Fantasy Album Discography, Part 4:
9401 to F-9499 Main Series (1972-1976)

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: November 17, 2010

In 1972, Fantasy changed their Main Series catalog numbers from the 8400s to 9400s, jumping from 8431 to 9401. Fantasy a short time later also changed the label from the old blue label to a new brown label. They also changed the label's logo to a circle with a stylized "F", as shown above.

The first few issues in the 9400 series used the "Full Radial Stereo" labels (far right). The promotional version of that label was white with black print (near right), which is the same promotional label used for the 8400 series.
The second Fantasy label design (far left) was brown with black printing, with "Fantasy" in orange above the center hole. Directly above the logo is a small orange circle with the new Fantasy logo; a large orange version of the stylized "F" logo divides the label. This label was used from 1972 to late 1973, on numbers 9401 to 9433. The promotional version (near left) used the same label with a promotional overprint.
The third Fantasy label design (far left) was the same as the second but the large orange "F" logo is omitted. This label was used from 9434 to 9540, or late 1973 to 1978. The promotional version (near left) used the same label with a promotional overprint.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

9400/F-9400 Main Series:

9401 - Colorado Exile - Jim Post [1973] Original pressing used the blue Fantasy "Full Radial Stereo" label. Promotional copies used the old white promo label. Look Over Yonder/Once You Were A Rock/Ride Rita Ride/High Up On The Ridge/Colorado Exile/Turn Around Bambu Lou/Louella Rainwater/Simple Life/Dancing In The Wind/I Love You/One More Day

9402 - Struck Like Silver - Morning [1972] Original pressing used the blue Fantasy "Full Radial Stereo" label. Issued in the UK as United Artists UAS 29337. A Vault Records Production. I Ain't Gonna Leave/In A Better Frame Of Mind/Only To Say Goodnight/For Free/Struck Like Silver//Understand My Ways/Comin' In Love/Jay's Movie Song/And Now I Lay Me Down/Never Been To Spain

9403 - Artist Proof - Chris Darrow [1972] Original pressing used the blue Fantasy "Full Radial Stereo" label. A Vault Records Production. Beware Of Time/Lovers Sleep Abed Tonight/Shawnee Moon/Song For Steven/Cocaine Lil/Alligator Man/Keep On Trying/New Zoot/The Show Must Go On/The Sky Is Not Blue Today/We Can Both Learn To Say I Love You

9404 - Mardi Gras - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1972] (4-72, #12) Original pressing used the blue Fantasy "Full Radial Stereo" label. This was replaced on subsequent pressings with the brown Fantasy label with the large "F" logo. Lookin' For A Reason/Take It Like A Friend/Need Someone To Hold/Tearin' Up The Country/Someday Never Comes//What Are You Gonna Do/Sail Away/Hello Mary Lou/Door To Door/Sweet Hitch-Hiker (poor stereo separation)

Note: At this point, the label switches to the new brown Fantasy label with the large stylized "F" logo, and the new Fantasy logo begins appearing on the record jackets.

9405 - What This Country Needs - Redwing [1972] Reaching Out/Baby Come On/Waitin' In Jail/Walking The Dog/Soul Theft//Hometown Boy/Bye Bye Johnny/Every Man Needs A Woman/One Of America's Ten Most Wanted Man/Oh, Carol

9406 - Fritz the Cat (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1972] Black Talk - Idris Muhammad, Melvin Sparks & Charles Earland/Duke's Theme - Chuck Rainey, Kenneth Nash, Arthur Adams & Bernard "Pretty" Purdie/Fritz The Cat - Lee Charlton, Alice Stuart & Mel Graves/Mamblues - Chuck Rainey, Kenneth Nash, Arthur Adams, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie & Cal Tjader/Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley/Bertha's Theme - Chuck Rainey, Kenneth Nash, Merl Saunders, Arthur Adams & Bernard "Pretty" Purdie/Winston - Chuck Day, Lee Charlton, I.B.S. (Innocent By Standards), Mel Graves, Mel Martin, Merl Saunders, Ray Shanklin & Edward Bogas/House Rock - Chuck Day, Lee Charlton, Mel Graves & Ray Shanklin/The Synagogue/Yesterdays - Billie Holiday/Love Light Of Mine - Watson Sisters/The Riot - Chuck Rainey, Cornell Dupree & Bernard "Pretty" Purdie/You're The Only Girl (I Ever Really Loved) - Chuck Day, Lee Charlton, Jim Post & Mel Graves

9407 - Tom Fogerty - Tom Fogerty [5/72] (6-72, #180) The Legend Of Alcatraz/Lady Of Fatima/Beauty Is Under The Skin/Wondering/My Pretty Baby//Train To Nowhere/Everyman/The Me Song/Cast The First Stone/Here Stands The Clown

9408 - Slow to 20 - Jim Post [1972] Let The Boy Boogie/Sing/Move Back In/Sweet Mama/Homemade//Woman In Chicago/Jazz Man/Sara/Boys In The Band/Tell Old Bill

9409 - Live at the Funky Quarters - Cal Tjader [1972] Recorded live at the Funky Quarters, San Diego, California. Leyte/Mother And Child/Cubano Chant/Soul Sauce III/Philly Mambo/Davito/Manteca/Theme

9410 - Selah - Walter Hawkins [1972] It Pays/Train/How Long/Searchin'/MacArthur Park//Stop The Pain/Where Will You Run/Do Your Best/What Then/Will You Be There

9411 - Doug 'Cosmo' Clifford - Doug Clifford [1972] Latin Music/Regret It (For The Rest Of Your Life)/Guitars, Drums And Girls/I'm A Man/She's About A Mover/I Just Want To Cry//Get Your Raise/Daydream/Take A Train/Death Machine/Swingin' In A Hammock

9412 - Believing - Alice Stuart & Snake [1972] Believe In Someone/Give Me Some Sunshine/Karma Stands In My Way/Thank You-Thank Me-Let's Be Free/It's Gonna Be Alright- Sometime//Don't Cry (Let's Be Friends Again)/Statesboro Blues/He's Leaving Me Again/Doin' My Highway Stuff/Golden Rocket

9413 - Excalibur - Tom Fogerty [10/72] With Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders. Forty Years/Black Jack Jenny/Rocky Road Blues/Faces, Places, People/Get Funky//Sick And Tired/Sign For The Devil/Straight And Narrow/Next In Line/Annie Mae (Hold On)

9414 - Sister Woman - Esther Marrow [1973] Woman In The Window/Ghetto/Trade Winds/Turn On To Jesus//Rainy Night In Georgia/Things Ain't Right/Ask Me To Dance/And When I Die

Note: At about this point, a transition begins, to using the "F-" prefix before the record catalog number. The jacket for the Blue Ridge Rangers album, below, does not have the "F-" prefix, but the label does have the "F-" prefix. This continues for later issues, where the "F-" prefix is omitted on the record jackets on subsequent issues for about a year, but appears on the labels. We have listed the catalog numbers with the "F-" prefix from this point.

F-9415 - Blue Ridge Rangers - Blue Ridge Rangers [1973] (5-73, #47) The "Blue Ridge Rangers" is actually John Fogerty of CCR doing all the vocals and playing all the instruments. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/Somewhere Listening (For My Name)/You're the Reason/Jambalaya (On the Bayou)/She Thinks I Still Care/California Blues (Blue Yodel #4)//Workin' On a Building/Please Help Me I'm Falling/Have Thine Own Way, Lord/I Ain't Never/Hearts of Stone/Today I Started Loving You Again

F-9416 - The Raven Speaks - Woody Herman [1973] Fat Mama/Alone Again (Naturally)/Watermelon Man/It's Too Late/The Raven Speaks/Summer Of '42/Reunion At Newport 1972/Bill's Blues

F-9417 - 'Round Midnight - Kenny Burrell [1973] A Streetcar Named Desire/Make Someone Happy/'Round Midnight/I Think It's Going To Rain Today/Since I Fell For You/I'm Going To Laugh You Right Out Of My Life/Blues In The Night

F-9418 - Creedence Gold - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1972] (12-72, #15) Original pressing has a die-cut cover where the silhouettes of the four band members fold out to reveal a small photo of the individual member on the back of each fold out. Both "Proud Mary" and "Bad Moon Rising" have poor stereo separation, but on the CD-4 quadraphonic version [Fantasy FPH-4001], these songs are well separated. Proud Mary/Down On The Corner/Bad Moon Rising/I Heard It Through The Grapevine (11:05)//The Midnight Special/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Born On The Bayou/Suzie Q (8:34)

F-9418 - Creedence Gold - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1973] Later pressings of this album have a conventional non-die-cut cover where the silhouettes do not fold out. Both "Proud Mary" and "Bad Moon Rising" have poor stereo separation on all copies with the brown label and the "lightning" label, but both "Proud Mary" and "Bad Moon Rising" have wider stereo separation on copies with the aqua label with the purple logo, Fantasy having used a fold-down from the quad album for the master. Later issues, including CDs, go back to the same poorly separated stereo. Proud Mary/Down On The Corner/Bad Moon Rising/I Heard It Through The Grapevine (11:05)//The Midnight Special/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Born On The Bayou/Suzie Q (8:34)

F-9419 - Where's Your Love Been - Sandra Rhodes [1973] Recorded May, 1972, at Sun Recording Studio, Memphis, TN. No One Else Could Love You More/I Think I Love You Again/No Such Thing As Love/Sho' Is Rainin'/It's Up To You//Where's Your Love Been/You Can't Always Get What You Want/Never Grow Old/The Best Thing You Ever Had/Sowed Love And Reaped The Heartache

F-9420 - Black Girl (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1973] Black Girl - Betty Everett/B.J.'s Step/Get Me To The Bridge - Rodger Collins/Mother's Day Song (trumpet solo by John Hurt)/Power/Mother's Day Song II/Black Girl Cue (saxophone solo by Sonny Stitt)/No World For Dreamers//I Am Your Mailman - Rodger Collins/What It Is/Earl (Still A Pearl)/Chock-lite Puddin' (organ solo by Merl Saunders)/Black Girl Cue II/Chock-lite Puddin' Cue/Sister

F-9421 - Fire Up - Merl Saunders featuring Jerry Garcia & Tom Fogerty [1973] After Midnight/Expressway (To Your Heart)/Charisma (She's Got)/Soul Roach//Chock-Lite Puddin'/Benedict Rides/The System/Lonely Avenue

F-9422 - Primo - Cal Tjader [1973] Mama Aguela/Bang Bang/Gringo City/Vibe Mambo//Mambo Show/Azucar Mama/La Murga/Tanga/El Watusi

F-9423 - Use What You Got - Staple Singers [1973] Reissue of 1960s material. Let That Liar Alone/This Little Light Of Mine/This Land Is Your Land/Twelve Gates To The City/Blowin' In The Wind/Uncloudy Day/Didn't It Rain?/Use What You Got/Hammer And Nails/Cotton Fields/Nobody's Fault But Mine/A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

F-9424 - Mambo with Tjader - Cal Tjader [1973] Reissue of Fantasy 3-202 and 3326/8057 with yet another new cover. Recorded 1953. Cal Tjader (vibes), Manuel Duran (piano), Carlos Duran (bass), Bayardo Velarde (timbales), Edgard Rosales (congas). Mamblues/Midnight Sun/Sonny Boy/Cherry/I'll Remember April/This Can't Be Love/Tenderly/Dearly Beloved/Chloe/Lucero/Bye Bye Blues/Autumn Leaves

F-9425 - Rattlesnake - Jim Post [1973] Bicycle Wheel/Payday/Jenny/Sister Liza Bookman/Santana Winds//Love Has No Foundation/Silver Engine/The Ballad Of Rattlesnake/The Wildman/Sunday Morning In The Mountains

F-9426 - Moses - Jerry Hahn [1973] With Merl Saunders, Mel Graves, and George Marsh. Moses/Prime Time/Slick & Sharp/Blues Suite/Full Moon And Empty Arms//Sunshine Superman/Joy Springs/All Blues/Honey Suite

F-9427 - Both Feet on the Ground - Kenny Burrell [1973] Nana/All Mine/Tomorrow//Spin/Good Morning Heartache/Listen to the Dawn/Both Feet On The Ground

F-9428 - Naturally - Letta Mbulu [1973] Afro Texas/Learn To Love/Noma Themba/Kube/Hareje/Never Leave You/Now We May Begin/Saddest Day/Setho/Zimkile

F-9429 - Crystal Silence - Charlie Byrd [1973] 500 Miles High/We've Only Just Begun/Crystal Silence/Evil Ways/Southern Cross/La Primera Palabra/For Big John/Song For Autumn/Balada Par El

F-9430 - More Creedence Gold - Creedence Clearwater Rev. [1973] (7-73, #61) Hey Tonight/Run Through The Jungle/Fortunate Son/Bootleg/Lookin' Out My Back Door/Molina/Who'll Stop The Rain//Sweet Hitch-Hiker (poor stereo separation)/Good Golly Miss Molly/I Put A Spell On You/Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me)/Lodi (poor stereo separation)/Porterville/Up Round The Bend

F-9431 - Mongo y La Lupe - Mongo Santamaria [1973] Reissue of the 1963 album Mongo Introduces La Lupe. Besito Pa Ti/Kiniqua/Canta Bajo/Uncle Calypso/Montuneando/Que Lindas Son/Oye Este Guaguanco/Este Mambo (This Is My Mambo)/Quiet Stroll

F-9432 - Giant Steps - Woody Herman [1973] La Fiesta/A Song For You/Freedom Jazz Dance/The Meaning Of The Blues/The First Thing I Do/Think On Me/Giant Steps/A Child Is Born/Be-Bop And Roses

F-9433 - Yale Concert - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra [1973] The Little Purple Flower (Parts 1 & 2)/Put-Tin/A Chromatic Love Affair/Boola Boola//A Johnny Hodges Medley: Warm Valley- Drag/Salome/Swamp Goo/Up-Jump/Take The A-Train

Note: At this point, the stylized "F" in the middle of the label is dropped.

F-9434 - Nice To Be on Your Show - Frank White [1973] Nobody/Not Fade Away/Move On/What Am I Living For/Kingdom Hall/Blue Moon Of Kentucky//Gonna Find My Baby/Punk/No Money Down/Nice To Be On Your Show/Lawdy, Miss Clawdy/Darnell Dogtrack

F-9435 - Inside Straight - Cannonball Adderley Quintet [1973] (9-73, #179) Introduction/Second Son/Five Of A Kind/Inner Journey/Inside Straight/Saudade/Snakin' The Grass/The End

F-9436 - Heavy Traffic (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1973] Scarbrough Fair - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66/Scarbrough Street Fair - Merl Saunders/Twist And Shout - Isley Brothers/Angie's Theme - Ed Bogas & Ray Shanklin/Take Five - Dave Brubeck Quartet/Carole's Theme - Merl Saunders//Heavy Traffic - Ed Bogas & Ray Shanklin/What You Sow - Merl Saunders/Maybellene - Chuck Berry/Michael's Scarbrough Fair - Merl Saunders/Ballroom Beauties - Ed Bogas & Ray Shanklin/Ballroom Dancers - Ed Bogas & Ray Shanklin/Cartoon Time - Ed Bogas & Ray Shanklin/Ten- Cent Philosophy - Ed Bogas & Ray Shanklin

F-9437 - Listen - Johnny "Guitar" Watson [1973] If I Had the Power/You've Got A Hard Head/Lovin' You/It's All About You/You're The Sweetest Thing I've Ever Had/I Get A Feeling/Why Don't You Treat Me Like I'm Your Man/You Bring Love/You Stole My Heart

F-9438 - Mississippi - Mississippi [1973] Save The Land/Mr. Moodog/Three Days/All Throught The Day/Sweet World//Feel Alone/Do I/Kings Of The World/City Sunday/When You're Old/Day Job Song

F-9439 - Take Me Home - Redwing [1973] Here I Go Again/Fast Locomotive/Our Day/Katy Warren Breakdown/Lost Highway//Take Me Home/Lowdown Samuel/The Make's Chain/Fingerlickin'/Burning Love

F-9440 - In Search of Happiness - Natural Essence [1973] Killing Time/Little Dahoud's Dance/Live My Life For You/Variations on Last Night/Red, black & Green/Other Side of Town/In Search of Happiness/No Beginning, No End/Simply Is

F-9441 - Joe Williams Live - Joe Williams [1973] Who She Do/Green Dolphin Street/Heritage/Sad Song//Goin' To Chicago Blues/A Beautiful Friendship/Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow/Tell Me Where To Scratch

F-9442 - 25th Day of December - Staple Singers [1973] (reissue of Riverside RLP 93513) The Last Month Of The Year/The Virgin Mary Had One Son/Go Tell It On T he Mountain/Joy To The World/Holy Unto The Lord/The Savior Is Born//Sweet Little Jesus Boy/No Room At The Inn/There Was A Star/Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem/Wasn't That A Mighty Day/Silent Night

F-9443 - Where Were You in the Summer of '62 - Challengers [1973] Mr. Moto/Wipe Out/Telstar/Bedlam/Mr. Rebel/Back Beat//K-39/Pipeline/Apache/Moondawg/Sloop John B./Foot Tapper

F-9444 - Blackbyrds - Blackbyrds [1974] (6-74, #96) Do it Fluid/Gut Level/Reggins/The Runaway/Funky Junkie/Summer Love/Life Styles/Hot Day Today

F-9445 - Cannonball Adderley presents Love, Sex and the Zodiac - Rick Holmes [1974] Aries/Taurus/Gemini/Cancer/Leo//Virgo/Libra/Scorpio/Saggitarius/Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces

F-9646 - Last Bolero In Berkeley - Cal Tjader [1974] Gary's Theme/Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight/Charisma/Never Can Say Goodbye/Bolero/Cloudburst/Curtain Call/Where Is The Love/I Want You Back

F-9447 - Love Rhymes - Betty Everett [1974] Sweet Dan/I Gotta Tell Somebody/I Want To Be There/Be Anything (But Be Mine)/Wondering/Who Will Your Next Fool Be//I'm Your Friend/Just A Matter Of Time/I'm Afraid Of Losing You/La-La-La/Try It, You'll Like It

F-9448 - Zephyr National - Tom Fogerty [1974] It's Been A Good Day/Can You Feel It, Man?/Mystic Fife Avalon/Reggie/Money (Root The Root)/Hot Buttered Rum/Joyful Resurrection/Heartbeat/Fate/Goin' Back To Okeefeenokee

F-9449 - Love in Your Eyes - The Cats [1974] Be My Day/A Clown Never Cries/If You'll Be My Woman/The Love In Your Eyes/Saturday Mornings And The Western Show/Let's Dance//If You're Gonna Tangle (In A Love Triangle)/She's On Her Own/Time Machine/One Way Wind/Moonchild/A Letter

F-9450 - Moonquake - Moonquake [1974] Remember/I Couldn't Hang Around/The Winter/Don't You Try To Be My Baby/Seasons//It's My Life/Tomorrow/Crazy Situations (Pack Up My Fender-Get It Up-I Don't Know Why-Not Even You Baby-Pack Up My Fender-Take Me To The Highway)

F-9451 - Looks Good to Me - Jim Post [1974] Your Daddy's An Engineer/Jenny Lynn/Goin' Up The River/Homemade Music Time/Buzzy & Jimmy/Old Funky Song//Dance Gypsy/Light Up My Lady/Michael & Adrienne/I Walk The Line/Let The Time Roll By

F-9452 - Thundering Herd - Woody Herman [1974] Lazy Bird/Blues for Poland/What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life/America Drinks and Goes Home/Naima/Corazon/Come Saturday Morning/Bass Folk Song

F-9453 - Tambu - Charlie Byrd and Cal Tjader [1974] Tambu In 7/4/Tereza My Love/Black Narcissus/Sad Eyes/My Cherie Amour/Samba De Oneida/Don't Lend Your Guitar To Anyone

F-9454 - The Great Pretender - Michael Dinner [1974] (4-74, #206) The Great Pretender/Jamaica/Yellow Rose Express/Sunday Morning Fool/Last Dance In Salinas//Tattooed Man From Chelsea/Woman Of Aran/Pentacott Lane/Icarus/Texas Knight

F-9455 - Pyramid - Cannonball Adderley [1974] Phases/My Lady Blue/Book- Ends/Pyramid/Suite Cannon/Bess, Oh Where's My Bess

F-9456 - Heavy Axe - David Axelrod [1974] Get Up Off Your Knees/Cast Your Fate To The Wind/You're So Vain/My Family/Mucho Chupar/Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing/It Ain't For You/Everything Counts

F-9457 - The Tokyo Concert - Bill Evans [1974] Mornin' Glory/Up With the Lark/Yesterday I Heard the Rain/My Romance/When Autumn Comes/T.T.T./Hulio Bolinas/Gloria's Step/Green Dolphin Street

F-9458 - Up the Street, 'Round the Corner, Down the Block - Kenny Burrell [1974] 'Round the Corner, Down the Block, Up the Street /Afro Blue/Sausalito Nights/Juice/A Little Walking Music/Soulero

F-9459 - Dead Or Alive - Redwing [1974] I'm Holding On/You've Got It/Two Brothers (Dead Or Alive)/The Rhythm King/Early Mornin' Sunrise//Foxfire/Shine On me/Angel Eyes/Give Me A Song/Rainbow Mountain

F-9460 - Merl Saunders - Merl Saunders [1974] Aunt Monk/It's Cheaper To Keep Her/Wondering Why/Easy Evil/Bolinas Brown/Ain't No Woman/When I Die/Righteousness

F-9461 - Born to Love You - Luis Gasca [1974] A Love Supreme/Dr. Gasca/Search For Peace/I Was Born To Love You/New Orleans strut/Samba Para San Francisco/Just Say Goodbye/Ayeres

F-9462 - The Pianist - Duke Ellington [1974] Don Juan/Slow Blues/Looking Glass/The Shepherd-Take 2/The Shepherd-Take 3/Tap Dancer's Blues/Sam Woodyard's Blues/Duck Amok/Never stop Remembering Bill/Fat Mess

F-9463 - Puttin' It Together: Recorded Live at Concerts By the Sea - Cal Tjader [1974] The Prophet/A Time For Love/Mambo Inn & Theme/Amazones/Manuel Delight

F-9464 - All Pink Inside - Frijid Pink [1974] Money Man/Put It In Your Pocket/Portrait/Gonna Get It Yet/Paula In My Dreams/A Day Late A Dollar Short//Got To Go Back (San Francisco Bay)/Take Me To Your Palace/School Day/Lovely Lady/(There Ain't No) Rock And Roll In China

F-9465 - Pieces of Dreams - Stanley Turrentine [1974] (10-74, #69) Pieces of Dreams/I Know It's You/Deep In Love/Evil/Blanket on the Beach/I'm In Love/Midnight & You

F-9466 - Byrd By the Sea - Charlie Byrd [1974] Wave/I'm Coming Virginia/Killing Me Softly/Fantasy In B/Salty Dog/Chiquilin de Bachin/Norwegian Wood/Ela

F-9467 - One More Hour - Gayle McCormick [1974] Why Can't I Just Make Love To You/Creation/Original Midnight Mama/One Of Us/Even A Fool Would Let You Go/Cryin' Shame//One More Hour/I Know/The Days Of Lovin' You/Guilty/He Believes In Me

F-9468 - The Song of Crazy Horse - J.D. Blackfoot [1974] The Song of Crazy Horse/Ride Away//I've Been Waitin'/Miss Sally/One Man Story/Almost Another Day/Hey, Johnny D.J./Flushed You From The Toilets Of My Heart/Comin' Down

F-9469 - Myopia - Tom Fogerty [1974] Give Me Another Trojan Song/What Did I Know/Theme from Four-D/Sweet Things To Come/What About Tomorrow//She La La La/And I Love You/Get Up/There Was A Time/Show Down

F-9470 - Herd at Montreux - Woody Herman [1975] I Can't Get Next To You/Superstar/Fanfare For the Common Man/Montevideo/Tantum Ergo (In Memoriam Edward Kennedy Ellington)/Crosswind

F-9471 - Sunshine Inside - Lyle Swedeen [1974] Can't Dance Without Music/Meadowbird/It's All Over Now/I'm Never Gonna Be Lonely Again/Sunshine Inside/Of You Precious Time/Easily/If I Were A Rainbow/Horace Greeley/It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry

F-9472 - Flying Start - Blackbyrds [1974] (12-74, #30) I Need You/The Baby/Love is Love/Blackbyrd's Theme/Walking In Rhythm/Future Children/Future Hopes/April Showers/Spaced Out

F-9473 - Dust Yourself Off - Pleasure [1975] Dust Yourself Off/Reality/My Love/Midnight At The Oasis/Music Is My Life//Plastic People/Bouncy Lady/What Is Slick/Straight Ahead

F-9474 - Pre-Creedence - Golliwogs [1974] Recordings by Creedence Clearwater Revival 1964-1968, before their name change. These tracks were all taken from Fantasy and Scorpio label singles masters, hence the mono. Both "Walking on the Water" and "Porterville" (the A sides of their last two singles on Scorpio) eventually made it onto the first CCR album, the former as "Walk on the Water". "Walking on the Water" was a different recording, with a shorter version on the single (2:29 vs. 4:16 on the first CCR LP), but "Porterville" is the same recording, although slightly longer on the 45 (2:20 vs. 2:13). Don't Tell Me No Lies [Fantasy 590] (M)/Little Girl (Does You Mama Know?) [Fantasy 590] (M)/Where You Been [Fantasy 597] (M)/You Came Walking [Fantasy 597] (M)/You Can't Be True [Fantasy 599] (M)/You Got Nothin' On Me [Fantasy 599] (M)/Brown-Eyed Girl [Scorpio 404] (M)//You Better Be Careful [Scorpio 404] (M)/Fight Fire [Scorpio 405] (M)/Fragile Child [Scorpio 405] (M)/Walking On The Water [Scorpio 408] (M)/You Better Get It Before It Gets You [Scorpio 408] (M)/Porterville [Scorpio 412] (M)/Call It Pretending [Scorpio 412] (M)

F-9475 - Intuition - Bill Evans with Eddie Gomez [1975] Invitation/Blue Serge/Show Type Tune/The Nature Of Things/Are You All The Things/A Face Without A Name/Falling Grace Hi Lili, Hi Lo

F-9476 - Vibes of Truth - Three Pieces [1975] Gatefold cover. I Need You Girl/Backed Up Against The Wall/Vibes Of Truth/Shortnin' Bread//Self Dealin'/Concrete Jungle/If Only I Could Prove It To You/Cool It/Virtue

F-9477 - Children of Lima - Woody Herman, the Thundering Herd & the Houston Symphony Orchestra [1975] Variations On A Scene/Children Of Lima/Far In!/Never Let Me Go/Where Is The Love/25 Or 6 To 4

F-9478 - In the Pocket - Stanley Turrentine [1975] (5-75, #65) Have It Your Way/You Are the Melody Of My Life/Over To Where You Are/Naked As the Day I Was Born/In the Pocket/Spaced/You're My Baby/Black Lassie/Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

F-9479 - Home Brew - Arthur Adams [1975] With Dennis Coffey (guitar), Stix Hooper (drums), Ronnie Laws (tenor sax), and Joe Sample (piano). Home Brew/Do What Cha Doin'/The Blues/We've Got An Understanding/That's The Way You Move//Keep On Dancing/First-Class Woman/Chicago Sidewalk/Bumpin' Around/That's The Way It's Gonna Be

F-9480 - Happy Endings - Betty Everett [1975] Here's The Gift/God Only Knows/The Things I Say To His Shoulder/Bedroom Eyes/Keep It Up//Just A Little Piece Of You/Don't Let It End ( Til You Let It Begin)/As Far As We Can Go/Happy Endings

F-9481 - Continuum - The Duke Ellington Orchestra under the direction of Mercer Ellington [1975] Jump For Joy/Black & Tan Fantasy/Warm Valley/Drop Me Off In Harlem/All Too Soon/Rock Skippin' At the Blue Note/Jeep's Blues/Ko- Ko/Carney/Blue Serge/Happy-Go-Lucky Local

F-9482 - Last Night When We Were Young - Cal Tjader with Strings [1975] I Can't Get Started With You/Emily/Why Did I Choose You/What'll I Do/Last Night When We Were Young/A Child Is Born/A House Is Not a Home/For All We Know

F-9483 - Cornbread, Earl and Me (Soundtrack) - Blackbyrds [1975] (7-75, #150) Cornbread/The One-Eye Two-Step/Mother Son Theme/A Heavy Town/One-Gun Salute/The Gym Fight/Riot/Soulful Source/Mother Son Talk/At The Carnival/Candy Store Dilemma/Wilford's Gone/Mother Son Bedroom Talk/Courtroom Emotions/Cornbread

F-9484 - I Don't Want to Be Alone Stranger - Johnny "Guitar" Watson [1975] I Don't Want To Be A Lone Ranger/Your New Love Is A Player/Tripping/Lonely Man's Prayer/You Make My Heart Want To Sing//It's Way Too Late/Love Is Sweet Misery/You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go/Strong Vibrations

F-9485 - Your Love, My Love - Frank Hayhurst [1975] Raised By Gypsies/Your Love, My Love/Wait A Minute/Your Happy Day/Gretta/Back In The City//Boy From The Woods/In Times Of Trouble/You Got Something/Siamese Cat/You Make Me Feel/Light Up

F-9486 - Starstruck - Moonquake [1975] Just Another Saturday Night/Main Main/American Girls (1965)/Wild Little Story/War Dance//I Took You To Heaven/Babylon Revisited/C'mon (I'm Not A Link On Your Chain)/Nothing At All/The Sky Kept Right On Crying/Star Struck

F-9487 - Southbound and Gone - J.D. Blackfoot [1975] Sweet Inspiration/Ode to Good Times/St. Louie Lady/Sara Jean/Dove on the Ocean/Backwoods Woman//Twilight/We Can Try/Friend/The Parting/Reggie Survives/The Search

F-9488 - Beyond the Sun and Stars - Redwing [1975] Beyond The Sun And The Stars/Take A Chance/Louisiana Heartbreak Cajun Swamp Queen Blues (Why Oh Why)/Hollywood Bump//Jive Talk/Salty Tears/More Of You/Out On The Highway/Tainted Fame

F-9489 - The Tony Bennett-Bill Evans Album - Tony Bennett & Bill Evans [1975] Young And Foolish/The Touch Of Your Lips/Some Other Time/When In Rome/We'll Be Together Again//My Foolish Heart/Waltz For Debby/But Beautiful/Days Of Wine And Roses

F-9490 - City Life - Blackbyrds [1975] (11-75, #16) Rock Creek Park/Thankful Bout Yourself/City Life/All I Ask//Happy Music/Love So Fine/Flying High/Hash And Eggs

F-9491 - Side Effect - Side Effect [1975] Baby Love (Love You Baby)/Oh Baby/There She Goes Again/What The Heck, Let's Discotheque//Spend It On Love/Checkin' Out/I Love You So Much/Dancin' Shoes/Tree Of Love

F-9492 - Janice - Janice [1975] Wake Up Smiling/Goody Two-Shoes/I Told You So/Take Me Away/Him//If I Had Known (I'd Be Gone)/Love On The Line/You're Letting Me Go/I Should Have Left You

F-9493 - Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Stanley Turrentine [1975] (11-75, #76) Misprints on some albums say F-9483. Reasons/Touching You/T's Dream/That's The Way Of The World/You/Tommy's Tune/Have You Ever Seen the Rain

F-9494 - Water & Power - Water & Power [1975] Somewhere/Ain't No Hurt (Like The Hurt You Get)/We Are Through/Mr. Weatherman//I Can Find A Way To Your Heart/If You Don't Wan't Me/Just For A Little While/You're My Life

F-9495 - Paradise with an Ocean View - Country Joe McDonald [1975] (11-75, #124) Includes large (2'x3') "Save the Whales" poster. Tear Down The Walls/Holy Roller/Lost My Connection/Save The Whales!//Oh, Jamaica/Lonely On The Road/The Limit/Tricks/Breakfast For Two

F-9496 - Top Hat - Charlie Byrd with Nat Adderley [1975] Sometime Ago/Lonely Town/Blame It On My Youth/Top Ht, White Tie & Tails/Agua De Beber/Feel Like Makin' Love/I See Your Face Before Me/Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye

F-9497 - John Fogerty - John Fogerty [1975] This album was only released on Fantasy outside the United States; in the U.S., it was released on Asylum 7E-1046. Rockin' All Over The World/You Rascal You/The Wall/Travelin' High/Lonely Teardrops//Almost Saturday Night/Where The River Flows/Sea Cruise/Dream Song/Flyin' Away

F-9498 - Afro-Eurasian Eclipse: A Suite in Eight Parts - Duke Ellington [1975] Recorded in New York, February 17, 1971. Musicians: Duke Ellington (piano) with Cootie Williams, Mercer Ellington, Russell Procope, Paul Gonsalves, Harold Ashby, Harry Carney, Joe Benjamin, Rufus Jones, Norris Turney, Chuck Connors, Money Johnson, Eddie Preston, Booty Wood, and Malcolm Turner. Chinoiserie/Didjeridoo/Afrique/Acht O'Clock Rock//Gong/Tang/True/Hard Way

F-9499 - King Cobra - Woody Herman & the Thundering Herd [1976] King Cobra/Don't You Worry Bout a Thing/Spain/Jazzman/Lake Tace/Come Rain Or Come Shine/Toothless Grin

Thanks to Thomas Baker.

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