Authentic Album Discography
By Dave Edwards, Mike Callahan, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: January 13, 2010

Authentic Records was a budget subsidiary of Dootone/Dooto Records, owned by Walter "Dootsie" Williams. Authentic began issuing singles in 1956 and albums in 1958. The 1958 AULP-500 series was a mere 4 albums long (these were later reissued on Dooto), and appear to be the only original albums on Autentic, that is, albums issued first on Authentic that were not previously issued on Dootone or Dooto. Even so, the material in the AULP-500 series seems to be a repackaging of previously-released material. Authentic was still reissuing singles in 1967.

After the 500 series, Authentic reissued selected albums from the Dootone/Dooto catalog under the Authentic imprint, but with the same Dootone/Dooto catalog numbers. Because only certain albums were reissued, it is very difficult to get a complete discography of the Authentic label. It does appear, however, that the Authentic albums only include reissues of the non-comedy albums from the Dootone/Dooto catalog. For that reason, one can speculate that Dootone/Dooto LP numbers 204, 223, 225, 240, 242, 245, and 293 were also issued on Authentic from the Dootone/Dooto 200 series, besides the ones listed below.

The list price of the Authentic albums was $1.98. The Authentic label was yellow with black print, with a black logo with yellow letters at the top of the label, very similar in design to the Dootone label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Authentic AULP-500 Series:

AULP-501 - Rhythm 'N' Blues Hit Vocal Groups - Various Artists [9/58] Speedin' - Medallions/The Telegram - Medallions/My Pretty Baby - Medallions/Did You Have Fun - Medallions/Coupe DeVille Baby - Medallions/Mary Lou - Medallions//Be Mine or Be a Fool - Penguins/So Tough - Cufflinx/It's Too Late Now - Cufflinx/House Cat - Romancers/Let Me Cry Willie Headen and the Birds /I Love You Bobby Sox - Willie Headen and the Birds

AULP-502 - Jump 'N' Hop Dance Party - Ernie Freeman, Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins, Roy Milton [1958]

AULP-503 - Cooking with Jazz - Dexter Gordon, Carl Perkins, Leroy Vinegar [1958]

AULP-504 - The Fun Ticklers - Redd Foxx, Allen Drew, Don Bexley, Dave Turner [1958]

Reissues of Dootone/Dooto Albums (not complete):

AUL-207 - LP - Dexter Blows Hot and Cool - Dexter Gordon Quintet [19??] Silver Plated/Cry Me A River/Rhythm Mad/ Don't Worry About Me/I Hear Music//Bonna Rue/I Should Care/Blowin' For Dootsie/Tenderly

AUL-211 - LP - Introducing Carl Perkins - Carl Perkins [19??] Pressed in red vinyl. Way Across Town/You Don't Know What Love Is/The Lady Is A Tramp/Marblehead/Woodyn You/Westside//Just Friends/It Could Happen To You/Why Do I Care/Lilacs In The Rain/Carl's Blues

AUL-221 - LP - Spiritual Moments - Lillian Randolph Singers [19??] He Knows How Much We Can Bear/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho/Were You There/Room Enough/Run Sinner Run/Only A Look/I'm A Rollin'/Leaning On The Lord/Great Day/River Jordan/Joy In That Land/Amen Chorus/Where Shall I Be/Plenty Good Room/Certainly Lord/Rocka My Soul

AUL-224 - LP - Best Vocal Groups in Rock and Roll - Various Artists [19??] Crazy Over You - Calvanes/Always and Always - Meadowlarks/Let Me Give You Money - Pipes/I Still Remember - Romancers/I Ain't Gonna Cry - Penguins/Edna - Medallions//Guided Missiles - Cuff Links/Double Dealing Baby - Souvenirs/Don't Take Your Love - Calvanes/Back Home Again - Birds/Boogie Woogie Teenage - Meadowlarks/Untrue - Meadowlarks

AUL-247 - LP - Exploring the Future - Curtis Counce Quintet [12/58] Quintet included Curtis Counce (bass), Harold Land (sax), Rolf Ericson (trumpet), Elmo Hope (piano), and Frank Butler (drums). So Nice/Angel Eyes/Into the Orbit/Move/Race for Space/Someone to Watch Over Me/Exploring the Future/Countdown/Foreplay/Move/Countdown

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