Harmony Album Discography, Part 7:
HL-9500 Children's Series (1959-1967)

By Randy Watts, Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries and Tim Neely
Last update: July 27, 2012

Original pressings of the albums on this page used the black mono (far left) and black stereo (near left) labels up to and including HL-9560/HS-14560.
The last few original issues and many reissues used the late 1960s brown Harmony label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Harmony HL-9500 Chhildren's Series:

HL-9501 - Rosemary Clooney Sings for Children - Rosemary Clooney [1959] Abridged reissue of Columbia CL-969. Little Sally One Shoe/The Little Shoemaker/Me And My Teddy Bear/Betsy, My Paper Doll/On The Good Ship Lollipop/Willie, The Whistling Giraffe/Little Red Monkey/The Syncopated Clock/Kitty Kat's Party/The Teddy Bears' Picnic

HL-9502 - The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin - TV Cast [1959] Reissue of Columbia CL-679. Poisoned Water/The Gun Runner/Rinty Breaks Through/The Deserter

HL-9503 - All Time Favorite Walt Disney Songs - Dotty Evans & Johnny Anderson [1959] Abridged reissue of Columbia CL-672. When You Wish Upon A Star/Heigh-Ho/Whistle While You Work/The Dwarf's Yodel Song/Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party/Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?/Hi- Diddle-Dee-Dee/Little Toot/When I See An Elephant Fly/Ballad Of Davy Crockett

HL-9504 - Why, Mommy . . .? Songs and Rhyme Answers to Children for Everyday Questions - Paul Tripp (Mr. I. Magination) & Tom Glazer [1959] Abridged reissue of Columbia CL-670. We Know The World Is Round/What's Inside Our Earth?/How Many Colors Are In The Rainbow?/Do Animals Talk To One Another?/Where Does The Sun Go At Night?/How Does A Cow Make Milk?/Why Is The Sky Blue?/Why Are The Stars Of Different Colors?/Why Do Leaves Change Their Colors?/What Makes The Weather/Why Does A Bee Bzzz?/Why Do Stars Twinkle?/Why Can't I See In The Dark?/Why Are Bananas Picked Green?/What Foods Should We Eat Everyday?

Note: At this point, jacket logo changes from curved bubbles to straight bubbles.

HL-9505 - The Adventures of Gene Autry and Champion - Gene Autry [1959] Reissue of Columbia CL-677. Stampede/Gene Autry At The Rodeo/Champion (The Horse No Man Could Ride)/The Story Of Little Champ

HL-9506 - Jim Fassett's Hear the Animals Sing & Other Animal Songs - Andy Nasser, narrator/Forty-Niners Quartet [1959] Side one features the sounds of farm animals, electronically manipulated to sound as if they are singing, with narration by Andy Nasser. Farmer In The Dell/Mary Had A Little Lamb/Old MacDonald Had A Farm/Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Forty-Niners Quartet/I Had A Little Mule - Forty-Niners Quartet/Frog Went A-Courtin' - Forty-Niners Quartet/The Bull Dog On The Bank - Forty-Niners Quartet/The Bear Went Over The Mountain - Forty-Niners Quartet/The Blue Tail Fly - Forty-Niners Quartet

HL-9507 - Little White Duck and Other Children's Favorites - Burl Ives [1959] Abridged reissue of Columbia CL-980. Later released in rechanneled stereo as HS-14507. Little White Duck/The Little Engine That Could/Mr. Froggie Went A-Courtin'/The Donut Song/Two Little Owls/Fooba Wooba John//The Grey Goose/The Whale/Buckeye Jim/The Sow Took The Measles/The Goat/Mr. Rabbit/The Tailor And The Mouse/Mother Goose Songs

HL-9508 - Captain Kangaroo's TV Party - Bob Keeshan with Orchestra & Chorus [1959] Two Little Magic Words/A Riddle-A-Diddle (Part 1)/Six Little Taxis/Captain Says/A Riddle-A-Diddle (Part 2)//Tootlepiper's Band/Train Ride Square Dance/Dance-Along Farm

HL-9509 - Learning the ABC's and How to Count - Rosemary Rice with Lee Pockriss & His Quartet [1959] Later released in rechanneled stereo as HS-14509. Your Friend The Alphabet/A-B-C Narration/Make Believe (That You're A Letter)//Learn To Count/Number Narration/One-Two-Three

HL-9510 - Rumpelstiltskin/Jack and the Beanstalk - Uncle Bill Adams, narrator, and Let's Pretend Company [1960] Rumpelstiltskin//Jack and the Beanstalk

HL-9511 - Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty - Uncle Bill Adams, narrator, and Let's Pretend Company [1960] Cinderella//Sleeping Beauty

HL-9512 - Cowboy Songs for Children - Various Artists [1960] Ballad Of Davy Crockett - Fess Parker/Big Rock Candy Mountain - Jimmie Blaine/Home On The Range - Jimmie Blaine/Git Along Little Dogies - Jimmie Blaine/Doney Gal - Jimmie Blaine/The Blue Tail Fly - Peter Piper & Forty-Niners Quartet/Hey, Mr. Banjo - Forty-Niners Quartet//Skip To My Lou - Jimmie Blaine/Buffalo Gals - Jimmie Blaine/Turkey In The Straw - Jimmie Blaine/Arkansas Traveller - Jimmie Blaine/Indian Buffalo Dance; Yankee Doodle Square Dance - Peter Piper/Do A Little Square Dance; Two By Two; Looby Loo - Peter Piper/Pecos Bill - Forty-Niners

HL-9513 - Let's Play Trains - Cliff Arquette (TV's Charlie Weaver) [1960] Let's Play Trains/The Columbian Limited/Little Smokey, The Runaway Train/Little Toot

HL-9514 - Bob Hannon Sings for Children - Bob Hannon [1960] Reissue of Harmony HL-7033. Bimbo/Little Red Caboose/Daniel The Spaniel/I've Got To Have A Pony/I've Been Working On The Railroad/The Little Engine That Could/Going To Boston/Willy The Spider/I'm A Big Red Fire Engine/The Barnyard Song

HL-9515 - Songs and Stories for Children - Ray Heatherton (The Merry Mailman) [1957] Reissue of Harmony HL-7034. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs/Three Little Pigs/School Days/Hansel And Gretel/Lazy Mary/A- Tisket, A-Tasket//Alice In Wonderland/I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard/Weevily Wheat/Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow-Wow/I'm A Little Teapot/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers

HL-9516 - Animal Song Parade - Various Artists [1960] Reissue of Harmony HL-7037. The Little White Duck - Bob Hannon/Fuzzy Wuzzy (Wuz A Bear) - Burt Taylo/Frog Went A-Courtin' - Peter Piper & Forty- Niners Quartet/(How Much Is That) Doggie In The Window - Patty McGovern/Ducks On Parade - Forty-Niners Quartet/The Teddy Bears' Picnic - Peter Piper & Forty-Niners Quartet/Peewee The Kiwi Bird - Bob Hannon/Snoopy The Pussycat - Patty McGovern/The Bulldog On The Bank - Forty-Niners Quartet/What Kind Of An Animal Are You? - Burt Taylor

HL-9517 - The Harmony Children's Story Album - Various Artists [1960] Reissue of Harmony HL-7139. Pinocchio, The Wooden Puppet - Bob Hannon/Jack And The Beanstalk - Jerry Wayne/Goldilocks And The Three Bears - Bob Hannon/Three Little Pigs - Ray Heatherton/The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Jerry Wayne//Rumpelstiltskin - Jerry Wayne/Cinderella - Stanley Carlson/Little Red Riding Hood - Stanley Carlson/The Ugly Duckling - Bob Hannon/The Little Red Hen - Jerry Wayne/Chicken Licken - Jerry Wayne

HL-9518 - The Talking Record for Boys - Miss Rosemary Rice [1960] From cover: "This record actually engages the child in conversation--an exciting question and answer game ideal for all pre-school children and first graders." The Talking Record For Boys (Part I)//The Talking Record For Boys (Part II)

HL-9519 - The Talking Record for Girls - Miss Rosemary Rice [1960] From cover: "This record actually engages the child in conversation--an exciting question and answer game ideal for all pre-school children and first graders." The Talking Record For Girls (Part I)//The Talking Record For Girls (Part II)

HL-9520 - Children's Television Favorites - Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) & Orchestra [1960] Reissue of Columbia CL-1012. Captain Kangaroo March/The Dancing Bear/It's Another Be-Good-To-Mommy Day/Dance-Along Zoo//Tootlepiper's Band/Train Ride Square Dance/Dance-Along Farm

HL-9521 - Nursery Songs & Stories - Gene Kelly [1960] Reissue of Columbia CL-1063. London Bridge/Jack And Jill/Sing A Song Of Sixpence/Mary Had A Little Lamb/Little Boy Blue/Pop! Goes The Weasel/Pussy Cat/Mulberry Bush/Little Bo-Peep/Hickory Dickory Dock/See Saw Margery Daw/Billy Boy/Farmer In The Dell/Ten Little Indians/Alphabet Song/The Shoemaker And The Elves/The Cuckoo Who Lived In A Clock

HL-9522 - Let's Play a Musical Game - Various Artists [1960] (Come On And) Join Into The Game - Tom Glazer/Put Your Finger In The Air - Tom Glazer/Lead A Little Orchestra - William Keene/Square Dances for Children: Do A Little Square Dance; Two By Two; Looby Loo; Indian Buffalo Dance; Yankee Doodle Square Dance - Peter Piper/Let's Have A Rhythm Band - Sally Sweetland & Arthur Malvin

HL-9523 - Dickens' Christmas Carol/Christmas Carols - Basil Rathbone/Lyn Murray Singers [1960] Reissue of Columbia ML-4081. Side 1 (Basil Rathbone): Part 1: Introduction/Part 2: Marley's Ghost/Part 3: Christmas Past/Part 4: Christmas Present/Part 5: Christmas Future/Part 6: Epilogue (Scrooge's Reform)//Side 2 (Lyn Murray Singers): Adeste Fideles (O Come, All Ye Faithful)/Silent Night, Holy Night/Joy To The World/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/The First Nowell/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/It Came Upon The Midnight Clear/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

HL-9524 - Children's Songs for a Rainy Day - Various Artists [1960] Fuzzy Wuzzy - Rosemary Clooney/Barney The Bashful Bullfrog - Gene Autry/The Dodo Bird In The Banyan Tree - Art Carney/Willy The Spider - Bob Hannon/The Fox And His Friends - Tom Glazer/Willie, The Whistling Giraffe - Rosemary Clooney/Wilbur The Wiggily Worm - Bob Hannon/Them - Art Carney/Peewee The Kiwi Bird - Bob Hannon/Mister Boogie Woogie - Kiddy Kats

HL-9525 - Puss in Boots/The Chinese Nightingale - Uncle Bill Adams, narrator, and Let's Pretend Company [1961]

HL-9526 - Hans Christian Andersen in Song and Story - Rosemary Rice [1961] The Ugly Duckling/Thumbelina/The Little Tin Soldier/Inchworm/The King's New Clothes

HL-9527 - Two All Time Favorite Stories for Children! - Gene Kelly [1961] Peter Rabbit//The Pied Piper Of Hamlin

HL-9528 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears/The Gingerbread Boy - David Allen [1961]

HL-9529 - Song and Story Time - Gene Kelly [1961] The House That Wouldn't//Songs From "When We Were Very Young": Hoppity; Missing; Politeness; Sneezles; Halfway Down; The Four Friends; At The Zoo; In The Fashion

HL-9530 - Sleepy Time Songs/Wide Awake Songs - Norman Luboff Choir [1961] Reissue of Columbia CL 1179. Brahms' Lullaby/Sweet And Low/Cradle Song/All Through The Night/Slumbertime/Sleep Baby Sleep/Good Night//Blow The Man Down/Clear The Track/The Old Chisholm Trail/Whoopie Ti Yi Yo/Kemo Kimo/The Ballad Of The Boll Weevil

HL-9531 - Holiday Fun for Children - Rosemary Rice [1961] From cover: "New stories, songs, and ways to celebrate New Year's, Valentine, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving."

HL-9532 - Bible Stories for Children: The First Six Stories of Genesis - Bud Collyer [1962] How It All Began (The Story Of Creation)/Adam And Eve/Cain And Abel//Noah And The Planning Of The Ark/Noah And The Ark And The Flood/The Tower Of Babel

HL-9533 - Here Comes Willie Woo - Ron Marshall [1962] Willie Woo's Mithing Tooth/Worm Song/Do You Know How To Make Cabbage Grow?/Little Playtime Band/Climbing Together/Peter's Song/Freddy Bear, My Teddy Bear/Chick Chick And The Duckling/Zoo Musicians/Moisevitch The Lion/I Have A Little Zoo

HL-9534 - Hey Kids, Let's Sing! - Rosemary Rice [1962] Row, Row, Row Your Boat/Merrily We Roll Along/Three Blind Mice/Old MacDonald/I've Been Workin' On The Railroad/Home On The Range/I'm A Texan/Ten Little Indians/The Little Skunk Song/The Bear Went Over The Mountain/Sailing, Sailing/My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean/London Bridge/A- Tisket, A-Tasket/Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone?/Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush/Frere Jacques/Alouette/This Old Man/Billy Boy/Pop! Goes The Weasel/The Man On The Flying Trapeze

HL-9535 - Learning America the Fun Way! - Rosemary Rice [1962] Also released as a "Hi-Fi Fun Musical Coloring Kit," catalog number C-35. The album was packaged with six colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a series of color-by-the-number pictures that folded into their own frames. Clickety Clack/Indians!/Thanksgiving Day/Over The River And Through The Woods/The Boston Tea Party/Yankee Doodle/My Country 'Tis Of Thee/George, George Washington/Ol' Dan'l Boone/Red River Valley/On Top Of Old Smokey/Skip To My Lou/A Great Big Pot Of Gold/Sacramento/Oh, Susanna/Expansion/She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain/Turkey In The Straw/Buffalo Gals/Shortenin' Bread/Mighty Lak A Rose/Dixie/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again/Tramp, Tramp, Tramp/Abe, Abe, Abraham/Casey Jones/And The Band Played On/Daisy, Daisy/East Side, West Side/Airplanes, Airplanes/Clickety Clack

HL-9536 - The Silly Record - Frank Buxton [1962] Also released as a "Hi-Fi Fun Musical Coloring Kit," catalog number C-36. The album was packaged with six colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a series of color-by- the-number pictures that folded into their own frames. Introduction/Silly Story/Silly Things To Say/A Silly Song/Another Silly Song/Another, Another Silly Song/Silly Secrets/Another Silly Story/Silly Question And Another Silly Question/Silly People/Silly Lily/Silly Nothings/Silly Stuff With Numbers/Silly Backwards Talk/Silly London Bridges/Silly Names (To Call People And Things)/Silly Recipe/Silly Please, Silly Thank You, Silly You're Welcome/Silly Poem/Meeting The Instruments

HL-9537 - Stories of Famous Children in the Old Testament - Bud Collyer with the Merrill Staton Singers [1962] Also released as a "Hi-Fi Fun Musical Coloring Kit," catalog number C-37. The album was packaged with six colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a series of color-by-the-number pictures that folded into their own frames. Hagar And Ishmael/Isaac And The Test Of Abraham's Faith/Jacob And Esau//Joseph And The Coat Of Many Colors/Benjamin And The Cup Of Silver/Moses In The Bulrushes/David, The Shepherd Boy

HL-9538 - Mama Goose and Papa Gander - Mr. Greenjeans (Hugh Brannum) [1962] Also released as a "Hi-Fi Fun Musical Coloring Kit," catalog number C-38. The album was packaged with six colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a series of color-by-the-number pictures that folded into their own frames. Cats, Mice And Other Wild Animals: A Cat Came Fiddling; Higgledy, Piggledy; Six Little Mice; Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat; Wild Animals/Tangle Tunes: Betty Botter; Swan Swum; Peter Piper; She Sells Sea Shells; The Alphabet In The Air/The Owl And The Pussy Cat/There "Wuza" Songs: There Was A Piper; There Was A Crooked Man; There Was An Old Woman; There Was A Man In Our Town/Songs From Alice's Wonderland: Will You Walk A Little Faster?; The Lion And The Unicorn; Tweedle Dum And Tweedle Dee; How Doth The Little Crocodile; Beautiful Soup//Sense And Nonsense: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe; If All The Seas Were One Sea; Little Jack Jingle; As I Was Going Up The Stair; Three Wise Men Of Gotham; Anna Elise/Jackson Scott, The Astronaut/Very Important People: Hector Protector; Gregory Griggs; Doctor Faustus; Solomon Grundy; Robin, The Bobbin/The Duck And The Kangaroo/Sleepy-Time Songs: Wynken, Blynken And Nod; Wee Willie Winkie; Matthew, Mark, Luke And John

HL-9539 - For Sleepyheads Only: Songs to Tuck You In - Kay Lande with Noel Regney & His Orchestra [1962] Also released as a "Hi-Fi Fun Musical Coloring Kit," catalog number C-39. The album was packaged with six colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a series of color-by-the-number pictures that folded into their own frames. Mommy, Please Come Play With Me/My Musical Monkey/My Little Ballerina/I Know A Game/Mommy, Come See/The Little Train That Caught A Cold/Kitty Kat/Bubbley Time//A Trip To Lullaby Land/Welsh Lullaby/Norwegian Lullaby/Lullaby Of Spain/German Lullaby/Lullaby Of France/Jewish Lullaby/Lullaby Of Italy/Sleepy-Head

HL-9540 - A Day at the Circus with "Mr. Singing Ringmaster" - Harold Ronk [1962] Also released as a "Hi-Fi Fun Musical Coloring Kit," catalog number C-40. The album was packaged with six colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a series of color-by-the-number pictures that folded into their own frames. The Greatest Show On Earth (Come To The Circus)/Popcorn And Lemonade/Mr. Ringmaster, That's Me/Over And Over Again/Be A Clown/The Great Splendoured Spectacle//Showdown/Swing Hi, Swing Lo (On The Flying Trapeze)/Polka Dot Polka/Be A Jumping Jack/Circus Lullaby/Grand Finale: Little Man You've Had A Busy Day; That's Entertainment

HL-9541 - A Trip to Magic-Animal-Land - John Reardon [1963] Carousel/The Seal/Ten Little Penguins/The Spotted Giraffe/The Stylish Flamingo/The Jolly Elephant/Poll Parrot/Kangaroo's Pocket/Hippopotamus/The Umbrella Bird/The Train/The Whistling Wind/The Wood Pecker/The Bull-Frog And The Toad/The Puzzled Pelican/The Goat And The Tom-Cat/Mrs. Mousie/Caterpillar/The Gay Grasshoppers' Ball


HL-9543 - Pick-a-Story with Rosemary and Learn to Tell Time with Grandson Clock! - Rosemary Rice [1963] Includes a cardboard "training clock." Play-A-Story Theme/Grandson Clock/A Clock's Family Tree/A Day In The Life Of A Clock/What Can You Do In A Minute?/I've Got A Little Built-In Clock/A Clock Is Your Friend/A Long Line Of Clocks/Grandson Clock (Reprise)/Play-A-Story Theme

HL-9544 - Diver Dan and the Bermuda Onion - Kay Lande & Del Close [1963] Diver Dan (Theme Song); Water, Water Everywhere/"A" Is For An Apple/Onions Will Make You Cry/I'm The Toughest Creature Of The Sea; We're On Our Way To Sally's/Otto The Octopus/Sally Seashell/They'll Never Catch Us Now/That's Something Nobody Can Do; Diver Dan (Theme Song)

HL-9545 - Zoo's Who? and Other Favorite Children's Song - Adrian Revere [1963] Zoo's Who?/Frog He Would A-Wooing Go/Otto, The Otter/The Little White Bear/The Little White Duck/Animal Fair/The Hen Is In The Haymow/Gus, The Duck-Bill Platypus/The Hare And The Tortoise/The Frog And The Salmon/The Ugly Duckling/Peewee, The Kiwi Bird/The Lamb

HL-9546 - Let's Have a Party - Kay Lande [1964] We're Gonna Have A Party/Partyland/One Valentine, Two Valentines/Bunny Rabbit Hop/Circus Parade/Grab Bag Song/Trick Or Treat Parade/Shy Little Ghost/Here Comes The Turkey/Man With The Merry Ho-Ho-Ho/Blow Out The Candles/Goodbye, Goodbye

HL-9547 - Let's Have a Puppet Show - Paul & Mary Ritts [1964] Puppet Show/The Funny Bone Song/The Surprise Package/I'd Like To Be A Cowboy/Why, Oh, Why, Oh, Why, Oh?/Riddle-A-Riddle/My Grandparents' Attic/Sound Effects/I Met A Lion Last Saturday Afternoon/My Secret Hideaway/March The Numbers 'Round The Room/Where In The World Did The Night Go?/Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye

HL-9548 - Galloping on My Dinosaur - Larry Thor [1964] Sad Day, Lonely Day/The Gimme Pig/When You Hurt/Picnic/Answer Every Question/Matinee Lullaby/Scary Song/Since You Went Away/Worry Song/T.V. Song/Galloping On My Dinosaur/Lullaby

HL-9549 - The "I Don't Want to Go to Bed" Record - Jim Dukas & Kay Lande [1964] I Don't Want To Go To Bed Song/The Yawn Song/Don't Please Your Parents/The Name Song

HL-9550 - The Original Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Other Children's Christmas Favorites - Gene Autry with Rosemary Clooney [1964] Later released in rechanneled stereo as HS-14550. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town/Here Comes Santa Claus/He's A Chubby Little Fellow/Santa, Santa, Santa/Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer/The Night Before Christmas Song - with Rosemary Clooney/I Wish My Mom Would Marry Santa Claus/When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter/Frosty The Snowman/Everyone's A Child At Christmas

HL-9551 - The Lollipop Tree - Burl Ives [1965] Later released in rechanneled stereo as HS-14551. The Lollipop Tree/Old Witch, Old Witch/The Little Turtle/The Moon Is The North Wind's Cookie/Two Little Trains/Lavender Cowboy/Wee Cooper O'Fife/Riddle Song/Where Have You Been/Way Down In The Back Of The Barn/Robin, He Married/Tam Pierce/ What Shall I Do With The Baby-O/Leather-Winged Bat

HL-9552 - All Star Children's Album, Vol. 1 - Various Artists [1965] Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) - Doris Day/(The Worry Song) The King Who Couldn't Dance - Gene Kelly/The Syncopated Clock - Rosemary Clooney/The No No Song - Red Buttons/I'm A Lonely Little Petunia (In An Onion Patch) - Arthur Godfrey/Smarty - Julie Andrews/The Song Of The Bassoon And The Piccolo (Va Va Va Voom) - Art Carney/Rusty, The Rocking Horse - Gene Autry/What's New At The Zoo? - Polly Bergen/The Tenor Doodle-Doo - Burl Ives

HL-9553 - The Mitch Miller Children's Album - Mitch Miller & Gang & Sing-Along Kids [1965] Do-Re-Mi/The Bowery Grenadiers/Alouette March/The Bonnie Blue Gal/The President On The Dollar/The Children's Marching Song (Nick Nack Paddy Whack)/Tunes Of Glory/The Zazu Zazu Tree/Pink Polemoniums/Walkin' Down To Washington

HL-9554 - The First Christmas Record for Children - Various Artists [1965] Later released in rechanneled stereo as HS-14554. Here Comes Santa Claus - Doris Day/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Jimmy Boyd/The Littlest Snowman - Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan)/Suzy Snowflake - Rosemary Clooney/'Twas The Night Before Christmas - Ray Heatherton/Jingle Bells - Arthur Godfrey/The Little Christmas Tree - Red Skelton/He'll Be Coming Down The Chimney - Gene Autry/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - Bob Hannon/C-H-R-I-S- T-M-A-S - Rosemary Clooney

HL-9555 - Peter Cottontail: The First Easter Record for Children - Various Artists [1966] Later released in rechanneled stereo as HS-14555. Abridged reissue of Columbia CL-1109. Peter Cottontail - Gene Autry/Eggbert, The Easter Egg - Rosemary Clooney/Sonny, The Bunny - Gene Autry/Bunny On The Rainbow - Rosemary Clooney/Flop, Mop, Cotton And Pete - Art Carney/Easter Parade - Rosemary Clooney/The Funny Little Bunny (With The Powder Puff Tail) - Gene Autry/My Choc'late Rabbit - Rosemary Clooney/Bunny Round-Up Time - Gene Autry/A Thump, A Twinkle And A Twitch . . . Or How To Make A Rabbit - Art Carney

HL-9556 - Famous Children's Stories - Garry Moore [1966] Reissue of Columbia CL-676. How The Camel Got His Hump/The Elephant's Child/How The Whale Got His Tiny Throat

HL-9557 - The ABC Stories of Jesus - Anita Bryant [1966] Reissue of Columbia CL-1875. A Is For Angels Who Sang Of Jesus' Birth/B Is For Baby Jesus, And For Bethlehem, Too/C Is For Cradle, A Little Bed For A Baby/D Is For A Little Donkey That Went To Bethlehem/E Is For The East, Where A Bright Star Shone/F Is For Frankincense, A Gift For The New King/G Is For God, Who Loved And Sent Jesus/H Is For A Little House In Bethlehem/I Is For An Infant, A Tiny Baby/J Is For Jerusalem, A City In The Land Where Jesus Lived/K Is For Kind Things That Jesus Did/L Is For Love, And For Loving, Too/M Is For Martha And Mary, In Whose Home Jesus Visited/N Is For Nazareth, A City Where Jesus Preached/O Is For Out-Of-Doors Where Jesus Taught The People/P Is For A Prayer That Jesus Taught His Friends/Q Is For A Question That Jesus Answered/R Is For "Rejoice!" Another Word For "Be Glad!"/S Is For A Song The Children Sang To Jesus/T Is For A Treasure That Mary Gave To Jesus/U Is For Unhappiness Which Jesus Changed To Gladness/V Is For Bible Verses That Tell About Jesus/W Is For Wake-Up Time, When Easter Comes/X Has No Word For These Bible Stories/Y Is For You, Your Very Own Self/Z Is For Zion, A Name For The Heavenly Home

HL-9558 - Great Adventure Stories for Children - Basil Rathbone/Errol Flynn [1966] Robin Hood - Basil Rathbone//The Three Musketeers - Errol Flynn

HL-9559 - Do-Re-Mi and Other Children's Favorites - Doris Day [1966] With Jimmy Joyce and His Children's Chorus. Allyn Ferguson, arranger-conductor. Abridged reissue of Columbia CL-2266. Give A Little Whistle/The Children's Marching Song (Nick Nack Paddy Whack)/Getting To Know You/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/High Hopes/Do Re Mi/Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)/The Inch-Worm/Swinging On A Star/Sleepy Baby

HL-9560/HS-14560 - Half-Past Wednesday: The New Musical Version of Rumpelstiltskin (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1967] Julian Stein, arranger-conductor. Reissue of Columbia CL-1917/CS-8717. Prologue: I've Got A Goose - Cast/What's The Fun Of Being King (If The King Is Poor?) - Dom DeLuise/You're The Sweet Beginning - Sean Garrison & Audre Johnston/Who? Where? What? - David Winters/The Spinning Song - David Winters & Audre Johnston/If You Did It Once - Cast/How Lovely, How Lovely - Audre Johnston & Sean Garrison/The Spinning Song (Reprise) - David Winters//Grandfather (Ev'ry Baby's Best Friend) - Dom DeLuise & Robert Fitch/To Whit--To Whoo - David Winters/What's The Name Of "What's His Name"? - Cast/Companionship - David Winters/We Know A Secret - Cast/Finale - Cast

Note: At this point, label changes from black to brown.

HL-9561/HS-14561 - Here Come the Beagles - Unidentified [1967] "The Beagles" was a 1966 Saturday morning cartoon series about the adventures of two dogs who sing British Invasion-type songs. Looking For The Beagles/Sharing Wishes/Indian Love Dance/What More Can I Do/I'd Join The Foreign Legion/Be The Captain/Humpty Dumpty/Thanks To The Man In The Moon/I Wanna Capture You/You Satisfy

HL-9562/HS-14562 - Tales of Ragged Ann - Lois Sherman [1967] Ragged Ann And The Three Bears/Little Red Ragged Ann/Ragged Ann And The Seven Dwarfs/Irving The Mouse

HL-9563/HS-14563 - A Child's Christmas - Various Artists [1967] 'Twas The Night Before Christmas - Art Carney/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers -Ray Heatherton & Columbia Playtime Orchestra/(I'm Gettin') Nuttin' For Christmas - Ricky Zahnd & Blue Jeaners with Tony Mattola Orchestra/The Twelve Days Of Christmas - Burl Ives with Percy Faith & His Orchestra//Something Barked On Christmas Morning - Ricky Zahnd & Blue Jeaners with Tony Mattola Orchestra/March Of The Christmas Toys - José Ferrer with the Quartones/Jingle Bells - Jerry Wayne with Orchestra/Good King Wenceslas - Jerry Wayne with Orchestra

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