King Discography, Part 12:
The Sing Reissues

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: August 27, 2012

Sing Records issued a series of replicas of King/Federal/DeLuxe albums manufactured and distributed by "The Official Record Company APS" of Copenhagen, Denmark. These were released in the late 1980s. What connection this company had to Gusto, who owned the rights to the masters at that time, is unknown.

What is known is that at that time, the copyright protection in Denmark only reached the end of the calendar year after 25 years had passed (it has since been changed). Since the Sing albums were issued between 1987 and 1989, that means all the pre-1963 albums released as Sing albums (that is, all of them) were released under public domain, so it's doubtful that Gusto ever saw a dime from these reissues. This also explains why the reissues stopped with albums originally issued in 1962, the year where 25 years was reached.

As a company operating legally under copyright laws and making use of public domain, the Official Record Company also put out reproductions and reissues of albums from many other labels. European companies are still using copyright/public domain laws today to release material over 50 years old royalty free, as most of the European countries today recognize a 50-year copyright protection for music (US copyright protection is much longer).

Not all King albums were reissued as Sing albums, but selected albums of collectors' interest were reproduced, and a number of new compilations of songs over 25 years old were issued starting with number 1155, the next number after King stopped issuing albums. The listing of Sing reissues of King/Federal/Deluxe albums below is probably not complete.

The Sing label used a black replica of the early King label, with the small-letter "KING" at the top changed to "SING."

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Sing 503 - Earl Bostic For You - Earl Bostic [1987] Reissue of King 503. All tracks mono. Sleep/Moonglow/Velvet Sunset/For You/The Very Thought Of You/Linger Awhile//Cherokee/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Memories/Embraceable You/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Night And Day

Sing 537 - All-Time Country and Western Hits - Various Artists [1988] Reissue of King 537. All tracks mono. Kentucky Waltz - Cowboy Copas/I'll Sail My Ship Alone - Moon Mullican/Tennessee Tango - York Brothers/Signed Sealed And Delivered - Cowboy Copas/Tennessee Wig-Walk - Bonnie Lou/Old Rattler - Grandpa Jones/Tennessee Waltz - Cowboy Copas/Blues Stay Away From Me - Delmore Brothers/Jole Blon - Moon Mullican/Filipino Baby - Cowboy Copas/I'm The Talk Of The Town - Reno & Smiley/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me? - Wayne Raney

Sing 541 - Their Greatest Juke Box Hits - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1988] Reissue of King 541 with the 1960 cover. All tracks mono. Work With Me Annie/Moonrise/Sexy Ways/Get It/Switchie Witchie Titchie/It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)//Annie Had A Baby/She's The One/Annie's Aunt Fannie/Crazy Loving (Stay With Me)/Henry's Got Flat Feet/Tore Up Over You

Sing 555 - Moon Mullican Sings His All-Time Hits - Moon Mullican [1988] Reissue of King 555. All tracks mono. I'll Sail My Ship Alone/Honolulu Rock-A Roll-A/The Leaves Mustn't Fall/Mona Lisa/Sugar Beet/New Jole Blon//Sweeter Than The Flowers/Pipeliner's Blues/I Was Sorta Wonderin'/Cherokee Boogie/You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry/Foggy River

Sing 559 - Clyde McPhatter with Billy Ward and His Dominoes - Billy Ward & Dominoes [1988] Reissue of Federal/King 559, with 1960s pink reissue cover. All tracks mono. Sixty Minute Man/Do Something For Me/That's What You're Doing To Me/Deep Sea Blues/Pedal Pushin' Papa/Don't Leave Me This Way//Have Mercy Baby/I Am With You/Chicken Blues/Weeping Willow Blues/Love Love Love/The Bells

Sing 580 - Dedicated to You - The "5" Royales [1988] A reissue of King 580. All tracks mono. Think/Someone Made You For Me/Just As I Am/Don't Be Ashamed/Come On And Save Me/I'd Better Make A Move//Dedicated To The One I Love/Right Around The Corner/Say It/Messin' Up/Tears Of Joy/Thirty Second Lover

Sing 581 - Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, Volume Two - Hank Ballard & Midnighters [1988] Reissue of King 581 with the 1958 cover with "Hank Ballard And" crudely printed at the top of the cover. All tracks mono. Open Up The Back Door/In The Doorway Crying/Oh So Happy/Let 'Em Roll/E Bosta Cosi/Stay By My Side//Daddy's Little Baby/Partners For Life/Is Your Love For Real/What Made You Change Your Mind/Let Me Hold Your Hand/Early One Morning

Sing 585 - Dance Awhile with Doggett - Bill Doggett [1988] Reissue of King 585. All tracks mono. Flying Home/Misty Moon/Bone Tones/Tailor Made/Chelsea Bridge/Kid From Franklin Street//Pied Piper Of Islip/Passion Flower/Song Is Ended/Autumn Dreams/How Could You/Smoochie

Sing 587 - Hawkshaw Hawkins, Volume 1 - Hawkshaw Hawkins [1988] Reissue of King 587. All tracks mono. Slow Poke/Sunny Side Of The Mountain/I'm Kissing Your Picture Counting Tears/If I Ever Get Rich Mom/Rattlesnakin' Daddy/I Am Slowly Dying Of A Broken Heart/I Suppose/I Can't Tell My Broken Heart A Lie//Picking Sweethearts/Barbara Allen/Would You Like To Have A Broken Heart/I Love The Way You Say Goodnight/Got You On My Mind/Teardrops From My Eyes/Somebody Lied/I Hope You're Crying Too

Sing 596 - Talk To Me - Little Willie John [1988] A reissue of King 596. All tracks mono. Talk To Me Talk To Me/I've Been Around/Drive Me Home/I'll Carry Your Love Wherever I Go/No More In Life/Uh Uh Baby//Person To Person/Until You Do/Tell It Like It Is/Don't Be Ashamed To Call My Name/If I Thought You Needed Me/There Is Someone In This World For Me

Sing 603 - Mister Little Willie John - Little Willie John [1987] A reissue of King 603. All tracks mono. You're A Sweetheart/Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good/Look What You've Done To Me/Home At Last/Are You Ever Coming Back/Don't Leave Me Dear//All My Love Belongs To You/Spasms/Will the Sun Shine Tomorrow/You Got To Get Up Early In The Morning/A Little Bit Of Lovin'/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me

Sing 605 - Ivory Joe Hunter Sings Sixteen of his Greatest Hits - Ivory Joe Hunter Reissue of King 605. Jealous Heart/I Quit My Pretty Mama/Waiting In Vain/No Money No Luck Blues/Too Late/I Have No Reason To Complain/I Like It/Lying Woman/Guess Who/In Time/The Code Song/Don't Fall In Love With Me/It's You Just You/Please Don't Cry Anymore/False Friend Blues/Changing Blues

Sing 607 - Battle of the Blues - Roy Brown/Wynonie Harris [1987] Reissue of King 606. All tracks mono. Boogie At Midnight - Roy Brown/Big Town - Roy Brown/Bar Room Blues - Roy Brown/Love Don't Love Nobody - Roy Brown/Miss Fanny Brown - Roy Brown/Lolly Pop Mama - Roy Brown/I've Got The Last Laugh Now - Roy Brown//Bloodshot Eyes - Wynonie Harris/Good Rockin' Tonight - Wynonie Harris/Loving Machine - Wynonie Harris/Shake That Thing - Wynonie Harris/I Feel That Old Age Coming On - Wynonie Harris/All She Wants to Do Is Rock - Wynonie Harris/Good Morning Judge - Wynonie Harris

Sing 610 - Please, Please, Please - James Brown & His Famous Flames [1988] Please Please Please (version 1)(2:41)/Chonnie-On-Chon (2:10)/Hold My Baby's Hand (2:10)/I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On (2:29)/Just Won't Do Right (I Stay In The Chapel Every Night)(version 1)(2:31)/Baby Cries Over The Ocean (2:20)/I Don't Know (2:43)/Tell Me What I Did Wrong (2:18)//Try Me (version 1) (2:28)/That Dood It (2:26)/Begging Begging (2:50)/I Walked Alone (2:39)/No No No No (2:12)/That's When I Lost My Heart (2:46)/Let's Make It (2:22)/Love Or A Game (2:14)

Sing 613 - Dance Music from the Bostic Workshop - Earl Bostic [1988] Reissue of King 613. Third Man Theme/The Key/Does Your Heart Beat For Me/El Choclo Cha Cha/Gondola/Sweet Pea//Ducky/Sentimental Journey/Barcarolle/Who Cares/Rose Marie/Up There In Orbit

Sing 616 - The "5" Royales Sing For You - The "5" Royales [1987] A reissue of King 616. All tracks mono. Your Only Love/The Real Thing/Don't Let It Be In Vain/Do the Cha Cha Cherry/Double Or Nothing/Mohawk Squaw/How I Wonder/I Need Your Lovin' Baby//The Feeling Is Real/Tell The Truth/My Wants For Love/The Slummer The Slum/Do Unto You/I Ain't Gettin' Caught/When I Get Like This/Monkey Hips And Rice

Sing 634 - Battle of the Blues, Volume 3 - Jimmy Witherspoon/Eddie Vinson [1988] Reissue of King 634. All tracks mono. Person to Person - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/I'm Weak But Willing - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Somebody Done Stole My Cherry Red - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Queen Bee - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Feathered Mama - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/I Trusted You Baby - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/No Good Woman - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Ashes On My Pillow - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Last Mill - Jimmy Witherspoon/24 Sad Hours - Jimmy Witherspoon/Blues In Trouble - Jimmy Witherspoon/Sad Life - Jimmy Witherspoon/Foolish Prayer - Jimmy Witherspoon/Highway To Happiness - Jimmy Witherspoon/I Done Told You - Jimmy Witherspoon

Sing 653 - Tribute to the Late Tiny Bradshaw: The Great Composer - Tiny Bradshaw [1987] A reissue of King 653. All tracks mono. Soft/Off and On/Heavy Juice/Well Oh Well/Free For All/Choice/Bushes/Stack Of Dollars//Later/Powder Puff/South Of The Orient/The Train Kept A- Rollin'/Light/Ping Pong/Come On/Cat Fruit

Sing 657 - The Band Swings, Lorez Sings - Lorez Alexandria With Orchestra [1988] Reissue of King 657. You're My Thrill/Don't Blame Me/Ain't Misbehavin'/What is This Thing Called Love/Dancing On the Ceiling/Love Is Just Around the Corner/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter/Just You, Just Me/All the Things You Are/Thrill Is Gone/My Baby Just Cares For Me

Sing 668 - Battle of the Blues, Volume 4 - Roy Brown/Wynonie Harris/Eddie Vinson [1987] Reissue of King 668. All tracks mono. Big Mouth Gal - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Bring It Back - Wynonie Harris/If You Don't Think I'm Sinking - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Trouble At Midnight - Roy Brown/Peas And Rice - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Rock Mr. Blues - Wynonie Harris //Lonesome Train - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Old Age Boogie - Roy Brown/Bald Headed Blues - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Grandma Plays The Numbers - Wynonie Harris/Good Bread Alley - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson/Queen of Diamonds - Roy Brown

Sing 676 - Standards with a Slight Touch of Jazz - Lorez Alexandria [1988] Reissue of King 676. Just One of Those Things/Then I'll Be Tired of You/Lush Lips/Sometime's I'm Happy/Long Ago and Far Away/But Beautiful/I'm beginning to See the Light/I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me/Spring is Here/Angel Eyes/Better Luck Next Time/I Didn't Know What Time It Was

Sing 678 - The Five Royales - "5" Royales [1988] A reissue of King 678. All tracks mono. I Know It's Hard But It's Fair/Miracle Of Love/My Sugar Sugar/When You Walked Through The Door/School Girl/Get Something Out Of It//Tell Me You Care/Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone/It Hurts Inside/Mine Forevermore/One Mistake/Women About To Make Me Go Crazy

Sing 721 - T. Texas Tyler - T. Texas Tyler [1988] Reissue of King 721. All tracks mono. Remember Me/In My Little Red Book/Filipino Baby/Who's To Blame/You Turned A Good Man Down/Careless Love/Oklahoma Hills/It's Been So Long Darlin'/T. Texas Blues/You Nearly Lose Your Mind/I Hung My Head And Cried/Gals Don't Mean A Thing

Sing 733 - Billy Ward and his Dominoes Featuring Clyde McPhatter and Jackie Wilson - Billy Ward & Dominoes [1988] A reissue of King 733. All tracks mono. Tenderly/Over The Rainbow/Learnin' The Blues/When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano/Harbor Lights/These Foolish Things//Three Coins In The Fountain/Little Things Mean A Lot/Rags To Riches/May I Never Love Again/Lonesome Road/Until The Real Thing Comes Along

Note: Sing, in addition to reissuing many King albums, also produced some new compilations, starting with number 1155, the number after King discontinued issuing albums.

Sing 1155 - It Hurts to Be in Love - Annie Laurie [1988] Actually, this compilation is not exactly new. This is a reissue of Audio Lab AL-1510 with a new cover and one additional track added to the end of each side. It Hurts To Be In Love/Hand In Hand/Nobody's Gonna Hurt You/We Found Love/You're The Only One For Me/It's Gonna Come Out In The Wash Someday//Out Of My Mind/Please Money Don't Go/I'm A Slave To You/Not Wanted/Love Is A Funny Thing/If You're Lonely

Sing 1156 - I Paid My Dues - Little Esther [1988] Better Beware/Hold Me/Somebody New/Bring My Lovin' Back To Me/I Paid My Dues/Sweet Lips/Love On Love/I'll Be There (At Your Beck And Call)//Street Lights/Heart To Heart/Tell Him That I Need Him So/Summertime/The Crying Blues/Other Lips, Other Arms/Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me/Cryin' And Singin' The Blues

Sing 1157 - I'm Gone, Yes I'm Gone - Lula Reed [1988] Sick And Tired/Jealous Love/Watch Dog/Your Key Don't Fit It No More/Going Back To Mexico/Bump On A Log/Three Men/Sample Man//Troubles On Your Mind/The Wild Stage Of Life/Ain't It A Shame/Without Love (Ain't It A Shame)/I'm Gone, Yes I'm Gone/Why Don't You Come On Home/I'll Upset You Baby/Caught Me When My Love Was Down

Sing 1158 - My Ding-A-Ling - Dave Bartholomew [1988] In The Alley/Sweet Home Blues/Bad Habit/Twins/The Golden Rule/High Flying Woman//I'll Never Be The Same/Mother Knows Best/Stormy Weather/Lawdy Lawdy Lord (Part 1)/Lawdy Lawdy Lord (Part 2)/My Ding-A-Ling

Sing 1159 - Rare Blues Girls from King - Various Artists [1988] He's Gone - Dorothy Ellis/Grandpa Can Boogie Too - Lil Greenwood/Portrait Of A Faded Love - Helen Young with Earl Bostic & His Orchestra/Please Be Good To Me - Aletra Hampton with Duke Hampton & His Orchestra/Climb The Wall - Fluffy Hunter/You're Gonna Suffer Baby - Mickey Champion with Roy Milton & His Orchestra/I Need You Now - Sarah McLawler/I Dreamed The Blues - Valerie Carr with Gene Redd & His Orchestra//No More In Life - Mildred Anderson with Bill Doggett Trio/Undecided - Marion Abernathy/I'm On The Outside Looking In - Flo Garvin/Let Me Keep You Warm - Flo Garvin/You Can't Have Me Now - Lorraine Lester/It's A Sad, Sad Feeling - Cathy Ryan with Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra/Slowly Going Out Of My Mind - Dorothy Ellis/Please Be True - Sugar Pie

Sing 1160 - Seventeen - Boyd Bennett [1988] Seventeen/Click Clack/Banjo Rock And Roll/Little Ole You-All/Tennessee Rock And Roll/Hit That Jive, Jack/Cool Disc Jockey//My Boy Flat Top/Move/Rabbit-Eye Pink And Charcoal Black/Right Around The Corner/Blue Suede Shoes/Boogie At Midnight/High School Hop

Sing 1161 - Aw! Shucks Baby: Her Complete Federal Recordings 1957-1959 - Tiny Topsy [1988] Aw! Shucks Baby/A Woman's Intuition (previously unreleased)/Miss You So/Come On, Come On, Come On/Ring Around My Finger/You Shocked Me//Just A Little Bit/Everybody Needs Some Loving/Waterproof Eyes/Western Rock 'n Roll/Cha Cha Sue

Sing 1162 - The Federal Sessions - Jimmy Witherspoon [1989] Lucille/Two Little Girls/One Fine Gal/Corn Whiskey/The Day Is Dawning/Jay's Blues (Part 1)/Jay's Blues (Part 2)/Miss Miss Mistreater//Back Home/It/Back Door Blues/Fast Woman-Slow Gin/Just For You/Move Me Baby/'Cause I Love You/Oh Boy

Sing 1163 - Ram-Bunk-Shush - Lucky Millinder [1989] Ram-Bunk-Shush/Oh Babe!/Please Open Your Heart/Silent George/I'm Waiting Just For You/No One Else Could Be/It's Been A Long Long Time/Please Be Careful//Loaded With Love/When I Gave You My Love/Heavy Sugar/Old Spice/I'm Here Love/It's A Sad, Sad Feeling/Ow!/Goody Good Love

Thanks to Tony Watson.

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