London (UK) Album Discography, Part 2:
AL 3500 (10-inch) Origins of Jazz Series

By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: July 4, 2012

In 1954, London started a second album series, the AL 3500 series, again with 10-inch LPs. This series, unlike the 1000 series, was primarily from the Riverside Records catalog in the U.S. and was titled the "Origins of Jazz" series. Also unlike the 1000 series, the 3500 series was exclusively jazz. It ran from 1954 to 1956.

The AL 3500 Origins of Jazz Series had a green label with gold print, with "Origins of Jazz" on a ribbon below the London name.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

London (UK) AL 3500 (10-inch) Series:

AL 3501 - Louis Armstrong Plays the Blues - Louis Armstrong [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1001; Satchmo accompanies great blues singers. The Railroad Blues - Trixie Smith/The World's Jazz Crazy, Lawdy, So Am I - Trixie Smith/Jelly Bean Blues - Ma Rainey/Countin' The Blues - Ma Rainey//See See Rider Blues - Ma Rainey/Come On Coot And Play That Thing - Coot Grant & "Kid" Wesley Wilson/Find Me At The Greasy Spoon - Coot Grant & "Kid" Wesley Wilson/When Your Man Is Going To Put You Down - Coot Grant & "Kid" Wesley Wilson

AL 3502 - Ma Rainey, Volume One - Ma Rainey [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1003. Daddy, Goodbye Blues/Black Eye Blues/Deep Moanin' Blues/Runaway Blues/Leaving This Morning/Travelling Blues/Sleep Talking Blues/Brame It On the Blues

AL 3503 - Muggsy, Tesch and the Chicagoans - Muggsy, Tesch and the Chicagoans [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1004. 10 Inch LP. Whoopee Stomp/Bull Frog Blues/Sister Kate/Friars Point Shuffle/Darktown Strutter's Ball/Nobody's Sweetheart/Jazz Me Blues

AL 3504 - Louis Armstrong with King Oliver (1929) - Louis Armstrong with King Oliver [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1029. Chimes Blues/Froggie Moore/Just Gone/Shake Rag/Canal Street Blues/Weather Bird Rag/Handy Lee Blues/Dipper Mouth Blues

AL 3505 - Johnny Dodds, Volume 1 - Johnny Dodds [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1002. Oriental Man/Sock That Thing/Weary Way Blues/There'll Come A Day With The Dixieland Thumpers/Merry Makers' Twine/In The Alley Blues With Lovie Austin's Blue Serenaders/Hot Potatoes With Blind Blake/Ape Man With Jimmy Blythe's Washboard Ragamuffins

AL 3506 - Pioneers of Boogie Woogie - Various Artists [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1009. Honky Tonk Train Blues - Meade Lux Lewis/Number 29 - Wesley Wallace/Fanny Lee Blues - Wesley Wallace/Slow Drag - Cow Cow Davenport/Chain 'em Down - Leroy Garnett/Louisiana Glide - Leroy Garnett/Moanin' The Blues - Charlie Spand/Henry Brown Blues - Henry Brown

AL 3507 - Rediscovered Fats Solos - Fats Waller [1954] Same as Riverside 1010. Squeeze Me/Your Time Now/Mama's Got the Blues/You Can't Do What My Last Man Did/'Tain't Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do/Papa Better Watch Your Step/18th Street Strut/Snake Hips

AL 3508 - The Folk Blues of Blind Lemon Jefferson - Blind Lemon Jefferson [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1014. Shockin' Sugar Blues/Broke and Hungry/Lonesome House Blues/Jack O' Diamonds Blues/Mosquito Moan/Southern Woman Blues/That Black Snake Moan No. 2/Balky Mule Blues

AL 3509 - New Orleans Horns - King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, Charles and Matson's Creole Serenaders, Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals/Bernie Young's Creole Jazz Band [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1005. Mabel's Dream - Louis Armstrong/Southern Stomp - Louis Armstrong/Riverside Blues - Louis Armstrong/'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do - Matson's Creole Serenaders/I Just Want a Daddy - Matson's Creole Serenaders/Dearborn Street Blues - Young's Creole Jazz Band/Stockyard Strut - Freddie Keppard And His Jazz Band/Salty Dog - Freddie Keppard And His Jazz Band

AL 3510 - King Oliver Plays the Blues - King Oliver with Ida Cox, Sarah Martin [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1007. Fogyism with Ida Cox/Western Blues with Ida Cox/Bone Orchard Blues with Ida Cox/Tree Top Tall Papa with Ida Cox//Death Sting Me Blues with Sara Martin/Mistreatin' Man Blues with Sara Martin/Kitchen Man with Sara Martin/Mean Tight Mama with Sara Martin

AL 3511 - Early Harlem Piano - James P. Johnson [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1011. Charleston/I've Got My Habits On/Harlem Strut/Vampin' Liza Jane//Harlem Choc'late Babies On Parade/Make Me A Pallet On The Floor/Loveless Love/It Takes Love To Cure The Heart's Disease

AL 3512 - The Fabulous Trombone of Ike Rodgers - Ike Rodgers [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1013. Nickel's Worth of Liver/Screenin' the Blues/It Hurts So Good/Good Chib Blues//My Man Blues/Prison Blues/21st Street Stomp/Barrel House Flat

AL 3513 - Johnny Dodds, Volume 2 - Johnny Dodds [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1015. Nineteenth Street Blues/Loveless Love/C.C. Pill Blues/Your Folks//Messin' Around/Adam's Apple/Salty Dog/Steal Away

AL 3514 - Collector's Items - Various Artists [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1017. Jingles - Clarence Williams and His Orchestra/Shake 'Em Up - Clarence Williams And His Orchestra/A Little Bit Closer - Tiny Parham/Jim Jackson's Kansas City Blues by Tiny Parham/Hot And Ready - Richard M. Jones' Jazz Wizards/It's A Low Down Thing - Richard M. Jones' Jazz Wizards/Mojo Strut - Parham-Pickett Apollo Syncopators/Alexander Where's That Band - Parham-Pickett Apollo Syncopators

AL 3515 - Ragtime Piano Rolls, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1006. Grace And Beauty - James Scott/Ragtime Oriole - James Scott/St. Louis Rag - Tom Turpin/American Beauty Rag - Joseph Lamb/Scott Joplin's New Rag - Scott Joplin/Original Rags - Scott Joplin/Fig Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin/The Entertainer - Scott Joplin

AL 3516 - The Roaring Twenties - California Ramblers [1954] Charleston/Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue/Miss Annabelle Lee/Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie/Manhattan/Flapper Wife/Keep Smiling At Trouble/Sweet Man

AL 3517 - Ida Cox Sings the Blues - Ida Cox [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1019. Coffin Blues/Rambling Blues/Mean Papa, Turn In Your Key/Ida Cox's Lawdy Lawdy Blues/Worn Down Daddy/You Stole My Man/Misery Blues/Blue Kentucky Blues

AL 3518 - A Chicago Skiffle Session - Roy Palmer and the State Street Ramblers [1954] I Want to Be Your Lovin' Man/Sic' Em Tiger/South African Blues/Tiger Moan/Careless Love/Georgia Grind/Kentucky Blues/Barrel House Stomp

AL 3519 - Solos - Jelly Roll Morton [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1018. Grandpa's Spells/Stratford Huntch/King Porter//Midnight Mama/Dead Man Blues/Tin Roof Blues

AL 3520 - Jelly Roll Morton's Kings of Jazz - King Oliver, Roy Palmer, Lee Colins [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1027. Muddy Water Blues/High Society/Fish Tail Blues/Mr. Jelly Lord//King Porter Stomp/Tom Cat Blues/My Gal/Wolverine Blues

AL 3521 - Fats at the Organ - Fats Waller [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1021. Hallelujah I'm A Bum /She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain /Frankie & Johnny /Hand Me Down My Walking Cane /Swing Low Sweet Chariot /Deep River /Did My lord Deliver Daniel /Go Down Moses

AL 3522 - Jivin' With Fats - Fats Waller [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1022. Oh, Rosanna/Loch Lomond/Waltz From Faust/When You and I Were Young Maggie/Oh, Dem Golden slippers/Old Oaken Bucket/Ah, So Pare/Annie Laurie

AL 3523 - Ragtime Piano Roll, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1025. Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin/Evergreen Rag/Grizzly Bear Rag/The Cascades/States Rag Medley/St. Louis Tickle/Jungle Time/'Possum and Taters

AL 3524 - Blues and Stomps, Volume 1 - Tommy Ladnier with L. Austin's Blues Serenaders [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1026. Mojo Blues/Heebie Jeebies/Charleston Rag/Steppin' on the Blues/Travelling Blues/Peepin' Blues/Charleston, South Carolina/Play That Thing

AL 3525 - A Lost Recording Date - Jimmy Yancey [1954] La Salle Street Breakdown/Two O'Clock Blues/Janie's Joys/Lean Bacon/Big Bear Train/Lucille's Lament/Beezum Blues/Yancey Limited

AL 3526 - Clarence Williams and Orchestra, Volume 2 - Clarence Williams and Orchestra [1954] Bozo/Kitchen Woman Blues/Lock Step Blues/Bimbo/Beau Koo Jack/Sister Kate/Speakeasy Blues/Long, Deep and Wild

AL 3527 - South Side Blues Piano - Jimmy Blythe [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1031. Chicago Stomp/Armour Avenue Struggle/Mr. Freddie Blues/Lovin' Been Here and Gone to the Mecca Flat/Sunshine Special/Be Yourself/South Side Stomp/Five O'Clock Blues

AL 3528 - Bucktown 5 - Muggsy Spanier and the Bucktown Five [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1035. Everybody Loves My Baby/Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me/Mobile Blues/Steady Roll Blues/Hot Mittens/Really a Pain/Buddy's Habits/Chicago Blues

AL 3529

AL 3530 - The Great Blues Singers - Various Artists [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1032. St. Louis Blues - Bessie Smith/Jail House Blues - Ida Cox/I'm So Glad - Ida Cox/So Soon This Morning - Ma Rainey/Don't Fish in My Sea - Ma Rainey/Trouble in Mind Blues - Chippie Hill/Careless Love - Chippie Hill

AL 3531 - A Lost Recording Date - Cripple Clarence Lofton [1954] Same as Pax 6005. I Don't Know Parts 1 and 2/South End Boogie/Streamline Train/In de Mornin'/Early Blues/Policy Blues/The Fives

AL 3532 - Bix Beiderbecke and the Wolverines - Bix Biederbecke and the Wolverines [1954] Fidgety Feet/Jazz Me Blues/Oh Baby/Copenhagen/River Boat Shuffle/Sensation Rag/Lazy Daddy

AL 3533 - Collectors Items, Volume 2 - John Williams' Synco Jazzers, King Mutt and His Tennessee Thumpers, Windy Rhythm [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1040. Down in Gallion/Goose Grease/South African Blues/Piggly Wiggly/Maxwell Street Stomp/Good Time Mama/I've Got It All/Mid the Pyramids

AL 3534 - Classic Jazz Piano, Volume 1 - Jelly Roll Morton [1954] Same as Riverside 1041. Grandpa's Spells/Shrieveport Stomp/Kansas City Stomps/Stratfore Hunch/Bucktown Blues/Big Foot Ham/Perfect Rag/Turn Out Blues

AL 3535 - Backwoods Blues - Various Artists [1954] Same as Riverside 1039. Nappy Head Blues - Bobby Grant/Lonesome Atlanta Blues - Bobby Grant/Jailhouse Fire Blues - Buddy Boy Hankins/Shaggy Dog Blues - Buddy Boy Hawkins/The Gone Dead Train - King Solomon Hill/Tell Me Baby - King Solomon Hill/Mr. Conductor Man - Big Bill Johnson (Broonzy)/Big Bill Blues - Big Bill Johnson (Broonzy)

AL 3536 - Recordings, Volume 1 - George Brunis with the New Orleans Rhythm Kings [1956] Tiger Rag/Bugle Call Blues/Panama/Farewell Blues/That's A Plenty/Tin Roof Blues/Discontented Blues/Maple Leaf Rag

AL 3537 - Pioneers of Boogie Woogie, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1034. Dearborn St. Breakdown - Charles Avery/Polack Blues - Jabo Williams/Fat Mama Blues - Jabo Williams/Chimes Blues - Charlie Davenport/Eastern Chimes Blues - Henry Brown/Deep Morgan Blues - Henry Blues/Mississippi Blues - Charles Spand/Atlanta Rag - Charlie Davenport

AL 3538 - Ma Rainey, Volume 2 - Ma Rainey [1954] Same as Riverside LP 1016. Honey, Where You Been So Long/Ma Rainey's Mystery Record/Lawd, Send Me A Man/Mountain Jack Blues//Broken Hearted Blues/Jealousy Blues/Seeking Blues/Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

AL 3539 - Will Ezell's Gin Mill Jazz - Will Ezell [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1043. Mixed Up Rag/Heifer Dust/Playing the Dozen/West Coast Rag/Barrel House Man/Pitchin' Boogie/Bucket of Blood

AL 3540 - Early Harlem Piano, Volume 2 - James P. Johnson [1954] Carolina Shout/Back Water Blues/Daintiness Rag/Caprice Rag/Baltimore Buzz/Gypsy Blues/Don't Tell Your Monkey Man/Railroad Man

AL 3541 - New York Jazz of the Roaring 20's - Red Nichols and Miff Mole [1955] Same as Riverside RLP 1048. Stampede - Red and Miff's Stompers/Alabama Stomp - Red and Miff's Stompers/Hurricane - Red and Miff's Stompers/Black Bottom Stomp - Red and Miff's Stompers//Jelly Roll Blues - Phil Napoleon's Original Memphis Five/The Great White Way Blues - Phil Napoleon's Original Memphis Five/Shufflin' Mose - Phil Napoleon's Original Memphis Five/Bunch of Blues - Phil Napoleon's Original Memphis Five

AL 3542 - Ragtime Pianoroll, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1955] Same as Riverside RLP 1049. Frog Legs Race/Magnetic Rag/The Entertainer's Rag/Cannon Ball/Glad Rag/Chinatown Rag/The Smiler/Weeping Willow

AL 3543 - Bix Beiderbecke with the Wolverine Orchestra, Volume 2 - Bix Beiderbecke with the Wolverine Orchestra [1956] Same as Riverside RLP 1050. Susie/Tiger Rag/Big Boy/Tia Juana/I'm Glad/Flock O' Blues/Toddlin' Blues/Davenport Blues

AL 3544 - Boogie Woogie with the Blues - Various Artists [1955?] Freakish Man Blues - Meade Lux Lewis with George Hannah/Molasses Sopper Blues - Meade Lux Lewis with George Harrah/Evil Woman Blues - Dobby Bragg with James Wiggins/Keep A' Knocking and You Can't Get In - Dobby Bragg with James Wiggins/By the Moon and Stars - Cripple Clarence Lofton with Louise Johnson/On the Wall - Cripple Clarence Lofton with Louise Johnson/My Lovin' Blues - Blind Leroy Garnett with James Wiggins/Weary Heart Blues - Blind Leroy Garnett with James Wiggins

AL 3545 - Recordings from 1925-1927 - Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey with the California Ramblers [1955] Same as Riverside RLP 1051.

AL 3546 - Penitentiary Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson [1955] Same as Riverside RLP 1053. The Black Snake Moan/Chock House Blues/Chinch Bug Blues/Deceitful Brownskin Blues/Balky Mule Blues/Blind Lemon's Penitentiary Blues/That Black Snake Moan/Long Distance Moan/Bakershop Blues

AL 3547 - The Birth of Big Band Jazz - Fletcher Henderson [1955] Same as Riverside RLP 1055. When You Walked Out/Mandy/Prince Of Wails/When Spring Comes Peeping Through/Swamp Blues/Off To Buffalo/Hop Off/Rough House Blues

AL 3548 - Tommy Ladnier Plays the Blues with Ma Rainey and Edmonia Henderson - Tommy Ladnier [1956] Same as Riverside RLP 1044. Those Dogs of Mine/Lucky Rock Blues/Southern Blues/Ya Da Do Blues/Brown Skin Man/Travelling Blues/Worried Bout Him Blues/Black Man Blues

AL 3549 - Jumpin' with Pete Johnson - Pete Johnson [1954] Same as Riverside RLP 1054. Climbin' And Screamin'/Let 'em Jump/Re-Pete Blues/B And O Blues/Shuffle Boogie/Pete's Blues/How Long How Long/Buss Robinson Blues

AL 3550 - 8 Rare and Outstanding Examples of Early Jazz, Volume 3 - Preston Jackson, Triangle Harmony Boys, Jelly James [1956] Same as Riverside RLP 1057.

AL 3551 - The Duke, 1926 - Duke Ellington Washingtonians [1956] Same as Riverside RLP 1065. If You Can't Hold the Man You Love/You've Got The "Wanna Go Back Again" Blues/It's Gonna Be a Cold, Cold Winter/Parlor Social De Luxe/Choo-Choo/Rainy Nights/Animal Crackers/Li'l Farina

AL 3552 - Recordings, Volume 2 - George Brunis with the New Orleans Rhythm Kings [1956] Riverside material. Eccentric/Oriental/Sweet Lovin' Man Take 1/Sweet Lovin' Man Take 2/Shim-Me-Sha- Wabble/Weary Blues/That Da-Da Strain/Wolvering Blues

AL 3553 - 8 Rare and Outstanding Examples of Early Jazz - King Mutt, Clarence Jones, Windy Rhythm Kings [1956] Runnin' Wild/Boll Weevil Blues/Low Down Papa/A New Kind of Man/Hock Shop Blues/What's the Matter Now?/Golden Brown Blues

AL 3554 - Midwestern Jazz - Husk O'Hara, Hoagy Carmichael, Wolverines [1956] March of the Hoodlums/Walkin' the Dog/Boneyard Shuffle/Washboard Blues/Tiger Rag/San/When My Sugar Walks Down the Street/Prince of Wails

AL 3555 - Recordings, Volume 3 - Johnny Dodds [1956] East Coast Trot/Chicago Buzz/Bohunkus Blues/Buddy Burton's Jazz/Cootie Stomp/Weary Way Blues/Chicago Mess Around/Gallon Stomp

AL 3556 - Ladd's Black Aces - Phil Napoleon and the Original Memphis Five [1956] Recordings from the 1921-24 period from the Gennett label. The group Ladd's Black Aces was a pseudonym for the Original Memphis Five. Ladd's Black Aces was advertised as a black group, but none of the members were actually black. Jimmie Durante played piano on some tracks.

AL 3557 - New Orleans Horns, Volume 2 - King Oliver, Freddie Keppard, Doc Cook [1956] Same as Riverside RLP 1073. Alligator Hop/Krooked Blues/I'm Going Away to Wear You Off My Mind/Salty Dog/Memphis Maybe Man/So This is Venice/The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else/ Scissor-Grinder Joe

AL 3558 - Ma Rainey, Volume 3 - Ma Rainey [1956] Wring and Twistin Blues/Chain Gang Blues/Misery Blues/Dead Drunk Blues/Sissy Blues/Broken Soul Blues/Moonshine Blues/New Boweavil Blues

AL 3559

AL 3560 - Johnny Dodds, Volume 4 - Johnny Dodds [1956] It Must Be the Blues - Jasper Taylor's State Street Boys/Stomp Time Blues - Jasper Taylor's State street Boys/Jackass Blues - Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders/Frog Tongue Stomp - Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders/Oh Daddy - Johnny Dodds with Tiny Parham/Walk Easy Casue My Papa's Home - Viola Barlette with Cobb's Paramount Syncopators/Skeeg-A-Lee - Ford and Ford/Sound Bound Rag - Blind Blake, Johnny Dodds and Jimmy Bertrand

AL 3561 - Clarence Williams and His Orchestra, Volume 3 - Clarence Williams and Orchestra [1956] Wildflower Rag/Midnight Stomp/Hole in the Wall/Don't Turn Your Back on Me/Longshoreman's Blues/I'm Through/New Down Home Rag/Squeeze Me

AL 3562 - Jazz of the Roaring Twenties, Volume 2 - Phil Napoleon and His Memphis Five [1956] Clarinet Marmelade/Five Pennies/Go, Joe, Go/Tiger Rag/I've a Garden in Sweden/Low Down/Oh, Mabel/Glad Rag Doll

AL 3563

AL 3564

AL 3565 - Jazz Piano Rarities - Various Artists [1956?] Sister Kate - Fats Waller/Trixie Blues - Fats Waller/St. Louis Man - Dixie Four/Kentucky Stomp - Dixie Four/Fire Detective Blues - Dobby Bragg/Don't Put That Thing on Me - Meade Lux Lewis/Trenches - Turner Parrish/Fives - Turner Parrish

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