Chapel/Bridge Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: March 6, 2003

The Chapel label started in Glendale, California, at least as early as 1950. By 1960, Chapel was located in Mountain View, California, where they stayed at least until the late 1970s. Bridge was a reissue subsidiary probably started in the mid-1970s. Both labels used the "Golden Voice Series" as a trade mark of sorts.

Mainstay artists for the label included the King's Heralds Quartet and the Heritage Singers (the group name was often followed by "USA"). The King's Heralds Quartet, according to liner notes, "has been famous since 1937 for its distinctive interpretations of fine sacred music." Interestingly, they also chose classical pieces by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and the like for which others had written gospel lyrics.

The early Chapel stereo labels were red with gold print, with the logo on top, above which was "The Golden Voice Series". Around each side at left and right was a gold box with "STEREOPHONIC". At the bottom of the label is, 'CHAPEL RECORDS, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF." Mono albums may have been blue with similar graphics. The same logo design was used at least into 1974. After monaural albums were discontinued (about 1968), the label changed to gold with "COMPATIBLE" replacing "STEREOPHONIC" in the boxes at left and right of the label.

In 1975, the logo changed to the word "CHAPEL" in block letters inside a split multi-ring circle. The label design did not change, except the bottom information changed to "CHAPEL/BRIDGE RECORDS, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. U.S.A." Promotional copies were also issued, on white labels with black print using the same graphic design.

The Heritage Singers USA merited a specially designed label, pink with black print except the group name was in white. The label design was similar to the regular label, except there were no boxes at right and left. The word "STEREO" appears on the right side of the center hole.

The Bridge label was orange with black print. The logo, a multi-arc semi-circle, was in yellow across the top of the label, under which was "BRIDGE", also in yellow. The label name was large and was printed across the center hole. The album name was printed in black under the arc but above the label name.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Chapel Label 5000 Golden Voice Series:

LP 5001 - General Conference Commemorative Album - Various Artists [195?] Featuring: Faith for Today Quartet, King's Heralds Quartet, Edwin Baer, Barron Brothers, Ivalyn Law-Biloff, Chapel Trio, Del Delker, Charles Keymer, Alyne Dumas Lee, Sunny Liu, Barbara Morton, and the Emmanuel Missionary Choir

LP 5002 - Gospel Gems - Paul Carson, organist [195?]

LP 5003 - Favorite Hymns - Paul Carson, organist [195?]

LP 5004 - My God and I - Charles Turner, tenor [195?]

LP 5005 - Down Deep in the Sea - John Webb, bass [195?] With Rudy Atwood, piano, and Les Barnett, organ.

LP 5006 - God Understands - Del Delker, contralto [195?] Accompanied by Brad Braley and the La Sierra Church Choir.

LP 5007 - Golden Moment - King's Heralds with Del Delker, contralto [195?] Accompanied by Brad Braley, organ.

LP 5008 - The Gift of Peace - Hugh Carmichael & Christian Faith Orchestra [195?]

LP 5012 - Our Prayer - King's Heralds, Del Delker, and Brad Braley [195?]

LP 5060 - The Wargo Symphonette - George Wargo, violinist [195?]

LP 5061

LP 5062 - Beautiful Isle of Somewhere - Leonard & Shirley Venden, organ and vibraharp [195?]

LP 5063 - Heart to Heart - Helen Lange, organ [195?]

LP 5064 - Vesper Songs - A.R. Sousa, bass [195?]

LP 5065 - The Lord's Prayer - Del Delker, contralto [195?] With Brad and Olive Braley, oirgan and piano.

LP 5086 - Bound for the Promised Land - Faith for Today Quartet [195?]

LP 5087 - A Day in the Courts - Van Knauss [195?] Knauss is the accompanist for the Faith for Today Quartet.

LP 5101 (mono)/ST 101 (stereo) - When They Ring Those Golden Bells - Ray Turner, bass & Richard Barron, tenor [1960] When They Ring Those Golden Bells/Without Him/Mansion Over The Hilltop/Tenderly He Watches Over Me/Until Then//Supper Time/Kneel At The Cross/Just A Whispered Prayer/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/In Times Like These/Whispering Hope

From this point, albums were issued in "compatible" mono/stereo, so only the stereo version was issued.

S 5172 - We Worship Thee - King's Heralds Quartet [1968] The Kings Heralds Quartet is Bob Edwards (first tenor), Jim McClintock (bass), Jerry Patton (second tenor), and Jack Veazey (baritone). The Heavens Are Telling/Go To Dark Gethsemane/O Rejoice Ye Christians Loudly/Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven/O, Hear Me When I Cry To Thee/From Depths Of Woe I Cry To Thee/May Thy Blessed Spirit//Thanks Be To God/Lost In The Night/Holy, Holy, Holy/The Prayer Of Our Lord Jesus/Richard deCastre's Prayer To Jesus/We Worship Thee/I Heard A Forest Praying

ST 5173 - Country Church - The Wedgewood [1968] There's A Light/Arise And Shine/Will The Circle Be Unbroken?/Steal Away/Were You There?//Way Beyond The Blue/Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Round/Sister/When The Lord Comes Knocking/Precious Lord/Do You Love My Lord?

S 5188 - Hymns We Remember - Heritage Singers

S 5189 - Come Along with the Heritage Singers - Heritage Singers

S 5193 - The King Is Coming - Heritage Singers

?? - More Than Singing - Heritage Singers

S 5203 - He's Everything to Me - Heritage Singers USA

S 5205 - Happy Side of Life - Heritage Singers USA [1972] The album has a fold-open jacket. The Happy Side Of Life/I Know Where I'm Going/Have You Met Jesus/Peace, Joy, Love/I Searched The World/When I Need Him//Let The People Sing/A Quiet Place/I heard The Voice Of Jesus/The Way That He Loves/Turn Your Life Over To Jesus

S 5208 - Help Somebody Today - John & Ruth Robertson [1973] Help Somebody Today/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Father, Lead Me Day By Day/The Ballad Of Jesus Christ/I Pitied Him//O Brother Man/Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life/Saw Ye My Saviour?/O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee/Be Thou My Vision

?? - Sing-A-Long - Heritage Singers USA

?? - Thanks to Cavalry - Heritage Singers

?? - Talking About the Love of God - Heritage Singers USA

S 5241 - Let's Just Praise the Lord - Heritage Singers USA [1973]

S 5244 - Heritage Singers USA Presents Bob Silverman Especially for You - Bob Silverman [1974] Fill My Cup, Lord/Medley: Room At The Cross-The Old Rugged Cross/God Speaks/Precious Lord, Take My hand/His Sheep Am I//All My Life/Somebody Bigger Than You And I/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/I Ask The Lord/Go Tell It On The Mountain/It Took A Miracle

S 5265 - Yes, God Is Real - King's Heralds [1975] Yes, God Is Real/Trials Make Pure Gold/Higher Hands/If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again/He Knows Just How Much We Can Bear//Jesus Is Coming/Singing Hymns Around The Piano Back Home/Where Could I Go But To The Lord/In The Shadow Of The Cross/Never Give Up

S 5267 - You're Not Alone - John Ramsey (tenor) [1975] With the King's Heralds Quartet; Orchestra arranged and conducted by Wayne Hooper and Calvin Taylor. Nothin' Soothes The Soul Like Jesus/In The garden/All My Trials/Golden Breaks The dawn/Psalm 130//Bring Back The Springtime/Here's My Life/A Man Named Jesus/You're Not Alone/Rain

S 5271 - Family Reunion - Family Reunion [1975]

S 5273 - Christmas with the Heritage Singers - Heritage Singers USA [1975]

S 5312 - If My People - King's Heralds [1977] If My people/Anywhere With Jesus/More Love To Thee/Walk In Jerusalem/The Saviour Is Waiting//King Of Glory/Precious Lord, Take My Hand/The Cross (Medley)/Sweet, Sweet Spirit/Quiet Place

S 5347 - Peaceful Moments - Steve & Ju Evenson

S 5422 - Aloha to the Heavenly One - Kahauanu Lake Singers

S 5435 - We Have This Moment Today - Jimmy Rhodes

Chapel 1200 Series:

LP 1200 - Sacred Music - Paul Carson, organ

LP 1201

LP 1202

LP 1203 - Spirituals - Oakwood Male Chorus

LP 1204

LP 1205

LP 1206 - Sacred Music - Paul Carson, organ

LP 1207 - Secular Music - Paul Carson, organ

LP 1215 - Christmas Music - Paul Carson, organ

LP 1216 - Sacred Music - Temple Trio & Chapel Trio

LP 1217 - Hawaiian Music - Paul Crason, organ

LP 1230 - The Royal Ambassadors - Royal Ambassadors [195?] 10" LP. The Royal Ambassadors are John Popowich, Elmer Koronko, Richard lange, and Ralph Diminyatz.

Chapel LP-100 Series:

Note: This series should not be confused with the stereo ST-100 series; they are completely different.

LP 100 - Christmas Music - King's Heralds

LP 101 - Sacred Music - King's Heralds

LP 102 - Spirituals - King's Heralds

LP 103 - Sacred Music - King's Heralds & Del Delker

Chapel LP-400 Series:

LP 401 - Sacred Music - Temple Trio

Chapel LP-600 Series: LP 601

LP 602 - Sacred Music - Del Delker, contralto

LP 603 - Sacred Music - Del Delker, contralto

Bridge Label 2200 Golden Voice Series:

S 2223 - Country Church - The Wedgewood [1975?] Reissue of Chapel ST 5173. Record jacket is simulated leather. There's A Light/Arise And Shine/Will The Circle Be Unbroken?/Steal Away/Were You There?//Way Beyond The Blue/Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Round/Sister/When The Lord Comes Knocking/Precious Lord/Do You Love My Lord?

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