Fortune Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 14, 1999

Fortune was started in 1946 by the husband and wife team of Devora and Jack Brown in Detroit Michigan. Fortune recorded rhythm and blues, country and western, jazz, gospel and ethnic music. The most successful act for Fortune was Nolan Strong and the Diablos.

The label was a family affair, as Devora wrote many of the songs that appeared on the label and Jack Brown recorded the songs. The company seemed to be operated as a hobby label for many years and was more active in some periods than others. The original albums came out during the sixties but were reissued in the seventies. Among the albums of interest on the label are the three albums by Nolan Strong and the Diablos, albums by Nathaniel Mayer and the Twilights, an album by bluesman Dr. Ross, and an album by John Lee Hooker and Big Maceo. The album called Tattooed Lady has early tracks by rockabilly pioneer Roy Hall and the York Brothers.

Determining original issues of Fortune albums is very confusing, because the 1960s albums were reissued in the 1970s with the original label. We believe the first label was red with silver print, with "fortune" in silver above the center hole. Above the Fortune logo is the slogan "for TRULY GREAT MUSIC". This label was the original on LP-3001. The next label was purple with silver print, with the same graphics. This was the original label on the 8000 series. The third label was yellow with blue printing, again with the same graphics. The albums with the yellow and blue labels are reissues from the sixties. The problem with identifying original sixties pressings is that the original purple and silver label was used again on seventies reissues. We believe that the only way to tell an original from a reissue is that the originals have thicker wax, and that's definitely not a science.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

8000 Series:

LP-8010 - Fortune of Hits - Nolan Strong & Diablos [1961] The Wind/Route 16/Someday You'll Want Me To Want You/Goodbye Mathilda/You're The Only Girl, Dolores/The Way You Dog Me Around//If I/Since You're Gone/Do You Remember What You Did/A Teardrop From Heaven/Ooh! Ooh! Those Eyes/(I Want) An Old Fashioned Girl

LP-8011 - Fortune's Treasure Chest of Hits - Various Artists [1961] Harmony Of Love - Five Dollars/Golden Angel - Monclairs/Wear My Ring - Creators/September In The Rain - Royal Jokers/Take My Hand - Centurys/Wedding Bells, Oh Wedding Bells - Swans//My Last Dance With You - Nathaniel Mayer & Fabulous Twilights/My Tears - Andre Williams & Gino Parks/Darling Be Mine - Earthquakes/(Why Don't You) Love Me - Delteens/This Is A Miracle - Floyd Smith & Monclairs/Rose Of Tangier - Four Kings

LP-8012 - Fortune of Hits Volume 2 - Nolan Strong & Diablos [1962] Adios My Desert Love/Baby Be Mine/Hold Me Until Eternity/Mambo Of Love/White Christmas/I Wanna Know//Yeah Baby It's Because Of You/Try Me One More Time/Daddy Rocking Strong/I Don't Care/Danny Boy/My Heart Will Always Belong to You

LP-8013 - Village of Love - Nathaniel Mayer & Twilights [1963]

LP-8014 - (Going Back to the) Village of Love - Nathaniel Mayer & Fabulous Twilights [1963] Work It Out/Summertime/I Had A Dream/I Got News/Lover Please/others

LP-8015 - Mind Over Matter - Nolan Strong & Diablos [1963] Mind Over Matter/Welcome, Baby To My Heart/Can't We Talk It Over/Harrietta, It's You/You Are Love/others

LP-8016 - From the Beginning to Now - Nolan Strong & Diablos/Five Dollars [1963] You Are - Nolan Strong & Diablos/That's What You're Doing To Me - Nolan Strong & Diablos/Wild Side Of My Baby - Nolan Strong & Diablos/Tender Passion - Nolan Strong & Diablos/Old McDonald - Nolan Strong & Diablos/Fools Rush In - Nolan Strong & Diablos//The Bells - Five Dollars/Weekend Man - Five Dollars/I Will Wait - Five Dollars/Dr. Baby - Five Dollars/That's The Way It Goes - Five Dollars

LP-8017 - Treasure Chest of Musty Dusties, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1963]

LP-8018 -

LP-8019 - Jail Bait - Andre Williams [1984]

LP-8020 - Daddy Rock - Nolan Strong & Diablos [1984]

3000 Series:

LP-3001 - Tattooed Lady Plus Eleven Other Sizzlers - Various Artists [1961] This record is a compilation of risque country/rockabilly songs. The original cover is pink with an amateurish drawing of a tattooed lady, the back cover has four pencil sketches illustrating some of the songs. This cover was replaced with one with a pin-up picture of a woman. The Tattooed Lady - Skeets McDonald/Dirty Boogie - Roy Hall & Frankie Brumbalough/At The Burlesque Show - Rufus Shoffner/Hamtramck Mama - York Brothers/Song Of The Club (Nite Club Song) - Boots Gilbert/Let Me Play With Your Poodle - Johnny Bucket//She Sure Can Rock Me - Roy Hall & His Alley Cats/Birthday Cake Boogie - Skeets McDonald/She Won't Turn Over For Me - Tommy Odim/Highland Park Girl - York Brothers/He's A Mighty Good Man - Boots Gilbert/Griddle Greasing Daddy - Johnny Bucket

LP-3002 - Big Maceo Merryweather and John Lee Hooker - - Big Maceo Merryweather & John Lee Hooker [1963] Leaving Blues/Worried Life Blues 2/Miss Sadie Mae/It's My Own Fault/others

LP-3003 - An Evening In Budapest - Arthur Rackoczi [1963] Take Me In Your Arms/Katnska/King Czardes/Yellow Cap/Only a Rose/others

LP-3004 - Davis Sisters Hits - Davis Sisters [?] This album may have been reissued with the title "Jealous Heart" and credited to Skeeter Davis, one of the Davis sisters, after she gained fame.

LP-3005 - Mediterranean - Artie Nelson

LP-3006 - The Hot Jazz Violin - Julio Bella

LP-3007 -

LP-3008 - Ford Nix and Frank Buchannan Sing and Play Folk Songs and Bluegrass - Ford Nix & Frank Buchannan [?] Good Old Mountain Dew/Dear Old Dixie/Mexican Banjo/Tom Dooley/others

LP-3009 - I'm Using My Bible For a Road Map - Johnny Buckett and his Cumberland River Boys and Girls [?] I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map/Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow/Sweet Little Bud/others

LP-3010 - Motor City Bluegrass - Sunnysiders [?]

FS-3011 - Doctor Ross The Harmonica Boss - Dr. Ross [?] I'd Rather Be an Old Woman's Baby Than a Young Woman's Slave/Good Things Come to Mind/General Motors Blues/Cat Squirrel/Biscuit Baking Woman/others

FTS-3012 - Blues Sounds of the Hastings Street Era (The Original Detroit Blues) - Various Artists [197?] San Francisco Breakdown - Doctor Ross/Strange Man - John Brim/Stolen Property - The Richard Brothers/I Must Have Done Somebody Wrong - Eddie Kirkland/Sea Sick And Water Bound - Bobo Jenkins/Lilly Mae - Calvin Frazier

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