Nashboro/Nasco/Crescent/Creed/Mankind Album Discographies
by David Edwards, Mike Callahan, and Allan Moss
Last update: March 5, 2002

Nashboro was formed in 1951 in Nashville Tennessee by Ernie Young. The output of the label was primarily gospel music. The Nasco label was formed in 1957, for rhythm and blues and rock and roll. A second gospel label Crescent was formed in 1967.

The Nasco label had success with the Crescendos in 1958 with a song called "Oh, Julie," which made the pop music Top 10. The group was never able to repeat its success and became one of the "one hit wonders" of the '50s.

The Nashboro label was green with black printing. "NASHBORO" above the center hole. Below the Nashboro is the notation "33 1/3 RPM" in a curved black segment, "NONBREAKABLE" above the 33 1/3. At the bottom of the label is "MICROGROOVE LONG PLAYING"

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

LP-7000 Gospel Series:

LP-7000 - What About Me - Swanee Quintet [1960] Sit Down Servant/New Walk/It's Hard To Get Along/Over In Zion/My Last Prayer/Where He Leads Me/What About Me/My Father's Land/Jesus Won't Fail/Lowly Jesus/Sleep On Mother/The Fire Keeps A Burning

LP-7001 - Master's On Our Side - Brother Joe May [1960] The Master's On Our Side/My Mother Prayed For Me/Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name/I Heard Angels Singing/When The Lord Gets Ready, You've Go To Run/ Willing To Run/My Conversion/Go Tell The News/It's A Mighty Building /You Better Mind (What You Say)/Please Lord Have Mercy/My Heavenly Home

LP-7002 - He'll Fix It - Edna Gallmon Cooke [1960?] Walk Through The Valley/Amen/Nobody But You Lord/Come Home/Heavy Load/He'll Fix It/If You Don't Go/It Must Be Jesus/In My Heavenly Home/Wave That Train/Warfare/I've Been Redeemed

LP-7003 - My Sweet Home - Margaret Allison and the Angelic Gospel Singers [1961] Jesus Never Fails Me/I'll Be Alright/Nobody Knows My Troubles/ Touch Me Lord Jesus/Out Of The Depths/My Sweet Home/Everybody Ought To Pray/Goin' Over Yonder/Yes He Will/Please Lord, Remember Me/ Jesus Is All The World To Me/I Know I'm Saved

LP-7004 - Consolers - Consolers [1961] Give Me My Flowers/How Long Has It Been/I Shall Not Want/Long Long Journey/Some Sweet Day Afterwhile/God Will Take Care/Every Christian Mother/I Know What It Means/After The Clouds Roll Away/Help Me To Understand/Glad To Be In The Number/My Soul's Salvation

LP-7005 - Salesman For God - Rev. N.H. Smith Jr. [1961] Sermon

LP-7006 - Best Loved Gospel Songs - Various Artists [1962] Chosen Gospel Singers - When The Saints Go Marching in/Jewell Gospel Singers - Too Late/Kindly Shepherds - Every Year Carries A Number/Silvertone [Gospel] Singers - Rescue the Perishing/Skylarks - Baptism of Jesus/I Stepped In The Water One Day/Spiritual Five - Walk Around/Spiritual Keynotes - Ashamed Of Jesus/Trumpeteers - Seven Angels/Milky White Way /Right John/My Lord Called Me

LP-7007 - Lame from Thy Birth - Rev. William Allen Demonbreum [1962] Sermon

LP-7008 - Anniversary Album - Swanee Quintet [1962] Where He Leads Me/ Just One More Time/Holy Ghost Got Me/How I Got Over/Take The Lord With You/Holy Wine/Great Change In Me/I Want You To Move/One More River To Cross/I Know It Was The Blood/Jesus Loves Me/He's Everything To Me

LP-7009 - Stop Gambler - Edna Gallmon Cooke [1962] The Lord Still Answers Prayers/The Hammer Rings/Stop Gambler/Jesus Will Never Say No/Lord When I Get Home/Leaking In This Building/Let's Praise God/Mother's Looking For Me/Let Jesus Lead You/Lost Sheep/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Had/Life's Lonesome Road

LP-7010 - Walk On and Talk On - Brother Joe May [1962] Goin' On A Long Journey/Wake Me And Shake Me/Walk On And Talk On/Walk With Me Lord/ Take A Poor Servant Home/How The Lord Can Heal/You're Gonna Need Him/ I Found The Light/Leaning On Him/Father I Belong To Thee/God Is The One/Bring Back Those Days

LP-7011 - I Need You Lord - Hightower Brothers [1963] My Jesus Loves Me/ Lord Take Me Through/Jesus My Only Friend/To The End/Saved By The Blood Of Jesus/This Little Light Of Mine/I Need You Lord/Lord Spare Me/Lord's Been Good To Me/Jesus I Love Thee/Jesus Will Fix It/You Got To Pray

LP-7012 - Keep Faith In God - Morgan Babb [1963] What Is This/Keep Faith In God/This Soul Of Mine/The Devil's On Your Track/What More Can Jesus Do/In Love With Jesus/No One Knows/You Ought To Have Bee Nthere/My God Works Wonders/Don't Stop Serving God

LP-7013 - Songs My Mother Sang - Edna Gallmon Cooke [1963] Seven Steps To Hell/Jesus Is Mine/Can't Feel At Home Anymore/I Need Thee Every Hour /You Members/Day Is Dying In The West/I Heard Jerusalem Moan/A Sinner And The Song/Got To Go To Judgement/He Cares/Got To Love Everybody/Without You Lord

LP-7014 - Meetin' Tonight - Swanee Quintet [1963] Oh Yes He Will/Meetin' Tonight/Oh How I Love Jesus/Life's Ocean/I'm A Pilgrim/I'll Be Alright/God Is Real/I'm Gonna Tell Jesus/Don't Worry About Me/Trust In The Lord/New Born Soul, Parts 1 & 2

LP-7015 - Best Loved Gospel Songs, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [1963] Lucille Barbee - Let The Church Roll On/Boyer Brothers - Step By Step/ Christland Singers - All The Way Lord/Jordan River Singers - I'm A Soldier/My Life Is In His Hands/Radio Four - An Earnest Prayer/If You Miss Me From Praying/Silvertone Gospel Singers - Jesus Be My Keeper /Since Jesus Came Into My Heart/Southern Sons - In My Saviour's Care/ Didn't It Rain Children

LP-7016 - Heart Warming Spirituals - Consolers [1963] Waiting For My Child/I'm Not Uneasy/On God's Word/The Grace Of God/Won't It Be Grand/I Must Tell Jesus/Peace Will Prevail/Wipe All Tears Away/ What A Friend We Have In Jesus/One Of These Mornings/Another Child Of God/Remember Me

LP-7017 - Songs Of The Gospel - Brother Joe May [1964] Let Me Rise Again/ Jesus Said Go/We're Marching On/Mother's Prayer Answered/Heaven Is In My View/The Rugged Mountain/I'm Goin' That Way/A Pitiful Condition/Jesus The Winner/Just A Closer Walk/Bye And Bye, Afterwhile/My Soul Will Live

LP-7018 - Hymns Of The Gospel - Eloise Brown [1964] Blessed Assurance/ What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Highway To Heaven/The Name Of Jesus/ Oh A Closer Walk With God/When They Ring Those Golden Bells/Amazing Grace/There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood/Rock Of Ages/Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Saviour/Nothing Between/Leaning On The Everlasting Arm

LP-7019 - Joy In The Morning - Consolers [1964] Joy In The Morning/ Farther Along/I'm Goin' Home/Little Wooden Church/I Promised The Lord/Salvation Is Free/Be Ready When He Comes/I'm Going Through/ Roll Those Burdens Away/Take It To The Lord/Don't Want To Be Lost/ Somewhere Around God's Throne

LP-7020 - Songs Of Comfort - Edna Gallmon Cooke [1964] The Mule Talked/ Little Boy/I Heard A Voice/Meet My Loving Mother/Anybody Over There /Pray Sometime/End Of My Day/Come On, Let's Run/Holy Ghost And Fire /Come And Go With Me/The Blood/The Promised Land

LP-7021 - Songs From The Heart - Angelic Gospel Singers [1964] My Life Will Be Sweeter/Almost Persuaded/If It Wasn't For The Lord/Since Jesus Came Into My Heart/Camp Meetin'/Tell The Angels/Back To The Dust/Just Jesus/All Of God's Children/Let's Go Home/There's Not A Friend/When Troubles Burden Me

LP-7022 - Soul Stirring Gospels - Swanee Quintet [1964] When I'm Gone/ There Is A Man/Where He Leads Me/The Lord Laid His Hands On Me/I've Got Religion/Hard To Get Along/It Must Be Jesus/What Manner Of Man Is This/Jesus Met The Woman/What Are They Doing/The Church Today/ Jesus Hold My Hand

LP-7023 - Goin' Back To Jesus - Gospel Clouds Of Joy [1965] Get My Crown/Give God a Chance/Our Plea/He'll Bring You Out/Old Time Religion/I'm Not Alone //Don't Know Without the Lord/Take It to Jesus/Laid My Burdens Down/Jesus! Sweetest Name/My Reward/This is Our Prayer

LP-7024 - Sweet Memories - Consolers [1965] Sweet Memories/My Religion/ Beams Of Heaven/There's A Bright Side Somewhere/Down Here Lord/Jesus On The Main Line/The Lighthouse/Only One Look/Lord Don't Leave Me/ He Holds My Hand/My Work Will Be Done

LP-7025 - Living Gospel Songs - Edna Gallmon Cooke [1965] Without Your Garments/God Be With You/Pay Day/Coming Home/Balm In Gilead/I Love To Tell The Story/You've Been So Good /What A Friend/Child Of The King/Swing Wide/Old Time Religion/If I Gain The World

LP-7026 - Songs That Lift The Soul - Swanee Quintet [1965] This Train/Gonna Fly Away/New Sit Down Servant/You Better Mind/Motherless Children/On The Battlefield/End Of My Journey/Going On With Jesus/ He's My Friend/Feed Me Jesus/Rock In A Weary Land/Things Will Be Alright

LP-7027 - Holy Boldness - Rev. Morgan Babb [1965] Sermon

LP-7028 - Songs That Bring Joy - Bells Of Joy [1966] Play On Your Harp, Little David/I Know The Secret/Let's Talk About Jesus/There Is A Child/Gotta Come In At The Door/Angels Lullaby/Many Years/Oh! How I Love Jesus/A Fountain Filled With Blood/Sinner Man/Are You Looking For Jesus/Today Is Past And Gone

LP-7029 - Songs Of Inspiration - Consolers [1966] Yes He Will/Sin Is To Blame/My Testimony/Thank You Lord/He Will Deliver Me/We'll Hold On /What A God We Serve/Alright, Alright/I Made Gos A Promise/Troubles Of This World/Too Loate/His Child Is Aboard

LP-7030 - Drinking Of The Wine - Supreme Angels [1966] Drinking Of The Wine/Down The Narrow Path/God Specialises/Come On (Don't You Want To Go)/Rest A Little While/Yes, He's Mine/I Got A Standing Invitation/ Lord I've Tried/You Can't Hurry God/Near The Cross/Lord I'll Go With You/Will The Circle Be Unbroken

LP-7031 - My Own Fault - Brother Joe May [1966] My Own Fault/I Saw Jesus /It's Me Oh Lord/Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross/Country Church/I Trust In God/The End/Jesus Is First/Faith And Grace/In Jesus' Name /I Need Wings/Will You Guide Me

LP-7032 - Lord Give Me Strength - Prof. Harold Boggs [1966] My Loving Mother Prayed For Me/'Tis So Sweet To Let God Abide/That's The Way The Lord Works/Long Tedious Journey/Lord Give Me Strength/Heaven Is A Beautiful Placee/The World Didn't Give It/How Long Has It Been/ Life's Ocean/I Love The Lord/I Got To Keep On/You'll Never Walk Alone

LP-7033 - All Time Gospel Hits - Various Artists [1966] Angelic Gospel Singers - Touch Me Lord Jesus/Prof Harold Boggs - I've Fixed It With Jesus/Bright Stars - Family Prayer/Consolers - Give Me My Flowers/ Mme Edna Gallmon Cooke - Stop Gambler/Rev M Larry Franklin - A Sweet Hour Of Prayer (Ex Jvb)/Gospel Songbirds - The Bible Is Right/Skylarks - Roll Jordan Roll/Swanee Quintet - How I Got Over/Taylor Brothers Gospel Singers - Mother's Advice

LP-7034 - Sensational Sounds of the Traveling Notes - Traveling Notes [1966] Jesus Is A Solid Rock/Make Me/Come Now Lord Jesus/Ask/Send A Message/It's A Blessing/Remember Me/Deeper In His Love/Love The Lord/Send Me/He Won't Deny Me/Just A Look

LP-7035 - Two Sermons - Reverend Edmond Blair [1967] I'm Into Something And I Can't Shake It Loose (There appears to be only one sermon on this album)

LP-7036 - Echoes Of The Gospel - Morning Echoes Of Detroit [1967] The Lord Will Provide/I've Got Jesus/Jesus Showed Us The Way/The Lord Will Make A Way/In The Garden Of Eden/Spare Me Over Another Year/Fire One Day/We'll See You Home Again/Misunderstanding Of A Friend/Servant's Prayer/People Turning Away From God

LP-7037 - The Soul Of The Consolers - Consolers [1967] Lord Bring Me Down/Stop By A Church Sometime/Forgive Me For The Wrong I've Done/ The Train Moves On/Bring Them Home/God Is So Good/I Will Go Where He Wants Me To Go/The Last Mile Of The Way/He'll Make It Alright/One More River To Cross/I Want To Be A Christian/Someone Must Answer

LP-7038 - Jesus Is Mine - Cheatham Spiritual Singers [1967] Jesus Is Mine /Oh How I Love Jesus/Oh Lord I Pray/He's My Redeemer/Jesus, So Good To Me/Highway To Heaven/Move On Up A Little Higher/The Lord Will Provide/Be Ready When Jesus Comes/We've Come This Far By Faith/I Thank You Lord/The Failure Is Not In God

LP-7039 - That's Enough - Brother Joe May [1967] To That Land/I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About/The Day Has Passed And Gone/Lily Of The Valley/Don't Fly So High/Where Is The Road That Leads Home/What Is This (Studio)/You've Got To Move/Trouble In My Way/That's Enough /To My Home In Glory

LP-7040 - All Time Gospel Hits - Various Artists [1967] Angelic Gospel Singers - My Sweet Home/Consolers - Waiting For My Child/Lord Bring Me Down/Mme Edna Gallmon Cooke - Seven Steps To Hell/You've Got To Move/ Something's Got A Hold Of Me/I Don't Have To Worry/Lord I'm Your Child /Jesus Prayed As They Slept/Walk Around My Bedside/Dr Morgan Babb - Keep Faith In God/Make Me/Hightower Brothers - Seat In The Kingdom/ Brother Joe May - You've Got To Move/Radio Four - Walk Around My Bedside /St Paul A M E Church Choir, Detroit - Jesus Prayed As They Slept/ Skylarks - Lord I'm Your Child/Swanee Quintet - Somethin Got A Hold On Me (Holy Ghost Got Me)/Traveling Notes - Make Me/Emma Tucker - I Don't Have To Worry

LP-7041 - At The Gate - Edna Gallmon Cooke [1967] At The Gate/He's Coming Back Again/Shake My Mother's Hand/Jesus Is My Only Friend/ Poor Me/When I Get Inside/Down On Me/Bottles Of Tears/Remember Me /His Blood Has Made Me Whole/You Must Be Born Again/Stay In The Field

LP-7042 - I Don't Need No Doctor - Reverend Edmond Blair [1967] Sermon

LP-7043 - Jesus Loves Me - Brooklyn Allstars [1967] How Long Has It Been/ Walk In Jerusalem/Time Waits For No One/Once A Day/Trying To Get Home/Jesus Loves Me/Let Jesus Fix It/I Need The Lord/Motherless Child/I Looked Down The Line

LP-7044 - I Believe - Professor Harold Boggs [1967] I've Been A Christian Too Long/Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere/It Was God Almighty/Praying For God's Amazing Grace/Lord I'm Coming Home/When Is My Child Coming Home /Don't Let It Be God/He's The Joy Of My Salvation/One Good Deed Deserves Another/I Believe/Pray For The Usa/If You Just Ask Him

LP-7045 - Angels Watching Over Me - Fairfield Four [1967] In The Wilderness/Let Me Tell You About Jesus/In The Upper Room/I'll Tell The World/Don't Drive Your Children Away/Nobody To Depend On/All The Way/I'll Be Satisfied/Waiting For Me/Angels Watching/I've Got Good Religion/I'm In Your Care

LP-7046 - I Must Tell Jesus - Prof. Alex Bradford [1967] Christ Is All/ The Goal/I'll Never Forget/Got Everything I Need/I Must Tell Jesus, Parts 1 & 2/Things Ain't What They Used To Be/On That Day/Never Ever

LP-7047 - Best Of Angelic Gospel Singers - Angelic Gospel Singers [1967] Touch Me Lord Jesus/My Sweet Home/I'll Be Alright/Everybody Ought To Pray/Out Of The Depths/He Never Left Me Alone/Be Sure He'll Take Care/I Shall Know Him/Sometimes I Feel My Time Ain't Long/Standing On The Highway/Jesus, When Troubles Burden Me

LP-7048 - Best Of the Consolers - Consolers [1967] Waiting For My Child/ Around God's Throne/Lord Bring Me Down/Won't It Be Grand/Every Christian Mother/Give Me My Flowers/Gloryland/Goin' Across The River /Waiting At The River/Over Yonder/Too Late/His Child Is Aboard

LP-7049 - Edna Gallmon Cooke Memorial Album - Edna Gallmon Cooke [1967] At The Gate/Stop Gambler/Heavy Load/Seven Steps To Hell/Walk Through The Valley/Nobody But You Lord/He'll Fix It/Wave That Train/Jesus Will Never Say No/The Mule Talked/When I Get Inside/Bottles Of Tears

LP-7050 - Best Of Brother Joe May - Brother Joe May [1967] The Master's On Our Side/My Mother Prayed For Me/Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name/ What Is This (Live )/When The Lord Gets Ready, You've Go To Run/ Willing To Run/Goin' On A Long Journey/Wake Me And Shake Me/Walk On And Talk On/I'm On The Battlefield/Don't Fly So High/Call Him By His Name/Where Is The Road That Leads Home/What Is This (Studio)/That's Enough

LP-7051 - America's Favorite Spiritual Family - Maggie Ingram & Ingramettes [1968?] Time Is Winding Up/That Is That/High Class Physician/A Child Of The King/One More River To Cross/Our Automobile /Trees/Thank You Lord For One More Day/Everything He Made Was Good/ The Only Way Home

LP-7052 - Just Like Him - Supreme Angels [1968?] He'll Understand (And Say Well Done)/Why (Storm Of Life)/Wind Regulator/I Want To Be Just Like Him/Marching In/Hear Ye The Word/You Ought To Love Him More/John, How Did You Feel/You've Got To Move/Blessed Quietness

LP-7053 - The Shepherd and His Sheep - Rev. Morgan Babb [1968?] Sermon

LP-7054 - Showers of Blessings - Elder Jonathan Greer [1968?] It's Real/ Everytime I Feel The Spirit/I Must Tell Jesus/The Lord Is Blessing Me /Beautiful Garden Of Prayer/When We All Get To Heaven/Precious Lord/ Live So God Can Use Me/Jesus I Love You/Gospel Train

LP-7055 - Just a Little More Faith - Travelling Notes [1968?] Where Is Your Faith In God/Without A Song/It Is Well With My Soul/Pray When Things Go Wrong/Just A Little More Faith/Sinner's Prayer (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy)/Open Our Eyes/Yearning/Hold To God's Unchanging Hand/I Believe

LP-7056 - A Profile of a Great Lady - Esther Ford [1968?] Father I Stretched My Hand To Thee/I've Got To Have Jesus/Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit/Life's Railway To Heaven/Heaven Is My Home/There Is Someone/Calvary/Amazing Grace/I'll Go/Somebody Bigger Than You Or I

LP-7057 - I've Been Dipped in the Water - Brother Joe May [1968] Remember Me/Things Ain't Like They Used To Be/I've Been Dipped In The Water/ Old Ship Of Zion/Going Home/Move On Up A Little Higher/More Like Him /I've Been Changed/Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow/So Much To Talk About

LP-7058 - Good News - Skylarks [1968] Lord I'm Your Child/Gambling Man/ Jesus Knows/Lord I Just Want To Thank You/Eyes Have Not Seen/Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around/Remember Me/I'm Going To Work/Give God A Chance/All And All/I, John, Saw

LP-7059 - The Essential Character of the Church - Rev. Morgan Babb [1968] The Essential Character Of The Church (Sermon)/That's Why I Love Him/ Just A Little Talk With Jesus/Afterwhile/Can You Believe

LP-7060 - Mighty Good Singing - Consolers [1968] May The Work I've Done Speak For Me/Since The Lord Laid His Hands On Me/Thank God Things Are As Well As They Are/Children Keep On Marching/These Old Hands Of Mine /I'll Meet My Maker With A Smile/I Like The Way Jesus Works/Precious Lord (Take My Hand)/My Prayer Before I Go To Sleep/Saul, Saul

LP-7061 - Jesus Paid It All - Angelic Gospel Singers [1968] Jesus Paid It All/What Could I Do/I Hope It Won't Be This Way Always/Afterwhile/ You Don't Know What The Lord Has Done/I'll Keep On Praying/Somebody's Calling Me/I've Been Changed/What Are They Doing Right Now/Just Call On Jesus

LP-7062 - Professor Harold Boggs Sings Just For You - Prof. Harold Boggs [1968] Somewhere Around God's Throne/What Is This/Someone To Care/One Of These Days/That's It/Before This Year Is Gone/Did You Pray For Your Child/You've Got To Do Right/Good Time At Church Tonight/Golden Bells

LP-7063 - Just One More Time - Gospel Keynotes [1968?] The Flowers You Give/One More Time/Solid Rock/I'll Be There/God Has Been Good/ Keep Walking And Don't Look Back/Love Is A Wonderful Thing/Swing Down Chariot/Precious Lord/Let The Holy Ghost Come On Down

LP-7064 - The Exciting Brooklyn Allstars - Brooklyn Allstars [1969?] Brightly Beams/Family Prayer/A Soldier's Prayer/He Works That Way/No Cross, No Crown/He Said He Would Move/Lord, I'm Coming Home/You'll Never Walk Alone/Take Him With You/Sinner Man

LP-7065 - 'Till My Change Comes - Dorthy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes [1969?] I Wish You Could Have Been There/I Won't Let Go/ Heaven, I've Heard So Much About It/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/Peace In The Valley/Farther Along/Every Day Will Be Sunday/He's Got Everything You Need/Till My Change Comes/I'm On My Way

LP-7066 - What the World Needs Now - Prof. Alex Bradford [1969?] What The World Needs Now/A Man's A Man/I Believe/Just A Little Bit Of Jesus Goes A Long Way/I'm So Grateful/The Impossible Dream/If I Ruled The World/He Is On My Side/Wait Till I Get You Home/I'm So Grateful/ Taking Care Of Business

LP-7067 - All Time Gospel Hits, Vol. 3 - Various Artists [1969?] Angelic Gospel Singers - I'll Be Alright/Prof Harold Boggs - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere/Alex Bradford - I Must Tell Jesus Pt 1/Brooklyn All-Stars - No Cross, No Crown/Edna Gallmon Cooke - At The Gate/Consolers - Lord Bring Me Down/Fairfield Four - Don't Drive Your Children Away/Dorothy Love Coates And The Gospel Harmonettes - Till My Change Comes/Brother Joe May - That's Enough/Swanee Quintet - Step By Step/Traveling Notes - Just A Little More Faith/Emma Tucker - Crying Days Will Be Over

LP-7068 - A Dedication: Memories of Edna Gallmon Cooke - Edna Gallmon Cooke [1969?] A Dedication/You Ought To Have Been There/I Can't See Them Now/Road Of No Return/Walking On The Right Road/Don't You Want To Go/The Man Is Alright/You Don't Know/May Be My Last Time (I Don't Know)/Why Not Tonight/Meet Me At The River/Inching

LP-7069 - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing (Sermon) - Rev. Edmond Blair [1969?]

LP-7070 - The New Walk - Reverend Willingham [?] My Prayer/New Walk/ Jesus On The Main Line/How I Got Over/Let The Holy Ghost Come On Down /Sweep Around Your Own Door/It's Gonna Rain/Anyhow

LP-7071 - The Seperation Line - Dorothy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes [?] You Don't Know/The Chariot/The Separation Line/ So Many Falling By The Wayside/Shake My Mother's Hand For Me/Dark Day In Jerusalem/Jesus Is All The World To Me/God Shall Wipe Away All Tears/Come And Go With Me/Lord Tell Me When

LP-7072 - If I'm Too High - Supreme Angels [?] Lord Bring Me Down/God Will Take Care Of You/Ride The Morning Train/Calvary/One Step Inside /The Sun Will Shine Afterwhile/One Day Is Alright/What Are They Doing In Heaven/If I'm Too High, Lord Bring Me Down/Hush Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name/I Just Didn't Know

LP-7073 - Sing Unto the Lord - Brooklyn Allstars [?] He'll Bring Peace To You/I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan/Move Across The River/Too Close To Heaven/Draw Me Closer/Since Jesus Made Things Right/I Gave Up All To Follow You/Nobody's Fault But Mine/What Could I Do/Band Of Angels

LP-7074 - Don't Let the Devil Ride - Brother Joe May [?] Don't Let the Devil Ride/Precious Lord/It's a Blessing to Be In the Service/others

LP-7075 - Live from Mercy Seat - Reverend Willingham [?] Devotion Song/Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross/A Prayer for Today/others

LP-7076 - Just the Two of Us - Professor Harold Boggs [?] People Will Talk/Jesus Calls the Weary/Who Did It Help/Just the Two of Us/others

LP-7077 - All Time Gospel Hits, Volume 4 - Various Artists [?] B.C. & M. Choir - Going Home To Get My Crown/Prof Harold Boggs - Somewhere Around God's Throne/Prof. Alex Bradford - What The World Needs Now/Dorothy Love Coates And The Gospel Harmonettes - I Won't Let Go/Consolers - Thank God Things Are As Well As They Are/Gospel Keynotes - One More Time / Brother Joe May - I've Been Dipped In The Water/Skylarks - Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around/Supreme Angels - Calvary/Swanee Quintet - Strong Determination/Traveling Notes - It Is Well With My Soul/Tyler Trio - If I Can Make It

LP-7078 - Together We Shall Stand - Consolers [?] Together We Shall Stand / Tell Jesus All About It/Reaping Day/Help Me To Carry My Cross/All I Have Belongs To God/What Can I Tell Jesus/The Great Reunion/If Anybody Asks You/Who Am I/He's The Same God Today

LP-7079 - The Best of the Brooklyn Allstars - Brooklyn Allstars [?] He Said He Would Move/I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan/How Long Has It Been / No Cross, No Crown/Let Jesus Fix It/He Works That Way/Family Prayer/He'll Bring Peace To You/I've Got My Ticket

LP-7080 - The Winner - Dorothy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes [?] The Winner/In My Home Over There/Stop, Take a Little Time to Pray/others

LP-7081 - I Have a Friend - Reverend Jonathan Greer [?] Touch Him and Be Made Whole/The Lord Has Brought Me From a Mighty Long Way/others

LP-7082 - He'll Open Doors - Reverend Cleophus Robinson [?] He'll Open Doors/Prayer Song/Tolling On/I Made It Somehow/Guardian Angel/others

LP-7083 - The Real Thing - Reverend Willingham [?] Let Us Have This Prayer/You Can't Make Me Doubt Him/others

LP-7084 - Today - Brother Joe May [?]

LP-7085 - The Gospel Beat Goes On - Alex Bradford [?] I'd Be Baptized All Over Again/Put a Little Love in Your Heart/And When I Die/others

LP-7086 - Better Place Somewhere - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up/Lift Every Voice and Sing/others

LP-7087 - Don't Let Nothing Shake Your Faith - Consolers [?] By the Grace of God I'm Saved/Before You Crucify Him Again/others

LP-7088 - Somebody Saved Me - Angelic Gospel Singers [?] Yield Not To Temptation/There Is A God Somewhere/I've Weathered The Storm/Peace And Contentment/This Train/Somebody Saved Me/You're Gonna Need Somebody/Will My Mother Know Me There/Nobody Knows/Jesus Is All The World To Me

LP-7089 - The Christmas Song - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?]

LP-7090 - That's Where It's At - Prof. Harold Boggs & Boggs Specials [?]

LP-7091 - By and By - The Supreme Angels [?] You Ought to Love Him/The Assassination/others

LP-7092 - Lead Me, Guide Me - Brooklyn Allstars [?] Blessed Be the Name/Lead Me, Guide Me/I Want to Rest/others

LP-7093 - In Church With Brother Joe May - Brother Joe May [?] Take My Hand Precious Lord (Live)/Move On Up A Little Higher (Live)/He'll Fight Your Battles/Eternal In Heaven/Others

LP-7094 - The Football Game of Life - Reverend Cleophus Robinson [?] Sermon

LP-7095 - Wide River - Gospel Keynotes [?] The Keynote's Prayer/We Need Prayer/This Heart Of Mine/I Feel The Fire Burning/I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone/Wide River/Others

LP-7096 - Mother - Various Artists [?] Sleep On Mother - Rev. Willingham/Every Christian Mother - Consolers/Since Mother Has Been Gone - Swanee Quintet/Will My Mother Know Me There - Angelic Gospel Singers/My Mother Prayed For Me - Brother Joe May/Shake My Mother's Hand For Me - Dorothy Love Coates & Gospel Harmonettes/Mother - Ann McCrary Smith/Thank God Things Are As Well As They Are - Consolers/Thank You For The Mother You Gave To Me - Professor Harold Boggs/Give Me My Flowers - Consolers

LP-7097 - Seeds of Truth - Dorothy Love Coats and the Gospel Harmoneetes [?] That's Alright/My Soul Needs Resting/I've Got to Make It/others

LP-7098 - The Gospel Soul of Clara Ward - Clara Ward and the Ward Singers [?] In The Morning/Drinking Of The Wine/When We All Get To Heaven/ We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles & Trials/Others

LP-7099 - Move Up - Rev Reuben Willingham [1971?] We Shall Know Him/Prayer For 1971/Sleep On Mother/Move Up/Others

LP-7100 - The Best of the Consolers, Volume. 2 - Consolers [?] May the Work I've Done Speak For Me/Children Keep On Marching/Don't Let Nothing Shake Your Faith in God / The Train Moves On/There Will Be Peace/Together We Shall Stand/Bring Them Home Again/Father, Please Forgive Them/All I Have Belongs To God/Thank Good Things Are As Well As They Are

LP-7101 - Best of Brother Joe May - Brother Joe May [?] Don't Let The Devil Ride/Precious Lord (Live Version)/Eternal In Heaven/Move On Up A Little Higher/I've Been Dipped In The Water/Search Me Lord/I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About/My Own Fault/Old Ship Of Zion/So Much To Talk About/Precious Lord (Dedication To Brother Joe May's Son)

LP-7102 - Nothing But God's Word - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] Pray For Me/Let It Be/Elijah Rock/Everlasting Life/others







LP-7109 - Travellin' On - Gospel Keynotes [?] Travellin' On/Clean Heart/ Singing To Get My Crown/When I Get There/I'm Going To A Place/Time To Go Back Home/I Will Never Turn My Back On God/I Found Jesus/ Somebody Knows (Jesus My Friend)/There Is No Man Greater Than God

LP-7110 - Supreme - Slim & The Supreme Angels [?] May The Work I've Done/ Yes God Is Real/Lord You've Been Good/When Jesus Comes/What Are They Doing In Heaven/others



LP-7113 - The Best of Rev. Cleophus Robinson - Rev Cleophus Robinson [?] Sweet Home/Wrapped Up/The Prayer Song/Someone To Care/He'll Open Doors/Elijah Rock/Others

LP-7114 - Too Close To Heaven - Brooklyn All Stars [?] He Made Everything Right/Mercy Lord/O What A Day/A Man's A Man (This Is Actually By Alex Bradford & The Brooklyns)/The Blessed Name Of God/Too Close To Heaven/I'm Gonna Move Across The River/He Said He Would Move/Let The Lower Lights Be Burning/I'm Coming Home


LP-27116 - The Brother Joe May Story - Brother Joe May [?] (2-LP set) The Master Is On Our Side/Mother Bowed And Prayed/You've Got To Move/Somebody's Calling My Name/What Is This/Come And Go To That Land/Search Me Lord / I've Been Dipped In The Water/Old Ship Of Zion/Going On A Long Journey/Don't Let The Devil Ride/Wake Me Shake Me/When The Lord Gets Ready, You've Go To Run/Willing To Run/My Conversion/Go Tell The News/Amazing Grace Pts 1/& 2/Anybody Waiting For Me/Eternal In Heaven/Others?




LP-7120 - Receive Me Lord - Clara Ward [?] I'm Going There/What Jesus Is To Me/On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand/From Youth To Old Age/It May Be The Best For Me/Beams Of Heaven/Set Me Free/The Last Mile Of The Way / Others?

LP-7121 - Highway QCs - Highway QCs [?] (These Are All Vee-Jay Recordings) I Dreamed Heaven Was Like This/I'll Trust His Word/The Way Up The Hill/Count Your Blessings/Behold Thy Mother/I Wonder Have You/I Used To Wonder/We're Working Hard/I Heard/ I'll See Jesus Too

LP-7122 - The Harmonizing Four - Harmonizing Four [?] (These Are All Vee-Jay Recordings) He Lived And Loved Me/ Where Could I Go But To The Lord/Motherless Child/My Lord What A Morning/Go Down Moses/In Jerusalem/Will He Welcome Me/Close To Thee/Faith Of Our Fathers/Glory To His Name

LP-7123 - The Five Blind Boys - Five Blind Boys [?] (These Are All Vee-Jay Recordings) Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama: People Don't Sing Like They Used To Sing/I Trust In God/Love Is Like A River/Tell Jesus All; Original Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi: Jesus Loves Me/Don't Forget The Bridge/Oh Why/I'm Willing To Run/Where There's A Will/I'm A Soldier



LP-7126 - I Go To Prepare A Place - Rev Reuben Willingham [1973] A Home In That City/Are The Parents Or Children To Blame (Sermon)/If We Never Meet Again/The Uncloudy Day/I'm A Pilgrim // The Toy (Sermon)/A Talk About Drugs (Sermon)/Sometimes I Have To Cry/Stop And Think It Over/ The Right Will Win


LP-7128 - In the Spirit - Stars of Faith

LP-7129 - The Reverend Cleophus Robinson Story - Rev. Cleophus Robinson

LP-7130 - Till We Meet - Gospel Keynotes [1973/4?] I Made A Vow/Out On A Hill/Move Satan/Till We Meet/Have A Little Faith/Do You Things For Jesus (Sic)/That's How Strong God's Love Is/With God I'm Satisfied/I Can Tell The World About This

LP-7131 - ? - Brooklyn All Stars

LP-7132 - Best Of Dorothy Love Coates, Vol. 1 - Dorothy Love Coates & Gospel Harmonettes [1974?] I Won't Let Go/Stop, Take A Little Time To Pray/They Won't Believe/Heaven I've Heard So Much About It/To My Father's House/My Soul Needs Resting/Everyday Will Be Sunday/3 Others


NB-7134 - Heaven In My Soul - Professor Harold Boggs [1974] The Old Fashioned Way/I'll Be Gone/It's Me Again/Never Been Told/Bridge Over Troubled Waters//Run And Tell That/Just As I Am/Someone To Care / What Is This/Somewhere Around God's Throne

LP-7135 - Victory Shall Be Mine - Consolers [1974?] I Had To Stand Before The Mirror/Victory Shall Be Mine/A Brand New Day/Lord I'm Coming Home/ Walk On Out/If I Don't Wake Up In The Morning/A Child Of The King/ I'm Climbing Higher And Higher/I'm Free/Thy Will Be Done

LP-7136 - Jesus Will Never Say No - Angelic Gospel Singers [1974] Pray For Me/On Christ The Solid Rock/There Is A God Somewhere/A Child Of The King/Others

LP-7137 - The Reason I Love Him - Dr Morgan Babb [1974] Prayer/Only The Lord Knows/That's The Reason Why I Love Him/We'll Understand It Better By And By/Lord You've Been Good To Me/What Are They Doing In Heaven Now/God Will Take Care Of You/Pass Me Not O Great Saviour

LP-7138 - When It's All Over - Dorothy Love Coates & Her Singers [1974] Lord You've Been Good To Me/Let God Abide/Elijah's Fire/You Must Be Born Again/Others

LP-7139 - I'll Fly Away - Dr J Robert Bradley [1974] I Sure Do Love The Lord / Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow/Sunshine/Sweet Sweet Spirit/Others

LP-7140 - Silver Anniversary - Sister Lucille Pope & The Pearly Gates [1974?] Somebody's Gone/Almighty God/Ninety-nine And A Half/Testify For Jesus/Lord Don't Move My Mountain/Others

LP-7141 - Shame On You - Slim & The Supreme Angels [1974?] Nobody's Fault But Mine/Sending Up My Timber/Take It To Jesus/I Can't Stay Here/ Shame On You/Others

LP-7142 - All My Help - Bright Stars [1974] All My Help/We'll Have A Good Time/We've Come This Far By Faith/Jesus Steps Right On In/ Nobody Knows But Jesus // Mama Raised Me/Move Up Higher/God In Three Persons/Don't Leave Me Now/Anybody Here That Loves Jesus/Standing In The Need Of Prayer

LP-7143 - Living To Live Again - Stars Of Faith [1974?] Ezechiel/Have You Tried Him/Watcha Gonna Do/Thy Life/Others

LP-7144 - The Best of Rev. Reuben Willingham - Rev Reuben Willingham [1974?] The New Walk/Sleep On Mother/How I Got Over/Sweep Around Your Own Door/Others

LP-7145 - All Time Gospel Hits Vol 5 - Various Artists [1974?] Just Like Him /When We All Get To Heaven/Have A Little Faith/I Hope It Won't Be This Way Always/On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand/I Have A Father Whoo Can/By And By/I'll Fly Away/I'm Happy With Jesus Alone/I've Been Dipped In The Water/Don't Let Hate Tear This Old World Down

LP-7146 - Let God Be First - Consolers [1974?] Let Your Light Shine/Work A Little More/Walk With Me Lord/I'm Gonna Trust In Jesus/Others

LP-7147 - Reach Out - Gospel Keynotes [?] Jesus You've Been Good To Me/I Know A Man From Galilee/Reach Out/Gloryland/Others

LP-7148 - Going On With The Spirit - Mother Willie Mae Ford Smith [1974?] I've Got A Secret/The Name Jesus/Never Turn Back/Call Him By His Name/Others

LP-7149 - There's Only One Bridge - Rev Cleophus Robinson [?] There's Only One Bridge/Out Of The Depths/Somebody Touched Me/He Knows The Reason Why/A Place For Me/He Is What He Said He Would Be/A Place For Me/ Amazing Grace/Interview With Mrs Robinson/Last Mile Of The Way

LP-7150 - I'm Bound For Mt Zion - Angelic Gospel Singers [?] All That I Need Is In Jesus/If It Wasn't For The Lord/Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow/Where Jesus Is/Others

LP-7151 - I Will Not Bow - Dr Morgan Babb [?] I Will Not Bow/He Knows Just How Much We Can Bear/No Friend Like Jesus/I Can't Find My Way/ Interview With Rev Babb/Invitation/Others?

LP-7152 - A Jesus Affair - East St Louis Gospelettes [?] He'll Understand/ Going Where Jesus Is/I've Decided To Make Jesu My Choice/Stoop Down & Buckle My Shoes/Others

LP-7153 - Another Day's Journey - Gales Of Joy [?] Blessed Quietness/I Will Never Turn Back/Wonderful World/Ain't No Change/Others

LP-7154 - Evening Sun - Mme Edna Gallmon Cooke [?] Walk Through The Valley/ Nobody To Depend On/Life's Ballgame/Build Me A Cabin/Plant My Feet On Higher Ground/Evening Sun/Somebody Touched Me/Talking About A Child (Here Is One)/Child Of The King/Somebody Help Me/Hide Me/ Said I Wouldn't Tell It/My Journey Home

LP-7155 - The Joyous Sound - Bells Of Zion [?] He'll Fix It/It's Me Lord/ Like A Ship Tossed And Driven/Let Me Lean On You Lord/Others

LP-7156 - My Love For God - Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars [?] Lord I Want You To Move/He Took My Burdens Away/Been In The Storm Too Long /Finally Got Myself Together/Others

LP-27157 - Ladies And Gentlemen Of Gospel - Various Artists [?] (2-LP set)

LP-7158 - Tell The Child - Consolers [1976?] Don't Forget About Jesus/ Just A Flower, Just A Smile/There Is No Division In Christ/We Are All God's Children/Others

LP-7159 - Destiny - Gospel Keynotes [1976?] Destiny/I'd Trade A Lifetime /Show Me The Way/Lord Keep Me Day By Day/Certainly Lord/I Don't Know Why Jesus Loves Me/Old Time Religion/Pilgrim And Stranger/My Friend Jesus/In My Dying Hour

LP-7160 - Cast Your Bread Upon The Water - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] Rosetta - Mahalia - Joe/God's Greatness/I'm Leaning On You/Sacred Meditation/Others

7161-NB - Spreading A Message - Sensational Williams Brothers [1976] Somebody Needs You Lord/Ninety-nine And A Half/Doesn't Anybody Believe In Jesus/Heaven Must Be A Beautiful Place/What A Time // One Day We Will All Be Free/Thank You Master/Jesus Will Never Say No/We'll Understand It By And By/Jesus Understands

LP-7162 - If You Just Hold Out - Professor Harold Boggs [?] If You Just Hold Out/How Much Do I Owe Him/Lord Give Me Strength/Long Long Journey/Others

NB-7163 - Lord Help Us To Hold On (50 Years) - Harmonizing Four [1976] Take Your Burdens To The Lord/This Little Light Of Mine/A Bright Tomorrow/Think Of His Goodness/Lord I've Tried // He Touched Me/At The Cross/Just As I Am/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/Lord Help Us To Go On

NB-7164 - God Is Still On The Throne - Bright Stars [1976] I've Been Dipped In The Water/God Is Able/God Is Still On The Throne/Jesus I'll Never Forget/Great Change // The Lord Will Make A Way/Holy Ghost /A Fool On A Mule/Remember Me In Your Prayers

LP-7165 - In Love With God - Slim & The Supreme Angels [1976?] You Can't Get To Heaven/I Fell In Love With God/No Shortage/Where Shall I Be/ Others

LP-7166 - Dry Bones - Rev Reuben Willingham [1976?] Dry Bones/Feed Me Jesus /He's Coming Back/A Clean Life/Others

LP-7167 - Holding On - Sister Lucille Pope [1976?] Saved By His Grace/Do You Know What Time It Is/I'm Gonna Fly High/Let's Go Back/Others

LP-7168 - I Want To Be Loved - Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars [1976?] I Want To Be Loved/Get Up On The Floor And Serve The Lord/Hard To Get Along/I'm Guilty Of Lovin' God/Others

LP-7169 - Don't Close In On Me - Pilgrim Jubilee Singers [1976?] We Need Prayer/He'll Step Right In/Three Trees/Hand In Hand/Others

LP-27170 - Live In Concert Vol 1 - Various Artists [1976/7?] Includes Tracks By Gospel Keynotes, Angelic Gospel Singers, Rev Cleophus Robinson, Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars, Rev Isaac Douglas, 21st Century Singers, Hemphill Singers

LP-7171 - Pickinem Up And Layinem Down - Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers [1976/7?] Save A Soul In Every Town/I've Got Heaven On My Mind/It's Jesus Y'all/Others

LP-7172 - Ride The Ship To Zion - The Gospel Keynotes [1976/7?] Ride The Ship To Zion/That's My Son/The Keynote's Prayer/Little Wooden Church /Others

LP-7173 - The Righteous Shall Win - Rev Cleophus Robinson [1976/7?] I Can Pray/Talking On My Knees/God Be With You/The Righteous/Others

LP-7174 - Lord Help Me To Hold On - Morning Echoes [1976/7?] Lord Help Me To Hold Out/Surely/Joy/Standing In The Safety Zone/Others

LP-7175 - Nothing To Lose - Consolers [1977?] Practice What You Preach/If You Don't Pray For Me/The Crossroads/Reach Out Your Hand/Others

LP-7176 - The Father Of Them All - R H Harris & The Masonic Quartet [1977?] Sometimes/He Never Left Me Alone/Never Grow Old/Jesus Lover Of My Soul/Others

LP-7177 - Why Was I Born - Slim & The Supreme Angels [1977] I'm On A Mission For The King/Medley - Walk With Me - Amen - Lord Bring Me Down/Why Was I Born/Just A Closer Walk/Some Sweet Day // Hold To God's Unchanging Hand/Farewell Goodby/I Don't Want To Be Lost/There Is Room At The Cross/On Jesus' Program

LP-7178 - Got To Find A Better Home - Angelic Gospel Singers [1977?] This Old Building/Out Of The Depths/I've Got A Home In That Rock/Others

LP-27179 - Live In Concert Vol 2 - Various Artists [1977?] (2-LP set) Includes Tracks By Sensational Williams Brothers, Clara Ward & Ward Singers, Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars, Dorothy Love Coates & Gospel Harmonettes, Delois Barrett Campbell & Barrett Sisters, 21st Century Singers, Rev Isaac Douglas

LP-7180 - With All Our Love - Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars [1977?] Let This Be Alesson/Slip Away/Sailing/Jesus Is Using Me/Others

LP-7181 - Now And Forever - Pilgrim Jubilee Singers [1977?] We Are The People/Time To Testify/Wonderful/This World Is In A Bad Condition/ Others

LP-27182 - Music From The Soul - Various Artists [1977?] (2-LP set)

LP-27183 - Our Greatest Hits - Brooklyn All-stars [1977] (2-LP set)I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan/I Gave Up All To Follow You/No Cross, No Crown/People Get Ready (C Mayfield)/Draw Me Closer // Too Close/Nobody's Fault But Mine /Family Prayer/I Want To Rest/Move Across The River // He Said He Would Move/Let Jesus Fix It/Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord/This Old Soul Of Mine/Since Jeus Made Things Right // I've Got My Ticket/How Long Has It Been/I Ain't No Stranger/A Man's A Man (This Is Actually By Alex Bradford & The Brooklyns)/Brightly Beams

LP-27184 - Mother - Various Artists [1977?] (2-LP set) Brooklyn All-stars - Motherless Child/Consolers - Give Me My Flowers/Every Christian Mother/Thank God Things Are As Well As They Are/Mme Edna Gallmon Cooke - Mother's Looking For Me/Dorothy Love Coates & Gospel Harmonettes - Shake My Mother's Hand For Me/Gospel Songbirds - Ever Since Mother Has Been Gone /Brother Joe May - Mother Prayed For Me/Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - John Behold Thy Mother/Rock Island Singers - Tell Mother I'll Be There Soon/ Ann Mccrary Smith - Mother/Sons Of Faith - Mother Had It/Spiritual Five - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again/Supreme Angels - Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Taylor Brothers Gospel Singers - Mother's Advice

LP-7185 - With A Song In Our Hearts - Consolers [1977?] Share What You Have With Others/If Jesus Ask The Question/I Want To Be Just Like Him/I Believe In God/Others

LP-27186 - 20 Greatest Hits - Dorothy Love Coates & Gospel Harmonettes [1977?] Holding On And Won't Let Go/Everyday Will Be Sunday/Prayer Changes Things/Separation Line/Does Jesus Care/Stop Take Time To Pray/My Soul Needs Rest/How Glad I Am/That's Alright With Me/Come Go With Me To My Father's House/I've Got To Make It/Til My Change Comes/Others

LP-7187 - Reach A Little Higher - Gospel Keynotes [1977?] Tonight's The Night/ All Of God's Children/Praise The Lord Everybody/Others

LP-7188 - Jesus Is On My Side - Sister Lucille Pope & The Pearly Gates [1977?] Get Back Satan/It's Alright/Jesus Was On My Side/Leave Them Alone/Others

LP-7189 - Have You Ever Had The Buts? - Professor Harold Boggs With Warner Buxton [1977?] Life's Ocean/Keep On Blessing Me/Do You Know Him/Keep Using Me/Others

LP-7190 - Try Being Born Again - Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers [1977?] Ninety-nine And A Half Won't Do/A Charge To Keep/I've Been Born Again /Thank You Lord/Others

LP-27191 - 20 Greatest Hits - Rev Cleophus Robinson [1977?] (2-LP set) Wrapped Up, Tied Up/Elijah Rock/Poor Boy From Mississippi/How Sweet It Is/Others

NA-7192 - Come On In, The Singing Is Fine - Bright Stars [1977] God Has Done Just What He Said/Master Charge/I'm Glad Jesus Let Me Live/All God's Children Got Shoes/Do You Know Him // What Am I Going To Do?/ Pick Me Up Lord/Walk In The Pathway/It's Time To Serve The Lord/God So Loved The World

NA-7193 - Where He Leads - Rev Reuben Wilingham [1977/8?] Try Jesus/Nothing But The Blood/This Little Light/Others

NA-7194 - Pray For Me - Dr Morgan Babb [1977/8?] Is He Yours/What Could I Do/All The Way/Others

NA-7195 - An Evening With Slim & The Supreme Angels - Slim & Supreme Angels [1978] I'm Going To Serve Jesus/Soon I Will Be Done/Medley - I Know It Was The Blood - I'm Bound For Mount Zion - This Old Building - I Hope It Won't Be This Way Always // Glory To His Name/Just Like Him/There Goes My Everything/ Build Me Up Where I'm Torn Down

NA-7196 - Come Over Here - Angelic Gospel Singers [1978?] Jesus Is My Only Friend/Thank You For One More Day/Keep Me Everyday/Others

NA-7197 - Live From Europe - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [4/78] Strange Things Happening/I Looked Down the Line/How I Got Over/Because He Lives/Didn't It Rain/Grandma's Hands/I Can Pray/others

NA-7198 - Singing in the Street - Pilgrim Jubilee Singers [4/78] Love Everybody (If You Want to Make It)/We're the People/Are You Ready/Like He Said/Exit 100/others

NA-27199 - In Loving Memory - Prof. Alex Bradford [4/78] (2-LP set) And When I Die/Try Him Today/Don't Blame God/Put a Little Love in Your Heart/On That Day/The Lord Is On My Side/I've Been Dipped In The Water/I Must Tell Jesus, Parts 1 & 2/I'm So Grateful/Just A Little Bit Of Jesus Goes A Long Way/others

NA-27200 - 21 Greatest Hits - The Consolers [1978?] Give Me My Flowers/ Won't It Be Grand/Too Late/His Child Is Aboard/Somewhere Around God's Throne/Every Christian Mother/Lord Bring Me Down/May The Work I've Done Speak For Me/Over Yonder/Waiting For My Child/Don't Let Nothing Shake Your Faith/On God's Word/The Lighthouse/The Train Moves On/Someone Must Answer/Thank God Things Are As Well As They Are /These Old Hands Of Mine/Together We Shall Stand/3 Others

NA-7201 - Great Change - Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers [1978?] My Soul Needs Rest/I'm Not Uneasy/Serve Him/Others

NA-7202 - Gospel Fire - Gospel Keynotes [1978?]


NA-7204 - This Too Shall Pass - Marion Williams [1978?] Dead Cat On The Line /Drinking The Holy Wine/It's Your Time Now/Anyhow/Others

NA-7205 - Christmas With The Keynotes - Gospel Keynotes [1978?] Had It Not Been For Love/Great King/O What A Night/Ailent Night/Others

NA-7206 - In Touch - Sister Lucille Pope & The Pearly Gates [1978?] Give God The Praise/Ain'td God Good/Keep In Touch With Jesus/In Your Name /Others

NA-7207 - Together 34 Years - Angelic Gospel Singers [1978?] Tell The Angels/Look To Him And Live/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/I Hope It Won't Be This Way/Others

NA-7208 - Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus - Rev Reuben Willingham [1979?] The Rock Of Ages/Jesus Is All The World To Me/Two Different Prayers/ On The Battlefield/Others

NA-7209 - More Than Alive - Slim & The Supreme Angels [1979] What A Friend /Shame On You/I'm Going Home To Live With Jesus // By And By/Give Me The Strength/Walk On, Talk On/Crown Of Life

NA-7210 - Gospel Keynotes Salute Paul Beasley - Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes [1979?] Just As Long As You Need Him/That's My Son/ Jesus You've Been Good To Me/Tonight's The Night/I'd Trade A Lifetime /Let's Thank God/Heart Full Of Love/I Made A Vow To The Lord/I've Decided To Make Jesus My Choice

NA-7211 - Praise The Lord With Singing - Consolers [1979?] Jesus Has Done Great Things/Look Beyond The Clouds/Everything That Goes Up/Thy Will Be Done/Others

NA-27212 - Homecoming - Pilgrim Jubilee Singers [1979?] We're The People/ Time To Testify/Evening Sun/Made It Over/True Story (Zebra Mule)/ Stretch Out/No Time To Lose/I've Got Jesus/He Brought Joy To Me Soul /Don't Let Jesus Down /Old Ship Of Zion/We Need Prayer/Too Close/ Three Trees/My God Is A Good God/That's Enough/Others

NA-7213 - Try Jesus - Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers [1979?] Death Is Writing A Letter/Keep God On Your Mind/Move To A Better Home/You Can Make It If You Try/Others

NA-7214 - Sunshine - Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars [1979?] The Crossroads/Rain In Your Life/Steal Away/Tears Of Joy/Others

NA-7215 - Saved And Satisfied - Rev Cleophus Robinson [1979?] I Can See So Much/I Said Thank You/Jesus Is The Same Man/Come To Jesus/Others

NA-7216 - The Voice Of God - C P Johnson [1979?] I Came Tojesus/Hold On /Give Me Time To Pray/What A Day/Others

NA-27217 - Ain't No Stopping Us Now (We're On The Move) - Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes [1979] Same Old River/Everything Must Change // Don't Wait Too Long/Ain't No Stopping Us Now/Somebody Needs Prayer // Trust In Me/Pray On // He'll Fix It/Somewhere/Thank You Lord

NA-27218 - 21 Greatest Hits - Madame Edna Gallmon Cooke [1979?] Walk Through The Valley/Nobody To Depend On/Somebody Touched Me/My Journey Home/Plant My Feet On Higher Ground/Said I Wouldn't Tell It/ Build Me A Cabin/Heavy Load/Evening Sun/Stop Gambler/Nobody But You Lord/Amen/At The Gate/He'll Fix It/Talking About A Child (Here Is One)/Somebody Help Me/Come Home/The Hammer Rings/Jesus Will Never Say No/Lord When I Get Home/Life's Lonesome Road


NA-7220 - Movin' On Up - East St. Louis Gospelettes [1979?]


NA-7222 - 24 Greatest Hits - Clara Ward [1979/80?] Never A Man Spoke Like This/We Need Thee/Beams Of Heaven/Soon Be Done With Troubles/ Meeting Tonight/I'm A Soldier/What Jesus Is To Me/All By Myself/ Run On/In The Morning/Last Mile Of The Way/Set Me Free/I Love The Name Jesus/Others

NA-7223 - Give It Up - Big Nick & The Heavyweights [1979/80?] Let Us Pray /Who Will It Be/Surely/He's A Mighty Good Friend/Love Lifted Me/ I'm Glad To Be Here/There Is Help/I'm Holding On/Give It Up




NA-7227 - Rise Again - Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes [1980] Be Grateful/Rise Again/He'll Be There // Lead Me Safely Home/Talking About Jesus/I've Got To Run On/One More Time/Feel The Fire


NA-7229 - The Very Best of Sister Lucille Pope - Sister Lucille Pope [1980] Man Has Changed, Not God/99 1/2 Won't Do/Somebody's Gone/Almighty God/At The Gate//Get Back Satan/A Good Mother Is Hard To Find/Jesus Tore My Heart To Pieces/Do You Know What Time It Is/Merry Christmas/Silent Night


NA-7231 - Mama's Old Dress - Morning Stars of Savannah [1980?]

NA-7232 - One Religion - Fairfield Four [1980?] I Love The Name Jesus/ Love Like A River/On My Journey Now/Old Time Religion/Talking About Jesus/No Room At The Inn/Poor Pilgrim/When We Bow/Let's Go/Don't Leave Me By Myself/Come On To This Altar/I Can Tell You The Time/ Stand By Me/Hear Me When I Pray

NA-7234 - Golden Hits - Slim And The Supreme Angels [1980?] By And By/On Jesus' Program/Shame On You/You Can't Get To Heaven By Living Like Hell/May The Work I've Done Speak For Me/There's Room At The Cross/ Bring Me Down/Where Shall I Be/If I'm Too High, Lord Bring Me Down/ Others

NA-7235 - Greatest Hits - Pilgrim Jubilee Singers [1980?] We Need Prayer/ Step Out/Three Trees/We're The People/Time To Testify/Stop By Here /My God Is A Good God/A Child's Blood/True Story (Zebra Mule)/ Stretch Out

NA-7236 - I'll Go With Jesus - Angelic Gospel Singers [1980?] I Shall Not Be Moved/Don't Be Uneasy/Something Really Happened To Me/Precious Memories/I'll Go With Jesus All The Way/Look Where He Brought Me From /We Need Jesus/You're Gonna Miss Me

NA-7237 - Our Way - Mighty Gospel Giants Of New York [1981] Thank You Lord /Everything I Own/If You Can't Take It/Certainly Lord // I Wouldn't Do It That Way/I've Got To See The King/Just Can't Hardly Get Along/ Fire Next Time/Time Has Made A Change

NA-7238 - The Greatest Hits Of - Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars [1981?] Sailing/Rain In Your Life (Unshine)/Since I Met You Jesus/My Love For God/Slip Away/Get On The Floor And Serve The Lord/I'm Guilty Of Loving God/Been In The Storm Too Long/The Crossroads

NA-7239 - Good News - Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers [1981?] I Heard The Voice/My Mind's Still On Jesus/I Just Can't Let My God Down/Good News/The Tears/Our Song (Thank You Lord)/I'm Gonna Take The Lord Everywhere I Go/Battle Hymn/Lord I Didn't Know My Way Could Be So Hard

NA-7240 - New Direction - Voices Supreme [1981?] Lord Of Heaven/What A Mighty King/We Came To Paise Him/Free At Last/Just In Time/We Can Make It Together/Blessed Assurance/Lift Every Voice And Sing/What Must I Do To Be Saved

NA-7241 - Everybody Ought To Know - Earlston Ford [1981?] Before Your Life Has Gone Too Far/The Lord Will Judge You One Day/It Takes A Whole Lot Of Faith/I'ev Never Seen A Man/What Kind Of Man Is Jesus/Tell Me How Far Could You Come/The Lord's Blessing/That's All I Need/I Can Tell It Was The Lord/You Never Stop To Thank Him

NA-7242 - Preacher Man - Rev Reuben Willingham [1981?] God Will Take Care Of You/Jesus Said It/Prayer/I'm Learning /He Sanctified Me/Lord You've Been Good/Mamma I Thank You/Whomsoever Will

NA-7243 - A Better Way - Dorothy Love Coates [1981?] The Lord Will Answer Prayer/You Must Be Born Again/God Shall Wipe Away All Tears/Prayer Changes Things/Come And Go With Me To My Father's House/You Just Don't Know How Good God's Been To Me/Elijah's Fire/Shake My Mother's Hand For Me/Does Jesus Care/I've Got To Make It Somehow

NA-7244 - Silver Anniversary - Slim & The Supreme Angels [1981?] Build Me Up When I'm Torn Down/Drinking Of The Wine/He'll Understand And Say Well Done/Sending Up My Timber/I Want To Be Just Like Him/One Step Inside /

NA-7245 - The Best Of - Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers [1981?] Great Change/Try Jesus/Save A Soul In Every Town/A Charge To Keep/I've Been Born Again/Death Is Writing A Letter/I've Done What You Old Me To Do/99 And A Half Won't Do/Lord, I Want You To Touch Me/By The Power Of God

NA-7246 - Heaven Is My Goal - Salem Travellers [1981] Don't Wait Too Long /Swing Low/Just For His Love/He Goves So Much // Take Your Burdens To The Lord/Where The Sun Won't Ever Go Down/Heaven Is My Goal/Standing On Calvary/Moving On

NA-7247 - Sweet Revival - Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes [1981?] Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stones)/The Power Of Prayer/You And Me/Heaven's Train/Sweet Revival/He Has Risen/I Just Can't See Me Loving Nobody But You/Make Everything Alright

NA-7250 - My God's Got It - Archie Dale & The Tones Of Joy [1981/2?] If You Need It/Testify For Jesus/That's All That Matters/The Lord Will Make A Way/Father I Thank You/You Can't Hide From God/Try Jesus (He's The One)/God Bless This World

NA-7251 - God Has Been Gracious - Big Nick & The Gospel Heavyweights [1981/2?] God Has Been Gracious/I Stand On Solid Rock/Peace Within Me /I Owe It All To You/No No Nebuchadnezzar/Lord, When You Do Me So Right/I'll Jusst Praise His Name/He Showed Melove/My Friend Called Jesus

NA-7252 - All Keyed Up - Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes [1981/2?] Just For Me/Everything Will Be Alright/Wait On Him/He's Gonna Listen/Keep The Lord On Your Mind/Over There/In Vain

NA-7253 - Troy Ramey and the Sensational Soul Stirrers - Troy Ramey and the Sensational Soul Stirrers [1981/82?]

NA-7254 - Live At The War Memorial Auditorium - Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars [1982] Organ Solo/I Finally Got Myself Together/Witness (In My Soul)/Come On Home/Intro - Tommy Ellison Talking/Serve The Lord/I'm Not The Same Person/I've Been Loving God Too Long

NA-7255 - Sing Old Favorites - Slim And The Supreme Angels [1982] Hold To God's Unchanging Hand/You Can't Go To Heaven Living Like Hell/The Last Mile Of The Way/Precious Memories/Pass Me Not // Precious Lord/It's Praying Time/There Goes My Everything/Blessed Quietness/Don't Leave Me Lord





NA-7260 - Too Proud to Pray - Earlston Ford [1982]

NA-7269 - ? - Various Artists [?] Angelic Gospel Singers - I Hope It Won't Be This Way Always/Consolers - Waiting For My Child/Mme Edna Gallmon Cooke - Seven Steps To Hell/At The Gate/Swanee Quintet - Someone To Care/Emma Tucker - Crying Days Will Be Over/Others

NA-7273 - ? - Various Artists? [?] Slim & The Supreme Angels - What Are They Doing In Heaven/Others

NA-27289 - ? - Angelic Gospel Singers [?] - My Sweet Home/Please Lord, Remember Me/Others

NA-27290 - ? - Slim & The Supreme Angels [?] God Will Take Care Of You/What Are They Doing In Heaven/If I'm Too High, Lord Bring Me Down/Others


NA-27292 - ? - Various Artists [?] Brooklyn All-stars - I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan /

NA-7298 - ? - Angelic Gospel Singers [?] Jesus Never Fails Me/I'll Be Alright/I've Weathered The Storm/Every Day/Nobody Knows My Troubles / Touch Me Lord Jesus/All That I Need In Jesus/Jesus Is A Way-maker/ I'm Getting Nearer, Parts 1 & 2/Yes He Will

Nashboro 8000 Reissue Series:

The 8000 series appears to have started in about 1984 and, in some cases (For example 8566), the numbers were simply stuck on to the sleeves by MCA who were distributing Nashboro at the time.

8335 = NA-7047

8340 = NA-7100

8361 = NA-7232

8439 = NA-7045

8447 = NA-7072

8498 - ? - Various Artists [?] Swanee Quintet - Lowly Jesus/That's The Spirit/Others

8566 = NA-7227

8625 = NA-7123

8659 = NA-7121

8778 = CR-23092

8780 = NA-27183

8782 = NA-27200

8779 = NA-27116

28792 - ? - James Cleveland (Actually Various Artists Featuring James Cleveland) [?] James Cleveland - Try Jesus/One Step At A Time/He Brought Me Out/Who Will Answer/You're Not Walking Alone/Oh Mary, Don't You Weep/Yes Lord/I Won't Let Nothing Turn Me Round/Good Enough For Me/He's Got His Eyes On You (Preceding 10 Are Tracks Recorded For Hob In 1959 & 60)/Gospel All Stars - That's Why I Love Him So/ Every Now And Then/Until My Jesus Comes/What Could I Do/It's Me, Oh Lord/Lord Remember Me (Preceding 6 Are Tracks Recorded For Apollo In 1953)/Gospelaires - The Lifeboat/Oh What A Time/He's Pleading In Glory For Me/Talk About A Child (Preceding 4 Are Tracks Recorded For Apollo In 1950)


The Nasco label is black with silver printing. "nasco" in white to the left of the center hole. There is one rainbow colored bar above Nasco and one below it.

9001 -

9002 -

9003 - Whalefeathers Declare - Whalefeathers [1969]

9004 - In the Hands of Karma - Electric Toilet [1970]

9005 - Whalefeathers - Whalefeathers [1970] World of Pain/I Don't Need No Doctor/It's a Hard Road (Back Home) //Bastich/Pretty Woman/Shadows

9006 - Felt - Felt [1971]

9007 -

9008 - In a King's Dream - Westfauster [1971]

Promotional Releases:

Nashboro Sampler 0014 - April Releases 1978 - Various Artists [1978] Record One Pilgrim Jubilee Singers Love Everybody (If You Want to Make It)/We're the People/Are You Ready/Like He Said //Prof. Alex Bradford And When I Die/Try Him Today/Don't Blame God/Put a Little Love in Your Heart/On That Day Record Two Rev. Cleophus Robinson Strange Things Happening/I Looked Down the Line/How I Got Over //Because He Lives/Didn't It Rain/Grandma's Hands/I Can Pray


Note: Most, if not all, of the Crescent LPs were also issued on the Creed label with the same album numbers.

3001 - Step by Step - Swanee Quintet [1967] Something Got A Hold On Me (Holy Ghost Got Me)/How I Got Over/Death Will Come/Come By Here/ This Light Of Mine/Bye And Bye/There's A Dark Cloud Rising/God Will Bring Things Out Alright/Someone To Care/Step By Step/That's The Spirit/Try Me Father

3002 - The Best of the Swanee Quintet - Swanee Quintet [1967] One More River To Cross/Holy Ghost Got Me/Sit Down Servant/What About Me/ Lowly Jesus/Sleep On Mother/My Father's Land/Holy Ghost Got Me/ Meeting Tonight/Step By Step/That's The Spirit/Try Me Father

3003 - Tellin' the World - Wisconsin Community Choir [1967?]

3004 - Lord, Let Us Walk By Faith - Tyler Trio [1967?] Lord Let Me Walk Again/There Is No Failure In God/I'm Willing/If I Can Make It/It's Amazing/Keep Trusting In Jesus/Others?

3005 - Make a Joyful Noise - Various Artists [1967?] Brooklyn All Stars - Time Waits For No One/Brooklyn All-stars - Take The Lord With You/Consolers - Another Child Of God Gone Home/Consolers - Lord Don't Leave Me/Brother Joe May - Somebody Needs The Lord/Brother Joe May - What You Do In The Dark Will Come To Light/Brother Joe May - The Storm Is Passing Over

3006 - Look How Far We've Come - B.C. & M. Mass Choir [1968?] In Glory Somewhere/Holy Ghost/According To Your Words/Workers In The Vineyard / There's Been A Change/He's Been Good To Me/The Lord Can Do Anything / Look How Far We've Come/Satisfied Soul/Going Home To Get My Crown

3007 - Strong Determination - Swanee Quintet [1968?] Silver And Gold (Have I None)/Strong Determination/He Will Take Care Of You/You've Got To Move/Old Time Religion/Wait A Little Longer/Sinner Man/Jesus Never Fails

3008 - A Knock at Midnight - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. [1968?] Sermon

3009 - God's Will - B.C. & M. Mass Choir [1969?] Saved By His Power/ Jesus (I Love The Name)/Precious Lord/The Lord Is All/God's Will/ Salvation Is Free/You Can't Make Me Doubt Him

3010 - The World Behind Me, The Cross Before Me - Wisconsin Community Choir

3011 - Gospel Explosion - Various Artists [?] Bright Stars - Let Thy Will Be Done/Bright Stars - The Bible Is Right/Bright Stars - Standing In The Safety Zone/Bright Stars - Keep Your Arms Around Me/Six Trumpets - Set Me Free/Six Trumpets - Yes God Is Real/Six Trumpets - Waiting On You Lord/Six Trumpets - Be Careful With Your Soul/Trumpet Jubilee Singers - A Man Needs Jesus/Trumpet Jubilee Singers - Lord, I Want To Be A Christian/Trumpet Jubilee Singers - I Couldn't Keep It A Secret /Trumpet Jubilee Singers - You've Got To Be Born Again

3012 - 27th Anniversary - Swanee Quintet [?] Old Time Religion/You've Got To Move/Strong Determination/Someone To Care//New Born Soul/Try Me Father/Jesus Never Fails

3013 - He Walks With Me, He Talks With Me - Johnny Jones [?] I Know The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow/In The Garden/He Will Fix Things Allright / Nearer To Thee/ Oh How I Love Him // I Believe That He Will/Ring Those Bells/Yes God Is Real, Parts 1 & 2

3014 - Draw Me Closer - B.C. and M. Mass Choir [?] Draw Me Closer/ Troubles Of This World/Oh, Happy Day/To Take A Seat/The Lord's Prayer/This Old World Is In A Bad Situation/Satan, We're Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down/For You Lord/I'm Going Away/He'll Send It On Time

3015 - I Still Remember - Kelly Brothers [?] Striving So Long/Do You Know Him/I Still Remember/Christian Automobile/I Love Jesus/The Lord's Prayer/The Lord Is Blessing Me/I Believe I Will Run On/He's The Same Today/He Is Coming Back Again

3016 - Got to Be Ready - Rev. Columbus Mann

3017 - The Many Spiritual Moods of the Swanee Quintet - Swanee Quintet [?] You're Gonna Need Pure Religion/So Much to Thank Jesus For/Oh Lord Save Me/My Soul is a Witness/others

3018 - Let's Go Back to God - Johnny Jones and the Johnny Jones Singers [?] When I'm Serving the Lord/I've Got to Work/Let's Go Back to God/others

3019 - Life - The B.C. and M. Mass Choir [?] Sinner Man/Life/Show Me The Way/I Made A Vow/Just Like Him // Hello Sunshine/As Long As I've Got Jesus/Follow The Lamb/Live So God Can Use Me/Peace

3020 - Going Up to Glory - Wisconsin Community Choir

3021 - He Lifted Me - Community Youth Choir

3022 - Sing Out - Swanee Quintet [?] Dear Lord/You Don't Hurry God/Since Mother Has Been Gone/Take The Lord With You/others

3023 - Witness - Midwestern District Choir [?] I've Been Washed in the Blood/Draw Me Nearer/Jesus Savior Pilot Me/others

3024 - Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. [?] Sermon. Reissue of Excello LP-8009.

3025 - A Long Way From Home - Johnny Jones and the Johnny Jones Singers [?]He's Coming Back Again/Along Way From Home/By and By/others

3026 - The Harrison Johnson Los Angeles Community Choir Is Here - Harrison Johnson Choir [?] I've Decided To Make Jesus My Choice/Help Us Master/I'm So Thankful/Others


3028 - The Best Of The Swanee Quintet - Swanee Quintet [?] Strong Determination/It Is Sweet Just To Know/Just Like Him/Don't Let A Little Money Get You Down/I've Seen The Promised Land/You've Got To Move/Silver And Gold (Have I None)/Others

C-3029 - My Sweet Lord - B. C. & M. Choir [1971?] I Put My Trust In Thee/ Lost Sheep/Thank You Dear Master/I Am Somebody // My Sweet Lord/Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man/Spread Forth Thy Love/I Feel Good/ Here I Stand

C-3030 - A Little Bit Of Faith - Gospel Classics [1971?] I've Been Born Again / It May Be The Last Time/A Little Bit Of Faith/Old Gray Haired Lady/ No Peace In The Land // Don't Let Hate Tear It Down/You've Got To Have Old Time Religion/Precious Lord/Walk Through The Streets Of The City/ The Wicked Shall Cease From Troublin'/If You Would Just Hold Out







3037 - Always There - Harrison Johnson & The Los Angeles Community Choir [?] Thank You Lord For Saving My Soul/Someday/If I Could Live My Whole Life Over/He Lives/Others [This Number Is Uncertain, Or 3058 Might Be A Duplicate]

3038 - The Best of the Swanee Quintet - Swanee Quintet [?] Strong Determination/It is Sweet Just to Know/Just Like Him/others



3041 - The Caravans - Caravans [?] What Will Tomorrow Bring/One Of These Old Days/ I'm Going Through/My Religion/Revive Us Again/The Lord Tried Me/ Right Now God/Walk Around Heaven All Day/Be Sure (These Are All Vee- Jay Recordings From 1963 And 64)

3042 - ? - Various Artists [?] Staples Singers - This May Be The Last Time / Downward Road/Pray On/Good News/Don't Knock/Don't Drive Me Away / Somebody Saved Me/Too Close/Sit Down Servant (These Are All Vee- Jay Recordings From 1958 To 61)/Others By Other Artists

3043 - Swan Silvertone Singers - Swan Silvertone Singers [?] End Of My Journey/Sign Of The Judgement/He's The One/Blessed Assurance/At The Cross/I Found The Annswer/The Saints/Glory Hallelujah/How Great Thou Art/What's The Matter Now (These Are All Vee-jay Recordings From 1957 To 65)







3050 - Swanee Quintet - Swanee Quintet [?] Well Done/Race To Run/My Last Prayer/ The Fire Keeps A Burning/Jesus Won't Fail/Over In Zion/Where He Leads Me/New Walk/Lowly Jesus/Children, Pray On/(Jesus Said If You Need Me) I'll Be There

CR-3051 - The Johnson Ensemble - The Johnson Ensemble [1973] It's My Desire/Look Out For Jesus/Peace In The Valley/The Lord Is Speaking/ Put Him In Your Corner // The Choice Is Yours/Don't Let The Devil Be Your Friend/I've Been Living On His Blessings/Just A Little Talk With Jesus/Just A Closer Walk With Thee





3056 - The Harvest Is Plentiful - Rev Isaac Douglas & The Johnson Ensemble [?] The Harvest Is Plentiful/He Gave Us The Very Best/Lord Keep Me Day By Day/Just In Time/Others

3057 - Christ Is The Answer - Johnson Ensemble [1974?] God Is My Everything/God Is Already There/He Is Mine/Take Your Burdens To The Lord/Others

3058 - God Still Stands - Harrison Johnson & The Los Angeles Community Choir [1974] I Thank You Lord/God Can/God And Me/ If I Could Live My Life Over/Jesus Is All // He Lives/Jesus Is The Same/Someday/God Still Stands

3059 - Do You Know Him - Rev Isaac Douglas [1974?] I'm Happy With Jesus Alone/He Looked Beyond My Faults/All He Wants Is You/Someday/ Others

3060 - The Storm Is Passing Over - 21st Century Singers [1974?] He Saved Me/Blessed Assurance/Oh What A Wonderful God/Swing Down Chariot/ Others

3061 - John Edmonds' Gospel Truth - John Edmonds [?] I May Never Pass This Way Again/Born Free/Packing Up/I've Had My Day/Others

3062 - Ups And Downs - Swanee Quintet [?] Won't It Be Grand/Almighty God / I Found The Lord One Day/Bless The People/Others

3063 - Testify - Kenny Lupper [?] Imitations Of Life/He Is So Wonderful / Do The Best You Can/Always Thinking Of You/Others

3064 - By The Grace Of God - Rev Isaac Douglas [?] Keep Praising God/ There Is Someone Who Cares/I Want To Be Ready/Trust In Him/Others

3065 - Silver Anniversary - O'neal Twins [?] Don't Worry About Tomorrow/ Redemption Draweth Nigh/I'd Trade A Lifetime/God Has Smiled On Me/ It's Gonna Rain/Others

3066 - For Once In My Life - Gloria Spencer (615lb Gospel Singer) [?] I'll Fly Away/Glad To Be In The Service/Testimony For Once In My Life/ Others

3067 - Through It All - Delois Barrett Campbell & The Barrett Sisters [?] Through It All/Heartaches/Ten Thousand Angels/He Touched Me/Others

3068 - Guilty Of Loving God - 21st Century Singers [?] We May Never Pass This Way Again/Faithfulness/Jesus Is All The World To Me/Try Him/ Others

3069 - Praise Him, Praise Him - Evangelist Rosie Wallace Brown [?] No Not One/Praise Him/Sanctified, Justified/God Will Take Care Of You/ Others

3070 - If You Don't Know Him By Now - Swanee Quintet [?] If You Don't Know Him/If God Is Not Real/I'm Moving On/There Is Help/Others

3071 - In Times Like These - Benny Cummings & The King's Temple Choir [?] Our Prayer/Stand Still/They Come To Make Us Strong/The Blood/ Others

3072 - Beautiful Zion - Houston Mass Choir & Rev Isaac Douglas [?] Beautiful Zion/Reach For The Things/Deep Water/Do The Things/ Others

3073 - Come To Jesus - Johnson Ensemble [?] Come To Jesus/If You Even Needed The Lord Before/God Has Abetter Idea/God Will Fix It/Others

3074 - In Concert - O'neal Twins & Interfaith Choir [1977?] In My Father's House/Golden Dreams/When We All Get To Heaven/The Lord's Prayer/ Others

3075 - You Really Ought To Get To Know Him - Rev Isaac Douglas [1977?] If You Don't Know Him By Now/Give It To Me/Standing On The Promises/ He's Working It Out/Others

23076 - Stand Up For Jesus - Rev Isaac Douglas & The Savannah Community Choir [1977] I Can Depend On Jesus Pts 1/& 2/This Little Light, Parts 1 & 2 // Stand Up For Jesus/Blessed Be The Name/Keep Me // Died One Time / It Pays To Serve Jesus/Show Some Sign // Lean On Jesus, Parts 1 & 2/I Took A Walk With God/Looking For A Way Out/Benediction

3077 - Borrowed Time - Swanee Quintet [1977?] He'll Make A Way/Bitter Cup/The Old Ship/Others

3078 - Joy - Rev Milton Brunson & Thompson Community Singers [1977?] I Love To Praise His Name/It's My Desire/He's So Wonderful/Grace/ Others

23079 - Come Together - Various Choirs [1977?] Includes Tracks By Nashville City Wide Choir, B. C. & M. Choir, Birmingham Community Choir, New York Community Choir, Voices Of Heaven, Voices Of Faith, The Modern Black Mass Choir Of Fisk University, Wisconsin Community Choir

3080 - Don't Make War - Harison Johnson & The Los Angeles Community Choir [1977] Never Alone/Let Jesus Lead You/Don't Make War/He Paid The Cost // Someday/Smile/Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow/Since He Came Into My Life/I'd Like To Tell The World

3081 - Bless The Lord - Rev Isaac Douglas [1977?] I Love The Lord He Heard My Cry/I Want To Be Ready/Saved/Others

3082 - I've Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken - O'Neal Twins [1977?] We Shall Be Like Him/Help Your Fellow Man/Trouble/Others

CR-3083 - Now - Benny Cummings & The King's Temple Choir [ 1977] Thank You Lord/He's A Friend/Praise Him/Jesus Is Knocking/You Reap // Haven't Got Long/Lift Him Up/When I Reach That City/Stop By/Love Song (A Life Of Love)

23084 - The National Black College Gospel Workshop - Various Artists [1978?] (2-LP set)

3085 - Glad That You Could Be Here - Savannah Community Choir [1978] Glad That You Could Be Here/Nothing Can Stop Me From Serving The Lord/Jesus I Love You/I Want To Rest // The Love Basket/Salvation/Jesus On The Main Line/Movin' On/People Get Ready (Not The C Mayfield Song)

23086 - 20 Greatest Hits - B.C. & M. Choir [1978?] I Made A Vow/Live So God Can Use Me/As Long As I've Got Jesus/Sinner Man/Show Me The Way/ Satisfied Soul/Holy Ghost/Lost Sheep/My Sweet Lord/Draw Me Closer / Hello Sunshine/Soon I'll Be Done/Salvation Is Free/In Glory Somewhere/Going Home To Get My Crown/Satan, We're Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down/Oh Happy Day/He'll Send It On Time/2 Others

3087 - Up To Mt Zion - Rev Oris Mays [1978/9?] What A Difference God Made / Separation Line/Save Me Lord/Let Me Live In The Light/Others

3088 - Dr Jesus - Swanee Quintet [1978/9?] I Won't Have To Cry No More/ When It Rains/The Party's Over/Since I Started/Others

3089 - Sunday Night Fever - 21st Century Singers [1978/9?] Sunday Night Fever/If You Wait/Celebrate/Miracles/I'll Go/Others

3090 - You Light Up My Life - Rev Isaac Douglas [1978/9?] Anyway You Want Me/At The Cross/No Way/Stay With God/Others

3091 - To All Generations - Rev Milt Brunson & Thompson Community Singers [1978/9?] I Want To Be Ready/Everything You Need/Direct Me/God Will Take Care Of You/Others

23092 - 21 Greatest Hits - Swanee Quintet [1978/9?] Sit Down Servant/New Walk/What About Me/Lowly Jesus/Sleep On Mother/Something's Got A Hold Of Me/Try Me Father/Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross/How Much Do I Owe Him/Where Could I Go/One More River To Cross/Just Like Him/ Strong Determination/New Born Soul Pts 1/& 2/That's The Spirit/ You've Got To Move/Where He Leads Me/3 Others

CR-3093 - Sweet Spirit - Savannah Community Choir [1979] Don't Give Up/I Love You/Jesus Will See You Through/One Day At A Time/Praise God (Blessed Trinity) // Sweet, Sweet Spirit/Whosoever Will/I Feel Like Going On/He Whispered Peace

CR-3094 - Learning To Lean - Rev Oris Mays [1979?] Jesus Said It/All In The Name Of Love/Everything Is Gonna Be Alright/Don't Let The Devil Ride/Others

CR-3095 - There Is Hope For This World - Bobby Jones & New Life [1979?] He Will Step Right In On Time/Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord/I'm Happy With Jesus Alone/I've Been Searching



CR-23098 - Alive Forever - Savannah Community Choir [1980] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Nashboro 4532.

CR-3099 - Changed Man - Swanee Quintet [1980] One Day At A Time/I'm A Changed Man/Never Alone/Hallelujah/I Found The Lord One Day/Life Is So Beautiful/Saints/God's Got You For That





CR-3104 - 4 & 20 Elders - O V Wright & The Luckett Brothers [1980?] Jesus And Me/Four And Twenty Elders/Give An Account/There's A God Somewhere/Stand Up And Testify/Thank You For Sunshine/He'll Understand/Walk On/Said He Would Make Up My Dying Bed

CR-3105 - Salem Travellers? - Salem Travellers?


CR-3107 - Starflite - Isaac Douglas & The New York Community Choir [1981?] If You Just Hold Out/He Holds The World In His Hands/Let's Go Higher/ He's All You Need/Coming Again/The Lord Is My Shepherd/On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand/I've Still Got A Long Way To Go/Save Thyself

CR-3108 - From The Soul - Johnson Ensemble [1981?] Don't Leave Me Jesus/ If You Ever Needed The Lord Before/In Glory Somewhere/God Will Fix It / It's My Desire/Peace In The Valley/My Prayer/Christ Is The Answer / The Harvest Is Plentiful

CR-3109 - The Gospel According To - Benny Cummings & The King's Temple Choir [1981?] He's Right On Time/The Blood/You Must Come In At The Door/They Come To Make Us Strong/Sign Of The Judgement/Thank You Lord/Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus/You Reap Just What You Sow/Lift Him Up/Stop By And Rescue Me

CR-3110 - Triumphant - 21st Century Singers [1981?] Who Wouldn't Serve A God Like This/One Of These Days/I'm Gonna Love You/He'll Make Everything Alright/There's A Better Day Coming/Tell The World/Lift Your Hands/Keep On Pressing

CR-3111 - Lord I Thank You - Lloyd Reese Singers [1981?] Lord I Thank You / I Didn't Have No Doubt/Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee/It's Alright/Testify/He Ain't Heavy/Something To Talk About/Ain't Gonna Run No More/Touch Me Lord Jesus

CR-3112 - Higher Power - Swanee Quintet [1981?] I Believe/He Will Take Care Of You/How Long/Try Love/In A Minute/He Knows Just How Much We Can Bear/He Can Save You/His Love Is The Answer



CR-3115 - God Wants Somebody - Salt Of The Earth [1981/2?] Don't Give Up/ God Wants Somebody/Send The Holy Ghost/You'd Better Be Ready/No Time To Lose/Count It All Joy

CR-3116 - Lord I Thank You - Swanee Quintet [1981/2?] Lord I Thank You/ Prayer Changes Things/Oh Yes He Did/See Him For Myself/In The Middle Of The Night/Some Sweet Day/Touch The Lord/Reach Your Destination

3201 - I Have A Dream - Rev Martin Luther King Jr [?] (Address From March To Washington, Plus Talks By Other Politicos)


This was apparently an Ernie Young budget/reissue label.

2001 - God's Greatest Gift: A Gospel Christmas Package - Various Artists [?]

2002 - Mother Vol 2 - Various Artists [?] Brooklyn All-stars - Motherless Child/Mme Edna Gallmon Cooke - Mother's Looking For Me/Gospel Songbirds - Ever Since Mother Has Been Gone/Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - John Behold Thy Mother/Rock Island Singers - Tell Mother I'll Be There Soon/Sons Of Faith - Mother Had It/Spiritual Five - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again/Supreme Angels - Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Taylor Brothers Gospel Singers - Mother's Advice/


2004 - The Amazing World Of Gospel - Various Artists [?] Includes Trax By Highway Qcs, Staple Singers, Harmonizing Four, Claude Jeter & Swan Silvertones, Caravans, Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama

2005 - Crying' Days Will Be Over - Sister Emma Tucker [?] You Should Have Been There/Something To Tell Jesus/I Don't Have To Worry/In The Prayer Room/Others

2006 - Mr Big Stuff - Rev Abraham Swanson [1971?] Sermon

2007 - Give God The Glory - Florida Spiritualaires [?] In The End/ Watching Mother Go Home/If I Had One Life To Live/Others


2009 - We Remember Rufus (Rufus Washington Of The Swanee Quintet) - Various Artists [?] Angelic Gospel Singers - My Sweet Home/Consolers - May The Work I've Done Speak For Me/Swanee Quintet - Sit Down Servant/ One More River To Cross/Step By Step/Strong Determination/Others


The Mankind label was distributed by Nashboro. The Mankind label is green with black printing, the top quarter of the label is yellow with "MANKIND" above and to the left of the center hole.

M-201 - The Brand New Z.Z. Hill - Z.Z. Hill [1971] Blues at the Opera (Communication in Regard to Circumstances)/Act I Scene I It Ain't No Use, Scene II Ha Ha (Laughing Song)/Act II Scene I Second Chance, Scene II Our Love is Getting Better/Act III Finale Faithful and True//Chokin' Kind/Hold Back (One Man at a Time)/A Man Needs a Woman (A Woman Needs a Man)/I Think I'd Do It

M-202 - Whatever's Fair - Greene Sisters [1971]


M-204 - Friend - Freddie North [1971] She's All I Got/Raining On A Sunny Day/Sweeter Than Sweetness/Sidewalks Fences And Walls/I Did The Woman Wrong//Yours Love/Laid Back And Easy/You And Me Together Forever/Ain't Nothing In The News (But The Blues)/Did I Come Back Too Soon (Or Stay Away Too Long)

M-205 - Cuss the Wind - Freddie North


Cheri Records was a new Nashboro label started in about 1981, after Nashboro had been purchased by AVI. They only issued a couple of albums.

C-LP 1 - Everything Must Change - Roslyn & Charles [1981?] Amazing Grace/ Was Not Intended/Everything Must Change/Come Go With Me/Told To Tell You/Someday We'll All Be Free/Forever/Sing

C-LP 2 - Prayer Lamp - Julius Brockington [1981?] Prayer Lamp/He Touched Me/The Difference In Me/Light Of My Soul/Let The Holy Spirit/ Praise Him/God Lives/When He Comes


The A-Bet Label was distributed by Nashboro. The A-Bet label is yellow with black print. There is a large gray triangle around the center hole. "A-BET" above the center hole.

A-401 - Records Galore - Various Artists [1967] You Can't Judge a Book (By Looking at The Cover) - Bo Diddley/Rinky Dink - Dave "Baby" Cortez/Little Darlin' - Gladiolas/Precious Words - Wallace Brothers/Two Way Wishing - Lowell Fulsom/Falling in Love Again - Kelly Brothers/The Entertainer - Tony Clarke/C.C. Rider - Bobby Powell//Temptation 'Bout to Get Me - Knight Brothers/Baby, Scratch My Back - Slim Harpo/Congo Mombo - Guitar Gable/Eddie My Love - Teen Queens/Voice Your Choice - Radiants/Booze in the Bottle - Carter Brothers/Sweet Sixteen, Part 1 and Part 2 - B.B. King



A-404 - Main Man - Oliver Sain [197?] Soul Serenade/Comin' Down Soul/On The Hill/Harlem Nocturne/Others

A-405 - Make Me Yours - Bettye Swann [1972] Make Me Yours/Fall In Love With Me/Don't Look Back/Don't Look Back/Don't Wait Too Long/Don't Take My Mind/I Can't Stop Loving You//I Think I'm Falling In Love/You Gave Me Love/The Heartache is Gone/I Will Not Cry/What is My Life Coming To/A Change Is Gonna Come

A-406 - Bus Stop - Oliver Sain [197?] Going Back To Memphis/Sporty Mae/Soul Serenade/Booty Bumpin'/Others

A-407 - Blue Max - Oliver Sain [197?] Party Hearty/She's A Disco Queen/ Apricot Splash/London Express/Others

A-408 - The Versatility of Jesse Morrison - Jesse Morrison [1975] Shakey Puddin'/Loving You/Stop, Look Listen/Love Won't Let Me Wait // Hound Dog (Not The Hound Dog, A Hound Dog)/There Will Never Be Another You/Ease On Down The Road/Tell Me, Can You Feel It



A-20411 - At His Best - Oliver Sain [197?] Two record set.


G 1453 - Oh! Julie - Crescendos [1963] Oh Julie/Angel Face/I'm So Ashamed/Without Love //Let's Take a Walk/Julie-Anna/Katie Doll/Janie

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