Decca Album Discography, Part 6:
Decca DL 9000-9190 (1950-1971)

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts & Tim Neely
Last update: April 26, 2014

This is a preview. (S) indicates also issued in stereo.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Decca DL 9000 Series (Spoken Word & Original Cast):

DL 9000 - Judith Anderson In "Medea" - Judith Anderson [1950] Act I//Act II

DL 9001 - "Seventh Heaven" (A Decca Original Cast Album) - Various Artists [1950] Overture/C;est La Vie/Where is that Someone for Me/Camille, Collette, Fifi/A Man With a Dream/Remarkable Fellow/If It's a Dream/Happy Litle Crook/Sun at My Window, Love at My Door/A Miss You Kiss/Chico's Reverie (Shite and Gold Ballet)/Love, Love, Love/Love Sneaks Up on You/Finale (C'est la Vie)

DL 9002 - ANTA Album Of Stars, Volume 1 - Helen Hayes & Ian Maretin, Fredric March, John Gielgud, Eva Le Gallienne [1950] Victoria Regina: Act 3, Scene 1, Act 3, Scene 2 - Helen Hayes (Laurence Housman)/Years Ago: Act 2, Scene 2 - Fredric March And Florence Eldridge (Ruth Gordon)/The Skin Of Our Teeth: Act 2 - Fredric March And Florence Eldridge (Thornton Wilder)/Hedda Gabler: Act 2, Scene 1 - Eva Le Gallienne (Henrik Ibsen)/King Richard II: Act 2, Scene 1 And Act 3, Scene 2 - John Gielgud (William Shakespeare)

DL 9003 - Cowboy Dances Called By Lloyd Shaw - Lloyd Shaw [1950] Star By The Right: The Girl I Left Behind Me, Soldier's Joy/Split Ring Hash: Arkansas Traveler, Devil's Dream/Docey Doe Hoedown: Tennessee Wagoner, Durang's Hornpipe/Practice Side 1: Pig Town Hoedown, Lamplighter/Practice Side 2: Nellie Bly, Four And Twenty/Practice Side 3: White Cockade, Four White Horses/Practice Side 4: Honest John, Chichester/Practice Side 5: I Wonder, Romping Molly

DL 9004 - The Cocktail Party - T.S. Eliot [195?] Part 1 Of Album DXA-100.

DL 9005 - The Cocktail Party - T.S. Eliot [195?] Part 2 Of Album DXA-100.

DL 9006 - Death Of A Salesman - Thomas Mitchell [195?] Part 1 Of Album DXA-102.

DL 9007 - Death Of A Salesman - Thomas Mitchell [195?] Part 2 Of Album DXA-102.

DL 9008 (S) - "The King And I" (A Decca Original Cast Album) - Various Artists [1950] Shall We Dance/I Have Dreamed/My Lord and Master/I Whistle a Happy Tune/Something Wonderful/Hello, Young Lovers/We Kiss in the Shadow/Shall I Tell You What I Think of You/March of the Siamese children/Getting to Know You/Puzzlement

DL 9009 - ANTA Album Of Stars, Volume 2 - Brian Aherne, Edith Evans, Henry Fonda, Tallulah Bankhead [195?] The Barretts Of Wimpole Street: Scene From Act II - Katharine Cornell And Brian Aherne/The Farmer Takes A Wife: Scene From Act II - Henry Fonda, Julie Harris, Marc Connelly/The Sea Gull: Scene From Act I; The Sea Gull: Scene Form Act II - Dame Edith Evans, Torin Thatcher With Ivan Simpson/The Little Foxes: Scene From Act I; The Little Foxes - Scene From Act III - Tallulah Bankhead, Kent Smith With Eugenia Rawls

DL 9010 (S) - "Wonderful Town" (Original Cast) - Various Artists [195?] Christopher Street/It's Love/What a Waste/Ballet at the Village Vortex/Wrong Note Rag/Ohio/One Hundred Easy Ways/Little Bit in love/My Darlin' Eileen/Swing/Pass the Football/Conversation Piece/Quiet Girl Conga

DL 9011 (S) - Gordon Jenkins' "Seven Dreams" - Gordon Jenkins [195?] The Professor (The First Dream)/The Conductor (The Second Dream)/The Caretaker (The Third Dream)/Ther Cocktail Party Part 1 (The Forth Dream)//The Cocktail Party Part II (The Forth Dream)/The Pink Houseboat (The Fifth Dream)/The Nightmare (The Sixth Dream)/The Girl on the Rock (The Seventh Dream)

DL 9012 (S) - "The Robe" (Soundtrack) - Alfred Newman [11/53] Prelude/To The Robe/The Slave Garden-Entrance Of Caligula/Farewell To Diana/Palm Sunday/The Carriage Of The Cross-The Crucifixion/Marcellus Returns To Capri/Village Of Cana/The Song Of The Resurrection/Miriam/The Redemption Of Marcellus/Lament For Justus/The Big Fisherman/The Catacombs/The Rescue Of Demetrius/The Miracle/The Better Kingdom

DL 9013 - Guy Lombardo Presents "Arabian Nights" (Original Cast) - Guy Lombardo [7/54] It's Great to Be Alive/Thousand and One Nights/Hero of All My Dreams/Whale of a Story/How Long Has It Been/Teenie Weenie Genie/Long Ago Love/Marry the One You Love/What a Pity/Grand Vizier's Lament/Hail to the Sultan/Bath Parade

DL 9014 "The Egyptian" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [195?] Prelude-The Ruins-The Red Sea and Childhood-The Nile and the Temple/Her Name Was Merit/The Pharoah, Akhnaton/Neifer, Neifer, Neifer/The Lotus Pool with Doreen Tryden Soloist//The Valley of the Kings/At the Tomb of Amenhotep/The Martyrdom of Merit/The Death of Akhnaton/Horemheb, the New Pharaof/Exile and Death

DL 9015 "On Your Toes" (A Decca Original Cast)
- Various Artists [195?] Two a Day for Keith/3 B'sIt's Gotta Be Love/Too Good for the Average Man/Glad to Be Unhappy/There's a Small Hotel/Heart is Quicker Than the Eye/Quiet Night/On Your Toes/You Took Advantage of Me/Slaughter on 10th Avenue

DL 9016 - The Fabulous Mae West - Mae West [195?] Love is the Greatest Thing/I'm in the Mood for Love/My Daddy Rocks Me/Pecado/All of Me/Frackie and Johnny/I Want You, I Need You/They Call Me Sister Honky Tonk/Guy That Takes His Time/Criswell Predicts/Havana For a Night/If I Could Be With You

DL 9017 (S) - "Oklahoma!" (Original Cast) - Alfred Drake, Celeste Holm, J. Roberts [195?] Oh, What a Beautiful Morning/All Er Nothin'/Oklahoma/Surrey With the Fringe on Top/Kansas City/Out of My Dreams/I Can't Say No/Pore Jud is Daid/Many a New Day/People Will Say We're in Love

DL 9018 (S) - "Annie Get Your Gun" (Original Cast) - Ethel Merman, Ray Middleton [195?] Moonshine Lullaby/Doin' What Comes Natur'Lly/I'm an Indian Too/You Can't Get a Man With a Gun/Anthing You Can Do/They Say It's Wonderful/I Got Lost In His Arms/I Got the Sun in the Morning/Girl That I Marry/My Defenses are Down/Who Do You Love I Hope/There's No Business Like Show Business

DL 9019 (S) - "Song Of Norway" - Kitty Carlisle [195?] Prelude-Legend/Finale/At Christmastime/Hill of Dreams/I Love You/Freddy and His Hill of Dreams/I Love You/Freddy and His Fiddle/Now/Three Loves/Strange Music/Bon Vivant/Midsummer's Eve/March of the Trollgers/Hymn of Betrothal

DL 9020 (S) - "Carousel" Selections (Original Cast) - Various Artists [195?] The Carousel Waltz (Prolouge)/You're a Queer One Julie Jordan/Mister Snow - Darling, Clayton & Girl Chorus/If I Loved You - Clayton, Raitt/Soliliquy - Raitt/June Is Bustin' Out All Over - Johnson, Darling, Chorus/When the Children Are Asleep - Mattson, Darling/Blow High, Blow Low/This Was a Real Nice Clambake - Vye, Mattson, Darling, Chorus/There's Nothing So Bad For a Woman/What's The Use of Wond'rin' - Vye, Baxter, Clayton, Girl Chorus/The Highest Judge of All/You'll Never Walk Alone - Raitt, Johnson, Clayton and Chorus

DL 9021 - "Carmen Jones" Selections (Original Cast) - Various Artists [195?] Opening- Joe and Carmen/Lift Em Up and Put Em Down/Dat's Love/Dat's Our Man/My Joe/Dere's a Caf‚ on De Corner/Beat Out Dat Rhythm on a Drum/Dis Flower/Stan' Up and Fight/Whizzin' Away Along De Track/You Talk Just Like My Maw/De Cards Don't Lie

DL 9022 - 12 Songs From "Call Me Madam" - Ethel Merman [195?] Best Thing for You/Marrying for Love/Something to Dance About/You're Just in Love/Ocarina/It's a Lovely Day Today/Once Upon a Time Today/Hostess With the Mostes' on the Ball/They Like Ike/Can You Use Any Money Today/Washington square Dance/Lichtenburg

DL 9023 (S) - "Guys And Dolls" (Original Cast) - Various Artists [195?] Follow the Fold/Fugue for Tinhorns/If I Were a Bell/Marry the Man Today/Guys and Dolls/I'll Know/Runyonland Music/Sit Down/you're Rockin' the Boat/Bushel and a Peck/Oldest Established/Sue Me/Luck Be a Lady Tonight/My Time of Day/Adelaide's Lament/More I Cannot Wish You/Take Back Your Mink/I've Never Been in Love Before

DL 9024 (S) - "Porgy And Bess" (Original Cast) - Todd Duncan, Anne Brown, Avon Long, others [195?] Summertime/Woman is a Sometime Thing/There's a Boat Dat's Levin' Soon for New York/Porgy's Lament/My Man's Gone Now/It Takes a Long Pull to Get There/I Loves You, Porgy/Requiem/I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'/Buzzard Song/Bess, You is My Woman Now/It Ain't Necessarily So/What You Want Wid Bess/Strawberry Woman's Call/Crab Man's Call

DL 9025 - Ankles Aweigh" (Original Cast) - Various Artists [195?] Italy/Skip the Build- Up/Nothing at All/Walk Like a Sailor/Headin' for the Bottom Blues/Here's to Dear Old Us/His and Hers/La Festa/Ready Cash/Nothing Can Replace a Man/Kiss Me and Kill Me With Love/Honeymoon/An Eleven O'Clock Song

DL 9026 - Marais And Miranda In Person - Marais And Miranda [1955] Henrietta's Wedding/Farewell to Belashaney/I Wonder When I Shall Be Married/Old Joe Clarke/Rooster Chick/Wo- Yele-Yele/Pastorale/Little Marguerite/Small Husband/Pale Sarah/Grindstone Man/As the Sun Goes Down/Siembamba/Cherries

DL 9027 - Marais And Miranda In Person, Volume 2 - Marais And Miranda [195?] There's the Cape-Cart/Bouquet/If Mama Strikes Me Down/Crickets/Ihashe/Till the Queen Bee Arrive/Honey-Hive Cannot Thrive/Scorned Lover/Ah Goote Noodle Soup/Angler's Song/Bid Me But Live/When That I Was Tiny Little Boy/Johnny With That I Was Tiny Little Boy/Johnny With the Bandy Legs/Meisiesfontein/Auntie Mina's Cooking the Sirup/Polly, Polly/Going Down to Cripple Creek

DL 9028 - Ethel Merman Memories - Ethel Merman, Boys Chorus, Old Timers Quartet, J. Blackton [195?] Ta-Ra-Boom-Der-e/The Band Played On/Bowery/On A Saturday Night/While Strolling Thru The Park One Day/Hello My Baby/I've Gotr Rings On My Fingers/In My Merry Oldsmobile/Sweet Rosie O'Grady/Little Annie Rooney/Waltz Me Around Again Willie/Sidewalks Of New York/On A Bicycle Built For Two/She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain/Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet- Mississippi/Listen To The Mockingbird/You Tell Me Your Dream,I'll Tell You Mine/School Days/Memories/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Somebody Stole My Gal/Smiles/Row,Row,Row/I Want A Girl/Sweet Georgia Brown/Take Back Your Gold/Frankie And Johnny/A Bird In A Gilded Cage/Moonlight Bay/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Shine On,Harvest Moon/That Old Gang Of Mine/Sweet Adeline/Oh,Johnny,Oh/Dear Little Boy Of Mine/Forty Five Minutes From Broadway/Mary's A Grand Old Name/Give My Regards To Broadway

DL 9029

DL 9030 - Christmas With Marais And Miranda - Marais And Miranda [195?] Live Happily/Pilgrimage To Bethlehem/Lord Jesus Has A Garden/Cherry Tree Carol/Let Us Sing Of Christmas/Lullaby To A Doll/African Carol/The Christmas Tree/See There Comes The Steamboat/Santa Claus Won't You Come In/Hogmanay Night/Today Is Sylvester/Fife And Drum/The Angelus & Let Rich/Poor Rejoice Today

DL 9031 - Hear! Hear! - Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians [195?] Hear! Hear!/America-Our Heritage/Double Ring Cerenomy/Black is the Color of My True Love's Hari/Barefoot/I Wonder as I Wander/The Creation/Salve Regina/Song of Galilee/God of Our Fathers//We'll Go a Long, Long Way Together/Dance of the Sugar Plums/I Dream of Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair/Oh Susanna/Toast to Michigan/Granada 7/I Believe/Dry Bones/On Top of Old Smokey/Battle Hymn of the Republic/Where in the World (But In America)/Pledge of Allegiance

DL 9032 - Sammy Davis Jr. - "Mr. Wonderful" - Sammy Davis Jr. [195?] 1617 Broadway/without You I'm Nothing/Jacques D'Iraque/Mr. Wonderful/Ethel, Baby/Charlie Welch/Too Close for Comfort and Encore/Talk to Him/There/Miami/I'm Avilable/I've Been Too Busy/Sing You Sinners

DL 9033 - Robert Frost Reads The Poems Of Robert Frost - Robert Frost [195?] Mending Wall/The Runaway/The Woodchuck/Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening/Provide, Provide/Birches/The Death Of The Hired Man//Choose Something Like A Star/Once By The Pacific/The Gift Outright/One Step Backward Taken/Departmental/Two Tramps In Mudtime/A Lone Striker/A Considerable Speck/Come In/Spring Pools/Closed For Good/A Soldier/Happiness Makes Up In Height/It Is Almost The Year 2000/Fire & Ice/Why Wait For Science

DL 9034 - The Jolson Story: You Made Me Love You... - Al Jolson [195?] When You Were Sweet Sixteen/Ma Blushin' Rosie/Give My Regards To Broadway/I Wish I Had A Girl/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Chinatown, My Chinatown/Alexander's Ragtime Band/The Spaniard That Blighted My Life/I Want A Girl/Waiting For The Robert E. Lee/You Made Me Love You/I'm Crying Just For/When I Leave The World Behind/Down Among The Sheltering Palms

DL 9035 - The Jolson Story: Rock-A-Bye Your Baby... - Al Jolson [195?] My Mother's Rosary/Pretty Baby/Where the Black Eyed Susans Grow/For Me and My Gal/Someone Else May Be There While I'm Gone/After You've Gone/Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody/Swanee/Avalon/My Mammy/April Showers/I'm Just Wild About Harry/Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye/Carolina in the Morning

DL 9036 - Rainbow Round My Shoulder... - Al Jolson [195?] Way Down Yonder in New Orleans/Keep Smiling at Trouble/California, Here I Come/I'm Sitting on Top of the World/When the Red, Red, Robin/It All Depends on You/I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/Baby Face/Are You Lonesome Tongith/Golden Gate/Back in Your Own Back Yard/Sonny Boy/There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder/Liza/Let Me Sing and I'm Happy

DL 9037 - You Ain't Heard Nothin. Yet! - Al Jolson [195?] I Only Have Eyes for You/About a Quarter to Nine/Is It True What They Say About Dixie/Anniversary Song/If I Only Had a Match/All My Love/Old Piano Roll Blues/Let's Go West Again/Some Enchanted Evening/Just One Way to Say I Love You/That Wonderful girl of Mine/Paris Wakes Up and Smiles/No Sad Songs for Me/God's Country

DL 9038 - Memories... - Al Jolson [195?] Canto On the Sabbath/Kol Nidre/Israel/Hatikvoh/Remember Mother's Day/In Our House/Old Black Joe/My Old Kentucky Home/Beautiful Dreamer/Massa's in de Cold, Cold Ground/Old Folks at Home/I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair/Oh Susannah/De Camptown Races

DL 9039 - Carl Sandburg Reads The Poems Of Carl Sandburg - Carl Sandburg [195?] Grass/Primer Lesson/Put The Windy City Up/Fire Logs/Southern Pacific/Prayers Of Steel/Upstream/Bilbea/Father And Son/Cool Tombs/Tall Grass/The People Speak/Prejudice/Proverbs

DL 9040 - Parnassus-Famous Poems That Tell Great Stories - Fredric March, Agnes Moorehead, Alexander Scourby, Arnold Moss, Raymond Edward Johnson [195?] Kipling: Gunga Din/Hunt: Abou Ben Adhem/Browning: Incident Of The French Camp/Tennyson: Charge Of The Light Brigade/Scott: Lochinvar/Hood: The Bridge Of Sighs/Poe: Annabel Lee/Kipling: Mandalay/Longfellow: Paul Revere's Ride/Noyes: The Highwayman/Johnson: The Creation/Browning: My Last Duchess/Bene t: Nancy Hanks

DL 9041 - Parnassus-William Shakespeare Immortal Scenes And Sonnets - Read by John Geilgud, Pamela Brown, Arnold Moss, and R.E. Johnson [195?] Selections from Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet //Selections from Hamlet: Sonnets

DL 9042 - Parnassus-The Fun Makers An Evening With The Humorists - Various Artists [1957] The Disagreeable Man/General John/The Sergeant's Song/The Modern Major General/When I Was A Lad/Father William/Elegy On The Death Of A Mad Dog/Abdul A-Bul-Bul A-Mir/Love/Leetla Giorgio Washeenton/Casey At The Bat/The Owl And The Pussy Cat/The Walrus And The Carpenter/A Visit From St. Nicholas/The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

DL 9043 - Parnassus-The Heart Speaks Lyrics Of Love - Arnold Moss, Raymond Edward Johnson [195?] A Supplication (Thomas Wyatt)/The True Beauty (Thomas Carew)/There Be None Of Beauty's Daughters (Byron)/Song To Celia (Ben Jonson)/Jenny Kissed Me (Hunt)/The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (Bourdillon)/The Winds Out Of The West (A.E. Housman)/White In The Moon (A.E. Housman)/How Sweet I Roamed (William Blake)/Who Ever Loved (Christopher Marlowe)/Love Me Little, Love Me Long (Anon.)/My Heart Is Like A Singing Bird (Christina Rossetti)/Break, Break, Break (Alfred Tennyson)/Remember Me When I Am Gone Away (Christina Rossetti)/All For Love (Byron)/The Passionate Shepherd To His Love (Marlowe)/How Do I Love Thee (E.B. Browining)/When We Two Parted (Byron)/The Time I've Lost In Wooing (Moore)/Who Is Sylvia (Shakespeare)/Ruth (Thomas Hood)/To Helen (Edgar Allan Poe)/She Dwelt Among Untrodden Ways (William Wordsworth)/Send Me Back My Heart (Sir John Suckling)/She Walks In Beauty (Byron)/Song To Celia (Ben Jonson)/Counsel To Girls (Robert Herrick)/She Was A Phantom Of Delight (William Wordsworth)/My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose (Robert Burns)/Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Moore)/O, When I Was In Love With You (E.A. Housman)/Farewell To Nancy (Robert Burns)/Let The Toast Pass (Richard Brinsley Sheridan)/Ask And Have (Samuel Lover)/The Manly Heart (George Wither)/When I Was One And Twenty (A.E. Housman)/Why So Pale And Wan (Sir John Suckling)/Constancy (Sir John Suckling)/The Children's Hour (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

DL 9044 - Parnassus-The Heroic Soul Poems Of Patriotism - Arnold Moss, R.E. Johnson and Jay Jostyn, readers [195?] The Star Spangled Banner (Key)/Landing Of The Pilgrim Fathers (Hemans)/Barbara Frietchie (Whittier)/Washington (Lowell)/When Lilacs Last (Whitman)/The Building Of The Ship (Longfellow)/The People's Anthem (Elliott)/Liberty (Whitman)/I Hear America Singing (Whitman)/Old Ironsides (Holmes)//Ballad Of The Boston Tea Party (Holmes)/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/O Captain, My Captain (Whitman)/Breathes There A Man (Scott)/Nathan Hale (Finch)/Ballad Of Bunker Hill (Hale)/American Independence (Hopkinson)/Song Of Marion's Men (Bryant)/God Give Us Men (Holland)

DL 9045 - Parnassus-Words To Live By Prayers And Inspirations - Arnold Moss, R.E. Johnson, Jay Jostyn, readers [195?] Recessional/Crossing The Bar/The Sermon On The Mount/Psalms/Other Meditations

DL 9046 - "Around the World" (Music From The Soundtrack) - Various Artists [195?] Around the World/Passepartout/Paris Arrival/Sky Symphony/Invitation to a Bullfight/Entrance of the Bull March/India Countryside/Pagoda of Pillagi/Temple of Dawn/Prarie Sail Car/Land Ho

DL 9047 - Africana Suite - Marais And Miranda [195?] Work Chant/Hunger Chant/Riches Bring Sorrow/Birthday song/Stellenbosse Boys/Old Transvaal/There Come Oompy Kahli/Sisbili/Awake/In the Boer Homestead//Everywhere/Sitting in Jail/But the Cat Came Back/Tobacco/Lilliburlero/Eleven Little Froggies/Unfortunate Miss Bailey

DL 9048 - The Magic Islands - Alfred Newman Orchestra And Ken Darby Singers [195?] Hana Maui/Hawaiian War Chant/Lovely Hula Hands/Ke Kali Ne Au/Legend of the Rain/Magic Islands/Trade Winds/Sweet Leilani/Love Songs of Kalua/Aloha to the Magic Islands Medley

DL 9049 - Club Durant - Jimmy Durante And His Guests [195?] Start Off Each Day With a Song/I Can do Without Broadway/Bill Bailey/Jimmy the Well Dressed Man/So I Ups to Him/Real Piano Player/Because They All Love You/I'm as Ready As I'll Ever Be/There's No Place in the Theatre for You/Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet/Who Will Be with You Whem I'm Far Away/World Needs New Faces/Sing Soft, Sing Sweet, Sing Gentle/Our Voices Were Meant for Each Other/Boys with the Proboskis/Waiting for the Robert E. Lee/Wingin' With Rhythm and Blues

DL 9050 (S) - Among My Souvenirs - Al Jolson [195?] That Old Gang of Mine/When Day is Done/Without a Song/Ol' Man River/Pacardy/Say It Isn't So/Little Pal/After You've Gone/I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/Memories/Always

DL 9051 (S) - Learn Square Dancing With Ed Gilmore - Ed Gilmore [195?] Instruction Groups 1-4/Follow the Leader/Oh, Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh/Ends Turn In/Comin' Round the Mountain/Practice Dances: Turkey in the Straw, Fiddle Bill, Pig Town Fling, Nelly Bly

DL 9052 (S) - Square Dance Party - Ed Gilmore [195?] Fiddle Faddle/Old Fashioned Girl/Back Away/Indiana/Between Those Ladies/Oh, Lady Be Good/Lazy "H"/Open Up Your Heart/Starline/Little Girl Medley/Pick Up Your Corner/Comin' Round the Mountain

DL 9053

DL 9054 - Bing-A Musical Autobiography (1927-1934) - Bing Crosby [195?] Muddy Water/Mississippi Mud/It Must Be True/I Surrender Dear/Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams/Out of Nowhere/Just One More Chance/Star Dust/Sweet and Lovely/Where the Blue of the Night/Paradise/Please/Just an Echo in the Valley/Ghost of a Chance/Learn to Croon/Down the Old Ox Road/Thanks/Black Moonlight/Day You Came Along/After Sundown/Temptation/Love Thy Neighbor/May I/Love in Bloom

DL 9055 - Gene Norman's "Just Jazz" - Lionel Hampton All Stars [195?] Man I Love/Star Dust/One O'Clock Jump/Oh Lady Be Good

DL 9056 - Around The Chrismas Tree - Various Artists [195?] We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Columbus Boy Choir/Glade Jul - Axel Stordahl/The First Noel - Dick Haymes/Cantique De Noel - Vincent Lopez/Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Four Aces/Medley: Joy To The World, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Away In A Manger - Owen Bradley/Angels We Have Heard On High - Columbus Boy Choir//Deck The Hall - Columbus Boy Choir/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - Dick Haymes/Oh, Come All Ye Faithful - Shulmerich Carillon Bells/Silent Night - Four Aces/Deilig Er Jorden - Axel Stordahl/Oh, Little Town Of Bethlehem - Dick Haymes/Jingle Bells - Four Aces

DL 9057 - Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite - Charles Boyer Narration, Victor Young Music [195?] Voltaire: Du Gouvernement Democratique (A Good Word For Democracy); Prie re A Dieu (Prayer To God Almighty)/Rousseau: Dedicace (Dedication); De L'esclavage (On Slavery)/Lafayette: Projet D'une Declaration Des Droits De L'homme (First Draft Of A Bill Of Rights)/Danton: Rapport Presente A La Convention Nationale (Report Presented To The National Convention)/Michelet: La Loi Vivante (The Living Spirit Of The Law)/Hugo: Extraits De Ses Discours Politiques (Excerpts From His Political Speeches)/Gambetta: Le Vrai Democrate (The True Democrat)/Pe guy: De La Mystique Republicaine (Mysticism And Politics)/Clemenceau: Allez, Enfants De La Patrie (Forward, Children Of France)/DeGaulle: La France Conbattante (Fighting France)

DL 9058 (S) - Circus In Town - Merle Evans And His Circus Band [195?] Midway Scene/Grand Entry and Finale/Liberty Horses/Wild Animal Act/Elephants/Bears/Chinese Display/Chimpanzees/Clowns/High Sway Pole/Flying Trapeze/Acrobats

DL 9059 - "A Tale Of Two Cities"/"Lost Horizon" - Ronald Colman [195?] Reissue of Decca DL 5153 and DL 5154.

DL 9060 - No Man Is An Island - Orson Welles [195?] The World Is Their Sepulchre - Pericles/For Whom The Bell Tolls - John Donne/Tyranny Is Not Easily Conquered - Thomas Paine/Liberty Or Death - Patrick Henry/The New World Teaches The Old - Lazare Carnot/Liberty & Union, Now & Forever - Daniel Webster/In Behalf Of His Despised Poor - John Brown/The Gettysburg Address - Abraham Lincoln/Truth & Justice Cost Too Dear - Emile Zola

DL 9061 - Hi-Fi Adventure In Asia Minor - Marko Melkon And His International Oriental Orchestra [195?] Traditional Melodies of Turkey, Greece, Arabia and Armenia. Eam Cheanar Yareh/Rommpi Rommpi/Tchomiko/Jezayire/Kasop/Depkey/Hanum Oyuno/Zaybekiko/Soodeh Soodeh/Kalamatiyano/Finjohn/Bar Dasnehchors

DL 9062 - "Sorry, Wrong Number" - Agnes Moorehead/"The Tell-Tale Heart" - James Mason/"Silence - Annabel Lee [195?]

DL 9063 (S) - The Immortal Al Jolson - Al Jolson [195?] Alexander's Ragtime Band/Tree in the Meadow/Don't Let It Get You Down/Just One of Those Things/Nearest Thing to Heaven/Chicago/Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody/Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula/Easter Parade/She's a Latin from Manhattan/For Me and My Gal/Best Things in Life are Free

DL 9064 - Bing A Musical Autobiography (1934-1941) - Bing Crosby [195?] I Love You Truly/June in January/It's Easy to Remember/Love is Just Around the Corner/Soon/I Wished on the Moon/I'm an Old Cowhand/Silent Night/I Can't Escape from You/Song of the Islands/Pennies from Heaven/Sweet Leilani/Blue Hawaii/There's a Gold Mine in the Sky/One Rose/My Heart is Taking Lessons/I've Got a Pocketful of Drams/Small Fry/Mexicali Rose/That Sly Old Gentleman/Alla En El Rancho Grande/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Only Forever/Did Your Mother Come from Ireland/Yes Indeed

DL 9065 - A Lincoln Treasury - Burl Ives The Lonesome Train, Carl Sandburg, Orson Welles, Walter Huston [1/59] The Lonesome Train" With Burl Ives, Earl Robinson, Lon Clark//Poetry And Prose Read By Orson Welles, Carl Sandburg And Walter Houston

DL 9066 - 'The Snow Goose'/'The Count Of Monte Cristo - Herbert Marshall [195?] Reissue of Decca DL 5054 and DL 5147.

DL 9067 - Bing A Musical Autobiography (1941-1944) - Bing Crosby [195?] You Are My Sunshine/Waiter and the Porter and the Upstairs Maid/Deep in the Heart of Texas/Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie/Walking the Floor Over You/Moonlight Becomes You/White Christmas/Sunday, Monday or Always/Road to Morocco/I'll Be Seeing You/Pistol Packin' Mama/San Fernando Valley

DL 9068 - New York's A Song - Ralph Burns Orchestra [195?] I Happen to like New York/Lullaby of Broadway/Harlem Nocturne/Rico Vacilon/Manhattan/Penthouse serenade/I Cover the Waterfront/Little Old New York/Autumn in New York/Chinatown My Chinatown/Ticker Tape Town/Medley

DL 9069 (S) - Slimnastics for Men and Women - Dr. Charles A. Bucher [195?]

DL 9070 (S) - Al Jolson Overseas - Al Jolson [195?] At Sundown/Margie/Whispering/Peg O' My Heart/And Mimi/Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday on Saturday Night/What'll I Do/I Wonder What's Become of sally/"Chinatown My Chinatown/Fellow Needs a Girl/Hannah in Savannah/I Got Lucky in the Rain/Remember Mother's Day/Medley/My Melancholy Baby/My Blue

DL 9071 - Treasure Island - Thomas Mitchell/Moby Dick - Charles Laughton [195?] Reissue of Decca DL 5125 and DL 5146.

DL 9072 - Our Common Heritage - Various Artists [195?] Columbus - Brian Donlevy/American Flag - Brian Donlevy/Landing of Pilgrim Fathers - Agnes Moorehead/Barbara Frietchie - Agnes Moorehead/Nancy Hanks - agnes Moorehead/Paul Revere's Ride Fredric March/Warren's Address to the American Soldiers June 17, 1775 - Edmund O'Brien/Concord Hymn, Hail Columbia - Edmund O'Brien/Lincoln the Man of the People - Edmund O'Brien/Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight - Walter Huston/America - Edmund O'Brien/Sheridan's Ride - Edmund O'Brien/Old Ironsides - Bing Crosby/star-Spangled Banner - Bing Crosby

DL 9073 - The Lure Of The Blue Mediterranean - Axel Stordahl [11/59] Majorca Isle of Love/Isle of Capri/Tunis/Ports of Call/Cyprus/Red Sails in the Sunset/Haifa/Autumn in Rome/Misirlou/Off shore/Riviera Pavanne/Night in Tunisia/Palmero/Ports of Call

DL 9074 (S) - The World's Greatest Entertainer - Al Jolson [195?] Alabamy Bound/Ma Blushin' Rosie/My Gal Sal/I've Gotta Get Back to New York/When You Were Sweet Sixteen/One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else/That Certain Party/She isMa Daisy/Baby Face/Hello Tucky/I'll Be Seeing You/Medley/Bright Eyes/Little Girl/Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye/You Made Me Love You

DL 9075 (S) - "Destry Rides Again" - Various Artists [195?] Bottle Neck/Ladies/Hoop-De- Dingle/Tomorrow/Morning/Ballad of the Gun/I Know Your Kind/I Hate Him/Rose Lovejoy of Pardise Alley/Anyone World Love You/Every Once in a While/Fair Warning/Are You Ready, Gip Watson/Not Guilty/That Ring on the Finger/Respectability/Once Knew a Fella/I Say Hello

DL 9076 (S) - The Billy Barnes Revue - The Billy Barnes Revue [195?] Do a Revue/Where Are Your Children/What Ever Happened, Numbers 1, 2, 3/Las Vegas/Too Long at the Fair/Foolin' Ourselves/Tyler My Boy/Listen to the Beat/City of the Angels/Blocks/Fights/One of Those Days

DL 9077 - Bing-A Musical Autobiography (1944-1947) - Bing Crosby [195?] Swinging on a Star/Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral/Don't Fence Me In/Yah-Ta-Ta-Yah-Ta-Ta/It's Been a Long Long Time/Bells of St. Mary's/Put It There/Pal/Mac Namara's Band/Sioux City Sue/Begin the Beguine/South America, Take It Away/Blue Skies/Alexander's Ragtime Band

DL 9078 - Bing-A Musical Autobiography (1948-1953) - Bing Crosby [195?] Whiffenpoof Song/Now is the Hour/Galway Bay/Far Away Places/Mule Train/Rock of Ages/Dear Hearts and Gentle People/In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening/Sunshine Cake/Play a Simple Melody/Gone Fishin'/Sam's Song/Y'All Come

DL 9079 (S) - 50 Years Of Movie Music From Flickers To Wide Screen - Jack Shaindlin And His Orchestra [196?] Cue 1 First Film Music Medly/Cue 2 The Chase/Cue 3 Slapstix. Cue 4, Newsreel/Cue 5 Charmaine/Cues 6 If I Had A Talking Picture of You/Cue 7 Beyond the Blue Horizon/Cue 8 Carioca

DL 9080 (S) - The Magic Of The Caribbean - Herbert Spencer And His Orchestra [196?] Peanut Vendor/Port-Au-Prince/Mama Look a Boo-Boo/Luna Caribe/Don't Talk Too Much/Limbo Man/Enlloro/Day-O/Baia/La Martinique/Sly Mongoose/Jamaica Farewell Song

DL 9081 (S) - Collegiana - The Charles Henderson Band And Glee Club [1960] Introduction; Harvardiana; Fair Harvard; Down The Field; The Whiffenpoof Song/Princeton Cannon Song; Old Nassau; Roar Lion Roar; Drink A Highball At Nightfall/The Brown Cheering Song; Far Above Cayuga's Waters; Hanover Winter Song/Maroon Forever; The Palisades; Trombone Song/Lord Geoffrey Amherst; Oh! Fairest Alma Mater; Stein Song/Washington And Lee Swing; Dear Old Duke; Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech Oklahoma Hail/The Eyes Of Texas/Opening; Minnesota Rouser; On Wisconsin; The Victors/The Shadows; Wildcats; Indiana Fight; Hail Purdue/Iowa Corn Song; Carmen Ohio; Illinois Loyalty; Victory March; I'm A Jayhawk; Flag Of Maroon; A Utah Man Am I/Bow Down To Washington; Washington My Washington; Hail To Old O.S.C.; Oregon Pledge Song/Come Join The Band; Golden Bear; All Hail Blue And Gold; Fight On For Old S.C./On Brave Old Army Team; Anchors Aweigh; The U.S. Air Force; The Marines' Hymn

DL 9082

DL 9083 - Wisdom, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1961] NBC TV Conversations withSandburg, Shapley, Nehru.

DL 9084 - Wisdom, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1961] David Ben-Gurion In Conversation With Robert Graff/Frank Lloyd Wright, With Hugh Downs/Bertrand Russell, With Romney Wheeler/Sean O'Casey, With Robert Emmett Ginna, Jr

DL 9085 - On Location-Britain: Candid Portrait's in Music, Voices and Sounds - Various Artists [1961] Britain/BOAC Jet Flight Departure, New York to London/Changing of th eGurard at Buckingham Palace/London Streets/London After Dark/Blackpool/Midlands/York/Scotland

DL 9086 - On Location-France: Candid Portrait's in Music, Voices and Sounds - Various Artists [1961] Air France Jet Flight Departure, New York to Paris/Paris By Day/Paris After Dark/Paris at Midnight/Bastille Day/Train Leaves Paris for South of France/Lyon Singing Society/Toulouse/St. Jean de Luz/Saintes-Maries-de-La-Mer/Nimes/Marselle/Riviera

DL 9087 - On Location-Italy: Candid Portrait's in Music, Voices and Sounds - Various Artists [1961] Alitalia Airlines Jet Flight Departure, New York to Rome/Roman Streets/Roman Nights/Stazlone Termini/Florence/Venice/Ancona/Varese/Naples/Perugia/Sicily

DL 9088 - On Location-Spain: Candid Portrait's in Music, Voices and Sounds - Various Artists [1961] Iberia Air Lines Jet Flight Departure, New York to Madrid and Barcelona/Musical Tour of Madrid and Barcelona/Streets of Madrid/Classical Spanish Ballet/Bull Ring/San Sebastian/Catalonia/Musical Tour of North and West/Andalucia

DL 9089 - On Location-Germany: Candid Portrait's in Music, Voices and Sounds - Various Artists [1961] Lufthansa Airlines Jet Flight Departure from New York to Frankfurt/Frankfurt/Music Festival in Westphalia/Rhine Journey/Hamburg/Heidelberg student Life/German Traditions/Oktoberfest in Munich/West Berlin

DL 9090 - On Location-Switzerland: Candid Portrait's in Music, Voices and Sounds - Various Artists [1961] Swissiir Jet Flight departure, New York to Zurich/Swiss Sampler/Swiss Traditions/Alpine Pasture Party/Swiss Churches/swiss Saturday Nights/Sunday Excursion/Carnival in Basel/Swiss Harmonies

DL 9091 - Voices Toward Peace (From The Official Archives Of The United Nations) - Various Artists [1960] Ralph Bellamy: From the Official Archives of the United Nations.

DL 9092 (S) - "Spartacus" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1961] Main Title/Spartacus Love Theme/Gladiators Fight to the Death/Blue Shadows and Purple Hills/Homeward Bound: On to the Sea, Beside the Pool/Hopeful Preparations-Vesuvius Camp/Prelude to Battle: Quiet Interlude, The Final Conflict/On to Vesuvius: Forward, Gladiators, Forest Meeting/Oysters and Snails Festival/Headed for Freedom/Goodbye My Life, My Love-End Title

DL 9093 (S) - The Coming Of Christ - Various Artists [1962] The Coming of Christ Part 1//The Coming of Christ Part 2

DL 9094 (S) - Furia! - Carmen Amaya And Company [1961] Bulerias/Romera/Aires Del Albaicin/Rumba Flamenca/Ritmo Amaya/Fandangos de Huelva/Solea Maya/Fandango Del Albaicin/La Cana

DL 9095 - Al Jolson With Oscar Levant At The Piano - Al Jolson With Oscar Levant [196?] Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/At the Candlelight Caf‚/In the Good Old Summer Time/Shine On Harvest Moon/Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight/When Irish Eyes are Smiling/Ramona/Mary's a Grand Old Name/Maxim's/All Alone/Poor Butterfly/Dirty Hands, Dirty Face/Traumere/It Ain't Necessarily So/Waterboy/One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else/Medley/Oh How I Miss You Tonight/I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/Till the End of Time/Anniversary Song

DL 9096 (S) - The Magic Islands Revisited - Axel Stordahl And His Orchestra And Chorus [196?] Return To Paradise/E Naughty Naughty Mai Nei/Paradise/Hukilau Song/My Tani/Forevermore/Return To The Magic Islands/Frangipani Blossom/I Will Always Love You/Song Of Old Tahiti/Bamboo Is Bending/Farewell

DL 9097 - "Back Street" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [196?] Main Title-Back Street/Getting Aquainted/Love on a Picnic/Discord/A Matter of Seconds/Dalian's of New York/New York Street Scene//Love Theme-Back Street/Reflections/Rae's Decision/Candles and Cables/Gay Paree/Hell Hath No Fury/End Title-Back Street

DL 9098 (S) - "Flower Drum Song" (Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1962] You Are Beautiful/I Enjoy Being a Girl/I Am Going to Like It Here/Grant Avenue/Love Look Away/Hundred Million Miracles/Other Generation/Sunday/Chop Suey/Don't Marry Me/Fan Tan Fanny/Gliding Through My Memoree

DL 9099 - Jolie - Al Jolson [1961] Rosalie/How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)/Near You/Look For The Silver Lining/Who And Where/Come To Me, Bend To Me/Annie Laurie/Almost Like Being In Love/Remember/Oh, You Beautiful Doll/Marcheta/All By Myself/You'll Always Be Beautiful/If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts (We'll Just Be The Same Old Friends)/I'll See You In My Dreams

DL 9100 (S) - The Best Of Al Jolson, Volume 1 - Al Jolson [196?] Part 1 Of Album DXA- 169/DXSA7-169. Swanee/You Made Me Love You/When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin Along/Medley: I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover , Baby Face/Sonny Boy/There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder/Toot, Toot Tootsie/April Showers/Rockabye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody/Medley: Ma ( She's Making Eyes At Me)/Dinah/Liza/Carolina In The Morning/I Wish I Had A Girl/California , Here I Come/Ma Blushin' Rosie/Medley: My Meloncholy Baby, My Blue Heaven/My Mammy/Margie/Let Me Sing And I'm Happy/When You Were Sweet Sixteen/Anniversary Song/If I Only Had A Match/Easter Parade/About A Quarter To Nine/Ol' Man Rive/She's A Latin From Manhattan/I'm Always Chasing Rainbows

DL 9101 (S) - The Best Of Al Jolson, Volume 2 - Al Jolson [196?] Part 2 Of Album DXA- 169 DXSA7-169. See above for content.

DL 9102 (S) - Twentieth Century Minstrel - Richard Dyer-Bennett [1962] Devil and the Farmer;s Wife/Eggs and Marrow-Bone/Willow Tree/Villikens and His Dinah/No Mary/Lolly Toodum/Swapping Song/Old Maid/Early one Morning/Greensleeves/Oh, Sally My Dear/Fain Would I Wed a Fair Young Made

DL 9103 (S) - Music From Mathematics - IBM 7090 Computer [1962] Frere Jacques/Fantasia/Bicycle Built for Two/Molto Amoroso/Variations in Timbre and Attack/Stochatta/Five against Seven/Random Canon/Beat Canon/Melodie/Numberology/Second Law/May Carol/Theme and Variations/Study Numbers 1 and 2/Pitch Variations/Noise Study/Joy to the World/Tanks for Listening

DL 9104 (S) - Music From The Majestic Islands - The Honolulu Symphony Orchestra [196?] White Ginger Blossoms/Lovely Hula Hands/Island Medley/Cherry Blossoms/I Will Remember You/Island Love Song/Mele Kalikimaka/Malihini Mele

DL 9105 - Cowboy Songs And Negro Spirituals - Carl Sandburg [1963] I Ride An Old Paint - Colorado Trail/Whoopie-Ti-Yi-Yo/Sam Bass/Jesse James/Sam Hall/The Buffalo Skinners/When The Work's All Done This Fall//I Don't Want To Be Buried In The Storm/Levee Moan/Go Down, Moses/O Freedom - Macedoni - Wasn't That A Mighty Day/I Know Moonlight - All Night Long - Zek'l Weep

DL 9106 - Ichabod - Walter Huston/Rip Van Winkle - Bing Crosby [196?] Reissue of Decca DL 6001.

DL 9107 - Oliver Twist - James Mason, Music by Tony Mottola [196?]

DL 9108 - Selections From Tennyson - Raymond Massey [196?] The Lady Of Shalott/Tears, Idle Tears/The Lotos Eaters/Ulysses/Break, Break, Break/Guinevere/Crossing The Bar

DL 9109 - Selections From Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Books - Basil Rathbone [1962] The Adventures Of Mowgli, The Wolf Boy/The Further Adventures Of Mowgli, The Wolf Boy/The King's Ankus

DL 9110 - Selections From Shakespeare: Kings, Lovers, and Philosophers - Maurice Evans [1962] Selections from Shakespeare's plays, performed by Maurice Evans.

DL 9111 (S) - They Stopped The Show! - Various Artists [1962] Once in Love with Amy - Ray Bolger/People Will Say We're In Love - Alfred Drake and Joan Roberts/South America, Take It Away - Betty garrett/Two on the Aisle - Dolores Gray/September Son - Walter Huston/Getting to Know You - Gertrude Lawrence//My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Mary Martin/I Wanna Get Married - Gertrude Niesen/Souloquy - John Raitt/Swing - Rosalind Russel/The Big Movie Show in the Sky - Danny Scholl/The Eagle and Me - Dooley Wilson

DL 9112 (S) - "Women Of The World" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [196?] Donna Twist/Soldati Soldatesse/Sirena Strada Chiula/Back a Paridi/Night Las Vegas/Rancho Hotel//Pin Up Girls/Jerum Blues/Angelica/La Croisette/Finale Lourdes

DL 9113

DL 9114

DL 9115 (S) - "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" (Original Cast Album) - Various Artists [196?] Overture/Nachas Fun Kinder/Social Security/Folgen A Tatten/Hob Mich Lieb/Machst Mich Feelen Yinger/Hora/B'rochos L'havdoloh/Itsche/Mein Hartz Flegt Zogen Mir/T'ain't Kosher/Finale

DL 9116 (S) - "That Was The Week That Was" (BBC Telecast Of Saturday, November 23.1963) - Documentary [1963] David Frost/Millicent Martin/Kenneth Cope/David Kernan/Roy Kinnear, Robert Lang, Bernard Levin Al Mancini, Lance Percival, William Rushton, with guest: Dame Sybil Thorndike.

DL 9117 (S) - "Becket" (Original Soundtrack Music) - Various Artists [1964] Main Title and King Henry's Arrival at Canterbury Cathedral/Days of Youth/The Hunt/Gwendolen//Triumph in France/Consecration at Canterbury/Trial and Escape to the Court of King Louis/The Meeting on the Beach/Becket's Martyrdom/End Title

DL 9118

DL 9119 (S) - "The Lively Set" (Original Soundtrack Album) - The Surfaris [1964] The Lively Set/Turbine Montage/Look at Me/Bonneville Boss/Coffee Perkin' Time/The Pomona Drags//If You Love Him/Theme for Eddie/Boss Barracuda/Casey Wake Up/The Tri-State Race/End Title

DL 9120 (S) - "Lost In The Stars" (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1965] Reissue of Decca 8028. Hills of Ixopo/Bird of Passage/Thousands of Miles/Big Mole/Train to Johannesburg/Cry, the Beloved Country/Little Gray House/Stay Well/Who'll Buy/O Tixo, Tixo, Help Me/Murder in Parkwold/Lost in the Stars

DL 9121 (S) - "The Eddy Duchin Story" (Music From The Soundtrack) - Carmen Cavalllaro [1965] Reissue of Decca DL 8289. To Love Again/Manhattan/Shine On Harvest Moon/It Must Be True/Whispering/Dizzy Fingers/You're My Everything/Chopsticks/On the Sunny Side of the Street/Brazil/Vie En Rose

DL 9122 (S) - "One Touch Of Venus" (Stars Of The Original Cast) - Various Artists [1965] I'm a Stranger Here Myself/Forty Minutes for Lunch/Westwind/Foolish Heart/The Trouble with Women/That's Him/Wooden Wedding/Venus in Ozone Heights

DL 9123 (S) - "The Glenn Miller Story" (Music From The Soundtrack) - Universal-International Orchestra, Louis Armstrong And The All Stars [1965] Reissue of Decca DL 8226. Moonlight Serenade/Tuxedo Junction/Little Brown Jug/St. Louis Blues March/String of Pearls/In the Mood/American Patrol/Pennsylvania 6-5000/Basin St. Blues/Otch-Tchor-Ni-Ma

DL 9124 (S) - "The Ipcress File" (Original Soundtrack Album) - Various Artists [1965] Main Title Theme/Alone in Three-Quarter Time/Meeting with Grantby and Fight/Jazz Along Alone/The Death of Carswell/A Man Alone/A Man Alone/If You're Not Clean-I'll Kill You/Alone Blues/Goodbye Harry/Goodbye Harry (Continuation)/A Man Alone

DL 9125 (S) - "Shenandoah" (Original Soundtrack Album) - Various Artists [1965] Main Title Shenandoah/Ripe for Pickin'/Horse Play/Martha's Namesake/Young Captives/The Legend of Shenandoah/Bridal Suite/War is Hell/The Dead and the Living/Ripe for Pickin' Reprise/Memorium/We're Ridin' Out Tonight/End Title Shenandoah

DL 9126 (S) - "Bloomer Girl" (Original Cast Album) - Various Artists [1965] Reissue of DL 8015. When the Boys Come Home/Evalina/Man For Sale/Never Was Born/Welcome Hinges/Satin Gown and Silver Shoe/Liza Crossing the Ice/I Got a Song/It Was Good Enough for Grandma/Eagle and Me/Sunday in Cicero Falls/Right at the Rain/Rakish Young Man/T'Morra, T'Morra/Farmer's Daughter

DL 9127 - Robert Frost Reads From His Own Works - Robert Frost [1965] Reissue of Decca DL 9033. Mending Wall/The Runaway/The Woodchuck/Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening/Provide, Provide/Birches/The Death Of The Hired Man//Choose Something Like A Star/Once By The Pacific/The Gift Outright/One Step Backward Taken/Departmental/Two Tramps In Mudtime/A Lone Striker/A Considerable Speck/Come In/Spring Pools/Closed For Good/A Soldier/Happiness Makes Up In Height/It Is Almost The Year 2000/Fire & Ice/Why Wait For Science

DL 9128 - Conrad Aiken Reads From His Own Works - Conrad Aiken [1965] The Things/The Poet In Granada/The Fluteplayers/The Cicada/Landscape West Of Eden Parts 1,11,19/Proem To The Kid/Mayflower/The Orchard

DL 9129 - Robert Lowell Reads From His Own Works - Robert Lowell [1965] The Quaker Graveyard In Nantucket/Beyond The Alps/Life Studies Part I: My Last Afternoon With Uncle Devereux Winslow/Dunbarton/Grandparents/Life Studies, Part I (Continued): Commander Lowell/Terminal Days At Beverly Farms - Father's Bedroom/For Sale/Sailing Home From Rapallo -- During Fever/Waking In The Blue/Home After Three Months Away/Life Studies, Part II: Memories Of West Street And Lepke/Man And Wife/To Speak Of Woe That Is In Marriage/Skunk Hour

DL 9130 - Allen Tate Reads From His Own Works - Allen Tate [1965] The Mediterranean/Aeneas At Washington/The Buried Lake/The Cross/Seasons Of The Soul: Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring/Mother And Son/Winter Mask/The Wolves/Last Days Of Alice/The Meaning Of Life/The Meaning Of Death --Death Of Little Boys/Ode To The Confederate Dead/The Swimmers

DL 9131 - Stanley Kunitz Reads From His Own Works - Stanley Kunitz [1965] Benediction/Careless Love/The Science Of The Night/End Of Summer/Approach Of Autumn/Deciduous Branch/Ambergris/The Scourge/The Thing That Eats The Heart/My Surgeons/Rover/Night Letter/Open The Gates/The Approach To Thebes - The Thief/Father And Son/For The Word Is Flesh/The Way Down/Green Ways/By Lamplight Revolving Meditation/The Class Will Come To Order/A Spark Of Laure/Vita Nuova

DL 9132 - Louise Bogan Reads From Her Own Works - Louise Bogan [1965] Medusa/The Romantic/Statue And Birds/The Alchemist/Men Loved Wholly Beyond Wisdom. Women/Division./The Crossed Apple/Fiend's Weather/Old Countryside/Summer Wish./Henceforth From The Mind/Man Alone/The Sleeping Fury/M., Singing/Putting To Sea/Spirit's Song/Kept/Variation On A Sentence/The Dream/"Come Sleep..."/March Twilight/July Dawn/The Meeting./The Young Mage/Song For The Last Act

DL 9133 - Lee Anderson Reads "Nags Head" - Lee Anderson [1965] The Painted Desert/New Year's Eve/Potosi/Susquehanna

DL 9134 - R.P. Blackmur Reads From His Own Works - R.P. Blackmur [1965] The Second World/Ithyphallics/Una Vita Nuova/October Frost/Petit Manan Point/From Jordan's Delight/Missa Vocis/Elegy For Five/Three Poems From A Text/Miching Mallecho/Sunt Lacrimae Rerum/Judas Priest/All's The Foul Fiend's/Mr. Virtue And The Three Bears/Threnos

DL 9135 - Marianne Moore Reads From Her Own Works - Marianne Moore [1965] The Plumed Basilisk/O To Be A Dragon/The Arctic Ox Or Goat/The Frigate Pelican/Melchior Vulpius/To A Chameleon/Leonardo Da Vinci's/Saint Nicholas/A Jelly Fish/O To Be A Withered Daffodil/Bird-Witted/His Shield/In This Age Of Hard Trying/Efforts Of Affection/The Pangolin/Voracities And Verities

DL 9136 - Yvor Winters Reads From His Own Works - Yvor Winters [1965] The Cold/Quod Tegit Omnia/The Fall Of Leaves/Inscription For A Graveyard/The Slow Pacific Swell/On A View Of Pasadena From The Hills/A Vision/On Teaching The Young/The Old Age Of Theseus//Lee Anderson And Yvor Winters: The California Oaks/The Manzanita/Sir Gawaine And The Green Knight/A Spring Serpent/Much In Little/A Prayer For My Son/On The Portrait Of A Scholar Of The Italian Renaissance/Summer Noon: 1941/To A Military Rifle, 1942/To The Holy Spirit/At The San Francisco Airport

DL 9137 - George Starbuck Reads From His Own Works - George Starbuck [1965] Bone Thoughts On A Dry Day/New Strain/Fable For Flipped Lid/Ab Ovo/Diabolist/Technologies/To His Chi Mistress/Communication To The City Fathers Of Boston/Worship/If Saturday/Three Dreams On A Warm Sabbath/Lee Anderson And George Starbuck/A Tapestry For Bayeux/Poems From A First Year In Boston: New Year: View West Over Storrow/Outbreak Of Spring/Autumn: Progress Report/"Among Those Known..."/Cape Cod Autumn/On First Looking In On Blodgett's Keat's "Chapman's Homer"/War Story/Elegy

DL 9138 - Dudley Fitts Reads From His Own Works And Translations - Dudley Fitts [1965] Priam/The Liturgy Of Small Susan/Preraphaelite Encounter With Your Grandfather/Three Poems Of Martial/Introduction To Poems From The Greek Anthology/Priapos Of The Harbor/On Troy Fallen/Dedication Of A Mirror/To Melite/Couplet/Remonstrance/A Valentine For A Lady/Epitaph Of Dionysios Of Tarsos/Secret Weapon/Valentine For A Popular Tenor/On Hermogenes The Physician/Meditation On Beavers/Tauromancy At Memphis/On Apis The Prizefighter/Fortunatus The R.A./Epitaph Of A Nicene Actor/Compensation/To Lykainis: A Metaphor/Meditation/The Sidon Girls! The Sidon Girls!/Epitaph Of Nearchos/Epitaph Of A Sailor/Epitaph Of A Young Man/Epitaph Of A Sailor/Epitaph Of Charidas Of Kyrene/Epitaph Of A Maltese Watch-Dog/A General Epitaph/Elegy On Herakleitos/Star-Gazing/Timon The Misanthrope/Inscription For The Tomb Of Timon/Prayer Before Death/His Epitaph

DL 9139 - C. Day Lewis Reads From His Own Works - C. Day Lewis [1965] My Love is a Tower/Desire is a Witch/With Me, My Lover Makes the Clock/Beauty's End is in Sight/Rest from Loving and Be Living/Do Not Expect Again A Phoenix Hour/But Two There Are/Let Us Be Off!/Nearing Again the Legendary Isle/The Conflict/In Me Two Worlds/Passage from Childhood/O Dreams, O Destinations/That was the Fatal Move/To Travel Like a Birdl/The Innocent/Jig/Hornpipe/A Failure/The Christmas Tree/The Neurotic/A Letter from Rome (Excerpt)/The Committee/Love and Pity/Moods of Love/Inert/Blanched/Naked/Sheepdog Trials in Hyde Park/The Gate

DL 9140 - Winley Townley Scott Reads From His Own Works - Winley Townley Scott [1965] Mr. Whittier/Coleridge/From Chirico To Charon/What I Assembled And Dissemble/Dead Leaves Out Of Plac E/Blue Sleigh/A And B And The Mirror/To All Objectivists/Communmication Established/Phelps Putnum/May 1506/Come Green Again/Postscript//A Lick And A Promise/Landscape As Metal And Flowers/The Man At Mid-Century/The Wrong Is Mixed/'We Are So Fond Of One Another...'/The U.S. Sailor With The Japanese Skull/Pvt. John Hogg/Codicil For Pvt. John Hogg's Will/We'll All Feel Gay/The Mother/Memento

DL 9141 - Louis McNeice Reads From His Own Works - Louis McNeice [1965] The Muse/Conversation/Dublin/From A Hand Of Snaps/The Sunlight On The Garden/Les Sylphides/Christina/Bagpipe Music/From Autumn Journal/The British Museum Reading Room/Meeting Point/Prognosis/The Brandy Glass/Apple Blossom/Evening In Connecticut/Nuts In May/Brother Fire/The Death Of A Cat

DL 9142 - Vernon Watkins Reads From His Own Works - Vernon Watkins [1965] Ballad Of The Rough Sea/Swedenborg's Skull/Taliesin And The Spring Of Vision/The Spring/Peace In The Welsh Hills/The Tributary Seasons/Music Of Colours, White Blossom/Elegy On The Heroine Of Childhood/Excerpt From The Broken Sea/Ode To Swansea/Semele/Ballad Of Culver's Hole

DL 9143 - John Hollander Reads From His Own Works - John Hollander [1965] Canzona: A Parting On Shipboard/Heat Of Snow/A Lion Named Passion/The Whole Story/Jefferson Valley/Overcast/A Theory Of Waves/A Theory Of Measure/The Fable Of The Bears In Winter/When All Of Them Ran Off/The Sundial/Late August On The Lido/Off Marblehead/On The Sand Bar/Race Rock Light/For Both Of You/Aristotle To Phyllis/By The Sea/The Great Be

DL 9144 - Theodore Weiss Reads From His Own Works - Theodore Weiss [1965] Panoramic Sue/To Penny When She Comes Of Reading Age/A Sum Of Destructions/A Commonplace/The Dance Called David/The Hook/A Gothic Tale/An Egyptian Passage/A Canticle/The Change/Homecoming/The Fire At Alexandria/A Lesser Prophet/A Trip Through Yucatan/House Of Fire

DL 9145 - Richard Eberhart Reads From His Own Works - Richard Eberhart [1965] I: This Fevers Me, 'Go To The Shine That's On A Tree', 'Now Is Th Air Made Of Chiming Balls, 'On A Squirrel Crossing The Road...'/II. Sea-Hawk, Seals, Terns, Time, New Hampshire, February, The Hard Structure Of The World, Indian Pipe/III. The Cancer Cells, The Book Of Nature, 'If I Could Only Live...', For A Lamb/IV. The Horse Chestnut Tree, The Soul Longs To Return, I Walked Out To The Graveyard, The Tobacconist Of Eighth Street//I: Cousin Florence, Dam Neck, Virginia, The Fury Of Aerial Bombardment, War And Poetry/II: The Dry Root, Words, The Verbalist Of Summer/III: Half-Bent Man, A Ship Burning And A Comet.., Nothing But Change/IV: The Wisdom Of Insecurity, Only In The Dream, Great Praises

DL 9146 - Louis Simpson Reads From His Own Works - Louis Simpson [1965] I: The Battle, The Heroes, The Ash And The Oak, Memories Of A Lost War, I Dreamed That In A City Dark As Paris/II: The True Weather For Women, The Man Who Married Magdalene, A Woman Too Well Remembered, Early In The Morning, Aegean/III: Summer Storm, The Lover's Ghost, Sleeping Beauty, The Death Of Love, Invitation To A Quiet Life//IV: Lazarus Convalescent, Brooklyn Flats, Winter, Landscape From A Train, A Lion In The Wind, Hot Night On Water Street/V: Orpheus In America, West, To The Western World, An American In The Thieve's Market/VI: Orpheus In The Underworld/VII: The Green Shephard

DL 9147 - John Crowe Ransom Reads From His Own Works - John Crowe Ransom [1965] Miriam Tazewell/Dead Boy/Spectral Lovers/Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter/Good Ships/Here Lies a Lady/Judith of Bethulia/Captain Carpenter/Piazza Piece/Lady Lost/Two in August//Antique Harvesters/Our Two Worthies/Survey of Literature/The Equilibrists/What Ducks Require/Painted Head/Address to the Scholars of New England

DL 9148 - Robert Penn Warren Reads From His Own Works - Robert Penn Warren [1965] Mortmain: After Night Flight/A Dead Language/Fox-Fire/In The Turpitude Of Time/A Vision/Clearly About You/The Letter About Money../Arrogant Law/Tiberius On Capri/The Garden/Founding Fathers.../Country Burying/Debate: Question, Quarry, Dream/Original Sin/Dragon Country/Two Studies In Idealism...:Bear Track Plantation... Harvard '61: Battle Fatigue

DL 9149 (S) - "The War Lord" (Original Soundtrack Album) - Various Artists [1965] War Lord Main Title/Forsaken Village/love Theme/Accent to the Tower and Frustrated Love/The Druid Wedding/Nocturnal Procession/Chrysagon and Bronwyn/The War Lord in Battle/Premonitions/The Death of Draco/The Reckoning and End Title

DL 9150 (S) - Crisis, Volume 1 - David Perry [1967] Part 1 Of Album DXA-194/DXSA- 194. British Royal Family/Joe Louis/At Munich/Over Poland/France/In the Far East/At Pearl Harbor/At Corregidor/At D-Day/Over Israel's Admission to the U.N./Over General MacArthur Farewell Speech/1951 National League Pennant/Army-McCarthy Hearings/Baseball's/Dag Hammarskjold's Speech/Over Cuba

DL 9151 (S) - Crisis, Volume 2 - David Perry [1967] Part 2 Of Album DXA-194/DXSA- 194. See above for content.

DL 9152 (S) - "Madame X" (Original Soundtrack Album) - Various Artists [1967] Main Title/Theme for Clay, Jr./Headlines and Holly/Christmas Holly/Career Bound/Future Plans/Depths of Despair/A Mother's Dream/The End of a Dream (Refusal to Wed)/Madame X on Trial (Holly Testifies)/Final Hour and End Title

DL 9153 (S) - Playback '65 - Pye Chamberlayne [1966] Recorded On-The-Scene By The United Press Internatioanl (UPI) News Service. Almost 39 Minutes Of Breaking News Events By The People Making The News Along With Commentator Pye Chamberlayne. A Few Excerpts: Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Barry Goldwater, George Wallace, Pat Brown, Sir Winston Churchill.

DL 9154 (S) - "The Critic" - Noel Coward/Mel Ferrer [1966] Part One//Part Two

DL 9155 (S) - Alfred Hitchcock's "Torn Curtain" (Original Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1966] Main Title/Love Theme/Behind the Curtain/Introduction to Pi/Premonitions of Trouble/Variations on the Love Theme/Pi Bus Theme Variations/Sarah Alone/The murder of Gromek/Michael and Sarah- Alone on the Hill/Escape on the Pi Bus/End Title

DL 9156

DL 9157 (S) - Playback '66 - Lowell Thomas [1966] Most Important News Events and Famous Voices of the Year.

DL 9158 - The Makers Of History Oliver Cromwell - Paul Rogers, Hugh Ross Williamson [1966]

DL 9159 - The Makers Of History Abraham Lincoln - William Greene [1967]

DL 9160 (S) - "A Matter Of Innocence" (Original Soundtrack Album) - Various Artists [1967] Pretty Polly - Matt Monro/A Matter of Innocence/Singapore Swing/Lovers on the Shore/Goodbye Mr. Critch/The Beautiful Transformation/Double or Nothing/The Ladies of Bugis Street/The Race is to the Swift/Bugis Street, Where Old Friends Meet/End Title-Pretty Polly

DL 9161 - The Makers Of History Elizabeth The Great - Mary Morris [1967] Elizabeth The Great/Conclusion/Music in the Elizabethan Era/Literature in the Elizabethan Era

DL 9162 - The Makers Of History Napoleon Bonaparte/The Duke Of Wellington - Jack Gwillim and Rupert Davies [1967]

Note Subsequent Albums Were Issued In Stereo Only.

DL7 9163 - "I'll Never Forget What's 'Is Name" (Original Soundtrack Album) - Various Artists [1968] Cambridge (One Day Soon)/Andrew Dreaming/Boutique Music/School Reunion/Visiting Louise/Party Music-Show Out!/Chamber Music/Main title/The Commercial/Keep It Cool/Radio Music/Meeting Susannah/Party Music/Cambridge (One Day Soon)/One Day Soon - Tom Jones

DL7 9164 - W.C. Fields (The Original Voice Tracks From His Greatest Movies) - W.C. Fields [1968] The Philosophy of W.C Fields/The Sound of W.C. Fields/The Rascality of W.C. Fields/The Chicanery of W.C. Fields//W.C. Fields the Braggart and Teller of Tall Tales/The Spirit of W.C. Fields/W.C. Fields A Man Against Children Motherhood, Fatherhood and Brotherhood/W.C. Fields Creator of Weird Names

DL7 9165 - Man Of La Mancha, Volume 1 (Original London Cast) - Various Artists [1968] Part 1 Of Album DXA-203/DXSA-203. Overture/Man of La Mancha/Windmill Scene/If It All the Same//Dulcinea/I'm Only Thinking of You/I'm Only Thinking of You/I Really Like Him/What Does He Want of Me?/Little Bird/Little Bird/Barber's Song/Golden Helmet/To Each His Dulcinea/The Impossible Dream/The Dubbing (Knight of the Woeful Countenance)/Aldonza/A Little Gossip/The Psalm

DL7 9166 - Man Of La Mancha, Volume 2 (Original London Cast) - Various Artists [1968] Part 2 Of Album DXA-203/DXSA-203. See above for content.

DL7 9167

DL7 9168 - The Marx Brothers - The Marx Brothers [1968] Meet the Brothers Marx/The Inimitable Groucho/The Implausible Chico/The Sounds of Harpo (Everybody Says I Love You)/The Zaniness of the Marx Brothers/The Collected Speeches of Groucho, Chico's Theme, Collegiate, His Excellency/Chico in Recital-Hooray for Captain Spaulding/Groucho Marx Does His Thing

DL7 9169 - "Winning" (Original Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1968] 500 Miles/Everybody's Hero/Can I Have Sunday?/Gasoline Alley/California Montage/Pit Stop/Speechless/Impressions (Back Home Again In Indiana)/Cedar Lake/We Can Make It

DL7 9170

DL7 9171 - "Hombre De La Mancha" (Original Mexican Cast) - Various Artists [1968] Obertura/El Hombre De La Mancha (Yo, Soy Yo)/Todos Son Iguales/Dulcinea/Yo Solo Pienso En Su Bien/Lo Quiero/Que Querra De Mi?/Yelmo De Oro De Mambrino/Hay Una Dulcinea/El Sueno Imposible (El Ideal)/Ruisen or, Ruisen or/Caballero De La Triste Figura/La Vejacion/Aldonza/Tan Solo Un Chisme/Dulcinea

DL7 9172 - Moon Landing: We Came in Peace for All Mankind - Documentary [1969]

DL7 9173 - "Airport" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1970] Airport Main Title/Airport Love Theme (Gwen and Vern)/Inez' Theme/Guerrero's Goodbye/Ana Quonsett, Stowaway!/Mel and Tanya/Airport Love Theme/Joe Patroni, Plane or Plows?/Inez-Lost Forever/Emergency Landing!/Airport End Title

DL7 9174 - "Anne Of The Thousand Days" (Soundtrack) Music Of The Tudor Court - New York Pro Musica [1970] Overture/Court Airs and Dances/Lute Song/Farewell My Love/Fanfare and Dances for HenryVIII/Execution and Epilogue/Three Popular Dances/1. A Point, 2. Tanndernaken, 3. Tres Partes In Una/1. Pavan, 2. The Farie Round, 3. The Montebanks' Dance/Lord Willobies Welcome Home/1. Frog Galliare, 2. My Lord of Oxenford's March

DL7 9175 - The Who Live At Leeds - The Who [1970] Originals were packaged with a poster and copies of early Who memorabilia. Young Man Blues/Substitute/Summertime Blues/Shakin' All Over//My Generation/The Magic Bus

DL7 9176 - The Original Voice From Her Greatest Recordings - Mae West [1970] Sayings Of Mae West/Mae West Uncensored/Mae West & Friends/Around The World With Mae West/Mae West Has The Last Word/Mae West & W. C. Fields Together/Mae West & Friend/Mae West Teaches A Class/A Swingin' Sermon/Personal Appearance/Mae West Sings

DL7 9177 - "The Boy Friend" (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1971] Overture/Perfedt Young Ladies/Boy Friend - Judy Carne/Won't You Charleston with Me? - Sandy Duncan/Fancy Forgetting - Leonard Shaw/I Could Be Happy with You - Judy Carne, Harvey Evans/Fancy Forgetting - Leonard Shaw/I Could Be Happy With You - Judy Carne, Ronald Timby Young/Sur la Plage - Sandy Duncan, Harvey Evans/Room in Bloomsbury - Judy Carne, Ronald Timby Young/It's Nicer in Nice/You Don't Want to Play with Me Blues - Leonard Shaw/Saftety in Numbers - Sandy Duncan/I Could Be Happy with You - Judy Carne/Riviera- Sandy Duncan, Harvey Evans/It's Never Too Late to Fall in Love/Carnival Tango/Poor Little Pierrette - Judy Carne/Boy Friend-I Could Be Happy With You Finale

DL7 9178 - "Jesus Christ Superstar" (A Rock Opera) Volume 1 - Various Artists [1971] Part 1 Of Album DXSA-206. Overture/Heaven On Their Minds/What's the Buzz-Strange Thing Mystifying/Everything's Alright/This Jesus Must Die//Hosanna/Simon Zealotes-Poor Jerusalem/Pilate's Dream/The Temple/Everything's Alright/I Don't Know How to Love Him/Damed for All Time-Blood Money/The Last Supper/Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)/The Arrest/Peter's Denial/Pilate and Christ/King Herod's Song (Try It and See)//Judas' Death/Trial Before Pilate (Including the 39 Lashes)/Superstar/Crucifixion/John Nineteen: Forty One

DL7 9179 - "Jesus Christ Superstar" (A Rock Opera) Volume 2 - Various Artists [1971] Part 2 Of Album DXSA-206. See above for content.

DL7 9180 - "Red Sky At Morning" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] Love Theme/Sailor's Delight/I Can't Say Goodbye/A Place to Hide/Taps for Virginity/Climbing the Mountain and Closing Love Theme

DL7 9181 - "Taking Off" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] Love - Nina Hart/Fields of Green and Gold - Susan Chafitz/Let's Get a Little Sentimental - 48 Girls/And Even the Horses Had Wings - Bobo Bates/Long Term Physical Effects - carly Simon/Ode to a Screw - Mary Mitchell/Stabat Mater Opus 58 Anton Dvorak//Lessons in Love - Catherine Heriza/Nocturne - Susan Cohen/Goodbye, So Long - Ike and Tina Turner/Air - Incredible String Band/He's Got the Whole World in His Hands - Jinx Rubin/Stranger in Paradise - Buck Henry/Feeling Sort of Nice - Caren Klugman

DL7 9182 - Who's Next - The Who [1971] Baba O'Riley/Bargain/Love Ain't for Keeping/My Wife/Song is Over//Getting in Tune/Going Mobile/Behind Blue Eyes/Won't Get Fooled Again

DL7 9183 - Smash Your Head Against The Wall - John Entwistle [1971] My Size/Pick Me Up (Big Chicken)/What Kind of People Are They?/Heaven and Hell/Ted End/You're Mine/No. 29 (Eternal Youth)/I Believe in Everything/Cinnamon Girl/It's Hard to Write a Love Song/The Haunted Can Be Free/World Behind My Face

DL7 9184 - Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy - Who [1971] I Can't Explain/The Kids Are Alright/Happy Jack/I Can See for Miles/Pirtures of Lily/My Generation/The Seeker//anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere/Pinball Wizard/A Legal Matter/Boris the Spider/The Magic Bus/I'm a Boy

DL7 9185 - "Sometimes A Great Notion" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] All His Children/High on the Pegs/A Lonely Man's Song/Lumber-Jack Blues/Lee/Happy Time/Rollin' On/Green Tree Brass/The Stamper Rag/Evenin'/Jobie/Tiny Tug Toot/All His Children Reprise

DL7 9186 - "Mary Queen Of Scots" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] Mary's Theme/Vivre et Mourir/But Not Through My Realm/Journey to Scotland/Black Knight/Escape with Bothwell/Mary's Theme/Journey to England/Death at Kirk O'Fields/March to the Castle/Mary at Chartley/The Execution/Vivre et Mourir Reprise/Mary's Theme Reprise

DL7 9187

DL7 9188 - "Silent Running" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] Rejoice in the Sun - Joan Baez/The Space Fleet/Rejoice in the Sun/No Turning Back/Driving Crazy/Drivting/Silent Running - Joan Baez/The Daying Forest/Tending to Huey/Saturn/Getting ready/Rejoice in the Sun - Joan Baez Reprise

DL7 9189 - Who Came First - Peter Townshend [1971] Pure And Easy/Evolution/Forevers No Time At All/Nothing Is Everything/Time Is Passing/Heartache/Sheraton Gibson/Content/Parvardigar

DL7 9190 - Whistle Rhymes - John Entwistle [1971] Ten Little Friends/Apron Strings/I feel Better/Thinkin' It Over/Who Cares?//I Wonder/I Was Just Being Friendly/The Window Shopper/I Found Out/Nightmare (Please Wake Me Up)

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