Prestige/Bluesville Album Discography
By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: December 6, 2010

The Bluesville label was a subsidiary of Prestige Records. It was formed in 1960 and released albums into 1964. Bluesville label was used primarily for releases of blues music, although a few of the last albums issued in this series were international music.

The Bluesville label had some of the better American blues artists, including Lonnie Johnson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry, Roosevelt Sykes, Memphis Slim and K.C. Douglas. In most cases the material on Bluesville was more jazz influenced then blues recorded on other labels. The Bluesville label, along with parent Prestige, was sold to Fantasy Records in 1971. Fantasy has reissued a large percentage of the Bluesville catalog on their Original Blues Classics label, both on high quality vinyl and also compact disc.

The catalog numbers given on the album jackets used just a "BV" prefix, while the label itself used "BVLP". For simplicity, we have used "BVLP" in the discography below.

The first Bluesville label (above left) was dark blue with silver print. "PRESTIGE BLUESVILLE" was on two lines above the center hole with a silver line above and below the label name and address. The address of 203 S. Washington Ave., Bergenfield, N.J. is just below Bluesville and just above the bottom line of the logo. The label used on the later original issues was the same as the first except the "PRESTIGE" was omitted and "BLUESVILLE" only was above the centerline. The label on OBC reissues (above center) is similar but does not have the address listed. Starting in the fall of 1964, after the last Bluesville number had been issued, Prestige Records started reissuing many of the Bluesville albums with the same catalog numbers, but on the Prestige label with the Prestige "PR-" prefix (above right), Bluesville BVLP-1033 becoming Prestige PR 1033, etc.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Bluesville BVLP-1000 Series:

BVLP 1001 - Hear My Blues: Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Showcases Al Smith - Al Smith [1960] Night Time Is The Right Time/Pledging My Love/I've Got A Girl/I'll Be Alright//Come On Pretty Baby/Tears In My Eyes/Never Let Me Go/I've Got The Right Kind Of Lovin'

BVLP 1002 - Down Home Blues - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [1960] Pawn Shop/Let Me Be Your Little Dog/You Don't Know/Betty And Dupree's Blues/Back To New Orleans//Stranger Here/Fox Hunt/I'm Prison Bound/Louise, Louise/Baby How Long/Freight Train

BVLP 1003 - Willie's Blues - Willie Dixon (Vocals) with Memphis Slim (Piano) [1960] Nervous/Good Understanding/That's My Baby/Slim's Thing/That's All I Want Baby/Don't You Tell Nobody//Youth To You/Sittin' And Cryin' The Blues/Built For Comfort/I Got A Razor/Go Easy/Move Me

BVLP 1004 - Person to Person: Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Showcases Mildred Anderson - Mildred Anderson [1960] I'm Gettin' Long Alright/I'm Free/Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)/Hello Little Boy//Person To Person/Cool Kind Of Poppa/Kidney Stew Blues/I Didn't Have A Chance

BVLP 1005 - Blues & Folk - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [1960] Sonny's Squall/Red River Blues/Gone Gal/Blues Before Sunrise/Sweet Lovin' Kind//Midnight Special/Take This Hammer Whup/Too Nicey Mama/Meet Me In The Bottom/Tryin' To Win

BVLP 1006 - The Return of Roosevelt Sykes - Roosevelt Sykes [1960] Drivin' Wheel/Long, Lonesome Night/Set The Meat Outdoors/Coming Home/Stompin' The Boogie/Number Nine//Calcutta/Selfish Woman/Hangover/Night Time Is the Right Time/Runnin' The Boogie/Hey Big Momma

BVLP 1007 - Blues by Lonnie Johnson - Lonnie Johnson [1960] Don't Ever Love/No Love for Sale/There's No Love/I Don't Hurt Anymore/She-Devil/One-Sided Love Affair//Big Leg Woman/There Must Be a Way/She's Drunk Again/Blues 'Round My Door/You Don't Move Me/You Will Need Me

BVLP 1008 - Good Times: The Vocal & Harmonica Blues of Shakey Jake - Shakey Jake [1960] Worried Blues/My Foolish Heart/Sunset Blues/You Spoiled Your Baby/Tear Drops/Just Shakey//Jake's Blues/Still Your Fool/Keep A-Loving Me Baby/Call Me When You Need Me/Huffin' and Puffin'/Good Times

BVLP 1009 - Soul Jazz, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1960] All Morning Long - Red Garland Quintet//All Day Long - Kenny Burrell & Donald Byrd/Lights Out - Jackie McLean Quintet

BVLP 1010 - Soul Jazz, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1960] Blue Hymn - Gene Ammons All Stars/Rev - Eddie Lockjaw Davis Quintet/Cool Grits - Willis Jackson Quintet/Enough Said - Willis Jackson Quintet

BVLP 1011 - Blues and Ballads - Lonnie Johnson [1961] Haunted House/Memories of You/Blues for Chris/I Found a Dream/St. Louis Blues//I'll Get Along Somehow/Savoy Blues/Backwater Blues/Elmer's Blues/Jelly Roll Baker

BVLP 1012 - Tasty Blues - Little Brother Montgomery [1961] Tasty Blues/Santa Fe/How Long, Brother?/Pleading Blues/No Special Rider/Brother's Boogie//Sneaky Pete Blues/Something Keeps Worrying Me/Cry, Cry Baby/Satellite Blues/Deep Fried/Vicksburg Blues

BVLP 1013 - Midnight Special - Al Smith [1961] Five Long Years/You're A Sweetheart/Baby Don't Worry 'Bout Me//Ride On Midnight Special/The Bells/Goin' To Alabama/I'll Never Let You Go/I Can't Make It By Myself

BVLP 1014 - The Honeydripper - Roosevelt Sykes [1961] Miss Ida B./Misled Mother/Yes Lawd//I Hate To Be Alone/Jailbait/Lonely Day/Satellite Baby/Pocketful Of Money/She Ain't For Nobody

BVLP 1015 - Harlem Street Singer - Blind Gary Davis [1961] Samson and Delilah/Let Us Get Together Right Down Here/I Belong To The Band/Pure Religion/Great Chance Since I Been Born/Death Don't Have No Mercy//Twelve Gates To The City/Goin' To Sit Down On The Banks of The River/Tryin' To Get Home/Lo, I Be with You Always/I Am The Light of This World/Lord, I Feel Like Just Goin' On

BVLP 1016 - Slim's Shout - Sunnyland Slim [1961] I'm Prison Bound/Slim's Shout/The Devil Is A Busy Man/Brownskin Woman/Shake It//Decoration Day/Baby How Long/Sunnyland Special/Harlem Can't Be Heaven/It's You Baby

BVLP 1017 - No More In Life - Mildred Anderson [1961] Everybody's Got Somebody But Me/I Ain't Mad at You/Hard Times/No More In Life/Roll 'Em Pete/What More Can A Woman Do/That Ole Devil Called Love/Mistreater/I'm Lost

BVLP 1018 - Just Blues - Memphis Slim [1961] Beer Drinkin' Woman/Teasing The Blues/The I.C. Blues/Baby Doll/Just Blues/Blue And Disgusted//Rack 'Em Back Jack/Blue Brew/Brenda/When You Dough Roller Is Gone/Motherless Child/Hey Slim

BVLP 1019 - "Lightnin'": The Blues of Lightnin' Hopkins - Lightnin' Hopkins [1961] Automobile Blues/You Better Watch Yourself/Mean Old Frisco/Shinin' Moon/Come Back Baby//Thinkin' 'Bout An Old Friend/The Walkin' Blues/Back To New Orleans/Katie Mae/Down There Baby

BVLP 1020 - Blues All Around My Head - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [1961] Blues All Around My Head/East Coast Blues/Muddy Water/Beggin' And Cryin'/My Plan//Trying To Destroy Me/Everything I Had Is Gone/Jealous Man/Understand Me/Blues Of Happiness

BVLP 1021 - Tired of Wandering: The Blues of Arbee Stidham - Arbee Stidham [1961] Last Goodbye Blues/You Can't Live In This World By Yourself/Pawnshop/I'm Tired of Wandering//I Want To Belong To You/Wee Baby Blues/You Keep Me Yearning/My Heart Will Always Belong To You/People What Would You Do/Teenage Kiss

BVLP 1022 - Trouble Blues - Curtis Jones [1961] Lonesome Bedroom Blues/Whole Lot Of Talk For You/Suicide Blues/Please Say Yes/Weekend Blues/Good Woman Blues//Trouble Blues/Love Season/Low Down Worried Blues/Good Time Special/Fool Blues/Pinetop Boogie

BVLP 1023 - K.C.'S Blues - K.C. Douglas [1961] Broken Heart/Henhouse Blues/Wake Up, Workin' Woman/Rootin' Ground Hog/Meanest Woman/Born In The Country//Love Me All Night Long/Tell Me/No More Cryin'/K.C.'s Doctor Blues/You Got A Thing Now/Watch Dog Blues

BVLP 1024 - Losing Game - Lonnie Johnson [1961] New Orleans Blues/My Little Kitten Susie/Evil Woman/What A Difference A Day Makes/Moaning Blues/Summertime//Lines In My Face/Losing Game/New Years Blues/Slow and Easy/Four Walls And Me/You Won't Let Me Go

BVLP 1025 - Sonny's Story - Sonny Terry [1961] I Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog No More/My Baby Done Gone/Worried Blues/High Powered Woman/Pepperheaded Woman//Sonny's Story/I'm Gonna Get On My Feets Afterwhile/Four O'Clock Blues/Telephone Blues/Great Tall Engine

BVLP 1026 - Free Again - Robert Pete Williams [1961] Free Again/Almost Dead Blues/Rolling Stone/Two Wings/A Thousand Miles From Nowhere//Thumbing A Ride/I've Grown So Ugly/Death Blues/Hobo Worried Blues/Hay Cutting Song

BVLP 1027 - Mouth Harp Blues - Shakey Jake [1961] Mouth Harp Blues/Love Me Baby/Jake's Cha Cha/Gimme A Smile/My Broken Heart//Angry Lover/Things Is Alright/Easy Baby/Things Are Different Baby/It Won't Happen Again

BVLP 1028 - Goin' Down Slow - St. Louis Jimmy [1961] Poor Boy/Nothin' But the Blues/Mother's Day Blues/Some Sweet Day/Dog House Blues//My Heart Is Loaded With Trouble/I'm St. Louis Bound/Goin' Down Slow/Sweet As She Can Be/Monkey Faced Woman

BVLP 1029 - Last Night Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins with Sonny Terry [1961] Rocky Mountain/Got To Move Your Baby/So Sorry To Leave You/Take A Trip With Me//Last Night Blues/Lightnin's Stroke/Hard To Love A Woman/Conversation Blues

BVLP 1030 - Don't Tampa with The Blues - Tampa Red [1961] I'm A Stranger Here/Let Me Play With Your Poodle/Goodbye, Baby/Things About Coming My Way/Kansas City Blues//You Better Do Right/Louise Blues/It's Tight Like That/You Got To Love Her With A Feeling/Boogie Woogie Woman

BVLP 1031 - No Strain - Memphis Slim [1961] Darling I Miss You So/Lonesome Traveler/No Strain/Don't Think You're Smart/Raining The Blues//You're Gonna Need My Help One Day/Angel Child/Fast And Free/My Baby Left Me/Lucille/Nice Stuff

BVLP 1032 - Have A Little More Faith - Reverend Gary Davis [1961] You Got To Move/Crucifixion/I'm Glad I'm In That Number/There's A Table Sittin' In Heaven/Motherless Children/There's A Bright Side Somewhere//I'll Be All Right Some Day/You Better Mind/A Little More Faith/I'll Fly Away/God's Gonna Separate/When I Die I'll Live Again

BVLP 1033 - Blues in My Soul - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [1961] I Got A Woman/Hold Me In Your Arms/The C.C. & O. Blues/The Devil's Gonna Get You/Don't You Lie To Me//That's Why I'm Walking/Wrong Track/Blue Feeling/House Lady/I Know Better

BVLP 1034 - Introducing Memphis Willie B. - Memphis Willie B. [1961] Brownsville Blues/Country Girl Blues/Highway 61/Bad Girl Blues/Stuff Is Here/Overseas Blues/Sop Cryin' Blues/Worried Man Blues/Mailman Blues/Everday I Have the Blues/Mattie Mae/Grief Will Kill You

BVLP 1035 - Trouble an' Blues - Sidney Maiden [1961] Buy Me An Airplane/Sweet Little Woman/My Black Name/Sidney's Fox Chase/San Quentin Blues/Tell Me, Somebody//Blues An' Trouble/Hand-Me-Down Baby/Sidney's Worried Life Blues/Me and My Chauffeur/Coal Black Mare/I'm Goin' Back Home

BVLP 1036 - Back On My Feet Again - Furry Lewis [1961] John Henry/When My Baby Left Me/Shake 'Em On Down/Big Chief Blues/Old Blue//I'm Going To Brownsville/Back On My Feet Again/White Lightnin'/Roberta/St. Louis Blues

BVLP 1037 - Done Changed My Mind - Furry Lewis [1962] Baby You Don't Want Me/Done Changed My Mind/Goin' to Kansas City/Judge Boushay Blues/Casey Jones//This Time Tomorrow/I Will Turn Your Money Green/Frankie and Johnnie/Longing Blues/Long Tall Gal Blues

BVLP 1038 - Carolina Blues Man: Pink Anderson, Volume 1 - Pink Anderson [1961] My Baby Left Me This Morning/Baby, Please Don't Go/Mama Where Did You Stay Last Night/Big House Blues/Meet Me In The Bottom//Weeping Willow Blues/Baby I'm Going Away/Thousand Woman Blues/I Had My Fun/Every Day In The Week

BVLP 1039 - Pity and A Shame - Mercy Dee Walton [1961] Pity and A Shame/Your Friend and Woman/Five Card Hand/Have You Ever Been Out In The Country/After The Fight//One Room Country Shack/My Little Angel/Shady Lane/The Drunkard

BVLP 1040 - Last Session - Blind Willie McTell [1962] Broke Down Engine Blues/Mama 'Taint Long For Day/Georgia Rag/Love Changing Blues/Statesboro Blues/Savannah Mama/Travelin' Blues/Warm It Up To Me/Three Women Blues/Writing Paper Blues/Southern Can Is Mine/Talkin' To Myself

BVLP 1041 - Tired of Bein' Mistreated - Henry Townsend [1962] Cairo's My Baby's Home/Tired of Being Mistreated/Rocks Have Been My Pillow/Train Is Coming/She Just Walked Away/I Asked Here If She Loved Me/I Got Tired/My Home Ain't There/All My Money Gone/She Drove Me To Drinking/My Baby Have Come Back

BVLP 1042 - Brownie's Blues - Brownie McGhee [1962] Jump, Little Children/Lonesome Day/One Thing For Sure/The Killin' Floor/Little Black Engine//I Don't Know The Reason/Trouble In Mind/Every Day I Have The Blues/Door To Success

BVLP 1043 - Don't Jive Me - Tampa Red [1962] How Long/Gin Headed Woman/Don't Jive Me/You Better Let My Gal Alone/Dark and Stormy Night//Don't You Lie To Me/Georgia, Georgia/Jelly Whippin' Blues/Chicago Moan Blues/Don't Dog Your Woman/Drinkin' My Blues Away

BVLP 1044 - Idle Hours - Lonnie Johnson with Victoria Spivey [1961] Darling I Miss You So/Long Time Blues */You Are My Life/Or Yes, Baby/Please Baby/Leave Me Or Love Me//Idle Hours */You Have No Love In Your Heart/Good Luck Darling/No More Cryin'/I Got The Blues So Bad */End It All

BVLP 1045 - Blues In My Bottle - Lightnin' Hopkins [1962] Buddy Brown's Blues/Wine Spodee-O-Dee/Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On/DC-7/Death Bells/Goin' To Dallas To See My Pony Run/Jailhouse Blues/Blues In The Bottle/Beans, Beans, Beans/Catfish Blues/My Grandpa Is Old Too!

BVLP 1046 - That's All Right - Blind Snooks Eaglin [1962] Don't You Tear My Clothes/Mailman Passed/I'm A Country Boy/I Got A Woman/Alberta/Brown Skinned Woman/Don't You Lie To Me/That's All Right/Goin' Down Slow/Bottle Up and Go/The Walkin' Blues/One More Drink/Fly Right, Baby

BVLP 1047 - Mr. Scrapper's Blues - Scrapper Blackwell [1962] Goin' Where The Monon Crosses The Yellow Dog/Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out/A Blues/Little Girl Blues/George Street Blues/Blues Before Sunrise/Little Boy Blue/E Blues/Shady Lane/Penal Farm Blues

BVLP 1048 - Hard Working Man Blues - Memphis Willie B. [1962] Lonesome Home Blues/L & N Blues/Hardworking Man Blues/Dying Mother Blues/Honey Maker Blues/P 38 Blues//Funny Caper Blues/Good Potatoes/I Have Found Something New/Uncle Sam Blues/Wine Drinking Woman/Car Machine Blues

BVLP 1049 - Say No The Devil - Reverend Gary Davis [1962] Say No To The Devil/Time Is Drawing Near/Hold To God's Unchanging Hand/Bad Company Brought Me Here/I Decided To Go Down/Lord I Looked Down The Road/Little Bitty Baby/No One Can Do Me Like Jesus/Lost Boy In The Wilderness/Trying To Get To Heaven In Due Time

BVLP 1050 - Big Road Blues - K.C. Douglas [1962] Big Road Blues/Howling Blues/Move To Kansas City/Buck Dance/Tore Your Playhouse Down/Bottle Up and Go//Whiskey Headed Woman/Catfish Blues/K.C.'s Blues/Canned Heat/Key To The Highway

BVLP 1051 - Medicine Show Man: Pink Anderson, Volume 2 - Pink Anderson [1962] I Got Mine/Greasy Greens/I Got A Woman 'Way Cross Town/Travelin' Man/Ain't Nobody Home But Me/That's No Way To Do/In The Jailhouse Now/South Forest Boogie/Chicken/I'm Going To Walk Through the Streets

BVLP 1052 - Songs We Taught Your Mother - Lucille Hegamin, Alberta Hunter & Victoria Spivey [1962] I Got Myself A Workin' Man - Alberta Hunter/St Louis Blues - Lucille Hegamin/Black Snake Blues - Victoria Spivey/I Got A Mind To Ramble - Alberta Hunter/You'll Want My Love - Lucille Hegamin/Going Blues (instrumental) - Victoria Spivey//You Gotta Reap What You Sow - Alberta Hunter/Arkansas Blues - Victoria Spivey/I Got The Blues So Bad - Victoria Spivey/Chirpin' The Blues - Alberta Hunter/Has Anybody Seen My Corine - Lucille Hegamin/Let Him Beat Me - Victoria Spivey

BVLP 1053 - All Kinds of Blues - Memphis Slim [1963] Blues Is Troubles/Grinder Man Blues/Three-In-One Boogie/Letter Home/Churnin' Man Blues//Two of A Kind/The Blacks/If You See Kay/Frankie and Johnny Boogie/Mother Earth

BVLP 1054 - Woman Blues! - Victoria Spivey with Lonnie Johnson [1963] Christmas Without Santa Claus/A Big One/Let's Ride Tonight/What Is This Thing They're Talking About/I'm A Red Hot Mama/Grow Old Together/Beautiful World/I Got Men All Over This Town/That Man/Thursday Girl

BVLP 1055 - Bawdy Blues - Various Artists [1963] Sweet Root Man - Memphis Slim/Let Me Play With Your Poodle - Tampa Red/I'm A Red Hot Mama - Victoria Spivey/Jelly Roll Baker - Lonnie Johnson with Elmer Snowden/Churning Man Blues - Memphis Slim/Try Some Of That - Pink Anderson//Steady Rollin' Blues - Memphis Slim/Jelly Whipping Blues - Tampa Red/That Man - Victoria Spivey/Car Machine Blues - Memphis Willie B./If You See Kay - Memphis Slim/Beedle Um Bum - Blind Willie McTell

BVLP 1056 - Blues For 9 Strings - Big Joe Williams [1962] 38 Pistol Blues/I'm A Fool About My Baby/Pearly Mae/Walking Blues/Highway 45/Meet Me In The Bottom/Skinny Mama/Jockey Ride Blues/Army Man Blues/Black Gal/Pallet On The Floor

BVLP 1057 - Walkin' This Road By Myself - Lightnin' Hopkins [1962] Walkin' This Road by Myself/Black Gal/How Many More Years.../Baby Don't You Tear My Clothes/Worried Life Blues/Happy Blues For John Glenn/Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/Devil Jumped The Black Man/Coffee Blues/Black Cadillac

BVLP 1058 - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry at the 2nd Fret - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [1962] Evil Hearted Me/Sick Man/Barking Bull Dog/Spread The News Around/Backwater Blues//Custard Pie/Wholesale Dealin' Papa/Motorcycle Blues/Hand In Hand/I Woke Up One Morning and I Could Hardly See

BVLP 1059 - Sonny Is King - Sonny Terry [1963] One Monkey Don't Stop The Show/Changed The Lock On My Door/Tater Pie/She's So Sweet/Diggin' My Potatoes/Sonny's Coming/Ida Mae/Callin' My Mama/Bad Luck/Blues From The Bottom

BVLP 1060 - Shake 'em on Down: The Blues of Wade Walton - Wade Walton [1962] Big Fat Mama/Choo Choo De Shoo Shoo/Short Hair Woman/Forty-Four/Kansas City Blues//Rock Me Mamma/Blues, Stay Away From Me/Parchman Farm/Big Six/Shake Em On Down

BVLP 1061 - Lightnin' and Co. - Lightnin' Hopkins [1962] My Baby Don't Stand No Cheatin'/You Is One Black Rat/Fox Chase/Mojo Hand/Mama Blues/Have You Ever Been Mistreated/Sinner's Prayer/Angel Child/Pneumonia

BVLP 1062 - Another Night To Cry - Lonnie Johnson [1963] Another Night To Cry/I Got News For You, Baby/Blues After Hours/You Didn't Mean What You Said/Fine Booze and Heavy Dues//I've Got To Get Rid of You/Bow Legged Baby/Make Love To Me, Baby/Lots of Loving/A Story About Barbara/Goodbye Kitten

BVLP 1063 - Hottest Brand Goin': The Blues of Smoky Babe - Smoky Babe [1963] Now Your Man Done Gone/Hottest Brand Goin'/Something Wrong with My Machine/Insect Blues/Long Way From Home/I'm Goin' Back To Mississippi//Melvanie Blues/Locomotive Blues/Ocean Blues/Boogy Woogy Rag/Coon Hunt/Cold, Cold Snow

BVLP 1064 - Clarksdale Blues: The Blues of Robert Curtis Smith - Robert Curtis Smith [1963] Put Your Arms Around Me/Catfish/Rock Me Mamma/Council Spur Blues/I Feel So Good/I'm Going Away/Ain't That Loving You, Baby//Get A Real Young Woman/See My Chauffer/Sunflower River Blues/Katy Mae/Goody, Goody/Can You Remember Me/I Hate To Leave You With Tears In My Eyes

BVLP 1065 - Softee Man Blues - Doug Quattlebaum [1962] Sweet Little Woman/Whiskey Headed Woman/Trouble In Mind/You Is One Black Rat/On My Way To School/You Ain't No Good/Come Home Blues//Mama Don't Allow Me To Stay Out All Night.../Big Leg Woman/Baby Take A Chance with Me/Love My Baby/Back Night Is Falling/So Sweet/Worried Life Blues

BVLP 1066 - The New Gospel Keys: The Blues of Clarence Clay & William Scott - Clarence Clay & William Scott [1963] Wait Till I Put On My Robe/Every Knee Must Bow/Wake Up In Glory/Trouble Don't Last Always/Jesus Met The Woman at The Wall/In That Great Gettin' Up Morning/Oh, What A Beautiful City!/Marching To Zion/I'm On My Way To The Kingdom Land/Lord Will Make A Way Somehow/Walk All Over God's Heaven/All My Sins Are Taken Away

BVLP 1067 - Big Joe Williams at Folk City - Big Joe Williams [1963] Mink Coat Blues/Burned Child Is Scared of Fire/Baby, I Ain't Gonna Let You Go/Trouble Gonna Take Me To My Grave/Bugle Blues/Just Wanna Be Your Man//I'm Gonna Do It This Time/She's Doggin' Me/How Do You Want Your Tollin' Done/I Can't Sign My Name/Bottle Up and Go/I'm Tired Woman

BVLP 1068 - Guitar Pete's Blues: The Blues of Pete Franklin - Pete Franklin [1963] I Got To Find My Baby/Lonesome Bedroom Blues/Prison Bound/Black Gal/Grievin' Me//Rocky Mountains/Six White Horses/Sail On/My Old Lonesome Blues/Guitar Pete's Blues

BVLP 1069 - Blues Shout - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis and Shirley Scott with Al Smith [1964] Reissue of Bluesville 1001. Night Time Is The Right Time/Pledging My Love/I've Got A Girl/I'll Be Alright/Come On Pretty Baby/Tears In My Eyes/Never Let Me Go/I've Got The Right Kind of Lovin'

BVLP 1070 - Smokes Like Lightning - Lightnin' Hopkins [1963] T Model Blues/Jackstropper Blues/You Cook All Right, My Black Name/You Never Miss Your Water//Let's Do the Susie-Q/Ida Mae/Smokes Like Lightning/Prison Farm Blues

BVLP 1071 - Ballad and Folksinger, Volume 3: The Blues of Pink Anderson - Pink Anderson [1963] The Titanic/Boweevil/John Henry/Betty and Dupree//Sugar Babe/The Wreck of The Old 97/I Will Fly Away/The Kaiser/In The Evening

BVLP 1072 - See What You Done Done: The Blues of Baby Tate - Baby Tate [1963] Original cover has "See What You Done Done" in yellow; on later reissue it is red and has a purple Prestige label. See What You Done Done/Dupree Blues/What Have I Done To You?/Baby, I'm Going/Hey Mama, Hey Pretty Girl/When Your Woman Don't Want You Around//My Baby Don't Treat Me Kind/Trucking Them Blues Away/Baby, You Just Don't Know/Lonesome Over There/Thousand Woman Blues/I Ain't Got No Loving Baby Now

BVLP 1073 - Goin' Away - Lightnin' Hopkins [1964] Wake Up Old Lady/Don't Embarrass Me, Baby/Stranger Here/Little Sister's Boogie//Goin' Away/You Better Stop Her/Business You're Doin'/I'm Wit' It

BVLP 1074 - My Heart Struck Sorrow: The Blues of Brooks Berry and Scrapper Blackwell - Brooks Berry & Scrapper Blackwell [1964] My Man Is Studyin' Evil/Cold Blooded Murder/Blues And Trouble/Sweetest Apple/Sun Burnt All My Cotton/'Bama Bound/Can't Sleep For Dreaming/Life Ain't Worth Living/Blues Is A Feeling/I've Had My Fun/How Long

BVLP 1075 - Steady Rollin' Blues: The Blues of Memphis Slim - Memphis Slim [1964] Mean Mistreatin' Mama/Soon One Morning/Steady Rolling Blues/Cella's Boogie/Big Legged Woman//Rock Me Baby/Goin' Down Slow/Sweet Root Man/Mr. Freddie Boogie/Three Women Blues

BVLP 1076 - Creepin' Blues: The Blues of Alec Seward - Alec Seward [1964] Big Hip Mama [with Larry Johnson]/Evil Woman Blues [with Larry Johnson]/Goin' Down Slow/Sweet Woman [with Larry Johnson]/Some People Say [with Larry Johnson]//Creepin' Blues [with Larry Johnson]/I Made A Mistake In Life [with Larry Johnson]/Piney Woods/Late One Saturday Evening [with Larry Johnson]/Let A Good Thing Do [with Larry Johnson]

BVLP 1077 - Indiana Ave. Blues: The Blues of J.T. Adams and Shirley Griffith - J.T. Adams [1964] Walkin' Blues [Shirley Griffith, vocal]/Match Box Blues [J.T. Adams, vocal]/Indiana Avenue Blues/In The Evening [Shirley Griffith, vocal]/"A" Jump//Oh Mama How I Love You [Shirley Griffith, vocal]/Kansas City [J.T. Adams, vocal]/Bright Street Jump/Done Changed The Lock On My Door [Shirley Griffith, vocal]/Blind Lemon's Blues [J.T. Adams, vocal]/Naptown Boogie

BVLP 1078/BVST 1078 - The Master Musicians of India - Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan [1964] Raga Palas Kafi (20:15)//Raga Bilashkani Todi (19:56)

BVLP 1079 - The Classical Music of India - Ali Akbar Khan [1964] Raga Lajwanti (13:47)//Raga Todi (13:45)

BVLP 1080 - [Unreleased]

BVLP 1081 - Gotta Move Your Baby - Lightnin' Hopkins [1964] Reissue of Bluesville 1029. Got To Move Your Baby/Last Night Blues/Hard To Love A Woman/Rocky Mountain Blues/So Sorry To Leave You/Take A Trip with Me/Lightnin's Stroke/Conversation Blues

BVLP 1082 - [Unreleased]

BVLP 1083 - Studio Blues - Big Joe Williams [1964] All songs except "Back Home Again" are with Shirley Griffith on vocals. Levee Camp Blues/Low Down Dirty Shame/Gamblin Man/Ain't Gonna Rain No More/Feel So Good/Prowling Ground Hog/Back Home Again/Sugar Babe/Tell Me Mama/Studio Blues

BVLP 1084 - His Greatest Hits - Lightnin' Hopkins [1964] The Walkin' Blues/Back To New Orleans/Last Night Blues/Hard To Love A Woman/Wake Up Old Lady//Sinner's Prayer/Angel Child/Business You're Doin'/Mojo Hand/Got To Move Your Baby

BVLP 1085 - [Unreleased]

BVLP 1086 - Down Home Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins [1964] Let's Go Sit On The Lawn/I Woke Up This Morning/I Got Tired/I Like To Boogie/I Asked The Bossman/I'm Talking To The Devil of A Chance/Just A Wristwatch On My Arm/I Was Standing On 75 Highway/Got It Straight

BVLP 1087 - Saturday Blues: The Blues of Shirley Griffith - Shirley Griffith [1964] Meet Me In The Bottom/River Line Blues/Shirley's Jump/Take Me Back to Mama/Saturday Blues/Left Alone Blues/Big Road Blues/Bye Bye Blues/Hard Pill To Swallow/Maggie Campbell Blues/My Baby's Gone

BVLP 1088 - [Unreleased]

BVLP 1089 - Turkish Delights - Oudi Hrant [1964] Doktor/Hijazkar Longa/Hrant Taksim, No. 1/Ankara Koshmasi/Rumeli Karshilama/Anatoliana/Anadolu Oyunu/Sultan Yegah/Hrant Taksim, No. 2/Aman Avci/Cift Telli

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