo - Chubby Checker/This Can't Be True - Eddie Holman/You've Been Untrue - Delfonics/Let the Good Times Roll-Feel So Good - Bunny Sigler/Picture Me Gone - Evie Sands/96 Tears - ? and the Mysterians

HAU 8502 - Best of Bobby Rydell - Bobby Rydell [1976] Kissin' Time/We Got Love/Wild One/Swingin' School/Volare/Sway/Good Time Baby/The Fish/I Wanna Thank You//Teach Me To Twist/I've Got Bonnie/I'll Never Dance Again/The Cha-Cha-Cha/Butterfly Baby/Wildwood Days/Forget Him/Make Me Forget/World Without Love

SHU 8503 - The Whole World's Goin' Crazy - April Wine [1976] Same as London PS 675. Gimme Love/Child's Garden/Rock N' Roll Woman/Wings Of Love/Marjorie//So Bad/Shotdown/Like A Lover, Like A Song/Kick Willy Rd./The Whole World's Goin' Crazy

HAU 8504 - The Best of the Orlons - Orlons [1977] Cameo-Parkway material.

SHU 8505 - Have a Good Time - Al Green [1976] Same as Hi SHL-32103. Keep Me Cryin'/Smile A Little Bit More/I Tried To Tell Myself/Something/The Truth Marches On//Have A Good Time/Nothing Takes The Place Of You/Happy/Hold On Forever

SHU 8506 - On the Loose - Hi Rhythm [1976] Same as Hi SHL-32099. On The Loose/Superstar/Since You've Been Gone/Purple Rain Drops//I Remember, Do Yo/Save All My Lovin'/You Got Me Comin'/Skinny Dippin'

SHU 8507 - What's On Your Mind? - Hodges, James and Smith [1977] Same as London PS 685. Don't Take Away Your Love/Situation/One More Love Song/Love Baby/People Needing People//Feelings/What's On Your Mind/Since I Fell For You/Off

SHU 8508 - Pearl - Pearl [1977] Same as London PS 692. Nobody Home/Love In Your Life/Two's A Party (Three Is A Crowd)/All I Really Want Is You/It's All Gonna Come Back//Spending The Night Alone/Everybody Needs Somebody/You're My Joy/Makin' Music/Benediction

SHU 8509 - True to Life - Ray Charles [1977] Same as Atlantic SD 19142. I Can See Clearly Now/The Jealous Kind/Oh What a Beautiful Morning/How Long Has This Been Going On//Be My Love/Anonymous Love/Heavenly Music/Game Number Nine/Let It Be

SHU 8510 - Live at the El Morcambo - April Wine [1977] Same as London PS 699. Teenage Love/Tonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love/Juvenile Delinquent/Don't Push Me Around//Oowatanite/Drop Your Guns/Slow Poke/You Won't Dance With Me/You Could Have Been A Lady


SHU 8512 - What Have You Done for Love? - Hodges, James and Smith [1977] Same as London PS 713. What Have You Done For Love?/The San Francisco Rag (Everytime)/You Can't Hide Love/Falling In Love/Hide-A-Way//You Know Who You Are/That's The Way/Here Is Where Your Love Belongs/Seems So Long/Darling, I Promise

HAU 8513 - The Cameo-Parkway Sessions - Charlie Gracie [1977] Butterfly/Ninety-Nine Ways/Just Lookin'/I Love You So Much It Hurts/Wanderin' Eyes/You Got a Heart Like a Rock/Cool Baby/Crazy Girl/Dressin' Up/Love Bird/Trying/Plaything/Tootsie/Baby You Changed/Snuggle Up Baby/Walk With Me Girl/Tenderness/How Many Timkes/Remember You're Mine


HAU 8515 - Cameo-Parkway Sessions - Dovells [1978] Mope Itty Mope/Bristol Stomp/Out in the Cold Again/Do the Continental/Why Do Fools Fall in Love?/Bristol Twistin' Annie/Oh What a Night/Hully Gully Baby/Your last Chance/Jitterbug//Kissin' in the Kitchen/Save Me Baby/Short Fat Fannie/You Can't Sit Down Stompin' Everywhere/Betty in Bermudas/Dance the Froog/Stop Monkeying Around/No No No/Maybellene

HAU 8516 - Cameo-Parkway Sessions - Tymes [1978] Wonderful Wonderful/So Much in Love/That Old Black Magic/Let's Make Love Tonight/Summer Day/Come With Me to the Sea/The Twelfth of Never/Anymore/Somewhere/Goodnight My Love//Blue Velvet/Chances aRe/Words Written on Water/Here She Comes/Address Unknown/The Lamp is Low/Night/The Way You Look Tonight/View From My Window/Till the End of Time


SHU 8518 - Chilliwack - Chilliwack [1978] Same as Parrot PAS 71040. Sundown/Every Day/Seventeenth Summer/Ballad//I've Got You Fixed/Rain-O/Chain Train

SHU 8519 - Love and Peace - Ray Charles [1978] Same as Atlantic SD 19199. You 20th Century Fox/Take Off That Dress/She-Knows/Riding Thumb/We Had It All/No Achievement Showing/A Peace That We Never Before Coulc Enjoy/Is There Anyone Out There?/Give the Poor Man a Break

SHU 8520 - The Very Best of the Chi-Lites - Chi-Lites [1976] Same as Brunswick BL 754208. You Don't Have to Go/There Will Never Be Any Peace/Here I Am/The Devil is Doing His Work/Half a Love/Too Good to Be Forgotten/It's Time for Love/Homely Girl//Have You See Her?/The Coldest Days of My Life/You Got to Be the One/I Found Sunshine/Stoned Out of My Mind/I Forgot to Say I Love You Till I'm Gone/I Never Had It So Good/Oh Girl

SHU 8521 - Half a Love - Chi-Lites [1976] Same as Brunswick BL 754204. Half-A- Love/Here I Am/I Never Had It So Good (And Felt So Bad)/Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man/When Temptation Comes//It's Time For Love/Take A Trip To The Islands/Go Away Dream/I'm Not A Gambler/Ain't Too Much Of Nothin'


SHU 8523 - Insides Out - Bohannon [1976] Same as Dakar DK 76916. Foot-Stompin' Music/East Coast Groove/Disco Stomp//Love Is Fading/Thoughts and Wishes/Keep on Being My Girl/Happy Feeling


SHU 8525 - Body Talkin' - Kathy Barnes [1978] Same as Republic RLP 7000. Body Talkin'/I'm IN It For the Love/Paradise Island/Something's Burning/When I Need You/I'm In Love With You//Off/Your Eyes Gave You Away/Loving Arms/After You/It's Not the Spotlight/You Make Me Feel It Again


SHY 8527 - The Scratch Band Featuring Danny Flowers - The Scratch Band Featuring Danny Flowers [1982] MCA Same as MCA 5300. Only Love/To Be Your Man/Such A Lonely Night/I'm Glad She Does/You Are My Fire//It's Alright/Carry Me Down To The River/Ridin' Sideways/Mr. Rock And Roll/Mountain Song

SHY 8528 - Radioactive - Roger C. Reale and Rue Morgue [1978] Same as Big Sound 028. High Society/Dear Dad/Stop and Go/Pain Killer/Rescue Me/Kill Me//Reach for the Sky/Madonna's Last Stand/Please Believe Me/Close Inspection/Inside Outside/I Can't Control Myself

SHY 8529 - Scratch Band - Scratch Band [1978] Same as Big Sound 1009. When We Dance/Wonder/Don't Go No Further/Prisoner Of Romance/Last Song/Rock 'N' Roll Love Letter/Make It Better/Danny And Laura/One Night (For Eddie)/I Only Want To Be With You

SHY 8530 - Staring at the Ceiling - Van Duren [1978] Same as Big Sound 3816.

SHY 8531 - High n' Inside - Yankees [1978] Same as Big Sound 037. Take It Like a Man/Everyday I Have to Cry/Bad Boy/Lovesick/(Can't Stop) Talkin' Bout My Baby/Boy's Night Out//Believe/Something About You/Give It Up/Take Me home and Make Me Like It/Somebody Like You/Wait Your Turn

SHU 8532 - Z-licious - Zulema [1978] Same as Lejoint LEJ 17000. Prologue/Higher Plane/Change/I'm Not Dreaming/See//Hanging On To A Memory/You've Got Something For Me/Praying For A Miracle/What Do I Do Now/Gotta Find A Way/Epilogue

SHU 8533 - Love the Way You Love Me - Eddie Horan [1978] Same as HDM 2002. Love the Way You Love Me/When I Fly with You/Concert by the Sea/Man Without His Woman//Love So Easy/Turn My World Back Around/Can't Do Without You/The Dancer


HAR 8535 - Ritchie Valens - Ritchie Valens [1978] Same as MGM GAS 117. This LP is mono. Donna/We Belong Together/From Beyond/Stay Beside Me/In A Turkish Town//Malagueña/La Bamba/Come On Let's Go/Rockin' All Night/Hurry Up

SHU 8536 - Losing You to Sleep - Tommy Hoehn [1978] Same as London PS 719. Hey Polarity!/Losing You to Sleep/The Heat/She Might Look My Way//Fresh Matches/Blow Yourself Up/I Know I Love You Now/Mean Nancy/Fight You (Anytime)

SHL 8537 - Ain't It So - Ray Charles [1979] Same as Atlantic SD 19251. Some Enchanted Evening/Blues in the Night/Just Because//What'll I Do/One of These Days/Love Me or Set Me Free/Drift Away/(Turn Out the Lights) Love Me Tonight



SHZ 8540 - L.A. Explosion! - The Last [1979] Same as Bomp BLP 4004. This Kind of Feeling/Bombing of London/Century City Rag/Walk Like Me/Slavedriver/Every Summer Day/Rack/She Don't Know Why I'm Here/Objections/Fool Like You, A/Someone's Laughing/I Don't Wanna Be In Love/Be Bop a Lula/Looking At You/Rack (Reprise)

HAZ 8541 - Crawdaddy Express - Crawdaddys [1979] I'm A Lover Not A Fighter/You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover/Down The Road Apiece/Let's Make It/Rainin' In My Heart/I'm Movin' On/Mystic Eyes/Oh Baby Doll//Bald Headed Woman/Come See Me/Got You In My Soul/Times Are Getting Tougher Than Tough/Down In The Bottom/Crawdaddy Express/I Wanna Put A Tiger In Your Tank




HAR 8545 - Del Shannon Hit Parade - Del Shannon [1980] Runaway/Keep Searchin'/So Long Baby/Break Up/From Me to You/Handy Man/Do You Want to Dance/Two Silhouettes/Little Town Flirt/Hats Off to Larry//Sue's Gotta Be Mine/Two kinds of Teardrops/Stranger in Town/Dream Baby/Mary Jane/Cry Myself to Sleep/I Go to Pieces/Kelly/Swiss Maid/Hey! Little Girl

SH 8546 - Brother Ray Is At It Again! - Ray Charles [1980] Same as Atlantic SD 19281. A Poor Man's Song/Anyway You Want It/Compared To What/Don't You Love Me Anymore?/I Can't Change It/Now That We've Found Each Other/Ophelia/Questions

SH 8547 - Morning Sun - Alphonse Mouzon [1981] I'm Glad That You're Here/When Linda Smiles/A Lullabye for Little Alphonse/To Mom with Love//Tell Me/Morning Sun/If Tomorrow Comes/Just Because of You

SH 8548 - Funkapolitan - Funkapolitan [1982] Same a Pavillion FZ 37969. Run Run Run/Illusion/War/If Only//In the Crime of Life/Behold the Super Ace/There It is Again/As the Time Goes By

SH 8549 - Songs for Sale - Vic Godard and Subway Sect [1982] Hey Now (I'm in Love)/Crazy Crazy/Mr. Bennett/What's Your Name?/Noola's Saloon/Be Your Age/Moving Bed//Swing Gently/Stamp of a Vamp/Love for Sale/Dilletante/Just in Time/No Style

SH 8550 - Sharing Your Love - Change [1982] Same as Atlantic SD 19342. The Very Best in You/Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright)/Oh What a Night/Promise Your Love/Everything and More//Sharing Your Love/Take You to Heaven/Keep On It/You're My Number 1/You're My Girl


SH 8552 - Happy Families - Blancemange [1982] Same as Island 90053-1. I Can't Explain/Feel Me/I've Seen the Word/Wasted/Living on the Ceiling//Waves/Kind/Sad Day/Cruel/God's Kitchen

SH 8553 - Candy Girl - New Edition [1982] Same as Streetwise SWRL 3301. Gimme Your Love/She Gives Me a Bang/Is This the End/Pass the Beat/Popcorn Love//Candy Girl/Ooh Baby/Should Have Never Told Me/Gotta Have Your Lovin'/Jealous Girl

SH 8554 - Mange Tout - Blancmange [1982] Don't Tell Me/Game Above My Head/Blind Vision/Time Became the Tide/That's Love That Is Is//Murder/See the Train/All Things Are Nice/My Baby/The Day Before You Came

SH 8555 - The Drum is Everything - Carmel [1984] Same as Warner Brothers 1-25083. More, More, More/Stormy Weather/The Drum is Everthing/I Thought I Was Going Mad/The Prayer/Rockin' on Suicide/Rue St. Denis/Willow Weep for Me/Tracks of My Tears/Bad Day

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