White Whale Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Mike Owens, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: September 19, 2005

White Whale Records was started in 1965 in Los Angeles by Ted Feigin and Lee Lassiff. It was located in the first few years at 11115 Donna Pegita, Studio City, California, and later moved to 8961 Sunset Blvd. in L.A. proper.

The Turtles, 1965 The label started successfully when Feigin and Lassiff visited the Revelaire club and signed a Westchester, California, surf band called the Crossfires. The group at the time had six members (L-R in photo at right): Howard Kaylan (lead vocals), Jim Tucker (rhythm guitar), Don Murray (drums), Al Nichol (lead guitar, vocals), Chuck Portz (bass), and Mark Volman (vocals, percussion). Several of the members had come from a folkie high school group, so when the Byrds started making folk-rock "the next big thing," the newly-renamed Turtles jumped right in with White Whale's first single, Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe" [White Whale 222]. The song went top-10 in late summer, 1965, and prompted White Whale's first LP, It Ain't Me, Babe, released in October. The Turtles' followup, "Let Me Be" [White Whale 224] made the top 30 later that fall, but otherwise, 1965 was uneventful for the label, with just three other singles (by Matthew More Plus Four [White Whale 223], the Answer [White Whale 225], and LA-based surf guitarist Jan Davis [White Whale 226]) completing the first calendar year's effort.

'You Baby' Sheet Music In early 1966, the Turtles' third single, "You Baby" [White Whale 227] reached the top 20, followed by a mid-charter ("Follow Me", White Whale 228, #65) by a new duet called Lyme & Cybelle, who actually were a teenage Warren Zevon. His singing partner was Violet Santangelo, currently active in musical theater using the stage name "Laura Kenyon." (There is some confusion that Cybelle was actually Tule Livingston rather than Violet Santangelo. Ms. Livingston was Warren Zevon's partner in life for a time and was not a singer. Apparently, someone decided that since they each have the same consonants in their names, one was an anagram of the other, but it's not so...it's an Urban Legend.) Two additional singles by the duo failed to chart, and Zevon signed on to White Whale as a songwriter. Years later, after White Whale was dead and all but forgotten, Zevon growled his way to the top-25 with "Werewolves of London" [Asylum 45472, 1978]. By that time, however, Zevon had already been well known in the music industry, having played keyboards for the Everly Brothers and having penned Linda Ronstadt's hit "Poor Poor Pitiful Me."

Meanwhile, the Turtles started a precipitous slide off the charts. Their second album, You Baby, failed to dent the top 200, and the singles weren't doing much better. Their fourth single, "Grim Reaper of Love" [White Whale 231], released in early summer, 1966, only made #81. This was followed a month or so later by "We'll Meet Again"/"Outside Chance" [White Whale 234], which failed to chart at all. The label scrambled to quickly issue "Making My Mind Up"/"Outside Chance" [White Whale 237], but again it failed to chart. Now desperate, White Whale immediately shifted to "Can I Get to Know You Better" [White Whale 238], which scraped the bottom of the charts at #89. All in all, 1966 was not the Turtles' best year, but better times were coming.

April Stevens with Nino Tempo Aside from the Turtles' woes in 1966, White Whale did have a few successes. Nino Tempo, fresh from working with Phil Spector, teamed with his sister April Stevens for the Spectoresque "All Strung Out" [White Whale 236], which reached the top-30 in the fall. The duo managed to add three more minor chart records over the next two years, but the highest of these, "I Can't Go On Living Without You, Baby" [White Whale 252], only made #86. White Whale also put out two non-chart records by the group Everpresent Fullness, and strangely enough, issued an LP of vintage-1966 material by the group years later, in 1970. The group was formed in Los Angeles in 1965, and by the time the album had come out, they had been disbanded for years.

Perhaps more interesting was the unusual (bizarre?) "Smashed! Blocked!" by the British band John's Children [White Whale 239], which reached #102 late in the year. Although it was the only single released by the group on White Whale, again the label saw fit to issue an album years later, when the label was strapped for cash. The ploy failed for both the Everpresent Fullness and John's Children albums, since neither charted, but both are today looked upon as collectible, the latter mostly as the early work of future T.Rex guitarist Marc Bolan.

'Happy Together' Sheet
Music By early 1967, the Turtles' touring schedule and disastrous decline in the charts was wearing thin, and drummer Don Murray and bassist Chuck Portz left the group, to be replaced by John Barbata and Chip Douglas. For some time, the group had been using a song on stage that seemed to go over well, but hadn't made its way to the recording studio. The song was given to them some eight months earlier on a scratchy acetate demo by songwriters Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon. The problem was, the song was almost a parody of itself, with very trite lyrics that no self-respecting rock and roll band would be caught dead singing. In fact, Bonner and Gordon had been turned down by everybody already, months ago. The group decided to start working on the song, "Happy Together," for a single [White Whale 244]. What resulted was not only an example of 1960s pop at its best, but also a new direction for the band. It's unlikely that many other bands could have pulled off the wry, we're-not-really-serious tone of the record that started to be the Turtles' trademark (mock rock?), but musically, the record was filled with little musical surprises and a strong hook. It starts with a catchy guitar riff that continues incessantly throughout most of the song, getting lower and lower in volume until it's virtually subliminal (but impossible to get out of one's mind), backed by a simple drum beat that could well have been taken from listening to a kid pounding on garbage cans. But on that simple beginning is built a minor masterpiece. After the first verse, the drummer puts in a little (pah-dah-pah, pah-dah-pah) riff that the listener is hoping to hear again, but it's there just once. Likewise the little organ "wah wah" heard behind the line "invest a dime" in the second verse, but never again. By the second verse, Douglas' vocal arrangements for the backup vocalists has them singing parts of lines interacting delightfully with Kaylan's lead vocal. And there is an oboe as a backing instrument (only in the second time the chorus "Me and you, and you and me..." is sung), again only once in the song. Add horns and strings to slowly build to a crescendo, along with an off the wall "How is the weather?" thrown in near the end (Translation: "See? I told you we weren't serious!"), and you've got a #1 record. In fact, you've got the only #1 record for either the Turtles or the White Whale label.

'Golden Hits' LP cover With "Happy Together" as a start, 1967 proved to be as successful chartwise for the Turtles as 1966 had been unsuccessful. Their followup, "She'd Rather Be With Me" [White Whale 249], the second of several Bonner-Gordon hits for the group, reached #3 in late spring, and by the end of the year they had two more top-15 singles with "You Know What I Mean" [White Whale 254] and the psychedelic "She's My Girl" [White Whale 260]. In fact, late in 1967 the label showed a decided shift toward the trendy psychedelic and away from the mainstream pop/rock and roll that had marked the first two years of the label's existence. Whereas graphics for the album covers had been done earlier by photographer Guy Webster, by late 1967 Kittyhawk Graphics, a company run by Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean fame, designed much more "modern" (psychedelic) covers, starting with the Turtles' Golden Hits package. In fact, Dean also found time to participate in a remake of the Beach Boys' "Vegetables", issued as White Whale 261 by a "group" called Laughing Gravy.

But for the label in 1967, the Turtles were definitely carrying the load by themselves. Nino & April weren't top-30 anymore, and bands such as Smokestack Lightning, the Brothers, and the Committee couldn't even crack the top 100. Late in the year, White Whale put out a master by Walter Scott, erstwhile lead singer for Bob Kuban & the In-Men, but even in the face of a big hit the year before fronting Kuban's band on "The Cheater," that record didn't chart, either.

The Turtles, 1968 1968 for White Whale was much like 1967. The Turtles, now with a stable lineup of Kaylan, Volman, Nichol, Barbata, and Jim Pons on bass, scored a top-10 record with "Elenore," another in the series of put-ons started by "Happy Together." "Elenore" [White Whale 276] is perhaps the only top- 10 record ever to have a lyric containing the phrase "et cetera." Two other Turtles offerings, "Sound Asleep" [White Whale 264, #57] and "The Story of Rock and Roll" [White Whale 273, #48] did not fare nearly as well. The label's foray into psychelia continued with a group called "J.K. and Company," who merited a non-charting album but no singles. "J.K." was Jay Kaye, son of Mary Kaye (of the Mary Kaye Trio fame). Interestingly, the album was recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, although Kaye was from Las Vegas.

In addition to the psych-pop, White Whale got into bubblegum in 1968, trying to ride any popular trend. They put out a single by a group called Professor Morrison's Lollipop which reached #88 ("You Got the Love," White Whale 275), and although White Whale put three singles out by the group, none other charted and they did not invest in an album. The group itself was from Lincoln, Nebraska, and was formerly a garage band known as the Coachmen. The group were signed to White Whale during a brief association of White Whale with the kings of bubblegum, Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz. Another single [White Whale 294] from this association was the non-chart "Balloon Man"/"Here We Go" by Artie Resnick, one of the usual writers for the K-K empire.

Rene & Rene But while White Whale's bubblegum days were brief, they happened upon another genre in 1968 that proved successful: international music. Rene Herrera and Rene Ornelas had been working for years as Rene & Rene, a bi-lingual duet based in Laredo, Texas, on the Mexican border. In early fall, White Whale released "Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero" backed with "Lloraras" [White Whale 281], but the record did little. Undaunted, the reissued the "A" side backed with "Mornin'" a few weeks later [White Whale 287] and the record clicked, making it to #14 nationally. Their followup, "Las Cosas" [White Whale 298] only reached #128, but it encouraged Lasseff and Feigin to purchase more masters. An album by Rene & Rene, and also one by the group Triste Janero followed. The purchase of international masters continued throughout the remaining life of the label. By 1970, White Whale sought to cash in on the "Dutch Invasion" by purchasing two albums' worth of masters from Dutch pop acts.

The Odyssey The artists whose singles were issued from 1968 on reads like a list of unknowns, for the most part: the Brothers, the XL's,Harper & Rowe, Deni Lynn, the FBI Band, Bobby Lile, Hangtown Fry, the Odyssey, the Kinfolk, the Christmas Spirit, the Charles E. Funk Rebellion, the Amberstones, Zebra, Hungry Tiger, the Skunks, and many others.

On the other hand, White Whale also released some records by artists either on their way up or down. Smokestack Lightning, the Rainy Daze, and Feather all signed with other companies later. Dobie Gray had several singles issued on White Whale during the interim between his "In Crowd" hit (1962) and "Drift Away" (1974), the most successful being "Rose Garden" [White Whale 300], which made #119. Soul artist Jerry-O put out three singles to no chart success after his one minor hit on the Shout label a few years earlier. After the Vegas label folded, Kenny O'Dell switched to White Whale for several singles, but no hits. Recycled ghoul Bobby (Boris) Pickett had a couple of 45s, also, but he was either after or before his time, as "Monster Mash" charted both before and after his stint with White Whale. Reputedly, ex-members of the Knickerbockers were among the group called Steel Wool, who tried (and failed) with a cover version of the Guess Who's "No Sugar Tonight" [White Whale 346]. White Whale even reissued old hits by Bob & Earl ("Harlem Shuffle," White Whale 310) and Keith Colley ("Enamorado," White Whale 311) to no avail.

Had White Whale been able to hang on a few years longer, they would have found they had success in the wings. Two early singles by the Dillards were issued, as well as one by a folky group called the Reivers that turned out to be a mythical group that was actually future country star Paul Davis. The 1970 album by the group Horses featured future Miami Vice star Don Johnson. And an album by the Rockets included Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina, later of Neil Young's Crazy Horse.

White Whale had few hits after 1968. With the exception of the Clique's "Sugar on Sunday" [White Whale 323], which made #22 in 1969, and Liz Damon's Orient Express, who made #33 with "1900 Yesterday" [White Whale 368] in early 1971, no other single made the top 50. The Clique was a band from Austin, Texas. The flip of "Sugar on Sunday," a song called "Superman" that R.E.M. revived years later, was the only cut on the groups' album that they played on. The others were done by producer Gary Zekley and studio musicians. "Sugar on Sunday" was a tune penned by Tommy James, with a couple of French words (femme joli, or "pretty girl") that for all intents and purposes sounded like "Bim Joe Lee" on the single; if they had had a contest to decipher the lyrics, probably no one listening on the radio would have won. The album also contained the original version of "Hallelujah," which would later be a hit for the group Sweathog.

Liz Damon's Orient Express Liz Damon's Orient Express was essentially the label's swan song. Liz Damon was the lead singer fronting a lounge/cabaret band based in Hawaii, and Damon had the dubious distinction of having the last hit, the last 45, and the last album issued on White Whale. As is the story with many small labels, a star or two can keep a label afloat financially, and when that star leaves or becomes passe, the label usually crumbles financially. The White Whale label had first, last, and always been carried by the success of the Turtles. When the group disbanded, White Whale was in deep trouble. They put out a post-breakup collection of odds and ends on an album called Wooden Head, but it had no chart success. With their only true money makers gone, White Whale closed its doors in 1971. The White Whale label was recently purchased by Sundazed Music.

The first label was dark blue with black print, with the logo in white and black at the top of the label. This label was used until WWS-7125. Starting with WWS-7126, the label switched to a new design which was blue-grey with some white, and featured a series of fine-line red concentric circles (WWS-7126 is also known to have been pressed with the old label). The logo on this label design appeared at the far right of the label. This was used until the last album issued. Promotional albums used the same design, but said "PROMOTION COPY" under the "Stereo" notation on the left side of the center hole.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

WW 100 (mono)/WWS 7100 (stereo) Series:

WW-111/WWS-7111 - It Ain't Me, Babe - Turtles [1965] (11-65, #98) Wanderin' Kind (S)/It Was A Very Good Year (S)/Your Maw Said You Cried (S)/Eve Of Destruction (S)/Glitter And Gold (S)/Let Me Be (S)//Let Cold Winds Blow (S)/It Ain't Me, Babe (S)/A Walk In The Sun (S)/Last Laugh (S)/Love Minus Zero (S)/Like A Rolling Stone (S)

WW-112/WWS-7112 - You, Baby - Turtles [1966] Flyin' High (S)/I Know That You'll Be There (S)/House Of Pain (S)/Just A Room (S)/I Need Someone (S)/Let Me Be (S)//Down In Suburbia (S)/Give Love A Trial (S)/You, Baby (S)/Pall Bearing, Ball Bearing World (S)/All My Problems (S)/Almost There (S)

WW-113/WWS-7113 - All Strung Out - Nino & April [1967] You'll Be Needing Me Baby (S)/Help You to See (S)/All Strung Out (S)/Follow Me (S)/Little Child (S)/Alone Alone (S)//Sunny (S)/Out Of Nowhere (S)/Wings of Love (E)/I Can't Go On Living (Without You Baby) (S)/Bye Bye Blues (S)/The Habit Of Lovin' You (S)

WW-114/WWS-7114 - Happy Together - Turtles [1967] (4-67, #25) Makin' My Mind Up (S)/Guide For The Married Man (S)/Think I'll Run Away (S)/The Walking Song (S)/Me About You (S)/Happy Together (S)//She'd Rather Be With Me (S)/Too Young To Be One (S)/Person Without A Care (S)/Like The Seasons (S)/Rugs Of Woods And Flowers (S)

WW-115/WWS-7115 - Golden Hits - Turtles [1967] (11-67, #7) You Baby (S)/So Goes Love (S)/She'd Rather Be With Me (S)/Is It Any Wonder? (S)/Let Me Be (S)/Grim Reaper Of Love (S)//It Ain't Me Babe (S)/Can I Get To Know You Better? (S)/Happy Together (S)/Outside Chance (S)/You Know What I Mean (S)

Starting at this point, releases are in stereo only.

WWS-7116 - Rockets - Rockets [1968] Hole In My Pocket/Won't You Say You'll Stay/Mr. Chips/It's A Mistake/Let Me Go//Try My Patience/I Won't Always Be Around/Pills Blues/Stretch Your Skin/Eraser

WWS-7117 - Suddenly One Summer - J.K. And Company [1968] Some of these tracks showed up on WWS-7123, also. Break of Dawn/Fly/Little Children/Christine/Speed/Crystal Ball//Nobody/O.D./Land Of Sensations And Delights/The Times/Magical Fingers Of Minerva/Dead

WWS-7118 - The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands - Turtles [1968] (11-68, #128) Battle Of The Bands (S)/The Last Thing I Remember (S)/Elenore (S)/Too Much Heartsick Feeling (S)/Oh, Daddy! (S)/Buzzsaw (S)//Surfer Dan (S)/I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (S)/You Showed Me (S)/Food (S)/Chicken Little Was Right (S)/Earth Anthem (All) (S)

WWS-7119 - Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero - Rene and Rene [1969] (1-69, #129) Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero (The More I Love You) (E)/Mornin' (E)/Enchilada Joe (E)/Lloraras (You Will Cry) (E)/Relampagpo (E)/Hidin' In The Shadows (E)//Day Tripper (E)/Quando Llegue A Phoenix (By The Time I Get To Phoenix) (E)/Las Cosas (E)/Hand Me Down (E)/Far Away (E)

WWS-7120 - Plant and See - Plant and See [1969] Fayetteville, NC-based band featuring guitarist/vocalist Willie French Lowrey, who had toured with Clyde McPhatter. Other members of the group were Carol Fitzgerald (vocals), Forris Fulford (drums), and Ronald Seiger (bass). Plant and See opened for the Allman Brothers Band on tour, then shortly thereafter changed their name to Lumbee. Put Out My Fire/Flat On My Face/Mrs. Tree/Henrietta/Rockin' Chair/Love & Affection//Poor Rich Man/Seekin' Advice/Witches Brew/Leavin'

WWS-7121 - Horses - Horses [1970] Freight Train/Class Of 69/Birdie In A Cage/Nothing At All/Cheyenne/Run Rabbit Run/Country Boy/Overnight Bag/Horseradish/Asia Minor/Wind

WWS-7122 - Meet Triste Janero - Triste Janero [1969] A Beginning Dream/Rene De Marie/Walk On By/Without Him/Today It's You/How Insensitive/Somba De Orphelia/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice/Get Together/In The Garden/T.J Blues

WWS-7123 - The Early Writings of Zager and Evans (and Others) - Various Artists [1969] Talk about deceptive...there are no artists given here either on the jacket or label. Side 1 is a few songs recorded for Applause Records by a Lincoln, Nebraska, garage band called the Eccentrics, who at the time (about 1965) included Denny Zager and Rick Evans. Included here are their two regional hits "Share Me" and "Night Time Noon Time." Side 2 is a reissue of several songs by J.K. and Company, previously on White Whale WWS-7117. Listen To The Raindrops - Eccentrics (E)/Lonesome For Your Love - Eccentrics (E)/I Still Love You - Eccentrics (E)/Night Time Noon Time - Eccentrics (E)/Share Me - Eccentrics (E)/Stars - Eccentrics (E)//Break Of Dawn - J.K. & Company (S)/Fly - J.K. & Company (S)/Little Children - J.K. & Company (S)/Christine - J.K. & Company (S)/Speed - J.K. & Company (S)/Crystal Ball - J.K. & Company (S)/Nobody - J.K. & Company (S)

WWS-7124 - Turtle Soup - Turtles [1969] (11-69, #117) Come Over (S)/House On The Hill (S)/She Always Leaves Me Laughing (S)/How You Loved Me (S)/Torn Between Temptations (S)/Love In The City (S)//Bachelor Mother (S)/John And Julie (S)/Hot Little Hands (S)/Somewhere Friday Night (S)/Dance This Dance (S)/You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain (S)

WWS-7125 - Footprints In Time - Various Artists [1969] Hole In The Wall - Packers (E)/Chapel Of Love - Dixie Cups (E)/The Boy From New York City - Ad Libs (E)/New York's A Lonely Town - Trade Winds (E)/Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) - Shangri-Las (E)/Leader Of The Pack - Shangri-Las (E)//Tall Cool One - Wailers (E)/She's About A Mover - Sir Douglas Quintet (E)/The Rains Came - Sir Douglas Quintet (E)/You'll Lose A Good Thing - Barbara Lynn (E)/Rhythm Of The Rain - Cascades (E)/Precious Memories - Romeos (E)

WWS-7126 - The Clique - Clique [1969] (1-70, #177) Sugar On Sunday (S)/My Darkest Hour (S)/Holiday (S)/Hallelujah (S)/I'll Hold Out My Hand (S)/Judy Judy Judy (S)//Little Miss Lucy (S)/(There Ain't) No Such Thing As Love (S)/Superman (S)/Soul Mates (S)/Shadow Of Your Love (S)

At this point, the label changes from the dark blue label to the light blue label with concentric circles. WWS-7126 is known to have been issued with both old and new labels.

WWS-7127 - More Golden Hits - Turtles [1970] (4-70, #146) We Ain't Going To Party No More (S)/Story Of Rock And Roll (S)/You Showed Me (S)/Sound Asleep (S)/You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain (S)/Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret (S)//She's My Girl (S)/Elenore (S)/Lady-O Lady-O (S)/Hot Little Hands (S)/Love In The City (S)/Cat In The Window (S)

WWS-7128 - Orgasm - John's Children [1970] Killer Ben/Jagged Time Lapse/Smashed Blocked/You're A Nothing/Not The Sort Of Girl//Cold On Me/Leave Me Alone/Let Me Know/Just What You Want - Just What You'll Get/Why Do You Lie

WWS-7129 - Super Groups from Holland - Various Artists [1970] Morning Dew - Whiskers (E)/Don't Love Me - Linda Van Dijck (E)/Gingerbread Man - First Move (E)/Lisa - Jerry Rix (E)/Old Songs, New Song - Big Wheel (E)/Donna Darling - Hans Van Hemert (E)//Watch The Ugly People - Ramsey's Shaffy (E)/Sunday Kind Of Feeling - Linda Van Dijck (E)/Think Of The Good Times - Disillusion (E)/Along The Road - Tony Vos Orchestra (E)/I'll Take Care Of You - Franky & Timebreakers (E)/My Love has Gone - First Move (E)

WWS-7130 - The Dutch Explosion - Various Artists [1970] If I Stay Too Long - Big Wheel/My Little Girlie - Hans Van Hemert/Since You Have Gone - Sandra/Whoopy Whistle - Los Piratos/What's That Sound - Bobby Green Selection/Love Like A Rainbow - Sandra//Leave This Man Alone - Coopers/What A Day, What A Day - Big Wheel/I Know In My Mind - Jay Jays/Boem - Los Piratos/Little Women - Big Wheel/Didn't I - Coopers

WWS-7131 - Walter Scott - Walter Scott [1970] Just You Wait/Silly Girl/others

WWS-7132 - The Everpresent Fullness - Everpresent Fullness [1970] Fine And Dandy/You're So Fine/My Girl Back Home/Yeah!/Leavin' California//Wild About My Lovin'/The Way She Is/Darlin' You Can Count On Me/Doin' A Number/Rider/The Room

WWS-7133 - Wooden Head - Turtles [1970] I Can't Stop (S)/She'll Come Back (S)/Get Away (S)/Wrong from the Start (S)/I Get Out of Breath (S)/We'll Meet Again (S)/On a Summer Day (S)/Come Back (S)/Say Girl (S)/Tie Me Down (S)/ The Wanderin' Kind (M)

5000 Series:

MS 5001

MS 5002

MS 5003 - Liz Damon's Orient Express - Liz Damon's Orient Express [1971] (3-71, #190) Reissue of Mahaka S-5003. 1900 Yesterday (S)/Something (S)/But For Love (S)/You Make Me Feel Like Someone (S)/Bring Me Sunshine (S)//You're Falling In Love (S)/Everything Is Beautiful (S)/That Same Old Feeling (S)/Close To You (S)/Let It Be (S)


Vegas Records was distributed by White Whale. On the label it noted that it was "A Division of Pyramid Productions," of Las Vegas, Nevada. Their main artist, Kenny O'Dell, was from Antlers, Oklahoma, and wrote the song "Beautiful People," which was a top-40 hit for Kenny, but sales were divided with Bobby Vee's carbon-copy cover version. The label was black with gold print.

V-401S - Beautiful People - Kenny O'Dell [1968] Beautiful People (S)/Kentucky Woman (S)/Sunshine Dreamin' (S)/I'm Gonna Take It (S)/Different Drum (S)/Flower Girl (S)//Take Another Look (S)/Massachusetts (S)/You'll Break Me Yet (S)/Next Plane To London (S)/If My World Falls Through (S)


RNCD 5160 - 20 Greatest Hits - Turtles [1984] First pressings of this CD, with green label, run 52:26 and have "She's My Girl" in mono. Later pressings have the song in stereo. This was the first CD Rhino put out. It Ain't Me Babe (S)/Let Me Be (S)/Eve Of Destruction (S)/You Baby (S)/Grim Reaper Of Love (S)/Can I Get To Know You Better (S)/Outside Chance (S)/Happy Together (S)/She'd Rather Be With Me (S)/Me About You (S)/Guide For The Married Man (S)/She's My Girl (S)/You Know What I Mean (S)/Sound Asleep (M)/Eleanore (S)/You Showed Me (S)/The Story Of Rock And Roll (S)/You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain (M)/Love In The City (S)/Lady-O (S)

R2 70159 - Turtle Wax: The Best Of The Turtles, Vol. 2 - Turtles [1988] Goodbye Surprise (S)/House On The Hill (S)/Somewhere Friday Nite (S)/We Ain't Gonna Party No More (S)/There You Sit Lonely (S)/We'll Meet Again (S)/Makin' My Mind Up (S)/Is It Any Wonder (S)/Surfer Dan (S)/Battle Of The Bands (S)/Earth Anthem (S)/Wanderin' Kind (S)/Almost There (S)/It Was A Very Good Year (S)/Your Maw Said You Cried (S)/Glitter And Gold (S)/So Goes Love (S)/I Get Out Of Breath (S)/Just A Room (S)/Like The Seasons (S)

SC 6035 - It Ain't Me Babe - Turtles [1994] Reissue of the 1965 album [White Whale WWS-7111], with three bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). Wandrin' Kind (S)/It Was A Very Good Year (S)/Your Maw Said You Cried (S)/Eve Of Destruction (S)/Glitter And Gold (S)/Let The Cold Winds Blow (S)/It Ain't Me Babe (S)/A Walk In The Sun (S)/Last Laugh (S)/Love Minus Zero (S)/Like A Rolling Stone (S)/+We'll Meet Again (S)/+Grim Reaper Of Love (S)/+So Goes Love (S)

SC 6036 - You Baby - Turtles [1994] Reissue of the 1966 album [White Whale WWS-7112], with two bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). Flyin' High (S)/I Know That You'll Be There (S)/House Of Pain (S)/Just A Room (S)/I Need Someone (S)/Let Me Be (S)/Down In Suburbia (S)/Give Love A Trial (S)/You Baby (S)/Pall Bearing Ball Bearing World (S)/All My Problems (S)/Almost There (S)/+Outside Chance (S)/+Can I Get To Know You Better (S)

SC 6037 - Happy Together - Turtles [1994] Reissue of the 1967 album [White Whale WWS-7114], with three bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). Makin' My Mind Up (S)/Guide For The Married Man (S)/Think I'll Run Away (S)/The Walking Song (S)/Me About You (S)/Happy Together (S)/She'd Rather Be With Me (S)/Too Young To Be One (S)/Person Without A Care (S)/Like The Seasons (S)/Rugs Of Woods And Flowers (S)/+She's My Girl (S)/+You Know What I Mean (S)/+Is It Any Wonder (S)

SC 6038 - The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands - Turtles [1994] Reissue of the 1968 LP [White Whale WWS-7118], with two bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). The Battle Of The Bands (S)/The Last Thing I Remember (S)/Elenore (S)/Too Much Heartsick Feeling (S)/Oh Daddy (S)/Buzzsaw (S)/Surfer Dan (S)/I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're The Royal Macadamia Nuts) (S)/You Showed Me (S)/Food (S)/Chicken Little Was Right (S)/Earth Anthem (S)/+Sound Asleep (S)/+The Story Of Rock And Roll (S)

SC 6086 - Turtle Soup - Turtles [1996] Reissue of the 1969 album [White Whale WWS-7124] with two bonus tracks plus a hidden track (indicated by "+"). Excellent to outstanding sound, but hissy; a low "B." Come Over (S)/House On The Hill (S)/She Always Leaves Me Laughing (S)/How You Love Me (S)/Torn Between Temptations (S)/Love In The City (S)/Bachelor Mother (S)/John And Julie (S)/Hot Little Hands (S)/Somewhere Friday Night (S)/Dance This Dance (S)/You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain (S)/+Lady-O (S)/+The Last Thing I Remember (S)/+Turtle Soup Radio Spot (M, starts at 3:33 of last track)

SC 6087 - Wooden Head - Turtles [1996] Reissue of the 1971 album [White Whale WWS-7133] with two bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). I Can't Stop (S)/She'll Come Back (S)/Get Away (S)/Wrong From The Start (S)/I Get Out Of Breath (S)/We'll Meet Again (S)/On A Summers Day (S)/Come Back (S)/Say Girl (S)/Tie Me Down (S)/Wanderin' Kind (M, hissy)/+Ain't Gonna Party No More (S)/+Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret (M)

BRCD 126 - Suddenly One Summer - J.K. And Company [1998] Reissue of White Whale WWS 7117. Break of Dawn/Fly/Little Children/Christine/Speed/Crystal Ball//Nobody/O.D./Land Of Sensations And Delights/The Times/Magical Fingers Of Minerva/Dead

VSD-5592 - Sweet and Lovely: The Best of Nino Tempo & April Stevens - Nino Tempo & April Stevens [1996] Deep Purple (M, 45 mix)/ Sweet And Lovely (S, loud pops and clicks throughout)/Teach Me Tiger [April Stevens] (M)/Paradise (M, hissy)/(We'll Always Be) Together (S, hissy)/Begin The Beguine (S)/Whispering (M, 45 mix)/Stardust (S, hissy)/Tea For Two (S)/I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (S)/The Coldest Night Of The Year (M, surface noise)/I Love How You Love Me (S, noisy)/ All Strung Out (S)/You'll Be Needing Me Baby (S)/I Can't Go On Livin' Baby Without You (S)/I'm Fallin' For You (S)/Why Don't You Do Right (S)

VSD-6035 - Happy Together: The Best of White Whale Records - Various Artists [1999] It Ain't Me Babe - Turtles (M)/Codyne (She's Real) - Matthew Moore Plus Four (M)/Follow Me - Lyme & Cybelle (M)/Wild About My Lovin' - Everpresent Fullness (M)/All Strung Out - Nino Tempo & April Stevens (M)/If You Gotta Go, Go Now - Lyme & Cybelle (M)/Smashed! Blocked! - John's Children (M)/Nadine - Smokestack Lightnin' (M)/Happy Together - Turtles (M)/California My Way - Committee (M)/Hole In My Pocket - Rockets (M)/You Got The Love - Professor Morrison's Lollipop (M)/Elenore - Turtles (M)/Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero (The More I Love You) - Rene & Rene (M)/Sugar On Sunday - Clique (M)/A Broken Man - Malibu's (M)/I'll Hold Out My Hand - Clique (S)/No Sugar Tonight - Steel Wool (M)/Friends - Feather (M)/Constantly - Reivers (M)/1900 Yesterday - Liz Damon's Orient Express (M)

VSD-6036 - All Strung Out - Nino Tempo & April Stevens [1999] Reissue of the 1967 album [White Whale WWS-7113], with four bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). You'll Be Needing Me Baby (S)/Help You To See (S)/All Strung Out (S)/Follow Me (S)/Little Child (S)/Alone Alone (S)/Sunny (S)/Out Of Nowhere (S)/Wings Of Love (E)/I Can't Go On Livin' (Without You Baby) (S)/Bye Bye Blues (M)/The Habit Of Lovin' You Baby (S)/+My Old Flame (M)/+Let It Be Me (M)/+Ooh Poo Pa Doo (M)/+Please Help Me I'm Falling (I Can't Help You I'm Falling) (M)

302 066 050 2 - Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero - Rene & Rene [1999] Reissue of the 1968 album [White Whale WWS-7119], minus "Quando Llege A Phoenix", plus four bonus tracks (indicated by "+"). Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero (The More I Love You) (E)/Mornin' (M)/Enchalada Jose (M)/Lloraras (You Will Cry) (M)/Relampagpo (M)/Hidin' In The Shadows (M)/Day Tripper (M)/+(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (M)/Las Cosas (M)/Hand Me Down (M)/Far Away (M)/+Angelito (S)/+Sallytosis (M)/+Love Is For The Two Of Us (El Amor Es Para Nosotros Dos) (E)

MCCD 046 - Happy Together: The Best of the Turtles - Turtles [1991] Happy Together (S)/She'd Rather Be With Me (S)/Too Young To Be One (S)/Me About You (S)/Think I'll Run Away (S)/Can I Get To Know You Better (S)/Guide For The Married Man (S)/Elenore (S)/It Ain't Me Babe (S)/You Baby (S)/Let Me Be (S)/She's My Girl (M)/ You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain (S)/You Know What I Mean (S)/Lady O (S)/You Showed Me (S)/There You Sit Lonely (S)/Outside Chance (S)/Buzz Saw (M)/Sound Asleep (M)

REP 4332-WY - Elenore - Turtles [1993] The Battle Of The Bands (S)/The Last Thing I Remember (S)/Elenore (S)/Too Much Heartsick Feeling (S)/Oh, Daddy! (S)/Buzzsaw (S)/Surfer Dan (S)/I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're The Royal Macadamia Nuts) (S)/You Showed Me (S)/Food (S)/Chicken Little Was Right (S)/Earth Anthem (All) (S)/Goodybe Surprise (S)/She's My Girl (M)/Sound Asleep (M)/Umbassa And The Dragon (S)/The Story Of Rock And Roll (S)/Can You Hear The Cows (M)/Elenore (M, 45 mix)/You Showed Me (M, 45 mix)

REP 4320-WY - Happy Together - Turtles [1993] Makin' My Mind Up (S)/Guide For The Married Man (S)/Think I'll Run Away (S)/The Walking Song (S)/Me About You (S)/Happy Together (S)/She'd Rather Be With Me (S)/To Young To Be One (S)/Person Without A Care (S)/Like The Seasons (S)/Rugs Of Woods And Flowers (S)/So Goes Love (S)/Grim Reaper Of Love (S)/Outside Chance (S)/We'll Meet Again (S)/Can I Get To Know You Better (S)/You Know What I Mean (S)/Happy Together (M, 45 version)/She'd Rather Be With Me (M, 45 version)/You Know What I Mean (M, 45 version)

Thanks to Jeff Smith, Marcel Immel, Lucy Pfeffa, and Mark Ehmcke.

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