Chess Album Discography, Part 1
LP-1425 to LPS-1553 and CHV-400 Vintage Series
by David Edwards, Mike Callahan, and Randy Watts
Last update: April 3, 2009

The original Chess LP series started with LP-1425 and included albums on both the Chess and the Checker labels. After 1437, the series was used exclusively for the Chess label; the Checker label switched to a 2970 series.

A note about label design changes. Label design changes are a messy operation, not usually a clean break between one design and a newer one from one album number to the next. Often, the old label blanks are used until they are depleted. Sometimes, when several pressing plants are used, some run out later than others, so we see things like the first black label showing up on LP-1500, when two label changes have already occurred since then. In the case of Chess, Checker, and Argo, different color labels with the first design were used, often for the same album, so for instance "original pressings" of a Chess album might show up with either a blue or a black label. And of course, newer labels often show up on older albums. This is more easily explained by later pressings of an album still in print. For all these reasons, it is hard to pinpoint when a new label starts for a company like Chess. Certainly the orange GRT label on a 1962 album indicates a later pressing or a reissue, but in looking at the 1960s labels, as we say, it's messy, and it's why we usually say, "about this point, the label changes."

Those albums for which we have reason to believe were issued in mono only are listed with the mono ("LP-") prefix. Those for which we have indication of a stereo issue are listed with their stereo prefix ("LPS-"). For those where we do not have information on stereo issue, we have used an asterisk in the prefix (LP*-") [obviously the asterisk was not in the original label number]. Many of the early albums were reissued later, using the later label styles. Some albums were reissued in electronic stereo. We have listed the albums' stereo availability when first issued. We know of no albums originally issued in mono only that were subsequently reissued in true stereo; Chess was notoriously prone to rechanneled stereo, both before and after the sale to GRT.

The first Chess label (far left) was black with silver printing, "CHESS" vertically on the left side of the label. On stereo releases, a gold label with black printing was used, with the same graphics. During this time, some issues used dark blue labels with silver printing (near left); graphics were the same. These were the original labels on 1425 to approximately 1482, but also appeared sporadically on original albums as late as LP-1500.
Promotional labels were white with black printing, the graphics were the same as the black label. Many of the early promotional offerings also were pressed in limited-edition multi-color vinyl, as shown at near left.
At about LP-1482, Chess began transitioning away from the old label style. The first step was a change to a label with "CHESS" across the top instead of down the left side, with a chess knight used as a crest. At first, this label was black, with gold letters and a red-white-blue-gold color scheme for the crest. These "crest" labels were used for a very few issues, from about LP-1482 to about LP-1495. Possibly when they ran out of the label blanks for the multicolor crest labels, an all-blue label with silver print was used, with the crest design but without the full color. These silver-and-blue labels were probably used in lieu of having the expensive crest multicolor labels reprinted, since they were changing the label design soon anyway, to the "fade" design shown below.
Just after the blue and silver crest label, an aqua and white "transition" label was used (far left) on LP- 1496, with the same design that would become the standard starting in late 1965, but without the multicolor letters in the label name. This "fade" design was also used for the Checker and Cadet labels, virtually the only difference being the label name. It was blue (or purple) on the top, fading to almost-white at the bottom of the label. Printing was black. The "CHESS" name was in block letters above the center hole with the top of the letters red, the middle white, and the bottom blue. A stylized chess knight horse logo appeared on the right side under the label name. Various promotional issues used a few variations, but most just used the same label with the notation "D.J. Copy - Not For Sale". This new label was used from LP-1496 to the end of the series, LP-1553. This label was also used on the "Vintage Series" to CHV-415 and on the early issues of the 50000 and 60000 series.
At far left, a purple variation of the label used from LP-1500 to 1553. Shortly after Chess was purchased by GRT, the label was changed to orange with black printing (near left). The perimeter of this GRT label was blue with a blue stripe running horizontally through the center hole. "CHESS" to the left of the center hole. Above the logo is a stylized horse head (from the knight of a chess piece). Promotional labels were white with the same graphics in black. Many of the earlier albums were reissued with this label in the 1970s. This label was used on the 50000 and 60000 series (except very early numbers) and the vintage series for CHV-416 and above (although the colors differed, with a green bar on a pink field).

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

LP-1400 Series, Starts as Chess/Checker:

Chess LP-1425 - Rock, Rock, Rock - Various Artists [12/56] There are two versions of album covers, the first has Chess LP-1425 in the lower left corner, the second has Chess LP-1425 in a white box at the upper right of the cover. I Knew From The Start - Moonglows/Would I Be Crying - Flamingos/Mabellene - Chuck Berry/Sincerely - Moonglows/Thirty Days - Chuck Berry/The Vow - Flamingos//You Can't Catch Me - Chuck Berry/Over and Over Again - Moonglows/Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry/I''ll Be Home - Flamingos/See Saw - Moonglows/A Kiss From Your Lips - Flamingos

Chess LP-1426 - After School Session with Chuck Berry - Chuck Berry [1957] School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)/Deep Feeling/Too Much Monkey Business/Wee Wee Hours/Roly Poly/No Money Down//Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Berry Pickin'/Together We Will Always Be/Havana Moon/Down Bound Train/Drifting Heart

Chess LP-1427 - The Best of Muddy Waters - Muddy Waters [1957] Hoochie Coochie Man/I'm Ready/Rollin' Stone/I Just Want To Make Love To You/Honey Bee/She Moves Me//I Can't Be Satisfied/I Want You To Love Me/Long Distance Call/Standing Around Crying/Still A Fool/Louisiana Blues

Chess (Checker) LP-1428 - The Best of Little Walter - Little Walter [1957] My Babe/Sad Hours/You're So Fine/Last Night/Blues With A Feeling/Can't Hold Out Much Longer//Juke/Mean Old World/Off The Wall/You Better Watch Yourself/Blue Lights/Tell Me Mamma

Chess (Checker) LP-1429 - Oh! Suzy-Q - Dale Hawkins [1958] Oh Suzy-Q/Don't Treat Me This Way/Juanita/Tornado/Little Pig/Heaven//Baby Baby/Mrs. Mergritory's Daughter/Take My Heart/Wild Wild World/See You Soon Baboon/Four Letter Word (Rock)

Chess LP-1430 - Look! It's the Moonglows - Moonglows [1959] Love Is A River/Blue Velvet/This Love/When I'm With You/I'll Stop Wanting You/Don't Say Goodbye//Ten Commandments Of Love (3:03)/Kiss Me Baby/Penny Arcade/Mean Old Blues/Sweeter Than Words/Cold Feet

Chess (Checker) LP-1431 - Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [1957] Bo Diddley/I'm A Man/Bring It to Jerome/Before You Accuse Me/Hey Bo Diddley/Dearest Darling//Hush Your Mouth/Say Bossman/Diddley Daddy/Diddey Wah Diddey/Who Do You Love/Pretty Thing

Chess LP-1432 - One Dozen Berrys - Chuck Berry [4/58] Originally issued in mono only; subsequently reissued with the orange label as LPS-1432 in electronic stereo. Sweet Little Sixteen/Blue Feeling/La Jaunda (Espanola)/Rocking At The Philharmonic/Oh Baby Doll/Guitar Boogie//Reelin' And Rockin'/Ingo/Rock And Roll Music/How You've Changed/Low Feeling/It Don't Take But A Few Minutes

Checker LP-1433 - The Flamingos - Flamingos [1959] Dream Of A Lifetime/Ko Ko Mo/Whispering Stars/On My Merry Way/The Vow/Would I Be Crying//A Kiss From Your Lips/Shilly Dilly/Stolen Love/Chickie Um Bah/Nobody's Love/Chicka Boom That's My Baby

Chess LP-1434 - Moanin' in the Moonlight - Howlin' Wolf [1958] Moanin' At Midnight/How Many More Years/Smokestack Lightnin'/Baby How Long/No Place to Go/All Night Boogie//Evil/I'm Leavin' You/Moanin' For My Baby/I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)/Forty- Four/Somebody In My Home

Chess LP-1435 - Chuck Berry Is on Top - Chuck Berry [1959] Almost Grown/Carol/Maybellene/Sweet Little Rock And Roller/Anthony Boy/Johnny B. Goode//Little Queenie/Jo Jo Gunne/Roll Over Beethoven/Around And Around/Hey Pedro/Blues For Hawaiians

Checker LP-1436 - Go Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [1958] Crackin' Up/I'm Sorry/Bo's Guitar/Willie And Lillie/You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)/Say Man//The Great Grandfather/Oh Yea/Don't Let It Go/Little Girl/Dearest Darling/The Clock Strikes Twelve

Checker LP-1437 - Down and Out Blues - Sonny Boy Williamson [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Later reissued in electronic stereo as LPS-1437. Don't Start Me To Talkin'/I Don't Know/All My Love In Vain/The Key (To Your Door)/Keep It To Yourself/Dissatisfied//Fattening Frogs For Snakes/Wake Up Baby/Your Funeral And My Trial/99/Cross My Heart/Let Me Explain

Series becomes Chess only; Checker series continues with LP-2971:

LP-1438 - House of the Blues - John Lee Hooker [1959] Walkin' The Boogie/Love Blues/Union Station Blues/It's My Own Fault/Leave My Wife Alone/Ramblin' By Myself//Sugar Mama/Down At The Landing/Louise/Ground Hog Blues/High Priced Woman/Women And Money

LP-1439 - Oldies in Hi-Fi - Various Artists [1959] Promotional issues were on multicolored vinyl with white labels. I Want To Hug You Kiss You Squeeze You - Buddy & Claudia/I Don't Know - Willie Mabon/Susie-Q - Dale Hawkins/Hi Ho Baby - Jackie Brenston/Hey Little Girl - John Godfrey Trio/Poison Ivy - Willie Mabon//Rocket "88" - Jackie Brenston/Sugaree - Rusty York/See You Later Alligator - Bobby Charles/I'm Mad - Willie Mabon/Over the Mountain Across the Sea - Johnnie & Joe/All Of My Life - Calvin Bostick

LP/LPS-1440 - Benny Goodman Rides Again - Benny Goodman [10/59] This is the first Chess LP to be originally released in stereo. The mono copy has a black label with silver print, but the stereo issue has a gold label with black print. Mission To Moscow/Benny Rides Again/The Earl/Oh Baby/Fascinating Rhythm//Ev'rything I've Got/Whispering/All The Things You Are/You Do Something To Me/It Could Happen to You/Stereo Stomp

LP-1441 - Bunch of Goodies - Various Artists [1959] Promotional issues were on multi-colored vinyl with white labels. Please Send Me Someone To Love - Moonglows/When I'm With You - Moonglows/Nadine - Coronets/Ten Commandments Of Love - Harvey & Moonglows/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts/You're Everything To Me - Orchids//Bad Girl - Miracles/In My Diary - Moonglows/Teardrops - Lee Andrews & Hearts/Sincerely - Moonglows/Most Of All - Moonglows/We Go Together - Moonglows

LP*-1442 - Soulful Saxophone - Gene Ammons [11/59] My Foolish Heart/Prelude To A Kiss/It's You Or No One/Can Anyone Explain/Goodbye//Pennies From Heaven/Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe/You Go To My Head/Once In A While/It's The Talk Of The Town

LP*-1443 - In a German Beer Garden - Bob Kames at the Organ [1960] High Life Polka/My Dear Augustine/The Village Band/Every Little Movement/Lili Marlene/You Can't Be True Dear//Coo Coo Waltz/Just Another Drop/My Hat Has Three Corners/You Are In My Heart/The Blonde Sailor/Tell Me You're My True Love

LP-1444 - Muddy Waters Sings "Big Bill" - Muddy Waters [1960] Tell Me Baby/Southbound Train/When I Get To Thinking/Just a Dream (On My Mind)/Double Trouble//I Feel So Good/I Done Got Wise/Mopper's Blues/Lonesome Road Blues/Hey Hey

LP*-1445 - Jug and Sonny - Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt [1960] I'm Not That Kind Of Guy (You're Not That Kind Of Girl) - Gene Ammons/I Cover The Waterfront - Sonny Stitt/Full Moon - Gene Ammons/Jam For Boppers - Gene Ammons/Don't Do Me Wrong - Gene Ammons//Don't Worry ‘Bout Me - Sonny Stitt/Baby Won't You Please Say Yes - Gene Ammons/Cha-Bootie - Gene Ammons/Tenor Eleven - Gene Ammons/The Last Mile (The Last Chance) - Gene Ammons

LP-1446 - Walkin' by Myself...and Other Blues Hits of the Past - Various Artists [1960] Twenty-Four Hours - Eddie Boyd/Diggin' My Potatoes - Washboard Sam/Mother Earth - Memphis Slim/Walking By Myself - Jimmy Rogers/Guess I'm a Fool - Memphis Slim/Dark Road - Floyd Jones//Booted - Roscoe Gordon/Third Degree - Eddie Boyd/The World's in a Tangle - Jimmy Rogers/Anything to Say You're Mine - Lulu Reed/That's Alright - Jimmy Rogers

LP-1447 - The Funniest Woman in the World: Moms Mabley Onstage - Moms Mabley [1960] (7-61, #121) Recorded During a performance at the Tivoli Theater, Chicago. The Funniest Woman In The World, Part 1//The Funniest Woman In The World, Part 2

LP-1448 - Rockin' at the Hops - Chuck Berry [1960] Bye Bye Johnny/Worried Life Blues/Down the Road A Piece/Confessin' The Blues/Too Pooped To Pop/Mad Lad//I Got To Find My Baby/Betty Jean/Childhood Sweetheart/Broken Arrow/Driftin' Blues/Let It Rock

LP/LPS-1449 - Muddy Waters at Newport 1960 - Muddy Waters [1960] I Got My Brand On You (S)/I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man (S)/Baby Please Don't Go (S)/Soon Forgotten (S)/Tiger In Your Tank (S)//I Feel So Good (S)/I've Got My Mojo Working (S)/I've Got My Mojo Working, Part 2 (S)/Goodbye Newport Blues (S)

LP-1450 - Have I Had You Before? - Patsy Abbott [1961] Recorded in person at Patsy's Place, Miami Florida.

LP-1451 - The Trial - Presided By Judge Pigmeat Markham [1961] Recorded live at the Regal Theater, Chicago, Illinois. The Trial, Part 1//The Trial, Part 2

LP-1452 - Moms Mabley at the "UN" - Moms Mabley [1961] (5-61, #16) Recorded at the Uptown Theater, Philadelphia. Moms Mabley At The UN, Part 1//Moms Mabley At The UN, Part 2

LP-1453 - The Loneliest Gal in Town - Little Miss Cornshucks [1961] Never Let You Go/Why Was I Born/You Turned Your Back On Me/Lonesomest Girl In Town/Don't Deceive Me//Try A Little Tenderness/No Teasing Around/So Long/It Do Me So Good/To Be Hurt

LP-1454 - John Lee Hooker Plays and Sings the Blues - John Lee Hooker [1961] The Journey/I Don't Want Your Money/Hey Baby/Mad Man Blues/Bluebird/Worried Life Blues//Apologize/Lonely Boy Boogie/Please Don't Go/Dreamin' Blues/Hey Boogie/Just Me And My Telephone

LP-1455 - Memphis Slim - Memphis Slim [1961] I Guess I'm A Fool/Rockin' The Pad/Havin' Fun/Marack/Mother Earth//Really Got The Blues/Tijuana/I'm Crying/Reverend Bounce/Slim's Blues/Blues For My Baby

LP-1456 - New Juke Box Hits - Chuck Berry [1961] I'm Talking About You/Diploma For Two/Thirteen Question Method/Away From You/Don't You Lie To Me/The Way It Was Before//Little Star/Route 66/Sweet Sixteen/Run Around/Stop And Listen/Rip It Up

LP-1457 - Larry Williams - Larry Williams [Unissued?] It is questionable whether this LP was ever released. We have been collecting for 40+ years and have never seen a copy of this, or even seen a copy for sale at auction. My Baby's Got Soul/Every Day I Wonder/I Wanna Know/Baby Baby/Do Right/Oh Baby/I Think I'm In Love/Heart Breaker/I Hear My Baby/Gee Baby/Like A Gentleman Ought To/Be Kind

The following album, Chess LP-1458, was issued in four variations.
The main version was the first of a series of Murray the K discs issued on Chess, this one called Murray the K's Golden Gassers with the catalog number of LP-1458, with no suffix. There was a version issued for the Pittsburgh audience, called WAMO's Golden Gassers, featuring Porky Chedwick, with catalog number LP-1458 PGH, and a "national" version just called Golden Gassers, with a catalog number of LP-1458 USA, which had the names of several big cities on the cover. The fourth version was called Golden Gate Greats and featured a photo of the KYA (San Francisco) deejay staff. The catalog number for this one was LP-1458 SF. All four versions had the same track lineup.

LP-1458 - Murray the K's Golden Gassers - Various Aritsts [1961] We Belong Together - Robert & Johnny/Sincerely - Moonglows/So Young - Students/10 Commandments Of Love - Moonglows (3:56)/A Kiss From Your Lips - Flamingos/Book Of Love - Monotones//Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers/Let The Little Girl Dance - Billy Bland/Over The Mountain Across the Sea - Johnnie & Joe/Most Of All - Moonglows/I'll Be Home - Flamingos/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts

LP-1458 PGH - WAMO's Golden Gassers - Various Aritsts [1961] We Belong Together - Robert & Johnny/Sincerely - Moonglows/So Young - Students/10 Commandments Of Love - Moonglows (3:56)/A Kiss From Your Lips - Flamingos/Book Of Love - Monotones//Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers/Let The Little Girl Dance - Billy Bland/Over The Mountain Across the Sea - Johnnie & Joe/Most Of All - Moonglows/I'll Be Home - Flamingos/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts

LP-1458 USA - Golden Gassers - Various Aritsts [1961] We Belong Together - Robert & Johnny/Sincerely - Moonglows/So Young - Students/10 Commandments Of Love - Moonglows (3:56)/A Kiss From Your Lips - Flamingos/Book Of Love - Monotones//Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers/Let The Little Girl Dance - Billy Bland/Over The Mountain Across the Sea - Johnnie & Joe/Most Of All - Moonglows/I'll Be Home - Flamingos/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts

LP-1458 SF - Golden Gate Greats - Various Aritsts [1961] We Belong Together - Robert & Johnny/Sincerely - Moonglows/So Young - Students/10 Commandments Of Love - Moonglows (3:56)/A Kiss From Your Lips - Flamingos/Book Of Love - Monotones//Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers/Let The Little Girl Dance - Billy Bland/Over The Mountain Across the Sea - Johnnie & Joe/Most Of All - Moonglows/I'll Be Home - Flamingos/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts

LP-1459 - Fun - Freddie & Flo Robinson [1961]

LP-1460 - "Moms" Mabley at the Playboy Club - Moms Mabley [1961] (11-61, #39) Recorded at the Playboy Club, Chicago, Illinois. Reissued as LPS-1460 in electronic stereo. Moms Mabley At The Playboy Club, Part 1//Moms Mabley At The Playboy Club, Part 2

LP-1461 - Murray the K's Blasts from the Past - Various Artists [1961] (12-61, #26) He's Gone - Channels/Sweet Little Sixteen - Chuck Berry/Blue Velvet - Bobby Lester & Moonglows/Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley/The Vow - Flamingos/Mashed Potatoes - Nat Kendrick & Swans//So Fine - Fiestas/You're Everything To Me - Orchids/La Bamba - Ritchie Valens/We Go Together - Moonglows/Sho Doo Be Doo - Moonlighters/Been So Long - Pastels

LP-1462 - Pigmeat at the Party - Pigmeat Markham [1961] Country Boy/Fast News/The Party//Love Makin' Bureau/The Judge/The Satchel

LP-1463 - Moms Mabley at Geneva Conference - Moms Mabley [1962] (3-62, #28) Recorded January, 1962, at the Regal Theater, Chicago and November, 1961, at the Howard Theater, Washington D.C. Reissued as LPS-1463 in electronic stereo. Moms Mabley At Geneva Conference, Part 1//Moms Mabley At Geneva Conference, Part 2

LP-1464 - Jimmy McCracklin Sings - Jimmy McCracklin [1962] Later On/The Walk/I'm Through/Country Baby/Hurt Me/New Orleans Beat//I Know/I Am The Blame/He Knows The Rules/Get Tough/Come On/Take Care Of Yourself

LP-1465 - Chuck Berry Twist - Chuck Berry [1962] Original issue title for this album was Chuck Berry Twist. It was reissued four years later with a new cover and the title More Chuck Berry (see below). Maybellene/Roll Over Beethoven/Oh, Baby Doll/'Round and 'Round/Come On/Let It Rock/Reelin' and Rockin'//School Days/Almost Grown/Sweet Little Sixteen/Thirty Days/Johnny B. Goode/Rock and Roll Music/Back in the U.S.A.

LP-1465 - More Chuck Berry - Chuck Berry [1966] The album as reissued with a new title and cover graphics, using the light blue Chess "fade" label. Maybellene/Roll Over Beethoven/Oh, Baby Doll/'Round And 'Round/Come On/Let It Rock/Reelin' And Rockin'//School Days/Almost Grown/Sweet Little Sixteen/Thirty Days/Johnny B. Goode/Rock And Roll Music/Back In The U.S.A.

LP-1466 - [Unissued]

LP-1467 - Anything Goes with Pigmeat - Pigmeat Markham [1962] Recorded at the Howard Theater in Washington, D.C. Reissued as LPS-1467 in electronic stereo. 3 Way Marriage/I Got The No/Hold That Ladder, Part 1//Hold That Ladder, Part 2/The Woman Haters Club/The News Reporter

LP-1468 - Big Bill Broonzy and Washboard Sam - Big Bill Broonzy/Washboard Sam [1962] Little City Woman - Big Bill Broonzy/Lonesome - Big Bill Broonzy/Jacqueline - Big Bill Broonzy/Romance Without Finance - Big Bill Broonzy/By Myself - Big Bill Broonzy/Shirt Tail - Big Bill Broonzy//Diggin' My Potatoes - Washboard Sam/Bright Eyes - Washboard Sam/Minding My Own Business - Washboard Sam/Never Never - Washboard Sam/Horseshoe Over My Door - Washboard Sam/I'm A Lonely Man - Washboard Sam

LP-1469 - Howlin' Wolf - Howlin' Wolf [1962] Shake For Me/The Red Rooster/You'll Be Mine/Who's Been Talkin'/Wang-Dang-Doodle/Little Baby//Spoonful/Going Down Slow/Down In The Bottom/Back Door Man/Howlin' For My Baby/Tell Me

LP-1470 - Murray the K's Gassers for Submarine Race Watchers - Various Artists [1962] (8-62, #124) Dedicated To The One I Love - Shirelles/Maybe - Chantels/Everyday Of The Week - Students/So Far Away - Pastels/Tonight I Fell In Love - Tokens/A Sunday Kind Of Love - Harptones//In My Diary - Moonglows/Will You Love Me Tomorrow - Shirelles/Life Is But A Dream - Harptones/My Vow To You - Students/Tears On My Pillow - Little Anthony & Imperials/My Memories Of You - Harptones

LP-1471 - Best of Bobby Lester and the Moonglows - Moonglows [1962] Sincerely/See Saw/In My Diary/Blue Velvet/Don't Say Goodbye//We Go Together/Ten Commandments Of Love (jacket says 2:50, actually runs 3:39, no intro)/Most of All/Please Send Me Someone To Love/Over And Over Again

LP-1472 - Moms Mabley Breaks it Up - Moms Mabley [1962] (9-62, #27) Moms Mabley Breaks It Up, Part 1//Moms Mabley Breaks It Up, Part 2

LP-1473 - Rinky Dink - Dave "Baby" Cortez [1962] (9-62, #107) Rinky Dink/Gettin' Right/Skins And Sounds/Jammin', Part 1/Jammin', Part 2//Little Paris Melody/Wobble, Part 1/Wobble, Part 2/Mr. Gee/Davy's Shuffle/Lost Love

LP-1474 - Treasure Tunes from the Vault (as Advertised on WLS) - Various Artists [1962] This was an album released in conjunction with WLS-AM, Chicago, which used to play oldies "from the Vault of Treasured Music." Jacket features photos of Gene Taylor, Bob Hale, Jim Dunbar, Clark Weber, Art Roberts, Mort Crowley, and Dick Biondi on the back with a group photo on the front cover. A Thousand Stars - Kathy Young/La Bamba - Ritchie Valens/But I Do - Clarence Henry/So Fine - Fiestas/Stay - Maurice Williams & Zodiacs/Sweet Little Sixteen - Chuck Berry//Tonight I Fell In Love - Tokens/Lavender Blue - Sammy Turner/Money - Barrett Strong/Oh Julie - Crescendos/Book Of Love - Monotones/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts

LP-1475 - The World's Greatest Clown - Pigmeat Markham [1963] Recorded live in 1962 at the Apollo Theater in New York City. Hello Bill/Ritz Service/Frisco Kate//Go Ahead And Sing/Miss Monzell/Restaurant Scene

LP-1476 - Dance Tunes from the Vault, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1963] Another LP promoting WLS-AM Chicago deejays. The Madison - Al Brown's Tunetoppers featuring Cookie Brown/The Watusi - Vibrations/The New Hully Gully - Vibrations/Let's Pony Again - Vibrations/Let's Twist Again - Steve Alaimo/The (Bossa Nova) Bird - Dells//The Roach - Gene & Wendell/The Twist - Steve Alaimo/Mashed Potatoes - Ned Kendricks & Swans/The Walk - Jimmy McCracklin/Continental With Me Baby - Vibrations/Popeye - Lamont Anthony

LP-1477 - Young Men Si, Old Men No - Moms Mabley [1963] (1-63, #19) Recorded During Actual Performances at Apollo Theatre, New York City. Young Men Si, Old Men No, Part 1//Young Men Si, Old Men No, Part 2

LP-1478 - Groups of Goodies - Various Artists [1963] Originally issued in mono only. Reissued in electronic stereo as LPS-1478 with the light blue late-1960s label. Sincerely - Moonglows/Been So Long - Pastels/I'll Be Home - Flamingos/So Far Away - Pastels/I'm So Young - Students/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts//Let Me In -Sensations/Teardrops - Lee Andrews & Hearts/My Vow To You - Students/Over The Mountain Across The Sea - Johnnie & Joe/Music Music Music - Sensations

LP-1479 - I Got Somethin' to Tell You - Moms Mabley [1963] (6-63, #41) Recorded April, 1963, at the State Theater, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reissued as LPS-1479 in electronic stereo. I Got Somethin' To Tell You, Part 1//I Got Somethin' To Tell You, Part 2

LP-1480 - On Stage - Chuck Berry [1963] (8-63, #29) Although this purports to be a live recording, it is actually studio recordings with audience noise overdubbed. Originally issued in mono only. Reissued in electronic stereo as LPS-1480, with the orange and blue label. Side 1 of the reissue is in "Duophonic"-type rechanneling, but side 2 is not. Reissue has no banding on side 2. Cover (and announcer) advertises "Surfin' U.S.A.," but the song is actually "Sweet Little Sixteen." Introduction/Go Go Go/Memphis/Maybelline/Surfing Street/Rocking On The Railroad/Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Still Got The Blues//Sweet Little Sixteen/Jaguar And The Thunderbird/I Just Want To Make Love To You/All Aboard/Trick Or Treat/The Man And The Donkey

LP-1481 - Slappy White at the Club Harlem - Slappy White [1963] Recorded June 29, 1963, at the Club Harlem in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

At about this point, label changes to the black "crest" label.

LP-1482 - The Funny Sides of Moms Mabley - Moms Mabley [1963] (1-64, #134) Recorded live at the State Theater, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Funny Sides Of Moms Mabley, Part 1//The Funny Sides Of Moms Mabley, Part 2

LP-1483 - Folk Singer - Muddy Waters [1964] My Home Is In The Delta/Long Distance/My Captain/Good Morning School Girl/You Gonna Need My Help//Cold Weather Blues/Big Leg Woman/Country Boy/Feel Like Going Home

LP-1484 - Open the Door Richard - Pigmeat Markham [1964] Recorded October 13-14, and December 28, 1963, at the Regal Theater in Chicago, Illinois. Reissued as LPS-1484 in electronic stereo. Open the Door Richard/Hot Peanuts//The Muffins/Treat 'Em Rough/The Letter

LP-1485 - Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits - Chuck Berry [1964] (6-64, #34) Roll Over Beethoven/School Days/Rock And Roll Music/Too Much Monkey Business/Johnny B. Goode/Oh Baby Doll//Nadine/Maybelline/Memphis/Sweet Little Sixteen/Thirty Days/Brown Eyed Handsome Man

LP-1486 - Moms Wows - Moms Mabley [1964] (7-64, #118) Recorded 1961 at the Playboy Club, Chicago, Illinois. Some copies of this album were pressed with the old blue Chess label. Mom's Wows, Part 1//Mom's Wows, Part 2

LP-1487 - Best of Moms and Pigmeat, Volume One - Moms Mabley & Pigmeat Markham [1964] Some copies of this album were pressed with the old (first) black Chess label. The Race Horse/Grandma/Checkers/Hair Style/The Hep Cuckoo/Moms' The Cow Girl/Apartment Hunting/The Integrated School/Old Enough/Confession-Weather Bureau-Grave Yard/Nursery Rhymes//My Wife I Ain't Seen Her/Open The Door Richard

LP/LPS-1488 - St. Louis to Liverpool - Chuck Berry [1964] This was the first true stereo album for Chuck Berry. Little Marie (S)/Our Little Rendezvous (E)/No Particular Place To Go (S)/You Two (S)/Promised Land (S)/You Never Can Tell (S)//Go Bobby Soxer (S)/Things I Used To Do (S)/Liverpool Drive (S)/Night Beat (E)/Merry Christmas Baby (E)/Brenda Lee (E)

LP/LPS-1489 - Full Bloom - Miss Jackie Ross [1964] Selfish One/Everything But Love/Wasting Time/I Had a Talk With My Man/Be Sure You Know/Summertime//I've Got the Skill/Change Your Ways/Don't Take My Love/Haste Makes Waste/(I Wanna Hear It) From You/Misty

LP-1490 - The Blues Soul of Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Johnnie "Guitar" Watson [1964] Witchcraft/I Cried For You/I'll Remember April/Polka Dots And Moonbeams//Exactly Like You/When Did You Leave Heaven/Reconsider Baby/Misty

LP-1491 - Groups Of Goodies, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1965] This Broken Heart - Sonics/Pushover - Etta James/Rinky Dink - Dave "Baby" Cortez/Blue Velvet - Moonglows/Mama Didn't Lie - Jan Bradley/Father Knows Best - Radiants//Smoky Places - Corsairs/Hi Heel Sneakers - Tommy Tucker/Reap What You Sow - Billy Stewart/Watusi - Vibrations/Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers/Sally Go ‘Round the Roses - Jaynetts

LP/LPS-1492 - Shades of a Genius - Mitty Collier [1965] Jacket logo is a stylized wheel. Come Back Baby/I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night/Would You Have Listened/I Gotta Get Away From It All/My Babe/Hallelujah (I Love Him So)//Drown In My Own Tears/No Faith No Love/Together/Let Them Talk/Little Miss Loneliness/Ain't That Love

LP-1493 - Mr. Funny Man - Pigmeat Markham [1965] Recorded February 20-22, 1965, at the Apollo Theater in New York City. Reissued as LPS-1493 in electronic stereo. A Lesson In Love/The Girl In Distress/Sleepwalker//The Traveling Salesman/Insane Asylum/The Worm Turns

LP-1494 - Up Tight - Clay Tyson [1965] Recorded live at the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC. Reissued as LPS-1494 in electronic stereo.

LP/LPS-1495 - Chuck Berry in London - Chuck Berry [1965] My Little Love Light (S)/She Once Was Mine (S)/After It's Over (S)/I Got a Booking (S)/Night Beat (E, rec. 1958)/His Daughter Caroline (S)/You Came a Long Way From St. Louis (S)//St. Louis Blues (S)/Jamaica Farewell Song (S)/Dear Dad (S)/Butterscotch (S)/The Song of My Love (S)/Why Should We End This Way (S)/I Want To Be Your Driver (S)

At about this point, label changes to the blue "fade" label. Some copies of LP-1496 used an aqua transition label. Some copies of LP-1496 may still have used the old label.

LP/LPS-1496 - I Do Love You - Billy Stewart [1965] (7-65, #97) Original cover was red with an orange circle with lipstick kisses. Jacket logo is a stylized wheel. I Do Love You/Strange Feeling/I'm No Romeo/Oh My! What Can The Matter Be/Fat Boy/Once Again//Sitting In The Park/Sweet Senorita/Count Me Out/Reap What You Sow/A Fat Boy Can Cry/Keep Lovin'

LP/LPS-1496 - I Do Love You - Billy Stewart [1966] Second cover has a picture of a young woman at the bottom. Jacket logo is the later knight chess-piece horse head. I Do Love You/Strange Feeling/I'm No Romeo/Oh My! What Can The Matter Be/Fat Boy/Once Again//Sitting In The Park/Sweet Senorita/Count Me Out/Reap What You Sow/A Fat Boy Can Cry/Keep Lovin'

At this point, logo on the record jackets changes to the stylized chess knight horse head logo.

LP-1497 - The Men in My Life - Moms Mabley [1965] The Men In My Life, Part 1//The Men In My Life, Part 2

LP/LPS-1498 - Fresh Berry's - Chuck Berry [1965] Recorded at Ter Mar Studios in Chicago on September 1-2, 1965. It Wasn't Me (S)/Run Joe (S)/Every Day We Rock And Roll (S)/One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (S)/Welcome Back Pretty Baby (S)/It's My Own Business (S)//Right Off Rampart Street (S)/Vaya Con Dios (S)/Merrily We Rock And Roll (S)/My Mustang Ford (S)/Ain't That Just Like A Woman (S)/Wee Hour Blues (S)

LP/LPS-1499 - Unbelievable - Billy Stewart [1965] Original title. Summertime/Foggy Day/Teach Me Tonight/Canadian Sunset/Time After Time/Misty//Moon River/My Funny Valentine/Love is Here to Stay/That Old Black Magic/Almost Like Being in Love/Over the Rainbow

LP/LPS-1499 - Summertime - Billy Stewart [1966] (5-66, #138) Title was changed to Summertime after the song hit. The retitled version had an identical cover photo, with the title changed, a slightly bigger Chess logo, and a list of song titles added. The label inside still had Unbelievable as the title. Summertime/Foggy Day/Teach Me Tonight/Canadian Sunset/Time After Time/Misty//Moon River/My Funny Valentine/Love is Here to Stay/That Old Black Magic/Almost Like Being in Love/Over the Rainbow

LP-1500 - This'll Kill Ya! - Pigmeat Markham [1965] Some copies of this album were pressed with the old black Chess label (first label). Recorded October 2, 1965 at the Howard Theater in Washington, DC. The Draft Board/The Party/Baseball Game//He Ain't There/Honeymoon Hotel/Tain't Loaded

LP-1501 - The Real Folk Blues - Muddy Waters [1965] Mannish Boy/Screamin' And Crying/Just To Be With You/Walking In The Park/Walking Blues/Canary Bird//Same Thing/Gypsy Women/Rollin' And Tumblin'/40 Days And 40 Nights/Little Geneva/You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had

LP-1502 - The Real Folk Blues - Howlin' Wolf [1965] Killing Floor/Louise/Poor Boy/Sittin' On Top Of The World/Nature/My Country Sugar Mama//Tail Dragger/Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy/Natchez Burnin'/Build For Comfort/Ooh Baby Hold Me/Tell Me What I've Done

LP-1503 - The Real Folk Blues - Sonny Boy Williamson [1965] One Way Out/Too Young To Die/Trust My Baby/Checkin' Up On My Baby/Sad To Be Alone/Got To Move//Bring It On Home/Down Child/Peach Tree/Dissatisfied/That's All I Want/Too Old To Think

LP-1504 - One More Time...... - Moms Mabley & Pigmeat Markham [1966]

LP/LPS-1505 - If You Can't Be Good, Be Careful! - Pigmeat Markham [1966] Recorded December, 1965, at the Regal Theater in Chicago. Reissued as LPS-1505 in electronic stereo. Batter Up/Court Session/If You Can't Be Good, Be Careful!//Reading And Writing/The Preacher/The Bachelor Apartment

LP/LPS-1506 - The Comeback - Herb Lance [1966] The Comeback/Don't Go To Strangers/So Many Ways/Trust In Me//Heartbreak/Two Different Worlds/Close Your Eyes/Seems Like You Just Don't Care

LP/LPS-1507 - Brass and the Blues - Muddy Waters [1966] Corine Corina/Piney Brown Blues/Black Night/Trouble In Mind/Going Back To Memphis//Betty And Dupree/Sweet Little Angel/Take My Advice/Trouble/Hard Loser

LP/LPS-1508 - The Real Folk Blues - John Lee Hooker [1966] Let's Go Out Tonight/Peace Lovin' Man/Stella Mae/I Put My Trust In You//In the Mood/You Know I Know/I'll Never Trust Your Love Again/One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer/The Waterfront

LP/LPS-1509 - More Real Folk Blues - Sonny Boy Williamson [1966] Help Me/Bye Bye Bird/Nine Below Zero/The Hunt/Stop Right Now/She's My Baby//The Goat/Decoration Day/Trying To Get Back On My Feet/My Younger Days/Close To Me/Somebody Help Me

LP/LPS-1510 - The Real Folk Blues - Memphis Slim [1966] My Baby/Trouble, Trouble/Slim's Blues/Tiajuana/I Guess I'm A Fool/Really Got The Blues//Feeling Low/For A Day/Mother Earth/Blues For My Baby/Marack/Having Fun

LP/LPS-1511 - More Real Folk Blues - Muddy Waters [1966] Sad Letter/Gonna Need My Help/Whiskey Blues/Down South Blues/Train Fare Blues/Kind-Hearted Woman//Appealing Blues/Early Morning Blues/Too Young To Know/She's All Right/My Life Is Ruined/Honey Bee

LP/LPS-1512 - More Real Folk Blues - Howlin' Wolf [1967] Just My Kind/I've Got A Woman/Work For Your Money/I'll Be Around/You Can't Be Beat/You Gonna Wreck My Life//I Love My Baby/Neighbors/I'm the Wolf/Rocking Daddy/Who Will Be Next?/I Have A Little Girl

LP/LPS-1513 - Billy Stewart Teaches Old Standards New Tricks - Billy Stewart [1967] Temptation (S)/Exodus (S)/Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (S)/Let's Fall In Love (S)/Somewhere (S)/Ol' Man River (S)//Every Day I Have The Blues (S)/Who Can I Turn To? (S)/Moonlight In Vermont (S)/Secret Love (S)/When I Fall In Love (S)/It's All Right With Me (S)

LP/LPS-1514D - Chuck Berry's Golden Decade - Chuck Berry [1967] (5-67, #191) (2-LP set) Original cover featured a gold record; blue "fade" label. Disc 1: Maybellene (E)/Deep Feeling (E)/Johnny B. Goode (E)/Wee Wee Hours (E)/Nadine (E)/Brown Eyed Handsome Man (E)//Roll Over Beethoven (E)/Thirty Days (E)/Havana Moon (E)/No Particular Place To Go (E)/Memphis (E)/Almost Grown (E); Disc 2: School Days (E)/Too Much Monkey Business (E)/Oh Baby Doll (E)/Reelin' And Rockin' (E)/You Can't Catch Me (E)/Too Pooped To Pop (E)//Bye Bye Johnny (E)/'Round And 'Round (E)/Sweet Little Sixteen (E)/Rock And Roll Music (E)/Anthony Boy (E)/Back In The U.S.A. (E)

2CH-1514 - Chuck Berry's Golden Decade - Chuck Berry [1972] (10-72, #72) (2-LP set) Reissue of LPS-1514D with a new cover (original 1972 reissue had the old cover and the GRT "bar" labels, but this was soon changed to the pink radio cover). Disc 1: Maybellene (E)/Deep Feeling (E)/Johnny B. Goode (E)/Wee Wee Hours (E)/Nadine (E)/Brown Eyed Handsome Man (E)//Roll Over Beethoven (E)/Thirty Days (E)/Havana Moon (E)/No Particular Place To Go (E)/Memphis (E)/Almost Grown (E); Disc 2: School Days (E)/Too Much Monkey Business (E)/Oh Baby Doll (E)/Reelin' And Rockin' (E)/You Can't Catch Me (E)/Too Pooped To Pop (E)//Bye Bye Johnny (E)/'Round And 'Round (E)/Sweet Little Sixteen (E)/Rock And Roll Music (E)/Anthony Boy (E)/Back In The U.S.A. (E)

LP/LPS-1515 - Mr. Vaudeville - Pigmeat Markham [1967] Recorded November, 1966, at the Apollo Theater in New York City. The Suspicious Husband/The Third Degree/The Stranger//The Shotgun/The Imaginary Bartender/Twenty-Two

LP/LPS-1516 - The Baroques - Baroques [1967] Iowa A Girl's Name/Seasons/Mary Jane/Rose Colored Glasses/Musical Tribute To The Oscar Mayer Wiener Wagon/In Silver Light//This Song Needs No Introduction/There's Nothing Left To Do But Cry/Bicycle/Purple Day/Boop/Love In A Circle

LP-1517 - Save Your Soul, Baby! - Pigmeat Markham [1967] Recorded 1967 at the Regal Theater, Chicago, Illinois. You Got To Marry My Wife/Save Your Soul, Baby/Socks//Sleep With The Baby/It's My Child/The Honeymooners

LP/LPS-1518 - Sax and the Single Girl - Charlie Chalmers [1967] Take Me (Just As I Am)/Satisfaction/Groovin' Two in the Morning/Velvet Soul/Night Rumble//A Whiter Shale of Pale/Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon/Poppin'/The Sidewinder/Wooley Bulley/Soulin'

LP/LPS-1519 - Wayne Cochran! - Wayne Cochran [1967] (3-68, #167) Cover art is a representation of Cochran's white hairdo. Get Ready/Boom Boom/The Peak of Love/You Don't Know Like I Know/Some-A' Your Sweet Love/I'm Leaving It Up to You//You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover/Big City Woman/Little Bitty Pretty One/I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man/Get Down With It/When My Baby Cries

LP/LPS-1520 - Petal Pushers - Various Artists [1967] This is a "psychedelic" album with a short "psychedelic" intro to each song. The announcer notes the artists for these interludes are "Minnie and Chuck," possibly the Rotary Connection with Minnie Riperton. The voice sure sounds like her. We've called this group the Petal Pushers for want of a better name, and we've made up names for the interludes, although they aren't listed on the LP. Hi-Heel Sneakers - Petal Pushers (S)/Royal Blue Summer Sunshine Day - Bystanders (S)/Interlude #1 - Petal Pushers (S)/Red White And You - Sounds Around (S)/Interlude #2 - Petal Pushers (S)/Love of the Common People - Pennsylvania Sixpence (S)/Turkish Laugh - Petal Pushers (S)/Mustapha - Ali Ben Dhown (S)/The Gong - Petal Pushers (S)/MUM and DAD - Pinkerton's Colours (S)//Minnie And Chuck - Petal Pushers (S)/Make Up Your Mind - Bystanders (S)/Interlude #3 - Petal Pushers (S)/Almost But Not Quite There - Traffic Jam (S)/Sitars In Space - Petal Pushers (S)/Anonymous Mr. Brown - Tony Crane (S)/Drum Dance - Petal Pushers (S)/Turkish Delight - Ali Ben Dhown (S)/Reverse Tape Psychedelics - Petal Pushers (S)/Pattern People - Bystanders (S)

LP/LPS-1521 - Backstage - Pigmeat Markham [1967] Recorded in November, 1967, at the Howard Theater in Washington, DC. The Camera/Buzzin' The Bee/Al's Rest Home//The Fortune Teller/The Old Hat/Jive Talk

LP/LPS-1522 - Heavy Heads - Various Artists [1967] Front cover of stereo version notes this LP is electronic stereo. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man - Muddy Waters/Don't Start Me To Talkin' - Sonny Boy Williamson/Moanin' For My Baby - Howlin' Wolf/Juke - Little Walter/Diggin' My Potatoes - Washboard Sam/Walkin' The Boogie - John Lee Hooker//I'm A Man - Bo Diddley/Blues With Feeling - Little Walter/Sad To Be Alone - Sonny Boy Williamson/Let's Go Out Tonight - John Lee Hooker/The Red Rooster - Howlin' Wolf/I Feel So Bad - Little Milton

LP/LPS-1523 - Here Come The Judge - Pigmeat Markham [1968] (7-68, #109) Here Comes The Judge/Fast News/Frisco Kate/I Got The Number/My Wife I Ain't Seen Her/News Reporter/The Trial/Here Come The Judge

LP/LPS-1524 - The Last Request - Ben Branch and Operation Breadbasket [1968] Hard Times/If I Could Help Somebody/My Heavenly Father/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Precious Lord Take My Hand/We Shall Overcome/Let Us Break Bread Together/Yield Not To Temptation/Motherless Child

LP/LPS-1525 - Moms Mabley Breaks Up The Network - Moms Mabley [1968] Cover notes "Electronically altered for stereo." Recorded at the Playboy Club, Chicago, Illinois, and at the Uptown and State Theaters, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

LP/LPS-1526 - Tune Me In - Pigmeat Markham [1968?] Cover notes "Electronically altered for stereo." My Wife, I Ain't Seen Her (Song)/My Wife, I Ain't Seen Her/The Bachelor//Open The Door, Richard (Song)/How To Make Love

LP/LPS-1527 - I Left My Heart In San Francisco - Buddy Guy [1969] Keep It To Myself/Crazy Love/I Suffer With The Blues/When My Left Eye Jumps/Buddy's Groove//Goin' Home/She Suits Me To A Tee/Leave My Girl Alone/Too Many Ways/Mother-In-Law Blues/Every Girl I See

LP/LPS-1528 - Heavy Heads, Voyage 2 - Various Artists [1969] I Don't Know - Willie Mabon/Wee Wee Hours - Chuck Berry/Forty Days And Forty Nights - Muddy Waters/Your Funeral And My Trial - Sonny Boy Williamson/Moanin' At Midnight - Howlin' Wolf/Off The Wall - Little Walter//Fattening Frogs For Snakes - Sonny Boy Williamson/Key To The Highway - Little Walter/All Night Long - Muddy Waters/How Many More Years - Howlin' Wolf/Union Station Blues - John Lee Hooker/Reconsider Baby - Lowell Fulson

LP/LPS-1529 - The Hustlers - Pigmeat Markham [1969] Recorded March, 1968, at the Regal Theater in Chicago. How To Trust Your Wife/The Hustlers/Sweet Adeline/Smelly Ice Cream/Changing Sexes

LP/LPS-1530 - Moms Mabley Sings - Moms Mabley [1969] Introduction/Twisting And Turning At The White House/Moms Medley/Moms Dreams/Everything's Going To Be All Right/Don't Take Your Love From Me/She's Funny That Way/At The End Of The Road//School Days/Mean To Me (Old Man's Theme)/Put It Back/Moms Unchained Melody/Can't Help Loving Dat Man/You Reap Just What You Sow

[LP/LPS-1531] LP/LPS-127 - Fathers and Sons - Muddy Waters & Others [1969] (9-69, #70) Scheduled as Chess LPS-1531, but released as Chess LPS-127 and later reissued as 2CH 50033. It has a special label with hands reaching for each other as the famous hands painted by Michaelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, but the cover art takes a few liberties with the painting to make it look "hip." The jacket is a foldout with the record pockets both facing inward. Live recording featuring Muddy Waters and additional artists Otis Spann, Michael Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Sam Lay, Buddy Miles, Jeff Carp, Paul Asbell, and Phil Upchurch. Disc 1 was recorded at Ter Mar Studios in Chicago in April, 1969. Disc 2 is a live concert recording from the April 24, 1969 Super Cosmic Joy-Scout Jamboree in Chicago. Disc 1: All Aboard (S)/Mean Dispositon (S)/Blow Wind Blow (S)/Can't Lose What You Ain't Ever Had (S)/Walkin' Thru The Park (S)//Forty Days And Forty Nights (S)/Standin' ‘Round Crying (S)/I'm Ready (S)/Twenty Four Hours (S)/Sugar Sweet (S); Disc 2: Long Distance Call (S, live)/Baby Please Don't Go (S, live)/Honey Bee (S, live)//The Same Thing (S, live)/Got My Mojo Working, Part 1 (S, live)/Got My Mojo Working, Part 2 (S, live)

LP/LPS-1532 - Koko Taylor - Koko Taylor [1969] Love You Like A Woman (S)/I Love A Lover Like You (S)/Don't Mess With The Messer (S)/I Don't Care Who Knows (S)/Wang Dang Doodle (S)/I'm A Little Mixed Up (S)//Nitty Gritty (S)/Fire (S)/Whatever I Am You Made Me (S)/Twenty-Nine Ways (S)/Insane Asylum (S)/Yes It's Good For You (S)

LP*-1533 - Blues from Big Bill's CopaCabana - Various Artists [1969] Even though this record claims to be recorded at a nightclub, this appears to be a reissue of Argo LP-4031, Folk Festival of the Blues. Wee Wee Baby - Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon & Buddy Guy/Sitting And Thinking - Muddy Waters/Worried Blues - Buddy Guy/Bring It On Home - Sonny Boy Williamson/Sugar Mama - Howlin' Wolf//Clouds In My Heart - Muddy Waters/May I Have A Talk With You - Howlin' Wolf/Got My Mojo Working - Muddy Waters/Don't Know Which Way To Go - Buddy Guy/19 Years Old - Muddy Waters

LP/LPS-1534 - Pigmeat's Bag - Pigmeat Markham [1969] Recorded live at the Apollo Theater, New York City. The Two Dollar Spit/The Judge And The Dressmaker/The Four-Door Hotel//The Last Mile/The Park Bench/The Talking Dummy

LP-1535 - Hate To See You Go - Little Walter [1969] Vintage series, monaural only. Nobody But You/My Baby's Sweeter/Roller Coaster/As Long As I Have You/Oh Baby/Take Me Back/Everything's Going To Be Alright/Mellow Down Easy//Hate To See You Go/I Got To Find My Baby/Everybody Needs Somebody/Blue Midnight/I Had My Fun/Key To The Highway/Blue And Lonesome

LP-1536 - Bummer Road - Sonny Boy Williamson [1969] Vintage series, monaural only. She Got Next To Me/Santa Claus/Little Village//Lonesome Cabin/I Can't Do Without You/Temperature 110/Unseen Eye/Keep You Hand Out Of My Pocket/Open Road/This Old Life

LP-1537 - Whose Muddy Shoes - Elmore James & John Brim [1969] Vintage series, monaural only. Ice Cream Man/Whose Muddy Shoes/Madison Blues/I See My Baby/You Got Me/My Best Friend/The Sun Is Shining//Rattlesnake/Be Careful/Dust My Broom/Tool Bag Boogie/Tough Times/Call It Stormy Monday

LP-1538 - Door to Door - Albert King & Otis Rush [1969] Vintage series, monaural only. Searchin' For A Woman - Albert King/Bad Luck (Blues) - Albert King/So Close - Otis Rush/Howlin' For My Darling - Albert King/I Can't Stop Baby - Otis Rush/Won't Be Hangin' Around No More - Albert King/I'm Satisfied - Otis Rush//All Your Love - Otis Rush/You Know My Love - Otis Rush/(Be On Your) Merry Way - Albert King/Wild Women - Albert King/Murder - Albert King/So Many Roads So Many Trains - Otis Rush/California Blues - Albert King

LP-1539 - Sail On - Muddy Waters [1969] Reissue of Chess LP-1427 in monaural only. Hoochie Coochie Man/I'm Ready/Rollin' Stone/I Just Want To Make Love To You/Honey Bee/She Moves Me//I Can't Be Satisfied/I Want You To Love Me/Long Distance Call/Standing Around Crying/Still A Fool/Louisiana Blues

LP-1540 - Evil - Howlin' Wolf [1969] Reissue of Chess LP-1434 in monaural only. Moanin' At Midnight/How Many More Years/Smokestack Lightnin'/Baby How Long/No Place To Go/All Night Boogie//Evil/I'm Leavin' You/Moanin' For My Baby/I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)/Forty-Four/Somebody In My Home

LP-1541 - Rolling Stone Special - Various Artists [Unissued?]

LP-1542 - Little Walter [Unissued]

LP-1543 - Sonny Boy Williamson [Unissued]

LP-1544 - Pop Origins, Volume One - Various Artists [1969] Rock And Roll Music - Chuck Berry/Mona - Bo Diddley/Tollin' Bells - Lowell Fulson/Smokestack Lighting - Howlin' Wolf/Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry/Red Rooster - Howlin' Wolf/Memphis - Chuck Berry//Susie Q - Dale Hawkins/Ain't Superstitious - Howlin' Wolf/I'm A Man - Bo Diddley/Killing Floor - Howlin' Wolf/You Shook Me - Muddy Waters/Spoonful - Howlin' Wolf/More And More - Little Milton

LP/LPS-1545 - Moogie Woogie - Zeet Band [1969] Fireball Boogie!/Foggy Train Blues/Beaver Boogie/Boogie-Loo/Gimme 5 Cents Worth Of Love/3:45 Blues//Piggie Woogie/Moogie Boogie/Fat City!/Angel's Dust Boogie/Pinetop's Blues/Inside

LP/LPS-1546 - Souled Out - Various Artists [1969] Although this was supposedly the last LP to be issued in both mono and stereo formats, the mono version of this album actually plays stereo, even though it has a mono matrix number. The Entertainer - Tony Clarke (S)/Selfish One - Jackie Ross (S)/Temptation 'Bout To Get Me - Knight Brothers (S)/I Had A Talk With My Man - Mitty Collier (S)/It Do Me So Good - Little Miss Cornshucks (M)/We're Gonna Make It - Little Milton (S)/Voice Your Choice - Radiants (S)//Ten Commandments Of Love - Moonglows (M, jacket says 2:50, actually runs 3:38, no intro)/Hi-Heel Sneakers - Tommy Tucker (M)/I'm So Young - Students (M)/Searching For My Love - Bobby Moore & Rhythm Aces (M)/Lonely Baby - Ty Hunter (M)/I'm Over You - Jan Bradley (M)/Day Tripper - Vontastics (S)

After this point, releases are in stereo only.

LPS-1547 - Billy Stewart Remembered - Billy Stewart [1969] Summertime/I Do Love You/Over The Rainbow/Temptations ‘Bout To Get Me/Fat Boy/Sitting In The Park//Secret Love/Moon River/Reap What You Sow/Strange Feeling/Why (Do I Love You So)?/Cross My Heart

LPS-1548 - Just A Taste - Jo Ann Garrett [1969] Unforgettable/Depend On Me/Walk On By/We Can Learn Together/Ain't No Way//Foolish Me/This Bitter Earth/A Thousand Miles Away/Soul Town/It's No Secret

LPS-1549 - SCLC Operation Breadbasket Orchestra and Choir - SCLC Operation Breadbasket Orchestra & Choir [1970] I Wish I Knew/Nobody Knows/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Precious Memories/Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing//Too Close/Nearer My God To Thee/Country Preacher/What The World Needs Now Is Love/We Shall Overcome

LPS-1550 - Back Home - Chuck Berry [1970] Tulane/Have Mercy Judge/Instrumental/Christmas/Gun//I'm A Rocker/Flyin' Home/Fish And Chips/Some People

LPS-1551 - Black Merda - Black Merda [1970] Prophet/Think Of Me/Cynthy-Ruth/Over And Over/Ashamed/Reality/Windsong/Good Luck/That's The Way It Goes/I Don't Want To Die

LP-1552 - Rocky Roberts - Rocky Roberts [1970] I Ain't Into Nothing/Victoria/You're All I Need/I Won't Think Hard Of You/Nobody's Fault/I Do The Best A Human Can/Bridge Over Troubled Waters/I Wouldn't Change Her/Volare/Bell Bottom Blue Jeans

LP-1553 - They Call Me Muddy Waters - Muddy Waters [1970] When the Eagle Flies/Crawlin' Kingsnake/Country Jail/It's All Over/Bird Nest On The Ground/They Call Me Muddy Waters//Find Yourself Another Fool/Kinfolk's Blues/Making Friends/Blind Man/Two Steps Forward/Howling Wolf

Chess Vintage Series:
A continuation of the first six Vintage Series volumes in the LP-1500 series (1535-1540). First label used in this series is the blue "fade" label.

LP-407 - Chicago Bound - Jimmy Rogers [1970] You're The One/Money Marbles And Chalk/Ludella/Act Like You Love Me/Back Door Friend/Last Time/I Used To Have A Woman//Sloppy Drunk/Blues Leave Me Alone/Out On The Road/Goin' Away Baby/That's All Right/Chicago Bound/Walking By Myself

LP-408 - Hung Down Head - Lowell Fulson [1970] That's All Right/I Still Love You Baby/Reconsider Baby/I Want To Know/Low Society/Check Yourself/It's Your Own Fault//Do Me Right/Trouble Trouble/Hung Down Head/Tollin' Bells

LP-409 - I Was Walking Through the Woods - Buddy Guy [1970] Watch Yourself/Stone Crazy/I Found A True Love//First Time I Met The Blues/Let Me Love You Baby/No Lie/I Got A Strange Feeling/My Time After A While/Ten Years Ago/Broken-Hearted Blues

LP-410 - Natural Man - J. B. Lenoir [1970] Natural Man/Don't Dog Your Woman/Let Me Die With The One I Love/Carrie Lee/Mama What About Your Daughter/If I Give My Love To You/Five Years//Don't Touch My Head/I've Been Down So Long/What Have I Done/Eisenhower Blues/Korea Blues/Everybody Wants To Know/I'm In Korea

LP-411 - Drop Down Mama - Various Artists [1970] So Glad I Found You - Johnny Shines/Sweet Black Angel - Robert Nighthawk/Anna Lee - Robert Nighthawk/One Of These Days - Big Boy Spires/Drop Down Mama - Honey Boy Edwards/Playhouse - Floyd Jones/Murmur Low - Big Boy Spires//You Can't Live Long - Floyd Jones/Joliet Blues - Johnny Shines/Jackson Town Gal - Robert Nighthawk/Return Mail Blues - Robert Nighthawk/Crying - Blue Smitty/Sad Story - Blue Smitty/Dark Road - Floyd Jones

CHV-412 - Shoutin', Swingin' And Makin' Love - Various Artists [1971] Jimmy's Blues- Unknown Artist/Lonesome Daddy Blues - Jimmy Rushing/Clothespin Blues - Jimmy Rushing/Wigglin' Blues - Jimmy Rushing/Goin' Down Slow - Jimmy Witherspoon/I Can Make Love To You - Jimmy Witherspoon/Everything But You - Jimmy Witherspoon//The Comeback - Wynonie Harris/Buzzard Luck - Wynonie Harris/Conjured - Wynonie Harris/It Don't Mean A Thing - Al Hibbler/My Little Brown Book - Al Hibbler/Fat & Forty - Al Hibbler/Jimmy's Blues - Unknown Artist

CHV-413 - Rare Unissued Recordings, Vintage 1951-53 - Various Artists [1971] Anything Can Happen - Leo Parker/Blue Sails - Leo Parker/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Leo Parker/Tippin' Lightly - Leo Parker/Hornet - Leo Parker/Candlelight Serenade - Leo Parker/Leo's Blues - Leo Parker/Campy's Idea - Sahib Shihab/Lawdy Lucy - Red Saunders' Band Featuring Mac Easton

CHV-414 - Chicago's Boss Tenors (1948-1956) - Various Artists [1971] Swingin' For Xmas - Tom Archia & Gene Ammons/The Battle - Tom Archia & Gene Ammons/Stuffy - Gene Ammons/More Moon - Gene Ammons/Jughead Ramble - Gene Ammons/Whisky - Tom Archia/Minor Blues - Tom Archia//Bennie's Bounce - Claude McLin/Swivel Hips - Claude McLin/Never Mind - Claude McLin/Riff Raff - Johnny Griffin/Bees Ees - Johnny Griffin/Satin Wrap - Johnny Griffin

CHV-415 - South Side Jazz - Various Artists [1971] Pate-Rified - Eddie South/Fiddle Ditty - Eddie South/Currant Jelly - Eddie South/Sentimental Rhapsody - Eddie South/I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Eddie South/I'm Just a Lucky So-And-So - Eddie Johnson/Eddie's Boogie - Eddie Johnson/Lonnie's Blues - Lonnie Simmons/I Can't Get Started - Lonnie Simmons/It's a Hit, Baby - Prince Cooper/Throw It Out Your Mind - Prince Cooper/Riverboat - Red Saunders/Summertime - Red Saunders/Drinking Ink Splink - Dave Young/Union Man Blues - Dave Young

At this point, the label changes to the GRT label with a pink field and a green stripe across it.

CHV-416 - Confessin' The Blues - Little Walter [1974] It Ain't Right/Rocker/I Got To Find My Baby/Lights Out/One More Chance With You/Crazy Legs./Temperature//I Got To Go/Crazy Mixed-Up World/Quarter To Twelve/Confessin' The Blues/The Toddle/Up The Line/Rock Bottom/Mean Old Frisco

CHV-417 - One Way Out - Sonny Boy Williamson [1975] Born Blind/Work With Me/You Killing Me/Keep It To Yourself/Don't Lose Your Eye/Good Evening Everybody/Too Close Together//Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide/I Wonder Why/This Is My Apartment/One Way Out/Like Wolf/Have You Ever Been In Love/I Know What Love Is All About

CHV-418 - Change My Way - Howlin' Wolf [1975] Mr. Airplane Man/Love Me Darlin'/Change My Way/I Walked From Dallas/I Better Go Now/New Crawlin' King Snake/Just Like I Treat You//I've Been Abused/Don't Laugh At Me/I Didn't Know/I Ain't Superstitious/Howlin' Blues/My Mind Is Ramblin'/Do The Do/Hidden Charms

Thanks to Tapani Taka.

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