Malaco Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, David Edwards and Randy Watts
Last update: July 16, 2011

Malaco was an independent soul and gospel label whose distribution was handled by TK for a few years in the 1970s. The label is mostly known for Dorothy Moore #3 POP and #2 R&B hit "Misty Blue" in 1976 and Fern Kinney's club version of King Floyd's "Groove Me" (#54 POP and #26 R&B in 1979).

The albums listed here are only those distributed by the TK label; Malaco released many other albums as an independent label.

The Malaco label is pale brown with black lettering and "MALACO" written in either black or brown (from #6361 on) lettering on the top half of the label. The label randomly displays the following texts written in the form of an arc (only after the first album) at the bottom of the label: "DISTRIBUTED BY T.K PRODUCTIONS, INC. 495 S.E. 10th COURT, HIALEAH, FLORIDA 33010" or "Dist. by T.K PRODUCTIONS, INC. - 495 S.E. 10th Court, Hialeah, Fla. 33010" or "Distributed By T.K. Productions. 495 S.E. 10th Ct. Hialeah, Florida 33010" or "A DIVISION OF MALACO, INC. JACKSON, MISS. U.S.A."

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Malaco 6350 Series:

6351 - Misty Blue - Dorothy Moore [1976] The Only Time You Say You Love Me/Dark End Of The Street/Funny How Time Slips Away/Laugh It Off/Misty Blue//Enough Woman Left (To Be Your Lady)/I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But You/Ain't That A Mother's Luck/Too Much Love/It's So Good

6352 - Experience - Eddie Floyd [1977] Feel My Body/Making Love (For The Very First Time With You)/Take A Chance On Me//Don't Expose Your Thing/Your Love Is Heavy/Prove It To Me/You're Gonna Walk Out On Me/It's Got To Be That Way

6353 - Dorothy Moore - Dorothy Moore [1977] Let The Music Play/I Believe You/Love Me/Make It Soon/With Pen In Hand//1-2-3 (You And Me)/Loving You Is Just An Old Habit/Daddy's Eyes/For Old Time's Sake/Too Blind To See

6354 -

6355 -

6356 - Once Moore With Feeling - Dorothy Moore [1978] Special Occasion/What Am I To Do/Girl Overboard/Write A Little Prayer/The Going Ups And The Coming Downs//(We Need More) Loving Time/Being Alone/If I Could Just Find My Way Back To You/He Knows Just Where To Touch Me

6357 - Farther Than Imagination - Freedom [1979] Farther Than Imagination/So In Love/Set You Free/Dance Sing Along//Summer Memory/Know You Better/Wake Up Your Mind/Get Up And Dance/You've Just Got To Be The One

6358 - James Bradley - James Bradley [1979] I Let's Paint The Town/Wrapped Up In Your Love/I'm In Too Deep//I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/Knowing You're My Everything/Never Too Far Away/Let's Do It Together/The Night They Called It A Day

6359 - Definitely Dorothy - Dorothy Moore [1979] Once Or Twice/Rain/How'd We Ever Get This Way/I Feel The Hurt Coming On/Can't Keep A Good Love Down//Since I Don't Have You / Since I Fell For You (Medley)/Sleeping Single In A Double Bed/The End Of The World/Lookin' For A Lovin'/Mississippi Song

6360 -

6361 - Groove Me - Fern Kinney [1979] Groove Me/Under Fire/Angel On The Ground//Pillow Talk/Together We Are Beautiful/Sun, Moon, Rain/Baby Let Me Kiss You

Note: Series shifts here to the 7300 Series from the 6300 Series, with the last two digit sequence remaining intact.

7362 - Free - Freedom [1980] Time To Get It On/Caught (Special Way)/Freedom Funk It Up/Funky With You/The After Party//Come On And Dance/Lovelight/The Funktionary/Funny Way/We Were Lovers/Funny Way (Reprise)

*7363 - Talk To Me - Dorothy Moore [1980] Angel Of The Morning/Crazy In Love/Every Beat Of My Heart/If I Could Feel That Old Feelin' Again/It's All In The Game/Lonely/Something In The Way He Smiles/Talk To Me/There'll Never Be Another Night Like This

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