Paramount Album Discography
By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: October 12, 2006

"Paramount" is a name that has been on records dating back to the 1920s on 78rpm, but few of these labels had anything to do with Paramount Pictures. Paramount Pictures is also an old studio that dates back decades. In 1950, the government brought an antitrust action against Paramount Pictures Corporation and forced them to divest themselves of their movie theater chain, Paramount Theaters, which became known as United Paramount Theaters. In 1954, United Paramount Theaters merged with the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), forming ABC-Paramount. ABC-Paramount formed Am-Par Recording Company in 1955, and started the ABC-Paramount label. By 1957, ABC-Paramount and Paramount Pictures, now completely separate corporations, were both looking for ways to get into the record business as a major. ABC wanted a major record label because the competing networks both had major labels (NBC had RCA-Victor, and CBS had Columbia). ABC expressed interest in buying Dot Records, but Paramount Pictures gave Dot owner Randy Wood a better deal, and Paramount Pictures purchased Dot in 1957.

ABC-Paramount changed names in 1962 to the American Broadcasting Companies, and the record label changed from ABC-Paramount to ABC. Paramount Pictures, meanwhile, seemed to be content letting Wood run the Dot label, and kept a low profile for about 10 years. When Paramount was purchased in 1968 by conglomerate Gulf+Western, some changes were in store. G+W's influence seemed to be a shift of Dot's repertoire from pop music to country, and most of the Dot catalog was deleted about 1969. Gulf+Western did some other corporate shuffling, putting the record division under the music publishing arm of Paramount, Famous Music (I can hear the G+W brass now, "Might as well have the music people handling the records, instead of the video people"). With Dot going country, they started another record label, called Paramount Records, mostly to handle the soundtrack albums from Paramount Pictures films, but also to handle Dot's pop back catalog. The Dot catalog was for the most part reissued in a series of 2-LP issues cleverly called "Famous Twinsets," not because the music on the records was famous (although some was, obviously), but because the company issuing them was "Famous", as in "Famous Music." Some of the Famous Twinsets had the Paramount label, some had a special Famous Twinsets label (which curiously didn't mention Paramount at all), and some had the ABC Records label after the 1974 sale to ABC. The series numbering system in the PAS-1000 series was continuous, however, no matter which label was used.

Paramount was known to have issued albums in the 1000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 series, although some of these were very short series indeed. Their singles were in the 0000 series. The label lasted until 1974, when Gulf+Western ironically enough sold their entire record holdings, including Dot and Paramount, to ABC Records. The Paramount family was back together, after all these years, at least on records.

The Paramount label was a tan or grey color with black print, with the Paramount logo to the left of the center hole. Around the bottom of the label it said, "PARAMOUNT RECORDS, A DIVISION OF FAMOUS MUSIC CORPORATION, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10023". Deejay copies were white with the same graphics. A few titles were issued with a blue label with the white Paramount logo on top (this was the same label that was used for European issues). The "Famous Twinset" label was black with silver print, an orange and yellow "Famous Twinset" logo above the center hole. Around the bottom of the label it says, "Famous Twinsets/Distributed by Famous Music Corp., New York, 10023/A G+W Company". The only indication that this is in fact a Paramount Record is the production copyright, which states Paramount Records. Generally, the Famous Twinset series was a good quality reissue series.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Paramount Records or Famous Music. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1999, 2003 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

PMS-1001 - Paint Your Wagon (Soundtrack) - Nelson Riddle [1969] (10-69, #28) I'm On My Way (Main Title)/Best Things - Clint Eastwood/The First Thing You Know/Gold Fever/Gospel Of No Name City/Hand Me Down That Can 'O Beans/I Still See Elisa/I Talk To The Trees/A Million Miles Away Behind The Door/There's A Coach Comin' In/They Call The Wind Maria/Wand'rin Star - Lee Marvin/Whoop-Ti-Ay! (Shivaree)/Finale

PMS-1002 - Coco (Original Cast) - Robert Emmett Dolan [1969] Overture/That's the Way You Are/The World Belongs To the Young/Let's Go Home/Mademoiselle Clich‚ de Paris/On the Corner of the Rue Cambon/The Money Rings Out Like Freedom/A brand New Dress/A Woman Is How She Loves/Gabrielle/Coco//Fiasco/When Your Lover says Goodbye/Orbach's Bloomingdale's Best & Saks/Always Mademoiselle/Coco (Reprise)

PAS-1003 - The Godfather (Soundtrack) - Carmine Coppola/Carlo Savina [1972] (4-72, #21) Love Theme From 'The Godfather'/Apollonia/The Baptism/Connie's Wedding/Godfather Waltz (version 1)/Godfather Waltz (version 2)/Hall Of Fear/I Have But One Heart - Al Martino/New Godfather/The Pickup/Sicilian Pastorale/Finale

PAS-1004 - Play It Again, Sam (Soundtrack) - Billy Goldenberg [1972] Note: This album is mostly dialogue with music and laugh track. Bogart-That's Strictly In The Movies (Music: "As Times Goes By")/Don't Take It Personal/Dames Are Shimple/She Wanted To Swing/A Date For Allan/What About Sharon?/You Ashamed To Sweat?/I Love The Rain (Music: "Blues For Allan Felix")/Bogart Fantasy//Blues For Allan Felix (Oscar Peterson Trio)/One-Two, One Two (Music: "Easy Lovin'")/How'd It Go With Julie?/Homosexual Panic/Allan, Did You Say You Loved Me?/"Slide"/Casablanca Revisited (Music: "As Time Goes By")

PAS-1005 -

PAS-1006 - The Ten Commandments (Soundtrack) - Elmer Bernstein [1972] 2-LP set. Reissue of Dot DLP-25054-D, which was a 1960 rerecording of the 1956 soundtrack.

PAS-1007 - Paramount Records Presents Famous Movie Themes - Various Artists [1973] Four record set.

PAS-1008 - Charlotte's Web (Soundtrack) - Irwin Kostal [1973]

PAS-1009 - The Best of Liberace - Liberace [1973] Sunrise, Sunset/Tea For Two/Warsaw Concerto/People/Chopsticks/others

PAS-2-1010 - The Best of the Mills Brothers - Mills Brothers [1973] 2-LP set. Some of these are Dot rerecordings from the 1960s. Disc 1: Glow Worm/Yellow Bird/Strollin'/You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You/Canadian Sunset//Chanson D'Amour/Hey There/Lazy River/I'll Be Around/Standing On The Corner/I'm Sorry I Answered The Phone; Disc 2: Cab Driver/I Love You So Much It Hurts/Paper Doll/A Million Marys/Opus One//The Jones Boy/Moon River/A Donut And A Dream/Till Then/My Shy Violet/Sally Sunshine

PAS-1011 - Last of Big Maybelle - Big Maybelle [7/73] Two record set.

PAS-1012 - Paper Moon (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1973] (8-73, #154) It's Only A Paper Moon - Paul Whiteman/About A Quarter To Nine - Ozzie Nelson/After You've Gone - Tommy Dorsey/Flirtation Walk - Dick Powell/Georgia On My Mind - Hoagy Carmichael/I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In The Five And Ten Cent Store) - Victor Young & Boswell Sisters/(It Will Have To Do) Until The Real Thing Comes Along - Leo Reisman/Just One More Chance - Bing Crosby/Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee - Enric Madriguera/My Mary - Jimmy Davis/The Object Of My Affection - Jimmie Grier/On The banks Of The Ohio - Blue Sky Boys/One Hour With You - Jimmie Grier/A Picture Of Me Without You - Paul Whiteman, Ken Darby & Ramona/Sunny Side Up - Johnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders

PAS-2-1013 - Original Early Top 40 Hits - Various Artists [1973] 2-LP set. Disc 1: Trying - Hilltoppers (E)/Melody Of Love - Billy Vaughn (E)/Ain't That A Shame - Pat Boone (E)/From The Vine Came The Grape - Hilltoppers (E)/Transfusion - Nervous Norvus (E)/The Shifting Whispering Sands, Part 1 - Billy Vaughn & Ken Nordine (E)/Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love) - Pat Boone (S, 1959 Dot rerecording)//The Green Door - Jim Lowe (E)/April Love - Pat Boone (S)/Pipeline - Chantay's (S)/Susie Darlin' - Robin Luke (E)/You Cheated - Shields (E)/Dark Moon - Gale Storm (E)/Deck Of Cards - Wink Martindale (S)/Come Go With Me - Dell-Vikings (E); Disc 2: Love Letters In The sand - Pat Boone (S, 1959 Dot rerecording)/Young Love - Tab Hunter (E)/Wipe Out - Surfaris (E)/Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On The Bedpost Overnight?) - Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group (E)/Whispering Bells - Dell-Vikings (E)/Pink Shoelaces - Dodie Stevens (S, 1960 Dot rerecording)/Hot Pastrami - Dartells (S)/Sugar Shack - Jimmy Gilmer & Fireballs (S, 45 with stereo instruments overdubbed)/Two Hearts - Pat Boone (E)/Sail Along Silv'ry Moon - Billy Vaughn (E)/P.S. I Love You - Hilltoppers (E)/The Fool - Sanford Clark (E)/Tutti Frutti - Pat Boone (E)/Ivory Tower - gale Storm (E)/I Almost Lost My Mind - Pat Boone (S, 1959 Dot rerecording)

PAS-1014 - Bang the Drum Slowly (Soundtrack) - Stephen Lawrence [1973] Theme From Bang The Drum Slowly - Bobby Gosh/Main Title/Bruce's Theme (Theme From Bang The Drum Slowly And Piney's Arrival)/Katie/Simple Country Boy/Pop Up (Streets Of Laredo)/Bruce's Theme/Streets Of Laredo//Simple Country Boy/Driving South/Goose And Henry/Bruce's Theme (Theme From Bang The Drum Slowly)/Miss Industrial Progress/Streets Of Laredo/Rainy Day Guitar/Theme From Bang The Drum Slowly - Bobby Gosh

PAS-1015 - The Optimists (Soundtrack) - Lionel Bart [1973] Main Titles: Sometimes- Sam's Theme - Peter Sellers with Orchestra/School's Out - Orchestra/Mary - Peter Sellers with Orchestra/Sometimes - Orchestra/London By Bus - Orchestra/Dreamland - Orchestra/Knick Knack Paddy Wack - Peter Sellers with Orchestra//Mr. Bass Drum Man - Don Crown/Sad Sam - Orchestra/Dreamland Again - Orchestra/Here Lies Bella - Orchestra/The Optimists - Orchestra/Sam Goes Home - Peter Sellers with Orchestra

PAS-1016 - Serpico (Soundtrack) - Mikis Theodorakis [1973] Theme From "Serpico"/Honest Cop/Alone In The Apartment/Meeting In The Park//Shoe Shop//On The Streets/Flashback/Laurie's Fable/Disillusion/End Title

PAS-1017 - Live from Deep in the Heart of Texas - Commander Cody [1973] (2-74, #105) Armadillo Stomp/Crying Time/Diggy Liggy Lo/Git It/Good Rockin' Tonight/I'm Comin' Home/Little Sally Walker/Mean Woman Blues/Oh Momma Momma/Seeds And Stems (Again)/Sunset On The Stage/Too Much Fun

PAS-1018 - Cybil Shepherd Does It To Cole Porter - Cybil Shepherd [1974]

PAS-1019 - Down By the Old Stream - Artie Kaplan [1974]

PAS-1020 - Longhorns & Londonbridges - B.J. Thomas [1974]

PAS-1021 - Diamond - Diamond [1974]

PAS-1022 -

PAS-2-1023 - In the Mood - Andrews Sisters [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1024 - Pat Boone's Greatest Hymns - Pat Boone [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1025 - Organ Favorites - Georgie Wright [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1026 - Banjo's Beat - Eddie Peabody [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1027 - The Best of the Mills Brothers, Volume II - Mills Brothers [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1028 - Gospel's Greatest Hits - Clara Ward [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1029 - Piano Roll Greats - Johnny Maddox [1974] 2-LP set. Disc 1: Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue (E)/Darktown Strutters' Ball (E)/Somebody Stole My Gal (S)/Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes (S)/Alley rat Blues (S)/It's Hot Leave It Alone (S)//Wabash Blues (S)/Red Hot Henry Brown (S)/Maple Leaf Rag (E)/Bill Bailey (S)/Fast Stuff Blues (S)/Sweet Georgia Brown (S)/If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie) (S); Disc 2: Ace In The Hole (S)/In The Mood (E)/Happy Days Are Here Again (S)/The Light Of The Silvery Moon (S)/Cocoanut Grove (E)/Humoresque (S)//Nothing Does Does (S)/Baby Face (S)/Society Blues (E)/No Name Waltz (E)/My Melancholy Baby (E)/Hot Hands (E)/12th Street Rag (S)

PAS-2-1030 - Outer Space/Inner Mind - Leonard Nimoy [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1031 - Billy Vaughn Plays the Greatest Hits - Billy Vaughn [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1032 - Liberace in Concert - Liberace [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-1033 - Electrified - Billy Vaughn [1974] The Most Beautiful Girl/Make It With You/I Got A Name/Haze/Killing Me Softly With His Song//You Are The Sunshine Of My Life/Come Along Sweet Christy/Place Of Rest/Without You/Where Is The Love

PAS-1034 - Wonder Like You - Steve Baron [1974]

PAS-1035 -

PAS-1036 -

PAS-1037 - Susan Maughan - Susan Maughan [1974] Paramount/Ember label.

PAS-2-1038 - Anytime - Eddie Fisher [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1039 - All Time Polka Hits - Six Fat Dutchmen [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1040 - Roy Clark - Roy Clark [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1041 - Six Pack to Go - Hank Thompson [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1042 - Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers [1974] 2-LP set.

PAS-2-1043 - Pat Boone's Greatest Hits - Pat Boone [1974]

PAS-1044 -

PAS-1045 - The Education of Sonny Carson (Soundtrack) - Taylor Perkinson [1974]

PAS-1046 - Chinatown (Soundtrack) - Jerry Goldsmith [1974, unissued] Originally scheduled as Paramount release, the album was finally released as ABC ABDP-848. The initial ABC pressings have the Paramount number engraved in inner groove. Love Theme From Chinatown (Main Title)/Noah Cross/Easy Living/Jake And Evelyn/I Can't Get Started - Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra/The Last Of Ida//The Captive/The Boy On A Horse/The Way You Look Tonight/The Wrong Clue/J. J. Gittis/Love Theme From Chinatown (End Title)

PAS-1047 -

PAS-1048 -

PAS-1049 -

3000 Series:

PAS-2-3001 - The Graet Gatsby (Soundtrack) - Nelson Riddle [1974] (4-74, #85) 2-LP set. Ain't We Got Fun/Alice Blue Gown/Beale Street Blues/Charleston/Daisy (What'll I Do)/Daisy's Tango/Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue - Nick Lucas/I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston - Nick Lucas/It Had To Be You/Jordan's Tango/Kitten On The Keys/Long Time Ago/My Favorite Beau (What'll I Do)/Myrtle's Dead/Ring (What'll I Do)/Sheik Of Araby/Summer's Almost Over/Tom And Myrtle/We've Met Before (What'll I Do)/What'll I Do - Bill Atherton/When You And I Were Seventeen - Nick Lucas/Whispering/Who?/Yes Sir, That's My Baby

4000 Series:

PAS-4000 - Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill - Newton Wayland [1974] 2-LP set.

5000 Series:

PAS-5001 - How About This - Kay Starr with Count Basie [1969] I Get the Blues/God Bless the Child/Baby, Won't You Please Come Home/Ain't No Use/Keep Smiling/If I Could Be with You/My Man/Hallelujah I Love Him So/I Can't Stop Loving You/Goodtime Girl/Cottage for Sale

PAS-5002 - More Mission: Impossible (TV Soundtrack) - Lalo Schifrin [1969] Mission Blues/Self-Destruct/Affair In Madrid/Midnight Courier/The Chelsea Memorandum//More Mission/Intrigue/Danube Incident/Foul Play/The Getaway/Mission: Impossible

PAS-5003 -

PAS-5004 - Mannix (Television Soundtrack) - Lalo Schifrin [1969] Mannix/The Edge Of Night/The Girl Who Came In With The Tide/Beyond The Shadow Of Today/The Shadow/Turn Every Stone//Hunt Down/Warning: Live Blueberries/Fear/The End Of The Rainbow/End Game

PAS-5005 - Where's Jack? (Soundtrack) - Elmer Bernstein [1969] Where's Jack? - Mary Hopkin/Riot At Ryburn/It Was a Lover/Trip to Wild/Minuet In J/Bess/Escape From Newgate/Lowest Trees/Ballad of Jack Shepherd/Pomp & Bess/What If I Sped/Daring At Darlington/Transportation/Sweet Kate/Last Moments

PAS-5006 - Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies (Soundtrack) - Ron Goodwin [1969] Dispatch/Love Theme/Schickel Shamble/Xmas It Ain't/Italians-Casanova/3 Girls/Wily Sir Cuthbert/Britain Vs. Gemany/Off to Monte Carlo/They're Playing Chester's Song/Dirty Work/Can This Be the Way?/Festival Time/Last Lap/Who Gets the Champagne?

PAS-5007 - The Italian Job (Soundtrack) - Quincy Jones [1969] On Days Like These - Matt Monro/Something's Cookin'/Hello Mrs. Beckerman!/Britannia-And Mr. Bridger-If You Please/Trouble For Charlie/On Days Like These - Peter King//It's Caper Time-The Italian Job (Vocal)/Meanwhile, Back At The Mafia/Smell That Gold/Greensleeves And All That Jazz/Getta Bloomin' Move On!-The Italian Job (Vocal)

PAS-5008 - Oh What a Lovely War (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Overture-Girls And Boys Come Out To Play/Oh, It's A Lovely War/Are We Downhearted/The Bells Of Hell/Far Far From Wipers/Belgium Put The Kaibosh On The Kaiser/Medley: We Don't Want To Lose You (Your King And Country Need You)-I'll Make A Man Of You/Goodbye-ee/Silent Night/Oh, It's A Lovely War/Hush/Here Comes A Whizzbang/Adieu La Vie/They Were Only Playing Leapfrog/When This Lousy War Is Over/I Want To Go Home/The Bells Of Hell/Far, Far From Wipers/Pack Up Your Troubles/Keep The Home Fires Burning/Over There/They Didn't Believe Me

PAS-5009 - The Sterile Cuckoo (Soundtrack) - Fred Carlin [1969] (6-70, #200) Come Saturday Morning - Sandpipers/End Walk - Sandpipers/Montage - Sandpipers/Jerry/Jerry & Pookie/Pookie Adams/Pookie Leaves/The Weirdos/You're Absolutely Whacky

PAS-5010 - Poet and the One Man Band - Poet & One Man Band [1970] Please Me/Days I Most Remember/Dirty Heavy Weather Road/Now You've Hurt My Feelings/Sackfull O' Grain/Good Evening, Mr. Jones/Light My Fire/Ride Out/Twilight Zone

PAS-5011 - Workin' On a Groovy Thing - Bola Sete [1970]

PAS-5012 - Memphis, Tennessee - Charles Musselwhite [1970]

PAS-5013 - There Are People and There... - People [1970] For What It's Worth/Crosstown Bus/How Does It Feel/We're Off To See The Wizard/There's A Man//Miss Jane/The Other Side/Maple Street/Sunshine Lady/It's Making Me Crazy/The Willie Tell Experience

PAS-5014 - Ambergris - Ambergris [1970] Something Happened To Me/Play On Player/Gotta Find Her/Chocolate Pudding/Forget It, I Got It//Walking On The Water/Sunday Lady/Home Grown/Soul Food/Endless Night

PAS-5015 - Midnight Cowboy - Frank Pourcel [1970]

PAS-5016 - Crowfoot - Crowfoot [1970] Winter Comes/Love is Everywhere/You Won't Cry/Lady Fair/Maybe I Can Learn To Live/California Rock'N Roll/Dry Your Eyes/A Falling Leaf/No Don't Leave/Dancing Lady/Groove Along

PAS-5017 -

PAS-5018 - Allegheny - Bonnie Guitar [1970]

PAS-5019 - Borsalino (Soundtrack) - Claude Bolling [1970]

PAS-5020 - May Blitz - May Blitz [1970] Smoking The Day Away/I Don't Know ?/Dreaming//Squeet/Tomorrow May Come/Fire Queen/Virgin Waters

PAS-5021 - Farewell American Tour - Sally Eaton [1971] Once Before You Go/Sandy Brown/I Don't Want To Need You Anymore/This Time Next Autumn/Flowers In The Air//Reader And Adviser/Charlotte/Beads/Long Time Lover/Maybe My Love For You

PAS-5022 - Love Story - Frank Pourcel [1971]

PAS-5023 - Gooduns - King Biscuit Boy [1970] You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down Again/Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)/Georgia Rag/Barefoot Rock/Boogie Walk, Part 1/Ranky Tanky/29 Ways To My Baby's Door/Bald Head Rhumba Boogie/Lord Pity Us All

PAS-5024 - Neon - Neon [1970] Mountain Baby/Hold Back My Tears/Dark Is The Night/Can't Stop Myself From Loving You//Magic Man/Nobody Nowhere/Funny Kind Of Feelin'

PAS-5025 - No Turnin' Back - Mills Brothers [1970]

PAS-5026 - Merry Christmas from the Brady Bunch - Brady Bunch [1970] The First Noel/Away In A Manger/The Little Drummer Boy/O Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Night/Silent Night//Jingle Bells/Frosty The Snowman/Silver Bells/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/We Wish You A Merry Christmas

PAS-5027 - Affinity - Affinity [1970] All Along The Watchtower/Coconut Grove/I Am And So Are You/I Wonder If I Care As Much/Mr. Joy/Night Flight/Three Sisters

PAS-5028 - This Is Bull - Bull [1970]

PAS-5029 - Piggy Go Getter - Tear Gas [1971] Lost Awakening/Your Woman's Gone And Left You/Night Girl/Nothing Can Change Your Mind/Living For Today//Big House/Mirrors Of Sorrow/Look, What Else Is Happening/I'm Falling Far Behind/Witches Come Today

PAS-5030 - Official Music - King Biscuit Boy with Crowbar [1970] (12-70, #194) Badly Bent/Biscuit's Boogie/Cookin' Little Baby/Corrina Corrina/Don't Go No Further/Highway 61/Hoy Hoy Hoy/I'm Just A Lonely Guy/Key To The Highway/Shout Bama Lama/Unseen Eye

PAS-5031 - Hate Kills - Hate [1970] Come Along/Corridors/My Life/Seems Like Any Fool/Time For Change//It's Alright To Run/She Needs Me/Never Love Again/Realisation/I'm Moving Down

PAS-5032 - Theme from Love Story - Billy Vaughn [1971]

PAS-5033 - Down In the Village - Chris Knight [1971] Possibly wrong catalog number.

PAS-5034 - Royal Festival Hall Concert - Glenn Miller [1971]

PAS-5035 - For All We Know - Frank Pourcel [1971]


PAS-5037 - I Don't Know How To Love Him - Billy Vaughn [1971]

6000 Series:

PAS-6000 - The Molly Maguires (Soundtrack) - Henry Mancini [1970] Theme From The Molly Maguires (Pennsylvania, 1876)/The Mollys Strike/Main Title/Fiddle And Fife/Work Montage/Jamie And Mary (The Hills Of Yesterday)/Room And Board (Theme From The Molly Maguires)//The Hills Of Yesterday/Pennywhistle Jig/Sandwiches And Tea (Theme From The Molly Maguires)/Trip To Town/The Mollys Strike Again/A Brew With The Boys/A Suit For Grandpa/The End (Theme From The Molly Maguires)

PAS-6001 - The Adventurers (Soundtrack) - Frank Belfin [1970] Composer: Antonio Carlos Jobim. Main Title/Children's Games/Rome Montage/Bolero/Dax Rides/Dax & Amparo (Love Theme)//Corteguay/The Long Trek/Search For Amparo/That Old Black Magic/Bitter Victory/El Lobo's Band/A Bed Of Flowers For Sue Ann

PAS-6002 - Love Story (Soundtrack) - Francis Lai [1970] (1-71, #2) Theme From Love Story (S)/Snow Frolic (S)/Sonata In F Major (Mozart) (S)/I Love You Phil (S)/The Christmas Trees (S)/Search For Jenny (Theme From Love Story)//Bozo Barrett (S)/Skating In Central Park (S)/The Long Walk Home (S)/Concerto No. 3 In D Major (Bach)/Theme From Love Story (Finale)

PAS-6003 - Waterloo (Soundtrack) - Bruno Nicolai [1971]

PAS-6004 - Friends (Soundtrack) - Elton John [1971] Friends/Honey Roll/Variation On "Friends"/Theme (The First Kiss)/Seasons/Variations On Michelle's Song (A Day In The Country)/Can I Put On You//Michelle's Song/I Meant Do To My Work Today (A Day In The Country)/Four Moods/Seasons Reprise

PAS-6005 - The Hard Ride (Soundtrack) - Harley Hatcher [1971] Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Bill Medley/I Came A Long Way To Be With You - Thelma Camacho/Fallin' In Love With Baby - Junction/Another Kind Of War - Bluewater/Be Nobody's Fool - Bluewater/Let The Music Play - Bluewater//Where Am I Going Today - Bob Moline/Carry Me Home - Thelma Camacho/The Hard Ride - Sounds Of Harley/Victorville Blues - Sounds Of Harley/Shannon's Hook Shop - Bluewater/Love Theme From "The Hard Ride" - Bob Moline

PAS-6006 - Times That Try a Man's Soul - Kyle [1971] "Kyle" is Kyle Garrahan, formerly of th Lost and Chamaeleon Church. Virginia Traveler/Some Day/Times That Try A Man's Soul/Think I'm Gonna Rain/Black Gets Blacker/Soul Smith/Time/The Reason

PAS-6007 - Bad Manors - Crowbar [1971] Frenchman's Filler 1 - Too True Mama/Let The Four Winds Blow/The House Of Blue Lights/Train Keep Rollin'/Baby, Let's Play House/Oh What A Feeling - Frenchman's Filler 2//Frenchman's Filler 3 - Murder In The First Degree/In The Dancing Hold/Mountain Fire/Prince Of Peace - Frenchman's Filler 1

PAS-6008 - In My Own Time - Karen Dalton [1971] With Harvey Brooks. Something On Your Mind/When A Man Loves A Woman/In My Own Dream/Katie Cruel/How Sweet It Is//In A Station/Take Me/Same Old Man/One Night Of Love/Are You Leaving For The Country

PAS-6009 - Supa's Jamboree - Richard Supa [1971]

PAS-6010 - Detroit Featuring Mitch Ryder - Detroit [1971] (1-72, #176) Long Neck Goose/Is It You (Or Is It Me)/It Ain't Easy/Rock 'N' Roll//Let It Rock/Drink/Box Of Old Roses/I Found A Love

PAS-6011 -

PAS-6012 - Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Soundtrack) - Walter Scharf [1971]

PAS-6013 - Strive Seek Find - Burton & Cunico [1971]

PAS-6014 -

PAS-6015 - Your Well-Meaning Brought Me Here - Ralph McTell [1971]

PAS-6016 - The Adventures of Robert Savage, Volume 1 - Robert Savage [1971]

PAS-6017 - Ozone - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen [1971] (11- 71, #82) Back To Tennessee/Wine Do Yer Stuff/Seeds And Stems (Again)/Daddy's Gonna Treat You Right/Family Bible/My Home In My Hand//Lost In The Ozone/Midnight Shift/Hot Rod Lincoln/What's The Matter Now ?/20 Flight Rock/Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar

PAS-6018 - T.R. Baskin (Soundtrack) - Jack Elliott [1971] The Song From "T. R. Baskin"/The Introduction/It's A Mixed Up World/Chicago Walk/McGuire's Rock//First Meeting/Night Thoughts/I Got A Feeling/Con Amalgamate/Finale (The Song From T. R. Baskin)

PAS-6019 - The Red Tent (Soundtrack) - Bruno Nicolai [1971] Love Theme From "The Red Tent"/Do Dreams Go On/Death At The Pole/A Love Like The Snow/Message From Rome/They're Alive/Farewell/Others, Who Will Follow Us

PAS-6020 - Gary St. Clair - Gary St. Clair [1971]

PAS-6021 - Everyday People - Everyday People [1971]

PAS-6022 - Shakey Legs - Shakey Legs [1971]


PAS-6024 - What a Wonderful World - Mills Brothers [1972] Come Summer/Sally Sunshine/What A Wonderful World/Everybody But Me/The Drum//My Sweet Mama/Lazy Bones/Angels Never Leave Heaven/Strollin'/Someday You'll Be Sorry/Happy Songs Of Love

PAS-6025 - An Old Fashioned Love Song - Billy Vaughn [1972] An Old Fashioned Love Song/Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves/Just Waiting/Superstar/The Other Face/Margo/Long Ago & Far Away/Butterfly/Peace Train/Mammy Blue/You've Got A Friend

PAS-6026 - Chaplin's Back - Darius Brubeck [1972]

PAS-6027 - Homespun - Richard Supa [1972]

PAS-6028 - Welcome To... - Fat City [1972]

PAS-6029 -

PAS-6030 - Song Bird - Richie Francis [1972] Song Bird/Dizzy Sycamore/I'm Not Alone/It Will Last/My Music/Don't You Ask Me Why//There's A Time/Yet To Come/Friends/You're Never Gonna Make It/To Follow You

PAS-6031 - Hot Licks, Cold Steel, and Truckers' Favorites - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen [1972] (9-72, #94) Truck Stop Rock/Truck Drivin' Man/Rip It Up/Cravin' Your Love/It Should've Been Me/Watch My .38//Semi-Truck/Kentucky Hills Of Tennessee/Looking At The World Through A Windshield/Diggy Liggy Lo/Mama Hated Diesels/Tutti Frutti

PAS-6032 - Meet the Brady Bunch - Brady Bunch [1972] Ain't It Crazy/American Pie/Baby, I'm A-Want You/Come Run With Me/Day After Day/I Believe In You/I Just Want To Be Your Friend/Love My Life Away/Me And You And A Dog Named Boo/Time To Change/We Can Make The World A Whole Lot Brighter/We'll Always Be Friends

PAS-6033 - Mark Radice - Mark Radice [1972]

PAS-6034 - Godfather's Wedding Album - Carmen Coppola [1972]

PAS-6035 - Soundstage - Billy Vaughn [1972]

PAS-6036 - Day By Day - Frank Pourcel [1972]

PAS-6037 - The Kids from the Brady Bunch - Brady Bunch [1972] Love Me Do/It's A Sunshine Day/Keep On/Ben/Playin' The Field/Candy (Sugar Shoppe)/In No Hurry/Saturday In The Park/Merry-Go-Round/You Need That Rock'n'Roll/Drumer Man

PAS-6038 - A Donut and a Dream - Mills Brothers [1972]

PAS-6039 - The Facedancers - The Facedancers [1972]

PAS-6040 - Lee Holdridge - Lee Holdridge [1973]

PAS-6041 -

PAS-6042 - Sam Signaoff - Sam Signaoff [1973]

PAS-6043 - Jon Herald - Jon Herald [1973]

PAS-6044 - Country's Greatest Hits - Billy Vaughn [1973]

PAS-6045 - Western Movies' Greatest Hits - Franck Pourcel [1973]

PAS-6046 - How's the Weather - Milkwood [1973]

PAS-6047 - The World is a Circle - Frank Pourcel [1973]

PAS-6048 - Black Grass Music - Bad Bascomb [1973]

PAS-6049 - Super Flute - Ken Munson [1973]

PAS-6050 - Baxter - Baxter [1973]

PAS-6051 - Take Me With You - Lyn Christopher [1973]

PAS-6052 - Songs - B.J. Thomas [1973] Songs/Early Morning Hush/Down On The Street/I've Been Alone Too Long/Too Many Mondays/We're Over//Sunday Sunrise/Talkin' Confidentially/Goodbye's A Long, Long Time/Honorable Peace/People Sure Act Funny

PAS-6053 - Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids [1973]

PAS-6054 - Country Casanova - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen [1973] (6- 73, #104) Country Casanova/Shall We Meet (Beyond The River)/My Window Faces The South/One Man's Meat (Is Another Man's Poison)/Everybody's Doin' It//Rock That Boogie/Rave On/Smoke ! Smoke ! Smoke ! (That Cigarette)/Sister Sue/Honeysuckle Honey

PAS-6055 - Nothing Free - Niki Aukema [1973] Bad Dream//To Eyes/Hello Sunshine/others

PAS-6056 - Theme From Tom Sawyer - Mississippi Banjo Band [1973]

PAS-6057 - Billy Gordon Plays Lovers' Hits - Billy Gordon [1973] Superstition/Bound To Happen/Showdown/Could It Be I'm Falling In Love/Two Can Play/others

PAS-6058 - The Brady Bunch Phonographic Album - Brady Bunch [1973] Zuckerman's Famous Pig (From The Motion Picture "Charlotte's Web")/I'd Love You To Want Me/Colorado Snow/Parallel Lines/A Simple Man/Everything I Do/Yo-Yo Man/Summer Breeze/Charlotte's Web (From The Motion Picture "Charlotte's Web")/Gonna Find A Rainbow/River Song (Theme From "Tom Sawyer")

PAS-6059 -

PAS-6060 - Ray Allen and Yonkers Children's Chorus - Ray Allen and Yonkers Children's Chorus [1973] Did-Ja Hear Me People/Ring-A, Ding-A Ding Dong/Sing Song Man/Yonkers U.S.A./others

PAS-6061 - Soul Makossa - Olatunji [1973] Soul Makossa/Masai/Takuta/O Wa/Dominira/others?

PAS-6062 - Chris Knight and Maureen McCormick - Chris Knight & Maureen McCormick [1973] Little Bird (Sing Your Song)/Spread A Little Love Around/Hang On Baby/Over And Over/There Is Nothing More To Say/Good For Each Other/Truckin' Back To You/Road To Love/others

PAS-6063 -

PAS-6064 - James Bond's Greatest Hits - Frank Pourcel [1973] Live and Let Die/You Only Live Twice/Thunderball/007/others

PAS-6065 - You Ain't Rollin' Your Roll Rite - Augie Meyer [1973] Sugar Blu/California Blues/Down in Mexico/others

PAS-6066 - The Friend Ship - Meadow [1973]

PAS-6067 - New Beginnings - Morgana King [1973] (10-73, #184) You Are the Sunshine Of My Life/Jennifer Had/As Long As He Will Stay/The Sands Of Time And Changes/We Could Be Flying//Like A Seed/A Song For You/Medley: Desert Hush-I Am A Leaf/All In All

PAS-6068 - Vaudeville Rock Revue - Rudie Whaling [1973] Medley: Hello My Baby- Keep On Truckin'/Chain Of Love/I'm Surprised It Didn't Rain Today/The Gambler/Bird In A Guilded Cage/If I Don't Love You//(side 2 titles not known)

PAS-6069 -

PAS-6070 - Stuffy & His Frozen Parachute Band - Stuffy & His Frozen Parachute Band [1973]

PAS-6071 - Apothecary - Apothecary [1973] Holding You/Sometime, Somewhere/The Christian/Sunset//Say Goodbye To Me/People For Peace/My Love To You/Fly/In The End

PAS-6072 - What Ever Happened To the Girl That Was - Rosalie Sorrels [1974]

PAS-6073 - Bobby Gosh - Bobby Gosh [1973]

PAS-6074 - Lincoln Chase 'N You - Lincoln Chase [1974]

PAS-6075 - Boogie Woogie Bugle Girls - Andrews Sisters [1973] (10-73, #167) Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/Daddy/Old Piano Roll Blues/Rum And Coca Cola/Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar/Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh!/Rhumboogie/Pistol Packin' Mama/Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree/Three Little Fishies/Pennsylvania Polka/Hold Tight (Want Some Seafood Mama)/Bei Mir Bist Du Schon

PAS-6076 -

PAS-6077 -

PAS-6078 -

PAS-6079 -

PAS-6080 - I've Always Been Country - Ivory Joe Hunter [1974] Today I Started Loving You Again/Streets of Baltimore/He'll Never Love You/I'll Make It All Up to You/Shelter of Your Eyes //City Lights/She Thinks I Still Care/I Know One/Isn't It Funny/San Antonio Rose






PAS-6086 - N.Y. Neophonic Orchestra - Joel Kaye [1974]




PAS-6090 - Blues - Bill Chinnock [1974]


PAS-6092 - Virgin (Highlights) - The Mission [1974] Ordination Theme/Young Man/I'm Alone Today/Fear No Evil/Kyrie/Merciful Jesus/Bless Me Father//Sign In The Darkness/Together, Body And Soulin'/Temple Turning Time/Everybody, I Love You/What It's All About/We'll Never Let It Go

PAS-6093 - Jack Daniels Silver Cornet Band - Jack Daniels Silver Cornet Band [1974]

7000 Series:

PAS-7000 - Love Story (Dialogue and Music from the Soundtrack) - Francis Lai [1971] Deluxe 2-LP set with music and dialogue from the film. The dialogue is over the little music that is there, most of which is pieces of the theme from Francis Lai. Most of the record is dialogue. There are no bands between tracks.

8000 Series:

PAS-2-8000 - Virgin (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1972] 2-LP box set.

9000 Series:

PAS-2-9000 - A Rock Opera: The Survival of St. Joan - Stephen Schwartz [1971] 2-LP set. Survival/Someone Is Dying/Run, Run/Back In The World/I'm Here/Love Me//Stonefire/Love Me/Lady Of Light/Country Life/Run, Run/Precious Mommy//Medley (Survival - Run, Run - Back In The World)/Lonely Neighbors/Cornbread/This Is How It Is/Cannonfire//It's Over/Darkwoods Lullaby/You Don't Know Why/Propitius/Burning A Witch/Love Me

The following were listed in the August 1972 Schwann Catalog, but may not have been issued. They are all reissues of LPs on the Dot label.

PAS-1026 - Blue Hawaii - Billy Vaughn [1972]

PAS-1048 - Yesterday When I Was Young - Roy Clark [1972]

PAS-1065 - Mills Brothers Greatest Hits - Mills Brothers [1972]

PAS-1074 - Best of Billy Vaughn - Billy Vaughn [1972]

Thanks to Gary St. Clair, Walter Hruby, Gary Johnson, Bill Holzapple, Walter Hruby, Russell Brown, Matt Lemke, and Peter Preuss.

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