London (UK) Album Discography, Part 3:
LZ 14000 (10-inch) American Jazz Series (1954-1956)

By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: July 4, 2012

About the same time that London started the green-label 10-inch "Origins of Jazz" series, the started a red-label 10-inch "American Jazz" series using the LZ-x 14000 series (where "x" was a letter designating source label). The American Jazz Recording series started in 1954 and was overtaken in 1956 by the 15000 12-inch "American Jazz Recording" series.

Most of the albums in this series came from either Bethlehem (N) or Savoy/DeeGee (C). Later issues were from Tampa or Liberty, both of which were designated by the letter "U."

The label for the LZ 14000 series was dark red with a silver field at the top of the label. Below the London name was a ribbon which read, "American Jazz Recording".

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

London LZ 14000 American Jazz Recording (10-inch) Series:

LZ 14001

LZ-N 14002 - Peter the Great - Pete Brown [195?] Same as Bethlehem BCP-1011.

LZ-N 14003 - Jonah Jones Sextet - Jonah Jones [195?] Same as Bethlehem BCP-1014.

LZ-C 14004 - Ringside at Condon's - Wild Bill Davison [1954] Same as Savoy MG 15029. Dippermouth Blues/Keepin' Out of Mischief Now/Squeeze Me/Memphis Blues/Just the Blues/Sweet Georgia Brown/The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else/Original Dixieland One-Step

LZ-C14005 - Jazz at the Savoy Café/Boston - Edmond Hall's All-Stars [1954] Same as Savoy MG 15028. Band includes: Ruby Braff, Vic Dickenson, Ed Hall, Kenny Kersey, John Field, Jimmy Crawford. Careless Love/My Ideal/Bugle Call Ragi/You Made Me Love You/Limehouse Blues/When a Woman Loves a Man/Black and Blue/Please Don't Talk About Me

LZ-C 14006 - Milt Jackson Quartet - Milt Jackson [1954] Same as DeeGee DG 1002. Milt Meets Sid/D and E/Yesterdays/Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea/Autumn Breeze/Moving Nicely/'Round About Midnight/Bluesology

LZ-N 14007 - Chris Connor Sings Lullabys for Lovers - Chris Connor with Vinnie Burke Quartet [1954] Same as Bethlehem BCP-1002. Lush Life/Out Of This World/A Cottage For Sale/How Long Has This Been Going On?//Goodbye/Stella By Starlight/Gone With The Wind/He's Coming Home


LZ-N 14009 - The Story of the Jazz Trumpet - Charlie Shavers, Al Jazzbo Collins Narrator [1955]

LZ-N 14010 - Sincerely Conte - Conte Candoli [1954] Same as Bethlehem BCP 1016.



LZ-C 14013 - The Famous Ward Sisters - Ward Sisters [1955] Same as Savoy MG 15057. Surely God Is Able/Each Day/He Knows How Much We Can Bear/Jesus/Oh My Lord, What a Time/This Little Light of Mine/How Many Times/Since I Found the Light

LZ-C 14014 - Chuck Wayne Quintet - Chuck Wayne Quintet [1955] Same as Savoy MG 15035. Prospecting /Tasty Pudding/While My Lady Sleeps/Sidewalks of Cuba/Butterfingers/S.S. Cool/Mary Ann/You Brought a New Kind of Love

LZ-C 14015 - Fats Navarro Memoral - Fats Navarro [1955] Savoy material. Fat Boy Part 1/Fat Boy Part 2/Ice Freezes Red//Fat Girl/Going to Mintons/Eb Pob

LZ-C 14016 - Phil Urso and Bob Brookmeyer - Phil Urso and Bob Brookmeyer [1955] Same as Savoy MG 15041. Little Pres/Three Little Words/Don't Take Your Love from Me/She's Funny That Way/Chiketa/Wizzard Gizzard/Stop Watch/Ozzie's Ode

LZ-N 14017 - Happy Minors - Red Mitchell [1956] 10 Inch LP. Same as Bethlehem BCP 1033.



LZ-C14020 - Jazz at Storyville - Wild Bill Davison [1955] At the Jazz Band Ball/Memphis Blues/Exactly Like You/A Blues

LZ-C 14021 - Charlie Mingus Sextet - Charlie Mingus Sextet [1956] Same as Savoy MG 15050. Purple Heart/Gregorian Chant/Eulogy for Rudy Williams/Tea for Two/Getting Together/Body and Soul


LZ-N 14023 - Basically Duke - Oscar Pettiford [1956] Same as Bethlehem BCP-1019.





LZ-N 14028 - Ball at Bethlehem with Braff - Ruby Braff [1956] Same as Bethlehem BCP- 1034.





LZ-N 14033 - East Coast Jazz No. 3 - Joe Puma Quintet [1956] Same as Bethlehem BCP 1012. Loris/A Little Rainy/What is There to Say/Hallelujah/How About You/Pumantic/Liza Moon Song


LZ-U 14035 - Bob Enevoldsen Quintet - Bob Enevoldsen Quintet [1956] Same as Tampa LP 14. Iron Works/Loaded with Bass/Blues an Rhythm/Don't Be That Way




LZ-U 14039 - Vibe-Rations: Red Norvo in Hi-Fi - Red Norvo [1956] Same as Liberty LJH 6012. Sweet Georgia Brown/It Could Happen/All This and Heaven Too/Fascination' Rhythm//Rhee! Oh! Rhee/Get Out of Town/Ship Without a Sail/Porsche

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