Fantasy Album Discography, Part 9:
6000/86000 Debut (Jazz) Series (1962-1971)

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: November 22, 2010

The Fantasy 6000/86000 Debut Series was a jazz series that ran from 1962 to 1964, with one additional album added in 1971.

This series used the usual Fantasy labels, with red/maroon for mono (far left) and blue for stereo (near left). Before 1963, the discs were issued originally on red vinyl for mono, and blue vinyl for stereo; starting in 1963, Fantasy went with the conventional black vinyl releases.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Fantasy 6000 (mono)/86000 (stereo) Jazz Series:

6001/86001 - Blue Moods - Miles Davis [1962] Mono originally issued on red vinyl; stereo originally issued on blue vinyl. Nature Boy/Alone Together//There's No You/Easy Living

6002/86002 - Chazz! - Charlie Mingus Quintet [1962] Mono originally issued on red vinyl; stereo originally issued on blue vinyl. Work Song/Septemberly/All The Things You Are-C Sharp//Jump Monk/Serenade In Blue/Percussion Discussion

6003/86003 - Jazz at Massey Hall: "The Greatest Jazz Concert Ever" - Charlie Chan, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Max Roach, Charlie Mingus [1962] Mono originally issued on red vinyl; stereo originally issued on blue vinyl. Perdido/Salt Peanuts/All The Things You Are/Wee/Hot House/Night In Tunisia

6004/86004 - The Fabulous Thad Jones - Thad Jones [1962] Elusive/Sombre Intrusion/I'll Remember April/I Can't Get Started/You Don't Know What Love Is/Get Out Of Town/Chazzanova/One More/Bitty Ditty/More Of The Same

6005/86005 - Four Trombones - Various Artists [1962] Mono originally issued on red vinyl; stereo originally issued on blue vinyl. Artists include J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, Bennie Green, Willie Dennis, Charlie Mingus, and John Lewis. Move/Stardust/Now's The Time/Blues For Some Bones

6006/86006 - Bud Powell Trio - Bud Powell Trio [1962] Mono originally issued on red vinyl; stereo originally issued on blue vinyl. The Bud Powell Trio: Bud Powell, Charlie Mingus (bass) and Max Roach (drums). Embraceable You/Sure Thing/My Devotion/Polka Dots & Moonbeams/Cherokee//Jubilee/I've Got You Under My Skin/My Heart Stood Still/I Want To Be Happy/Lullaby Of Birdland

Note: At this point, colored vinyl issues are discontinued in favor of black vinyl.

6007/86007 - "Speak, Brother, Speak" - Max Roach Quartet at the Jazz Workshop [1963] Max Roach Quartet: Max Roach, Eddie Khan, Cliff Jordan and Mal Waldron.

6008/86008 - Four Trombones, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1964] Musicians: John Lewis, Charlie Mingus, J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, Benny Green and Willie Dennis. Now's The Time/Trombosphere//Ow/Chazzanova

6009/86009 - The Charles Mingus Quintet + Max Roach - Charles Mingus Quintet [1964] Musicians: Charles Mingus (bass), Max Roach (drums on "Drums" and "I'll Remember April"), Willie Jones (drums on all other tracks), George Barrow (tenor sax), Mal Waldron (piano), and Eddie Bert (trombone). A Foggy Day/Drums/Haitian Fight Song//Lady Bird/I'll Remember April/Love Chant

6010/86010 - My Little Cello - Oscar Pettiford and His Jazz Groups [1964] The Pendulum At Falcon's Lair/Tamalpais/Jack The Fieldstalker/Fru Bruel/Stockholm Sweetnin'/Low & Behold/I Succumb To Temptation

6011 - Bird on 52nd Street Theme - Charlie Parker [1964] Originally issued in monaural only. Recorded in 1948. Shaw Nuff/Out Of Nowhere/Hot House/This Time/Night In Tunisia/My Old Flame/52nd Street Theme/Way You Look Tonight/Chasin' The Bird/dizzy Atmosphere/How High The Moon

6012 - "Bird at St. Nick's" - Charlie Parker [1964] Originally issued in monaural only. Recorded February 18, 1950. Musicians: Charlie Parker (alto sax), Al Haig (piano), Roy Haynes (drums), Red Rodney (trumpet), and Tommy Potter (bass). A small box on the back cover notes: "THIS IS NOT A HIGH FIDELITY ALBUM. Due to a printing error the words 'High Fidelity' appear on the front cover. This album is being released because of its unarguable historical validity." I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Ornithology/Embraceable You/Visa/I Cover The Waterfront/Scrapple From The Apple/Star Eyes/Theme//Confirmation/Out Of Nowhere/Hot House/What's New/Now's The Time/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Theme

6013/86013 - Brew Moore in Europe - Brew Moore with Lars Gullin & Sahib Shihad [1964] Recorded in Copenhagen, September 26, 1962. Musicians: Brew Moore (tenor sax), Bent Axen (piano), Neils-Hennig Orsetd Pedersen (bass), William Schiopffe (drums), Lasse Gullin (baratone sax on "You Stepped Out Of A Dream" and "Rend A Hop"), Sahib Shihab (alto sax on "The Monster" and "Piger"), and Louis Hjulmand (vibraharp on "Laverne Walk" and "Piger"). Ergo/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/The Monster//Allt Under Himmelens Faste/Rend A Hop/Laverne Walk/Piger

6014/86014 - Cecil Taylor Live at the Cafe Montmartre - Cecil Taylor [1964] Montmartre/Trance/Call/Lena/D Trad

6015/86015 - Essen Jazz Festival All Stars - Various Artists [1964] Artists: Oscar Pettiford, Bud Powell, Kenny Clarke and Coleman Hawkins. All The Things You Are/Yesterdays/Stuffy/Shaw Nuff/Willow Weep For Me/John's Abbey/Salt Peanuts/Blues In The Closet

6016/86016 - My Name is Albert Ayler - Albert Ayler [1964] Recorded January 14, 1963, at the Studios of Danish National Radio, Copenhagen. Musicians: Albert Ayler (sax), Neils Bronsted (piano), Neils-Henning Orsted Pedersen (bass) and Ronnie Gardiner (drums). Bye Bye Blackbird/Billie's Bounce/Summertime/On Green Dolphin Street/C.T.

6017/86017 - Right Now: Live at the Jazz Workshop - Charles Mingus [1964] New Fables (23:17)//Meditations (For A Pair Of Wire Cutters) (23:42)

Note: At this point, monaural is discontinued in favor of stereo only.

86018 - Archie Shepp and Philly Joe Jones - Archie Shepp & Philly Joe Jones [1971] Recorded 1969, with Leroy Jenkins, Chicago Beau, Julio Finn, and Earl Freeman. The Lowlands//Howling In The Silence

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