Marlin Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, David Edwards and Randy Watts
Last update: July 16, 2011

Marlin was a label established in the 1960s by Henry Stone in Miami. Early singles (see example at right) were distributed by London Records, long before TK became Stone's tour-de-force.

Marlin in the 1970s was a TK disco subsidiary with strong studio musician roster of artists: from famed studio guitarists Phil Upchurch and John Tropea (in a George Benson mood) to percussionist Ralph MacDonald, bass player William Salter or sax player Eddie Daniels. They also released studio musician related productions : Tempest Trio (a Mike Theodore/Dennis Coffey production) or Voyage (French studio musicians). They released four disco vocal trio Ritchie Family albums before they joined Casablanca, and just like this label, Marlin tried a hand at European disco (mostly French), without much success: Partners, Star City, Quartz.

The Marlin label (far left) was blue and grey with black lettering and "MARLIN" written on the top half of the label over a sailing ship on a raging sea. The following text is written either in straight line or in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label: "Distributed By T.K. Productions, 495 S.E. 10th Ct. Hialeah, Florida 33010" or slightly different "DIST. BY T.K. PRODUCTIONS - 495 S.E. 10th CT. HIALEAH, FLA. 33010". Promotional labels (near left) were white with black print and no graphics, and had the label name near the bottom.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Marlin 2200 Series:

2200 - Tropea - Tropea [1975] Tambourine/7th Heaven/The Jingle/Just Blue//Muff/Cisco Disco/The Bratt/Dreams

2201 - Arabian Nights - The Ritchie Family [1976] The Best Disco In Town/Baby I'm On Fire/Romantic Love//Arabian Nights (Medley) (Istanbul (Not Constantinople) / Lawrence Of Arabia (More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow) / In A Persian Market (Show Me How You Dance)

2202 - Sound of a Drum - Ralph MacDonald [1976] Sound Of A Drum/Where Is The Love/The Only Time You Say You Love Me (Is When We're Making Love)//Jam On The Groove/Mister Magic/Calypso Breakdown

2203 - Life Is Music - The Ritchie Family [1977] Life Is Music/Lady Luck/Long Distance Romance//Liberty/Super Lover/Disco Blues

2204 - Short Trip to Space - John Tropea [1977] The Funk You See, Is The Funk You Do!/Can't Hide Love/Southside//You Can't Have It All/Short Trip To Space/Blue Too/Love's Final Moment/Twist Of The Wrist

2205 - It Is So Beautiful To Be - William Salter [1977] You Got Style/It Is So Beautiful To Be/Let's Be Lovers Again/If You Can Believe//Lena/You/Three Days Of Flowers/When You Smile

2206 - African Queens - The Ritchie Family [1977] African Queens (Nefertiti, Cleopatra And The Queen Of Sheba)/Theme Of Nefertiti/Theme Of Cleopatra/Theme Of The Queen Of Sheba/African Queens (Nefertiti, Cleopatra And The Queen Of Sheba) (Reprise)//Summer Dance/Quiet Village/Voodoo

2207/2208 - Disco Party - Various Artists [1978] Two-LP set. Do What You Wanna Do - T-Connection/Lady Luck - The Ritchie Family/Get Off Your Aahh And Dance - Foxy//Rock Your Baby - George McCrae/Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me? - Peter Brown/Love Chant - Eli's Second Coming/Get Down Tonight - KC & The Sunshine Band//Calypso Breakdown - Ralph MacDonald/Best Disco In Town - The Ritchie Family/Disco Magic - T-Connection//Superman - Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch/Spank - Jimmy Bo Horne/Kiss Me (The Way I Like It) - George McCrae/Where Is The Love - Betty Wright

2209 - Phil Upchurch - Phil Upchurch [1977] Strawberry Letter 23/Free/Good Times/Church Street Station//It's Almost Five/Fooling Around/Cyrenna

2210 - The Path - Ralph MacDonald [1978] The Path (Part One / Part Two / Part Three)//Smoke Rings And Wine/I Cross My Heart/It Feels So Good/If I'm Still Around Tomorrow

2211 - Struggle Buggy - William Eaton [1977] Struggle Buggy/Friends And Lovers/Just Can't Turn You Down//Brand New Lover/Time And Love/Elevator To The Stars/Conjure Woman

2212 - Come into My Heart - USA-European Connection [1978] Come Into My Heart / Good Loving//Love's Coming / Baby Love

2213 - Voyage - Voyage [1978] From East To West/Point Zero/Orient Express//Scotch Machine/Bayou Village/Latin Odyssey/Lady America

2214 - Street Wind - Eddie Daniels [1978] Preparation F/How Deep Is Your Love/Song For My Son/One Night With You//I Go To Rio/What's At The End Of The Rainbow/Fantasy On A Street Corner Flute Player/Old Man River-Part II

2215 - American Generation - The Ritchie Family [1978] Medley: Big Spender / Good In Love/Music Man//Medley: American Generation / I Feel Disco Good

2216 - Quartz - Quartz [1978] Quartz//Beyond The Clouds/For Geromine/Chaos

2217 - Star Cruiser - Gregg Diamond [1978] Fancy Dancer/Island Boogie/Star Cruiser/Bring Back Your Love//Holding Back/This Side Of Midnight/Too Hot To Reggae/Arista Vista

2218 - Make That Feeling Come Again! - Beautiful Bend [1978] That's The Meaning/Boogie Motion//Make That Feeling Come Again!/Ah-Do It

2219 - Love Somebody - Jo Bisso [1978] Love Somebody (Pt. 1)/Love Somebody (Pt. 2)//Your Love/Let's Keep It Together/Thank You Baby

2220 - The Letter - Queen Samantha [1978] The Letter/Don't Stop I Feel Good//Singing Hallelujah/1864

2221 - Ecstasy - Michael Urbaniak [1978] Body Rub/Free/Ecstasy/Just A Funky Feeling//Want's Ta Make You Feel Good/A Day In The Park/French Kiss/Creation

2222 - To Touch You Again - John Tropea [1979] Livin In The Jungle/In This Time/Look What They've Done To My Song/You're My Every Need//To Touch You Again / Lady Blue/Yours Next To Mine/Do You Wanna Be Loved

2223 - I'm a Man - Star City [1979] I'm A Man/La La Means I Love You//I Can't Get Over You/Melody Of Love (Melodia)/Make Time For Love/Good Times

2224 -

2225 - Fly Away - Voyage [1978] Souvenirs/Kechak Fantasy/Eastern Trip/Tahiti, Tahiti//Let's Fly Away/Golden Eldorado/Gone With The Music

2226 - The Last Disco in Paris - Partners [1978] Partners/Friday/Dance (Whoever You Are)//The Last Disco In Paris/Green Eyes/Love Meant To Be/So Long

2227 - Amant - Amant [1979] (12-inch Disco Single with cover) Hazy Shades Of Love//If There's Love

2228 - Uncle Louie's Here - Uncle Louie [1979] Full-Tilt Boogie/I Like Funky Music/Badd Motor Folk//We Came To Play/Sky High/Everybody's Got One

2229 - Counterpoint - Ralph MacDonald [1979] I Need Someone/You Are In Love/Tell The Truth//Discolypso/Always Something Missing/East Dry River

2230 - Queen Samantha 2 - Queen Samantha [1979] Take A Chance/Sweet San Francisco//What's In Your Mind/Thank You For Your Love/The Look Of Love/So Far Away

2231 - USA-European Connection II - USA-European Connection [1979] (12-inch EP) I'd Like To Get Closer/Do Me Good//Join The Dance/There's A Way Into My Heart

2232 - Tempest Trio - Tempest Trio [1979] Love Machine/You Keep Me Hanging On / Love Chains//Do You Like The Way That It Feels/Starlight/Last Call For Love

2233 - Katmandu - Katmandu [1979] The Break/Dlaga Boogie Woogie//Don't Stop, Keep On/There's Only Been A Few/Mi Corazon

2234 - O-Zone - Osiris [1979] You And I/Travelin' Salesman/Love In Your Heart/I'll Never Let You Go//Fantality/Prelude (Is It Clear?)/Say You Will

2235 - Voyage 3 - Voyage [1980] Music, Music/I Love You Dancer/I'm Only Human//Do It Again/I Don't Want To Fall In Love Again/All The Way

2236 X - The Blue Lagoon (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980] Back cover features a scantily-clad Brooke Shields with loinclothed Randal Kleiser from the film. Love Theme-The Blue Lagoon (Emmeline)/Main Title/Fire/The Island/The Sands Of Time (The Children's Theme)/Paddy's Death/The Children Grow/Lord Of The Lagoon/Love Theme-The Blue Lagoon (Reprise)//Underwater Courtship/The Koss/Richard Sees Paddy/The Birth/Bad People/Baby Swim/The Memories/3 Points To Port/End Title

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