CTI Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: December 16, 2005

This jazz-oriented label was owned by Creed Taylor and was distributed by several labels. Early issues starting in 1967 were on the A&M label with a small "cti" logo. In 1970, Taylor started his own CTI label. Early issues were in the CTI-1000 series (with a green label), which after a few issues switched to the CTI-6000 series. Albums shown with an S1 after the number in the discography below were distributed by Motown. After Motown stopped distributing the label around 1975-76, later releases were designated as the 7000 series, although the numbering sequence did not change (6062, then 7063, etc.). The label for the 6000/7000 series was orange with black print. A brown vertical line was to the left of the center hole, and a brown horizontal line was just above the center hole. The brown and orange CTI logo was in the lower left quadrant formed by these lines. Above the logo, in the upper left quadrant, was a large number designating the side of the album. Promotional issues used the same style, but used white labels with black print. Later, the 9000 series used a brown label with the logo in the upper left, but without the lines which divided the label into quadrants.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

A&M/CTI SP-3000 Series (Distributed by A&M):

Note: These albums were produced by Creed Taylor and issued under the A&M label, with a small "cti" logo on the front cover. They had the regular A&M label.

LP 2000/SP 3000 - Audio Master Plus Series Sampler Volume 1 - Various Artists [1968] The Shape Of Things That Are And Were - George Benson/Lamento - Antonio Carlos Jobim/Autumn Leaves - Paul Desmond/Wind Song - Wes Montgomery/New Orleams - Nat Adderly/Killer Joe - Quincy Jones/Israel - K. & J.J./Jackie All - George Benson/California Nights - Wes Montgomery

LP 2001/SP 3001 - A Day In The Life - Wes Montgomery [1967] (10-67, #13) Audio Master + Series. A Day In The Life/Watch What Happens/When A Man Loves A Woman/California Nights/Angel//Eleanor Rigby/Willow Weep For Me/Windy/Trust In Me/The Joker

LP 2002/SP 3002 - Wave - Antonio Carlos Jobim [1967] (1-68, #114) Audio Master + Series. Wave/The Red House/Look To The Sky/Batidinha/Triste//Mojave/Dialogo/Lamento/Antigua/Captain Bacardi

LP 2003/SP 3003 - The Glory Of Love - Herbie Mann [1967] Audio Master + Series. No Use Crying/Hold On I'm Coming/Glory Of Love/Unchain My Heart/House Of The Rising Sun//The Letter/Upa Neguinho/Love Is Stronger Than We/Oh, How I Want To Love You/In And Out

LP 2004/SP 3004 - We and the Sea - Tamba 4 [1968] The Hill (O Morro)/Flower Girl (Moca Flor)/Iemanja//We And The Sea (Nos e ou Mar)/Chant Of Ossanha (Canto de Ossanha)/Dolphin/Consolation (Consolacao)

From this point, albums issued in stereo only.

SP 3005 - You Baby - Nat Adderley [1968] Audio Master + Series. You, Baby/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Electric Eel/Early Chanson/Denise//Early Minor/My Son/New Orleans/Hang On In/Halftime

SP 3006 - Down Here On The Ground - Wes Montgomery [1968] (5-68, #38) Audio Master + Series. Wind Song/Georgia On My Mind/The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener/Down Here On The Ground/Up And At It//Goin' On To Detroit/I Say A Little Prayer For You/When I Look Into Your Eyes/Know It All/Theme From "The Fox"

SP 3007 - Have You Met Miss Jones? - Artie Butler [1968] The Loop/The Whiffenpoof Song/A Trumpeter's Lullabye/April Showers/Max's Brazilian What/Have You Met Miss Jones?/Music For Night People/When I'm 64/Camelot/In The Heat Of The Night/Something Stupid

SP 3008 - Israel - Kai Winding & J.J. Johnson [1969] Audio Master + Series. My Funny Valentine/Israel/Catherine's Them/Am I Blue-Sonnyboy/Never My Love/Saturday Night Is The Lonliest Night Of The Week/St. James Infirmary/Django/Try To Remember

SP 3009 - Trust In Me - Soul Flutes [1969] Try A Little Tenderness/Trust In Me/In The Wee Small Hours/Scarborough Fair/Bachianas Brasilieras #5//Cigarettes & Coffee/Pu Po/Early Autumn/Day-O/Buckaroo

SP 3010 - Soul Machine - Richard Barbary [1968] Poor Side/What's Your Name?/Nature Boy/Call on Me/I Know Love/Teach Me/Please Stay/There Was Never Ever Anyone/Like You/Let the Music Play/Nothin' In This World

SP 3011 - I'll Be Anything For You - Tamiko Jones [1968] Goodnight My Love/Where Are They Now?/Cottage For Sale/Black Is Black/Try It/This Time Tomorrow/Please Return Your Love/Peace of Mind/I've Got My Eyes On You/Suddenly/Ya Ya

SP 3012 - Road Song - Wes Montgomery [1968] (11-68, #94) Audio Master + Series. Road Song/Greensleeves/Fly Me To The Moon/Yesterday/I'll Be Back/Scarborough Fair-Canticle/Green Leaves Of Summer/Serene/Where Have All The Flowers Gone

SP 3013 - Samba Blim - Tamba 4 [1969] Watch What Happens/Weekend/Palladium/Quietly/Know It All/Reza/Tristeza de Nos Dois/San Salvador/Slick/Baiano/Pregao

SP 3014 - Shape Of Things To Come - George Benson [1969] Audio Master + Series. Footin' It/Face It/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Don't Let Me Lose This Dream/Shape of Things That Are/Last Train to Clarksville

SP 3015 - Summertime - Paul Desmond [1969] Audio Master + Series. Samba With Some Barbecue/Olividar/Ob- La-Di/Emily/Someday My Prince Will Come/Autumn Leaves/Where Is Love?/Lady In Cement/North By Northeast

SP 3016 - Betwixt and Between - J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding [1968] Casa Forte/Little Drummer Boy/Don't Go/Mojave/Stormy/Smoky/Wichita Lineman/Just a Funky Old Vegetable Bin/Willie, Come Home

SP 3017 - Calling Out Loud - Nat Adderley [1969] Biafra/Haifa/St. M/Grey Moss/Nobody Knows/Comin' Out the Shadows/Ivan's Holiday

SP 3018 - Walter Wanderley Set - Walter Wanderley [1969] When It Was Done/Open Your Arms/Surfboard/Baiao Da Garoa/Reach Out/Ole, Ole/Pontelo/On My Mind/Just My Love/Capoetra/Truth In Peace

SP 3019 - Courage - Milton Nascimento [1969] Audio Master + Series.

SP 3020 - Tell It Like It Is - George Benson [1969] (8-69, #145) Audio Master + Series. Soul Limbo/Are You Happy?/Tell It Like It Is/Land Of 1000 Dances/Jackie, All/Dontcha Hear Me Callin' To Ya/Water Brother/My Woman's Good To Me/Jama Joe/My Cherie Amour/Out In The Cold Again

SP 6-3021 - Audio Master Plus Series Audio Sampler, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [1984] Audio Master + Series. I Got A Woman - George Benson/Road Song - Wes Montgomery/Europa - Gato Barbieri/Circles - Paul Desmond/Tres Pontas - Milton Nascimento/I Want You - George Benson/Walkin' - Quincy Jones/Tema Jazz - Antonio Carlos Jobim/Love Is Stronger Than We - Herbie Mann

SP 3022 - Moondreams - Walter Wanderley [1969] Asa Branca/Amore Dice Ciao/Penha/One of the Nicer Things/Proton, Electron, Neutron/5:30 Plane/Soulful Strut/Jackie, All/Mirror of Love

SP 3023 - Walking In Space - Quincy Jones [1969] (11-69, #56) Audio Master + Series. Reissued in in 1974 in quadraphonic as A&M 53023. Dead End/Walking In Space//Killer Joe/Love & Peace/I Never Told You/Oh Happy Day

SP 3024 - From The Hot Afternoon - Paul Desmond [1969] October/Round N' Round/Faithful Brother/To Say Goodbye/From The Hot Afternoon//Circles/Martha & Romao/Catavento/Latin Chant/Crystal Illusions

SP 3025 - I Got a Woman and Some Blues - George Benson [1969] Audio Master + Series. I Got A Woman/Out Of The Blue/Bluesadelic/Durham's Turn/Good Morning Blues/I Worry 'Bout You/Without Her/She Went A Litttle Bit Farther/Goodbye, Columbus

SP 3026 - Crying Song - Hubert Laws [unissued] I've Gotta Get A Message To You/Listen To The Band/Feelin' Alright?/Let It Be/Love Is Blue/La Jean/Crying Song/How Long Will It Be?/Cymbaline

SP 3027 - Stonebone - J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding [unissued] Note: Stonebone was scheduled for American release as A&M SP-3027, but it was never issued in the United States using that number. The track data comes from Creed Taylor's recording logs and do not include the title "Musings," which is a title that appears on Japanese A&M 330 and is most certainly an alternate title for one of the unissued selections listed. Details courtesy of Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Eumir Deodato and Dan Skea. Taurus/Dontcha Hear Me Callin To Ya?/Mojo/Anticipation/Ballad In C Minor/Ding/Recollections/Musings

SP 3028 - The Other Side Of Abbey Road - George Benson [1970] (7-76, #125) Audio Master + Series. Reissued in 1976 after Benson became a top chart artist with "Breezin'." Golden Slumbers/You Never Give Me Your Money/Because-Come Together/Oh! Darling/Here Comes The Sun/I Want You (She's So Heavy)/Something-Octopus's Garden/The End

SP 3029 - Fire And Passion - Gato Barbieri [1970] Audio Master + Series.

SP 3030 - Gula Matari - Quincy Jones [1970] (9-70, #63) Bridge Over Troubled Waters/Gula Matari/Walkin'/Hummin'

SP 3031 - Tide - Antonio Carlos Jobim [1970] Girl From Ipanema/Carinhoso/Tema Jazz/Sue Ann/Remember//Tide/Takatanga/Caribe/Rockanalia

SP 3032 - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Paul Desmond [1970] El Condor Pasa/So Long Frank Lloyd Wright/The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)/Mrs Robinson/Old Friends//America/For Emily Whenever I May Find Her/Scarborough Fair-Canticle/Cecilia/Bridge Over Troubled Water

Note: The later numbers in the A&M SP-3000 series were not produced by Creed Tayor. At this point, Taylor made his exit from A&M and started his own label outright, taking many of his artists with him.


CTI-1000 Series (Green Label):

CTI-1001 - Kathy McCord - Kathy McCord

CTI-1002 - Crying Song - Hubert Laws [1970] La Jean/Love Is Blue-Sing A Rainbow/Crying Song/Listen To The Band/I've Gotta Get A Message To You//Feelin' Alright?/Cymbaline/How Long Will It Be?/Let It Be/Andy's Song

CTI-1003 - Flow - Flow

CTI-1004 - Oklahoma Toad - Dave Frishberg [1970] Green label. One Horse Town/Van Lingle Mungo/The Secret Of Success/Oklahoma Toad/The Prophet Of Doom//Rocky Mountain Water/You Can't Go/Wallflower Lonely, Cornflower Blue/Nasty Nasty Habit/I Don't Believe You

CTI-1005 - Black Out - Fats Theus [1970] Recorded 7/16/70. Black Out/Light Sings/Stone Flower/Moonlight In Vermont/Check It Out/Bed Of Nails

CTI-6000 Series (Brown Label):

CTI-6000 - Crying Song - Hubert Laws [1970] Reissue of CTI-1002. La Jean/Love Is Blue-Sing A Rainbow/Crying Song/Listen To The Band/I've Gotta Get A Message To You//Feelin' Alright?/Cymbaline/How Long Will It Be?/Let It Be/Andy's Song

CTI-6001 - Red Clay - Freddie Hubbard [1970] Recorded 1/27-29/70. Red Clay/Delphia/Suite Sioux/The Intrepid Fox

CTI-6002 - Stone Flower - Antonio Carlos Jobim [1970] (1-71, #196) Amparo/Andorinha/Brazil/Children's Games/Choro/God And The Devil In The land Of The Sun/Sabia/Stone Flower/Tereza My Love

CTI-6003 - Joe Farrell Quartet - Joe Farrell Quartet [8/70]

CTI-6004 - Montreau II - Bill Evans [8/70] Introduction/Very Early/Alfie/34 Skidoo//How My Heart Sings/Israel/I Hear A Rhapsody/Peri's Scope

CTI-6005 - Sugar - Stanley Turrentine [12/70] (3-71, #182) Impressions/Sugar/Sunshine Alley

CTI-6006 - Afro Classic - Herbert Laws [12/70]

CTI-6007 - Straight Life - Freddie Hubbard [12/70] Recorded 11/70. Straight Life//Mr. Clean/Here's That Rainy Day

CTI-6008 - Gilberto with Turrentine - Astrud Gilberto with Stanley Turrentine [1971]

CTI-6009 - Beyond the Blue Horizon - George Benson [3/71] Recorded 2/71. So What?/The Gentle Rain/All Clear/Ode To A Kudu/Somewhere In The East

CTI-6010 - Salt Song - Stanley Turrentine [1971] Recorded 7/71. Gibraltar/I Told Jesus/Salt Song/I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do/Storm

CTI-6011 - God Bless the Child - Kenny Burrell [6/71] Recorded 5/70 and 4&5/71. Be Yourself/ Love is the Answer/ Do What You Gotta Do//A Child is Born/ God Bless the Child

CTI-6012 - The Rite of Spring - Hubert Laws [7/71]

CTI-6013 - First Light - Freddie Hubbard [10/71] Recorded 9/71. First Light/Uncle Albert- Admiral Halsey/Moment To Moment/Yesterday's Dreams/Lonely Town

CTI-6014 - Outback - Joe Farrell [11/71]

CTI-6015 - White Rabbit - George Benson [12/71] White Rabbit/Theme From Summer Of '42/Little Train//California Dreaming/El Mar

CTI-6016 - Blue Moses - Randy Weston [1972] Recorded 3&4/72. Ifrane/Ganawa (Blue Moses)/Night In Medina/Marrakesh Blues

CTI-6017 - Cherry - Stanley Turrentine & Milt Jackson [6/72] Recorded 5/72. Speedball/I Remember You/The Revs/Sister Sanctified/Cherry/Introspective

CTI-6018 - Sky Dive - Freddie Hubbard [1972] (3-73, #165) Recorded 10/72. Sky Dive/The Godfather/In A Mist/Povo

CTI-6019 - Time and Love - Jackie & Roy [8/72] Jackie & Roy are Jackie Cain & Roy Kral.

CTI-6020 - Free - Airto Moretra [9/72]

CTI-6021 - Prelude - Deodato [10/72] (1-73, #3) Deodato is Eumir Deodato. Also Sprach Zarathrustra (2001) (S, 9:00)/Spirit Of Summer (S)/Carly & Carole (S)//Baubles Bangles And Beads (S)/Prelude To Afternoon Of A Faun (S)/September 13 (S)

CTI-6022 - Morning Star - Hubert Laws [11/72] (2-73, #148) Morning Star/Amazing Grace/Let Her Go/No More/What Do You Think Of This World Now/Where Is The Love

CTI-6023 - Moon Germs - Joe Farrell [12/72]

CTI-6024 - Sunflower - Milt Jackson [1/73] For Someone I Love/What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?//People Make The World Go Round/Sunflower

CTI-6025 - Carnegie Hall - Hubert Laws [2/73] (6-73, #175) Bach: Passacaglia In C Minor/Fire And Rain-Windows

CTI-6026 - Mizrab - Gabor Szabo [2/73] Mizrab/Thirteen/Its Going to Take Some Time/Concerto/Summer Breeze

CTI-6027 - Blues Farm - Ron Carter [3/73]

CTI-6028 - Fingers - Airto [5/73]

CTI-6029 - Deodato 2 - Deodato [6/73] (8-73, #19) Nights In White Satin (S)/Pavone For A Dead Princess (S)//Skyscrapers (S)/Super Strut (S)/Rhapsody In Blue (S, 8:50)

CTI-6030 - Don't Mess With Mr. T - Stanley Turrentine [7/73] Recorded 6/73. Don't Mess With Mr. T/Two for T/Too Blue/I Could Never Repay Your Love

CTI-6031/2 - Giant Box, Volumes 1 and 2 - Don Sebesky [8/73]

CTI-6033 - Body Talk - George Benson [9/73] Recorded 7/73. Dance/When Love Has Grown/Plum/Body Talk/Top Of The World

CTI-6034 - Penny Arcade - Joe Farrell [11/73]

CTI-6035 - Rambler - Gabor Szabo [10/73] Rambler/It's So Hard To Say Goodbye/All Is Well Reinhardt/Help Me Build A Lifetime/New Love

CTI-6036 - Keep Your Soul Together - Freddie Hubbard [11/73] (1-74, #186) Recorded 10/73. Brigitte/Destiny's Children/Keep Your Soul Together/Spirits Of Trane

CTI-6037 - All Blues - Ron Carter and Joe Henderson [11/73]

CTI-6038 - Goodbye - Milt Jackson & Hubert Laws [1/74] Detour Ahead/Goodbye//Old Devil Moon/SKJ/Opus De Funk

CTI-6039 - Skylark - Paul Desmond & Gabor Szabo [1974] Take Ten/Romance De Amor/Was A Sunny Day/Music For A While/Skylark/Indian Summer

CTI-6040 - A Wilder Alias - Jackie Cain & Roy Kral [2/74] A Wilder Alias/Niki's Song/Waltz For Dana//The Way We Are/Good And Rich

CTI-6041 - In Concerrt - Deodato & Airto [2/74] (3-74, #114) Branches (O Galho Da Roseira)/Do It Again/Parana/Tropea

Starts Motown numbering system suffixes:

CTI-6042S1 - Upon This Rock - Joe Farrell [4/74]

CTI-6043S1 - One - Bob James [5/74] (11-74, #85) Feel Like Making Love/In The Garden/Nautilus/Night On Bald Mountain/Soulero/Valley Of The Shadows

CTI-6044S1 - Live In Concert, Volume 1 - Freddie Hubbard & Stanley Turrentine [1974] Recorded 3/73. Provo//Gibraltar

CTI-6045S1 - Bad Benson - George Benson [6/74] (12-74, #78) Recorded 5/74. Changing World/My Latin Brother/No Sooner Said Than Done/Summer Wishes Winter Dreams/Take Five

CTI-6046S1 - Olinga - Milt Jackson [7/74] Olinga/Rerev/The Metal Melter//The Steel Bender/Lost April/I'm Not Sure

CTI-6047S1 - The Baddest Hubbard - Freddie Hubbard [8/74] (1-75, #127) First Light/Here's That Rainy Day/In A Mist/Red Clay

CTI-6048S1 - The Baddest Turrentine - Stanley Turrentine [8/74] (11-74, #185) Don't Mess With Mister T/Salt Song/Speedball/Sugar

CTI-6049S1 - In Concert, Volume 2 - Freddie Hubbard & Stanley Turrentine [1974] Recorded 3/73. Side 1 recorded Chicago; side 2 recorded Detroit. Hornets/Interlude//Hornets/Gibraltar

CTI-6050S1 - She Was Good to Me - Chet Baker [1974] Autumn Leaves/She Was Too Good To Me/Funk In Deep Freeze//Tangerine/With A Song In My Heart/What'll I Do/It's You Or No One

CTI-6051S1 - Spanish Blue - Ron Carter [2/75] El Noche Soul/So What//Sabado Sombrero/Arkansas

CTI-6052S1 - The Sugar Man - Stanley Turrentine [3/75] (3-75, #110) Recorded 2&3&4/71. Just As I Am/Make Me Rainbows/More (Theme From Mondo Cane)/Pieces Of Dreams/The Stretch/Vera Cruz

CTI-6053S1 - Canned Funk - Joe Farrell [1975] Canned Funk/Animal//Suite Martinique/Spoken Silence

CTI-6054S1 - Carnegie Hall, Volume 1 - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker [1975]

CTI-6055S1 - Carnegie Hall, Volume 2 - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker [1975] It's Sandy At The Beach/Bernie's Tune//K-4 Pacific/There Will Never Be Another You

CTI-6056S1 - Polar AC - Freddie Hubbard [4/75] (5-75, #167) Polar AC/Betcha By Golly Wow/People Make The World Go Round/Naturally/Son Of Sky Dive

CTI-6057S1 - Two - Bob James [4/75] (4-75, #75) Dream Journey/Farandole (L'Arlesienne Suite #2)/Golden Apple/I Feel A Song (In My Heart)/Take Me To The Mardi Gras/You're As Right As Rain

CTI-6058S1 - The Chicago Theme - Hubert Laws [5/75] (6-75, #42) The Chicago Theme/Going Home/I Had A Dream/Inflation Chaser/Midnight At The Oasis/You Make Me Feel Brand New

CTI-6059S1 - Pure Desmond - Paul Desmond [5/75] Squeeze Me/I'm Old Fashioned/Nuages/Why Shouldn't I//Everything I Love/Warm Valley/Till the Clouds Roll By/Mean to Me

CTI-6060S1 - Concierto - Jim Hall [5/75]

CTI-6061S1 - The Rape of El Moro - Don Sebesky [6/75] The Rape Of El Morro/Moon Dreams/Skyliner/The Entertainer/Footprints Of The Giant/Lucky Seven

CTI-6062 - Good King Bad - George Benson [1976] (6-76, #51) Recorded 7&12/75. Theme From Good King Bad/Cast Your Fate To The Wind/Em/One Rock Don't Make No Boulder/Shell Of A Man/Siberian Workout

CTI-6063 - Three - Bob James [with Grover Washington, Jr.] [2/76] (7-76, #49) Jamaica Farewell/One Mint Julep/Storm King/Westchester Lady/Women Of Ireland

CTI-6064 - Yellow and Green - Ron Carter [6/76] Tenaj/Receipt, Please/Willow Weep For Me//Yellow & Green/Opus 1.5/Epistrophy

CTI-6065 - Then There Was Light: In the Beginning, Volume 1 - Hubert Laws [3/74]

CTI-6066 - Then There Was Light: In the Beginning, Volume 2 - Hubert Laws [3/74]

CTI-6067 - Joe Farrell Quartet - Joe Farrell Quartet [?] Reissue of CTI-6003.

CTI-6068 - Velvet Darkness - Allan Holdsworth [7/76] Good Clean Filth/Floppy Hat/Wish/Kinder/Velvet Darkness/Karzie Key/Last May/Gatlox

CTI-6069 - Benson and Farrell - George Benson & Joe Farrell [10/76] (10-76, #100) Recorded 3-9/76. Beyond The Ozone/Camel Hump/Flute Song/Old Devil Moon/Rolling Home

CTI-7070 - The Fox - Urbie Green [12/76] Another Star/Goodbye/Mertensia/You Don't Know What Love Is/Manteca/Foxglove Suite/Please Send Me Someone To Love

CTI-7071 - San Francisco Concert - Hurbert Laws [1/77]

CTI-6072S1 - George Benson In Concert: Carnegie Hall - George Benson [1976] (1-77, #122) Recorded January 1975, with Hubert Laws. Gone/Octane/Summertime/Take Five

CTI-7073 - Crawl Space - Art Farmer [2/77]

CTI-7074 - BJ4 - Bob James [4/77] (4-77, #38) El Verano/Nights Are Forever Without You/Pure Imagination/Tappan Zee/Treasure Island/Where The Wind Blows Free

CTI-7075 - Firefly - Jeremy Steig [5/77] Firefly/Living Inside Your Love/Everything Is Coming To Light/Hop Scotch/Sweet Hour Of Prayer/Grasshopper

CTI-7076 - CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, Volume 1 - Various Artists [6/77]

CTI-7077 - CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, Volume 2 - Various Artists [6/77]

CTI-7078 - CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, Volume 3 - Various Artists [6/77]

CTI-7079 - Senor Blues - Urbie Green [8/77]

CTI-7080 - Something You Got - Art Farmer & Yusef Lateef [9/77]

CTI-7081 - 2001 (Prelude) - Deodato

CTI-7082 - Autophysiopsychic - Yusef Lateef [1978]

CTI-7083 - Big Blues - Art Farmer/Jim Hall [1978] Whisper Not/A Child Is Born//Big Blues/Pavane For A Dead Princess

CTI-7084 - Baltimore - Nina Simone [1978]

CTI-7085 - Space - George Benson [1978] Hold On I'm Coming/Summertime/Sky Dive/Octane/No Sooner Said Than Done

CTI-7086 - Live at the Bottom Line - Patti Austin [1978] Recorded 8/17-18/78. You Fooled Me/Jump For Joy/Rider In The Rain/Let's All Live And Give Together//Love Me By Name/Wait A Little While/One More Night/Let It Ride

CTI-7087 -

CTI-7088 - In a Temple Garden - Yusef Lateef [1978]

CTI-5000 Series:

CTI-5000 - Black Widow - Lalo Schifrin [4/76] Black Widow/Flamingo/Quiet Village/Moonglow/Picnic//Jaws/Baia/Turning Point/Dragonfly

CTI-5001 - End of a Rainbow - Patti Austin [7/76] Say You Love Me/In My Life/You Don't Have To Say You're Sorry/More Today Than Yesterday//Give It Time/There Is No Time/What's At The End Of A Rainbow/This Side Of Heaven/Sweet Sadie The Savior

CTI-5002 - Seawind - Seawind [1976] (5-77, #188) We Got A Way/You Gotta Be Willin' To Lose, Part 2/He Loves You/The Devil Is A Liar/Medley: Love Song-Seawind//Make Up Your Mind/Praise, Part 1/Roadways, Parts 1 & 2

CTI-7-5003 - Towering Toccata - Lalo Schifrin [3/77] Towering Toccata/France's Theme/Macumba/Eagles In Love//Theme From King Kong/Most Wanted Theme/Midnight Woman/Roller Coaster

CTI-7-5004 - We Belong Together - John Blair [3/77] We Belong Together/Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds/Got That Feeling/I'm A Wizard//Feather Lite & Honey Smooth/Roll Over Beethoven/Don't Feel That Way No More/Moonlight Serenade

CTI-7-5005 - Dune - David Matthews [8/77] (9-77, #169) Dune Medley/Princess Leia's Theme/Silent Running/Space Oddity/Main Theme From Star Wars

CTI-7-5006 - Havana Candy - Patti Austin [10/77] (12-77, #116) Havana Candy/Golden Oldies/I Just Want To Know/I Need Somebody/Little baby/Lost In The Stars/That's Enough For Me/We're In Love

CTI-7-5007 - Window of a Child - Seawind [1/78] (1-78, #122) Window Of A Child/Angel Of Mercy/Companas De Invierno (Bells Of Winter)/Countin' The Days/Do Listen To/Hallelujah/Lovin' You/One Sweet Night/Wings Of Love

CTI-9000 Series (Brown label, no lines):

CTI-9000 - Yama - Art Farmer & Joe Henderson [1979]

CTI-9001 -

CTI-9002 - La Cuna - Ray Baretto [1980] Features Tito Puente, Ray Barretto, Charlie Palmieri, Joe Farrell, John Tropea, and Steve Gadd. La Cuna/Doloroso/Mambotango/The Old Castle/Pastime Paradise

CTI-9003 - Fuse One - Fuse One [1980] Features Stanley Clarke, Larry Coryell, Paulhino DaCosta, Joe Farrell, John McLaughlin, Ronnie Foster, Ndugu, Lenny White, and Tony Williams.

CTI-9004 -

CTI-9005 -

CTI-9006 - Silk - Fuse One [1981] (2-82, #139) Features Stanley Clarke, Ronnie Foster, Ndugu, Tom Browne, Stanley Turrentine, Eric Gale, George Benson, Dave Valentin, and Wynton Marsalis. Silk/In Celebration Of The Human Spirit//Hot Fire/Sunwalk

CTI-9007 - Studio Trieste - Chet Baker

CTI-9008 - Gershwin Carmichael Cats - Roland Hanna [1982]

CTI-9009 - In My Life - Patti Austin [1983]

CTI-9010 - Pacific Fire - George Benson [1983]

Samplers & Miscellaneous Issues:

CTS-2 - Fire into Music - Various Artists [1974] Mister Magic - Grover Washington/Feel Like Makin' Love - Bob James/Also Sprach Zarathrustra - Deodado/Supership - George Benson/First Light - Freddie Hubbard//The Chicago Theme - Hubert Laws/Such A Night - Esther Phillips/Amazing Grace - Hubert Laws/Brian's Song - Hank Crawford/I Told Jesus - Stanley Turrentine

CTS-4 - Star Jazz - Various Artists [1979] Artists are Airto, Patti Austin, Joe Beck & David Sanborn, Hank Crawford, George Benson, Art Farmer, Jim Hall, Nina Simone, and Ron Carter. Return To Forever/Love Me By Name/Star Fire/Sky Dive/Whisper Not/(others)

2CTX 2+2 - The California Concert - Various Artists [1971] (2-LP set)

2CTX 3+3 - Then There Was Light: In the Beginning - Hubert Laws [1974] (2-LP set) In The Beginning/Restoration//Gymnpedie/Come Ye Disconsolate/Airegin//Moment's Notice/Reconciliation//Mean Lene

CTI-8000 Series (CD Reissues):

CTI-8002 - Beck and Sanborn - Joe Beck & David Sanborn [1979] Reissue of Kudu 21. Star Fire/Cactus/Texas Ann//Red Eye/Café Black Rose/Brothers And Others

CTI-8014 - Take Five - George Benson Reissue of CTI-6045. Changing World/My Latin Brother/No Sooner Said Than Done/Summer Wishes Winter Dreams/Take Five

Thanks to Karl Zolles, Leif Sandsjo, Serge Bellerose, Allan Moss, Gregoire Loretan, John Dickey, and Michael Fitzgerald.

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