Dandelion Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 27, 2005

Dandelion was an Elektra subsidiary established for US reissue of masters originally issued in the UK on the Dandelion label there. Dandelion in the UK was started and owned by deejay John Peel, who named the label after one of his hamsters. The label released records from 1969 to 1972. See For Miles records had a massive reissue campaign of Dandelion masters on CD in the 1990s.

Elektra chose to issue very few of the many records issued in the UK by Peel's Dandelion label. The US versions were not always exactly the same, sometimes deleting tracks from the UK counterparts. The US Dandelion label per se only lasted during 1970. In fact, four of the first six Dandelion-UK albums were issued here on the US counterpart, but they did not sell well, so Elektra re-thought their commitment and folded the separate label. In 1971, a couple of additional albums issued on the Elektra label as Elektra/Dandelion, but that was it.

John Peel, a legendary and influential figure in pop music in Britain, died in 2004.

The Dandelion label was multicolored with a dandelion logo at the top.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Distributed by Elektra/Asylum:

D9 101 - Ask Me No Questions - Bridget St John [1970] Reissue of the 1969 Dandelion- UK album [63750]. To B Without A Hitch/Autumn Lullaby/Curl Your Toes/Like Never Before/The Curious Crystals Of Unusual Purity/Bare Feet And Hot Pavements/I Like To Be With You In The Sun/Lizard-Long- Tongue Boy/Hello Again (Of Course)/Many Happy Returns/Broken Faith/Ask Me No Questions

D9 102 - I'm Back And I'm Proud - Gene Vincent [1970] Reissue of the 1969 Dandelion- UK album [63754]. Rockin' Robin/In The Pines/Be Bop A Lulu/Rainbow At Midnight/Black Letter/White Lightning/Sexy Ways/Ruby Baby/Lotta Lovin/Circle Never Broken/Number Nine Lonesome Whistle/Scarlet Ribbons

D9 103 - Soundtrack - Principal Edwards Magic Theatre [1970] Reissue of the 1969 Dandelion-UK album [63752]. Enigmatic Insomniac Machine/Sacrifice/Death Of Don Quixote/Third Sonnet/To A Broken Guitar/Pinky A Mystery Cycle

D9 104 - Siren - Siren [1970] Reissue of the 1969 Dandelion-UK album [63755]. Ze Ze Ze Ze Ze/Get Right Church/Rock Me Baby/Wake Up My Children/Wasting My Time/Sixteen Women/First Time I Saw Your Face//Gardener Man/And I Wonder/The War Is Over/Asylum/Bertha Lee/I Wonder Where

The following were issued on Elektra using the Elektra numbering system, but jointly labeled with Dandelion.

Elektra/Dandelion EKS-74087 - Strange Locomotion - Siren [1971] Abridged issue of the UK album Dandelion DAN-8001. Relaxing With Bonnie Lou/Some Dark Day/Lillian/Stride/I'm All Aching/Strange Locomotion/Lonesome Ride/Fetch Me My Woman/Hot Potato/Soon/Squeeze Me

Elektra/Dandelion EKS 74104 - Songs For The Gentle Man - Bridget St John [10/71] Abridged version of the UK album Dandelion DAN-8007. Back To Stay/City Crazy/Day A Way/Downderry Daze/Early Morning Song/If You'd Been There/It Seems Very Strange/Lady And The Gentle Man/Making Losing Better/Pebble And The Man/Seagull Sunday/Song For The Laird Of Connaught Ball


Distributed by CBS:

63750 - Ask Me No Questions - Bridget St. John [1969]
63751 - Beau - Beau [1969]
63752 - Soundtrack - Principal Edwards Magic Theatre [1969]
63753 - The Year of the Great Leap Sideways - Occasional Word Ensemble [1969]
63754 - I'm Back And I'm Proud - Gene Vincent [1969]
63755 - Siren - Siren [1969]
63756 - Mike Hart Bleeds - Mike Hart [1969]
63757 - New Bottles, Old Medicine - Medicine Head [1969]

Distributed by Warner Bros.:

DAN-8001 - Strange Locomotion - Siren [1971]
DAN-8002 - Asmoto Running Band - Principal Edwards' Magic Theatre [1971]
DAN-8003 - Stackwaddy - Stackwaddy [1971]
DAN-8004 - Candle for Judith - Way We Live [1971]
DAN-8005 - Heavy on the Drum - Medicine Head [1971]
DAN-8006 - Creation - Beau [1971]
DAN-8007 - Songs For The Gentle Man - Bridget St John [1971]

Distributed by Polydor:

2310 145 - WWW - Burnin' Red Ivanhoe [1971]
2310 146 - To the Highest Bidder - Supersister [1971]
2310 154 - Stackwaddy - Stackwaddy [1971]
2310 165 - Nurses Song with Elephants - David Bedford [1972]
2310 166 - Dark Side of the Moon - Medicine Head [1972]
2310 193 - Thank You For - Bridget St. James [1972]
2310 211 - Basher, Chalky, Pongo & Me - Mike Hart [1972]
2310 216 - Singer Songwriter - Clifford T. Ward [1972]
2310 217 - Tractor - Tractor [1972]
2310 228 - Case History - Kevin Coyne [1972]
2310 231 - Bugger Off! - Stackwaddy [1972]
2485 021 - There Is Some Fun Going Forward - Various Artists [1972]

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